By now you’ve heard about the I93 debacle in Boston, how a group of “activists” held up traffic for hours, disrupted the lives of thousands of folks, cost millions of dollars in lost wages and wasted time and even messed up ambulance service in the area.

The anger against these fools is almost universal and all kinds of creative names are being used to describe them, but there is one description that should be the first one out of the lips of everyone but for some reason is not.


These people ARE the Democrat base, you will not find a single Romney or even a Charlie Baker voter among them, These are the folks who have been crying “War on Women”, Heteronormative Patriarchy and all that good stuff, and right now they have managed to anger almost the entire voting population of one of the most liberal states in the Union.

Yet where is the Mass GOP pressing State Democrats on these protesters?  Where are the conservative talk show hosts, bloggers et/all calling every single state Democrat senator and rep to comment?

Where are the press releases reminding the now angry voters what side these people are on?  Why aren’t we playing by the Todd Akin rules with these guys forcing them to either upset their base by condemning them or risk the wrath of already angry voters?

Our leftist friends, if the situation was reversed, would already have gone this route. You would not be able to turn on a TV set or radio without hearing about these Republicans endangering motorists etc.

For a party with only 11% percent registration this is the ultimate gimme,  If only they are smart enough to take it.


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As a Massachusetts conservative watching the national media go wild about the election of a Republican Governor completely ignoring the lack of coattails (hell the lack of coat) is a source of frustration.

Charlie Baker is a nice guy and he means well but his election is not likely to have more than a cosmetic effect

The best way to explain the problem is to think of Baseball and the difference between buying a championship and building a dynasty.

In Massachusetts there are two conflicting views of the party, the establishment that is interested in the top of the ticket. It produces for those at the top patronage and excellent resume fodder in the hopes of getting a national political position.

Because of that goal they can’t take the time to build a farm team, every year that passes brings up a crop of people in Red States vying for those same jobs with resumes filled with actual positions in government.

They need that governorship today, they can’t wait around for the GOP to start winning seats in the statehouse, in fact a strong GOP controlled house and or senate will simply mean a crop of rivals with strong resumes in government as well.

Then there is the grass-roots Tea Party activists. They aren’t looking for a job from the government. They are looking to be able to keep their own jobs and business intact and be able to afford to have a decent life to raise their children here without either being hit in the pocketbook or because of their religious & social values.

For them it’s the bottom of the ticket that matters since until there is a change in the state senate and house all a GOP Governor can do is delay the day of reckoning.

So the idea is to start at Single A, city councilors, school committees. Recruit candidates to fill those spots. Then in four or five years those people can run for mayor, country offices, register of probate etc. the Double AA of electoral politics at the state level while a new grew group of people are recruited for the single A offices. After a few years the AA polls will start running in the state house and senate and positions like secretary of state & AG and within a few years viola you have a full slate of viable candidates not only for the Governor’s office but for congressional and senate seats.

Until the Massachusetts GOP decides to embrace the base GOP leaning votes will continue to leave the state and sooner or later there won’t be enough left to allow even a Republican as socially liberal as Charlie Baker won’t have a prayer ever again.

Let me introduce you to Ann Wofford she is the GOP candidate running in the Massachusetts 3rd District for congress

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching her debate incumbent Niki Tsongas in Devens Ma. and if you following my livetweet of the debate you would realize she is something special.

Tsongas is a practiced debater and a well spoken woman but Wofford not only answered questions directly but her plain-spoken opponent was not only more than a match for her but bluntly spoke truths that would make any Conservatives’ heart go pitter patter on comprehensive healthcare

On Obama

and Big government

Those three quotes: The Federal government is not here to save us, Nobody believes this president anymore and “Congress has shown it can’t to comprehensive anything” would all be best sellers at any GOP event nationwide and are sentiments that a majority of the country might support.

And when Niki Tsongas pushed a minimum wage increase as a panacea for women in distress & the middle class in distress Wofford bluntly answered “We live in two different worlds.” that pretty much sums up conservatives vs liberals on real life. I summed up the debate here

And livetweeted throughout the event. I didn’t shoot much video other than the closing statements

but the Lowell Sun site has video available. but that not what struck me about this debate.

as I mentioned when summing up this is the first time I’ve gone to a Tsongas debate and didn’t see a line of Niki Tsongas yard signs lining the road that you take to the debate, in fact if I didn’t know which road to take or have printed directions a person driving through the main road through Devens who have absolutely no idea this event was going on.

I submit and suggest this was deliberate, Tsongas is a good candidate but Wofford is an impressive woman and the last thing you want if you are an incumbent of the Gilligan party in one of the most depressed districts in a state is to highlight an opponent that simply radiates competence.

But that point raises another. It’s one week before election day. Why am I only now discovering this about Ann Wofford?

The district is considered relatively competitive, and Tsongas has several times barely cleared 50 percent against relatively unknown and outspent GOP opponents. There have even been competitive primaries for the chance to face her.

But this time, nobody stepped up—which is why, Wofford tells me, she decided to do it herself. “I just feel that is outrageous,” for the incumbent to go unchallenged, she says. “I do not feel that I am represented by my current congressperson, and I refuse to be told you have no choice.”

In a year when competence is the #1 issue, in an era where the left is constantly pushing the “anti-woman gop” lie don’t you think that a highly competent, poised woman who can go toe to toe with a long-term incumbent might be someone you want to push?  Particularly when you’ve only got three contested congressional seats in the state:

Wofford, a chemical engineer with 17 years in the private sector, was raised in Western Massachusetts and now lives in Haverhill with her husband and two daughters. She emphasizes fiscal responsibility, concerns about the Affordable Care Act (her husband works in New Hampshire, where just one provider participates in the health insurance exchange), and securing the borders against illegal immigrants. Her rhetoric, while not rabid by any means, is a bit too Tea Party-tinged for most of the state, but will resonate with a lot of people in that district.

So will her demands for more transparency in the federal government, and her charge of “dysfunction” in Washington politics. “It’s a separate world, where they help each other,” while the middle class stagnates, she says.

So you’ve got an intelligent, well educated and successful woman running in a competitive district and the party is doing squat to push her?  Excuse me?

If I was the in charge of pushing the GOP in the state neither I nor any of my surrogates would be making a media appearance without mentioning Ann Wofford. If I had a visiting out-of-state party member visiting I’d have Ann on stage to meet them. The moment any person from either the left or the press (but I repeat myself) breathed the words “War on Woman” I’d be throwing Ann Wofford in their faces.

