trump-for-america-bw-and-colorBy John Ruberry

I haven’t read all of the thousands of John Podesta emails hacked by Wikileaks–has anyone yet?–but what I have read they betray a Democratic Party obsessed with two things: Money and power.

Liberal writer Thomas Frank, in his second great (gasp!) Guardian column in less than a week, accurately portrays the modern Democratic Party:

Let us start with the Democrats. Were you to draw a Venn diagram of the three groups whose interaction defines the modern-day Democratic party – liberals, meritocrats and plutocrats – the space where they intersect would be an island seven miles off the coast of Massachusetts called Martha’s Vineyard.

I’m going to drive the point home by reminding you that John F. Kennedy Jr, who was a liberal, meritocrat, and a plutocrat, was flying to Martha’s Vineyard to attend a cousin’s wedding when the airplane he was piloting crashed into the Atlantic. The Vineyard is Barack Obama’s favorite vacation spot–he’s been there seven times while president. Martha’s Vineyard the playground of the Democrat elitists. Bill and Hillary Clinton have vacationed there several times. In August her campaign held a $100,000-per-couple fundraiser on the island, just days after a devastating flood struck Louisiana.

In those Podesta emails, I haven’t so far found any mention of blacks, unless it’s about the black vote, the group that Democrats claim to champion more than anyone. But other than voting en masse for the Democrats and celebrity campaign appearances by people like Jay-Z, African-Americans otherwise aren’t much use for the Democrats.

Blue collar workers, a section of the electoral pie that has been shrinking for decades, appear to be missing from the Podesta emails too. They are also absent from Martha’s Vineyard, from what I hear, unless they are modern George Wilsons from The Great Gatsby, dutifully repairing plutocrats’ Teslas. The working class, once the biggest chunk of the FDR coalition, is heading towards the Republican Party. Perhaps a majority of them are inside the GOP tent already. And you won’t find what Michael Moore calls “the forgotten working stiff” on any vacation, because the leftist flamethrower pointed out last month his stiff hasn’t “had a real vacation in years.”

Some blacks besides the First Family “holiday” on the Vineyard, but in a 2009 article in New York magazine, Touré dismissed them as African-Americans who are “the only ones,” such as the only black in the room, neighborhood, or workplace.

“No man is an island entire of itself,” John Donne wrote nearly 400 years ago, “every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” Unless of course you are a member of the Democrat elite. An island accessible only by boats and airplanes is a fitting hangout for them.

Which leaves “the leftover people” for the Republicans. Sure, the elitists will blame the decline in unionization of the blue collar work force as why the leftovers have fallen behind.


Also discovered in Podesta’s WikiLeaks cache was an email from Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who advised the Clinton campaign to choose a city outside of Washington for its headquarters because they would be better positioned to hire “low paid permanent employees.” And just what wage does Schmidt view as low paid? Is it less than the $15 minimum wage that Democrats call for?

John "Lee" Ruberry of the Magnificent Seven
John “Lee” Ruberry of the Magnificent Seven

Oh, if Schmidt really believes every verse in the Democratic mantra, then why isn’t Google unionized?

So, no, the Democratic Party isn’t the champion of “the little guy” anymore, just as Martha’s Vineyard isn’t a vacation destination for blacks living in Boston’s impoverished Dorchester neighborhood. Ironically it’s a billionaire from Manhattan who, at least this autumn, has made “the little guy” feel at home within the Republican Party.

John Ruberry, whose closest brush with Martha’s Vineyard has been South Boston, regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

There has been a lot of justified shock at the tax the Uber to pay the Taxi’s law in Massachusetts:

This is … words fail. No, literally. I have just spent 20 minutes staring at my screen, trying to come up with something to say other than the blindingly obvious: This is a shamelessly unjustifiable giveaway to a special interest, paid for by taxing a competitor that’s eating their lunch. If our 19th-century forbears had tried to run the economy this way, I would be writing out this column longhand, by the light of a whale-oil lamp.

Reason was not happy, not happy at all

The state’s “MassDevelopment” agency—a crony-corporatist sinkhole of misappropriated funds, if ever there was one—will be responsible for figuring out how to spend the money to best help the taxi industry. One idea is to help taxis “adopt new technologies,” which probably means using an app to hail a cab. So Massachusetts is robbing Peter to pay Paul so that Paul can learn how to do the thing Peter already does.

Ride-sharing services have little choice but to accept the fee: indeed, they practically have to thank the government for going easy on them. The new law is apparently some sort of compromise—taxi lobbyists wanted Uber banned outright.

We can all speculate why GOP governor Baker signed this into law (I presume that as Democrats could override any veto easily he went along to get along) but amidst all the online outrage was a paragraph from Megan McArdle’s piece worth a 2nd look

Now, to be sure, a fee of 20 cents is probably not going to put Uber and Lyft out of business. On the other hand, such fees have a way of metastasizing over time. They start out as a tiny fee that no one could possibly object to, and then, when no one’s looking, they’re raised a little bit. And then a little bit more. And then you eventually find they’re hefty enough to make the new service expensive and inefficient — as expensive and inefficient as the old service that it replaced.

In other words it’s designed to slowly kill Uber by bleeding their profits.

It’s a cunning plan except it’s based on a fallacy that can be expressed in two words:

What profits?

The ride-hailing giant Uber Technologies Inc. is not a public company, but every three months, dozens of shareholders get on a conference call to hear the latest details on its business performance from its head of finance, Gautam Gupta.
On Friday, Gupta told investors that Uber’s losses mounted in the second quarter. Even in the U.S., where Uber had turned a profit during its first quarter, the company was once again losing money.

In the first quarter of this year, Uber lost about $520 million before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, according to people familiar with the matter. In the second quarter the losses significantly exceeded $750 million, including a roughly $100 million shortfall in the U.S., those people said. That means Uber’s losses in the first half of 2016 totaled at least $1.27 billion.

$100 million in US losses? over $750 million worldwide on a service designed to have basically administrative & labor costs? Cripes who’s in charge of this company Tina Brown?

Subsidies for Uber’s drivers are responsible for the majority of the company’s losses globally, Gupta told investors, according to people familiar with the matter. An Uber spokesman declined to comment.

Or to put it another way, at the price point Uber charges for rides apparently it is not possible to attract drivers willing to drive therefore it’s necessary to “subsidize” said drivers to keep the service going.

Moreover these losses aren’t all that new:

Uber’s losses and revenue have generally grown in lockstep as the company’s global ambitions have expanded. Uber has lost money quarter after quarter. In 2015, Uber lost at least $2 billion before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. Uber, which is seven years old, has lost at least $4 billion in the history of the company.
It’s hard to find much of a precedent for Uber’s losses. Webvan and—two now-defunct phantoms of the original dot-com boom—lost just over $1 billion combined in their short lifetimes. Inc. is famous for losing money while increasing its market value, but its biggest loss ever totaled $1.4 billion in 2000. Uber exceeded that number in 2015 and is on pace to do it again this year.

Maybe it’s just me but If you’re competing with a company that’s losing this much money on a service designed to have minimal overhead that runs off an app then you aren’t going to need taxes and regulation to make it go away.

But I guess the Taxi Lobby figured they might as well get their share while there’s still a share to get.

A determined little group met at the Massachusetts State House this week with a simple message to legislators: move the portrait of 19th-century Know-Nothing governor Henry Gardner away from its place of honor outside legislative chambers to someplace more appropriate. The basement, maybe.

Former ambassador and Boston mayor Ray Flynn led a roster of speakers at the Pioneer Institute event promoting educational choice for Massachusetts students, including students from economically disadvantaged families. “Move this Portrait: The Know-Nothing’s Governor and Barriers to School Choice” was about more than moving a Know-Nothing’s portrait. It was about repealing the anti-aid measure, also known as the Blaine Amendment, that was added to the state constitution by anti-Catholic, anti-immigrant legislators in the 19th century.

Flynn reminded his listeners of something that Abraham Lincoln said in 1855, when the Know-Nothing party’s brief ascendancy was leaving its legacy. “When the Know-Nothings get control, the Declaration of Independence will read ‘all men are created equal – except Negroes, foreigners, and Catholics.” Flynn urged a repudiation of the Know-Nothing’s legacy, represented by Governor Gardner’s portrait. He knows this calls for united action by determined Massachusetts residents. “If you can’t effectively articulate a point of view, injustice prevails. Determined people can change just about anything.”

Gerard Robinson of the American Enterprise Institute asked a good question, a bit tongue-in-cheek, but thought-provoking. “When did it become unpopular with liberals to give poor people money?” Of course if disadvantaged families are paying taxes, it’s their own money. Their sacrifices to send their kids to non-public schools amount to double taxation.

One step at a time, urged the event’s six speakers. Vouchers, education tax credits, education savings accounts: all are measures that would assist poor families, and each one would be a step in the right direction.

Jason Bedrick, one of the event’s speakers, pointed out that the anti-aid amendment was passed in the days when public schools were effectively non-denominational Protestant. It was designed to prevent public money from going to support of Catholic schools, which at the time were depended upon by many immigrant families. Times have changed, but the anti-aid amendment has not. It’s time to change that, said Bedrick, and he pointed out the “tolerance and respect” he enjoyed as a Jewish man who attended Catholic schools. “School choice fosters cooperation and respects minorities, and fosters students more likely to extend political tolerance to people with whom they disagree.”

Take that, Governor Gardner.

Ellen Kolb writes about the life issues at When she's not writing, she's hiking in New Hampshire.
Ellen Kolb writes about the life issues at Leaven for the Loaf. When she’s not writing, she’s hiking in New Hampshire.

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A few days ago when writing about Charlie Baker’s attempts to eliminate conservatives from the Massachusetts Republican Committee and noted that his mailer on the GOP state committee didn’t mention the special election for State Rep on the same day where the GOP has a chance to pick up a seat with a strong pro-life republican Dean Tran facing Planned Parenthood supported Steven Hay.

Tonight I got the following email

Hi Members and Friends,
I know that many of you do not go on facebook, so I am sharing this information on this message.
Governor Charlie Baker will be in Fitchburg at 2:00pm at Destare, 320 Main Street this coming Saturday, February 27 to spearhead a rally for Dean Tran for State Representative.  This is one of the Fitchburg events that Charlie will be involved in with Dean Tran.  They will tour Fitchburg, visit Dean’s campaign headquarters and go to Destare for an enthusiastic rally in support of Dean.
I will keep you posted as I hear additional information and changes in the event.
Hope to see many friends on Saturday!!

As you might guess I’m very pleased to see this and it suggests that moves in the state committee notwithstanding he is willing to spend political capital to try to elect Republicans statewide, even social conservatives, after all the Governor of a state is a defacto leader of all the members of his party no matter where in that party a member is.

It’s of course going to take more than one special election to remove the veto proof majority in either house of the Massachusetts General Court but one must begin at the beginning and if we see these trips repeated in November than Charlie Baker will have done more for conservatism in Massachusetts than any governor in the state for generations.

