None of this is to imply that the GOP doesn’t have its own predators. The difference is, Republicans don’t generally have the press providing 24/7 air cover.

Stephen Green

After yesterday’s post noting Cokie Roberts raining on the John Conyers “Old Man” meme advanced by Joe Scarborough, Jeffrey Toobin and Mike Brzezinski something hit me that I hadn’t though of concerning both Roberts and Brzezinski.

Mike Brzezinski’s late father has been a power player in Washington her entire life. He was an adviser to LBJ when she was born, National security adviser till she was 14 and remained well known and connected throughout his life.

Coke Roberts is the Daughter of former House Majority Lead Hale Boggs who was first elected in 1941, two years before she was born. After her father died in a plane crash in 1972 her mother Lindsay ran for the seat and won serving in congress till 1991.

This means that both of them had parents who were intimately familiar with Washington DC and the people in it. Furthermore Cokie parents in particular would have had a good grasp of the type of people the various members of congress were.

Maybe it’s just me, but if I had an attractive daughter who was working as a reporter in DC and I had some knowledge of who the leches on the hill were at the very least I just might have given them a heads up as to who to watch out for.

Now we don’t know if there was some kind of unwritten rule about preying on the families of fellow members or folks in DC resulting in a some kind of capital hill “do not grope or screw list” that might have provided these ladies with some cover, but it seems to me any parent worth their salt would warn them just to be on the safe side.

So that being the case I have this question for Mrs. Roberts and Ms Brzezinski:

Are you aware of any other current or former members of congress who have used their power to prey on women in the past and are there any men on capital hill that you were you warned about by either your parents or others on the hill to be careful of?

I think the answer to this question will speak volumes.

Yesterday on Morning Joe with the world blowing up around Rep John Conyers Joe Scarborough reiterated the status of the congressman as an Icon and implied that his issues came from advanced age. Mika backed him up citing the need to tell her own father that it was time to leave the public stage.

It was a narrative that was used by others as well Jeffrey Toobin at CNN said the same thing implying that his actions were all about advanced age and declining mental facilities.

It was an argument that might have resonated with many American who deal with elderly parents, if Cokie Roberts hadn’t let the cat out of the bag that is.

“Don’t get in the elevator with him, you know, and the whole every female in the press corps knew that, right, don’t get in elevator with him,” said Roberts. She continued, “Now people are saying it out loud. And I think that does make a difference.”

Now Ms. Roberts statements means one of two things. Either Mr. Toobin, Mr. Scarborough and Ms. Brzezinski despite decades of experience on Capital Hill were somehow completely ignorant concerning Mr. Conyers proclivities and thus played the old age card for Conyers, or they were not and attempt to deceive the public to hide their knowledge and decades of silence.

Which is it?

Longtime readers know that before I got my overnight job I was a regular viewer of Morning Joe.  I’ve always liked Joe and Mika, not only because they’re been willing to be interviewed and treat their fans well, but because unlike most of the MSM they’ve never pretended to be other than partisan.  Mika in particular has on occasion refused to deny realities unfavorable to the Democrats.

That doesn’t mean I’ve been shy about critiquing and hitting her (do a search of the term “mikaburger” on my site for a great illustration of it) but you won’t’ find anything personal, for example this sentence is the only comment you will ever find on my site concerning her and Joe’s upcoming nuptials.

All that being said Mika and Joe’s attacks on the president have been over the top even for MSNBC, to the degree where I’ve reached the point where I find it highly unlikely that even they believe what they are saying.  It’s my opinion that it’s all about ratings vs reality although the fact that both Mika and Joe qualify as part of the establishment crowd may have something to do about it (An O’Keefe video of the pair on Trump/Russia, if it exists, would be most interesting.) and frankly I’m a tad surprised that it’s taken Trump this long to hit back in this way since it’s his nature.

I don’t like it (the remark about the bleeding facelift).  I don’t like it because it’s indecorous, I don’t like it because I was taught not to treat a woman this way (although the Booster Gold equality rule might apply) and I don’t like it because I don’t like having to pay the price for it, although in fairness if this is the highest price I have to pay for NOT having Hillary as president picking SCOTUS judges is an occasionally a tweet like this, then I’ll take them every day and twice on Sundays.

