You might wonder why people still fall for Nigerian E-mail scams, it’s because of a simple fact of human nature. There is no limit to what you can convince people of if they want to believe it.

This comes to mind when I saw the headline:

“Liberal Catholics challenge Bishops of contraception”

Yup those liberals who call themselves “Catholics” but aren’t big on Mass, the sacraments, the teachings of the church and all those things that make catholics “Catholic”. But I clicked over nevertheless to see what CNN was saying.

When I read the piece that accompanies it I had to laugh, it was not much more than a press release for “Catholic’s United” a fringe “Catholic” group that exists to provide press releases for democratic candidates who oppose Church teaching and to provide a group that says “Catholic” on it as a counterpoint to actual church teaching.

The really funny line is this one:

“The Catholic bishops and their allies in the Republican Party are increasingly isolated,” James Salt, executive director of a liberal group called Catholics United, said in a statement over the weekend supporting the White House’s contraception rule.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

The entire set of Bishops representing every diocese in the county speaks against something and a “Catholic” fringe group of dissenters that consists of a PR machine for the left says they are fringe?

Tell me what services does Catholics united provide, what soup kitchens do they run, what services for the poor do they provide, what prisoners in jail do they visit? How many millions of dollars and volunteers do they have providing these services?

The next sentence of the CNN bit is even funnier:

Another Washington-based Catholic operative, John Gehring, e-mailed reporters over the weekend to knock the bishops for criticizing President Barack Obama,

Note what we have here, not even a group or an organization a “Catholic operative” a single operative. That’s what CNN quoting to show how isolated the Orthodox Catholic position is?

Meanwhile against them what do we have lets take a peek:

Of the 183 dioceses (by my count) in the U.S. who have a bishop currently serving as its head, 178 of them have issued statements. I can only find 3 Roman Catholic bishops who have yet to issue statements. So almost 100% of bishops who head dioceses have spoken out against the Obama/HHS mandate.

(And one of those three bishops has commended the mandate in print).

Meanwhile there is a list of 28 Catholic organizations (so far) who have condemned the mandate (full disclosure, one of these groups is the Knights of Columbus of which I’m a member) and 9 protestant groups as well.

and that doesn’t even count the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops of North America (the Greek Orthodox church).

Yet here is the MSM trumpeting a group who’s only credibility is with Pro-Abortion democrats looking for cover.

Only those totally ignorant of the church or opposed to their teachings would fall for this….which explains why it’s on CNN

Update: A clarification, it isn’t CNN MSNBC, ABC, CBS etc etc etc who are falling for the scam, they know that Catholics United is basically a fax machine. It is their readers, those who hate the Church and it’s teachings, and those Catholics who want to convince themselves that their support for Abortion and other grave sins isn’t actually wrong are the targets. They are being sold the scam and are buying it readily because it is so much easier than dealing with actual reality.

Update 2: Now 100% of the Bishops and 30 lay organizations have spoken out, but what’s that compared to Catholic’s United!

This morning I talked about this video

It is a great example of fighting back and Candidate Mark Oxner in Fl 27 deserves a lot of credit for realizing you take ground by going on offense.

In the space of under 24 hours we’ve seen an excellent example of this on the presidential scale.

First we had Nancy Pelosi playing the “I know something you don’t know.” game:

Pelosi: “He’s not going to be President of the United States. That’s not going to happen. Let me just make my prediction and stand by it, it isn’t going to happen.”

King: “Why are you so sure?”

Pelosi: “There is something I know. The Republicans, if they choose to nominate him that’s their prerogative. I don’t even think that’s going to happen.”

Perhaps Nancy figured this CNN report that Byron York dug up was in the memory hole somewhere:

Newt Being Newt went went straight at em:

“There’s almost a level of hysteria about the prospect of somebody who really wants to change Washington,” said Mr. Gingrich to host John McCaslin.

