Last week, most of the world gasped in horror at the sight of children in Manchester, most of them girls, being blown apart for the crime of attending a pop concert. I say most; the satanic jihadists celebrated even as some among the oh so pure Konservative Kool Kidz Klub sneered how Ariana Grande had it coming because she’s said and done stupid stuff, and by default her audience as well for not knowing they’re not supposed to support someone not bearing the official seal of approval. Because, after all, every eight year old girl should be full up on politics.

The latter losers notwithstanding – and they have no place standing with anyone who has a heart – the terrorist attack was only one side of the war on children, specifically girls; sudden, brutal. There is another face of the war against children usually hidden from sight: the slow death of those ritually abused by adults. Be it sexual, this occasionally bubbling to the surface when another child pornography aficionado and/or sex trafficker is arrested, physical, emotional/mental/spiritual; it lives among us and almost always out of sight. As are its victims, who either put on a forced happy face to hide the truth, disappear from public view, or wind up in a morgue unless their lifeless body is thrown out with the trash. The abuse often doesn’t end at childhood’s end, as the obscenely high number of abused wives and girlfriends can attest once the swelling from their latest bouquet of physical or emotional/mental/spiritual bruises subsides. This noted, it is of the children this post speaks.

This is the world musician Randy Rose exposes in his latest offering Songs For The Ritually Abused. Rose, along with his brother Roger, is fondly remembered by hardcore Christian rock fans from his days in synth to hard rock Mad At The World. Currently working with his own band bearing his last name, Rose successfully went to the Kickstarter well last year to finance a new recording he promised would be anything but, well, roses and rose-colored stained glass windows. A few hiccups hindered the release schedule, but the album is now out. It is raw and real.

"Songs For The Ritually Abused" by Rose
“Songs For The Ritually Abused” by Rose

Musically, for those unaware of Rose’s sound the best comparison would be to think of Muse with the melodrama turned down and the snarl turned up to 11. Melody is often delivered with the business end of a fuzztone sledgehammer. There are quiet moments, but for the most part Songs For The Ritually Abused is pounding mid-tempo fury. It’s not metal nor goth, but fans of each genre as well as those attracted by anthems will find plenty to sink their teeth into even as the music bares its own teeth.

Lyrically, the only words that accurately capture the album’s horror and hope are its own:

You were ritually abused…battered, bloodied and bruised
But Jesus is calling your name and Girl, you’ll never be the same
Tears stain my cheek for the one who couldn’t speak
Sweet little Girl…

I know everything’s gonna be fine
Girl, I know He’ll wipe the tears from your eyes
So close your eyes and dream of things
Close your eyes and dream of things
So close your eyes and dream of things that
You thought that you’d never see

Beautiful Girl…

Havilah, your time has come
And now you get to speak…

You can speak.

For example. Other songs cut even deeper, exposing and calling out the monsters who abuse children while proclaiming Christ’s love in action for victims. It is a fearsome, brutally effective tour de force.

Songs For The Ritually Abused will not make anyone want to hit the dance floor, and it’s extremely doubtful the average Ariana Grande fan will find much, if anything, here to her liking. That said, it is precisely for her fans seeking solace in her music as an escape from their private hell that this album was made. If it moves people to action confronting this evil, or serves as a lifeline for those unwillingly described in its words, with this album Randy Rose has accomplished God’s work.

The album is available at Amazon, CD Baby, direct from the record label, iTunes, and Rose’s website.

Lt. Seymour Head of the Court: You’ve heard Captain Vere’s account. Is it or is it not as he has said?
Billy Budd: Captain Vere speaks the truth. It’s just as Captain Vere says. But it is not as the master-at-arms said. I’ve eaten the king’s bread and I’m true to him.
Captain Vere: I believe you, boy.
Billy Budd:  God knows, I’m…Thank you, sir.
Lt. Seymour Head of the Court: Was there malice……between you and the master-at-arms?
Billy Budd: I bore no malice against the master-at-arms. I’m sorry that he’s dead. I did not mean to kill him. If I’d have found my tongue, I would not have struck him. [angry] But he lied foully to my face, and I had…Well, I had to say something. I could only say it with a blow.

Billy Budd 1962

If there has been one constant in the media’s coverage of Islamic Terror attacks, no matter how horrible or bloody, it’s been the “why do they hate us” meme. Over and over we have heard pundits, reports and those the media choose to elevate insist that while the individual act was wrong we must understand the underlying causes behind them, look at ourselves in the west and see how we have provoked these reactions and ask the question: “Why do they hate us”

This usually begins while the blood is still on the group and escalates from that point. It doesn’t matter how many die, how often it happens or even if kids are involved, the proper reaction is apparently to reach out to those who have wronged us and find out what we can do to make them like us better.