At the very least it suggest that while he might have supported Chris Christie for president he isn’t going to repeat his mistakes as governor.

In my hometown paper there is a story about a crooked former democrat speaker of the house.

Sal DiMasi (remember him?) — a former speaker of the Massachusetts House, who is serving time in a North Carolina federal prison after being convicted of accepting some $65,000 in payoffs to facilitate approval of a state computer contract.

I really should have specified DeMasi, after all “crooked former Democrat speaker of the house in Massachusetts” is a description that a whole lot of people fill.

The writer Peter Lukas notes that Mr. DiMasi is in rough physical shape is very old and full of cancer. He’d really like to move to a jail closer to home, Governor Baker has no problem with it however as a federal prisoner it’s not his say, so he needs friends close to the White House perhaps the Gay community

While the gay community once honored DiMasi, it has since abandoned him.

For instance, the gay community spent an enormous amount of time, money and energy seeking a taxpayer-funded sex change for Massachusetts prison inmate Michelle Kosilek. All Kosilek ever did was savagely murder his wife when he was a man named Robert.

DiMasi paved the way for the legalizing same-sex marriage, which was a step toward the transgender movement, but the gay community has done nothing for DiMasi in return.

or maybe an ex governor close to the president:

Patrick was asked one time if he would intervene with his friend, President Barack Obama, to show compassion to DiMasi. Patrick bristled at the question and said, “I’m not going to get involved in that at all.”

“How come?”

“Because it is not my jurisdiction, and I have plenty of other things to do.”

Given that this corrupt pol bears responsibility for bringing Romneycare and Gay Marriage to Massachusetts and all the evil that has come from both nationwide even as a Christian I have a hard time feeling sorry for him, however it’s not folks like me that Peter Lucas is outraged over. He’s wondering why all those people who celebrated all of these things are not willing to lift a finder to make it a little easier for his family to visit and allow him to die a little closer to home.

The answer is really easy.

Historically our friends on the left have always used useful idiots providing financial and political aid to them in order to advance a common cause. Historically as soon as their usefulness ends so does their financial and political support. The same thing has happened here. Sal DiMasi has suffered the same fate that useful idiots have for over a century.

He simply isn’t useful anymore.


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While everyone is busy commenting on Boston’s now aborted bid to host the olympics a group of activists from SIM (the student immigration movement) are quietly trying to push a different agenda:

For the first time in years, our in-state tuition bill has a shot at being reported favorably out of committee. Thanks to the more than 150 people like you who came out to our hearing on July 15, the Joint Committee on Higher Education got a loud and clear message: The state of Massachusetts wants education equity now.

Ah “Education Equality” a phrase our activist friends define as such: If you are a person in Framingham in violation of federal law, you should be given preference in tuition over a person who was born in Nashua who is not in violation of federal law.

As for his suggestion that Massachusetts wants his version of “education equality” Now, let me point out some inconvenient facts:

The Massachusetts State Senate has 40 seats, Democrats hold 34 of them that’s 85% of the total. Democrats have controlled the Senate for 56 years and have held a supermajority for decades.

The Massachusetts House of Representatives has 160 seats, Democrats hold 125 of them 78% of the total. Democrats have controlled the house for 60 years and have held a supermajority for decades.

From from 2007 until Governor Baker was sworn this January Democrat Deval Patrick was in the governor’s seat.

I don’t know what that tells anybody else but do you know what it tells me?

It’s tells me that if there is one thing that Massachusetts DOESN’T want, it’s the Student Immigration Movement’s version of “education equality” because if it did the Democrats with their veto proof majorities would have passed it long ago.  The fact they haven’t been able to do it speaks volumes.


Here is the complete text of the email they’re blasting:

July 27, 2015


For the first time in years, our in-state tuition bill has a shot at being reported favorably out of committee. Thanks to the more than 150 people like you who came out to our hearing on July 15, the Joint Committee on Higher Education got a loud and clear message: The state of Massachusetts wants education equity now.

But before our state legislators go into recess in August, we need your help with a couple of more things.

Thing 1

Take two minutes to tell Governor Charlie Baker that he should sign our Education Equity legislation if it gets to his desk. Undocumented students are meeting with him this week, but he needs to hear from as many people as possible.

Use this calling tool to make the call and let us know how it went!


Thing 2

Tell your state representative and senator that this legislation is important to you.

You can use our calling tool to call the governor, your representative and senator and let us know how it went!

:Thank you for your help. Every call and voice is important.


Until we win,

Carlos Rojas Álvarez, Campaign Coordinator

Two more things:

1.  The SIM people are urging their supporters to call the governors office and state reps to try to push this bill forward. I’d suggest if you are an opponent of illegal immigration you make this call instead and let them know what actual citizen voters think.

2.  Until we win means that they are going to keep coming and keep coming.  You can’t beat these guys once, you have to beat them every single moment of every single day.

Act accordingly.


When I’m not posting here I”m still writing at  Here are two pieces that went up recently:

The first is on Student Debt:

The cost trend is the same and the number of students with debt continues to rise, particularly since the 2008 election. suggests the income-to-debt ratio for buying a house should be no more than 28 percent of your annual income.  How long will it take college students to manage to afford their first house when the average student debt out of college is equal to 50 percent of per capita income?

That’s the iceberg that our national ship is steaming toward. But if your children have not yet reached college age, there are things that can be done.

I have three suggestions to avoid this bomb as a parent but you’ll have to click here to read them.

Meanwhile states are having trouble retaining tech workers:

“Young people always go for the money,” Sowerbutts said. “It happens in the private sector, even in the private sector they tend to stay a few years and go because the driving force is money.  Just not doable.”

There is a reason why engineering is such a good college major to choose.

And money is not the only reason why the young do not find state employment attractive. I spoke to a retired state manager who worked in Massachusetts.

He talked about systems still running Windows 2000 in the second decade of the 21st century, he mentioned patronage hires in management positions who were promoted based on family and political connections, and he mentioned there were people who have different priorities

Both however had a solution to the problem, but again to read it you’ll have to go here.




There was a time in history where being literate was so rare that if you could read and write * do math you could practically write your own ticket. Kings and princes would want you, the rich would want you, the church would want you. It was like being a first class coder. The sky was the limit

This comes to mind when I think of the new push to legalize pot for the over 21 crowd in Massachusetts, the The Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act of 2016.

House Bill 1561, the Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act of 2016, was introduced on Beacon Hill Tuesday, sponsored by Rep. David Rogers (D-Belmont), Sen. Pat Jehlen (D-Somerville) and a bipartisan group 13 co-sponsors. The bill was filed in January as House Docket 3436, and has now been formally introduced to the legislature for the 2015-16 session.

Now you might think that most people who, like me , have not used pot & whose kids have not, (I’ve been as thorough as only a Sicilian can to confirm this) would reflexively oppose this law for the good of society because the social and medical costs will far outweigh any short-term tax advantage.

All of this is true and more but there is a selfish reason for a guy like me to support it.

What does a society create when there is a large population of dope heads in it? A demand for people who are not.

Business will want people who are not high doing their books, running their forklifts, doing their inventories, managing their businesses. Banks will want managers, general managers and tellers who are not users, and use skyrockets among teens and below (and lets not pretend it will not) people who are not druggies will be the first in line for any type of entry-level position that leads to management.

Old fogies like me, if we find the need to go back into the work force will find that our ability to reason & our cultural upbringing will trump our age medical issues. Forty somethings will find the management is less pressure from below as those above need a solid mind in place and managers & recruiters who need people to be responsible will quickly weed out those who spend too much time putting weed in.

And when it comes to summer jobs, what a difference there will be. While they might get laughed at in the schoolyard they will have money in their pocket as prospective employers search for those with a clear head.

Now legalization of pot is a really stupid idea and those who take advantage of it will be shocked at its price (wait till you see your increased auto insurance, homeowners and life insurance bills once you are identified as a user) but if they want to vote to put people like me & mine on the fast track to success who am I to say no?



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If you are a conservative in Massachusetts there isn’t a lot to cheer about this morning.

Yes Charlie Baker has won the corner office which means that Big Government in Massachusetts will be run by an honest man who is a competent manager, that’s an improvement.

However he had all the coattails of a streaker at a football game which isn’t the way to build a party, of course considering how little we heard of other GOP candidates one might conclude the state party’s concern was winning all the patronage of the appointed positions by the governor without electing any of those icky conservatives to office who might rock the boat.

There were two bright spots in the evening.

Ballot Question 2 which would have expanded the bottle bill went down to a crushing defeat, while ballot Question #1 passed 53-47 removing the onerous Gas tax linked to inflation allowing taxes to go up without a vote (A hearty well done to all involved particularly Marty Lamb there).

It is that result, combined with Democrats sweep at the state house and the left’s victory on Question 4 which mandates businesses provide earned sick leave for employers that really explains the mindset of voter in Massachusetts. It’s about what is in front of their faces & nothing else.

If Question two, the bottle bill expansion passed every person would have to pay that extra nickel (to start) whenever they purchased a non carbonated drink and to get that nickel back they would have to carry that bottle to a redemption center. It would affect people across party and class and racial lines which is why it lost by almost a million votes out of 2.1 million cast. 73-27%

Question one had even more dire consequences, a Gas tax linked to inflation would mean a regular tax increase every year forever. Every person & company who drives a car or truck and pays for gas was would be affected. Because there are a large amount of people who don’t drive and therefore didn’t see the effect on them (in the form of increased prices for good) the margin was smaller but enough of the general population still fills their tank weekly to allow the question to pass by 53-47% the margin being just under 120,000 votes.

But Question 4 Sick Pay law that passed by 18 points (59-41) was another story. Most voters didn’t understand what it means to supermarkets like Market Basket Restaurants like Singapore and even pizzeria’s like Espresso’s in fact all you might see if you are a bagger, a busboy or a pizza driver all you know is you’ve just got an hour of paid sicktime for every 30 hours you work up to a maximum of one paid 40 hour “sick” week a year. That’s likely why it passed by almost 400,000 votes.

Even when the supermarket inch up their prices the Restaurant cuts your hours and the pizza place decides not to hire the votes won’t make the connection that the cost of that effective 2-3% pay raise that you forced them to give is going to have to come from somewhere.

That disconnect from reality is why the same “highly educated” voters who repealed the onerous Gas tax can re-elect almost every single state senator and representative who voted to impose it upon them without batting an eyelash.

The folks at the statehouse will learn from that result and be smarter next time. They’ll make small gradual changes, and reach into your wallet more subtlety, not stealing over their weight or attracting attention.

They know if they do they’ll be all right, the votes who might notice and the business that employ them moved out of Massachusetts a very long time ago.

I’ll give Governor Baker a chance, but if he doesn’t attempt to build the party on the local or state level my advice to young people of talent when it comes to Massachusetts will remain the same.

Get out while there still isn’t an exit tax to do so.