But the reason I dislike it the most is because it’s not the right thing, and subsequently it’s also not the smart thing for several reasons.

The media at the moment was reeling over the various retractions, public embarrassments that they have been experiencing, this changes the subject away from them.

The James O’Keefe videos had finally broken through to the point where the MSM was not able to spin it away, The President has now given the MSM a chance to go 24/7 on something else.

Nothing will raise the status of Joe and Mika more than this tweet, it raises their prominence in the anti-Trump crowd, gives them a reason to obsess about it on air and moreover will coin viewers for them who will turn on just to see what they will say.  If I was Joe, Mika or their producers even if it caused some personal distress I’d be dancing with joy over this because it’s money and ratings in the bank.

It allows the media to play the Todd Akin game on the GOP asking for comments, I usually think this game is unjustified but as you are the president and the defacto head of the GOP in this situation this tactic can be justified as actually newsworthy.

It’s a distraction for folks like me who find themselves writing this post rather than something else

Now it’s very possible that this is Trump playing 3D chess while I’m playing checkers.  He knows the media effects of this kind of thing, knows it will help their ratings short term and may want the media obsessing on this rather than the healthcare bill or something else coming down the pike.  He might even be interested in demonstrating that he can lead the MSM by the nose where ever he wants them to be.

But for me Mr. President, I don’t like it, I didn’t like it, I would have advised against it and Mr. President as a person who both wants you to win and thinks you should continue to tweet in general as it in general helps us much more than it hurts us,  I’d suggest avoiding such personal attacks on Mika or any other media woman appearance’s covering you in the future.

No charge.

Update: left out a critical NOT in a sentence concerning Hillary, fixed.

Thus says the LORD: ‘I will bring evil upon you out of your own house. I will take your wives while you live to see it, and will give them to your neighbor. He shall lie with your wives in broad daylight.  You have done this deed in secret, but I will bring it about in the presence of all Israel, and with the sun looking down.'”

2 Samuel 12:11-12

One of my favorite stories about my late mother comes from the days of my youth.  It was near the end of the school year, May early June when I was in 4th grade at St. Anthony’s School.   School was out and I was waiting on the steps for my mom to pick me up. This was in the days when nuns just started to ditch the habit and there was a young and very pretty nun who had done so at the school.

She was coming down the stairs near where I was sitting just as my mother was pulling up to get me, but ahead of my mother came by a guy in a convertible with the top down who seeing a very pretty girl coming down the stairs pulled over and said something to her.  I didn’t hear what he said and it’s likely my nine year old, pre-internet/cable TV era ears might not have understood it at the time,  but I remember sister getting very visibly angry as the man pulled away and my mother pulled up.  I didn’t say goodbye to sister as I normally would  (even out of uniform we kids knew enough to keep out of the way when one of the nuns was mad) so I just headed for the passenger seat of mom’s car, when the nun,  still steaming  walked over to my mother to vent her outrage at about that guy trying to pick her, a nun, up,  Till my dying day I’ll never forget mom’s answer delivered in a tone that was reserved for my and my brothers when being scolded:

Don’t go blaming that man, if you want to be treated with the respect of a nun, DRESS LIKE ONE! 

The shock on sister’s face (and my own since I’d never seen anyone talk to a nun like that) was complete and had not gone away when I had gone.  I went to a public school built practically next door to my house for the next two years and didn’t come back to St. Anthony’s till 7th grade but to my memory from that day on either in school or at church at St. Anthony’s  I never saw that nun without at least her nun’s coif (the headscarf) on again.

The lesson I learned that day was this:  While my mother was a woman of discretion, you would never hear her make a negative public or even private comment about anyone even an enemy,  but if you invited her opinion you had better be ready to hear it because it would be blunt and merciless.

And that brings me to Morning Joe and their attack on Kellyanne Conway

Until I started doing daily mass and working overnights, Morning Joe a staple of my day.  It was practically the only outlet for conservative opinion on MSNBC and I liked the fact that Mika didn’t pretend to be “objective” as many liberal members of the media do.

