Lionel: Yeah man just once I’d like for you to talk to me like I’m Lionel Jefferson and not a representative of the whole black race.
Mike: Oh C’mon Lionel I don’t do that.
Lionel: Sure man what’s the first thing you say whenever I see you, something about the “black” problem right?
Mike: C’mon Lionel, What do you want me to talk about the weather?
Lionel: Sometimes yeah. Black people have weather too. We get rained on and everything.

All in the Family The Games Bunkers Play 1973

On Sunday Jake Tapper had GOP Congreswoman Mia Love on and the topic was (as Hotair predicted it would be) how bad is trump for his comments on Haiti.  Here is the interview in full:

Now as I listened to this interview I was impressed by Mia Love (as I have been for years) that she kept trying to bring to the conversation to the issues and refused to play the “I’m a victim” card but take a look at the questions that were asked by Mr. Tapper:

How does it feel to hear these comments from the president?

You’re calling for president Trump to apologize he obviously hasn’t done so on twitter has he done so at all?

I want to get to DACA and the Dreamers in a second, but I do want to ask you because I remember talking to you during the 2016 campaign when President Trump was making a direct appeal to Haitian American voters, there’s a sizable community in Florida.  He really was going after their vote, how do those Haitian American’s feel today?

This weekend marked the anniversary of that devastating earthquake that struck Haiti eight year ago.  The Trump administration announced in November that by July 2019 it wants want to end the protected status designations for Haitians in the US granted after the earthquake  that of course protects individuals from deportation and authorizes them to work in the United States.  I know you want to change his mind, because Haiti is still reeling from that earthquake, do you think you can, do you think it’s possible to change his mind on this?

Speaking of leadership I have to observe Republican leaders have been pretty quiet about these comments which I know a lot of people consider empirically racist and offensive, are you disappointed?

I’m going to ask you about the Dreamers and DACA after this last question on the president’s comments:  What do you say to the Haitian American who comes to you and says:  ‘Congresswoman, I think the presidents racist.”?

The president’s comments come of course as lawmakers are trying to make a deal done on DACA and the dreamers as you’ve noted.  You’ve said you want legislative solutions for the dreamers.  On Friday the President threw out a deal brought to him saying didn’t properly fund the wall an it made what he calls ‘chain migration’ and ‘the diversity lottery’ worse Do you think there should be just a clean bill on dreamers just on dreamers with no border wall funding or anything else?

And it’s obviously tough for people to put emotions aside when such horrific expressions are…[Congresswoman love answers before the question is finished]

Where the comments racist do you think?

Now this hits one of my pet peeves ,whereby a person of color brought on a show is only asked about “person of color” questions or a Hispanic reporter is on a panel and only asks “Hispanic” questions as if North Korea, or Taxes or the economy are not issues that Hispanics or blacks care about. Furthermore Mia Love represents Utah’s 4th District, not Haiti yet all of Jake’s questions concerned either the president’s remarks or Haiti.

This irritated me and let to several passionate tweets on my part including this one:

It was this tweet that elicited the following responses from Mr. Tapper:

That actually seems an odd reply to that tweet, I presumed that Jake replied to the above tweet his response was actually directed to an earlier tweet saying the following:

Alas for me I had left for mass just after the tweet that Mr. Tapper replied, stayed late to talk with my Pastor and receive Confession, and then went to lunch with my wife so I didn’t see his response for hours later (I don’t do smart phones nor twitter away from my PC).   I thought it was rather sly for him to respond to the clearly incorrect point implying Congresswoman Love not having been on (I should have used the word rarely) rather than acknowledge the irony that the supposedly racist GOP not only elected the only senator of Haitian ancestry but did so in a majority white district.

Nevertheless given the link provided concerning last year’s March for Life Mr. Tapper and others is clearly correct that the other tweet was too broad a statement as he has in fact had congresswoman love on before discussing non-racial issues.  It’s actually odd that I’ve never seen her as I tend to watch Jake more than any other MSM person)

Rather than play musical tweets and rules lawyer,on which tweet was wrong and given both the error and the fact that several hours had passed by the time I had seen it I thought it best to simply admit the error at once and issue a mea culpa:

And since I’m not constantly at twitter I followed up with the following:

and that mea culpa tweet is my current pinned tweet and will be for another day.

