There was a throw away line in this piece at Instapundit concerning Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s and wikileaks that jumped out at me:

What is it with the DNC and their strange stalker-like obsession with Morning Joe anyhow? Here’s video of the Obama administration emailing the show and one of Joe’s distaff co-hosts (possibly Savannah Guthrie) reading on the air a White House “correction” to their coverage back in October of 2009. That was also around the time “a ‘senior White House official’sent an email calling Joe Scarborough an ‘asshole’ for mocking Pres. Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.”

And you thought Trump couldn’t handle criticism!

While these days my work/prayer schedule prevents me from watching the answer is actually pretty obvious to anyone who has watched the show.

Morning Joe has two things that no other MSNBC show has

 A Republican host who while occasionally going off the reservation and not a big fan of Tea Party types provides a reliable conservative viewpoint on basic issues that as a rule MSNBC viewers are never exposed to. 

A Democrat co-host who while a partisan Democrat is honest and cares about her reputation enough not to lie to the viewers simply for the sake of the party and is willing to question things that smell to her.

Even worse when a Tea Party conservative shows up on the show, they are treated fairly and not as a rule dismissed as some kind of loony

It’s one thing to dismiss Fox or GOP activists or even bloggers it’s another to dismiss something when the MSNBC drivetime show talks about something as legit.

For the Democrats that makes them dangerous.

That’s why I think conservatives should invest time in the show an cultivate both Joe and Mika, it’s their easiest entre to introduce news that the MSM wants to suppresses into the stream outside of Fox.

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Jacob McCandles: I hate secrets. Never knew one to be kept. They’ve all heard what’s in that red box and they all want it. What we’re doin’ by this ostentatious display is telling them they can’t have it.

Big Jake 1971

If you are at all tied into the culture you might have noticed that Tina Fey put on an ahem  interesting display as part of the David Letterman farewell tour.

Tina Fey helped make David Letterman’s finals weeks on the “Late Show” memorable on Thursday night – as she stripped down for Dave!

If you go to Youtube it comes up on the front page, if you go to entertainment sites it led, meanwhile as twitchy snarked  at Chicks on the Right Miss CJ has some definite opinions concerning Tina Fey’s interesting display:

WHAT THE CRAP WAS THAT ABOUT? You have to make some big statement about how wearing a nice dress is demeaning toward women, so the obvious thing to do is strip down to a bodysuit with “Bye Dave” written above your crotch and #LastDressEver on your butt? (Because – hashtag!) I thought women in comedy didn’t have to use their bodies for humor – which she clearly proved because this stunt wasn’t really very funny

I think the answer to CJ’s question comes from the two things that came to mind when I saw the video.

The first is the slutwalks.

For those who don’t know the Slutwalks are feminist protests where women in a state of undress march with little or no clothing to ironically make a statement they are not sex objects.

Yes you read that right.

The amusing part of said slutwalks are these woman are extremely offended if while in a state of undress that highlights their sexuality, men look at them like sex objects.

Yes you read that right too.

The reality is that if these women were marching fully clothed nobody would notice them therefore they deliberately march in a state of undress, ie parade himself as sex object in order to get people to pay attention to them while at the same time scolding said observers for viewing them as sex objects, although as Stacy McCain pointed out for some of said attendees it’s an iffy proposition for them to be noticed even in said state of undress.

What does that have to do with Tina Fey? Well like the women of slutwalk she was making a statement but that statement had nothing to do with feminism and not being viewed as a sex object  and everything to do with being recognized as a sex object.  Consider the image from the video at Chicks on the Right choose.  It’s Ms. Fey  bending over in a pose that frankly screams, pardon my vulgarity, “mount me

Some might say “DaTechGuy that’s ridiculous? She is an accomplished actress & writer.”  Why would she want to be viewed as a sex object?”

And that brings us to the second point, Knowing her value.

I’ve never met Ms. Fey.  For all I know She might be a fine woman, an excellent wife a good mother and a very pleasant person  and of course as a person made in God’s image she has intrinsic value.