And that brings us to the special Election in Montana.

When I initially heard of the “bodyslaming” story in Montana I found myself rather suspicious of the story because of the lack (unlike the assault by a sitting Democrat congressman on a student reporter that didn’t generate any outrage at all in the press) of video These days there are trackers following candidates anywhere and in a race like this I presumed if there had been an assault of some type somebody anyone with a smart phone would have had it running.

And of course there was the obvious question as Ann Althouse noted of setup and changing stories of a witness.

But my gut, and the reaction I got from people at a Trump rally when wearing my press badge, told me that the media was so despised and distrusted these days that despite newspapers and members of the GOP running for the hills this story would help rather than hurt the candidate and sure enough:

Even Chuck Todd was not buying the excuses of the DNC as Hotair noted.

But more interesting than any of this at least to me is the contrast to the media’s Islamic Terror Mantra

Think about it, the media is so hated by a group of voters, apparently a majority, that a physical assault on one of them draws cheers and wins elections.

Did pundits, reporters and those the media consider this a “lone wolf” attacks?
Did they refuse to blame an entire party or president for actions they did not know or support?
Did pundits and press state while the individual act was wrong we must understand the underlying causes behind them?
Did they suggest they should look at themselves and see if anything was done to provoke these feelings?
Did they consider asking the question “Why do they hate us” even once?

Nope, no introspection, no soul searching,  this is a republican, and therefore the only possible reaction to this is outrage, outrage outrage 

Now to be fair unless the reporter said something about his mother or grandmother (which is the only situation where I gave my sons permission to swing first in school) assaulting someone, even a reporter is wrong and unjustified and it’s proper that he both show contrition (which he has) and be charged (which he was).

But having stated that for the record perhaps the members of the old media can explain to us in the new why violent and even fatal attacks on people and property require the group targeted for attack to look at themselves and ask “why do they hate us” while the only proper response by the media to Montana is exactly the opposite?

I suggest not holding one’s breath for an answer.

Exit Question:  Given that the left’s standard concerning justifying political violence:

  1.  Nazi’s should always be punched
  2. Our opponents are Nazis
  3. We are justified punching them possible.

Might now be used by the right, how long will it take for said standard to be no longer acceptable or justifiable by the same press that until now has had a nuanced approach to this on the subject?

And remember the standard isn’t if someone is an actual Nazi, the standard is does the person throwing the punch  consider them one.

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Yesterday the NY Daily News joined the list of groups pulling out of NY’s Puerto Rico Day Parade for honoring Oscar Lopez Rivera:

by lionizing López Rivera as the parade’s preeminent figure, organizers have inescapably compelled sponsors and participants to join in honoring a man convicted of abetting violent terror to achieve his aims.

As Police Commissioner Jimmy O’Neill aptly said in declining to participate: “I cannot support a man who is a co-founder of an organization that engaged in over 120 bombings.”

The growing number of people pulling out of the parade has angered NY City Counsel speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito who blames the “ultra right”

“A lot of the campaign putting pressure on the sponsors to withdraw, etc., is being manipulated and organized and orchestrated from an ultra-right wing element on the island,” she told reporters at City Hall Wednesday.

However I think she’s off target, If she really wants to blame someone rather than pointing to right wingers either in the US or on the Island of Puerto Rico I think the person most responsible was born on an Island thousands of miles away from NY or Puerto Rico.

Namely I think the person most responsible is the late Salman Abedi.

Before he decided to turn an Ariana Grande concert into a graveyard for teens and children it was still possible for some sponsors to count on the fading memory of the FALN bombings and Mr. Lopez-Rivera’s part in them to inoculate themselves from any possible outrage and to make sure that liberal Hispanics who voted overwhelmingly for the president who pardoned him, knew they were with them.

However,  despite the MSM valiant efforts to change the subject back to their crusade against Donald Trump as soon as possible, the images of teenage concert goers killed and maimed were broadcast all over the world,  The anguish of parents pleading for news of their daughter and then finding she was murdered in the blast could be felt by any mother or father of a child who could easily imagine themselves in that situation.

Suddenly the world was reminded of the consequences of that little old bombmaker Oscar Lopez Rivera actions and the cries of the relatives of the dead and those still alive that were maimed by those he led were not distant echos of the past but the horrifying present.

