The greatest maker of Republican voters since Ronald Reagan is Barack Obama

Michael Graham 2010

If you say the words “9/11” conservative everyone knows what you mean.

It refers to a person who after seeing the events of 9/11 realized that the policy of enabling and excusing radical Islamists could not continue and decided that the liberal policies that objected to fighting them simply enables those who want to kills us.

While some of those 9/11 conservatives have since slipped back to liberalism (Charles Johnson of Little Green footballs comes to mind) most have not forgotten the lessons of 9/11.

We as conservatives did not reject these 9/11 conservatives because of their past beliefs or voting records any more than your church will reject a convert because of their past. That’s as it should be as the whole idea of conversion is for a person to change their past to go to a better future.

And that brings us to Donald Trump.

I’m sure that when Donald Trump praised both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in 2008 he meant it, he truly believed that Barack Obama would be an excellent president and that Hillary Clinton would excel as Secretary of State.

  • Then we had obamacare
  • and Fast and Furious
  • and the withdrawal from Iraq that lead to the rise of ISIS
  • and civil war in Syria
  • and the doubling of the national debt
  • and the IRS targeting conservatives
  • the Clinton email scandal
  • the attacks on religious freedom
  • and the 2nd Amendment
  • the rise of the Occupy Movement and the resulting violence
  • and the demonization of police
  • and riots in Baltimore, Charlotte, and Ferguson

In fact it didn’t take all of this for people to start figuring it out. This is the reason why the Tea Party rose up, this is the reason why Scott Brown won in 2010. And this what Michael Graham was talking about in his speech to the Plymouth County GOP back Sept 1st 2010 before the first Big Red Wave that elected so many Republicans that year (which is why the GOP has so many seats to defend this year.

Given these facts I offer the following proposition:

As so many people have rejected the Democrat party thanks to the policies advanced by Barack Obama, is it not credible that Donald Trump would have done the same, and if that is the case, why are we attacking him for his past statements as some conservatives have, rather than celebrating him for concluding that we conservatives are right and he was wrong?

After all when Trump supported Romney over Obama in 2012 I didn’t see anybody writing articles like this claiming that Romney should not accept his support because he was a secret democrat, did they?

In fairness it is possible that Trump has embraced conservative for his own aggrandizement and that he is all his critics say he is. I have quite a few friends who believe this and I presume they do in good faith.

However I suspect that as a billionaire experienced in the way the world works he likely understands that his own personal freedom and flexibility to do what he wants will decrease rather than increase if he is elected president. Furthermore he is apparently willing to risk his popularity with a large portion of his customer base to do so, after all the rich and powerful in liberal run cities are a large part of his customer base, do you think for one moment that those who have targeted ordinary conservatives will not do their best to make an example of Mr. Trump from this point on?

I think it’s much more likely that Donald Trump is a “Barack Obama conservative”, one of the many Americans who have seen what the Obama years have brought about and the fact that the election of Democrats in general and Hillary Clinton in particular will continue us on that path and decided that something had to be one.

It’s just that unlike most Americans who came to that conclusion and have given time and effort to the Tea Party movement and others, Mr. Trump’s wealth and influence meant that he could make a difference on a larger scale.

Anyways that’s what I think.

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Today we got the word that Michael Graham will be leaving for Atlanta.

While that’s great news for Pastor George Kelly of my Magnificent Seven  (Who I hope Michael has on his show regularly) it’s really bad news for us around here.

The number of people willing to stand up and be counted on the conservative side of the aisle is already small, and as Michael reveals in his goodbye piece just what a conservative goes through in this state.

I’ve done talk radio in markets large (Washington, D.C.) and small (Charleston, S.C.) for 15 years. But Boston is the only place where I’ve had people actually walk out of a room when I entered, simply because I’m a conservative. It’s the only place I’ve ever had potential advertisers tell me, “I’d like to be on your show, but I’m afraid.”

They’re not afraid of intolerant, right-wing haters, my liberal friends. They’re afraid of {you.}

While I, to my knowledge, have not had the people leaving the room because I’m a conservative (although the fedora & 12 ft scarf have drawn some eyeballs) I can say that trying to sell a political show is hard.  Trying to sell a conservative radio show in a state where even the Republican party spends its time running away from conservatives is  harder.

But try selling an advertiser in that environment when this is going on:

According to new IRS emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request from Judicial Watch, former head of tax exempt groups at the IRS Lois Lerner was in contact with the Department of Justice in May 2013 about whether tax exempt groups could be criminally prosecuted for “lying” about political activity.

“I got a call today from Richard Pilger Director Elections Crimes Branch at DOJ … He wanted to know who at IRS the DOJ folk s [sic] could talk to about Sen. Whitehouse idea at the hearing that DOJ could piece together false statement cases about applicants who “lied” on their 1024s –saying they weren’t planning on doing political activity, and then turning around and making large visible political expenditures. DOJ is feeling like it needs to respond, but want to talk to the right folks at IRS to see whether there are impediments from our side and what, if any damage this might do to IRS programs. I told him that sounded like we might need several folks from IRS,” Lerner wrote in a May 8, 2013 email to former Nikole C. Flax, who was former-Acting IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller’s chief of Staff.

That’s why Michael is heading south.  With the power of government behind them left managed to hold back the Tea Party in 2012 and put the fear of not-god in a lot of folks on the right but fortunately for Michael they haven’t reached the point where they can intimidate people en mass in red stations. For the rest of us, we’ll keep fighting as best we can.

However Michael is making one miscalculation, his quote above suggest that our friends on the left might feel consider local business intimidated into silence as a source of shame.

On the contrary the idea that the left has cowed those it wishes to intimidate is almost certainly a source of pride and a sign of things to come.for those of us who remain to continue to make the fight.