The latest in a series of regular posts containing stories that should surprise nobody who is actually paying attention.

This entry is concerning a source of frustration for a Massachusetts parent highlighted by the web site Fix This Nation.

For years, liberals have done everything in their power to make sure Christianity is kept out of the public school system. In this, they’ve largely been successful, erasing school prayer, condemning student Bible readings, and even crushing private clubs that hold meetings on school property.

After all we wouldn’t want exposure to Christianity, a religion that was intimately involved in the building and development of this country to be mentioned in a public school as it might offend the delicate sensibilities of non-Christians.

But when it comes to Islam, they’re predictably less concerned about appearances.

Apparently those worried about non-Christians getting the vapors over a hint of the cross believe Christians are made of sterner stuff

At least one parent in Revere, Massachusetts is concerned about how his son’s history book teaches about Islam. Anthony Giannino told a local news outlet that, “No religion should be taught in school. It says Allah is their only God. That’s insulting to me as a Christian who believes in just Jesus only.”

While the textbook in question stops short of endorsing Islam, it portrays the religion in an overly-celebratory context that might run at odds with how many view it in light of recent events. It reprints the Muslim Call to Prayer in full, which includes such statements as “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah.” It also includes a rather biased overview of Muhammad’s life. “Muhammad never expected to change the world,” the book tells us. “He had a strong sense of right and wrong.”

The lack of a formal endorsement of Islam was almost enough to disqualify this story from the #UNEXPECTEDLY series but given Massachusetts status as the father or gay marriage that might be a bridge too far even for us.

More here.

I must confess even two days later I’m still angry about Governor Patrick’s press conference concerning dealing with making facilities available in the state for the influx of children crossing illegally that the administration is dealing with.

You might have missed this story with so much news out there lately.  I talked about this yesterday on DaTechGuy on DaRadio but if you didn’t catch my rather angry harangue, I found myself very upset at Governor Patrick’s press conference for several reasons, but two of them are primarily religious.

First of all I was upset at the hypocrisy. Governor Patrick made a great fuss about saying how his religion requires his to feed the hungry and take care of the poor and bluntly said that at the end of his life he will be called to account for our actions.

I find this odd but the same Christianity that he claims requires him to help the poor and the wanderer (which it does) also condemns Sodomy as a sin and yet his administration has not only promoted it in schools but has condemned those who would object to it and not embrace it as right.

That same Christianity tells him not to kill the innocent but he has steadfastly supported abortion and has been a great friend to planned parenthood.

Funny how his Christianity compels him to obey some rules and not others.

But what really jars my gears was the sight of Cardinal O’Malley at the podium behind him.

Now I of course do not object to Cardinal O’Malley offering to help in this crisis as I’ve already written while it’s the government’s function to enforce our laws and protect our borders the Christian duty to our fellow-man is independent of this. Given the chance to feed the hungry, clothe the naked o shelter the homeless the Church is compelled to be of service in this regard, even if it is an unpopular thing to do and the Cardinal is correct in offering the aid of the Catholic church in this crisis.

Yet he could have done this without providing the Governor whose administration has declared the Catholic Church unfit to provide adoption services in Massachusetts a visual for his news conference.

That same governor who was so happy to have the Cardinal lend him his moral authority has forced the church to abandon adoptions unless they are willing to commit mortal sin by placing children for adoption with gay couples.

Mind you the church was expert at placing the toughest to place kids as it had been doing adoptions long before the state did but that didn’t matter to Deval Patrick, the LGBT lobby spoke and he obeyed.

The Irony is not lost on me, and the question should be asked of the Governor:  How is it that the Church is unworthy to place children for adoption in the state of Massachusetts but is completely worthy to take care of illegal immigrant children at the request of the state?

The answer of course is that one serves the political purposes of both the Patrick & Obama administration and the other does not.

Knowing this and further knowing that Gov Patrick also vehemently opposes the protections for the church in terms of conscience objections under obamacare I find it obscene that this Governor would use a prince of the Church as a prop in a photo-op.

I further object to Cardinal O’Malley allowing himself to be so used. There is no reason why he could have expressed his support in writing or even sent a parish priest to express the church’s support for this measure.

Frankly I don’t expect better from this governor who spends plenty of time putting a false face on things but I expect better from a Cardinal familiar with Christ’s admonition in Matthew Chapter 10 verse 16 when he sent his disciples out:

“Behold, I am sending you like sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and simple as doves.”

Because when you do this Cardinal you are acting less like a prince of the Church and a teacher of its people than as  an abused spouse standing by the man who beats and berates her in the hope of gaining his approval.

Closing thought, every person who applauded the governor at the end of his press conference when he said this decision was not political, is either a liar or an idiot or both..  If this was not a political move it could have been done without the photo-op, to suggest otherwise insults my intelligence.

Yesterday at Instapundit Glenn linked to a Boston Herald Story concerning Massachusetts Sheriff’s complaining about illegals being flown into the state to be housed.

After weeks of denying an increase in flights to the Bay State, federal immigration officials finally admitted this weekend that four planes filled with detainees captured at the southern border have been flown to Hanscom and Logan International Airport since April as part of a “large-scale nationwide response” to the crisis.

Three other flights chartered by ICE since then have stopped in Massachusetts to pick up illegals and deport them, Daniel Modricker, an ICE spokesman said. A small percentage were granted asylum in Massachusetts, he added.

Modricker declined to comment on Hodgson’s report of other flights of illegals into Hanscom.

Two weeks ago another Massachusetts Sheriff Lew Evangeliis appeared at the Twin City Tea Party to talk about his time as Sheriff and the subject of the border came up.

the key line came when he discussed what ICE agents have told him on his visits to the border and DC:

I’ve talked to ICE agents, several of them and they’ve told me unequivocally they have never had worse morale because they’re not allowed to do their jobs.

I’m wondering when black families sick of gang violence will decide to send their kids to the border in the hopes that they will be resettled somewhere safe.

With a party that has a 11% registration there’s really no room to kick people out of the tent anyone isn’t room to be kicking anyone out of the tent

Kirsten Hughes MA GOP chair

Everyone who listens to these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock.  The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and buffeted the house. But it did not collapse; it had been set solidly on rock. 

And everyone who listens to these words of mine but does not act on them will be like a fool who built his house on sand.  The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and buffeted the house. And it collapsed and was completely ruined.

Matthew 7:24-27

Today on WCRN and yesterday on the Michael Graham show the debate in Massachusetts seems to be centered around a very basic question: “Should GOP candidates run away from the Tea Party in order to embrace the “center in the hopes of driving the “independent” voters to the fold?”

Now the failure of Candidates like Scott Brown, Mitt Romney & Gabriel Gomez should have already dramatically answered such a question but as that lesson hasn’t seemed to sink in let me give a lesson about political campaigns that apparently has not been learned by some candidates in the GOP particularly least in this state. It’s a lesson that starts with a simple question:

Who are the most important people in any campaign?

Some would say the donors and it’s a fair argument. Without a donor base it’s hard to even begin to spread the word or get the base infrastructure started. Money is an important fuel source, but money can’t trump message, money doesn’t vote.

Others would say experienced consultants. One can’t undervalue a person who knows how a campaign works, many a campaign has sunk because a candidate or a campaign has made rookie mistakes and failed to recover from them. Experienced campaign people can be a pilot steering people around the rocks in the bay but in the end paid consultants first concern is always their pay.

Some say the media. Even in this internet age there are those you swear by media relations and there is a point. Mass media still reaches more people than new media and keeping good relations with the people whose job it is to cover your campaign doesn’t hurt but if you are a GOP candidate the media is not your friend. The story of the John McCain, Mitt Romney & Chris Christie campaigns is a story of candidates who the media embraced as long as they were attacking their party and then switched the moment the candidate was a treat to democrats & liberalism.

No the most important people in a campaign are the volunteers.

Unless you are a Mike Bloomberg there simply isn’t enough money to hire and pay all the people to do everything that needs to be done in the limited time of any campaign. That work falls to the volunteers.

It’s the volunteers who spend hours on the phone answering calls and banking.

It’s the volunteers who staff your office stuffing the envelopes and greeting the people who come by.

It’s the volunteers who do the stand outs rain or shine handing out flyers and talking to those people willing to listen.

It’s the volunteers who open their homes to small get together who on facebook and blogs and plant the signs in front of the house where everyone can see.

And on election day those volunteers are there at crunch time doing everything from poll watching to driving your voters to the polls.

In short without that core of volunteers, who will support you not because they get a paycheck or expect a job or a favor, but who truly soul believe in what you stand for, a campaign is doomed.

And where do those volunteers come from, not from the low information voter who is more interested in Penelope Cruz than Ted Cruz not from the middle of the road voter afraid to offend anyone by voicing an opinion.

No,  those volunteers come from the come from the high information voters who know the inside and out of what his happening and are determined to make things better.

If you as a candidate can’t get the base that cares about politics every single day excited enough about your campaign to work for you,  how on earth do you expect to get the average voter who is more concerned about his daily life than who sits in the capital to do it?

If you don’t understand this, then you have no business running a campaign and certainly no business running for office, period!


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On Friday Morning Joe did three segments (in fairness one was a repeat) on Mike Huckabeee remarks concerning how Democrats look at women.

I found the segments fascinating,  concentrating on the pluses they played the full remarks in context at the beginning of both segments so regardless of whatever else I thought of what they said the viewer had the chance to hear the words as said as opposed to certain reporters who after the left pushed a lie around the world “clarified” what he had said in context

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But from that point on the emphasis was all “Uncle sugar” & “libido”. The point he was making was in MSNBC Shtick, it wasn’t till the end where Joe Scarborough make the point that nobody is telling me Mika et/al didn’t get in the first place.

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Then in the middle segment they took the liberty of repeating that same performance with a different crew and throwing in the Governor Cuomo story that they managed to ignore until they had a person to put up at the same time.

The whole point of the segments were that the GOP is hopefully out of touch with women as opposed of course to Democrats.

That theme was continued in the Atlantic:

The creepy, condescending-uncle image, the retrograde attitude toward sex: Huckabee managed to illustrate exactly the phenomenon he was trying to decry, the perception that Republicans don’t know how to talk to or about women.

Washington Monthly:

The Mike Huckabee brouhaha yesterday offered about the 155th recent opportunity for non-conservatives to observe that the “rebranding” exercise of the Republican Party isn’t going that well.

and The American Prospect:

Ignorance: These kinds of statements tend to come from older conservative men who have no idea how ladyparts work, and really don’t want to know. That extends to contraception, which as far as they’re concerned is something that is women’s responsibility and therefore there’s no need to understand it.

and the Democrat party wasted no time creating a web video clipping the speech to make it wildly out of context:

The bottom line those nasty republicans are unenlightened when it comes to women.

Which brings us to Massachusetts State Rep Carlos Henriquez:

You haven’t heard of Representative Carlos Henriquez? Well in July of 2012 he was charged with Kidnapping and assault of a woman. In Sept the kidnapping charge was dropped but the other charges remained pending.