So perhaps Speaker Viverito should direct her anger not at folks on the Island or the various groups who have withdrawn their support but to the Manchester Bomber who didn’t bother to take into account the plans of people like her to normalize and honor murders before slaughtering their infidel enemies.

Closing thought:  I submit and suggest one can separate those companies, individuals and groups who are actually bothered by honoring those who mastermind mass murder and those who aren’t by noting who declined to march before the bombs in England went off.

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My apologies for the lateness of this post but after going the full gonzo during the NH primary (without benefit of alcohol, drugs or coffee) and an utter failure despite my body’s best efforts, to fall asleep at the wheel on the ride home with Stacy McCain at 3 a.m. Wednesday ,and the breaking of assorted speed limit laws while driving Stacy to the airport I was not physically able to stay awake long enough to get this last post up until now.

One aspect of Morning Joe that I didn’t mention was noting how the live bit reminded me of a stage play with the people involved rushing to get ready during commercial breaks

Chris Matthews prepares for his appearance on Morning Joe

The bit with Willie Geist doing the town hall paid off in terms of prep time

Joe Scarborough speaks with Sen Rick Santorum

The live pub location also meant the green room was pretty much the Pub bar or the chair before going live.

Dan Rather prepares for his segment

After Morning Joe was over I went out looking for Barnicle hoping to score an interview. I couldn’t find up downstairs so I headed for Radio row figuring he might park be grabbing some interviews.

The morning team of Margery Eagan and Jim Braude for 96.9 FM

It turned out he had not however I was informed that Gov Huntsman took the opportunity to hit Radio Row after Morning Joe. In retrospect it was a wise move.

At this point I had been up for about 28 hours and I had to find a place to get my posts ready etc I looked for a place to plug-in but the only plugs I spotted untaken were at the top of the stairs heading to the radio row. Unfortunately there was no chair available (the CBS Radio room had extras but when I asked for one I was informed they weren’t allowed to give them out. As I have absolutely no dignity when it comes to reporting I plugged in my PC, took off the sweater I was wearing and laid it down on the floor, crossed my legs to and sat down at the top of the stairs on my sweater to do my work.

This actually worked to my advantage as those stairs were the primary access point to Radio Row so almost everyone heading there had to pass by me…

Bret Baier from Fox News Walks by

…quite a few interviews took place right in front of me…

Debbie Wasserman Schultz interviewed by CBS radio

…and I could see if anything of interest happened near the CNN setup downstairs

I've seen those two somewhere before...

After I finished writing and scheduling posts (a slow process as my brain functions were slowing down considerably I called Stacy McCain who I dropped off at GROK land at approximately 3:15 a.m. He was up and I offered to come and pick him up, he said he could get a ride here at 2 p.m. and suggested that I might consider crashing somewhere. This was in retrospect a sensible suggestion as I was at the 30 hour mark and after a night at the bar meeting people

Chris from unregular radio tries on one of my hats

and making friends

The Boston Phoenix and the American Spectator were well represented at DaBar

I was in no condition to drive, absence of alcohol not withstanding and crashing somewhere was infinitely preferable to crashing while driving to pick Stacy up. So I packed up my computer and looked for a chair, ANY chair and as luck would have it Michael Graham was inexplicably doing show-prep in an uncomfortable chair with an incredibly comfortable chair empty next to him.

Michael Graham hard at work 3 hours later

He informed me the chair wasn’t taken and so I sat in it at once, looped my laptop bag around my leg, wrapped by scarf around my eyes and tilted my Stetson style hat over my eyes. The non-fedora paid off as the wider brim blocked out everyone else and I was asleep within minutes.

No I did not take this photo of Breitbart on Radio Row in my sleep

Around 3:15 or so I woke up. The first sight I saw was Fingers Malloy sitting across from me talking to an incredibly attractive woman I know from somewhere but whose name escapes me.

After assurances that I was not only sawing logs for about 15 minutes (was he keeping count?) I suddenly noticed that Rick Santorum picked that moment to come out of the hall right in front of me and head to radio row. Instantly fully awake I grabbed my camera and started recording:

I was a tad perturbed at my ejection from the radio room but it could be justified for three good reasons: 1. The place was swamped. 2. WCRN did not have a table there. 3. After having just woken up in a chair after 30 hours straight of being awake I was less presentable than Vermin Supreme on a bad hair day. (The irony that the previous night the occupiers assured me that they showered as I stood in the room unshowered for 33 hours was not lost on me) I did think however that closing the door on me so I couldn’t take still shots was bad form and uncalled for.

and hey at least being kicked out of Radio row where less that 6 hours earlier I was welcome and less than 24 hours earlier I was on the Michael Graham show was at least a story.