At the very least, Wofford stands as a welcome female face for a Massachusetts Republican Party sorely lacking them. Good luck trying to remember the last Republican woman nominee, let alone winner, for Congress or U.S. Senate in the Bay State.

On the national level I understand the party not putting a lot of resources into Massachusetts because, well it’s Massachusetts one of only 4 states that Obama is not upside down but that doesn’t excuse people at the state level not getting the word out. Other than Mary Lotz, Frank Ardinger and Richard Shufford I haven’t even heard a person mention her name. let alone tweet it.

After all how are you going to get the national party to kick in to turn things around if you don’t even let them see when you have a diamond in the rough?

I admit that this is my first piece on Wofford this cycle & I should have gotten to her sooner but despite what some might think I’m not paid to promote the GOP (although hits to DaTipJar are happily accepted) and there are people in the party who are, hell I’m not even a republican.

Anyway her web site is here. She deserves your support and attention because this is a woman to watch even if you have to figure out to watch her on your own.

Update: Via the Lowell Sun & Fitchburg Sentinel the full debate video

I’d be tweeting this out all over if I was the GOP

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I can’t say I’m surprised by this development:

NEW BEDFORD – Part timers at the New Bedford Market Basket left work en masse today, taking with them their last paycheck and a slip of paper with a number for the state unemployment office.

“It’s like a funeral in here,” said store director Bill Clark, who said that he had to lay off his part time workers, who represent about 90 percent of the store’s employees. “It’s going to be very difficult to come back from this. I see Market Basket non-existent in the very near future, unless Arthur T. Demoulas makes some sort of statement.”

However Market Basket insists they are not in fact laying off workers:

“I have issued an immediate communication for all Store Directors. All Store Directors are to let their associates know that they are not laid off,” Thornton said in a statement emailed by the company Thursday afternoon. “All Store Directors as part of their normal responsibilities are able to and often do reduce hours but they need to make clear when doing so that the individuals are still employees of DSM.

I suspect to the employees no longer getting checks that is a distinction without a difference.

Now in terms of a business decision this is a sound move. There is no money coming in therefore there is no point in scheduling hours and even better if your goal is to dump the company, the more part timers loyal to Arthur T who are no longer with the company the easier it will be to dump the place and not worry about a worker revolt.

In terms of PR of course the idea that you are dumping 20,000 workers is basically a disaster and in an election year is not something that will be pols looking to be elected and re-elected are in a position to ignore..

However I think this has reached the point where management has decided no amount of bad PR is going to stop them, I think the store is going to be sold out from under the employees and an entire new team brought it.

The only problem being of course while you can wait or starve the employees out the customers have other alternatives and it will take a lot of time effort and money to try to win them back.

However this is New England land of the low info voters, given that the voters have been wiling to elect and re-elect people who ignore and abuse them I see absolutely no reason why a buyer wouldn’t assume the customers who vote that way wouldn’t shop that way too.

Final thought, be prepared now that tens of thousands of voters are about to lose their jobs for pols to get involved who did not, but perhaps if they had gotten involved before this point maybe those tens of thousands wouldn’t have lost their jobs.

Of course if the GOP took my advice on the matter back in July thousands of young people who would likely never think of voting Republican might right now be remembering which party was on their side before their jobs were lost.

As I said at the time it was a golden opportunity for the Massachusetts GOP and the smart thing to do…

…which explains why they failed to do it.

Saturday night you would have noticed that the Market Basket story made national TV.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The story has also made Time Magazine


In an era overrun with CEO hate and 1% bashing, such comments—and the actions of all those who have put their jobs in jeopardy—are nothing short of astonishing.


and the Washington Post

Employees protest over many things: higher wages, better benefits, safer working conditions in their jobs. What’s far more unusual, if not unprecedented, is to see workers, organized by senior managers, stage a rebellion to help their CEO get his job back.

We’ve been covering this story for a while and while the instinct says this is a democrat issue (labor vs management) I think it’s tailor-made for the GOP & the conservatives, consider:

1. The workers have rejected unions and continue to do so

2. They aren’t striking over money or demanding that ridiculous $15 hour min wage.

3. They are arguing AGAINST taking on debt as dangerous to the company.

4. They are arguing for the long term stability & survival of the company vs a quick fix

5. Their rallies cross ethnic and racial boundaries

6. Like the Tea Party rallies they are respectful and clean up after themselves.

7. Like tea party rallies there is no trouble at them (I talked to an officer on duty, no trouble, no violence no arrests).

Bottom line this rally is pro-capitalism, they are the complete opposite of the occupy movement.

And if that’s not enough you have high profile democrats like Elizabeth Warren & Deval Patrick playing duck dodge & hide on the issue (For Warren that’s going to come back and bite her presidential ambitions) leaving a huge void. If the GOP/Tea Party/Conservative movement moves to fill that void you suddenly put the left on the spot while supporting what conservative have always supported: Responsible management of business to make a profit.

If I was Rick Santorum I’d be in Massachusetts at the next rally. If I was Reince Priebus I’d be asking why Elizabeth Warren & the left are AWOL and suggest it is due to being owned by the unions.

And if I was Kirsten Hughes I’d run through that gap in the line the left has left unguarded and I’d go all in for the Market Basket Workers and vividly illustrate the GOP’s support for the working man.

This is not only the right thing, it’s the SMART thing…

…which unfortunately makes it less likely the GOP will do it.



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It’s April Fools day so it’s appropriate our piece from the Northeastern Republican Leadership conference in Nashua NH was Michael Graham’s hilarious speech.

A lot of his humor came from the state of the GOP in Massachusetts. Given how things are around here you’ve just got to laugh.

Today I was in Lunenburg Ma at the Harley House Inn & Tavern
baker Lunenburg Stills 029

where a line of cars covered the street as Charlie Baker and Karen Polito:

baker Lunenburg Stills 017

Filled up the main room at the Harley House in taking pictures

baker Lunenburg Stills 022

and Rubbing shoulders with about 100 of the GOP faithful who came from the surrounding towns.

I did a quick view of the people in the room

just before the speeches started.

Karen Polito went first and gave an excellent speech:

Baker followed and really nailed the primary points of a state that deserves better.

It was exactly the right message and I think if he gives this speech over and over again till November he has an excellent shot.

Meanwhile I spoke to a pair of people there Chip Jones who has been on my show regularly

and a fellow by the name of Jim Roberts

The GOP members there seemed confident as long as they aren’t dealing with three candidates rather than two.