However when it comes to the entertainment industry those things mean nothing.  Your value, indeed your bread & butter is based on being seen and noticed and right now she at a time in life when she sees the writing on the wall.

Tina Fey is known for two things 30 Rock & as Sarah Palin on SNL.  When it comes to 30 Rock despite all the awards it never got ratings NEVER:

It was often dismissed as a niche cable show trapped on a mainstream network, a bastion of showbiz in-jokes targeted to coastal sensibilities — predictably, the middle of the country ignored it to the end. Yet the anemic household ratings and consistently low numbers in key demos somehow failed to kill off this series. Why didn’t it?

Bluntly the answer is it just wasn’t funny.  There is a reason why the title of the piece I just quoted was…

How Tina Fey’s ’30 Rock’ Lasted Seven Seasons And Changed The Game For Female Comedy Creators

I submit and suggest Tina Fey’s show was an affirmative action hire that survived on an ultra liberal network as payback to the lady who the hollywood left considered the hero of the 2008 election.   NBC carried 30 Rock not as a business decision, but as a statement.

But NBC isn’t making that statement any longer and as for the Palin business 2008  is long gone and Gov Palin isn’t running for anything anytime soon.  So where does that leave Tina Fey until the SNL 50th anniversary reunion?

It leaves her as an attractive woman who will be turning 45 on my birthday in an industry unkind to women as they age or put on weight who needs to be noticed.

As as Tami Erin once of Pippi Longstocking fame but now of Hustler Magazine fame discovered, a very easy way for an attractive woman to get noticed is to put herself out there in an advanced state of undress on Camera.  As Miley Cyrus will tell you doing so in front of a large television audience is even better.

That’s what the Letterman gambit was all about. It wasn’t about comedy, it was about her being noticed at a time when nobody was the least bit interested.

And it worked.  More people are talking about Tina Fey this weekend that likely did so over the last six months.  She’ll be asked about this in interviews and that image of her is likely going to trump any others of her in google searches for a long time to come.

Compare and contrast this to Mika Brzezinski who was one year older than Ms Fey turns next week when she announced her weight gain on the air.  As I said at the time:

Now I don’t know if Mika intended it as a cultural statement but I think it’s a very important one. Tastes change, I’ve always thought the idea that women needed to be practically anorexic to be attractive is a dangerous thing, physically & mentally not to mention false.

Mika Brzezinski is a 46 year old woman competing in an industry where image is king (if you don’t believe me count the toupees on the news screen). And if image is king for a man imagine what it is for a woman where sex is used to sell everything,

Yet Ms. Brzezinski was willing to put her weight gain out there and two years later is touring the nation promoting her book:  Knowing your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth  and the message it contains about self worth.

Tina Fey should read Mika’s book, because judging by her ostentatious display on Letterman I think Tina Fey self assessment of her value these days isn’t very high.

Kinda a shame really.


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MSNBC doesn’t get a lot of viewers so if you are on the right you might have missed Ted Cruz who got a full 15 minutes on Morning Joe on Tuesday

Cruz did an excellent job and like Scott Walker didn’t back down and inch and did an excellent job of pitching his ideas to an audience that likely has never heard them without the left’s filter. Many fail to get how important it is to make the case to the other side you won’t persuade but a few, but that’s a few more than you had before.

It speaks well of Cruz that he was willing to go, but let me also tip the Hat to Morning Joe who had him on and gave him a full 15 minute segment to make his case.

Regular readers of this blog know I’m a Morning Joe fan who for many years did his writing with their show in the background.

During that time we constantly saw Mika Brzezinski defend the protesters who insisted the Minimum wage should be raised to $15.  Here is one example:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

At the time I challenged her to open up her Mika Burger franchise and I repeat that challenge today.

Mika you and a group of your progressive friends should simply open up a restaurant, have a starting pay of $15 an hour for all workers and before you can say “franchise fee” Mikaburger franchise will be all over the country resulting not only a living wage for the workers but profit for Mika & her friends that can be used for all kinds of delightful progressive causes.