Strangely enough this took place at the height of the entire “War on Women Meme” was being advanced by the press however as Mr. Henriquez has a (D) next to his name the media didn’t find those charges reflective of the War on Women meme so not only did it get very little press, but even with the charges hanging over him he ran for re-election and won by 46 points! in his overwhelmingly Democrat Boston district.

The media’s disinterest continued on the subject as he served then on January 14th Henriquez was convicted of two counts of A & B on & sentenced to 2 1/2 years with 6 months to serve. The next day the Mass GOP called on the Governor to demand his resignation

“The MassGOP calls on the state’s leading Democrat, Governor Deval Patrick to immediately demand the resignation of Representative Carlos Henriquez. If the resignation is not tendered right away, there may not be adequate time for a special election and thus robbing the good people of Dorchester representation on Beacon Hill.”

Three days later I had the Chair of the Massachusetts GOP on my radio show and we marveled at the fact Mr. Henriquez was still a state rep.

MA GOP Chair Kirsten Hughes: …again absolute power corrupts absolutely and that just Henriquez is just one example of a long line of them.

DaTechGuy: and just to make sure that our listeners to make it clear he’s actually been convicted and sentenced to jail.

KH: That’s right six months yea

DT: this isn’t just a person whose been accused now he’s been convicted and sentenced, and we keep hear about the Republican “war on woman” yet we have a guy here, a state rep whose actually assaulted a woman and you have the chair of the republican party in Massachusetts who happens to be a woman calling for his resignation and the governor…

Joe Mangiacotti: won’t do. He was sentenced Wednesday to six months in jail that was…

KH: Yeah

JM: … what happened there. Ahem According to police he choked and punched Catherine Gonzalez in the Summer of 2012 that was his, he took her for a ride and took her cell phone she was, drove her to Boston she was able to escape the vehicle and call the police and that’s what…

DTG: It Boggles the mind

four days later Adrian Walker at the Boston Globe, to his credit, wrote the following about Mr. Henriquez:

It’s been nearly a week now since the Dorchester lawmaker was convicted of assaulting a woman who had dared to refuse to have sex with him. She was a college student who met him working on a class project; somehow she ended up assaulted and stranded on the side of the road at 4 a.m. after jumping out of his car. Henriquez didn’t testify or make any statement after the verdict.

A judge sentenced him to six months in the Suffolk County House of Correction with the words, “When a woman tells you she doesn’t want to have sex, that means she does not want to have sex.”

If that doesn’t establish Mr. Henriquez credentials as a belligerent on in the “war on women” nothing does but in the best traditions of the Democrat Party & Bill Clinton …

Henriquez plans to appeal his conviction. That’s his right, but his pursuit of an appeal raises the terrible prospect that he plans to hang on until it’s denied or even until he gets out of jail. Either would rate a high place in the annals of political selfishness. The fate of his constituents should not be tethered to his long-shot appeal.

The House, of course, can kick him out. But the Ethics Committee process is opaque and convoluted. The committee would have to conduct its own investigation of Henriquez’s misbehavior. Sure, the trial transcript could substantially shorten that process. But the fact is, a convicted criminal shouldn’t have to be expelled.

Even though he appeared at a house hearing this week in handcuffs I have to ask Mr. Walker is this:

Why WOULD Mr. Henriquez even consider resigning?

The media in the middle of a national election with a “war on women” meme found a Democrat pol charged with assault and kidnapping not significant enough to warrant national attention. His heavenly democrat district re-elected him by 46 points. Democrats in the state didn’t find his being charged sufficient ground to call for his resignation and apparently his conviction hasn’t prompted those calls either. Update:

The conviction prompted a chorus of calls for his resignation. Governor Deval Patrick, House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo, and Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh all called for him to resign, and DeLeo said he was taking steps to expel him, if he does not step down.

And now It’s Sunday and while the national media and the professional left take glee at the remarks of Mike Huckabeee Carlos Henriquez remains a state representative because he knows that nobody in the national media will take any note…

…not as long as he has a D next to his name.

Here is my take on the subject from Yesterday’s show

Exit question. If Henriquez was a republican would there have been any other story in the news until he resigned and was denounced by every single GOP person in the universe on camera?

Bonus question:  If you argue that Henriquez is a “local story” explain the coverage of Bob Filner of California or Mayor Ford whose in a different damn country!

Update: finished the “nasty republican” sentence that was hanging

Update 2: Remember Henriquez’s arrest took place in the middle of the Brown/Warren race I wonder how many time Elizabeth Warren talked about a Republican “war on women” vs the amount of time she called on Democrat Carlos Henriquez to drop out of his race?

Update 3: Kathleen Parker says “It’s all how you say things” but what if like, in the case of Democrat Carlos Henriquez, the media won’t say anything?

Update 4: An alternative timeline plus a correction above of some post conviction calls for resignation. Funny you would thing the arrest & charges would have been enough to start the chorus.

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I talked to local activist Steve Aylward at the RNC Boston who is leading a move to put the new MA gas tax on the ballot.

If there was ever a law worth getting rid of it’s this one. On the flip side it has been suggested to me that this ballot measure is a mistake as it might energize the unions come election day. We will see.

I ran into Marty Lamb former legislative & congressional candidate in Massachusetts and he talked with me about the new upcoming Massachusetts Gas Tax designed to go up every year no matter what.

Remember Massachusetts you are doing this to yourself.

This week’s subscription Commentary is titled Pallets:

You might be surprised at how important a Pallet company might be to everyday life and more importantly what the costs are of raising their costs, but that’s for the full commentary.

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A Hispanic student with a 4.0 GPA is the least popular of all Hispanic students

Roland Fryer “Acting White” The social price paid by the best and brightest minority students

Under normal circumstances Ed Markey’s election to the Senate should be a cakewalk.  He has a ton of money 36 years of experience in congress and favors to call in and is running in a D +20 state that was carried by the president overwhelming in 2012.

One would think this would be enough, but when you are a career pol at a time when the congress is less popular and trusted than use car salesman, when you’ve just disposed of the favorite of organized Labor in a primary, facing an outsider with a great story, who has an ethnic connection to a base you would normally put efforts into delivering to the polls you get worried.  You start running negative ads even if they risk bringing up the visibility of your lesser known opponent (am I the only one who noticed Gomez face is washed out in those ads to make him look less Hispanic?)

But what happens when even after running those ads things like this happen.

the highly respected Cook Political Report has just changed its rating on the Massachusetts US Senate race from “Lean Democrat” to “Toss Up.”

And suddenly for Ed Markey things are a lot worse.

A Senate Race in Massachusetts that would normally be ignored by the smart money in the GOP nationally suddenly decides it’s worth sending money and foot soldiers to take your opponent over the finish line and maybe, just maybe, a few ambitious democrats who think they belong in that senate seat instead of him might decide they don’t mind a Gomez victory figuring they can pull an Elizabeth Warren in a year so they give public support, but drag their feet on the heavy lifting.

Now you have to do something. What what do you do. Normally you would try to maximize your base, say turn out the Hispanic neighborhoods that are vital to Democrats in a close race, but can you and your allies risk bringing Hispanic voters to the polls where they’ll see a ballot with the name “Gomez” on it?

Well you and your allies might be reduced to this:

¿Qué es un LINO? (what is a Latino in Name Only)

Seriously, folks SERIOUSLY?

Gomez is the quintessential American story, a son of Colombian immigrants, Spanish as his first language, worked hard, joined the service, became a Navy Pilot,  Navy seal and afterwards a successful businessman and he’s Latino in name only.

Tell me what isn’t Latino enough about him? the Navy Pilot bit?  The Navy Seal bit?  The Successful businessman bit?  Or maybe it’s the hard work?  Is El Planeta and Jerry Villacres seriously trying to tell their Spanish language readers that a guy who manages all these things doesn’t represent the Latino community?  Talk about advancing a racist EBT card stereotype.

This is the type of thing that a candidate does when he’s scared.  It means although Gomez has a tough road to climb he has a real shot of winning this race…

as long as he doesn’t do anything foolish….

Yesterday I led with the Indexing of the Gas Tax that is included in this years budget bill.

It’s the worst of all possible taxes because it will automatically go up every single year without the necessity of a single vote by a member of our 82% Democrat legislature.

We get one chance to stop the indexing of gas tax increases forever, just one because if this budget is passed with the indexed tax it will not only never be repealed but it will be used as a political tool for years to come…by Democrats!

Here’s how it works: Lets say this bill passes and next year by some miracle voter anger in Massachusetts over the tax boils over to the point where people actually consider to voting members out of office who supported it.

Thanks to the outcry a vote to repeal comes to the floor and naturally all 32 GOP House members vote to get rid of this law.

That still leaves them 49 votes shy of a majority.

So what do Democrat party leaders do? They identify the members out of the remaining 128 who are actually in danger of losing seats knowing they can free a full 36% to vote for repeal. Suddenly 20, 30 even 40 democrats announce they’ve had a change of heart, they talk about how it was a bad idea and go on TV and radio promising to vote for repeal. They manage to get their totals all the way up to 47 democrats and the roll call vote takes place on the house with 47 democrats joining the 32 house republicans to junk this odious tax…

…and repeal fails 81-79.

But lets say somehow, by some miracle the voters are actually aroused the speaker, worried not only about his pending indictment (No democrat is allowed to be speaker of the Massachusetts House without a pending indictment) actually fears the GOP might have a 50-1 shot of getting to that magic 81 seats and wrest the gavel from the party for practically the first time in generations and decides to left enough of his members vote for repeal to actually clear the House…

…then it goes to the Senate where the numbers are even worse.

Of the 40 Senate Seats the GOP holds exactly 4. 4. That means the President of the Senate can allow 36 of the 76 members of the democrat caucus, nearly half, to vote in favor of repeal without fear of its passage.

And all of this presumes both sides are worried about a Governor who would actually sign a repeal. Even if both houses somehow decided it was politically necessary to vote to repeal Governor Patrick or the next Democrat to follow him will veto it, to “protect our roads and bridges”.

The worst part about it. This entire exercise can be repeated on an annual basis, with a few votes shifting here and there as different members find themselves in trouble in different years. They’ll be a whole crop of Democrats on TV, in Speeches, on the Radio and in the papers pointing to their repeal vote as proof they the care…a vote that will mean nothing.

And why will they do this? Because they will assume voters in Massachusetts foolish enough to re-elect them after they voted for the initial indexing of taxes will be foolish enough to believe such nonsense…

…And they’ll be right.

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Scarecrow: What happened?
Cowardly Lion: Somebody pulled my tail.
Scarecrow: You did it yourself.

The Wizard of Oz 1939

Via Right Wing Granny Massachusetts continues to jump the Shark of Liberalism:

Right now, a committee consisting of 3 House and 3 Senate members are meeting to negotiate the differences between the two tax bills. It is not a matter if the gas tax is increasing it is a matter of how much and how often.