I also had a good relationship with both Joe and Mika.  Joe hit DaTipJar at least once and in my early days it got back to me that he had good things to say about the site.  I admired (and still do) their commitment to their fans who made the show and still believe Mika’s willingness to discuss putting on a few pounds was an important cultural symbol and a positive message to women who think they have to starve themselves to look good.  Both, Joe & Mika have been interviewed by me and despite their current Trump Derangement Syndrome, this show is, based on content, chemistry and sanity the best choice of viewing on MSNBC and it’s not even close.

I have written a lot about the show itself but have been  silent on their personal lives.  I heard plenty of rumors over the years but ignored them because first of all you don’t know whose saying things for the sake of an agenda and second of all it wasn’t my business.  When those rumors eventually turned into a public engagement I still said nothing since it was no more my business when it’s now a matter of public record and planned to have no comment on it on the grounds of decorum.

However now that I see this on youtube:

and all over the net, and read this  at HotAir:

Assume it’s all true, though. Why are Joe and Mika telling tales out of school like this? Whatever Conway said to them about her reluctance to flack for Trump was doubtless said in confidence. They’re breaching that confidence and seemingly doing it in hopes that Trump will hear this, get pissed off, and fire her. If you’re one of the eight thousand establishment political/media people who frequent this show as guests, why would you ever say another candid thing in Scarborough’s or Brzezinski’s presence? Obviously they’ll try to use it to destroy you, publicly, on their own show, if you end up on their sh*t list. Sheesh.

I found the sheer brazen hypocrisy in a public forum for political and ratings gain is so offensive that it becomes necessary to say the obvious rejoinder aloud:

Did I actually just wake up and see that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski who, newly engaged after divorcing their respective spouses during the run of their show, excoriate Kellyanne Conway in public for doing her job of defending her boss in public even if some of his past actions displeased her, rather than abandoning him to help the much worse Hillary Clinton?

Do Joe and Mika really think it’s a good idea to public suggest KellyAnne Conway is two faced over a campaign when they apparently spent years keeping up a pretence, saying one thing on air and making one pose in public, while doing something completely different when the cameras are off and not only doing so but asking others to go along with this masquerade?

Not only is their attack on Kellyanne Conway dishonorable, but it boggles the mind that Trump derangement Syndrome has driven them to say this given their own efforts to hide their relationship from the public as long as possible.  It terms of stupidity, that move is so remarkable, so incredible and so clueless that I’m shocked that they would resort to it.

This act, at least to me was so incorgroutious that, like my mother listening to that young Nun’s rant, it’s worth the likely fallout and the burning of bridges to call them out on it.

Simply Amazing.

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Leonard: Lesley, this is Penny, she lives across the hall from Sheldon and me.  Lesley and I do research together at the University.

Penny: Oh, wow, a girl scientist.

Lesley: Yep, come for the breasts, stay for the brains.

The Big Bang Theory, The Hamburger Postulate 2007

Mika Brzezinski is seven years older that Ms. Erin. As handsome a woman as she is there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that as she continues to age there will be pressure to augment or replace her with a younger woman to attract more eyeballs to the show.

Tami Erin and the Hustler Gambit (Content Warning) 10/31/13

As you might have heard Megyn Kelly has signed a big money contract with NBC and will be heading there shortly.

There has been some debate on the net about this (why I don’t really know) but to me this is no different than say Pablo Sandoval cashing out big with the Red Sox after winning a world series because the reality with a female anchor/reporter is not much different, there is a limited window to cash in and once that window closes you find yourself in Tina Fey land:

I submit and suggest Tina Fey’s show was an affirmative action hire that survived on an ultra liberal network as payback to the lady who the hollywood left considered the hero of the 2008 election.   NBC carried 30 Rock not as a business decision, but as a statement.

But NBC isn’t making that statement any longer and as for the Palin business 2008  is long gone and Gov Palin isn’t running for anything anytime soon.  So where does that leave Tina Fey until the SNL 50th anniversary reunion?

It leaves her as an attractive woman who will be turning 45 on my birthday in an industry unkind to women as they age or put on weight who needs to be noticed.