But having made said Mea Culpa there is still a question on the floor and a point to be made

and a question to be asked

Why were there no questions outside of the context of Trump/Haiti (given that the supposed comments came at a meeting on DACA that would be within that context)?

It’s not like there weren’t a lot of good possible relevant questions, here are four possibilities:

We just spoke with Congresswoman Gabbard concerning the Ballistic Missile false alarm in Hawaii.  Have you been in contact with those who provide early warning either on the state or federal level concerning safeguards to prevent such a mistake?

Democrats are threatening a government shutdown this week over DACA.  This has been a scenario that has come up in the past with the GOP which took a lot of heat for it, do you anticipate a deal before them or does the party think it’s to their advantage to put the Democrats in that spot?

As you know longtime Utah Senator Hatch has announced he will not run for another term.  You’ve already stated you will not be running and former Massachusetts Senator & GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is generally thought to be in the running for the seat, have you been approached by the representatives of him or any other potential candidate for an endorsement?

The annual March for Life is coming up in a couple of weeks. Last year the Vice President spoke, do you anticipate this administration again having high level representation at this event or even the President himself being involved?

Why didn’t we see any questions like that?  I submit and suggest that the answer is the meme of the day for the MSM was “President shithole is a racist and so is the GOP is by association” and for reasons of both advancing said meme,  and drawing ratings by generating newsworthy quotes (which in fairness IS the first job of a person hosting a network show) the only goal was to get a soundbite to support that meme at all costs.

But to me the big story from that interview remains the ultimate irony that I’m sure was completely missed by the #nevertrump viewers dying for red meat:  that the person questioned to advance the “GOP/Trump Racist” meme  is a black republican woman elected in a 87% majority white distinct by those self same “racist” republicans.

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vet arrest

Two things

1. Anyone want to make book on how long it takes for it to go on ABC, CBS, NBC MSNBC or CNN (only Jake Tapper might use it)

2. Anyone want to make book on how long it will take Harry Reid to bring up the monument bill if this photo gets out?

Update: The embed code of the tweet is not working and messing up the site, the base tweet is here.

I had to use a screen shot instead.

Update 2: Something odd seems to be going on, The tweet seems to not be in the timeline of PinkPatriot anymore but the photo can still be accessed directly online suggesting it hasn’t been pulled. Trying to contact PinkPatriot directly to find out what is going on.

Update 3: It’s getting weirder and slightly funny.  Turns out the photo IS still in the timeline but not showing up as photo unless you go to that particular tweet.   I tweeted with PinkPatriot and it turns out she saw the photo elsewhere, she thought Before it’s news, as that’s not a reliable source I was about to put out a mea culpa post when I was sent this post from Glen Beck’s site:

Police reportedly arrested several anti-war veterans and other protesters at the Vietnam war memorial in New York City Monday night after they refused to leave the site after the 10 p.m. curfew time. Some of the individuals arrested were reportedly Vietnam veterans, though it was unclear how many arrests were made.

Veterans for Peace and other anti-war protesters gathered at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza in NYC on Monday night to mark the 12th anniversary of the “invasion and occupation of Afghanistan” and honor the fallen until morning. The Park Service reportedly rejected the group’s permit application to hold their demonstration at the site, but they proceeded anyway.

The photo is in fact from this story, and Pink Patriot incorrectly indicated it was an Obama issue.

So to summarize.

1. The photo is in fact vets being arrested but from a non-federal location
2. The location where they were arrested was in fact open during the day and the arrest took place when they stayed beyond closing.
3. It has nothing to do with the shutdown.

So it’s my bad on this.  Was already angry, saw the photo got angrier and rushed to get the post up before picking up my son and didn’t do my due diligence, that’s my fault.

Oh and interestingly enough Pink Patriot Blocked me on twitter after a conversation over the photo.  It’s not often I get blocked by a fellow pro-life catholic conservative, but that’s one of the oddities of life.