What do I mean?

If the tax package is signed into law the gas tax will be forever linked to inflation. It is the gas tax increase “to infinity and beyond.” In other words, there will be an automatic gas tax increase every year. And the legislature never has to vote to raise it again. How convenient. But for the rest of us, it means taxation without representation.

Because NOTHING says a state is open for business than a tax indexed to inflation automatically raised year after year. As the Right Wing Granny put it:

If the bill being discussed is passed, the State of Massachusetts can automatically raise gasoline taxes without a vote by the legislature. Therefore, no one has to go on the record and be held accountable for the tax increase. This is a liberal lawmaker’s dream and a taxpayer’s nightmare.

If I’m Gov Rick Perry of Texas I’d be running ads on every TV & Radio station in the state suggesting they re-locate to Texas and I’d be sending a thank you note to every single member of the state’s house and senate delegation who votes for this bill.

Considering our willingness as a state to keep electing these idiots I don’t see how we motivate them to stop.


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One of the basic rules of economics is supply and demand.

If there is an excessive quantity of an item its relative value drops, this applies not just to basic products and services, but to things such as the money supply.

Likewise if you have an item in short supply, it because more valuable and the holder of that valuable item, commodity or service can pick and choose among offers to their advantage.

This is true of jobs. Jobs are a valuable commodity, employers produce tax revenue, pay for infrastructure and allow produces to be produced in an area but most of all they attract the most valuable commodity of all, people.

Now I’ve been led to understand that there has been a shortage of jobs around this country over the last 4 years, but apparently I’ve been mistaken. Because in state after state we see the elected governments deciding they are a commodity that doesn’t need to be attracted.


Shrugging off the fiscal caution of recent years, Governor Deval Patrick proposed a $1.9 billion tax increase tonight in his State of the Commonwealth address, saying it was necessary for the state to invest more in education and the state’s transportation network to “accelerate growth and expand opportunity.”

Who knew Massachusetts was doing so well they didn’t need to attract jobs? Who knew that people like my oldest son, about to graduate from College in May after 4 solid years on the deans list, with decades of earning potential ahead of him is so common we can tax him by the mile.

And the good times are not restricted to the bay state.


P.A.T. Products, an international distributor of specialty chemicals, plastic and raw materials, has been based in Bangor for 39 years.

Leo Coyle, the company’s founder and president, told the Bangor Daily News he is moving the company’s corporate headquarters to the Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth, N.H., because of that state’s more attractive tax structure and to be closer to his markets.

39 years in Maine, why move now?

“I’m not trying to bash Maine,” he said, adding that it’s a great place to raise children. But during his 40 years living in the state, he said he has become frustrated by what he sees as Maine’s attitude toward business and industry.

“Until the state of Maine gets their act together, there’ll be more and more and more people leaving. I’ve been watching it for 40-plus years. What do I see? I see people saying they can’t take it anymore. I’m not alone,”

Who knew Maine was doing so well they could spare him? Lets be fair, the legislature has done all it can to keep him in Maine, however that legislature has been the newly elected Democrat legislature of…

…New Hampshire:

Lately they have been doing their best to keep companies there in all kinds of ways…

Tobacco Taxes

So the New Hampshire House just passed a bill to tack on another 0.20 cents a pack.

This ‘revenue’ will be extracted from predominantly middle and lower income people, but the left has an excuse.

Boat Taxes

With the lessened taxes: Based on the rates scheduled to go into effect on July 1, 2015, the Department states revenue produced per fiscal year would be $1,529,580. Yes, this is the Republican law
With the Democrat tax hike: Based on the current number of vessel registrations, the Department states the fees in effect produce $3,059,160 of revenue per fiscal year.

Fuel Oil:

By vote of 186 to 165 the Democrat controlled New Hampshire House passed a 25% increase in New Hampshire’s fuel oil tax.

A “county income tax

Tomorrow there is a hearing (10am – LOB 301) for HB 330. HB 330 would allow any county delegation in New Hampshire to adopt a ‘County Income tax’ to be administered by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration

And of course a gas tax

All of us are, or should be, concerned over the necessity of the $1 billion gas tax increase in HB 617. Many of us are looking for an alternative that will address the requirement that we maintain our highways and bridges while avoiding what apparently would be the biggest tax increase in New Hampshire history.

And all of that is after only 5 months of Democrat control!

Who knew that in this short period of time New Hampshire has become such a strong state that they don’t need all those business and people from Maine Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, and New York to consider relocating in New Hampshire in the future?

And such prosperity isn’t limited to the east. Let’s look west to…


Colorado is in such good shape Gov Hickenlooper he can afford to sign this

Colorado’s governor signed bills Wednesday that place new restrictions on firearms, signaling a change for Democrats who have traditionally shied away from gun control in a state with a pioneer tradition of gun ownership and self-reliance

even though it leads to this

Ammunition magazine manufacturer Magpul Industries said it plans to begin leaving Colorado “almost immediately,” and other firms may follow suit in the wake of a new law that limits ammunition magazine capacities.

“Our moving efforts are underway,” Magpul chief operating officer Doug Smith said Wednesday. “Within the next 30 days we will manufacture our first magazine outside the state of Colorado.”

Who knew Colorado was doing so well they could spare businesses like Magpul and Lawrence Tool & Molding…

“We’re basically going to follow Magpul and do our best to continue being a supplier for them,” said Lloyd Lawrence, owner of Denver-based Lawrence Tool & Molding. “It will probably be out of state.”

Lawrence said about 50 to 60 percent of his business comes from supplying magazine parts to Magpul.

and Alfred Manufacturing…

Denver-based Alfred Manufacturing Co., employs 150 residents. It, too, will “relocate part or all of our operations out of state” if Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper enacts the stringent gun-control regime pushed by Biden and company. The company has already put expansion plans on hold.

And of course we can’t leave out the state doing the absolute best of them all, California, which is doing so well it can spare the rich:

With the new year, big earners are confronting a 51.9 percent federal-state income tax hit on earnings over $1 million, the result of a confluence of new tax-the-rich levies imposed by California and Congress in the closing days of 2012. That is officially the highest in the nation.

small businesses

Campbell Soup announced in September that it was closing its 65-year-old plant in Sacramento, which employed 700 workers, and shifting production to North Carolina, Ohio and Texas. Chevron is moving 800 technical positions—in other words, jobs that aren’t physically stationed on California rigs—to Houston.

Non-manufacturing businesses are also moving or expanding operations where labor, land, energy and capital are cheaper. Comcast announced in the fall that it is moving 1,000 call-center jobs out of California because of the “high cost of doing business.” Facebook, eBay EBAY and LegalZoom have opened up Texas offices in the past few years, while PayPal, Yelp and Maxwell Technologies MXWL have pushed into Phoenix.

and of course the average person

Even while California’s Hispanic population has grown by more than 1.5 million since 2005, thanks to high birth rates and foreign immigration, two Hispanics have moved out for every one that has moved in from another state. By contrast, four Hispanics from other states have settled in Texas and Arizona for every three that have left.

It’s not unusual for immigrants or their descendants to move in pursuit of a better life. That’s the history of America. But it is ironic that many of the intended beneficiaries of California’s liberal government are running for the state line—and that progressive policies appear to be what’s driving them away.

It’s gratifying to see that these states and others are so prosperous they can spare not only the jobs, but the workers who these companies employ that fuel economic growth, and in the fashion of true Christian charity they are giving other states a chance to get those jobs they can spare

lawmakers from Texas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Arizona and South Carolina are now courting Remington away from New York and Magpul away from Colorado.

So if anyone tells you that New England, Colorado, California and all those blue states are doing bad, don’t buy it, they’re just doing so well they simply don’t need the jobs and the revenue they bring and what to share it with their less fortunate Red State neighbors

Now that’s what I call neighborly!


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Granite Grok has been writing about how the newly Democrat NH Legislature has been pushing the Tax envelope:

The Concord Monitor is reporting on a plan by New Hampshire Democrat David Campbell (D- Nashua), that would eventually extract $115,000,000.00 million more dollars per year out of the pockets of struggling New Hampshire families. He’d like to raise the gas tax and the increase the cost to register your vehicles every year.

His ‘plan’ would raise the price you pay for gas five cents a year for three years. At the same time the cost of your vehicle registration would also increase five dollars a year for three years. So you’d’ see two separate tax increases every year for three years; is that two new taxes of six?

The question is why do Maggie Hassan and the Democrats think they can get away with this in New Hampshire? The answer the stuff being proposed in Massachusetts is EVEN WORSE:

Here is the direct link to the bill:

Bill H.3142 188th (Current)
An Act relative to the establishment of a vehicle mileage user fee pilot program by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation

By Mr. Sciortino of Medford, a petition (accompanied by bill, House, No. 3142) of Carl M. Sciortino, Jr. and others relative to the establishment of a vehicle mileage user fee pilot program by the Department of Transportation. Transportation.

The full text of the bill is at the link. No wonder Maggie & Co feel safe in NH, after even two years of Democrat power it will take an awful lot of crazy to catch up with the Bay State.

Why would anyone stay here?

I’ve always had a great love of History and when I entered High School my goal was to become a History Teacher. However in high school two things happened that put me in a totally different direction.

The very first computers came to my High School (apple 2c’s) Yes believe it or not I did my first programming and wrote my first games on Apples.

The second thing was the passage of Proposition 2 1/2. It limited the amount that a city or town could raise property taxes without a vote to “override”

When proposition 2 1/2 came up we were told most emphatically that this was going to be disaster. the state legislature, still overwhelmingly democrat (although Governor King was that rare creature a fiscally conservative Democrat was in the Corner Office, the prelude to the future GOP strength in the 90’s) however Citizens for limited Taxation managed to unite taxpaying citizens against the bill and it won via a referendum.

After the measure was passed practically EVERY teacher at the High School was given a pink slip directly after the election. (One teacher generated a lot of laughs by asking the students “do you want to see my pink slip?” and when they said “yes” raising her skirt just enough to see her slip which was in fact pink). Today that would get you fired but in my day we had a sense of humor.

But then after all the worry the teachers were put through a strange thing happened:


The next year the teachers were still there, the school was still there and everything pretty much remained as it had been before. It put the lie to the hype.

Fast forward 30 years later and after four years of incredible spending the prospect of rolling back 2% of that spending increase is being laid on so thick you would think it was the greatest disaster to hit the United States since September 11th 2001.

I suspect this administration will do all it can to create visuals of trouble and pain from the sequester starting with stuff like this:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have released “several hundred” immigrants from deportation centers across the country, saying the move is an effort to cut costs ahead of budget cuts due to hit later this week.

Expect more of this, because even if the sky doesn’t fall I suspect the media will do their best to pretend it is, at least for as long as they think they can get away for it.

Update: Sentence chopped off somehow, restored.


