Remember the CNN / MSM gatekeepers insist we should follow their lead on what is important and what is not and Memeorandum is supposed to tell us what stories are big.


There are plenty of things about Donald Trump’s quest for the GOP nomination that are newsworthy and worth a story to top Memorandum.  Trump telling a kid:   “I’m Batman” isn’t one of them


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Yesterday I did my second re-write of Longfellow’s Paul Revere’s ride concerning the media’s disappointment on the Palin e-mails. If you want to comprehend why it was worth doing I offer you three screen shots from Memeorandum circa 4:55 a.m. today on the media’s frustration.

As you can see Anthony Weiner once again leads the pack and reaches the top. Featuring headlines such as:

Alison Gendar / NY Daily News:Rep. Anthony Weiner finally considering he may have to resign amid sexting scandal, says source

The Politico:More Anthony Weiner photos surface online

Lucy Madison / CBS News: Ryan, Hoyer call for Weiner’s resignation

Fox News: Weiner Opts for Treatment as New Self Portraits Emerge

These four threads includes links from a total of 17 different blogs/papers: The Moderate Voice ,, Weasel Zippers, Mediaite, Maggie’s Notebook, Runnin’ Scared, Tom Watson, The Gateway Pundit (2 threads) ,JammieWearingFool, The Daily Caller, Outside the Beltway, CNN, American Power, Ben Smith’s Blog, Patterico’s Pontifications, Politics and Gothamist

Friday a bunch of Palin e-mails from her time as governor was released by the state of Alaska and the MSM was so anxious to get their hands on them to find out what dirt they could get, they risked what was left of their reputations to recruit readers to held go through them. Yet after sifting through thousands upon Thousands of e-mails here is what we seen on memeorandum:

There is a single headline:

Brian Clark Howard / Daily Mail: ‘Trig will be a joy’: Sarah Palin plays God in touching email about her unborn son’s Down’s Syndrome

And there are only six threads under it. No Sheeples Here, The Gateway Pundit, UrbanGrounds,, Balloon Juice and JammieWearingFool

Now lets look at the relative size, it won’t be legible but I want you to see the difference in the threads:

Note the size of the Wiener thread at the top and the Palin thread below. The media goal was the reverse. Even worse are the pictures. Weiner contrite, Weiner bare-chested, Weiner dogged by reporters, vs Palin holding her baby. Not the relative images they wanted to see when they were risking what was left of veneer of neutrality.

If today you turn on the TV and the press everywhere but Fox (Except for Rove and Krauthammer) are grumpy, you now know why.