Mexico has blamed the United States for everything since before the “Last Spike” went into the ground. It continues to do so to this day.

Just this week, Mexico’s foremost living historian Enrique Krauze posited in the New York Times that the U.S. has three original sins: Slavery, racism, and “the aggression against Mexico and the plundering of its territory.” Because of that, Krauze says, all Mexicans should be free to live in the U.S., without restrictions.

Popular culture supports this blame game. The Netflix series Ingobernable (Ungovernable) has the CIA kill the president of Mexico when he was about to declare the end of the “war on drugs” after blaming the U.S. for every Mexican death it caused. Ingobernable (starring real-life drug lord El Chapo’s friend Kate del Castillo) ought to be named Unwatchable.

The country’s foreign policy reflects its blame game: The Diplomad writes from experience,

I also have long considered Mexico a major threat to America. I have dealt with Mexican diplomats at the UN, the OAS, and in Central and South America. They are first rate. They are patriotic, well-trained, dedicated, and hard working. They, almost to a man and a woman, are also possessed with a deep, deep animus towards the United States. At the UN and the OAS, for example, Mexico, in my experience, played the role of opponent to whatever we sought to do. They not only consistently voted against us, they collaborated with our opponents on resolutions and projects antithetical to our interests, and, for example, refused to oppose Cuban and Venezuelan human rights violations. They rarely passed on an opportunity to stick it in our eye.

Mexico had a major role in fostering guerrilla groups in Central America during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, backing off only when it became a hindrance to the NAFTA deal with the United States, and when some of the groups began operating in Mexico.

It is with some amusement, then, that I find this in my newsfeed: Fears grow that Russia could meddle in Mexican election (emphasis added)

“If [Russia] intervened in the United States, there’s every reason to think that Mexico is a target for attack,” said [Sen. Armando] Ríos Piter [of the center-left Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD)], who recently launched an independent presidential bid.
. . .
Ríos Piter said Mexico is a natural target for Russia, as the country is expected to become a top-five economy over the next half century.

Mexico may well become a top-five economy, yet Ríos Piter conveniently forgets that remittances from the U.S. generate more than Mexico’s oil or tourism industries. No blame there.

Call me a cynic, but to my jaundiced eye, Ríos Piter may be laying the groundwork for his third-ranked party losing the presidency again – after all, some still refer to their candidate who lost the 1997 election as the “legitimate president of Mexico.”

The fact remains, as Tara McCormack said,

this revamped Red Scare speaks to a profound and seriously anti-democratic shift among disoriented, struggling elites.

In Mexico as in elsewhere, to use McCrmack’s words, “The Russia blame game is really an abdication of political responsibility,” and Mexico has been playing blame games for a very long time.

Fausta Rodríguez Wertz writes in U. S. and Latin America at Fausta’s blog.

The Trump administration has announced it will start taking bids for the construction of a wall on the Mexico-U.S. border next week.

Mexican cement giant Cemex says it’s willing to help with Trump’s wall

Mexico’s biggest cement maker said it would be willing to provide supplies for the US border wall proposed by President Donald Trump, ending months in which the company declined to comment on the potential project.

Cemex SAB would offer a price quote to any contractors looking to buy cement for the barrier, Chairman Rogelio Zambrano told Reforma newspaper. With plants on both sides of the border, Cemex would be well positioned to compete for building-materials contracts.

. . .

Cemex climbed 4.3 per cent to 17.74 pesos at 11:18am in Mexico City after advancing as much as 4.6 per cent for the biggest intraday gain in a month.

As of the writing of this post, Cemex is trading at US$9.o1, still  going up.

While this may sound rather ironic or humorous depending on how you look at it, it illustrates private enterprise in the form of a multinational corporation responding to a business opportunity, which in turn creates value for its stockholders.

In other news, unless you’ve been in a sensory deprivation cell for the past couple of weeks, you must have heard the Democrats generically impugning any contact with Russians, but only if it’s by a Trump supporter.

The latest is the allegation that Jeff Sessions committed perjury. Andrew McCarthy, who has years of experience as a very successful prosecutor, finds the charge meritless.

The Dem party had two frontrunners last year: One honeymooned in the Soviet Union, the other one approved a transaction that gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States when she was Secretary of State as her husband

received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.