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Marion Cunningham: …and when the fire goes out and the last marshmallow is eaten they’ll go into the woods and…OH MY GOD! (dishes crashing)

Happy Days

Reg: What’s the point of fighting for his right to have babies, when he can’t have babies?
Francis: It is symbolic of our struggle against oppression.
Reg: It’s symbolic of his struggle against reality.

Monty Python: The Life of Brian 1979

Remember the old movie Porky’s where the boys had a hole in the wall so they could watch the girls shower?  Welcome to 21st century Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Department of Education on Friday issued directives for handling transgender students, including allowing them to use the bathrooms or play on the sports teams that correspond to the gender with which they identify.

It gets better:

The document said whether a student identifies as a boy or girl is up to the student or, in the case of younger students, the parents.

The lawsuits will be spectacular. You disagree? Consider:

You’re a teacher or guidance counselor. A boy goes into the girls shower room, you try to eject him he identifies himself as “gender neutral” or “confused”.

You lay one hand on him, say one thing to him, suggest for even a single moment that he might be faking and now you have a discrimination lawsuit on your hands, the school district’s hands and the city’s hands. Such a suit would be worth at least tens of thousands of dollars.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you think for ONE MINUTE you won’t find high school boys horny & desperate enough to try to pull this?

2. Do you for ONE MINUTE that it will be difficult to find a personal injury lawyer or any lawyer not able to find gainful employment who won’t take this kind of suit?

3. Do you think for ONE MINUTE that such an administrator or school aide in this economy will risk their job, add the good benefits that come with a public school position to stop such a boy?

4. Do you think for ONE MINUTE in this age of phantom disability claims you such a student or family will be able to find a psychologist to testify to the boys “confusion” and demand the school cover the expense of regular professional counseling?

5. Do you think for ONE MINUTE that a school facing such a suit and worried that a radical group will decide to make an “example” of them on behalf will not settle, even if its a low 5 figure amount to make such a suit go away?

Who needs a hole in the wall of the girls shower anymore? In Massachusetts all you need is a teenager desperate enough to see actual naked girls in the shower and viola you have access, and if those girls cover up, or scream or run into a stall to avoid you, remember THEY are the ones being unreasonable:

Scott said disciplining students who won’t acknowledge a student’s gender identity is appropriate because it amounts to bullying

Got that? If you girls don’t totally welcome Pee Wee into your locker room you are a BULLY and we all know how bad bullying is!

And we haven’t even gotten to any ADULTS who might be at the school for whatever reason who claim different gender.

And remember these are the guidelines issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Education Department!

The irony? This “progressive” change is going to have it’s greatest traumatic effect on, you guessed it, young girls for a start. And because more affluent parents will be able to send their daughters to private or Catholic schools it will  be the young girls of the poorest who will bear the burden.

The headline? Mass Department of Ed issues Transgender Guidelines, Women & Minorities hardest hit.

Just remember we NEED public schools to make sure our kids get a quality education so they can get a job.  I don’t know about a job but the kids are going to get an education all right.

via Culture news

Update:  The word Not didn’t belong in the paragraph beginning The Irony… corrected

Because of my late night last night I didn’t get to the polls until 11:30

The lines were VERY long and had been all day.

According to the numbers my particular ward is seeing nearly triple the normal votes, I suspect this is due to the Brown Warren Race

Half this number due to two page ballot

Here is my live report

As always Annie DiMartino was outside the polls for the Democrats and as always she had something to say

I wish she was one of ours and she told me off camera (but on the record) if Rick Santorum had been the GOP nominee she would have crossed over and voted for him.

Three GOP wins in the congress? Which seats? She wouldn’t say

I also ran into Patti Buckley running for Register of deeds in her first ever race

And interviewed her

But the HUGE news of the day was this table

and this sign

This tells me the inactive voter rules, what I call the Massachusetts Voter ID law is being enforced, at least in Fitchburg. The dual table system is an excellent idea because it doesn’t hold up lines and allows people who have to produce ID’s etc to do so without any kind of embarrassment but if this law is being enforced all over the state this could be an epic change in Massachusetts from here on in. I’ll be checking on this as the day goes on.

Update: Talked to Rosemary Reynolds whose daughter is opposing Patti Buckley

At her voting area there were further tables for “inactive voters” I found such a thing at every location I went to, I checked at City Hall and they had been taking a continual round of calls trying to sort out people who had not sent in their city census, I’ll be checking other cities to see how this is being done.

Meanwhile in Ward 3 I saw something I have never seen before a CNN /ABC etc etc exit poll person:

I have never seen an exit pollster locally.

Oddest election day sight is this one:

What’s life without whimsy?
My plan next is to start hitting outlying towns on the way to Boston and the Romney event.

Update: Leominster reports long lines all day

The GOP office in Leominster

running at full steam calling up a storm for Justin Brooks & Scott Brown

Shirley: The lines for voting stretch out into the street

Ayer: Down the Aisle, the stairs and the corridor just to get in

I don’t know if anyone is staying home at all.

From Friday to Saturday at St. Joseph Church in Medford:

there was a 24 hour Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

For the defeat of Question 2:

Locally where there is daily adoration there is normally one or two folks (sometimes as high as 3) praying, when I came into the church I found two lists. There were 30 people on the list who had come to pray,

After this interview I found a 2nd sign-in sheet that showed a total of 47 by this time.

When I got back we realized that I hadn’t asked at all about question #2 So Geraldine talked about why she opposed it

We shot two different videos to cover all she wanted to say.

Question two is going to cost Massachusetts a lot, in terms of society and I have some advice if it happens.

I’ve already advised my sons to leave the state when they can to get a future. In a one party state where the government stifles business and innovation there is no future for them here.

But if you are 50 or over if question 2 passes, get your affairs in order and get out of this state over the next few years. I’ll stay and fight, somebody has to, but if this passes, don’t wait because if I lose my fight then by that time a generation will have grown up thinking it is acceptable to dispose of the elderly if it saves a buck. Don’t wait until they decide you are obsolete.

You are Obsolete

The Twilight Zone 1961

Indeed the safest road to Hell is the gradual one—the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts,

C.S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters #12

Because of the storm which Cancelled the Romney event in NH on Tuesday I was able to attend the weekly game night with the crew I’ve been playing with for decades.

During the course of the evening a Question 2 ad showed up on the TV and a heated discussion took place between me (Catholic and opposed) and everyone else.

While most thought the law poorly written they all agreed the best solution was to pass it then “fix” it.

During the course of the evening a friend at the table brought up his late mothers illness and her pain in the closing weeks and the advantage such a law would have been, I then asked a provocative question:

“If you could do it without legal issues would you have suffocated your mother if she asked?”

My friend reacted very angrily to that argument, and the other insisted that it was not relevant or the point, but I say it exactly IS the point.

The worst thing you can give a person when dealing with a question of morality or ethics is an excuse. With the right excuse people who would normally consider an action immoral or evil will suddenly find themselves not only doing it but justifying it.

If the idea of killing the sick, is just and right and a mercy if they wish it, then the fact that it is your mother, your wife, your child would be totally irrelevant, in fact you would be doing a positive good.

It’s been argued that it would be a burden? WHY would it be a burden? Why should it be any burden at all if it is a positive good.

The reality is this is not about the people who are dying, it is about the people who are living who do not want the responsibility, they want an easy way out. They can put things on a doctor and tell themselves that they didn’t have to go though the expense, the time and the effort to keep an elderly or sick relative alive so much easier to take the simple path. To kill by omission on your part and commission and call it “dignity”.

And to the old, deciding to hang on, to live your life, to continue to fight for the life that God gave you will be “selfish”, expensive, inconsiderate.  They will have all of society telling them to exit with “dignity” and those who do will be celebrated for doing so.

It is a horrible and evil thing and mark my words, as the generations that were taught the sanctity of life age and die, the generations that replace them without such a teaching will find a positive good in these death and it will be this generation that voted this in that will be ushered off by a society that finds them Obsolete.

On Thursday Evening at the Hudson Eagles Lodge a small debate took place concerning Ballot Question #2 moderated by John Weston on WCRN. Before the debate Dr. Paul Spiers who appeared in favor of question two spoke to me briefly: Dr. Spiers was opposed by Dr. Linda Brown who while not associated with the opposition to the question volunteered to appear for the event. After the ground rules were set Both side made an opening case First Doctor Brown Then Dr. Spiers Continue reading “The Question #2 (Doctor Assisted suicide) forum in Hudson”

While the rest of the known world was following the Scott Brown/Elizabeth Warren debate in Springfield Niki Tsongas and Jon Golnik were at Devens for the 2nd of 3 debates in the 3rd district race.

Just like last time there were plenty of signs

for both sides

I spoke to a Golnik supporter

a Tsongas Supporter

And took a peek outside

At a little after 8 PM the candidates were ready

The Panel from the Sentinel & Enterprise, The Sun and the AP was ready

And the Q & A began:

Continue reading “Golnik Tsongas Rnd #2 plus bonus State race!”

As we get ready for tonight debate here is my examiner piece contrasting the two debates in Massachusetts I covered this week, Brown v Warren & Tsongas V Golnik:

On Sunday afternoon incumbent Niki Tsongas running to retain her seat in the newly redrawn 3rd Massachusetts district faced Jon Golnik in the first debate of their rematch of the 2010 race at the Concord Carlisle High School.

On Monday Evening incumbent Scott Brown running to retain his seat in the US senate faced Elizabeth Warren in their second debate at the Tsongas Center in Lowell.

Both debates where an hour long and both featured the respective nominees of the Republican and Democrat Parties but there the similarities ended.

We focus on the big races, Romney vs Obama, Brown vs Warren but there are hundreds of house races flying under the radar that the future of the next president’s terms will depend on.

Please click and read the whole thing, it’s the easiest way to put 3/4 of a cent in my pocket short of hitting DaTipJar

What if they should find a leader? What shall we do then.

General Burgoyne The Devil’s Disciple 1959

Ulrich’s discovery of guts is cause for organization wide concern

Daredevil Comics Born Again 1986

As we get closer and closer to election day (or should I say the day when the votes are counted since early voting has started in some states) there has been a small tremor that lately has gotten less and less press both in Massachusetts and nationwide. That is the effect of citizen activists taking an interest in the vote.

No I’m not talking about the activists that the Democrat party funds via Government Largess via Unions etc such as Neighbor to Neighbor in Worcester and ACORN who like the machines of old are tasked with providing the vote totals the left needs by shall we say , all necessary means. I’m referring to the grass roots tea party folk whose involvement in electoral politics is cause for organization wide concern for the left.

When the large tea party groups held their rallies in Washington, while there was some surprise there was very little worry on the left or the media. After all annually the March For Life protests was (and still is) the largest protest in Washington and the MSM has successfully ignored its numbers to the point where the hundreds of thousands of people who participate might as well be invisible. The left was sure they could count on the MSM to downplay the numbers and effect of these crowd.

But something different happened when the tea party folks made it home. Something the left did not suspect.

