Today at Hotair they link to a pew study suggesting the Tea Party is not doing so well:

Throughout the 2010 election cycle, agreement with the Tea Party far outweighed disagreement in the 60 House districts represented by members of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus. But as is the case nationwide, support has decreased significantly over the past year; now about as many people living in Tea Party districts disagree (23%) as agree (25%) with the Tea Party.

Well if that’s true, then Colin Powell is right about his implication that the Tea Party is toxic. After all if the Tea Party is polling poorly in even their own districts then they certainly don’t have power in a blue state like Massachusetts and Republican and Democrats in the Bay State certainly aren’t going to give them the time of day…Oh Wait:

Yes you read that right, a republican state rep and a democratic state senator together talking about the system, the vagaries of redistricting and taking all kinds of questions from the Tea Party crowd, blissfully unaware of the supposed divisiveness that the media says they should have encountered.

That’s from my latest for the examiner: Colin Powell the Tea Party and the MSM bubble.

Remember the “Twin City Tea Party” represents Fitchburg and Leominster two cities each with state reps who are Democrats, State senators who are democrats and represented in congress by a Democratic. Yet here is a Democratic State Senator talking in front of their group along side with a republican taking and answering questions.

If this Pew poll held water wouldn’t these two blue state polls be eschewing the tea party for say Occupy Boston or Occupy Worcester? Or just might the reality of the situation be different that what is being reported?

If you want to hear propaganda, listen to what media and elites say. If you want to know what’s actually happening, watch what they do.

Here is the story, note they put the “occupy” connection in the last sentence of the 13th paragraph of 14.

Here is the spin from politico.Check out the comments at politico rationalizing it it’s very funny, but not as funny as Ace’s post:

A guy shoots at the White House, and guess what? He’s with the Occupy movement.

But he only posed as part of that movement. He wasn’t really Occupy.

Not like, say, Jared Loughner was really Tea Party.

I remember when Lee Harvey Oswald spent some time “blending” in the Soviet Union.

Also blending in with the Occupy movement? Ringworm and scabies.

Oh and we have this from the New York Daily News:

Zuccotti Park protester Nkrumah Tinsley arrested after threatening to burn down city

C’mon Nicole earn that Soros Media Matters Money, spin, Nicole, SPIN!

Exit question: Substitute the words “tea party” for “occupy DC” and tell me if we the media would cover any other story for the week.

Update: I shouldn’t pick on Nicolle, she is stressed out trying to figure out how to make John Nolte’s Rap sheet for the Occupy movement go away.

Update 2: A more detailed list sorted by actual offense at Verum Serum

Update 3: Yup no connection to the Occupy movement at all:

I understand a moment of silence for the White House, but why would you offer a moment of solidarity, i.e. unity, with the shooter?

I guess even if the shooter doesn’t identify with them, they seem to identify with him, Via Ace of Spades HQ who says…

I don’t even want to write the obvious words, but I’ll do it: If anyone in the Tea Party expressed solidarity with Jared Loughner (and if a group of Tea Partiers than bowed their head in respectful silence for him), do you imagine the media would have been interested?

Over to you Nicole Gennette.

One of the problems of reporting from a set template is reality apparently becomes so apparent that it can’t be ignored:

Others, including Reps. Tim Holden and Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania, Ben Chandler of Kentucky, Jim Costa of California, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Jim Matheson of Utah, Mike McIntyre of North Carolina and Michael Michaud of Maine, declined repeated requests for comment on whether they will stump for the president or even support him in 2012.

Now if you are a regular reader of this blog this is no surprise to you, we’ve written about democrats running from this administration again and again but if you exist in the MSNBC/POLITICO echo chamber this is an incredible shock since we are constantly told that Obama is fundraising like mad, on the rise in Ohio (HA!) and will be a tough person to beat in 2012.

That’s what makes this story, much like the stories of the anger of the Black Caucus toward Obama, so important. These are the type of things that liberals and democrats have been quietly saying to each other, that Politico is saying even with one story (as opposed to their all Herman Cain all the time onslaught) it out-loud tells me it has become so self evident that it can’t be ignored anymore.

and what message does that send to the GOP and conservatives? It’s the same one I first gave on January 20th 2010

Ride right through them, They’re demoralized as hell!

or as my southern friend Stacy McCain might say.

Keep up the scare!

Unified Patriots takes a trip down memory lane:

After Bill Clinton denied a long-time affair with Gennifer Flowers, media+Left said “move on, she’s lying.” When the audio tapes appeared in 1992. The media+Left said “move on, the tapes are doctored.”