Still not sure why the embed on her tweet didn’t work but other tweets & photos are working fine.

So it’s my bad, I guess those layers of fact checkers come in handy sometimes after all.

Update 4: I wonder why Pink Patriot might have figured this was from DC? Oh I don’t know maybe stories like this:

Supposedly, on their way out of the park, the tour guide wanted to pull over at a dude ranch inside the perimeter so that the seniors onboard could use the restrooms there — but couldn’t, because the park rangers told the dude ranch that its license would be revoked if they permitted it. So unbelievable is all this, even by the standards of NPS behavior over the past week, that I doubted whether it was true. But there’s corroborating evidence for at least some of it: The tour guide was interviewed by a different newspaper a few days ago and accused the Park Service of — wait for it — “Gestapo tactics.”

Given story after story like this it’s a reasonable mistake.

Do to an impending change in some background accounts into I detected an e-mail glitch, one of my accounts was not properly downloading my e-mails to my PC.

Apparently this has been going on since mid November on this particular account, but because I get such a volume of e-mail from so many accounts this remained undetected until some maintenance I finally had time to do tonight brought the problem to light allowing me to repair it.

While much of the missed e-mails were simple information there were three that directly impacted people who did not get responses. Therefore I owe three apologies so let me deliver them publicly now.

To Evan Sayet comedian and author extraordinaire, I’m sorry I didn’t answer your e-mail concerning scheduling because I never saw them, I’m anxious to have you on the show ASAP and will try to schedule you either second or third week of January.

To Dr. Paul Byrne, the same. I didn’t get your response e-mail concerning the scheduling of you and tying things down. As this was the week of my mother’s death I was a tad distracted as well but if I saw the e-mails I would have answered them promptly. Like Evan Sayet I would like to schedule you the 2nd or third week of January.

Finally to Kimberly Kerekes of the Town clerk’s office in Barrington NH.

I’m very embarrassed. You apparently answered my questions from this post promptly but because of my e-mail problem I didn’t see the answers until today over seven weeks later. In addition to updating the base post I’ll also add your answers to this one.

It is grossly unfair to you and the town that said answers did not go up promptly and while this was due to the e-mail bug it’s still my responsibility. I hope this public mea culpa helps make up for it.

Dear Peter “DaTechGuy” Ingemi,

My answers are listed below:

1. Is the record of the voter rolls in Barrington available to be viewed by the public YES

2. Is there a separate record of new registrants and/or same day registrants available? NO, PER Secretary of States Office

3. Did a person come in to obtain said records? YES

4. If so was said person told it would be $300 for said records?NO, the fee would be actually be $379 which is the rate for the current MARKED CHECKLIST, which is based on our current photocopy fee per page, which is $1/page.

4a. If there is such a fee, is that set by the city or state? Is it a standard fee for records? For a marked checklist

the fee is what the Town or City charges for a copy.

5. The GROK article states that such public records are available under state law saying the following:

New Hampshire State law (91-a) allows the citizen to review, examine, or inspect, any public document that is available. They can even take pictures of it, or make their own copies or abstracts as long as the document(s) are on site and it occurs during regular business hours.

5a Is this correct and if so can said person make their own copies without charge? A person may view and takes notes on the marked checklist, but NO there will be no copies made without a charge, PER NH STATE LAW (91-a;IV)

“If a photocopying machine or other device maintained for use by a body or agency is used by the body or agency to copy the public record or document requested, the person requesting the copy may be charged the actual cost of providing the copy, which cost may be collected by the body or agency.”

6. Will said records be available electronically (in PDF format etc) and available either to the public on request or on the Barrington site eventually? An electronic copy will be available upon request after the Supervisors of the Checklist have entered and scanned the checklist and new voters into the statewide database for a fee of $26.50.