Now there are legit reasons for NBC to pay Kelly big money, she had success at Fox and she’s clashed with the POTUS Elect so they can beard both of their foes and maybe she will bring ratings, but I agree with Stacy McCain that there is a danger:

NBC is anti-Christian and pro-Islam, anti-family and pro-abortion, anti-cop and pro-“Black Lives Matter.” The partisan and ideological biases at NBC News are so blatantly obvious that it is impossible to imagine that you, Ms. Kelly, could be permitted to broadcast anything there that would deviate from the network’s Democrat/“progressive” agenda. NBC is anti-Christian and pro-Islam, anti-family and pro-abortion, anti-cop and pro-“Black Lives Matter.” The partisan and ideological biases at NBC News are so blatantly obvious that it is impossible to imagine that you, Ms. Kelly, could be permitted to broadcast anything there that would deviate from the network’s Democrat/“progressive” agenda. 

I agree with Stacy that  if she decides to go the full leftist then she will fade and become just another aging woman waiting for a younger hotter one to replace her, but if she wants to do more than cash in the person she needs to emulate is already working for NBC.

Mika Brzezinski

One of the reasons why Mika works is she does the following:

  1. She doesn’t hide her biases, Ms Kelly should do the same, if she is actually conservative, pro-life and pro-family she should be so at NBC, she should wear her bias on her sleeve for all to see and it will bring an audience.
  2. She isn’t afraid to question or critique her own side.  Assuming MS Kelly is a conservative that’s not an issue, but if she is in fact a liberal who went conservative for Fox, she needs to be willing to question liberal dogma.
  3. Bring on guest you disagree with.  This is something you did on Fox and something Mika does.  By allowing all viewpoints you increase both your audience and the respect of people who are actual worth having the respect of.
  4. Remember the people who got you there:  I’ve watched Mika make live appearances with Joe and stay late until every single fan is greeted.  They are your customers, follow that example and they’ll stay with you.
  5. Mika isn’t afraid to break the media template, for example, when she put on 15 pounds she celebrated it rather than ran from it.  Keep that in mind.
  6. Have fun.  Mika has fun doing what she does and is not afraid to do so.  Do the same.

Now of course if all you want to do is cash out that’s fine too, but if you do, I don’t want to hear a fuss if you end up shedding a rip away dress and striking a “mount me” pose in Stephen Colbert goodbye episode to get noticed someday.

I’d say that’s a fate worth avoiding.


There was a throw away line in this piece at Instapundit concerning Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s and wikileaks that jumped out at me:

What is it with the DNC and their strange stalker-like obsession with Morning Joe anyhow? Here’s video of the Obama administration emailing the show and one of Joe’s distaff co-hosts (possibly Savannah Guthrie) reading on the air a White House “correction” to their coverage back in October of 2009. That was also around the time “a ‘senior White House official’sent an email calling Joe Scarborough an ‘asshole’ for mocking Pres. Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.”

And you thought Trump couldn’t handle criticism!

While these days my work/prayer schedule prevents me from watching the answer is actually pretty obvious to anyone who has watched the show.

Morning Joe has two things that no other MSNBC show has

 A Republican host who while occasionally going off the reservation and not a big fan of Tea Party types provides a reliable conservative viewpoint on basic issues that as a rule MSNBC viewers are never exposed to. 

A Democrat co-host who while a partisan Democrat is honest and cares about her reputation enough not to lie to the viewers simply for the sake of the party and is willing to question things that smell to her.

Even worse when a Tea Party conservative shows up on the show, they are treated fairly and not as a rule dismissed as some kind of loony

It’s one thing to dismiss Fox or GOP activists or even bloggers it’s another to dismiss something when the MSNBC drivetime show talks about something as legit.

For the Democrats that makes them dangerous.

That’s why I think conservatives should invest time in the show an cultivate both Joe and Mika, it’s their easiest entre to introduce news that the MSM wants to suppresses into the stream outside of Fox.

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Jacob McCandles: I hate secrets. Never knew one to be kept. They’ve all heard what’s in that red box and they all want it. What we’re doin’ by this ostentatious display is telling them they can’t have it.

Big Jake 1971

If you are at all tied into the culture you might have noticed that Tina Fey put on an ahem  interesting display as part of the David Letterman farewell tour.

Tina Fey helped make David Letterman’s finals weeks on the “Late Show” memorable on Thursday night – as she stripped down for Dave!