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It’s April Fools day so it’s appropriate our piece from the Northeastern Republican Leadership conference in Nashua NH was Michael Graham’s hilarious speech.

A lot of his humor came from the state of the GOP in Massachusetts. Given how things are around here you’ve just got to laugh.

Look out the door and see if Boney’s marching down the street, ” said Hornblower.

It was indicative of the innkeepers state of mind that he actually made a move to the door before realization came to him.

C.S. Forester Hornblower During the Crisis 1967

If you turned to CNN or MSNBC yesterday you saw countdown clocks showing the impending doom of a Government shutdown that the media has breathlessly hyped as a massive disaster about to strike America.

This morning I woke up  I noticed a few things that shocked me

1. The Sun still rose

2.  The TV Still worked as did all the cable channels.

3.  The internet was still up and I was able to access my e-mail and all of the sites I normally visit.

I was grateful for these small mercies when my youngest asked for a lift to the bus station where he takes a shuttle to his college 13 miles away in Gardner MA.  During our quick trip to drop him off at the bus station I was shocked to discover certain things:

1.  My Son’s college was still open.

2.  Bus service between cities was not ended

3.  Children were going to school.

4.  Cars and gas stations functioning

5.  Business’ were open, people were coming in and out shopping.

This would suggest that despite all the dire warnings we have been given the world has not, in fact, ended.  I know that’s hardly conclusive but it seemed very much like real life was going on despite the panic.

Of course Fitchburg is hardly the world and CNN or MSNBC have not been fooled into complacency.  Now that the shutdown is a reality and there is instead of a countdown to Shutdown we have a countdown of how long the shutdown has taken place detailing hours, minutes and seconds since you have done without all those “non-essential” government functions.

I’m sure once tomorrow comes they will add a “days” column to their clocks to emphasize just how bad it is.

Of course there are some people like, Michael Graham  think this is all for show:

There’s also a sense that some of the “shutdown” is really political theater. It’s known in political circles as the “Statue of Liberty play”–big-spending pols avoid making reasonable spending cuts, but instead shut down popular tourist attractions and let constituents call their congressional offices until the pork barrel rolls again.

And offers an example of the Obama administration  shutting down an open space

The National Park Service began barricading the monuments and memorials on the Mall and turning off its 45 fountains after the federal government shut down at midnight.

Park Service spokeswoman Carol Bradley Johnson said the Lincoln Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, among others, would be barricaded so that visitors cannot enter them.

and asks the question:

Why do they need barricades? Because these monuments have NO DOORS. They DON’T close. They’re open spaces, like a park or a mall. I’ve wandered through the FDR and WWII memorials and never saw a park ranger. It would be like “closing the doors” of Boston Common.

The Obama administration is inventing this shut down of not-really-shuttable open air monuments. And why shut off fountains? Do government workers pump this water by hand?

Well the answer is obvious.   People can’t be trusted in open spaces, who’s going to make sure they behave?  Who’s going to make sure they don’t leave a bunch of trash…

…without park rangers present?

And while Stacy McCain accuses the media of playing the Statue of Liberty Card:

Or, at least, we had this government, before it shut down. And the idiots chattering on cable TV news shows seem to think this shutdown is a bad idea, for which somebody deserves blame.


If you take that kind of frantic nonsense seriously, you should seek psychiatric treatment immediately. Send the bill to ObamaCare.

He forgets the fact that with the Statue of Liberty is Closed there is absolutely nothing for a person visiting New York City to do!

If only there was a something else to see like a center for the performing arts, or perhaps a centrally located park or maybe in Brooklyn. If only there was a square to walk through , an amusement park on a boardwalk or perhaps a zoo. Perhaps if there was some kind of ferry service, a bridge to see , or at least one Museum of art, Science or something else to occupy one’s time in the largest city in the US.

If only a google was open so you could search for “New York City Attractions” and perhaps find web sites with a plethora of choices to choose from.

Yeah, if only.

Ex-leper:   Come on big nose, let’s haggle!
Brian:   What?!
Ex-leper:   All right, cut the haggling. Say you open at one shekel, I start at two thousand, we close about eighteen-hundred.

Life of Brian 1979

Every hand’s a winner and every hands a loser and the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.

Kenny Rogers The Gambler 1978

A few hours after getting home from my in studio appearance on the Michael Graham show where Michael Graham was playing Spock concerning Ted Cruz’s tactics in fighting Obamacare.

The problem with Michael’s argument was addressed by a listener of his who left me a cell message after hearing me on his show: Where you start in a negotiation often determines where you end up, but even more importantly you never know how much nerve the other side has, until you test it.

As Kirk put it

Not Chess Spock…POKER!

People forget that while Medicare, social security and the Military are perhaps unemployment are universal drivers a lot of the spending that a government shutdown will affect is spending conservatives oppose anyway.

Let’s say we have a shutdown and the GOP sends those piecemeal bills to fund Medicare, the Military and the like, what do you think is going to happen when the Acorn affiliates, Planned Parenthood and the left’s other allies find the government dollars that pay their foot soldiers stops coming? Imagine for example, if the GOP decided to exchange things for a year delay, or say: You can have Obamacare funding but not planned parenthood funding.

I think the reaction as we watch them make that choice might be something like this:

At least it will be if the GOP keeps its head.


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Guested on Michael Graham’s show today during his 2nd hour where we disagreed on Ted Cruz fight to defund Obamacare.

Michael said it was useless because in the end Obama will not vote for a bill without Obamacare paid in full. I maintain that this fight is worthwhile and will go result in a ton of problems for the Left in general and Obama in particular.

And we already see fighting is paying off in some ways:

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin said Thursday he would vote for a government funding bill that delays Obamacare’s individual mandate for a year if it came up in the Senate, later backtracking and clarifying he doesn’t believe Obamacare should be part of the government funding showdown.