7. If I came down to see said records would they be available for viewing? YES

I have answered all your questions to the best of my ability, if you have any further questions please

feel free to contact the New Hampshire Secretary of State at 271-3242.
Kimberly Kerekes

Again my apologies to all three people above. Mea Culpa

But that is what happens when you are owned:

But some pundits, mostly right-wing neoconservatives, proclaimed that this bore all the hallmarks of Islamic terrorism

Yup neoconservatives like Al-Jazeera, like the Atlantic?

Did they follow the live BBC coverage? Until the person was identified, all the thinking was jihadist, in fact several Islamic groups claimed responsibility (I’d like to see laws made so any group that claims responsibility for such killings can be prosecuted as accessories after the fact, combine it with Rico and you can go after members too).

Yeah we got it wrong, it’s been mentioned both in an update and a fresh post on the blog and I lead my radio show this week with a public admission of the same. However lets remind our liberal friends of something on twitter from Stacy McCain:

I offered a $10 bet that at least one of the people involved in this Norwegian attack is named “Mohammed.” No liberals offered to take that wager

Strangely enough our liberal friends were not in a betting that mood that day. Meanwhile on the subject of jumping to conclusions Michelle Malkin has more to say:

In the Giffords shooting, the Binghamton NY immigration cemter shooting, the Kentucky Census worker death/insurance hoax, Amy Bishop campus shooting spree, and Rep. Russ Carnahan bombing, and Faisal Shahzad Times Square bombing attempt, among others, liberal politicians and activists specifically libeled individual talk show hosts, Fox News, bloggers, and Tea Party activists as murderers. They went after the peaceful political free speech of their enemies and criminalized their policy positions without an iota of proof that such speech had any influence or impact on the real perpetrators of the crime. Even after the suspects were shown to have psychiatric problems, undecipherable political views, or views anathema to the conservative public officials and public figures bearing undue blame, leftist exploiters clung to their tar brushes.

In the Norway massacre, I illuminated explicit death threats and plots by specific jihadi individuals and organizations. It is the Left’s position that these explicitly homicidal signs and realities should be ignored in the immediate aftermath of a terror spree, but that every bullseye image and innocuous reference to “sticking to your guns” is an incitement to murder.

As always, moments like these are truly clarifying.

Very much so, speaking of clarity, and not diminishing either the evil nor the significance of the abominable acts in Norway lets throw a point out there:

I suspect the reason why Stacy McCain had no takers on his bet was the fact that from July 1st to July 23rd, 436 people have been killed, and 693 wounded in the name of Islam in 14 countries. (source)

Think Progress and the left, along with the rest of the world are rightly outraged by the slaughter in Norway. Other than the Islamic groups that claimed responsibility nobody has expressed anything but disgust at this horror.

The difference seems to be I and others opposed to radical Jihad just happen to be also outraged at those murdered in India, Pakistan, Iraq, Dagestan, Yemen, Thailand, Ghana, China, Algeria, Iran, Nigeria, Indonesia, Sudan and the Philippines. I suspect Stacy McCain and Pam Geller are too.

Or to put it another way, I’ll take our liberal friends outrage over the initial suspicion of radical Islam when they join me in being outraged over Molly Norris. When she can come out of hiding without the need of bodyguards in the US then I’ll consider their pronouncements concerning Radical Islam.

I’ve talked about the Bill Sparkman story on and off, just to remind you, Sparkman was a man found dead in KY a couple of years ago. The initial reports suggested Murder and things written on his body suggested an anti-tax agenda etc by the killers.

Many on the left jumped at this saying things like “The body should be sent to Glenn Beck”.

It however turned out Sparkman had in fact killed himself and in death purposely attempted to convert his suicide into a murder to disguise it.

The initial assumption of murder was logical, but the facts trumped the initial logical assumption.

That brings me to the Killings in Norway Yesterday. As you know when they broke I assumed an Islamic attack, there were plenty of signs of trouble in Norway and in fact two groups claimed credit for it. Logical assumption. While I was visiting an elderly friend most of yesterday I was thinking about how I would deal with these events today on the show. The one fly in the ointment, initial reports also suggested the camp shooter was disguised as a policeman, that screamed ethnic Norwegian since one of the issues with the Islamic population was a lack of assimilation, but not knowing how many Islamic officers there were, I filed it in the back of my mind.