Just before leaving Ms. Polito gave me a few minutes

As did Charlie Baker

I really got the impression that his defeat o four years ago has made him a wiser & more savvy man, if that impression is correct then our Democrat friends will be given a run for their money.

Hera are a few stills from the event:


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DaTechGuy January 31st 2013

The time to take over the GOP (state by state) or set up a real third party (let’s call it the conservative party, like NY state), is NOW, after a historic election that demonstrated the ineptness of the “Wizards of Smart”.

Mike Rogers November 9th 2012

There are a lot of reasons why NH republicans might oppose a run by Scott Brown for the Senate in NH:  The running away from the base in the Elizabeth Warren race, the pro-choice ads, and as Granite Grok points out New Hampshire is a huge 2nd Amendment State:

Given that he has had his vetting as Gun Control Advocate by none other than Mayor and Nanny of NYC Bloomberg (whose Mayors Against Illegal Guns’s “No More Names” tour listed Boston Marathon Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev as a”gun victim” when it stopped in Concord, NH) who gave liberally (snicker) to his failed campaign against Elizabeth Warren, it is clear that Scott Brown’s stance that he’d be fine in supporting another Federal “assault weapon” ban. Thus, those of us that believe that the Republican US Senate Nominee should, at the least:

fully support the Party Platform (“We believe that our founding fathers placed the 2nd Amendment in a position of prominence with intent; that law-abiding citizens of the United States of America have a right to protect and defend their lives, their families and their property without government infringement.”)
whole heartedly support the Letter AND the Spirit of the US Constitution (“Second Amendment: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”)
show a full respect for the NH Constitution (“Article 2-a: All persons have the right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, their families, their property and the state.”)

As it is clear that Mr. Brown lacks quite a bit in these regards, we will be letting him AND the NH GOP Leadership know of our ire by staging this rally.

All of these reasons to oppose a Brown candidacy are valid, but if you want to understand why New Hampshire Republican should tell Senator Brown not to run for the Senate in New Hampshire all you have to do is go back to January 31st of this year.

There was a big fight in the Massachusetts GOP for party chair between two strong candidates.  Rick Green a businessman was supported by the Tea Party / activist wing of the party vs Kirsten Hughes a Chelsea city counselor who worked on the Scott Brown campaign against Elizabeth Warren as deputy finance director.

I covered both candidates during a forum on the 22nd of January and even at that time it was understood this was going to be a very close race.

Hanging over the race was the pending special election to fill the senate seat made empty by John Kerry nomination as Secretary of State.  Senator Brown had not yet announced and the party very much wanted him to run.

Hughes was Scott Brown’s candidate:

With Bob’s departure, I am writing to you today to endorse Kirsten Hughes for Chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party.

It was widely believed among the voters in the room that Hughes election would be an incentive for Brown to enter that race and her connection to the Brown campaign and fundraising was one of her selling points.  The day of the vote the Herald reported on his involvement in the race.  The timing was interesting:

If I was a pessimist, which I’m not, I would think that this story was dropped today by Brown in order to scare the last few undecideds into siding with him after badgering State Committee members with personal plea phone calls for weeks. (Rumor has it Green is up by two.)

On January 31st the vote took place, this is what happened:

In fact is was even weirder than first reported but eventually there was a second ballot and Kirsten Hughes won, however it took the shouts from the crowd for the party to announce the actual vote count.  (41-39).  Activists reacted like this:

and this:

But in the end the election was over and many of the party leaders who voted for Ms. Hughes at least had the comfort in knowing that they would have a state chair friendly to the Brown Campaign and be best able to integrate the efforts of the part to get back that senate seat.

After all a Brown win in the special election would mean he’d be running for re-election in an off year as an incumbent in 2014 giving the party their best chance to grow the vote for state legislature & Senate candidates  all the way down the ticket.

That hope lasted almost 12 hours:

At lunchtime today, I spoke to Senator Brown by telephone.  His news was as surprising to me as I’m sure it was to you.  Certainly, we can all understand this was a highly personal decision for Senator Brown and his family.  Yet, it’s certainly a disappointment for many in our party.

So what the reaction of Scott Brown at a time when his choice for GOP chair has just won by the thinnest of margins?  What was his move when the party needed someone to rally behind? What was his decision when that new chairperson that he explicitly supported most needed a positive story to change the subject from the debacle of the 31st?  What was the decision when all those party voters who cast their vote counting on him to be there to support the party?

He took his ball and went home.

The end result?   Ed Markey, was able to win a lifetime senate seat against a weak candidate while drawing only 60% of the vote Martha Coakley did in 2010.

Even with Senator Brown’s problems with the base he could have drawn those numbers with one hand tied behind his back.

Now less than a year later, he is heading North to NH where the GOP held the state just one election ago to  jump the line ahead of GOP candidates in the state ready and able to run?

I can think of nothing more likely to exacerbate the existing divides in the NH GOP than this.

It will amplify the mistake Speaker Boehner made with the base.

The divide it creates will cost the party seats in both the state senate and house.

It will put Kelly Ayotte in an impossible position where anything she says and does will anger someone whose vote she will need in 2016.

Now it’s axiomatic, for all his faults Brown would be far superior to Jeanne Shaheen and if nominated by the NH GOP I would encourage every voter to support him rather than reward the 60th vote for Obamacare with another six years but I can’t think of a more selfish or self centered move by the Senator nor anything more likely to cause a 3rd party movement in the state that will spread nationally.
I like Senator Brown, he’s a nice guy with a great family and the GOP nationwide should be grateful for the boost he gave to the party.  It’s fair to say that Tea Party election in Massachusetts in 2010 is the reason why the GOP hold the house today, As a Senator he always had time for people from the state even those who disagreed with him and frankly it’s not all that unusual for a person in Massachusetts to say “enough” and move to New Hampshire, but it’s one thing for the party to run a moderate republican in a state where the GOP not even healthy enough to be on life support, it’s quite another to do so in a state where conservatism is still strong.

I implore Senator Brown to re-consider his run in NH for the sake of the state party and the national one.

A Postscript:  One thing I should make clear, I don’t blame Ms. Hughes for either the election stuff nor the Brown move.  She started in an impossible position trying to clean up a mess that was given to her.  I’ve never heard her once complain about the bad hand she was dealt, instead she works hard all over the state and gets little media credit for her efforts:

It’s interesting to note her aide said “you only have five minutes” but she turned to him saying “he only needs three for his interviews”. A party chair who is familiar with the habits of the people covering her knows what she is doing. I opposed her election but she has been proving herself a very capable and impressive party chair.