“There’s no way I could not vote for it,” Manchin said of an individual mandate delay at a Bloomberg Government breakfast Thursday, according to Bloomberg. “It’s very reasonable and sensible.”

Tell me Manchin does this if there is no fight.

But that’s not what earned me the RINO badge, my willingness to vote for Gabriel Gomez over Ed Markey did that.

Now I’m not unsympathetic to Michael’s position particularly given this:

The former Navy SEAL from Cohasset discussed potential political opportunities while explaining his decision to reverse course and support a federal ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazine clips. He previously opposed an assault weapons ban, a position that he acknowledges likely hurt him during the campaign for the Senate seat formerly held by Secretary of State John Kerry.

and I question the wisdom of putting Mr. Gomez who proved in a special election that he doesn’t draw across party lines and alienates the base.

But if the choice for Governor is a ticket with Gomez and a Dem Ticket headed by Martha Coakley, that is no choice at all, the GOP ticket is the better choice.

And if people want to call me a RINO because of it that’s fine, it will certainly amuse the libs on Morning Joe that I tweet with.

Either way Michael, thanks for having me on.


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You might remember the story back in may concerning the foreign students at the water supply of Boston I said at the time:

As I don’t want to risk giving some of our liberal friends the vapors I’ll close saying. It’s interesting that such a diverse group of people from different cities, states and countries were found by the water supply for Boston at this time..interesting.

I wonder if their religious backgrounds are just as diverse?

Well EJ Haust at conservative daily news has a follow-up that’s ore than interesting it’s ….. inconceivable

The seven individuals apprehended for trespassing at the Quabbin Water Reserve in Belchertown, Massachusetts, just after midnight May 14, 2013 are part of an “on-going criminal matter,” according to the Massachusetts State Police.

In response to a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request for names, addresses, court dates, and charges filed against the seven individuals, the Office of Chief Legal Council for the Massachusetts State Police cited several state statutes exempting the release of information requested.

“Please be advised G.L. c. 4, XXSSXX 7 cl. 26(a) exempts from public disclosure any records that are “specifically or by necessary implication exempted from disclosure by statute.” In this instance, your request falls within this exemption since releasing the requested information would violate… the Criminal Offender Record Information (“CORI”) statute.”

You mean there might be more to this than meets the eye? Inconceivable!

Via Michael Graham who comments

What the heck? Getting busted for trespassing is like getting a speeding ticket. There is no reason this information should be kept secret. Why are the staties hiding it? What’s the “ongoing criminal matter?” Is this just Massachusetts p.c. mania out of control, or were we lied to in May?

The state lying to us about a Muslim terror threat? Inconceivable!

Maddy in Mass tweeted the following on the subject

I’m more than shocked why the idea that there is anything nefarious about a group of Muslims from all over the world and a bunch of different cities meeting at midnight at the Water Supply of Boston is simply…what is the word…


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Admiral Blackwell: Captain Picard Day?

Capt: Picard: Oh… yes. It’s for the children… I’m a… role model.

Admiral Blackwell: I’m sure you are. Starfleet out.

Star Trek TNG: The Pegasus 1994

And I can only challenge you in such fashion if I am willing to heed my own words…I was prepared to lead our narrow majority as speaker and I believe I had it in me to do a fine job. But I can not do that job or be the kind of leader I would like to be under current circumstances, so I must set the example that I hope President Clinton will follow.

Bob Livingston Dec 19, 1998

In modern Christian writings, though I see much (indeed more than I like) about Mammon, I see few of the old warnings about Worldly Vanities, the Choice of Friends, and the Value of Time. All that, your patient would probably classify as ‘Puritanism’—and may I remark in passing that the value we have given to that word is one of the really solid triumphs of the last hundred years?

C.S Lewis The Screwtape Letters #10

Yesterday while I was on the road to cover an event that didn’t happen (had my dates wrong) I was listening to Michael Graham on the Radio and he brought up a point that a lot of our friends on the left have forgotten, a point I’ve made over the last few weeks.

Graham noted that it was Democrats who set the standard that Weiner and Fitner are using to run for office or even remain in office. That aberrant sexual behavior was not a standard to remove a president from office.

I know many of the college women with their Sandra Flue Buttons on their lapel might not be old enough to remember so let me educate you on recent history.

It was Democrats and media who vigorously Defended Bill Clinton at every turn, who insisted the Monica stuff was “just about sex”.

It was the liberal media who held back this story and at every opportunity belittled the entire idea of this investigation. (and who ironically MADE Matt Drudge who did not.

And it was democrats who en masse not only voted against the 4 articles of impeachment Article I: Perjury before the grand jury, Article II: Perjury in the Jones case, Article III: Obstruction of justice, Article IV: Abuse of power but directly after their passage assembled on the White House lawn as Richard Gephardt, Al Gore and Clinton Himself (with Hillary beside him) made speeches attacking the House for daring to suggest that his actions made him unfit to hold the Office of president of the United States.

What you never heard of this? Well here is the video of the event.

Look at the faces in the crowd of that video you will see my new senator Ed Markey, you will see Sheila Jackson Lee and plenty of other faces still in congress. Look at the liberal lions and particularly the ladies who today bemoan a GOP “war on women”. Look at them all filing out to defend a man who used the power of the presidency to score with a young intern and ask yourself this question:

If the standard of Oral Sex with an intern in the White House is not disqualifying for a president how much less is the standard of “Sexting” for mayor of NY” or “Groping for Mayor of San Diego”?

And it is even worse when you consider this. Have you heard the name Bob Livingston? He was going to be the speaker of the GOP house, but just before the impeachment vote word came that he had an affair. So what did he do with the impeachment vote about to take place. He gave this speech:

and resigned.

Note the same Democrats who shouted “You Resign” at him still backed and voted to save Bill Clinton…

…but what if they did not?