If you go to Youtube it comes up on the front page, if you go to entertainment sites it led, meanwhile as twitchy snarked  at Chicks on the Right Miss CJ has some definite opinions concerning Tina Fey’s interesting display:

WHAT THE CRAP WAS THAT ABOUT? You have to make some big statement about how wearing a nice dress is demeaning toward women, so the obvious thing to do is strip down to a bodysuit with “Bye Dave” written above your crotch and #LastDressEver on your butt? (Because – hashtag!) I thought women in comedy didn’t have to use their bodies for humor – which she clearly proved because this stunt wasn’t really very funny

I think the answer to CJ’s question comes from the two things that came to mind when I saw the video.

The first is the slutwalks.

For those who don’t know the Slutwalks are feminist protests where women in a state of undress march with little or no clothing to ironically make a statement they are not sex objects.

Yes you read that right.

The amusing part of said slutwalks are these woman are extremely offended if while in a state of undress that highlights their sexuality, men look at them like sex objects.

Yes you read that right too.

The reality is that if these women were marching fully clothed nobody would notice them therefore they deliberately march in a state of undress, ie parade himself as sex object in order to get people to pay attention to them while at the same time scolding said observers for viewing them as sex objects, although as Stacy McCain pointed out for some of said attendees it’s an iffy proposition for them to be noticed even in said state of undress.

What does that have to do with Tina Fey? Well like the women of slutwalk she was making a statement but that statement had nothing to do with feminism and not being viewed as a sex object  and everything to do with being recognized as a sex object.  Consider the image from the video at Chicks on the Right choose.  It’s Ms. Fey  bending over in a pose that frankly screams, pardon my vulgarity, “mount me

Some might say “DaTechGuy that’s ridiculous? She is an accomplished actress & writer.”  Why would she want to be viewed as a sex object?”

And that brings us to the second point, Knowing her value.

I’ve never met Ms. Fey.  For all I know She might be a fine woman, an excellent wife a good mother and a very pleasant person  and of course as a person made in God’s image she has intrinsic value.

However when it comes to the entertainment industry those things mean nothing.  Your value, indeed your bread & butter is based on being seen and noticed and right now she at a time in life when she sees the writing on the wall.

Tina Fey is known for two things 30 Rock & as Sarah Palin on SNL.  When it comes to 30 Rock despite all the awards it never got ratings NEVER:

It was often dismissed as a niche cable show trapped on a mainstream network, a bastion of showbiz in-jokes targeted to coastal sensibilities — predictably, the middle of the country ignored it to the end. Yet the anemic household ratings and consistently low numbers in key demos somehow failed to kill off this series. Why didn’t it?

Bluntly the answer is it just wasn’t funny.  There is a reason why the title of the piece I just quoted was…

How Tina Fey’s ’30 Rock’ Lasted Seven Seasons And Changed The Game For Female Comedy Creators

I submit and suggest Tina Fey’s show was an affirmative action hire that survived on an ultra liberal network as payback to the lady who the hollywood left considered the hero of the 2008 election.   NBC carried 30 Rock not as a business decision, but as a statement.

But NBC isn’t making that statement any longer and as for the Palin business 2008  is long gone and Gov Palin isn’t running for anything anytime soon.  So where does that leave Tina Fey until the SNL 50th anniversary reunion?

It leaves her as an attractive woman who will be turning 45 on my birthday in an industry unkind to women as they age or put on weight who needs to be noticed.

As as Tami Erin once of Pippi Longstocking fame but now of Hustler Magazine fame discovered, a very easy way for an attractive woman to get noticed is to put herself out there in an advanced state of undress on Camera.  As Miley Cyrus will tell you doing so in front of a large television audience is even better.

That’s what the Letterman gambit was all about. It wasn’t about comedy, it was about her being noticed at a time when nobody was the least bit interested.

And it worked.  More people are talking about Tina Fey this weekend that likely did so over the last six months.  She’ll be asked about this in interviews and that image of her is likely going to trump any others of her in google searches for a long time to come.

Compare and contrast this to Mika Brzezinski who was one year older than Ms Fey turns next week when she announced her weight gain on the air.  As I said at the time:

Now I don’t know if Mika intended it as a cultural statement but I think it’s a very important one. Tastes change, I’ve always thought the idea that women needed to be practically anorexic to be attractive is a dangerous thing, physically & mentally not to mention false.