I would think that would be a story but highlighting a young, smart attractive, hard working young woman leading a state GOP doesn’t fit the media whole “war on women” meme does it?

Update:  No matter who is the GOP nominee this ad is going to be a problem for Jeanne Shaheen

and a lot of other Democrats who were the 60th vote for Obamacare.


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On election day the GOP meme saying “If we run a candidate who dodges the base, speaks Spanish as his first language and supports the gang of 8 bill we’ll win independent voters and “Hispanic” voters” was proven false as Gabriel Gomez won less that 45% of the vote that Scott Brown did.

I’ve talked about this already but I haven’t discussed an e-mail I received just before the election. It was promoting Dan Winslow’s excellent impassioned plea to turn out for Gomez. But while Dan’s message was first-rate the sender of the e-mail (not Winslow) added some commentary of his own.

Recently, I have seen a few emails that originated with Republicans who have chosen to disparage the efforts of Gomez. Apparently Gabriel Gomez does not pass their litmus tests for being a proper candidate. These people suggest that you should not vote for Gomez, but rather leave your ballot blank. This is tantamount to not voting at all and is something that may be even worse than failing to participate. If your chosen candidate fails in a primary, do you take your ball and go home? No, you suck it up and go with the majority.

I certainly agree with that statement and it’s consistent with Roxeanne’s post on the subject. When there are two choices one must make the best possible one however I found another paragraph in the email….interesting (all emphasis mine)

This email will go to about 450 people, two-thirds of whom are unenrolled voters. I would suggest that the Republicans consider reigning in the culture warriors in their ranks. They only hurt the party and drive the normal people away. The Republican party is in danger of becoming a footnote in Massachusetts politics. There can be a resurgence of the party, but that will not happen without a purge of the more radical elements of the party. The haters need to be muzzled and Reagan’s eleventh commandment needs to be enforced.

OK I lied, I didn’t find it “interesting” I found it insulting. Considering the fun time at the party chair election this isn’t what activists want to hear.

I submit and suggest it is a contradiction to involve Reagan’s 11th commandment, then call for “reigning in” and “Purging” social conservatives, implying we are not “normal” & referring to us as “haters”

I left the Democrat party years ago when it became clear that as a believing Catholic I wasn’t welcome. It seems in Massachusetts the “Not Welcome” mat for believing Catholics or Protestants has become bi-partisan.

If that’s the case it begs the question, What do social conservatives who don’t wish to move to red states, do now?

Mike Rogers of Granite Grok had an answer:

The time to take over the GOP (state by state) or set up a real third party (let’s call it the conservative party, like NY state), is NOW, after a historic election that demonstrated the ineptness of the “Wizards of Smart”.

The time NOT to talk about and vote for a third part candidate, or stay home and pout about rules that work against you is DURING an historic election, when one of the evils is immeasurably worse than the guy you can’t quite warm to.

If we successfully set up a conservative party, and win some seats, we can choose to align with Republicans or even endorse their candidate as a tactical matter on a vote by vote basis.

I thought about this, but the amount of time and effort that is necessary to form a new party is prohibitive, plus you have to sell that party to the public. If only there was an existing political party that isn’t explicitly republican, but has a theme that conservative voters would be happy to embrace?


Let’s see The American Term Limits party. An existing party, with a theme that has a wide appeal to both conservatives and the unenrolled and with a small membership.

I wonder what would happen if social conservatives joined such a party in sufficient numbers to nominate the party’s candidate? It would give social conservatives someplace to go and someone to vote for.

We could run our own candidate (s) for state, local and federal offices. With the GOP not even bothering in some districts we’d have a clear field. We could appeal to the GOP base nationwide for both volunteers and funding and at the same time whenever the media comes after us rightly point out that the Term Limits Party has one overriding issue, Term Limits.

And the best part? If a particular GOP candidate for local, state or federal office was acceptable, we could offer our support.

People have suggested that the GOP brand is toxic in the state, nevertheless conservative & tea party activists were willing to step up to the plate. We were rejected. Perhaps it’s time to play in a new party and see if conservatives can appeal to the general populace better under the American Term Limits party than the Mass GOP banner.

We certainly can’t do worse. What do you think?

Update: Well we know what Sarah Palin thinks

Folks like me are barely hanging on to our enlistment papers in any political party – and it’s precisely because flip-flopping political actions like amnesty force us to ask how much more bull from both the elephants in the Republican Party and the jackasses in the Democrat Party we have to swallow before these political machines totally abandon the average commonsense hardworking American. Now we turn to watch the House. If they bless this new “bi-partisan” hyper-partisan devastating plan for amnesty, we’ll know that both private political parties have finally turned their backs on us. It will then be time to show our parties’ hierarchies what we think of being members of either one of these out-of-touch, arrogant, and dysfunctional political machines.

If Palin goes 3rd party I suspect the GOP can kiss the house goodbye


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Yesterday the three candidates for the GOP nomination for the senate seat being vacated by John Kerry were scheduled to appear at the Leominster Elks hosted by several local GOP committees

winslow photos 008

When I got there the Winslow folks had their signs at the ready

winslow photos 011

I saw signs inside for Gomez (along with a few Gomez campaign people and some signs for Sullivan (who I endorsed)

winslow photos 014

I was then informed that Mr. Sullivan & Mr. Gomez would not be coming, Mr. Gomez cancellation was last-minute. I talked to a campaign aide and she told his young kids (who were at the finish line in Boston not long before the blast) were still shaken up & he decided to stay with them. No word on Mr. Sullivan.

I recorded the following commentary:

They grabbed a projector but the sound wasn’t transferring well so they decided to just stick with the presentation for Dan Winslow who did show up.

He dived right into the crowd meeting voters

winslow photos 025

One of his supporters talked to me before things started:

Richard Bastien former GOP rep warmed up the crowd

Then Judge Winslow gave a spectacular speech

And answered question

after question

after question

on all kinds of topics

from immigration

to entitlements

He had time for a few quick interview at the end

You can’t help but like this man, he is direct, unapologetic for his views. Even though I had endorsed Sullivan was very friendly and asked for my support and when I had to decline as a Knight of Columbus over his position on life, he said if he can’t have it now he would like it after winning the primary. That will not be a problem as there would at that time be no pro-life candidate in the race.

That kind of persistence is EXACTLY the right way for a candidate to behave.