The DNC has no problem with that, at all. Instead, they are in high dudgeon over Sessions talking to a Russian ambassador.

I find this very alarming, since crying wolf does not make for sensible international relations.

But, if the Dems are willing to waste time throwing a snit over anyone talking to any Russians, and in the spirit of perestroika, I declare today Talk to a Russian Day.

Happy #TalkToARussianDay!

Fausta Rodríguez Wertz posts on U.S. and Latin America at Fausta’s blog.



Illegal immigration flowing from Mexico into the United States is controlled by the cartels, directly or with the cooperation of coyotes, as InSight Crime reports,

Most coyotes have a clear incentive to have at least some relationship with the drug traffickers, even beyond the need to pay protection fees. Coyotes have intimate knowledge of the terrain and the US authorities on the other side of the border, so they have highly sought-after skills for gangs slipping drugs into US cities. Many specialists in moving drug shipments across the border originally learned their trade working as coyotes.

Typically, however, they do not operate as members of a given gang. Instead, they are independent entrepreneurs who will work with the traffickers opportunistically.

People from other countries who are caught traveling through Mexico illegally are vulnerable to extortion, kidnapping and violence, as a group of 90 Cubans stranded in Mexico held in a detention center allege.

Rather than work towards better conditions, Mexico’s ruling class, which has failed to protect its own citizens from the cartels’ deadly human trafficking business, are offering to backlog U.S. courts,

The order came from above: Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto offered help in defying immigration laws to Mexicans illegally in the U.S. ,

“The 50 Mexican embassies will become authentic legal defense for immigrants,” Peña Nieto added.

The truth is, other democratic countries are far more aggressive than the U.S. about removing illegal aliens.


Mexico has zero tolerance for illegal immigrants who seek to work inside Mexico, happen to break Mexican law or go on public assistance — or any citizens who aid them.

In Mexico, legal immigration is aimed at privileging lawful arrivals with skill sets that aid the Mexican economy and, according to the country’s immigration law, who have the “necessary funds for their sustenance” — while denying entry to those who are not healthy or would upset the “equilibrium of the national demographics.” Translated, that idea of demographic equilibrium apparently means that Mexico tries to withhold citizen status from those who do not look like Mexicans or have little skills to make money.

Where’s the outrage?

When will Mexico’s ruling class extend to their fellow countrymen the basic housing, education or welfare they come to seek in the U.S.?

Fausta Rodríguez Wertz posts on U.S. and Latin America at Fausta’s blog.

If there has been a worse afternoon for the Hillary Clinton Campaign I haven’t seen it.

First you have both have Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both invited to Mexico by the president…

..and only Trump accepts making Trump look presidential and Hillary look like she’s ducking.

Then you have the Press gathered to see the joint statement after the meeting anticipating fireworks after Trump’s meeting with Mexico’s president with the MSM covering it live hoping for fireworks…

…and the Mexican president not only shows respect for Donald Trump, says he can work with Donald Trump but explicitly states and affirms the right of the US to control its border.  

But even so you have Donald Trump speaking next and the MSM was ready for him to put his foot in his mouth, insult his host in his own country in public or make some rowdy statement…

…and instead you get calm measured words that don’t back off one bit from his positions.  He looked presidential and diplomatic. totally destroying the carefully crafted media image the media has advanced.

Then you have the press conference if Trump didn’t make himself a fool during his statements the media asking him questions would manage to do so…

and Trump answers them cleaning and directly without a misstep.

It was in every way a disaster for the left.  Instead of a blithering bombastic racist idiot that they pretend Trump is, the American people saw live a diplomatic, determined and debonair leader with a history of making big deals with important people all over the world. And that doesn’t even take into account that Hillary hasn’t held a press conference since forever.

It caught the entire media by surprise.  So much so that the meme being advanced on every network was “Trump didn’t discuss Mexico paying for the wall.”  The fact  Mexico agreed to the right of securing the border or acknowledged the advantages to Mexico for securing said border wasn’t news only that Trump did not force this issue in his very first meeting with the Pres (an action that he would have been condemned for as being “undiplomatic if he had btw).

In short for the next several days the entire media will be dedicating themselves to making sure that they advance not the actual words said by Trump & the President of Mexico but their spin of it because the actual video is devastating to Hillary Clinton and her palace guard of Press.