After Clinton denied having Paula Jones summoned up to a private room and invited her to “free willy”, the media+Left chortled when government officials claimed she was what turns up when you drag a dollar bill across a trailer park. They said “Can’t prove it, therefore she’s lying. Move on.”

after a few more permutations along this line he hits the punch line:

And this is where was born. As a smarmy, self-righteous response to national outrage over the cheapening of the Oval Office, they came back with “It’s just sex! Move on! And by the way, you suck!”

Apparently however this will not be the case for two reasons both having to do with race:

1. Black conservatives need to be crushed as a rule, a black conservative who is more qualified than Obama AND who could draw even 20% of the black vote particularly needs to go.

2. The left has a convoluted idea of how Republicans think. I suspect they will continue to push this with the idea that conservatives will somehow be shocked at the idea of a Black man hitting on a white woman. Why, because to the left it is forever the days of Jim Crow with Republicans cast in the role of Democrats.

What is true and what is false is irrelevant to the MSM and the left. What will win and what will not win for them is the only truth that counts.

With only an hour to go before my ride to the airport shows up (I’ll grab the Cannoli on the way) I wanted to get something up concerning the Cain speech yesterday in my destination city of Phoenix.

But there is no need, the Anchoress has done all the heavy lifting

He needed to say, “shame on you, all of you, for being so willing to run with a story like this, you people who tried to spike the Lewinsky story and were ready to call her a “crazy stalker” until the blue dress showed up; you people who can’t be bothered investigating incidences of voter fraud or collusion between Democratic operatives and publicly-funded enterprises like ACORN. You people, who spent month after month hoping to find evidence of racism, or sexism, or homophobia, or anti-socialism, or violence at a tea party — even editing video or arguing with peaceful protesters in hopes of creating scenes to help sell your preferred narrative — while you ignore evidence of anti-Semitism, sexism, anti-socialism and violence perpetrated by hundreds of ‘occupiers.’ Why should anyone believe you? Why should I bend to your perverted, distorted and myopic vision of the nation? Why should I serve your intentions?”

Cain needed to take it to be press, and give them a public scolding for their double standards and hypocrisy in front of the whole nation — “you’ll crucify a Republican president who got congressional approval to go to war, but look the other way when a Democrat skips getting approval; you savage a Republican candidate who did not go to an Ivy League college but cower before the idea of asking for transcripts from the Democrat; you’ll mock a Republican who mispronounces a word, or stumbles over a phrase, or misspells potato — things we all have done; things that you have done — but when a Democrat talks about visiting “all 57 states,” or apologizes for not speaking Austrian, his mistake is allowed to be the forgettable flub that it is. The forgettable flub that it always is, unless it comes from the lips of a Republican.”

What is the end game on all of this? I tweeted it out last night:

That’s the whole game, no more no less.

I’ve already quoted Stacy McCain’s thoughts on the new accusations of this case, now let me add my own.

I remember when the fatwa came out on Salman Rushdie and people ran out to buy his book because of it. I thought about it myself but then said: “Would I buy this book if there was not a threat, and if I buy it due to the threat am I not letting it move me?”

I kept my money in my pocket (full disclosure, I’m cheap!)

I remembered this when I saw this piece from Larry Klavan:

we’re the good guys. We have to do what’s right. The left doesn’t. Sorry, but that’s the way it works. It’s the price you pay for defending what’s true and good, the price of holding yourself to a high moral standard. Our politicians have to be better than their politicians. Our journalists have to be more honest. Even our protesters have to behave with decorum and decency—and still suffer being slandered—while theirs can act like animals and commit acts of violence and lawlessness and spew anti-Semitic filth and still find themselves excused and glorified.

Odd or no, fair or unfair it’s up to individuals to decide if you want to buy this. Undoubtedly some will believe her and some will not but what can’t do is sell our judgement to our instincts just because we don’t like the media.

So Instead I watched it to judge for myself.

After watching it I find her statement certainly possible, but then again I also find Herman Cain’s denial possible, but my gut says this is fishy because of the sequence:

1. We have the politico story, with totally unnamed accusations by unnamed accusers.

2. We have the press spend a week pushing said story without questioning the lack of said people and sources

3. We then have the press push for the NRA to drop confidentially

4. They do and the accuser takes a powder.

5. All during this time Cain not only maintains his lead but fundraises more in said week than he did in the previous month.

6. and THEN the other accuser pops up with a high-powered ambulance chasing Democratic partisan at her side.

So lets summarize. After a week of trying to destroy Cain without evidence fails suddenly different evidence comes forward, and doesn’t just come forward but with Gloria Allred and you expect me to buy this as sold?

If this woman had come forward when she claims she encountered Cain after the tea party event I might think differently but there is one other factor from her story that comes to mind.