I’ve got to tell you Dan makes a strong case, has the single best presentation of any of the candidates, expresses pride in being a Republican (a welcome change) and would be a formidable opponent for any democrat in any race. I have absolutely no doubt if he wins the primary he would make a race of it.

He won over several voters in that crowd last night. If he was pro-life he might have won me over too, but I only have one soul.

Here is the gallery, and yes that is Justin wearing my Dr. Who scarf (he’s a fan too)

Yesterday Michael Graham held a Town Hall at F1 Boston

There were a series of panels with the topic being How to save the GOP in Massachusetts

and speakers including Mike Sullivan:

and Charlie Baker

When the event was done Michael Graham spoke to me

I will be putting up a few of my solo interviews outside of the post, and my subscription commentary will be on this subject. My gallery and some panel videos follow

What can we do

Brad Holly Bob

and one attendee spoke on what he saw

and of course you an find more at Michael’s own web site.

Update: A lot of solutions were advanced but they didn’t advance my solution which I’ll be talking about in my subscription commentary. (Hint think of WalMart and the Yankees of the 80’s) Funniest moment was the reporter from the Globe trying to pretend they don’t treat democrats differently with a straight face.

The smartest people there were the college kids hands down.


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The World Baseball Classic has begun and we’ve had our first upset as the Netherlands shut out South Korea 5-0 today, however the more interesting game was Uber Underdog Brazil facing two time champion Japan.

Brazil was not expected to even make the tournament. It took two upset wins against Panama in Panama to get that slot.

Manager Barry Larkin’s team managed to take a lead at 3-2 lead against Champion Japan in Japan and was only 5 out away from an incredible upset when they came back with three in the 8th to win the game 5-3.

It highlights the fact you have to get those 27 outs to win in baseball, but it also emphasises that if you are going to beat a Champion, you can’t make basic mistakes.

And that brings us to the Mass GOP straw poll.

Today the Massachusetts GOP had a straw poll in Danvers won by State Rep. Daniel Winslow.

Any GOP candidate facing any democrat in a statewide election is a serious underdog in Massachusetts, considering said candidate is going to face a sitting congressman either Ed Markey or Stephen Lynch that is doubly so.

That means you can’t make stupid or rookie mistakes if you want to win such a race.

So can someone tell me why the GOP is holding their straw poll at a YACHT CLUB?

“America sent a message to the Republican party in November of 2012. And the message is we have to be inclusive, we have to be relevant to women, we have to be relevant to millennials, we have to be relevant to new Americans,” Winslow said. “So I think that the symbolism of being in a country club and requiring people to pay to vote is absolutely the wrong message to send.”

Now Straw Polls are usually fundraising devices so that’s not all that unusual but the following line from the GOP simply floored me.

“Well if they want to pay to host the event, they’re more than welcome to,” said Massachusetts Republican Party Chair Kirsten Hughes. She said the event was not a fundraiser and said the $10 per ballot was to cover the cost of the event — such as staffing and refreshments.

Basic math says that the 193 voters paid $1930 for the event. It what does it say that the Mass GOP found it necessary to charge admission to cover a $2000 bill? Both candidates for GOP Chairman in January boasted of their fundraising skills and reaching out to voters. Nothing says I’m a killer fundraiser like having to grab $10 a head to hold a straw poll (apparently they decided against a meat raffle because my local Knights of Columbus council had one yesterday). When you are facing connected insiders like Lynch & Markey, you want your candidate to run as a regular guy.

I don’t know who told the mass GOP “Nothing says regular guy to the voters like the words ‘Yacht Club'” but whoever did should stuffing envelopes from now on.

It’s only the top of the first so there is plenty of time, but you are an underdog playing the champs, you don’t have a margin of error for more of this.


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10 people @ $20 gives me that gigantic $300 paycheck. Personally I think if the mass GOP invested $300 a week in the site they would have gotten better advice. Hold the event elsewhere, Find a donor to cover the cost and if you want to charge admission to make sure nobody stuffs the ballot box donate the money to the Jimmy Fund.

If that advice wasn’t worth $200 I’d like to know what is?

I can’t invest in failure Frank!

The Verdict  1982

El Cid: Sire, all those you see here, though none dare say so, harbor the suspicion that you may have counseled your own brother’s death. Unless you can prove your innocence you will have no loyal subjects. Your kingdom will be torn by doubt. Thus I can not give you fidelity nor own you as my liege

King Alphonso: What will satisfy you of my innocence?

El Cid: Your oath upon the holy book.

King Alphonso:  You would ask a me to swear?

El Cid:  Sire I DO ask it!

El Cid 1961

In the campaign for GOP chair an expressed goal of the party in general and of the two candidates in particular was to grow the Republican party in Massachusetts and to work with activists who had contributed to the party’s success in 2010.

The events of Thursday evening suggest otherwise.

The party’s embarrassments of Thursday, if not handled properly, could have potentially fatal implications for the future (if any) of the GOP in the Bay State.

Thursday’s debacle left the activists who attended outraged. They were upset with the blatant attempt to steal the election during the first ballot, angered at the attempt to block the 2nd after the votes were cast, befuddled when their candidate was made to announce his defeat ad simply outraged that they had to literally scream for the vote count of the second ballot (41-39) before it was given.

These are the people who came on board in Jan 2010 before the rise of Tea Party Strength nationally, they were the people who made the calls, held the signs, packed the rallies and for the first time got involved to give the GOP a senate win they had not achieved in two generations.

It is no coincidence that less that 24 hours after this debacle, despite the eventual victory of his candidate Scott Brown announced he will NOT be running in the Special election for US senate.

Facades of unity not withstanding, after a campaign where the national leader (Romney) and the state leader (Brown) spent their time running away from the tea party the actions of the party on Thursday were the last straw for activists. You can’t grow a party by throwing away your base. Whatever people might say publicly, until the party leadership convinces the Tea Party activists they will be treated in an above-board manner as valued members of the GOP, Robert Menendez will have a better chance of finishing his term in the US senate then the GOP will have of recruiting members let alone win a statewide election.

This herculean task can’t be tackled if the party is in denial. So in the interest of advancing the cause of Conservatism in general and the GOP in particular I’ve decided to illustrate the issue explicitly.


If the party wants me and people like me they’ll have to earn me. When the GOP can convince me that they are serious about growing the party, when they convince me they are serious about treating the tea party et/al as valued members as opposed to a source of temp labor and occasional funds. I’ll be happy to return to the Republican Party in as public a fashion as I’ve just left it.