If Donald Trump wins this election this is the day he does it.

I’ll share the last word with Jorge Ramos

Update: While the MSM will object Let’s go to the video

Update 2: Hmmm

Update 3: More commentary Roger Simon

Donald Trump’s perfomance at his dual statement cum brief press conference with Mexican President Enrique Nieto on Wednesday should put shivers in the Hillary Clinton camp even more than the new L.A. Times poll numbers showing a sudden bounce for Trump.

Trump was a hundred percent presidential in his performance, showing that he was not about to put his foot in his mouth on the global stage as easily as Hillary’s supporters are hoping. All this is occurring with her email/foundation metastasizing. This election is not over.

And he knows who to blame for this

Ever since Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon have joined the campaign, Trump has performed nearly flawlessly. This can’t be entirely accidental.

and Byron York who gets it completely

Many polls have shown that large numbers of voters do not believe Trump is qualified to be president. After the session, the Trump campaign was quick to tout the trip as evidence that he is ready for the Oval Office.

“Mr. Trump’s trip to Mexico is an impressive display of his ability to serve as our nation’s president on day one,” said deputy communications director Bryan Lanza in a statement. “This shows Mr. Trump’s commitment to strengthening our economy as well as our relationship with our neighbor, Mexico.”

Pena Nieto invited Clinton to visit, too. If she does, she will of course receive the kind of respectful, official treatment that she deserves. But Clinton, as a former secretary of state, has videos of zillions of photo ops showing her as a major player on the world stage. Trump had none. Until today.

As far as the MSM is concerned, this is bad very bad!

Update 4: The Wall Street Journal sees an angle I missed:

There is, quite simply, no good time for Mrs. Clinton to face the campaign press corps. Except now.

Had the long-awaited news conference been held Wednesday, the questions would be overwhelmingly negative…Yet this was her best opportunity–because any bad news would be largely overshadowed.

Why, because it would have been Trumped!

By scheduling a last-minute trip to Mexico City to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto ahead of what his campaign is billing as a major immigration speech in Arizona, Mr. Trump has guaranteed the media focus will remain on him.

Advantage Trump again!

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Lt. Col. Charles R. Codman: You know General, sometimes the men don’t know when you’re acting.
Patton: It’s not important for them to know. It’s only important for me to know.

Patton 1970

I’m old enough to remember when the media was trumpeting the anger of the president of Mexico toward Donald Trump.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox really doesn’t like Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.

So much, in fact, that for the second time in two days,Fox used an expletive — this time, on live TV — to describe it.
“I have to say that we are not, I am not going to pay for that f***ing wall,” Fox said during a live interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Network on Friday morning, repeating the phrase that made waves when he used it a day earlier.
This time however, the expletive went uncensored as a visibly stunned Bartiromo gasped.
“I am not. And he should know that. And I am not going to apologize,” Fox added.
But that was back in February Cruz had won Iowa and while Trump had done well in Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina the idea that Trump would someday president let alone the the GOP nominee was something the conventional wisdom said was not possible.
But now that the conventional wisdom has been turned on its head Fox is singing a different tune

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox who famously told Jorge Ramos in February that he was, “not going to pay for that [Trump’s] fucking wall,” has now apologized to Trump and invited the presumptive GOP nominee to Mexico.

The former Mexican leader addressed Trump in a Tuesday interview with Breitbart News, stating, “If I offended you, I’m sorry. But what about the other way around?” That evening on The O’Reilly Factor, Fox said, “I think it’s very important to invite Donald Trump to come to Mexico and to learn about the real Mexico that I would think is totally different.”

At Hotair they note the contrast:

In February, Mexico’s Foreign Minister called Trump “ignorant and racist.”  In March the President of Mexico compared Trump to Hitler.  And in April, Guajardo threatened that Mexico would no longer be a trading partner with the US if Trump is elected…Oh what a difference a presumed nomination makes

Oddly enough while this story is getting some traction at Hotair and even at The Hill when I did a search of CNN for the string “Vicente Fox” here was the result:


Nothing newer than April 12th, Mr. Fox’s statement and Mexico’s apology and invitation may as well have not happened.