“I have a simple challenge for Speaker Pelosi…you know, put up or shut up. I mean, I have no idea what she’s talking about. I don’t think she has any idea what she’s talking about, but bring it on,”

And under 12 hours later viola

Later the same day, Pelosi’s office said that Pelosi was referring to the likelihood that Gingrich would win the Republican presidential nomination and beat President Obama in the 2012 general election, as well as the entire Ethics Committee’s findings on Gingrich.

“The ‘something’ Leader Pelosi knows is that Newt Gingrich will not be President of the United States. She made that clear last night,” Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said in a statement. “Leader Pelosi previously made a reference to the extensive amount of information that is in the public record, including the comprehensive committee report with which the public may not be fully aware.”

As Weasel Zippers put it:

“Nancy folds like a cheap suit.”

Meanwhile while Newt was hitting back against Pelosi, contrast this to Mitt:

CARLSON: Mr. Romney, what does Nancy Pelosi know if it would be such a bombshell as to why Newt Gingrich couldn’t be president?

ROMNEY: I wish I knew what that was [laughter]. I’d tell people what it is right now.

But that’s one of the reasons why I’m saying that all of the records that were part of the ethics investigation, all of the transcripts, all of the records have to be made public.

Apparently he thought the CNN piece was in a memory hole too, Never mind that William Jacobson knew the score on Nancy:

Would Nancy Pelosi lie for political gain? You betcha. She accused the CIA of lying to Congress about waterboarding, even though the records showed she was briefed and her prior public statements contradicted her. She also is a malicious person who led the charge to demean the Tea Party movement as un-American.

That didn’t matter. Romney’s increasingly desperate campaign raced toward the charge like a man in a desert running toward a mirage…

with the same result.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s office on Wednesday said the minority leader doesn’t have any dirt on Newt Gingrich.

So bottom line, while the MSM tells us that Newt is unelectable, the GOP is heading toward defeat and Obama’s SOTU speech will cement election 2012 that same Newt, in less that a full news cycle, Turned the Pelosi attack pushed by the MSM into an embarrassing defeat for Pelosi AND Romney.

How can this be? Simple. It’s because like candidate Oxner in FL-27, Gingrich refused to empower the MSM narrative and instead fought back on his own terms exposing the weakness and irrelevance of the MSM and Pelosi.

In other words…

He Rode Right Through them, ’cause they’re demoralized as Hell!

It’s that simple.

Update: The fact that Newt fights doesn’t mean he fights according to Hoyle

So now Newt’s defenders will have to explain to us once more why Gingrich is a trustworthy conservative, after his campaign aired Spanish-language radio advertisements accusing Mitt Romney of being “anti-immigrant”:

and it looks like the he is subject to the same rules of attack and retreat:

“We respect Senator Rubio tremendously and will remove the ad from the rotation. We will replace it with a positive message that will continue to focus on drawing contrast between our clear vision on the issues important to the hispanic community and our oponnents lack thereof,” Gingrich’s Florida campaign chairman, Jose Mallea, said.

Exit question: Why is the GOP establishment less shy about counter-attacking when the target is a member of the GOP than it is about attacking democrats? Inquiring minds want to know!

It is axiomatic that Comedy central is an organ of the left in both its approach and its opinions, but every now and again it finds a situation so ironic, so simply incredible that no amount of political agreement or sympathy can override the comedy gold it produces.

There is a lot of commentary on the right concerning this:

Legal Insurrection:

This is from the “you can’t make this stuff up” files

The Mental Recession

The hypocrisy is mind-numbing, especially if the Daily Show has to point out something as being uncivil towards the Tea Party.

The Conservatory:

Beyond obtuse. Far, far beyond.

Moe Lane:

Nobody’s this clueless. Nobody.

Ace of spades:

1) Did she not know this was John Oliver from The Daily Show, and was she not aware of the kinds of things that typically happen during Daily Show interviews? 2) Was this a case of intentional hypocrisy on her part for rhetorical gain? Or was she acting out of complete ignorance?


…people like Harrop and the DNC’s current talking-points robot typically don’t do what they do because they’re blind to their own demagoguery, I think. To believe that is to let them off the hook for the cynical choice they’ve consciously made to smear their opponents for political advantage. There’s plenty of paranoia involved, no doubt, but it’s all in service to an agenda. If Harrop was genuinely this myopic, you could almost forgive her for it. Almost.