It’s their call.

Update: video pulled from Youtube

Tomorrow on DaTechGuy on DaRadio we will have Da Chicks on the right join us in our 2nd hour to talk about their site, their work and the attempt to toss them on facebook.

In our first hour I will talk about the spectacle that was the election of the new Mass GOP chair an election conducted on so high a level that I suspect the fallout will continue for months.

Join us tomorrow Noon to 2 PM EST and give us a call at 888-9-FEDORA to put your two cents in.

To hear us tune into AM 1390 Plymouth, WBNW 1120 Concord or 970 WESO in Southbridge to find me on your dial, or simply pick up the feed from here the Money Matter Radio Network.

And remember you can find us on TuneIn as well

This week’s Under the Fedora at The Minority Report, The Conservative Commune, NACBU, Conservatively Speaking and Zilla of the Resistance touches Lee Stranahan’s coverage of the Steubenville rape case, outsourcing your own job and Nice Deb’s incredible story on a litmus test for US commanders under the President.  It’s titled “The Man” for Stan Musial who died a week ago today and whose funeral is being live streamed today at

Musial never dated movie stars, he wasn’t known for fights with the press, brawls in bars, or bad behavior of any time. He was married for 72 years to the same woman who died last May and was never known to mistreat anyone expect opposing pitchers whose offering he deposited all over the field or over the fence from 1940 till 1962.

Musial won 3 MVP and was runner up 4 times. Think of that a second, for one third of his career it was the consensus that he was the best or second best at what he did in the league.

That’s simply incredible.

Additionally my latest for the Examiner is on the GOP election for party chair: Two Roads for the GOP in Massachusetts:

In interviews after the event Hughes and Green talked about reaching out to the Tea Party, Liberty (Ron Paul) people and the unenrolled. My impression from people in the room suggests Tom Green strength is from the Tea Party while Hughes has support from party regulars.

But the real question to be answered is: What do the state committee people who are the only ones who have a vote in this election think? The answer to that question which will determine if the GOP rises again in Massachusetts…

…and that will make all the difference.

If there is one thing we need in the Massachusetts GOP it’s a new road.

So check out both the Examiner piece or Under the Fedora at any of the Five blogs that carry it every week.

Yesterday in Gardner at Williams Restaurant I attended the GOP party forum with two of the candidates for party chair Kristen Hughes and Rick Green in attendance

gop 1 007

A pretty good crowd turned up, snow not withstanding:

gop 1 008

I talked to some of Kirsten Hughes supporters just outside of the restaurant:

Then did a pan of the crowd:

The format was an opening statement by each candidate Rick Green

then Kirsten Hugues

Then came the Q & A with questions submitted in advance, the moderator was Former Ma3 candidate Jon Golnik. Continue reading “Gop Party Chair Forum Kirsten Hughes vs Rick Green”

On today’s show we have been talking about Scott Brown and his vote on the Ryan Plan.

As you may or may not know former congressman Peter Blute just left the Morning Drive Show on WCRN, his last show was this Friday.

During today’s show John Weston host of Conservatively Speaking was sitting in and got a call from a connection of his who repeated a rumor that John heard last night.

The tipster claimed that Peter Blute was leaning WCRN to start a primary campaign against Scott Brown.

We’ve tried to get ahold of Peter to get comment but his phone has been

I don’t know the truth to this or not but we will dig into it.

Update: After the show John talked to Peter and got a firm “No Comment!”

…if he is clever enough to understand it.

The league has been running some real bush league ads against Brown trying to imply that he is in favor of poisoning children.

Brown has answered the absurd charges at this site saying in part:

Regulations and government overreach were the real issues at stake with this vote – not dirty air or sick children. It’s shocking that a supposedly non-partisan group like the League of Women Voters has decided to engage in this political demagoguery.

To a guy like Brown, the attacks by the League of Women voters must have been a shock, but I think they have done him a huge favor for three reasons.

#1. Not in our League

By attacking Brown the League which is known for sponsoring debates has given Brown not only an excuse to decline any debate sponsored by the League but to reject any debate with a member of the League on the panel.

Consider: Right now Scott Brown is the single most popular politician in Massachusetts and the major names running against him. Any potential opponent will need exposure to be competitive. By giving him an out from any debate the league is involved in he decreases the potential exposure for any Democratic opponent.

#2 The enemy of our enemy syndrome

The League of women voters has always been a liberal organization, by attacking Brown they increase his credibility with conservative groups at a time when he might be worried about a challenge from the right.

#3 Light Dawns on Marble Head

The league’s actions clearly demonstrate the futility of courting the media and “mainstream” groups. It is a lesson he may not understand but he needs to learn asap. Senator Brown you’re a nice guy but get this through your head:

No matter how many votes you give them, no matter many words you say or do. LIBERAL NGO’S AND THE MSM ARE NOT GOING TO SUPPORT YOU IN 2012.

Once you get this through your head, the rest is easy.

Of these lessons the 3rd is the most important for Senator Brown to learn, will he be wise enough to do so. That is the $64,000 question.

More photos:

4:35 p.m. Unions are notoriously good at turning people out, we have to be the same.

4:23 p.m. GOPAC notes that you should know the geography, the people and the voters and stressing knowing who the biggest employers of the county are.

4:15 p.m. GOPAC now giving a presentation

3:45 p.m. The WCRN setup is all ready, we are broadcasting from the lobby.

3:15 p.m. I speak up and mention the tea party not trusting republicans from the 9/12 rally last year

3:10 p.m. a questioner asks about supporting candidates that “can’t win” This is a self defeating prophesy and should not be used.

2:30 p.m. “Don’t back down or apologize that gives your opponents an opening.”

2:23 p.m. At the “activist candidate support breakout, speaker Chip Faulkner talking aobut keeping it simple: “Keep the nickel donut”

And here are a pair of those rare creatures, Cambridge Republicans:


(Henry is still uploading)

the Brown folks were deployed and ready:

The Scott Brown Table

A new post with photos and videos from the Grass roots conference updates above

11:55 a.m. On voting for the person not the party

11:45 a.m. A video of a question on Unions:

11:39 a.m. During Q & A about running for low offices and going to high offices: “Invest in the office you are in so that the people will want to promote you to higher office.”

11:20 a.m. Next speaker: “Starting now if you are thinking of being elected you need to do one thing every day. Many times simply listening is enough let people know you are interested in what they say.” “That which unites us is greater than that which divides us.”