I woke up this morning to find out two things:

1. 80 kids were shot in Norway 80, that’s about as bad as it gets.

2. For once it wasn’t an Islamic terrorist, in fact it looks very much like an Ultra Nationalist.

It seems I committed the Bill Sparkman error in reverse, It was of course a logical conclusion to believe Radical Islam had committed this attack as they are involved in the vast majority of such attacks worldwide, but vast majority by its very definition means that there is a small minority where they are not involved.

It’s an important lesson, as we might well remember, our German friends and those who collaborated with them in the 30’s and 40th didn’t need a belief in radical Islam to slaughter millions. Murders and killers and their causes predate radical Islam and will exist long after the Islamists are in the dustbin of history. There will always be a new group of killers, alone or with followers with a new agenda and a new excuse to kill.

Now am I sorry for getting it wrong? Yup, as I said, I jumped the gun and I should have known better. Am I sorry for suspecting radical Islam, nope, Radical Islam has a long track record in these matters, and as reported there were specific threats of this nature this very week Let’s remind everyone of this early report:

Weasel Zippers spots an interesting twist:

Update at 10:14 a.m. ET: Although the source of the blast is unclear, Al-Jazeera TV notes that Norwegian prosecutors on Tuesday filed a terrorism charge against Mullah Krekar, founder of the Kurdish Islamist group Ansar al-Islam.

Unless you want to start calling Al-Jazeera “Islamophobic” then one must conclude there were rational reasons to assume it was another Islamic attack.

Additionally I found the most intriguing update on the matter was this one. It speaks volumes: emphasis mine

Then the police announced that they had arrested a 32-year-old suspect who, they emphasized with what seemed like relief or even joy, was a tall, blond ethnic Norwegian (one police spokesman even called him an “ethnic Norwegian Norwegian,” a turn of phrase that Norwegians would describe as “smør på flesk” – i.e., putting butter on bacon, or, as we’d say in English, gilding the lily). They insisted that the suspect (although they described him not as a suspect but as a “perpetrator”) had no connection to a terrorist group, though when asked about other connections he might have, they seemed to dodge the question.

Now tell me why did the police emphasize with relief and joy that the suspect was not Islamic? Does it make the horrible murder of 80 children more palatable? Does it make the destruction in Oslo any less severe or bloody?

No. What it does is it allow them to kick the can down the road on an actual problem that they are still going to have to deal with and would rather not.

If it turns out that this guy is specifically Anti-Islamist as well and targeted his political foes because they were weak on the subject then he is evil AND stupid. Like Scott Roeder (the murderer of abortionist George Tiller) he not only forgets that an evil act does not justify another evil act but by his actions he gives support and cover to the very evil he opposes.

Now Gates of Vienna notes a few things concerning this attack:

Now that the suspect is in custody and has been identified as an indigenous Norwegian, the latest reports refer to him as a “right-wing extremist”, presumably linked to some ultra-nationalist group.

Yet his attacks targeted the Socialists, the most anti-Israel of the major parties in Norway. Based on the affiliation of the people he killed, some websites go so far as to describe him as a “Zionist”.

To make matters even stranger, his Facebook page is quite innocuous — unless you consider The Prince subversive. And it was only set up a few days ago.

So I have no idea what the real story is. When the Scandinavian Gang of Five wake up in the morning, they will no doubt sift the latest Norwegian-language accounts, and possibly find something worth reporting.

However — assuming that the young man is not really a “Zionist” — his being a “right-wing extremist” does not rule out a jihad connection. Not at all.

Although Gates is correct that it doesn’t rule it out, it does make it extremely unlikely and sans credible connections I have to assume this to be wrong. (Yes it’s possible that by dismissing Gate’s suggestion I’ll make the same mistake twice, but this time I’ll risk it).

So to summarize, I jumped to a conclusion before all the facts were in, it was a logical conclusion that most rational people would have come to, but it was still wrong. It’s my bad and my Mea Culpa. It is my mistake and I own it.