Consider the story: This woman has just lost her job and has just had an encounter with Cain after losing her job, she doesn’t have a sexual harassment case, but if he laid hands on her, as she said, unless I’m very much mistaken that is not only actionable, but for a person who has just lost a job and needs a new one a potential source of revenue from a rather well off person in an organization who would have a lot to lose. Yet she did nothing.

I find that odd, don’t you?

Is there a chance she is being straight? Sure, but the lack of evidence and sequence of events suggests otherwise. So sans actual evidence I’m going to go with Cain on this

It’s unlikely the media will do the same, as the Anchoress points out:

My advice to Cain has not changed he has to tell the truth, but then again I think he already is.

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Update: Legal Insurrection comments, key phrase:

Allred did not allow Bialek to answer any questions.

As she is not part of any suit I find that….interesting.

Update 2: Big Government for the prosecution:

Part of Ms. Bialek’s statement included the description of a personal encounter she claimed to have had Mr. Cain at WIND’s Teacon in October of 2011. She claims to have confronted Mr. Cain and that he became uncomfortable after he recognized her.

Big Government has spoken with a source who helped organize Teacon 2011 and who confirmed that Sharon Bialek attended, as did Mr. Cain (who was a featured speaker).

Our source also remembers Ms. Bialek personally, and therefore can confirm that the woman who attended was not a different woman with the same name.

That does not affirm or deny the substance of Ms. Bialek’s allegations, nor her account of her interaction with Mr. Cain at Teacon.

True but it confirms part of her story. That’s important.

Update 3: And for the Defense the Chicago Sun Times:

They hugged each other backstage in a full embrace like old friends.

She grabbed his arm and whispered in his left ear.

She kept talking as he bent to listen, and he kept saying “Uh, huh. Uh, huh.”


“I don’t know if what she was giving him was a sucker punch, but he didn’t put his arm down while she was talking to him,” said the Sneed source.

Not what you’d call a “confrontation” is it? And Dr. Helen answers Klavan

The point is, we must not let the left use our morality to hold us hostage. You may never catch the devil hanging on the cross, but your double standard will leave the right hanging in defeat, just like Uncle Phil, but without the safety net of his opponent dying. Life isn’t a nostalgic TV show or fiction book. The good guy doesn’t always win just because you want him to. And though you can feel noble about being the honorable one, honor is no substitute for the loss of freedom, increased government regulation, and economic woes that our country will suffer if the left wins on election day.

Hey maybe we should ask Bill Clinton, or not

I guess the Cain Train will manage another 2 million this week:

A new woman alleging sexual harassment by presidential hopeful Herman Cain will break her silence at a news conference with her powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred Monday afternoon in New York City, is exclusively reporting.

Jansing and company and Politico are absolutely drooling over this, I’m sure the Cain campaign is too. There is nothing more likely to destroy the credibility of the people going after Cain than involving Gloria Allred. Ed Morrissey says this:

I’m guessing that hiring Allred signals that a better lawyer wouldn’t take this client, but we’ll have to see when the national media writes another 100 stories about this case. And of course, if the woman didn’t file any complaint — at least by Radar’s reporting, this is someone other than the two women whose cases Politico reported last week — then the allegations are going to have an instant credibility problem anyway. Or at least they would if they were being made against Bill Clinton rather than Herman Cain.

Rush Limbaugh must be licking his lips, but the tweet of the day came from Viasmom:

The “jump the shark” jokes are all over twitter, but under the broken clock theory we will see what actually happens as Michelle Malkin reminds us:

As much of a despicable publicity-seeker as the Paris Hilton of Lawyers is, it’s a mistake to completely write off Allred before the presser. The last time we saw her, I must remind you, she was attached like a barnacle to the side of one of Anthony Weiner’s sexting pals. And we know how that all — rightly — ended.

Will it be circus or will there be meat on the bone? We’ll know in 2 hours.

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…if you support a different campaign and want to join in the ecstasy before you do take a peek at this line from the Reuters story:

Ipsos conducted the poll of 1,007 adults on Friday and Saturday by interviewing individuals via a U.S. online household panel.

Since it was an online poll, typical margins of error do not apply. Despite that, various recognized methods were used to select as representative a sample as possible and weigh the results.

An ONLINE POLL! The MSM is reduced to using ONLINE polls to show problems for Herman Cain?

I guess when the facts don’t meet your template, and when your “accusers” are unwilling to talk even when released from confidentiality agreements you’ve gotta spin what you’ve got.

Rush always says the MSM will tell you who they fear, would the media be playing this card if they were not afraid of Cain?