11:17 a.m Healey mentions he is a Yankee fan, that got a few moans (:c)

11:15 a.m. Chris Healey Conn GOP chairman on the economy: “We all know what the situation is. We all know people out of work.” “Do not let one democratic lie go unanswered.”

The running for office panel

11:10 a.m. The speakers make it a point that you have to get to know the people and knock on door after door, sounds like selling radio time.

The Crowd at the Running for office breakout session

11:00 a.m. Inside the running for office breakout session a great crowd in here.

The Twin City Tea Party folks with Mary Z

10:55 a.m. Lots of Fitchburg Gardner Leominster folks here

Mary Z and Frank in the hallway

10:50 a.m. Ran into Tom Wesley whose Radio show will be premiering tonight

Pulled in around 10:45 a.m. the parking lot is full.

Today we are doing the show live at the GOP Growing Grassroots 2011 conference in Milford Mass. I will be driving down this morning and updating during the day as time permits.

My latest for the Examiner talks a bit about local Massachusetts republicans re-arming:

the Gavel is passed to a new chairman

Although the working class group assembled last evening makes a mockery of that meme, the problem as Connaughton pointed out was proving that to the public. Her solution, more local involvement. She like the Twin City Tea Party Forum a week ago stressed Republicans need to get involved in politics on the local level bringing “the message of fiscal responsibility” that working class people both understand and support. It was by this method that “a farm team can be created” from which candidates known and trusted by the people could be drawn to win statewide.

The Fitchburg Republican Committee is one year old

Between this and my previous article on the Tea party forum the general consensus is that we have to start at the bottom in this state to change things.

It won’t be quick and it won’t be easy, but it won’t be boring.

I talked to Paul Caruccio on Saturday about his campaign:

For those who think the governor’s council is not important, consider they approve selections for the courts, and think about how much grief the country has gotten due to a single vote on the Massachusetts supreme court.

Oh and the reason why I don’t name the district is these districts don’t correspond to any others in the state, quite confusing.

11:52 p.m. predicted the big red wave

11:39 p.m. Talking the why’s of why people are angry.

11:22 p.m. Talking about local electoral action

11:14 p.m. John Weston has rejoined us.

11:12 p.m. Talking about Term limits some disagreement on this among the panel.

11:08 p.m. Bill Campbell (r) for Sec of State now on the air

10:55 p.m. Pension reform now his topic.

10:49 p.m. Grossman talks about making more information available to the voter if elected.

10:36 p.m. Steve Grossman candidate for State Treasurer now on the air,

10:34 We just plugged the alyssa_milano $1 challenge for LA children hospital on the air and mentioned Stacy McCain.
Sam likes the picture proving he has excellent eyesight!

10:32 p.m. Marty Lamb (r) ma-3 now on the air

10:24 p.m Sam hits it out of the park “Why are we democrats while in power not solving the problems?”

10:20 p.m. Talking about candidates accountable, asks about what is the biggest spin. Say Sheriff’s office has no power on immigration. Mentions that he has addressed Tea Party events

10:14 p.m. He talks about the choices of sitting on his stoop and not get involved or getting involved. He talks about his own 26 year pay-in to the pension.

10:08 p.m. Sam asked the question about Pensions and dipping, Foley talks about his long record in law enforcement.

9:58 p.m. Asked about the power of the Sheriff office, and the lesser power in Massachusetts. He answered that there is a lot of local power held outside the position. He doesn’t consider that a problem as running the prison and coordinating with State and local police is more important that just a question of power.

9:52 p.m. Talks about a good idea to have a law enforcement presence on the Gov Council.

9:49 p.m. The argument is concerning the advantage about keeping long term congressmen.

9:44 p.m. I have video of this candidate from a Twin City Tea Party meeting here

9:39 p.m. Tom Foley (d) now in candidate for Sheriff

9:37 p.m. Talking about if independent candidates have a chance to win

9:35 p.m. A lot more of the lets play nice stuff, I don’t subscribe to that myself, politics should be played hard but honest

9:33 p.m. Carolyn Kamuda (u) one of 4 candidates for this office, State Rep, 1 Dem 1 Rep, 1 Ind 1 Unenrolled (Carolyn)

9:31 p.m. Now defending the bailouts and the president, that won’t earn many votes in Fitchburg/Leominster but then again its a local race

9:29 p.m. Ford declares he doesn’t vote the straight party ticket, voted for Weld and Paul Cellucci

9:21 p.m. Talks about changing the rules so they are not required to meet only in Boston, have the hearing in the jurisdiction where the appointee will serve

9:16 p.m. Talking a bit about voter anger

9:15 p.m. Fran giving some background on himself.

9:10 p.m. Fran Ford (d) candidate for Gov Council now on the air

9:00 p.m. staying for the Rosen and Rosario show

8:55 p.m. Tom talks about the outsourcing attacks

8:51 p.m. Neil remains on the attack

8:49 p.m. Apparently Congressman Neil ducked a Thursday Debate , but did show up for Friday but couldn’t talk to each other.

8:47 p.m. Tom Wesley now on

8:45 p.m. “I’d like to see judges who believe illegal immigration is illegal” Paul Caruccio

8:31 p.m Paul Caruccio running for Governor’s council now on the air

8:17 p.m. We are so loaded with great guests tonight!

8:12 p.m. Jim Henderson on now, Tom Wesley (r) ma-2 is in the studio

8:05 p.m. Interviewed Paul Caruccio during the break candidate for Gov council 6th district

7:59 p.m. Soon to come on the air Jim Henderson (I) candidate for Sec of State likely after the top of the hour

7:58 p.m. Sean stayed till the top of the hour

7:51 p.m Talking about cuts and asking about Cap and Trade

7:44 p.m. Sean Bielat stays through the break. Asked him about the info in this post by Stacy concerning the net loss for Mass.

7:35 p.m. Talking about the danger of cap and trade and the uncertainties of costs

7:28 p.m. Sean Bielat about to go on the air

7:24 p.m. Talking about business climate and why run?