In fact I’d like to suggest that Seattle be the location for the first Mikaburger franchise, because I hear in that city there is a lot less competition than there used to be:

Seattle’s $15 minimum wage law goes into effect on April 1, 2015. As that date approaches, restaurants across the city are making the financial decision to close shop. The Washington Policy Center writes that “closings have occurred across the city, from Grub in the upscale Queen Anne Hill neighborhood, to Little Uncle in gritty Pioneer Square, to the Boat Street Cafe on Western Avenue near the waterfront.”

Of course, restaurants close for a variety of reasons. But, according to Seattle Magazine, the “impending minimum wage hike to $15 per hour” is playing a “major factor.” That’s not surprising, considering “about 36% of restaurant earnings go to paying labor costs.” Seattle Magazine,

“Washington Restaurant Association’s Anthony Anton puts it this way: “It’s not a political problem; it’s a math problem.”


Now one might think that such news might discourage Mika & people like her but it doesn’t matter if there is snark from Twitchy:

To Hotair

McDonald’s has been experimenting with point of sale automation for taking orders and Applebee’s rolled out smart tablets at tables in multiple locations last year. The latter solution is the most interesting to me because it seems like the easiest for younger consumers to adapt to. Most of the people going out to eat in such places are already familiar with laptops, tablets and smart phones anyway. Having one waiting at the table which takes the place of not only the menu, but the waitress as well, isn’t going to come as much of a shock to the system.


Welcome to the land of $17 dollar cheeseburger. And, as you can figure out fairly quickly, everything else will be more expensive too … which, of course, erodes the purchasing power of that $15 wage. More importantly, if you work for one of those establishments that is closing, your wage is $15 times zero hours, isn’t it?

These naysayers and their math are no match for the combined effects of the power of progressive thinking plus the bonus of a restaurant fronted by a liberal celebrity in a liberal city anxious to prove her right.

So Mika the field has been cleared, go boldly forward and prove us wrong!  It should be a cinch.

Shouldn’t it?


Professor Litefoot: It’s been jolly interesting, wouldn’t you say? Most of the corpses around here are jolly dull. Now I’ve got a couple of inscrutable Chinks and a poor perisher who was chewed by a giant rat, having been stabbed by a midget.
4th Doctor: A midget?
Professor Litefoot: Angle of the wound. Oh, upon my soul. I’m sure we shouldn’t be discussing such things in front of the fair sex. Forgive us, ma’am.
Leela: What for?
Professor Litefoot: For being so indelicate in the presence of a lady of refinement.
strong>Leela:Does he mean me?
4th Doctor: I don’t think so.
strong>Leela: It’s very interesting. You say you can tell the height of the attacker by the way the blade was thrust? But when aiming for the heart, we were always taught to strike under the breastbone.
Professor Litefoot: Upon my soul!
4th Doctor: Savage. Found floating down the Amazon in a hat box.

Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng Chiang 1977

There are two reasons why the media’s sudden willingness to critique Valerie Jarrett are completely unsurprising.

It’s axiomatic that when a person is the power behind the throne once the power of said throne begins to totter such a person begins to get critiques that they had hitherto not received because people were too afraid to make them.

With the Obama presidency achieving early lame duck status and it’s power soon to end, members of the press who had hitherto avoided any critique of Ms. Jarrett now no longer feel restrained as the days of her ability to use the power of the Government as a retaliatory club against them are numbered.

As a more pragmatic matter the media finally “discovering” aspects of Valerie Jarrett that are less that complementary is a vital step in supporting potential Democrat candidate in the next election cycle.

By putting the black hat on Jarrett the press gives potential Democrat candidates an avenue to critique an unpopular administration (necessary to win election in 2016) without attacking Barack Obama directly (thereby risking the wrath of African Americans who even now can’t abide public critique of the first Black President). In effect doing what they have always done, fulfilling their position as Democrats with bylines.