At this point I called Stacy again and this time he was ready for me, so I hopped in the car to go pick him up grabbing gas along the way.

and those are the tobacco prices in the Cheap state of NH

Stacy being Stacy he wasn’t ready when I got there but that gave me time to finish a Rosary before we left for the DerryField Restaurant

There was a back room near the bar that was setup as an alternative filing room, I set up there with Stacy even though he had a place in the front and prepared to eat

While setting up in the back I noticed a table of fellows taking a look at us, never one to pass up the chance to talk to voters I went over and talked. It turned out the party included the owner of the place. Like many restauranteurs I’ve interviewed he talked about the need to be careful about expenses during harder times while keeping up quality. One method used is this 3-7 Menu:

that's quite a deal

I passed that menu around a bit and a lot of folks took advantage of it. I had the plain pizza as an appetizer, it was first-rate. Stacy had the Pepperoni for Supper. Ed Morrissey had the Crab Cakes.

Stacy and the Santorum crew

As the returns came in, it was apparent that my bet was pretty much doomed thanks to democrats who choose to vote Huntsman over President Obama (who drew just under 49,000 votes failing to out-poll Ron Paul but edging Vermin supreme.) but that apparently thanks to the lack of an air game due to the time already purchased, the SOPA issue and Todd Palin’s endorsement of Newt Gingrich 4th place would be a battle as each candidate took turns in the spot.

The Senator arrives

After Romney, Paul and Huntsman spoke Senator Santorum arrived.

I thought the snark when he was introduced as the “Next president of the United States” as is traditional was uncalled for and unprofessional. Senator Santorum took the stage with his wife, daughter and son making his case:

He then greeted supporters for a bit

Senator and Mrs. Santorum with supporter

The final numbers gave Newt a 49 vote edge over Santorum. That was painful but it could be worse consider these numbers.

UPDATE New figures from the Sec of state of NH just up show Santorum edged Gingrich by 138!

Rick Perry (r) 1766

Vermin Supreme (d) 831

A sitting governor of Texas managed to edge this fellow

Vermin Supreme: Image via Wikipedia

by under 1000 votes.

And you want me to be worried about Rick Santorum missing 4th by 50 winning 4th by 138 votes

Around 11 p.m. or so Stacy was complaining about upload speeds so we prepared to leave:

I suggested we head to my house where he could upload but he preferred the Radison, so we headed there giving a lift to a fellow from the Wall Street Journal and I went over to J D’s pub to wait for Stacy who said he would only be an hour.

I ran into Fingers again along with Kerry Picket. One of the Democrats on the ballot showed up holding this sign

I would have done an interview but I was still too tired to do it coherently however something someone said, I don’t remember who it was inspired the muse and got me writing a piece that I’ll finish today for posting tomorrow, the writing was slow as I was a tad tired but I shortly noticed some of the guys I thought had done the Morning Joe setup 24 hours earlier. So I packed up looking for Stacy and found him hobnobbing near the front desk and we were on the road by 2:15 a.m.

It was slightly annoying for Stacy to keep asking me if I knew where I was going and if I was awake but in the end that helped keep me awake and uncrashed.

We got to the house at 3 a.m. but there was an issue with his boarding pass. It was just too late to worry about it I hit that sack figuring I’d fix the issue in the morning. The plan had been to leave by 8:30 to get Stacy to the Airport at 10, but I woke up at 9:30. I woke up Stacy and had him log onto my laptop and print his passes from there while I rushed his bags into the car. Thanks to a total disregard for speed limits and ignoring my usual disdain for toll roads I managed to make it to logan airport before 11 a.m.

My plans to hit the sack when I got home were unfortunately shattered by circumstances so I started uploading the videos and photos that you have just seen literally falling asleep at the keyboard until I woke up this morning to tell you this tale.

Update 2:
Fixed the Wasserman-Schultz photo that didn’t scale properly

A bunch of things I haven’t gotten too that I hope to later

Item: Shhh nobody tell Jon Huntsman

But there is at least one Nobel winner that doesn’t go for the Global Warming nonsense:

Dr. Ivar Giaever, a former professor with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the 1973 winner of the Nobel Prize in physics, abruptly announced his resignation Tuesday, Sept. 13, from the premier physics society in disgust over its officially stated policy that “global warming is occurring.”

The official position of the American Physical Society (APS) supports the theory that man’s actions have inexorably led to the warming of the planet, through increased emissions of carbon dioxide.

Giaever does not agree — and put it bluntly and succinctly in the subject line of his email, reprinted at Climate Depot, a website devoted to debunking the theory of man-made climate change.