Our friends from the left, so used to their own paid protesters and rent-a-mobs, assumed that once there was a picture for the media to see people would simply fade away until the next media opt.

Then never imagined that without the pay from a large organization that people might actually get involved.

With Scott Brown’s victor in January of 2010 came the first actual shock to the left, the idea that there might be something going on here. 10 months later the results of the house elections gave the left another huge shock. 63 seats worth of shock.

In Massachusetts the left woke up in time for the election. The hand that they had kept behind their back because it wasn’t needed was brought out. The left and the union had people all over the state, making sure the Bay State remained solidly in the “D” Column.

The left breathed a huge sigh of relief in the state figuring this was the high water mark for the right.

Then came the official loss of an electoral seat, then came the retirement of Barney Frank,

and then came people like Bonnie Johnson a tea party activist who started delivering some startling news concerning the law in Massachusetts:

Every January Massachusetts Cities and town send out a city/town census to every residence. It lists the registered voters in the dwelling and how they are registered. I’ve filled it out every year without a thought, not noticing the warnings on the form if it is not done.

I had filled out the form for years not thinking a word about not realizing its significance

If the form is not returned the people on them are marked as an “inactive” voter. By law an “inactive” voter who attempts to vote must fill out and sign a form and provide proof of both residence and identity to be able to vote.

The law had been on the books for a long time but when you never have contested elections nobody really cared about it, she visited tea party groups in the states and delivered the message:

The problem seems to be a lot of people are not aware of the law, and if you want it enforced you need people at the polls volunteering and working to ensure it IS enforced.

The results have been training session that taught people what the rules were and how to be sure they were enforced while poll watching, at the time I asked Bonnie Johnson how this works:

DaTechGuy: Now how would the poll worker know that it’s an inactive voter is there like an “I” next to it someplace?”

Bonnie Johnson: There’ a lower case “i” next to their name.

DTG: Now is the poll worker required to demand this or does an observer have to bring this up from your experience?

BJ: The Poll worker should demand this.

DTG: So if the poll worker doesn’t demand it, if you are an observer you can say “This person was inactive, you are required to do this.”

BJ: Correct.

DTG: And this is by state law?

BJ: Absolutely.

But nobody had been enforcing the law, why bother? the elections in Massachusetts were as contested as elections in Iraq during the Saddam era, but now you have people being forced to enforce the law with the following result

BJ: In Worcester 99,000 voters 46% of them became inactive when they did this.

Remember Worcester is the 2nd biggest city in New England Behind Boston and Scott Brown lost the city by just under 2000 votes out of 38,282 cast. The number of now inactive votes exceeds the total number of votes cast in the 2010 special election. In Boston Scott Brown lost the city by 38 points. Just under 60,000 votes. Imagine if you are a democrat poll and a well funded Scott Brown campaign has poll watchers in every precinct who KNOW THE RULES.

What might happen, stuff like this perhaps?

Fast forward to this year’s state primary election, held on September 6, 2012. Countercharges, of voter fraud and “voter suppression,” were levied by and against Worcester Tea Party observers on that day. Worcester Tea Party members say that they observed people being escorted into the polling precincts, again by Neighbor to Neighbor wearing their purple shirts. In addition, allegations of voters showing resident alien – green cards – as identification were witnessed. The observers tried to document this and were thrown out of the polling location, they would say illegally, for doing so.

City officials, led by Councilor Saral Rivera, stormed into the voting precinct to allege voter intimidation by the neutral observers, to the Democratic primary. Numerous hearings have been held by both the City Council and the Election Commission to determine what happened on that day. As the New York based newspaper up the street’s editorial board has said no credible evidence has been presented showing voter intimidation. So far little evidence has been found that the Election Commission has refused to call for a formal investigation.

And when the author of this piece Rob Eno of Red Mass Group tweeted out things like this

And you saw angry tweets like this one from SEIU people in reply:

oh Harassing it it? Well if those tea party folks were harassing people instead of making sure the law is obeyed I’m sure the Worcester Election commission dominated by democrats would demand an investigation to make sure voters aren’t being intimidated….

The Election Commission is holding off, at least for the time being, on calling for a formal investigation into allegations that some observers violated the rights of voters during the Sept. 6 state primary.

But…but the harassment, the intimidation of minority voters, surely the people victimized by these scurrilous actions complained. Surely groups like Neighbor to Neighbor being community organizers devoted to protecting the rights of voters have submitted this information to the city or the state…

it was pointed out that no formal written complaints or affidavits have been filed by any poll wardens or aggrieved parties with either the Election Commission or the secretary of state’s office.

..or not.

No complaints, no affidavits no sworn statements? If this is true the question is WHY?

I suspect the answer is closely related to a question I asked a few weeks ago concerning the left’s complaints over voter ID laws in Pennsylvania:

Why should producing an ID change the result of any election?

Why should the use of an item needed at any bank, to cash any paycheck or government check, to use a credit card, an item you are asked to produce at a hospital, at a supermarket or even to buy booze cause the results of an election to change? Do Democrats need these ID less that republicans?

The answer is simple. There are no affidavits because those would be declarations made under oath that would have to be defended in open court. Just like showing an ID or filling out an affidavit for a provisional ballot would be a declaration under oath that a voter is who they say they are and live where they say they live.

In a federal election that’s a federal offense.

In 1941 Lyndon Johnson ran in a special election for the US Senate, his primary opponent was the sitting Governor Pappy O’Daniel. Johnson campaigned hard (nobody worked harder at campaigning than Lyndon Johnson) and was not shy about stealing or buying votes either, but Johnson make the fatal mistake allowing some of his “owned” precincts report early giving O’Daniel the ability to know how many votes he needed to steal/buy/fix to win this election.

Robert Caro in his first volume on Lyndon Johnson “The Path to Power” told of Johnson’s reaction on page 739:

Johnson’s reaction was to try to steal it back. Telephoning George Paar, he asked the Duke of Duval to give him more votes. But Parr Refused; he later told friends he replied “Lyndon, I’ve been to the federal penitentiary, and I’m not going back for you.”

The left can bluster, they can scream and they can cry, but as long as there are tea party people watching, as long as the activists are ready and educated on the law, as long as campaigns like Scott Brown has the money to make sure that any person trying to cast an illegal ballot. (or should be call them undocumented ballots) will be challenged and subject to the full penalty of the law then those who have been unchallenged for years will think long and hard before they take that risk.

THAT is why the left is fighting so hard, THAT is why there is worry, that is why we are reduced to polls like Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch suggesting somehow Mitt Romney with 90% of the GOP vote and with 40.8 of the independent votes vs 41.7 to Obama is somehow down by 9.

And it’s also why they are not covering what the Tea Party is doing as Glenn Reyonlds reports:

the mainstream press isn’t very interested in covering this kind of thing anyway. Stories about Obama grassroots organizers in 2008 were fine. Stories about the Tea Party organizing this time around would conflict with the preferred (if somewhat contradictory) narratives that the Tea Party is (1) just a bunch of billionaire-funded astroturf; and (2) a preserve of racist “bitter clingers” who are too busy digging for Obama birth certificates to engage in hard political work.

Either way, these kinds of initiatives will make a difference. The question, again, is whether they’ll make enough of a difference.

That is the big fear, what do you do if there is a pool of activists not controlled by a major party, a group that you can’t office political goodies to in the hope they will simply go away?

You can’t do a damn thing about them, you can holy hope to outwork them with your paid guys.

That’s why I’m still very confident in saying this:

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

And if you think they are demoralized now, wait till AFTER this election.

Update: Oh BTW here is a bit of news that you might not have heard:

A Commonwealth Court judge said Thursday that he was considering allowing most of the state’s controversial voter identification law to remain intact for the November election and was contemplating only a very narrow injunction.

Judge Robert E. Simpson Jr. said at the end of the second and last day of a hearing on whether to halt voter ID requirements for the Nov. 6 election that he was considering an injunction that would target the portion of the law that deals with provisional ballots.

You can tell what the folks at think of it by the title in the link…

Yup I trust these guys for clean unfiltered news.

Today at Concord Carlisle HS Jon Golnik and Nikki Tsongas had the first of four debates on a cold rainy day while the NE Patriots were destroying the Buffalo Bills:

I arrived in the rain

People signed in up front with an area for press I was one of only three people were listed.

There was not a big crowd to start

With the combo of a football game and a rainy sunday a large crowd was unlikely. I stated interviewing people

The debate was only scheduled for an hour, after opening statements from Niki Tsongas

and Jon Golnik

The debate started with an odd format, the moderator posed a general subject with several questions and the candidates picked and choose and then answered

I found it weird way of doing this, it made for less direct contrast

Basically allowing each candidate to go where they wanted

regardless of what the other said

When the final question of that segment was completed

Questions from the audience were asked

They were selected by the moderators

I thought this was also a bad choice

It left the decision of what was acceptable to the people running the debate

I found this was to the advantage of the incumbent both in the choice of questions and the format

When the questions were done closing statements were given, both my Rep Tsongas

And Mr. Golnik

and I spoke to both of them after the debate, only briefly to Rep Tsongas

and slightly longer for Mr. Golnik

While not agreeing with the political sentiment of Mary Ann

I do think Rep Tsongas came out ahead, the format helped her a bit, the one question where Mr. Golnik was delayed due to notes looked poor, he landed a few shots but not effectively enough as a person who is behind in a district that favors the left. Of course there are three more debates and this one was lightly covered so there is plenty of time to change the path. Meanwhile both sides held signs outside

and awaited the next clash, you can see the full gallery below the jump
Continue reading “Jon Golnik & Niki Tsongas Debate #1 Concord Carlisle HS”

Later Today Jon Golnik will be holding his first debate against Nikki Tsongas in the 3rd Mass Race but yesterday he was at the Scott Brown event and spoke to me about the election:

If you want to help send a member of the GOP to congress in Massachusetts in my district click here.

I just received a new poll for Ma-3 (My congressional district) that says a lot about the races in Massachusetts.

This is a district that is newly formed so there are not concrete numbers available for the party splits (I am systematically calling each town in the district to get the numbers hope to have them by the end of the week). But while we don’t have the party splits we DO have the numbers from the Scott Brown election for the district in 2010:

Brown 57% 129521
Coakley 42% 95820
Kennedy<1% 2181

There are of course three races going on here the first is for president:

Barack Obama – 52%
Mitt Romney – 44%
Undecided – 4%

This at first glance looks like bad news for Mitt in Mass, To even have an outside chance of winning in Massachusetts he needs big numbers in areas outside of Boston, Worcester & Springfield.

Meanwhile in the Congressional race looks very similar

Niki Tsongas – 52%
Jon Golnik­ – 45%
Undecided – 3%

Tsongas is running even with Obama but Golnik is already closer than the last time he faced her. Can he he close a 7 pt gap. It should be doable, it will take hard work and turnout but it CAN be done.