Imagine if Bill Clinton had resigned, imagine if the Democrats in the house decided not to back him, Imagine if that crowd of lawmakers didn’t stand behind the as they made speeches of defiance. Imagine of the media had embraced the actions of Bob Livingstone. Imagine if the standard for the consequences of such behavior by pols was the Livingstone Standard rather than the Bill Clinton (or the Nina Burleigh) standard?

Not only would there not be an Anthony Weiner or a Bob Filner, there likely would not be an Elliot Spitzer or a David Vitter or a Mark Sanford either because when they considered their situation they would remember Bob Livingstone resigning his office rather than Bill Clinton successfully retaining his.

This is the Donkey in the living room that everyone in the media and on the left likes to pretend isn’t there. The standard they want you to forget, particularly in 2016 with Hillary on the Ballot, they set for every narcissistic ambitious pol who will come down the line and decide they can ride this kind of thing out, because if Bill Clinton can get away with it, why can’t they?

There is a war on women and the democrats gave victory to the Anthony Weiners and Bob Filners in that war many years ago.

Final thought:

Inquiring minds want to know.

Update: That’s Bob Filner not Bob Fitner Corrected


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Tomorrow is the special election for the US Senate. The candidates are Gabriel Gomez vs Ed Markey.

There has been a lot of back and forth that I haven’t cared for we’ve had those who have said conservatives should not be backing Gomez because of his support for the Gang of 8 & the Obama Positions on Climate Change, we have others who have suggested that the GOP can only grow if the GOP is “purged” of people holding positions (was it not just 5 months ago that we were told by the incoming party chair of how we would be united).

It’s no secret that I supported Mike Sullivan but it’s also no secret that I have in public supported Gabriel Gomez since he won the nomination and have urged people like Graham to re-consider their decision to sit out both on the air and off.

I’m familiar with the arguments, but there are two things that shoot it down.

If Gabriel Gomez is elected he will be replacing Mo Cowan the temp replacement for John Kerry and while Senator Cowan has gotten high marks on civility his voting record has been as liberal as you can get

Cowan, however, has not exactly built a bipartisan bridge during his brief tenure. A Washington Post online database shows he voted with his party 98 percent of the time in the 109 votes he has taken since entering Congress.

If that 98% figure sounds familiar that the rate according to the Washington Post that Ed Markey voted with the Democrats in the current congress.

Unlike Marco Rubio who once called an “earned path to citizenship” amnesty Gomez has been quite open on where he stands on positions like the gang of 8 bill and manchin/toomey etc.

If this was a “Dump Dede” where Gomez would be the 60th vote and the only republican supporting those bills I might be with Graham, but Gomez’s vote on those high-profile bills will be no worse than Markey or Cowan, but on other votes on fiscal responsibility and key defense issues they will be better MUCH BETTER.

I think I’d like to have that extra vote 60% of the time.

The second argument is stronger. If Gabriel Gomez is elected Senator and goes down to Washington next year and does not perform he can face a primary opponent from the GOP next year and because there will be a scramble on the Democrat side that primary will be populated by people who actually care if the republican nominee is you know Republican.

If Ed Markey is elected however there will be no Dem primary and the GOP will have to somehow find a way to beat a sitting Democrat Senator with the entire Democrat machine behind them.

FYI The last time a sitting Democrat Senator was beaten by a Republican in Massachusetts…1946

I like and respect Michael Graham but I think the best move for conservative republicans is to take the chance on Gomez for 18 months rather than be stuck with Ed Markey until he dies or gets sick of the seat.

Your call.

Today Michael Graham broadcast his show live from the Flying Rhino on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester MA

There was a fair crowd in attendance for the broadcast:

He was on Shrewsbury street to promote the Taste of Shrewsbury Street an annual Restaurant event. I talked to Paul Georgio one of the organizers:

As Did Michael Graham on the air

The Taste of Sherwsbury is a great deal for a $25 button you can sample foods from many different restaurants.

Michael had a variety of guests

Michael graham 2 015

but the most interesting one was from the Flying Rhino itself:

The description of the ivory Tusk is awesome but it doesn’t compare to the real thing:

Michael graham 2 005

It was REALLY good.

And if that doesn’t draw you to the Flying Rhino the Pig Roast ought to do it.

pig 001

Michael Graham’s show is always worthwhile, but when you can have a great meal as well, it’s AWESOME!

What you missed DaTechGuy on DaRadio talking #freekate, terrorism and a call in from Michael Graham last week?

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Diz:  Not one word of what he’s saying is being printed in that state
Saunders:   Oh no Diz!
Diz:  Taylor has practically every paper in the state lined up and he’s feeding them doctored up junk

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939

Lorenzo: Your mother said she caught ya down by the bar today.
Colegero: I wasn’t at the bar.
Mrs. Anello: Tell your father the truth
Colegero: I was by the bar.
Lorenzo: So why’d you lie?
Colegero: (shrugs) I took a shot..

A Bronx Tale  1993

One of the things I take issue with concerning Protestant theology is the concept of “once saved always saved” whereby one can commit any sin with impunity because Christ automatically forgives them. Something similar seems to take place with the Democrat party in Massachusetts.

Last week Michael Graham wrote about some pushback state Rep Shawna O’Connell (R-Taunton) got from the Patrick administration over EBT benefits for the Boston Bombers

Earlier today, Rep. Shaunna O’Connell got a phone call from a very senior member of the governor’s staff with a warning: Watch how you criticize Deval Patrick on the issue of welfare benefits for the Tsarnaev family.

Well that prompted Michal Graham calling repeatedly for details until the governors office denied the call took place

Asked about the dust-up Wednesday, Patrick told reporters O’Connell is simply spouting nonsense.

