Cultivating the Roseanne vote

By John Ruberry Last week after two decades in rerun stasis the sitcom Roseanne returned to ABC with massive ratings, even higher than its final episode of its first run in 1997. Formerly a liberal, the show's star, Roseanne Barr, declared that she was a supporter of Donald Trump two years ago. While Trump isn't … Continue reading Cultivating the Roseanne vote

Report from Louisiana: Getting Out of Town

By:  Pat Austin SHREVEPORT --  It’s officially summertime and many of us are looking toward to vacations and hitting the great open road to discover America, or other parts of the world. For us, we head to the Midwest. There’s some truth in the old adage about the grass being greener, and all that; the … Continue reading Report from Louisiana: Getting Out of Town

A flood of price increases on food?

On additional side effect of the floods the midwest likely to be on the prices of food and fuel: Gasoline futures advanced, extending the biggest one-day gain in more than two months, amid concern that the flooding will disrupt fuel production and distribution. Futures rose as much as 3.1 percent, adding to a 6.1 percent … Continue reading A flood of price increases on food?