Meanwhile here is are Scott Brown numbers these hold the key for all the races we have talked about.

Scott Brown – 54%
Elizabeth Warren – 42%
Undecided – 4%

At first glance this poll might be encouraging to Elizabeth Warren, she is still even with Martha Coakley and Brown would have to that 3 out of the remaining 4 pts of undecided to match the last go around. But there are several reasons to worry here if I’m Warren first comes this split in the polls

Female – 55%

Male – 45%

Yes you read that right, you have a +10 pt gap women vs Men and yet Scott Brown out polls that champion of women Liz Warren by 12 points (and remember this was taken BEFORE the law license revelations of today)

“But DaTechGuy”, you say, “didn’t you teach us not to jump until you see the splits what were the splits on this poll?”

I’m so glad you asked here are the splits in this poll:

Democrat – 31%
Republican – 17%
Independent / Other – 52%

That’s +14 for dems in a +24 state (-4 dem vs +6 GOP compared to statewide, undeclared is the same) This is a much more GOP section of the state but I’ll need till the end of the week to confirm by how much but lets note the following:

In a sample that is +14 dem & +10 women

Barack Obama only has an 8 point lead on Mitt Romney
Nikki Tsongas only has a 7 point lead on Jon Golnik

And Scott Brown leads Elizabeth Warren by 12 points! Twelve POINTS!

Brown needs a good gap here to win in Mass and for Mitt to have any chance at winning the state he has do to better but to pull these kind of numbers with a -14 disadvantage if extrapolated statewide & nationally says a lot about both Warren & Obama and none of it good.

While all of that is important lets look at this congressional race and the numbers involved.


Tsongas is +22 with a 57% Favorability Ratings. She has a famous name and is a sitting congresswoman but more importantly she is a pleasant person. Additionally only 8% of the electorate dosn’t have an opinion so that’s a real advantage.

Her Opponent Jon Golnik has a +16 Favorability Ratings, that’s nothing to sneeze at particularly in a -14 poll sample but the big difference here is 34% of those polled either haven’t heard of him or haven’t made up their minds.

This is his opening, 7 points is extremely doable and Golink has several things he can do

1. Obamacare: Remember Obamacare was the reason Scott Brown did so well last time, Nikki Tsongas has (to her credit) not run away from her vote for the Unpopular law. Golnik needs to tie her Obamacare so tightly to Nikki Tsongas that if she fell into the water she could use her vote as a flotation device.

2. Brown/Golnik Warren/Tsongas: Scott Brown was an early endorser of Jon Golnik, he needs to play up, it must be Golnik & Brown vs Tsongas & Warren. If Scott Brown so much as goes stop to go get Gas anywhere in the District Golnik needs to sanding next to him. Any Brown event in Ma-3 HAS to be a Golnik event meanwhile all over Fitchburg I see Nikki Tsongas & Elizabeth Warren signs together, great, link them by the hip.

3. Positive Positive Positive: Hitting a 66 year old widow of a beloved figure in the state isn’t going to do the trick, the instinct to go negative needs to be resisted (and no tying her to Obamacare is not negative advertising, that’s the truth)

The case to make is this: Nikki Tsongas is a nice person and an honest person, she just wrong. That’s the ad: Nikki Tsongas & Elizabeth Warren, wrong on Obamacare, wrong on Taxes and wrong for the 3rd District. Jon Golnik like Scott brown believes lower taxes, ending the Mandate of Obamacare and will fight to bring jobs back to new 3rd district.

This race is completely winnable by Jon Golnik with some hard work and some smart moves but if you are the left consider this:  In Massachusetts with a +14 D sample and a +10 Women sample  has an opponent in striking range.

If this is the situation in Massachusetts what must it be nationwide in states where Obama is not as popular?

And it shouts to the right loud and clear:

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

If I was the left, I’d be afraid, VERY afraid.

Yesterday as I drove into the studio I noticed an oddity. As I reached the train station Rotary I noticed a large Ron Paul image on the side of the building that’s been bearing a Ron Paul for president sign for months. I thought it a little odd, the president race is all but over and the Massachusetts primary ended weeks ago with an overwhelming Romney win.

I didn’t think anything more of it at the time. Then after I wrapped up my show, interviewed a group of Vietnam vets and was preparing for my trip to NH to cover Howie Carr I got a call from a friend of mine who was at one of the Republican GOP caucus.

He told a that at his location the “Ron Paul people had taken over” and getting their people elected as GOP delegates to the national convention.

I found it interesting and this morning I find that my friends experience was repeated in location after location across the state:

While all delegates are required to vote for Romney during the first round of the Tampa convention (but not during a second vote), district voters are allowed to choose whoever they want to fill those roles. Thus, there were two camps: the official Romney-approved slate, and the Ron Paul-allied Ronald Reagan Unity Liberty Slate.

and the result?

When votes were cast and counted (with witnesses from each slate), the total was: From the 193 ballots cast, Unity Liberty delegates Ronald Crochetiere (112 votes) and Marcel Burque (97 votes) won their spots. The third Ron Paul delegate, Joseph Cavallaro, lost in a close heat with a Romney delegate. However, the 13 provisional ballots may yield a clean sweep for the Ronald Reagan Unity Liberty Slate in a week’s time.

and apparently this is a process being repeated across the nation:

In just the last week, Paul locked up 49 delegates, including five in Pennsylvania and four in Rhode Island, two states thought to be firmly on Romney’s turf. In Minnesota, Paul won 20 of the 24 delegates awarded at last weekend’s district caucuses, an impressive sweep that guarantees that Paul will control a majority of the state’s delegation at the Republican National Convention.

And despite staunch opposition from the state Republican Party, Paul took 20 of the 40 delegates awarded in Missouri last weekend, according to campaign chairman Jesse Benton.

In at least five other states — Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Washington, and Maine — Paul has done remarkably well at county and district conventions, and his supporters are expected to win a big chunk of the RNC delegates at the state conventions later this spring.

Is this going to change the results of the convention? I doubt it but it will be interesting to see what the Ron Paul folks have in store for us in Florida.

For the second time in 5 days I journeyed to Hopedale to cover a meet and greet for a GOP candidate. Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Childs for the first time today I had the pleasure of renewing my acquaintance with Sean Bielat

Before things got started he had time for an interview:

He then mixed with the crowd

The crowd seemed slightly larger than on thrusday’s event but this was a weekend so people would naturally be freeer, also I was a tad late to Thursdays event as I’d never been to Tom Wesley’s home before so there may have been people who left early Thursday night. I recognized at least half a dozen people who I had seen three days before.

Sean Gave an opening statement

He then took a long series of questions. Because of the sheer number of videos I’ll be posting them over the course of the week

Here was his closing statement

Now there is no question in my mind that both of these candidates are far superior to Joe Kennedy the 3rd but what did people who heard both candidates think. I talked to two people who attended both meet and greets

Myself I think Sean’s experience showed in how he handled himself. there are simply things that you do better when you’ve done it twice. I also suspect he will have an easier time drawing activists but as anyone who followed the 2004 playoffs in Massachusetts or the Scott Brown election can tell you, you have to play the series out and you don’t know until the voters actually make their decision.

Reminder sign, Shirley Mass

With SuperTuesday upon us here in Massachusetts the time had come to see exactly what the situation was at the polls today.

I started in Fitchburg in Ward 1.

The reports were of slow turnout both precincts were below 40 voters at 11:30.

My next stop was ward 4 in Leominster, I followed a Prius with an Obama 2008 bumper sticker to the polling place. Talk about your stereotypes.

Ward 4 is split between two different buildings B & C were in the Vets center and A is in the senior center. As in Fitchburg turnout was down although 4B had managed to break the 100 mark to Leominster. They had meticulous notes concerning past election days, hour by hour results for each year including the weather for each day. They really knew their trends and the trend was down.

My plan was to head west at this point but I received a call saying my son and his friend needed a ride home from school, so I hit the highway figuring to go to Ayer and backtrack. I hit route 2 East (to my surprise passing my 87 yr old mother on the highway) and took the exit bringing me to the Nashoba club, I ordered some lunch and ran down the street to the Town Hall as it was cooking:

The Town Hall looked pretty organized, as at the other locations turnout was down. There was some issue about some democrats being unclear if they could vote today, not that there was much of a choice to make.

From there I headed back to the Nashoba club, wolfed down lunch and then headed toward Lunenburg, when I pulled into the town hall I discovered that voting took place in the elementary school, as I didn’t have time to backtrack I headed to Townsend. It was the only parking lot I saw all day totally full.

However a lot of that was the poll workers. The most interesting thing about the Townsend numbers were the totals

Pct 1 -156 Pct 151, Pct 142.

It was a rather even turnout, the Warden told me they had just redrawn their lines and the numbers were pretty close, however as before the actual turnout was down, they hoped to get 1200, but figured they would be lucky if they did.

Townsend was also the first polling place where I saw a sign for a presidential candidate (Romney) planted in the snow.

From there I rushed back to Fitchburg arriving about 8 minutes late, grabbed the kids and we hit our ward in Fitchburg, Ward 6 where my son Daniel cast his very first vote.

He gets a lot of razzing for registering Republican in school (Repubicans are only 11% statewide) but the people at the polling place were delighted to see a young person voting for the first time, even diehard Democrat Anne DiMartino voiced her approval but said she wouldn’t ask who he voted for as she wouldn’t like the answer.

After dropping off the Crystal in Leominster I headed back to Lunenburg. Lunenburg was the only town where I wasn’t allowed in the room proper, but the warden went in and brought out the numbers for me. By this time is was about 3 p.m and the four precincts varied from 105 to 148 voters less that 10% of the 7000 registered voters in the town.

From Lunenburg I headed for Groton. On my way to ward 1 I noticed for the only time today people holding signs for a presidential candidate

Who would have thought the only people willing to hold signs I’d find today would be Obama people? Although they weren’t willing to be interviewed I commented on it when I stopped at the polling place.

I had heard reports of democrats taking ballots to write in candidates other than Obama, but there was none of that in this town, however like all the others the turnout was low.

From Groton it was off to Shirley. Shirley has the seemingly smallest area for the workers but they were extremely friendly. By 4 p.m. about 12% of registered voters had turned out.

Shirley also had the only other sign I saw near a polling place, one for Newt. I really expected to see more Ron Paul people out.

At this point it was getting late and I wanted to head home hoping to beat daWife to the house to get some dishes done before she got home but before I did I headed back to Ward 1 in Fitchburg to see if the crowd had increased as the day went on. Although nearly 5 hours had passed since my first visit and the weather was considerably warmer the numbers had not managed to even double.

So bottom line, 7 towns very little turnout. although one might think this would favor the underdogs who might be more motivated I suspect this is very good news for Gov Romney. The one hallmark of his campaign has been very good organization, I highly doubt his organization would not make sure his voters were out in the state where he will be speaking.

My guess as of 6 p.m. Mitt Romney managed to break the 50% mark here in Massachusetts.