“Well, she makes a lot of things up, and it sounds like she’s on her old tear

So it’s: “he said, she said” or at least it would be if Rep O’Connell hadn’t made the call from her cell where records are available.

If Gov. Patrick is right and Rep. O’Connell is lying, then she’ll be forced to play the Tim Murray “This is my personal cell” card and keep the records private. (A move supported, ironically, by Deval Patrick)

But if she’s telling the truth, there will be a record of the call and Gov, Patrick is the one who’s lying.

Hey–what’s this? Why, it’s a screen capture of Rep. O’Connell’s cellphone showing incoming calls on Tuesday morning…

and that’s game set and match.

That the Patrick Administration which comes from the David Axelrod school of politics would be fast and loose with facts should be no surprise to anyone who follows the game of politics.  What MIGHT surprise some folks is they would bother to BS on something so easily proved false. Why would anyone, risk embarrassment on such a thing.

Because you, the voters told him he CAN!

It has been amply demonstrated to Democrats in Massachusetts that you can be as unqualified as a Joe Kennedy III, that you can play fast and loose with tax rules like Suzanne Bump or even let Americans be killed in successful attacks on the anniversary of 9/11 and still win the presidency by over 23 points.

If the electorate is willing to ignore things like that and the press is willing to back the administration up, there’s absolutely no reason they’re going to be worried about lying to your face, particularly if you are a Governor who won’t be facing the votes of Massachusetts ever again.

The question isn’t: “Why would the Patrick Administration life?”, it’s, “Why on earth would you expect better of them?”

Christine Morabito plugs the big upcoming Tea Party Tax day event at Boston Common at the Michael Graham event last week.

Details of the April 13th event are here.

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Yesterday Michael Graham held a Town Hall at F1 Boston

There were a series of panels with the topic being How to save the GOP in Massachusetts

and speakers including Mike Sullivan:

and Charlie Baker

When the event was done Michael Graham spoke to me

I will be putting up a few of my solo interviews outside of the post, and my subscription commentary will be on this subject. My gallery and some panel videos follow

What can we do

Brad Holly Bob

and one attendee spoke on what he saw

and of course you an find more at Michael’s own web site.

Update: A lot of solutions were advanced but they didn’t advance my solution which I’ll be talking about in my subscription commentary. (Hint think of WalMart and the Yankees of the 80’s) Funniest moment was the reporter from the Globe trying to pretend they don’t treat democrats differently with a straight face.

The smartest people there were the college kids hands down.


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Well there is a blizzard, it’s cold it’s nasty and it’s against the law for people other than media, and essential services. That means that if there is one thing people need, it’s diversion.

Well your wish is my command so tomorrow on DaTechguy on DaRadio we’ll have some fun.

We’ll spend most of our first hour talking to Lee Stranahan about the Steubenville rape case. If what you know is what the MSM has told you then everything you know about that case is wrong.

In our second Hour Michael Graham will join us for to talk a bit about his own syndicated show that will start on Monday but he’ll also have time to tease the Mass GOP for acting like…the Mass. GOP.

In between we’ll tease Senator Menendez, Joe Scarborough and the MSM a bit, because what’s life without whimsy.

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It’s a little late but if you missed the Chicks on the Right on DaTechGuy on DaRadio last weekend you can hear it here.

And assuming I’m not buried by snow don’t miss this weeks show with Lee Stranahan in our first hour and Michael Graham stopping by in our 2nd.

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I had to go to the Money Matters Studios for some business concerning my show and was surprised and delighted to run into Michael Graham who was kind enough to give me a few minutes of his time:

Obviously DaTechGuy’s move to Syndication has started a trend.

Best part. Noon to 3 on Money Matters weekdays you get Michael and Noon to two on Saturday you get me. Six days of great noontime talk.

What more can anyone ask?

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Michael Graham was one of one of the casualties of the conversion of WTKK to a music format.

The question became where would he go and what would he do?

Well proving that great minds think alike Less than two weeks after DaTechGuy on DaRadio goes into Syndication on the Money Matters Radio Network AM 1120 WBNW Concord AM 1390 WPLM Plymouth/AM 970 WESO Southbridge and now on FTR Radio nationwide another great mind has taken the leap into Syndication.

Michael Graham has announced today he is going into syndication on the Money Matters Radio network AND on my old station WCRN out of Worcester as well.

Now one might think it might be all about getting out there into syndication but I think its all about chasing me for that Steak Dinner I owe him.

So During the Week Tune in at Noontime on the Money Matters Radio network to hear Michael Graham and when Saturday comes along stay right there and join me DaTechGuy on DaRadio from Noon till 2 PM for great conservative talk at noon six days a week.

Should clarify that while Michael is on the Stations of the Money Matters Radio network his syndicated network is called: “The New England Talk Network”

Dash:   But Dad always said our powers were nothing to be ashamed of, our powers made us special.

Helen:   Everyone’s special, Dash.

Dash:   [muttering] Which is another way of saying no one is.

The Incredibles 2004

It’s a fair cop but society is to blame

Monty Python’s Flying Circus 1972

The talk of the net continues to be the Obama campaign’s adaptation of the famous Elizabeth Warren “Good for you” speech.

Here is the a bit of Obama version

While it’s fun to make sure the president gets credit for the drug kingpins as well as the factories, Michael Graham notes that I’m being slack in the sharing or credit:

My only objection is that the focus of their comments was too narrow. The president says, “if you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help.”

He’s right, of course. But why leave out our fellow unsuccessful Americans? Don’t they count, too?

and that’s when he hits a point of snark that means more than he knows:

“There was a great teacher somewhere in your life,” Barack Obama said about successful entrepreneurs. But the 30-something stoner working part-time at the car wash and living in dad’s basement had a teacher, too. Lots of them. Taxpayers spent around $100,000 on his public education. Where’s the love?