Small dead Animals

Ms. Harrop claims she was in on the joke. Many think she was not.

And finally Robert Stacy McCain:

What creeps me out about X or a Froma is the matter-of-fact, calmly fanatic certainty with which they will tell you that Tea Partiers are terrorists and the U.S. is turing into a cauldron of sadistic carnal abuse. I told X words to the effect: “It would be interesting to see how you show statistically that humanity is any more depraved now than ever.”

This is the same kind of unquestioning regurgitation that fuels global warming hysteria.

I think it’s much more simple, and can best be explained by a quote a 1956 episode of The Adventures of Robin Hood titled The Scientist. Robin and his band are protecting Albertus of Oxford from Prince John who wants him to build a horrific weapon. Friar Tuck asks if other scientists have considered the theory behind the device and Albertus answers thus:

There was Claudius of Paris for one. He thought it too frightful to use, except against the infidel. Then there was Al-Dalim the great Arabian. He wrote ‘it was too frightful to use, except against Christians.’

To Froma Harrop and people like her, liberalism IS their religion. Conservatives in general and the Tea Party in particular are their devils thus the rules of civilized behavior not only do not apply but simply holding liberal beliefs grant automatic absolution for any line that might be crossed.

So it doesn’t matter if she knew what Comedy Central was doing or understood the cause in which it was done, it was all in the cause of defeating evil conservatives and isn’t that what it’s all about in the end?

Here is the episode, the exchange that leads to the clip is at 8:33

Today on Morning Joe there was a lot of shock over the latest Polls showing Gingrich soaring in state after state.

Joe used the example of Massachusetts (that hasn’t elected a member of the GOP to any house of congress) in a regular election in the 21st century and a moderate in NY as proof that Gingrich will be a drag for all.

Forgetting for a moment that his two examples had a combined loss of three congressional seats and perhaps one might be more concerned in states where the populations are growing and as a person who has endorsed a different candidate, let me ask Joe the question:

If you are running for congress who is going to be a bigger drag in swing districts, Newt Gingrich or Barack Obama?

Perhaps you should ask Charlie Wilson in Ohio that question.

In my last post I mentioned we would not have to wait to tweak the MSM over “climate change”, naturally readers might have thought I was talking about the new batch of e-mails. Nope I’m talking about another story that the MSM is giving no attention to:

BBC: Nov 28th 2011

Canada will not make further cuts in its greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol, and may begin formally withdrawing next month.

AP Nov 28th 2011:

As U.N. climate negotiations opened in South Africa, CTV News in Canada reported that Ottawa will announce its formal withdrawal from the Kyoto accord next month.

Environment Minister Peter Kent said Monday he would neither confirm or deny the report. Kent says it isn’t the day to make an announcement.

Vancouver Sun Dec 3 2011:

Kent has described Kyoto as an agreement of the “past” and that Canada, as with Japan and Russia, will not take on new targets beyond the existing commitment period that ends in 2012.

Mohau Pheko, South Africa’s high commissioner to Canada, said she was particularly disturbed by Kent’s recent suggestions that he would take a hard line approach against developing nations and challenge founding principles of the existing international climate change agreements that require developed countries to take responsibility for causing the environmental threat over the past 150 years.

You just try to find that as a headline on CBCNBCABCMSNBCCNN news broadcast.

I know Rush gave Al Gore another 4 years or so but I don’t think this house of cards is going to make it that far no matter what the media chooses to report or no.

In my post earlier today I talked about the shock of finding out about the crash and burn of a leading embryonic stem cell research company almost three weeks after the fact. I questioned why it got so little play:

the idea that a whole branch of scientific inquiry; A branch that the left promoted in print and broadcast news. A branch that was highly funded by taxpayer grants, A branch that leading celebrates used to paint Religious conservatives as heartless and anti-science. A branch that was touted culturally in film and media was as reliable as a “ONE OWNER” sign on a used car I’d say that was not only a story, but I’d call that a front page at the top of the broadcast story. Apparently the left would not.