However, those who choose to use this mistake to deny the dangers of radical Islam are making a bigger one. Just ask Molly Norris.

Update: Christian Fundamentalist? Please, name me the Christian church that has endorsed these actions and then you can cry Fundamentalism.

Today while watching Morning Joe this morning he brought up the Clinton record on taxes and I put out the following tweet:

A few minutes later he mentioned how the GOP congress moved Clinton, but at the same time I noticed that my youngest had not come down for his bus, had to get him up and running. He ended up missing the bus so I had to get dressed and get him to school. On the way home I stopped at Moran Square diner (ironic as Barnicle has mentioned it more than once) had breakfast and came back home about an hour after I left totally forgetting about the tweet.

A few min ago Joe sent this tweet.

It had been several hours later so I didn’t remember what he was talking about, but after seeing the tweet and remembering he had a real point so I tweeted the following:

Normally that would do but it occurs to me the tweet was up for 4 hours uncorrected. As it was not put up in error deleting it would be altering the record and the simply mea culpa tweet is in my opinion an insufficient apology so Joe I put this post up as a formal apology and correction that you deserve and honor demands beyond a simple tweet.

My bad.

Update: Maybe Meghan McCain can use this post as a template for a bad tweet.

I interrupted his dinner at a Washington Restaurant two nights ago to interview him on camera about the tea party.

Paul Johnson at George Washington
Unfortunately something must have happened with my card since I can’t find any trace of it on my media, (although the photo I took is there). That is totally my bad.

His site has video of his appearances in costume but the most important thing on his site is the parable of the closed steakhouse:


…the rest is on his site. His talk about ratios and expenses is business 101. Would that more people in the White House had his sense.

Cannoli, business card and a book in happier times in Boston before takeoff
Landed in Washington tonight without incident but as I met my friend at the metro to head off for my first overnight in Burke to my horror I found that the Box of Cannoli that came with me all the way from Boston was missing!

I scanned the area, no luck, I checked at the police stop, no luck, I checked with TSA since it was an unmarked box nothing, although one TSA agent’s eyes lit up when I said the missing box contained fresh Cannoli (that’s what you would call a bad sign).

I had asked some baggage handlers if they wished to be interviewed, they declined, but they remembered me and said I had the box when I left their area. It’s possible that I put it down when I was giving a gentleman change for a two and someone grabbed it thinking it was some kind of valuable gift.

In the end it is a straight loss for me and my own fault. There is an outside chance that either Delta or the Police will give me an holler but I’m assuming that some officer, some thief or some average person is now enjoying a box full of the best cannoli that Dutch Kitchen can provide.

Yet I have no business complaining, on the way to the house we gassed up and at the station two police cars had pulled aside a young man and two of his friends. He had been stopped for a taillight but was driving with a suspended license so he had to wait while the police arranged to tow the vehicle. Compared to him I”m doing much better.

If losing that box of cannoli is the worst thing that happens to me in Washington then I’m doing fine, but I do apologize to my blogger buddies that I am not able to provided the cannolli. I feel guilty particularly since I’m sipping 18 year old Chivas Regal with a good friend as I type. I’ll wager the person who is eating that cannoli tonight might be jealous, at least a little bit.

Qualifiers not withstanding it appears that their reports might have more meat than I thought, Confederate Yankee continues to disagree and has some backup. I respect him very much but the conflicting reports don’t seem to confirm one story or the other.

Or to put it another way. I don’t know the truth, so my implication that Digger’s Realm and Kimberly Dvorak were shown wrong was premature and patronizing.

Since I can’t decide what is true and what is not I have no business implying that they are clinging to a false story for that I apologize.

on a roll in New Orleans:

A Republican activist and her boyfriend were savagely beaten in New Orleans on Friday for wearing Sarah Palin pins,.

Now the question becomes will the media report on it? I’m sure they will decline, after all they don’t want to seem racist. Since they ignored a black conservative being beaten (Mr. Gladney) they don’t want to have a double standard just because one of the conservative victims this time is an attractive white woman.

Update: Michelle Reports there were no pins involved. Mea Culpa I didn’t make the call that she did.