Where’s the speech giving teachers credit for the many barely-literate Americans who graduate high school with minimum-wage skills, or who choose to live on the dole rather than work at all?

I suspect Bill Gates didn’t go to high school alone, but none of his classmates created Microsoft. I’m sure John Schnatter’s didn’t have private tutors, why aren’t his classmates running the 3rd largest Pizza Chain in the country? Jonas Salk wasn’t the only doctor in the 20th century. Why wasn’t there a line at the patent door to register polio vaccines?

Where are Joe & Mika classmates TV shows? Why aren’t the other girls in Katy Perry’s home room touring? Didn’t the same high school coach at Fort Osage Senior High School coach hundreds of other players besides Albert Pujols where are their multi million dollar contracts?

Why isn’t the same society that the President thinks is responsible for all these people’s success coming through for the rest of us? If you aren’t making your own Microsoft, touring sold out stadiums in Europe or even making it as a blogger and radio talk show host is it really your fault?

Let’s go further; if the pan handler, the drug dealer and the second-story man had the same teachers, had the same fire and police protection and public utilities an infrastructure everyone else does is it YOUR fault the are where they are?

This is where the Obama’s & the Warren’s of the world reveal themselves for what they actually are. You don’t deserve credit for what you’ve done and you don’t deserve blame for what you haven’t. All the credit, all the blame and all the results belong to the collective and it up to the enlightened leaders at the top to make sure you all get what’s rightfully yours.

I’m sorry folks you can wrap it up, you can call it “fairness” or “progressive-ism” or any other adjective you want, but it’s what it always has been, the same old Marxism that they couldn’t sell in the 20th century re-packaged in the hopes of conning a whole new generation that doesn’t know their history.

Update: A thought, last night I saw the Big Bang Episode The Zarnecki Incursion. Is it just me or do Obama & Warren sound like Sheldon shouting “We did it” just after Penny kicks the bully in the nuts?

The Good news is Michael Graham has found a teenager who had the ambition to start his own business and made it a success:

Talk about a self-starter. Surrounded by kids who won’t even mow their own lawns, he started a multi-million dollar business and ran it himself. Even better, he saw an opening in the marketplace and grabbed it:

The bad news is it was a drug business:

Cops first became aware of a high-grade hydroponic strain of marijuana being sold for $350-$400 an ounce in the Mason school district near Cincinnati last year. An undercover agent began making buys at Mason High School, where the teenager was a student, and uncovered a dealing operation headed by the arrested student.

“The undercover officer uncovered six students or former students working for that individual and trafficking drugs in two school districts,” Fornshell told ABC News. “The group supplied an overwhelming amount of marijuana in the Mason and King school districts,” Fornshell said.

Not only did he make himself rich, he gave jobs to six other unemployed teens!.

Michael Graham may be impressed…

this guy just became one of the most employable people of his generation. I want to hire this guy. He’s smart, he’s ambitious, he’s self-motivated, he’s a leader.

…but I’m not, hasn’t he paid attention to President Obama and Former Obama Administration Official Elizabeth Warren?

So he started a drug empire, good for him, but what paid for the busses that took him and his employees to school, taxes! What paid for the school system where he distributed the drugs, Taxes! And what paid for the infrastructure that allowed his business to spread to two different school districts? Taxes.

Michael Graham may want to give this unnamed minor credit for his business, but lets face it he’s just a kid and President Obama was at Harvard Law and Former Obama Administration Official Elizabeth Warren is a law professor at Harvard. They must know more about how an economy works that we do.

If the Democrat President and The Democrat Candidate for Senator in Massachusetts want to claim credit for the taxes that made this drug empire possible, who is Michael Graham or I to say otherwise?

…as he tours to promote his book The Tyranny of clichés How Liberals Cheat in the war of Ideas

We’ll be starting at the Boston Studio’s of WTKK around 1 P.M. Later on Jonah will be a Cafe Escadrille in Burlington from 6-9.

I’ll be liveblogging the bloggers luncheon event, I don’t know the internet setup for the 2nd but we’ll play it by ear, but there will be video and photos later today.

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Mr. Rickey, I thought when I signed the contract I signed for one thing. There is a ‘W’ column, and there is an ‘L’ column. I thought it was my obligation and duty to put as many as I could under that ‘W’ column.

Leo Durocher Nice Guys finish last.

A day or two ago I talked about Tim Thomas’ decision to skip the White House function for the Bruins. I thought it was a bad idea in the sense that this type of thing has become a traditional event and the President was acting in his function as Head of State vs the political head.

Michael Graham (who I still owe a dinner at Ken’s Steak House) is with me on this. It’s type of thing that leads to the Balkinization of society, and we both objected to it when the other side did it during the Bush years.

Bob Belvedere disagrees with us:

-Tim Thomas owes the Boston Bruins his skill, his effort, his concentration ― in other words, his all ― and he has delivered and, in fact, exceeded expectations.

-Mr. Thomas has the right not to attend any event that he does not approve of. His teammates are adults and know that he means no slight to them by this action. This incident will not hurt team cohesion in any appreciable or lasting way, if at all.

he links to Moonbattery who notes the media that was so approving of the Dixie Chicks et/al are getting creative in their attacks:

Other sportslibs were less sophisticated in their attacks. Here’s what TSN’s Dave Hodge had to tweet:

Apparently Hodge is suggesting that since Thomas wouldn’t kiss Obama’s ring, he must be a secret member of the KKK.

Apparently Hodge is singing a different tune today

Yup I always refer to people children names in Satire

I wonder how many emails and tweets it took for Hodge to decide he was writing “Satire”.

The Boston Globe however is much less susceptible to adverse opinion and in its sports section has decided to go the full “Dump the Goalie” business

Thomas’s decision, however, may be the first step in goalie and team parting ways. His no-movement clause expires at the conclusion of this season. Thomas has one more season remaining on his four-year, $20 million contract. Rask, a restricted free agent at year’s end, should be ready to assume the starting job in 2012-13.