Now one doesn’t have to have supported Mr. Trump in the primary to recognize that the sudden reversal of Mexico on Trump is newsworthy, that it speaks to his electability and that it further suggest that a policy of strength might just be more effective in protecting US interests than an apology tour.  For example my magnificent seven writer Fausta wrote about this on her blog as she absolutely detests Donald Trump.

But apparently you DO need to be a person outside of the MSM married to both supporting Hillary Clinton and in backing illegal immigration in order to find this story newsworthy.


Update: I have a funny feeling that the MSM will not be so circumspect in reporting this:

Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox has taken to Univision to call on Mexicans able to vote in the United States to vote against presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, just hours after ostensibly “apologizing” to him.

Less than 24 hours after what Fox himself told Mexican radio was really only a strategic apology, Fox was back to form on Univision, condemning Trump and launching an anti-Trump GOTV campaign.


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I had lunch with my pastor on Tuesday and the subject of Pope Francis came up.

One of the things he noted is that Francis tends to talk like a pastor counseling an individual in a specific situation rather than like a theologian making pronouncements on the faith.

The problem with this approach being that if you have the international media looking to spin your every word for the sake of drawing eyeballs and clicks not to mention pushing an agenda such pronouncements will likely not bear any resemblance to what you are actually trying to convey.

Yesterday was a great example.

I was driving to pick up a doctor’s note for my sick wife (Between my illness, being laid off and my wife’s illness February has been a bad month for me) and I turned on the radio and heard first CBS & then Rush Limbaugh, talk about the Pope and Donald Trump and the Pope and Contraception and did a double take.

Now if you are a faithful Catholic who is not familiar with the media’s regular attempts to spin everything the Pope says and does you might find yourself talking to your pastor this weekend and asking what’s going on? Is the pill OK to take now? Is the border fence considered a mortal sin?

However if you are a regular reader of the this blog you likely decided to do what I did, wait till you got home and look to see if John Allen vatican reporter extraordinaire reported on this and try to find the actual text of the various exchanges.

Lucky for Catholic everywhere Captain Ed Morrissey was on the job because at 4PM yesterday the Ed Morrissey show was coming on and lo and behold along with Salma Zito and our favorite Yid with Lid he had Mr. John Allen as a guest.

and he followed this up with a post at Hotair linking to the Catholic News service which had the actual transcripts of what the Pope said in context.

Here is the Donald Trump question and answer

Phil Pullella, Reuters: Today, you spoke very eloquently about the problems of immigration. On the other side of the border, there is a very tough electoral battle. One of the candidates for the White House, Republican Donald Trump, in an interview recently said that you are a political man and he even said that you are a pawn, an instrument of the Mexican government for migration politics. Trump said that if he’s elected, he wants to build 2,500 kilometers of wall along the border. He wants to deport 11 million illegal immigrants, separating families, etcetera. I would like to ask you, what do you think of these accusations against you and if a North American Catholic can vote for a person like this?

Pope Francis: Thank God he said I was a politician because Aristotle defined the human person as ‘animal politicus.’ At least I am a human person. As to whether I am a pawn, well, maybe, I don’t know. I’ll leave that up to your judgment and that of the people. And then, a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the Gospel. As far as what you said about whether I would advise to vote or not to vote, I am not going to get involved in that. I say only that this man is not Christian if he has said things like that. We must see if he said things in that way and in this I give the benefit of the doubt.

and here is the question on the Zika virus and contraception:

Paloma García Ovejero, Cadena COPE (Spain): Holy Father, for several weeks there’s been a lot of concern in many Latin American countries but also in Europe regarding the Zika virus. The greatest risk would be for pregnant women. There is anguish. Some authorities have proposed abortion, or else to avoiding pregnancy. As regards avoiding pregnancy, on this issue, can the Church take into consideration the concept of “the lesser of two evils?”

Pope Francis: Abortion is not the lesser of two evils. It is a crime. It is to throw someone out in order to save another. That’s what the Mafia does. It is a crime, an absolute evil. On the ‘lesser evil,’ avoiding pregnancy, we are speaking in terms of the conflict between the fifth and sixth commandment. Paul VI, a great man, in a difficult situation in Africa, permitted nuns to use contraceptives in cases of rape.