Mika Brzezinski is a 46 year old woman competing in an industry where image is king (if you don’t believe me count the toupees on the news screen). And if image is king for a man imagine what it is for a woman where sex is used to sell everything,

Yet Ms. Brzezinski was willing to put her weight gain out there and two years later is touring the nation promoting her book:  Knowing your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth  and the message it contains about self worth.

Tina Fey should read Mika’s book, because judging by her ostentatious display on Letterman I think Tina Fey self assessment of her value these days isn’t very high.

Kinda a shame really.


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MSNBC doesn’t get a lot of viewers so if you are on the right you might have missed Ted Cruz who got a full 15 minutes on Morning Joe on Tuesday

Cruz did an excellent job and like Scott Walker didn’t back down and inch and did an excellent job of pitching his ideas to an audience that likely has never heard them without the left’s filter. Many fail to get how important it is to make the case to the other side you won’t persuade but a few, but that’s a few more than you had before.

It speaks well of Cruz that he was willing to go, but let me also tip the Hat to Morning Joe who had him on and gave him a full 15 minute segment to make his case.

Regular readers of this blog know I’m a Morning Joe fan who for many years did his writing with their show in the background.

During that time we constantly saw Mika Brzezinski defend the protesters who insisted the Minimum wage should be raised to $15.  Here is one example:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

At the time I challenged her to open up her Mika Burger franchise and I repeat that challenge today.

Mika you and a group of your progressive friends should simply open up a restaurant, have a starting pay of $15 an hour for all workers and before you can say “franchise fee” Mikaburger franchise will be all over the country resulting not only a living wage for the workers but profit for Mika & her friends that can be used for all kinds of delightful progressive causes.

In fact I’d like to suggest that Seattle be the location for the first Mikaburger franchise, because I hear in that city there is a lot less competition than there used to be:

Seattle’s $15 minimum wage law goes into effect on April 1, 2015. As that date approaches, restaurants across the city are making the financial decision to close shop. The Washington Policy Center writes that “closings have occurred across the city, from Grub in the upscale Queen Anne Hill neighborhood, to Little Uncle in gritty Pioneer Square, to the Boat Street Cafe on Western Avenue near the waterfront.”

Of course, restaurants close for a variety of reasons. But, according to Seattle Magazine, the “impending minimum wage hike to $15 per hour” is playing a “major factor.” That’s not surprising, considering “about 36% of restaurant earnings go to paying labor costs.” Seattle Magazine,

“Washington Restaurant Association’s Anthony Anton puts it this way: “It’s not a political problem; it’s a math problem.”


Now one might think that such news might discourage Mika & people like her but it doesn’t matter if there is snark from Twitchy:

To Hotair

McDonald’s has been experimenting with point of sale automation for taking orders and Applebee’s rolled out smart tablets at tables in multiple locations last year. The latter solution is the most interesting to me because it seems like the easiest for younger consumers to adapt to. Most of the people going out to eat in such places are already familiar with laptops, tablets and smart phones anyway. Having one waiting at the table which takes the place of not only the menu, but the waitress as well, isn’t going to come as much of a shock to the system.


Welcome to the land of $17 dollar cheeseburger. And, as you can figure out fairly quickly, everything else will be more expensive too … which, of course, erodes the purchasing power of that $15 wage. More importantly, if you work for one of those establishments that is closing, your wage is $15 times zero hours, isn’t it?

These naysayers and their math are no match for the combined effects of the power of progressive thinking plus the bonus of a restaurant fronted by a liberal celebrity in a liberal city anxious to prove her right.

So Mika the field has been cleared, go boldly forward and prove us wrong!  It should be a cinch.

Shouldn’t it?