If the 37-year-old Thomas (20-9-0, 2.12 goals-against average, .933 save percentage) maintains his current level of performance, the Bruins could reap a significant return from a club seeking a No. 1 goalie.

Never mind that Thomas lead the Bruins to their first Stanley Cup win since the early 70’s, never mind that Thomas apparently gave the Bruins notice months ago that he wasn’t going to show up for this event and the team didn’t find some face-saving way to explain his absence ( A trip etc).

Now don’t get me wrong, I think he should have shown up, but I think the idea that suddenly Thomas is a liability to be dealt away is not only nonsense but a bad case of the Globe’s editorial page bleeding into its sport page. If the Bruins forget Leo the Lip’s axiom at the start of this post, they will deserve the end result that follows.

That was the line from Rick Santorum as he was absolutely swarmed by press, and voters at the Hillsborough county event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

After the Ron Paul event Stacy & I headed to the Hotel which was loaded with local republicans,

Stacy McCain always seems to find tables like this


The press swarms Newt

And some familiar faces

Michael Graham at the Hillsborough county event

The absolute change in the fortunes in fortunes for Rick Santorum meant that when he came in, he was absolutely mobbed to the point where he almost couldn’t move.

santorum swarmed at the Hillsborough county event

But he made time for the Granite Grok folks who had made time for him when other reporters weren’t interested

Santorum signs an autograph while appearing on Granite Grok

In addition to local republicans several candidates took the stage, the first was Newt who’s appearance was brief as he had a town hall later that evening

There were no shortage of Newt Fans in attendence

Buddy Roemer was the Next presidential candidate to take the stage

Buddy Romer gives his stump speech

He made a spirited attack on big money in politics but didn’t seem to get a lot of traction with the crowd. However in my opinion even less was gained by former governor Sununu speaking for Mitt

Fmr Gov Sununu for Mitt Romney

I never saw a sitting governor more ignored, the crowd kept talking as if he wasn’t there, then again considering he claimed Romney fought Gay Marriage in Massachusetts perhaps such mendacity received its proper reward.

Meanwhile Stacy as usual got some attention from the ladies or was it the other way around?

That reaction to Santorum was what I’d been hearing a lot in the last few days.

Rand Paul spoke for his father and spoke well.

He was kind enough to give me some of his time:

He’s a lot shorter than I’d thought he’d be but he stands tall on ideas and principles

Rand Paul makes the case for his father

and made a strong case for the Paul candidacy.

Jon Huntsman’s daughters were also present,

Not only beauty but fine young ladies as well

Stacy McCain who advised them to not become Megan McCain introduced me to them and Abby was kind enough to allow an interview

Jon Huntsman may not impress me as a candidate much but seeing the way his daughters carry themselves he has certainly impressed me as a father. These are young women to be proud of, the type of women I want my sons to bring home.

For a press junkie of course part of the fun is seeing and meeting folks and today was the day

Grok, Graham and Stacy

I met Mark Steyn for the first time.

He talked to me just before I spoke to the Huntsman girls, it turned into an impromptu coffee klatch

What political fan would not want to be here? And if you weren’t here the Granite Grok crew were livestreaming.

I will follow up this post with interviews and speeches that I simply don’t have time to throw in now later in the day or in a new post, and for those Ron Paul fans out there, I do have more interviews from the Nashua event that I will be posting on as soon as I can.

Of course we will be playing some of this on DaTechGuy on Daradio today at 10 a.m. on WCRN with Stacy McCain, Granite Grok and Roxeanne Deluca listen live at or tweet #daradio

As I was driving today I caught the start of Michael Graham’s show, He was wondering why we don’t have any new patriotic songs that are not written by “rednecks”?

About two hours later I tuned in again and he had a caller who was calling in on a topic concerning proposed rules where a man soliciting prostitution would be charged criminally while the prostitute would not only be not charged but would get money from a fund set up for them from money confiscated from pimps.

During the course of the exchange with a liberal lady who called in objecting to Graham opinion a comparison was made between the choice of people serving in the military and the choice of a woman to be a prostitute. The caller compared the two and concluded that the prostitute was in a more honorable profession due to the “atrocities” of soldiers.

Ignoring the wisdom of the law itself I was very pleased to hear this call, not only did was it a clear and direct window into the liberal mind but it answered Michael’s question from the first hour. As long as we in the north produce mainstream opinion that believes that prostitutes are morally superior to American soldiers, and students who think believing Christians are unacceptable as commencement speakers it will be up to those in the south to come up with songs to honor the country they defend.

There is nothing more likely to advance the cause of the right than for the left to be seen unfiltered by the general public.

… but he is very right that this deserves more attention:

Syrian security forces opened fire on a demonstration Friday in the coastal city of Latakia – the heartland of the ruling elite – wounding at least five people as thousands took to the streets in several places across the country, witnesses said.

President Bashar Assad’s regime has stepped up its deadly crackdown on protesters in recent days by unleashing the army along with snipers and tanks. On Friday, protesters came out in their thousands, defying the crackdown and using it as a rallying cry.

There is also a rather hopeful development:

about 200 mostly low-level members of Syria’s ruling Baath Party have resigned over Assad’s brutal crackdown.

That would have been unheard of not long ago. Meanwhile in Libya things continue to develop, badly:

Libyan troops chased rebel fighters across the border with Tunisia and clashed with them, indiscriminately firing in the area before being captured by the Tunisian military, witnesses said. Tunisia’s government expressed “extreme indignation” and demanded Libya immediately halt violations of its territory.

In reality the West would LOVE if Tunisia or Egypt got involved. Much better to have Arab boots on the ground instead of western ones.