Is “Nobel winner” a good enough scientific qualifier for you?

Item: Marines, ve don’t need no stinking Marines

The White House does a sudden about face:

White House Denies GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter’s Request To Attend Fellow Marine Combat Vet’s Medal of Honor Ceremony…

And then promptly backtracks (after initially saying “the room is full”) when a reporter called to inquire about the snub.

Light is the best disinfectant when it comes to these jokers.

Item: One more NH rep spoken for

Chalk one up for Herman Cain

In today’s Concord Monitor, Republican State Representative Steven Smith of Charlestown, NH has endorsed Herman Cain with this editorial:

“Presidential candidate Herman Cain is uniquely qualified to approach the federal government as the morass that it is and work diligently on fixing it.

With so many candidates out there every one you can get in the bank helps.

Item: Fear and Free speech in Norway

Nothing like fear to get someone to bend the free speech norms:

On September 14, under pressure for having sent Westergaard out of the country, the PST passed the buck: Hugubakken said it was the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) that had made the decision to cancel Westergaard’s appearance and send him back to Denmark. However, in an interview (also posted on September 14) with the editors of Sappho, the website of the Danish Free Press Society, Westergaard seemed to confirm that the decision had indeed been made by the PST.

But that’s not all, folks. As it happened, on September 12 — the day Westergaard returned to Denmark from Oslo — a devout young Muslim activist named Mohyeldeen Mohammad arrived in Oslo from Saudi Arabia. This was the same fellow who, in February of last year, gave a speech at a huge Oslo rally protesting a cartoon of the prophet Muhammed (not Westergaard’s) that had appeared in Dagbladet. “When will Norwegian authorities and their media understand the seriousness of this?” Mohyeldeen Mohammed had thundered before a highly receptive audience of around 3000 Muslims in Oslo’s University Square. “Perhaps not before it is too late. Perhaps not before we get a September 11 on Norwegian soil.” He added, unpersuasively: “This is no threat, this is a warning.”

Norway has had a bad year and this kind of thing makes it worse.

You really can’t get the idea of the kind of Draw Sarah Palin is until you actually see it.

The first thing that you note is the people come from everywhere:

And that it comes in two waves, the true believers first and then the others later

The first person I ran into was Doreen:

She was in the second row so I next talked to Eddie who was front row center:

I ventured next to the Sarah Palin 2012 booth and interviewed Steve

There was a freelance reporter who wanted to interview me. I wanted to interview him but he at first declined. So we compromised, both of us had the Camera running and we interviewed each other

He was hoping to be there when Palin announced but thought that it was the spontaneity is what really drives the coverage.

The last people I talked to was the greater Waltham Tea Party, I was having a problem with my camera so I couldn’t see what I was filming.

They loved Palin but were of the people I talked to (other than those from existing campaigns) the most indifferent to a run one way or the other.

The most interesting thing I noticed is that people generally thought she would run and wanted her to announce but Now when the speech actual was taking place and the subject came up the crowed chimed in:


Alas, they did not hear the words hey were dying to.

Will they hear those words in the future? Several months ago I thought so, but now I as I told Boots, I have no idea.

If she runs I’ll be happy to support her, if she doesn’t I have a lot of good choices available, but either way, my advice to the media, the democrats and the field should act like she is not running while wargaming as if she was.

As for her supporters I really don’t know what to say. I know that if she announces they will mobilize strongly. If she doesn’t, I have absolutely no idea what they will do.

And neither does anyone else

Update; Dave Weigel needs to take my act/wargaming advice

Author Terry Tibbetts spoke to me at the Herman Cain event in Manchester on the 19th

He also joined me for our salon at the Border, his book on College Football great and soldier Don HollederA Spartan Game: The Life and Loss of Don Holleder is available in paperback, hardcover and for the Kindle.

I actually saw Nickel both at the Santorum appearance and at the Cain event on Friday

He also attended the Saturday Straw Poll that I was unable to make due to the Salon at the Border.

Herman Cain talks about the Janeane Garofalo incident in Manchester NH on August 19, 2011

Update: Stacy McCain links and says the following:

Left-wing actress Janeane Garofalo told Keith Olberman last week that she thinks someone in the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy — she named Karl Rove, Grover Norquist and the Koch brothers as likely suspects — must be secretly paying Herman Cain to run for president.

Quick note to Rove, the Koches et/al. A mere $50k would fund me for a full year but guarantee serious coverage from outside my driving radius. So since you aren’t funding Herman Cain you might have a few free bucks don’t hesitate to hit DaTipJar