So lets see how the Huffington Post, a leading organ of the left, did decide to report this story when it happened:

It was a roomful of giants: 66 of the world’s best stem cell research scientists and technicians. They had succeeded in the initial stage of the world’s first human embryonic stem cell trials. These were safety trials for GRNOPC1, a stem cell product which might ease previously-incurable spinal cord injury paralysis — they should have been lauded as heroes — instead they were losing their jobs.

It would be different if their experiment had failed. But they had done everything right, played by the rules all the way: and in so far as they had been allowed to go, they had triumphed.

Hold on a sec, they succeeded yet they were going out of business? That doesn’t make sense. Let’s read further:

By FDA requirements, the first trial for any new drug or therapy must be safety. Could the cells be injected into a newly-paralyzed person without doing them harm? Opponents of the research had always maintained that the stem cells would cause cancer.

Didn’t happen. There was no harm done to any of the patients.

That’s a triumph? “The research didn’t give the test subject cancer and didn’t do them any harm.” Are we judging under the “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?” standard? Give me millions of tax dollars to feed test subjects sugar pills and I’ll wager I get the same triumphal lack of cancers in my patients too!

The second step would have been to inject significantly larger quantities of cells into other newly-injured patients, perhaps five times as much, to see if there was a positive effect. The cells injected would be increased from roughly two million cells to as much as ten million — a couple teaspoonsful, small in quantity but potentially huge in impact.

So the previous test did not produce any positive results (although its been reported the actual results weren’t released) and you want more funding to boost the dosage to see if a larger dose does? Simple question: How is it any less likely the larger dose might produce the harm the smaller dose did not as it is that the larger dose would produce benefits that the smaller dose did not?

But this next step, as well as the final one to try a much larger group of patients, will not take place with Geron.

Why were the trials stopped, if they were going well? The immediate answer is financial. To take a new therapy or medicine to market is incredibly costly. The price was just too high for Geron, a small company, though it always fought above its weight class.

But political harassment is part of the picture as well: the hate-filled propaganda the Religious Right and their allies in the Republican party had spewed at supporters of the research

So lets get this straight, the company financial failure is all about political harassment. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that after millions of taxpayer dollars over the years its initial tests produced the same results in test subjects that feeding them a Tomato a day would produce?

as well as actual political attacks, laws proposed to fine scientists, even jail them for research.

Yup, in the same sentence he accuses Republicans of both “hate filled propaganda” and wanting to jail scientists. Irony is apparently not his strong suit.

There was also favoritism shown the “less controversial” adult stem cell research, funded lavishly compared to the embryonic variety. In 2008, for example, human adult stem cell research received $297 million in federal funds — embryonic, only $88 million. Even now, under a far more progressive Administration, adult stem cell research receives nearly triple the funding ($341 million compared to $125 million) of embryonic.

Yeah, I’m sure Solyndra and Evergreen Solar would have kept their doors open if only we gave them more tax payer money too.

Now I feel sorry for the author Don C. Reed. He has an emotional investment in this as legislation that favored the company in California was named after his paralyzed son that he hoped would be aided by this research. So given that emotional connection lets add a few rational observations:

  • If these tests were so successful why not release the results? That’s what happens in (non-climate) science, data is released and studied by other scientists
  • The whole idea of medical research is to produce positive results, if Geron’s research produced positive results beyond “not causing cancer” I suspect we would have heard about them, particularly in this puff piece.
  • The potential market for successful treatments for spinal injuries etc is massive yet the company could not produce private funding. That speaks volumes, public funding involves betting the “house’s” (read other people’s) money, private funding does not. There is a reason why, for example Evergreen Solar and Solyndra both only avoided bankruptcy when financed by taxpayers.
  •  Mr. Reed put “less controversial” in scare quotes when referring to adult stem cell treatments, yet adult stemcells have produced actual breakthroughs:

The Japanese biologist Shinya Yamanaka found in 2007 that adult cells could be reprogrammed to an embryonic state with surprising ease. This technology “may eventually eclipse the embryonic stem cell lines for therapeutic as well as diagnostics applications,” Dr. Kriegstein said. For researchers, reprogramming an adult cell can be much more convenient, and there have never been any restrictions on working with adult stem cells.