Professor Litefoot: It’s been jolly interesting, wouldn’t you say? Most of the corpses around here are jolly dull. Now I’ve got a couple of inscrutable Chinks and a poor perisher who was chewed by a giant rat, having been stabbed by a midget.
4th Doctor: A midget?
Professor Litefoot: Angle of the wound. Oh, upon my soul. I’m sure we shouldn’t be discussing such things in front of the fair sex. Forgive us, ma’am.
Leela: What for?
Professor Litefoot: For being so indelicate in the presence of a lady of refinement.
strong>Leela:Does he mean me?
4th Doctor: I don’t think so.
strong>Leela: It’s very interesting. You say you can tell the height of the attacker by the way the blade was thrust? But when aiming for the heart, we were always taught to strike under the breastbone.
Professor Litefoot: Upon my soul!
4th Doctor: Savage. Found floating down the Amazon in a hat box.

Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng Chiang 1977

There are two reasons why the media’s sudden willingness to critique Valerie Jarrett are completely unsurprising.

It’s axiomatic that when a person is the power behind the throne once the power of said throne begins to totter such a person begins to get critiques that they had hitherto not received because people were too afraid to make them.

With the Obama presidency achieving early lame duck status and it’s power soon to end, members of the press who had hitherto avoided any critique of Ms. Jarrett now no longer feel restrained as the days of her ability to use the power of the Government as a retaliatory club against them are numbered.

As a more pragmatic matter the media finally “discovering” aspects of Valerie Jarrett that are less that complementary is a vital step in supporting potential Democrat candidate in the next election cycle.

By putting the black hat on Jarrett the press gives potential Democrat candidates an avenue to critique an unpopular administration (necessary to win election in 2016) without attacking Barack Obama directly (thereby risking the wrath of African Americans who even now can’t abide public critique of the first Black President). In effect doing what they have always done, fulfilling their position as Democrats with bylines.

Thus the sudden post election hits on Ms. Jarrett are a normal part of the cycle of power in Washington in effect the DC circle of life.

And that’s why the pieces from Jonathan “Sir Robin of Twitter” Capehart & Mika Brzezinski should disturb anyone who waves the flag of “equality”. Let’s start with brave bold Sir Robin:

The one difference between Jarrett and others who have wielded the same kind of power in the West Wing is that she is a woman. Were she a man, her job would not be subject to endless “What does he really do?” questions. Were she a man, she wouldn’t be called “the night stalker” for walking with her longtime friend back to the private residence. Were she a man, her willingness to use her elbows to do what she thinks is right for the president would be applauded. Nancy Reagan, Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton are just some of the women whose proximity to power and their willingness to use it has had critics reduce them to shrews (or other sexist descriptors) who should know their place.

Seriously?  For six years the press have been hands off on Jarrett, lionizing her at every turn and now at the first whiff of critique the “sexism” card is played? Tell me how many critiques of Ms. Jarrett has the Washington Post hitherto written?

While Brave Sir Robin’s decision to pay this card is the sign of a hack I really expected better from Mika who wrote this:

Would these criticisms be leveled at men like John Podesta or Dan Pfeiffer? They work closely with the President. In fact, Ms. Jarrett was out of commission for the most important stretch of the campaign because of a serious medical procedure on her spine. So why is Valerie the focus of these ridiculous attacks?

Perhaps it is because she is a woman. In the case of the Politico piece, which was written by a woman, I can draw from the conclusions in my book – women are often the toughest on their own. But whether the attacks come from women or men in the media, it does seem that strong female advisors who are close to the president become the focus of the most hostile and catty criticism. Whether it was the horrific caricatures of Condi Rice, or the snide sneers aimed at Karen Hughes, or today’s unfair focus on Valerie, at this point the whole “blame-the-woman” routine is just getting old.

Am I actually reading one of the foremost defenders of the equality of Woman on Television suggesting that hitting the closest advisor to the president is a case of “blame-the-woman”? Way to go on the equality front!

I’m sorry you can’t have it both ways. You can’t complain that a woman can do any job a man can and then when said woman belatedly gets critiqued in a position where a man would be subject to regular blows, suddenly claim victim status. It’s the same thing we saw with President Obama & the race card. If she is so delicate a flower that a piece on Politico is too much for her then she has no business in higher office. If instead she is a strong confident woman exercising power then her defenders should stop treating her like the Victorian Litefoot trying to protect Leela.

If she can’t take a punch she doesn’t belong in the arena, and if her defenders can’t abide her being hit without playing the sexism card then I suspect their own belief in “equality” is a facade for the sake of power.


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