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I never liked Terrorists, not even the pretty ones

Jon Sable Freelance 1985

I noticed Robert Stacy McCain’s post linking to Donald Douglas post on the Oakland anti-police protests.

His piece is loaded with photos and Stacy McCain had a bit on Viral read about who exactly is showing up:

The major Communist organizations represented in the Anaheim protest were the Party for Socialism and Liberation and A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), a front for a Stalinist splinter group known as the Workers World Party. There was also a contingent from the Latino racist group known as the Brown Berets and at least one protester representing herself as a Spartacist (International Communist League), an extremist faction expelled from the Socialist Workers Party in 1963.

Now in a county of over 300 millions there are going to be plenty of crazy uncles so the idea that you might be able to enough fringe groups to draw 500 in a Major US city.

And while there are plenty of photos that Douglas took this one caught Stacy McCain’s eye as well as my own.


Now the irony of a bunch of anti-capitalists using iPhones is a valid point but I suspect that is not why the man who brought us Rule 5 Sunday would choose this particular picture.

It’s marketing, not only for Stacy’s Blog but for the group itself.

A fringe group, like any product has to be marketed and if you want to sell a group to the population as a whole and particularly to a younger crowd say young guys who don’t fit in. How do you manage to get them to show up and add numbers to a group of aging or fringe communists? What is the right bait to attract such folk to carry a sign and march in line and perhaps in hopes of impressing be willing to be a part of some mischief that the older and wiser in the crew are smart enough to avoid..

Douglas’s video & Stacy’s tweet provides the answer.