For therapy, far off as that is, treating patients with their own cells would avoid the problem of immune rejection.

and not just theoretical, adult stem cells are curing blindness in Australia:

Researchers in Australia have come up with an outwardly simple but incredibly ingenious way of curing blindness caused by corneal damage: Take everyday contact lenses, already used by millions (including me), and infuse them with a patient’s own stem cells. After wearing them for about 2 weeks, test subjects reported a seemingly miraculous restoration of sight.

Aiding angina patients in Chicago:

New research published online today in Circulation Research found that injections of adult patients’ own CD34+ stem cells reduced reports of angina episodes and improved exercise tolerance time in patients with chronic, severe refractory angina (severe chest discomfort that did not respond to other therapeutic options).

The phase II prospective, double-blind, randomized, controlled clinical trial was conducted at 26 centers in the United States, and is part of a long-term collaboration between researchers at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Baxter International Inc. The objective of the trial was to determine whether delivery of autologous (meaning one’s own) CD34+ stem cells directly into multiple targeted sites in the heart might reduce the frequency of angina episodes in patients suffering from chronic severe refractory angina, under the hypothesis that CD34+ stem cells may be involved in the creation of new blood vessels and increase tissue perfusion.

and were actually used in surgery on a current presidential candidate.

Texas Gov. and possible GOP presidential contender Rick Perry got everybody talking about stem cells again when he announced that he received an injection of his own stem cells during spinal fusion surgery

You would think that actual results like this rather than deserving scare quotes are not only worthy of funding but would be a cause for celebration.

You would be wrong, apparently to our friends on the left this stopped being about science years ago.

The truth is embryonic stem cell research was oversold and it appears researches knew what they were selling:

Members of Congress and advocates for fighting diseases have long spoken of human embryonic stem cell research as if it were a sure avenue to quick cures for intractable afflictions. Scientists have not publicly objected to such high-flown hopes, which have helped fuel new sources of grant money like the $3 billion initiative in California for stem cell research.

In private, however, many researchers have projected much more modest goals for embryonic stem cells. Their chief interest is to derive embryonic stem cell lines from patients with specific diseases, and by tracking the cells in the test tube to develop basic knowledge about how the disease develops.

Those two paragraphs from that Instapundit link are quoted from that right wing propaganda machine known as the New York Times. It was written in 2009 more than 5 years after Ron Reagan took the stage and the Democratic Convention describing embryonic stem cell research as

what may be the greatest medical breakthrough in our, or in any, lifetime

…and a lot of injured people and their families (including I suspect Mr. Reed who is understandably looking for any card to help his paralyzed son) were taken for a ride in the cause of financial gain for favored companies and political gain for the left.

I think the deception and use of these people in this way was obscene. And I think the attempt of those in print, television and social media to hide their own part in selling this snake oil while declaring their opponents “anti-science” is a story and a crime that I refuse to let them bury.

I don’t expect to see any media apologies or mea culpas over this, after all this became part of the abortion wars and abortion is one of the sacraments in the religion of liberalism but the facts on the ground and the continuing success in adult stem cell therapies will speak for themselves even if the media remains silent.

But don’t worry, it will not be so many years (4 years 53 days according to Rush Limbaugh’s Al Gore’s doomsday clock) when we will see this entire charade played out again as our friends in the print, television and social media will once again have nothing to say on the subject that they cling to with only less sacramental furor. The lesser sacrament of global warming. In fact considering recent news from Canada we might not have to wait at all.

Continue reading “The left and the science of denial”

Remember when conservative and pro-life activists positions on embryonic stem cell research where proof that conservatives were backwards anti-science zealots, well guess what:

The Democrats’ decade-long strategy of hyping embryo stem cell research crashed into a hard fact on Nov.15. That’s when Geron Corp., the world’s leading embryo research company, announced it was closing down its much-touted stem cell program, despite the guarantee of more government aid from Democratic-affiliated sources

November 15th, this happened November 15th? and I’m just hearing about this now? Perhaps because as the Weekly standard put it, the story was so underplayed:

How did the New York Times report this story? It didn’t. The L.A. Times? A blog entry. USA Today? Nada. San Francisco Chronicle? At least it was in the paper—on page A16, under the hardly descriptive headline “Regimen Shown To Aid Heart Patients.” And so it goes.