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Update 2: Via Live at Five Bill Jacobson crunches the numbers, a peek:

Politico news stories about or mentioning “sexual harassment“: 91
Politico news stories about or mentioning “sexual harassment” not involving Herman Cain: 0
Politico news stories showing what Herman Cain actually did: 0
Politico news stories showing specifically what Herman Cain was accused of: 0

And Politifact is getting ready to team with THEM? HA!

Update 3: The Media and Morning Joe continue to ignore this story.

Update 4: Howard Kurtz, guilty of committing journalism

Update 5: Gloria Allred? What, was Charlie Sheen’s lawyer unavailable?

At the end of my weekly game night session over a friend’s home I was scrounging a ride to the airport for next week’s trip to Phoenix (Barbara Espinosa) and Denver (Blogcon) when the subject of the election came up.

Much to my surprise the two most liberal members of my game group expressed support for Herman Cain. One a solid anti Palinite who follows the BBC has decided on him and the other who supports Deval Patrick and is an MSNBC guy is just about there.

Both were very aware of the Politico story and their only questions were along the lines of: “Will Cain survive it?”

This indicates the weakness of both the Politio story and the MSM’s narrative and today’s big headline was a classic example of that failure:

Herman Cain accuser wants to talk, her lawyer says

A person’s lawyer backing them up? Boy that’s news.

Even more troubling for the MSM narrative is this reaction from. Mark Shea:

Entire Party that Once Defended Bill Clinton…

…now wets itself in righteousness because somebody complains that Herman Cain made somebody feel uncomfortable once.

I’ll never vote for the guy but… seriously? I’m supposed to believe the Dems have some burning sense of concern about this stuff after the Clinton Administration?

If three days of this isn’t winning over someone who’d “never vote for the guy!” what chance do they have with the folks already on his side?

And what do the current polls say? Funny you should ask:

A new poll puts Herman Cain ahead of Mitt Romney by seven percentage points in the GOP presidential race, reflecting a margin wider than the sampling error.

Cain and Romney competed for the top spot in national polls for much of October, but a Quinnipiac University Poll released Wednesday shows Cain breaking ahead to take a solid lead.

There is a phrase in the CNN story that is very telling: emphasis mine

The poll, taken almost entirely before reports emerged of sexual allegations against Cain, also reveals Cain leading in a hypothetical matchup against Romney, 47% to 39%.

“Almost entirely?” What exactly is the date range:

Quinnipiac surveyed a total 2,294 registered voters over the telephone from Oct. 25-Oct. 31, with a sampling error of plus or minus 2.1 percentage points.

The story broke huge on the evening of the 30th. The news was dominated with coverage on the 31st. That means that 2 of the seven days of the poll (say 1 1/2 because of the time it broke) took place at the height of the press’ feeding frenzy.

That being the case one might think that there would at least a slight depression of the results for Cain, that there is not says one of two things:

1. The credibility of the MSM is so low they are unable to move public opinion anymore on something like this.

2. The support for Cain is so high that even with a slight depression he still outpolls Romney outside of the margin of error.

This Cain story is doing damage all right, but that damage is to the street cred of the MSM

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Update 2: If I’m the Cain Campaign this Piece from Jimmie Bise would worry me more than the MSM:

Sexual harassment charges are, to my thinking, the most difficult to refute cleanly. Oftentimes they devolve into “he said, she said” situations where only those involved know the truth, if there is any truth to be known at all. Two people can perceive the same situation differently and one person’s harassment is another person’s honest and innocent conversation.

That, however, doesn’t matter. Politicians have been dealing with similar accusations for decades, if not centuries. Any campaign can, with just a little work, study how other campaigns handled charges levied against them and figure out how to do it themselves. It takes homework, but it surely can be done.

and the big finish

Herman Cain has said, over and over, that we should support him because he is a problem-solver. If he can’t solve the problems in his own campaign, how can we believe he’ll solve the far larger problems of Obama-sized government? Regrettably, I can’t.

If Jimmie is saying that you’d better believe others are thinking it.

There is a bit in Stacy McCain’s American Spectator piece that deserves more attention than simply an update to my previous post:

Politico said it had been pursuing the story for “several weeks.” Cain’s spokesman, J.D. Gordon, said other news organizations had previously inquired about the harassment allegations and declined to pursue the story.

Now Herman Cain as been on top of the polls for quite a bit. It would seem to me that these “other news organizations” might have had a reason to pursue this story if there was like, you know a STORY.

At the moment all we know is that years ago somebody accused Herman Cain of something, we don’t know who and we don’t know what but according to the MSM Herman Cain’s inability to give direct answers is telling considering the seriousness of the charges…whatever they happen to be.

I’m prepared to be as skeptical as anybody else, and demand answers…just as soon as we know what the actual question is.