Where’s that Impeachment Resolution Maxine?

As you might have heard Democrat Rep Maxine Waters had a town hall in her district that surprise, surprise included a chant calling for Donald Trump's impeachment She led her supporters in a chant to “Impeach 45,” repeating it over and over Now there was a lot of pushback to Congresswoman Waters at that event … Continue reading Where’s that Impeachment Resolution Maxine?

The Girl Can’t Help It

by baldilocks An old, clueless congresswoman speaks for the millennials now? Very appropriate. Various publications have been revving up coverage of Waters as a millennial icon after the congresswoman abruptly left a confidential meeting with FBI Director James Comey, claiming he did not have any credibility. In late January, Elle magazine published an article titled, "Congresswoman Maxine Waters Will Read You Now." The article … Continue reading The Girl Can’t Help It

Pieces of the Dream

by baldilocks I'm guilty of many things, but one is talking about race and Things Black too much. The reputational demise of public astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson elicited a great deal of Schadenfreude, but it depressed me for one reason: I liked seeing a black person talk about something other than race, being black, or … Continue reading Pieces of the Dream

The Rangel/Waters ethics case, a sign of racial progress?

I've always remembered a particular episode of Gilligan's Island (Gilligan vs. Gilligan available online here) that had a particular exchange between Mr. Howell and the Russian spy posing as Gilligan. Mr. Howell puts his chess piece on an illegal square. Mr. Howell reacts indignantly: Mr. Howell: Young man are you accusing a Howell of cheating? … Continue reading The Rangel/Waters ethics case, a sign of racial progress?