7:12 p.m. First guest Peter Durant (r) running for 6th Worcester

7:10 p.m. Quoting Hughey Woodring you can find my interview with him here

7:05 p.m. Opening speech from Mike about the conservative candidates and supporting them

The town Hall in Leominster Mass was packed yesterday and both Bill Gunn and Neal Heeren took an awful lot of questions from the audience:

On Term Limits:

on town hall meetings:

On How he can make a difference:

Continue reading “Bill Gunn and Neal Heeren answer questions in Leominster”

My latest examiner article actually went up a few days ago but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to promote it. The article talks about the difference between what my arch enemy friend Chris Lackey and what other people see:

Chris, whose critique didn’t touch much on speakers like Bill Campbell (r), was very unlucky, as a committed atheist he picked the only week that any presentation remotely touched on religion, If he had been covering other tea party events he perhaps would have understood the heart of the tea party, best exemplified by people like Kristine Abrams who is running for state rep on the Republican Ticket in the 11th Plymouth district.

Kristine is not a politician, she is a regular person who got sick and tired of what was going and an instead of deciding that there was nothing she could do; decided to do something herself. She had campaigned in her district with a message of fiscal responsibility and is making a difference by challenging the one party status quo in this state.

Remember that .0075 per hit is the only revenue I’m making other than the odd tech support job. So click on it and read this and my other examiner articles here.

There was a very good rebuttal at the Sentinel & Enterprise a few days ago:

No, what is clearly evident is that people who share Mr. Lackey’s views are terrified that their humanist/statist hold on government policy is being threatened. However, the philosophy of the tea party in the Twin Cities is nothing to fear. It is a view of smaller government, more local control, peaceful protest, and an inclusive environment where anyone is welcome. To accuse the Twin Cities Tea Party of being intolerant or rude is completely ridiculous and a terrible slight to the group of individuals who take the time out of their busy lives to make it possible for us to have our forum.

My own rebuttal didn’t make the papers I’ll throw it up later.

Gerry Dembrowski’s story is a very sad one as he is lost his wife during this campaign:

The idea that a person like Ed Markey who has been a real enabler for a lot of the nonsense we are dealing with is considered safe is disgraceful. Dembrowski’s presentation about who is to blame has an awful lot of truth to it, with one exception, we do bear some responsibility as we elected these people over and over again.

It’s our own fault we are in this mess, but by electing people like Gerry we can solve it.

Bill Hudak is looking to win the 6th district republican primary on the 14th. This is his presentation at the Reading Tea party on Sept 7th:

Hudak is an excellent speaker who did something that instantly made me like him. He started to run MONTHS before Scott Brown was elected and way before anyone thought the democrats were in trouble.

Rush Limbaugh said that the pioneers take the arrows. Hudak has gotten an awful lot of flack from the MSM and if he wins the nomination he will get even more (of course EVERY GOP candidate will) but Hudak seems to get their special ire as he was willing to stand out when nobody else was. I was also pleased with the answer to my question concerning helping the State GOP if he won, he said: Win or lose I will be helping the GOP locally.

Media attacks not withstanding I think Mr. Hudak will be a valuable asset to the Republican party in general and the conservative movement in particular for years to come.

One of the speakers at the Reading Tea Party last night was Rob McCarthy who is hoping to win the nomination to face John Tierney in the 6th district.

The light was REALLY horrible in the room and all of my videos taken there have a red Tint that I don’t have time to edit out.

McCarthy is an inactive Marine (there is no such thing as an Ex-Marine) who currently practices law in Saugus. He has been active in local politics for a while, favors the repeal of ASAP of Obamacare), believes we can drop the costs of Insurance by allowing sales across state lines. He committed himself to helping GOP candidates statewide if he won as well. On Illegal Immigration he nailed it by saying:

“We have every right to expect people to enter this country legally & respect our law”.

That sums it up pretty well.

Vincent is the man in charge of the Plymouth County GOP straw Poll and we get his perspective at the end of the event.

This was a very successful event, if we keep up the good work success will be a regular experience for the GOP in Mass.

Just before 10 p.m. after the Plymouth County GOP Straw Poll I went next door to Bella’s restaurant for a bite and in the Bar next to Corey Welch & his party all of whom joined the Axis of Fedora:

You might be asking. Pete, what’s with the grainy film? I owe Cory an apology, it was very late and I was very tired so I didn’t think to relocate to a spot with better lighting but then again the entire restaurant was very dark. It was the best tweak I could manage with Movie Maker to make him more visible

Corey Welch joins the Axis of Fedora

However I have an excellent still of him joining the Axis of Fedora, in fact his entire party joined the axis that now perhaps reaches into the Palin home. (Alas no.)

I actually had already uploaded the original and a black and white version until I settled on this as the best and deleted the other two from youtube.

I talked to Candidate for Auditor Kamal Jain about his campaign and vision for the office:

Q: How has your campaign been received.

A: People love my message. They get the idea of using technology to create transparency it appeals to them.

Q: Why the appeal?

A: They appreciate that I respect their intelligence. Government might write bigger checks and buy other things but if you can balance your checkbook and unit price shop you have the basics at looking at government spending

Q: How do you think Government went wrong?

A: Government got larger and less local, as it became a profession it meant that we lost the ability to see what is going on.

Q: And how is this solved?

A: The internet is more of a game changer than the printing press. By using the internet as a vehicle to make a new relationship with the people. The idea is to allow the people to audit government themselves.

Q: So big government is the problem?

A It is easy to forget that there are hardworking people in government but you also have to remember that Government by nature is not efficient. It consists of people spending money that isn’t theirs on a different group of people. With 537 agencies each functioning as fiefdom protecting themselves you need a more objective eye to see what is happening.

Q: Surely this information is already public?

A: True but its release is not only slow but expensive if you try to obtain it. That is government trying to protect itself, but 13 states already have public checkbooks. There is a massive appetite for this.

Q: I first saw you at the twin city tea party, how long have you been involved in the movement?

A: I’ve been involved in the tea party movement since 2007 long before it became a national phenom. In 2008 when people were saying “Yes we can” we were asking “Yes we can what? I would serve no more than 2 terms, accept no pension and take a 10% cut in pay if elected. I’ve also been endorsed by Tea Party Favorite Ron Paul.

Here is a quick video of him at the twin city tea party in March:

I absolutely love Kristine’s story:

The truth is there is nothing you can do until you decide to do it. Kristine is the perfect expression of the change in this country, people deciding to get involved. She got involved. Plymouth county and the PCRSP should be pleased to have her. I don’t know if she is involved in the tea parties but she is a perfect expression of them.

Barry gives us his take on the PCGSP

Enthusiasm is the right word for what is going on. One can’t talk about the republican resurgence without using the name Scott Brown and credit is given where due.

Geoff Diehl joins the list of candidates who spoke to me at the Plymouth county GOP straw poll

His story of someone who never considered office before running is one I’ve heard a lot this year.