Two Simple words in the English Language: I Forgot

Steve Martin

In the movie “A guide for the married man” there is a famous exchange between Walter Mathew and Robert Morse when Matthau’s character is advised what to do in case his wife gets suspicious in the event of an affair:

Mosre:   Deny Deny Deny, no matter what she knows or thinks she knows, Deny it!

Matthau:  But what if she really knows…

Mosre:  Deny it

Mosre:  but what if she really

Mosre:  Deny

Mosre:  but what if she

Mosre:  Deny Deny DENY!

I suspect this was the strategy of Senator Robert Melendez as he appeared on ABC’s THIS WEEK two days after news of the FBI investigation of a sexual scandal involving underage Dominican Hookers broke.

Alas for the Senator ABC News’ Martha  Raddatz totally foiled that strategy by cleverly choosing to refuse to ask a single question on the subject provoking this comment from Jim Hoft

That’s outrageous. You could imagine the grilling this man would have taken if he had an “R” behind his name instead of a “D”. Instead, ABC willfully keeps the public in the dark on this horrific scandal.

and this from Glenn Reynolds

That’s what media apparatchiks do.

I’d say that Senator Menendez should think his lucky starts, but as this story actually broke before the election and no member of the mainstream media had bothered to touch it, perhaps Martha Raddatz thought it would be unfair for them to start now.

Of course, now we have two scandals.  Senator Menendez’s scandal now being investigated by the FBI and the scandal of Martha (of course I’m not too Biased for the VP debate) Raddatz deciding that a senator being investigated by the FBI for banging underage hookers isn’t newsworthy.

Naturally the new media and Radio Hosts will have a field day with it tomorrow, in fact I’ll certainly mention it in Under the Fedora and on next week’s show.  That being so the real question becomes:  How will Martha the unbiased choose to answer these questions?

Well, if I may be so bold as to suggest  the Morse/Matthew strategy is still tanned rested and ready for  use….