Don’t confuse the evil of avoiding pregnancy by itself, with abortion. Abortion is not a theological problem, it is a human problem, it is a medical problem. You kill one person to save another, in the best case scenario. Or to live comfortably, no? It’s against the Hippocratic oaths doctors must take. It is an evil in and of itself, but it is not a religious evil in the beginning, no, it’s a human evil. Then obviously, as with every human evil, each killing is condemned.

On the other hand, avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil. In certain cases, as in this one, or in the one I mentioned of Blessed Paul VI, it was clear. I would also urge doctors to do their utmost to find vaccines against these two mosquitoes that carry this disease. This needs to be worked on.

As you can see, in context this sounds a whole lot different that it has been spun. For example his giving “The Benefit of the doubt” to Donald Trump and his comparison of Abortion to Mafia murder apparently were not considered all that newsworthy.

Moreover if the media had bothered to actually cover the Pope in Mexico, as John Allen did, they would know that he was very hard on a particular group of people. The Catholic Bishops:

There’s yet another constituency in Mexico right now feeling rather thoroughly judged by the pontiff, and, for the record, found not altogether up to snuff: the country’s roughly 170 Catholic bishops.

In a remarkable 4,500-word address to the bishops on Saturday, one of the most developed and detailed speeches of his papacy, Francis laid out a vision of the kind of prelate he believes the Church needs today — and left little doubt that it’s not always the kind of shepherd it actually has.

and he didn’t spare the government of Mexico either:

During five days in Mexico, Pope Francis excoriated government elites for denying their people justice and peace, told bishops to do more to alleviate their flock’s suffering at the hands of drug traffickers and corrupt officials, and pointedly avoided the pomp of Mexico City in favor of more humble settings.

While popes often offer gentle criticism on visits abroad, Francis seems to have gone even further in hectoring his hosts this trip. Observers said the pontiff clearly feels that both the Church and the government have failed Mexico’s people.

“The pope literally believes that the devil is on the loose in Mexico, sowing death, misery, and resignation, and he believes that the state, the Church and the drug dealers are complicit,”

I suspect that last critique of Mexico’s government is something every single GOP candidate would agree with, including Donald Trump.

Too bad nobody in the MSM is interested in either reporting his words in Mexico or his words in context in this case. I guess it doesn’t generate enough clicks.

And I suspect my pastor is going to have to explain this to more people who come asking again.


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I spoke David & Miriam of Adorote at the Catholic Marketing Trade show

Their web site is here you can find them on twitter here

It’s quite a drive from outside of Mexico City to NJ

Earlier this week, Judicial Watch published a report alleging that ISIS established a camp eight miles from the U.S. border in an area known as “Anapra” situated just west of Ciudad Juárez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, and, with the help of cartels,

To the east of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez, cartel-backed “coyotes” are also smuggling ISIS terrorists through the porous border between Acala and Fort Hancock, Texas. These specific areas were targeted for exploitation by ISIS because of their understaffed municipal and county police forces, and the relative safe-havens the areas provide for the unchecked large-scale drug smuggling that was already ongoing.

I posted on it as an item of interest to follow up in the future. Readers familiar with my blog know that I follow several stories over many years, for instance, Iran’s presence in Latin America.

However, other than the Judicial Watch report, I could not find another source for the ISIS story. The story received attention at several blogs and news outlets, but all relied on Judicial Watch. When it comes to stories on Latin America, it’s best to have at least two in-country original sources.

Judicial Watch now has another report, FBI Holds “Special” Meeting in Juárez to Address ISIS, DHS Not Invited

A high-level intelligence source, who must remain anonymous for safety reasons, confirmed that the meeting was convened specifically to address a press strategy to deny Judicial Watch’s accurate reporting and identify who is providing information to JW. FBI supervisory personnel met with Mexican Army officers and Mexican Federal Police officials, according to JW’s intelligence source. The FBI liaison officers regularly assigned to Mexico were not present at the meeting and conspicuously absent were representatives from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It’s not clear why DHS did not participate.

Publicly, U.S. and Mexico have denied that Islamic terrorists are operating in the southern border region, but the rapid deployment of FBI brass in the aftermath of JW’s report seems to indicate otherwise.