As Michael Graham puts it:

Today: Libya’s invading its neighbors, violence is spreading, civilians are still dying, America is refusing to lead, Gaddafi is stronger…and your gas is $4 a gallon. If you’re lucky.

We return you now to you regularly scheduled distraction.

We need a distraction now and again (and I loved the WW 2 planes in the fly over) but lets also not forget people dying to be free.


If these guys are attacking military bases then I think the endgame is near, one way or the other:

Syria’s state-run television says “armed terrorists” have attacked a military post in the southern city of Daraa, killing four soldiers and capturing two.

The report comes as thousands of Syrians took to the streets across the country – including the capital of Damascus – in demonstrations against the regime of President Bashar Assad. The six-week uprising has posed the gravest threat to his rule.

The government has blamed the unrest on armed gangs – not true reform-seekers.

Daraa is where the revolt began. It has been under military siege since Monday.

My latest for Anger and Loathing in Boston reports on the dueling Union/Tea Party rallies in Boston: a peek:

As the day progressed the Union forces got more and more agitated particularly when Radio Host Graham handed out fake “doctor of love” notes parodying the events of Wisconsin. His presence seemed to drive the union people wild, even stranger was the reaction to State Rep Rich Bastien (R Gardner) who mingled with the crowd to try to hear them out but was greeted by Nazi salutes by a self-proclaimed Jewish woman in between vulgar epithets.

The final irony of the protest is on display here:

I’ll have a post with all my videos from the rallies up before I leave the house today.

Michael Graham has been following the McGovern campaign and what he is hearing is unbelievable:

I like to think I’m a jaded, cynical observer of Massachusetts politics, but when I read Rep. Jim McGovern’s claim to support cracking down on illegal immigration, I literally gasped out loud.

McGovern told the MetroWest Daily News that he “wants improved border security, visa monitoring and workplace enforcement and a streamlined process for coming to the country legally.”

Remember this is Massachusetts, the big liberal state that supposedly wouldn’t care about an issue like this, the state that the NYT insists there is no chance for any Republican to win in congress this year and McGovern is suddenly talking tough on immigration? But it gets better!

After repeated Internet searches, I couldn’t find one. So I called McGovern’s press office and asked them to send me a record of any such votes. Among other things, his office sent me – no joke – McGovern’s co-sponsorship of the House version of the McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill of 2007.emphasis mine

So he is counting supporting Amnesty as a vote to enforce immigration, and he expects the people of Massachusetts 3rd district to fall for that? There are 10 colleges in Worcester Mass. alone, do you think that some of them might be able to read his record?

If that’s not a reason to support Marty Lamb in ma-3 I’d like to know what is?

And Yes he was once a democrat, don’t forget, so was I, so was he and so was this guy.

Nice to have you visit. You can find my tea party videos under the tag Voices of the Tea Party and also at youtube at My Youtube Channel.

You can find my interviews with Michael Graham here and here

Update: BTW I disagree with Michael on this. If it was a two man Race Michael would be right on the money, you can’t attack the voters when people KNOW their neighbors. This is what is hurting democrats nationally when hitting the tea party. In a three man race his only chance it to get that 35%-38% of the electorate that is far far left energized that hates the tea party.

He is only playing the only card he has.

Who was on stage twice yesterday once before the Plymouth County GOP straw vote and once at the end. Our clips here are from is speech before the vote:

I had to split this into two parts because it ran just over 10 min for YouTube and the other embed programs are iffy on wordpress.

Lucky for me I am a bit faster than my waistline looks because I almost missed him at the end of the event, but managed to chase him down as he was leaving and he was kind enough to come back in long enough to talk to me. Hey when you’re nice to Da man in Da Fedora he bumps your videos ahead of the line.

The Don’t get cocky advices has been coming from everywhere. It’s good advice.

Update: Welcome Michael Graham fans, come take a peek around. My latest examiner column talks about the changing fortunes of the GOP. Over the next few days I’ll be posting more interviews to go with my slideshow from the Plymouth Event so keep an eye. If you are tea party fans you should check out my coverage of the Twin city tea party, and my first interview with Michael in April before boarding the Tea Party express and covering the 4/15 DC rallies. Next week I will be in Washington for Blogcon and will be covering the 9/12 marches in person. Hope to see you there.

Just heard Michael Graham talk about Barack Obama as the best creator of conservative voters ever.

Just now was able to get the Net will update as able

Jeff Perry now going up Crowd gave him a rousing round of applause. Let the group in a cheer against both Obamacare and Amnesty

Joe Malone now coming up gets a good reception.

Ray Kasperowicz gets a huge round of applause when suggesting impeachment against Eric Holder.

Mary Z. Connaughton up if you’ve seen my interview with her you know what see is saying tonight. “This is OUR year”

Here is the final slideshow update

The Results of the Straw poll are here

Update: Redundant slideshows removed

Boston has taken sides in the Arizona law dispute:

Mayor Thomas M. Menino, joining the City Council in registering strong objections to the tough new immigration laws in Arizona, said yesterday that he will consider canceling city contracts with firms based in the state that agree with the crackdown.

As the City Council passed a resolution urging that Boston cut business ties with Arizona, Menino said it was important to send “a message’’ that the city disagrees with that state’s response to illegal immigration.

Apparently the Boston city counsel’s parents should have considered home schooling since they believe 30% is greater than 60%. Michael Graham today on his radio show proposed a boycott of Boston by people who disagree with this position. As Graham and Company were part of the 10,000 in Boston on Wednesday April 14 while the open borders crowd could only muster 300 last Saturday Afternoon I suspect that although it might gain votes in the city proper it will risk a lot more dollars to the city coffers.

Hey if they want to be with the 300 vs the 10,000 hey the city voted for these people and as always they get the government they deserve.