You would think there was a political agenda involved, well there was, the Daily Caller again:

The Democrats used the dispute to paint conservatives as uneducated religious opponents of science, while also painting Democrats as science-loving, kind-hearted funders of life-saving cures for ailing voters and their families.

And where Christians and Republicans are accused of being anti-science by Democrats we know where elite opinion is going to follow:

The mass media aligned with the Democrats “because the science community and the patients’ community was on the pro-[embryo stem-cell] side,” said Caplan. “They tended to listen to those voices more than the political [conservatives] and religious [advocates] and few scientists” pushing the rival technologies, he said.

Well surely scientists aren’t going to play along for ideological reasons are they?

Many scientists also played along, partly because they don’t like regulation of their trade, but also because they were eager to make deals with Democrats, with Geron and with the drug companies.

As part of the political campaign, several states governed by Democrats funded scientists studying embryo research. California allocated $3 billion over 10 years, and New York adopted legislation designed to shield academics and companies that created and grew embryo-stage humans for lucrative lab testing of novel pharmaceutical compounds.

OK OK so maybe democrats were rewarding scientists financially and the media was backing them socially if they played along, but what about the actual science, where is the story about why Geron work didn’t pan out?

Some of its stem cells were to be transplanted back into humans. But if even a few stem cells went rogue, they would result in cancer — and a lawsuit.

To minimize those risks, Geron planned to grow batches of cells from human embryos that were themselves created in its lab. The technology was so complex, risky and politically controversial that the company had managed to test these Franken-embryonic stem cells in only two people by this fall.

So it’s a high risk strategy that could result in death and cancer if it goes wrong, but they did test it, what where the results?

The company did not release the test results when it ended research.

Not released? NOT RELEASED Cripes who was in charge of the data Phil Jones?

Now I admit some bias here, but the idea that a whole branch of scientific inquiry; A branch that the left promoted in print and broadcast news. A branch that was highly funded by taxpayer grants, A branch that leading celebrates used to paint Religious conservatives as heartless and anti-science. A branch that was touted culturally in film and media was as reliable as a “ONE OWNER” sign on a used car I’d say that was not only a story, but I’d call that a front page at the top of the broadcast story. Apparently the left would not.

Later today we’ll discuss how they did decide to play it.

Newscaster: “This is largely as I predicted, except the silly party won…”

Eric Idle Monty Python’s flying circus 1969

Our friends in the media have come up with a million different excuses to explain why Mitt Romney, or Newt Gingrich or Herman Cain or Michelle Bachmann etc etc etc have no chance against Barack Obama.

While generating a lot of wind bold talk isn’t a sign of reality, actions are, and check out this action from Josh Kraushaar in National Journal:

“I am disappointed that Congressman Johnson supported President Obama’s free trade agenda this year. These agreements will ship even more of our jobs overseas,” Wilson told WTRF-TV.

Nothing odd there, after all one might expect Republican Challengers to be attacking sitting congressmen for backing the president…

…Except that Mr. Wilson is former Democratic congressman Charlie Wilson and the congressman he is attacking is sitting republican Rep Bill Johnson.

Run that through your head one more time, we’ve reached the point where we have democrats attacking Republicans for voting with a sitting Democratic president and this is in Ohio where supposedly the union referendum win proves that the Democrats are on the rise.

I’d say this is pretty big news, I’ll bet the MSM newshawks are all over it. Let’s see what ABC has to say about it:

Ok ABC didn’t find it newsworthy but they did report on Michelle Bachmann not wanting a US embassy in Iran as a gaffe.

Well perhaps NBC/MSNBC will cover it:

I guess they didn’t think it was as newsworthy as a NH state senator’s endorsement of Romney in New Hampshire.