While Judicial Watch is the only source so far, Judicial Watch in the past has been reliable. Additionally,

Last August JW reported that ISIS, operating from Ciudad Juárez, was planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED). High-level U.S. federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources confirmed then that a warning bulletin for an imminent terrorist attack on the border had been issued. Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies were placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning the imminent terrorist threat.

Aside from the Judicial Watch report, here’s the situation: Cartels control all the smuggling through the US-Mexico border, and the cartel people will do anything for the right price.

I don’t know what to make of the Judicial Watch report.

But I firmly believe that border security is national security.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s blog.

43 student teachers disappeared four months ago in Iguala, in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Now Mexico’s Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam says there is “legal certainty” they were murdered,

As to why they were killed, Tomás Zerón de Lucio, the head of Mexico’s Criminal Investigations Agency, said it was a case of mistaken identity. In other words, the criminal group accused of executing the students thought they belonged to a rival gang, also operating around the town of Iguala where the students were last seen.

So far, one one has been identified, which the head of the Criminal Investigations Agency blames on how the remains were disposed,

“The dental remains found in what was the middle of the fire show that the temperature reached 1,600 degrees Celsius (2,912 degrees Fahrenheit), which dehydrated, decomposed, intervened and fused the remains. This makes it impossible to extract DNA samples, even with the most advanced technology,”

Considering how cremation of a dead body is carried out at a temperature ranging between 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit in a controlled chamber that is not subject to humidity, wind, and other exterior or environmental factors, this raises more questions.

Indeed, the students’ parents reject the government’s theory, and are accusing the government of trying to close the investigation.

The case has generated a great deal of controversy, as there are contradictory statements from witnesses, but lack of definitive forensic evidence.

Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto declared yesterday,

“I’m convinced that we should not remain trapped in this instant, this moment in Mexico’s history, of sorrow, of tragedy and pain. We just can’t dwell here,”

which of course is very convenient for him.

For people like myself, the Iguala case shows Mexico as a failed state when it comes to justice and the rule of law – not a country one wants to maintain an open border with.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

Nothing shows the control Mexican drug cartels exert over the area adjacent to the border with the United States than the media blackout the cartels decreed four years ago. The media blackout is complete, and enforced, every day, with death penalties.

The Daily Beast reports how, in the border state of Tamaulipas, rival drug cartels, “the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas, have final say over what gets printed or broadcast in the local media.” Citizen journalists risk their lives by using Facebook and Twitter “to share information about organized crime and its infiltration of the government.”

Extortion, kidnappings, shootouts, arson, bodies excavated from arid pits, all of this happens in Tamaulipas, practically on a daily basis, but hardly any of it gets reported because of a media blackout the cartels decreed four years ago

Take, for instance, the death of Dr. Maria del Rosario Fuentes Rubio, Twitter handle Felina, whose account has now been closed. Dr. Fuentes was one of the admonistrators for Valor por Tamaulipas:
She Tweeted Against the Mexican Cartels. They Tweeted Her Murder.
No newspaper dares to publish the truth about the drug lords in Tamaulipas. Those who break the silence on Twitter and Facebook are marked for death.

Felina posted under the handle @Miut3 and was best known for her posts of danger alerts that pinpointed the location of violent incidents in real time. People sent her bits of information as a way for them to resist the hegemony of the cartels. She also wrote posts pleading with victims of crime not to remain silent, to file a police report even if it meant having to brave reprisals. She would post emergency telephone numbers as a way to try to help

She was killed:

Felina nevertheless continued to post a high volume of news alerts to the site at the hashtag #ReynosaFollow. Until early in the morning of Thursday, Oct. 16, when this message from Felina @Miut3 was posted:


Her assassins are yet to be found,

The state prosecutor’s office in Tamaulipas confirmed that a Dr. María del Rosario Fuentes Rubio was reported kidnapped on the day before the photos and messages were posted to Felina’s Twitter account. Officially the case remains a kidnapping because, according to the coroner’s office, the body of the woman in the photographs has yet to be recovered.

As we watch with dismay the ever-more-porous border with Mexico, is it unreasonable to be concerned about the effects of the Obama administration’s open borders policy on public safety and national security?

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American news, culture, and politics at Fausta’s Blog.