On Monday I covered the Twin City Tea Party Candidates night. One of the candidates I covered was former state rep Rich Bastien who is running to regain the Worcester 2nd Seat he lost in 2012.

Before his speech I spoke to him about the oddity of an election where you can directly compare the records of two state reps.

You can find out more about Rich Bastien’s campaign here.

Not long ago when NY decided to impose one of the stiffest Gun Laws in the nation upon it’s people Texas Decided to say to New Yorkers to come on down.

Now Governor Patrick of Massachusetts has decided to run his own ad for the Lone Star State in the form of his budget:

Gov. Deval Patrick has asked for $1.9 billion in new and increased taxes, and on Wednesday he reportedly advanced a plan that would expand the state’s budget by $2.6 billion – an 8.1 percent increase that would bring state spending to $34.8 billion.

This includes tax increases on soda, candy & gas, along with increased fees.

He is also talking about eliminating several tax deductions, counting on people in a bad economy willing to be played for suckers gamble their money away and in the one sop in a pile of manure he proposes dropping the sales tax (from 6.25). The once sensible move in the entire stack.

Hey we re-elected this government and we deserve what we get but I’d think the Governor might allow Texas and other states to produce their own ads rather than creating a ready-made one for them with this budget.

Before the Governor’s budget a fellow on Twitter gave me this advice.

even with this new budget I’m unlikely to leave, but I have two sons in college and I can’t see either one staying, meaning unless I follow them Chris Christie’s prediction about airplane grandparents will come true.

and I suspect I won’t be alone.

that tells you that no matter what Morning Joe and MSNBC says, this thing is toxic.

All it took was one ad.

and she went running

Elizabeth Warren responds to Occupy comments: MyFoxBOSTON.com

Gee I wonder if backing an accused Al Qaeda terrorist in Boston has something to do with it?

Strangely enough Morning Joe that is obsessed with Former Obama Administration Official Elizabeth Warren AND the Occupy Everywhere protest didn’t lead with this today. I wonder why?

If anyone things that Fox interview means she will not have to answer that question again and again next year, think again.