That is a little more newsworthy with the primary day nearing but not as big in my mind…surely CNN would cover a breaking story like this one:

Nah, it’s nowhere near as newsworthy as Rick Santorum praying for Herman Cain in his hour of need.

At least CBS is bound to lead with it, after all WTRF  first reported the story and it is a CBS station:

Well there’s good news and bad news. The top story of the search WAS about former congressman Charlie Wilson of Ohio, the bad news was it’s a 4-year-old bit about how he’s not the same Charlie Wilson as in the movie.

Bottom line, a real national indicator of how the race for 2012 is looking in a key state doesn’t ring the chimes for any of the MSM outlets, even the ones whose affiliates report it.

Conservatives might have worries and headaches about the GOP field, but they have one intrinsic advantage, Barack Obama will not be at the top of it. The media can dance around and ignore this fact all they want but this will be the driver for the 2012 election from top to bottom.

Today at Hotair they link to a pew study suggesting the Tea Party is not doing so well:

Throughout the 2010 election cycle, agreement with the Tea Party far outweighed disagreement in the 60 House districts represented by members of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus. But as is the case nationwide, support has decreased significantly over the past year; now about as many people living in Tea Party districts disagree (23%) as agree (25%) with the Tea Party.

Well if that’s true, then Colin Powell is right about his implication that the Tea Party is toxic. After all if the Tea Party is polling poorly in even their own districts then they certainly don’t have power in a blue state like Massachusetts and Republican and Democrats in the Bay State certainly aren’t going to give them the time of day…Oh Wait:

Yes you read that right, a republican state rep and a democratic state senator together talking about the system, the vagaries of redistricting and taking all kinds of questions from the Tea Party crowd, blissfully unaware of the supposed divisiveness that the media says they should have encountered.

That’s from my latest for the examiner: Colin Powell the Tea Party and the MSM bubble.

Remember the “Twin City Tea Party” represents Fitchburg and Leominster two cities each with state reps who are Democrats, State senators who are democrats and represented in congress by a Democratic. Yet here is a Democratic State Senator talking in front of their group along side with a republican taking and answering questions.

If this Pew poll held water wouldn’t these two blue state polls be eschewing the tea party for say Occupy Boston or Occupy Worcester? Or just might the reality of the situation be different that what is being reported?

If you want to hear propaganda, listen to what media and elites say. If you want to know what’s actually happening, watch what they do.

Here is the story, note they put the “occupy” connection in the last sentence of the 13th paragraph of 14.

Here is the spin from politico.Check out the comments at politico rationalizing it it’s very funny, but not as funny as Ace’s post:

A guy shoots at the White House, and guess what? He’s with the Occupy movement.

But he only posed as part of that movement. He wasn’t really Occupy.

Not like, say, Jared Loughner was really Tea Party.

I remember when Lee Harvey Oswald spent some time “blending” in the Soviet Union.

Also blending in with the Occupy movement? Ringworm and scabies.

Oh and we have this from the New York Daily News:

Zuccotti Park protester Nkrumah Tinsley arrested after threatening to burn down city

C’mon Nicole earn that Soros Media Matters Money, spin, Nicole, SPIN!

Exit question: Substitute the words “tea party” for “occupy DC” and tell me if we the media would cover any other story for the week.

Update: I shouldn’t pick on Nicolle, she is stressed out trying to figure out how to make John Nolte’s Rap sheet for the Occupy movement go away.

Update 2: A more detailed list sorted by actual offense at Verum Serum

Update 3: Yup no connection to the Occupy movement at all:

I understand a moment of silence for the White House, but why would you offer a moment of solidarity, i.e. unity, with the shooter?

I guess even if the shooter doesn’t identify with them, they seem to identify with him, Via Ace of Spades HQ who says…

I don’t even want to write the obvious words, but I’ll do it: If anyone in the Tea Party expressed solidarity with Jared Loughner (and if a group of Tea Partiers than bowed their head in respectful silence for him), do you imagine the media would have been interested?

Over to you Nicole Gennette.