Thus the sudden post election hits on Ms. Jarrett are a normal part of the cycle of power in Washington in effect the DC circle of life.

And that’s why the pieces from Jonathan “Sir Robin of Twitter” Capehart & Mika Brzezinski should disturb anyone who waves the flag of “equality”. Let’s start with brave bold Sir Robin:

The one difference between Jarrett and others who have wielded the same kind of power in the West Wing is that she is a woman. Were she a man, her job would not be subject to endless “What does he really do?” questions. Were she a man, she wouldn’t be called “the night stalker” for walking with her longtime friend back to the private residence. Were she a man, her willingness to use her elbows to do what she thinks is right for the president would be applauded. Nancy Reagan, Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton are just some of the women whose proximity to power and their willingness to use it has had critics reduce them to shrews (or other sexist descriptors) who should know their place.

Seriously?  For six years the press have been hands off on Jarrett, lionizing her at every turn and now at the first whiff of critique the “sexism” card is played? Tell me how many critiques of Ms. Jarrett has the Washington Post hitherto written?

While Brave Sir Robin’s decision to pay this card is the sign of a hack I really expected better from Mika who wrote this:

Would these criticisms be leveled at men like John Podesta or Dan Pfeiffer? They work closely with the President. In fact, Ms. Jarrett was out of commission for the most important stretch of the campaign because of a serious medical procedure on her spine. So why is Valerie the focus of these ridiculous attacks?

Perhaps it is because she is a woman. In the case of the Politico piece, which was written by a woman, I can draw from the conclusions in my book – women are often the toughest on their own. But whether the attacks come from women or men in the media, it does seem that strong female advisors who are close to the president become the focus of the most hostile and catty criticism. Whether it was the horrific caricatures of Condi Rice, or the snide sneers aimed at Karen Hughes, or today’s unfair focus on Valerie, at this point the whole “blame-the-woman” routine is just getting old.

Am I actually reading one of the foremost defenders of the equality of Woman on Television suggesting that hitting the closest advisor to the president is a case of “blame-the-woman”? Way to go on the equality front!

I’m sorry you can’t have it both ways. You can’t complain that a woman can do any job a man can and then when said woman belatedly gets critiqued in a position where a man would be subject to regular blows, suddenly claim victim status. It’s the same thing we saw with President Obama & the race card. If she is so delicate a flower that a piece on Politico is too much for her then she has no business in higher office. If instead she is a strong confident woman exercising power then her defenders should stop treating her like the Victorian Litefoot trying to protect Leela.

If she can’t take a punch she doesn’t belong in the arena, and if her defenders can’t abide her being hit without playing the sexism card then I suspect their own belief in “equality” is a facade for the sake of power.


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Mr Ford Well… er… you’re a rich man.
Charman Knebter: Yes, I am. Yes. Yes, very very rich. Quite phenomenally wealthy. Yes, I do own the most startling quantifies of cash. Yes, quite right… you’re rather a smart young lad aren’t you. We could do with somebody like you to feed the pantomime horse. Very smart.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus Blood Devastation Death War & Horror 1972

I turned on Morning Joe this morning and while I was impressed at the entire table (except Al Hunt) insisting that the IRS scandal was a test for the press (a refreshing change) but while that is important what really caught my was Joe & Mike on Hillary insistence that she really isn’t rich.

Joe was quoting a high-ranking Democrat about tone deafness and said the problem was Hillary has spent her last 40 years having someone else wait on them and get her coffee.

As this is going on Mika suddenly turn behind her and starts ordering coffee in excruciating detail, while on a split screen Mark Halperin is trying his best not to crack up.

this caught my eye because my non-political son was in the room as he was getting ready for work, saw this and was cracking up.

I turned to him and expressed surprise, he doesn’t watch the news and only knows Morning Joe in passing from me watching it.

His answer was classic: You don’t have to follow politics to see what they were doing.

And that is the real crisis for Hillary Clinton, people who don’t follow politics one bit get the absurdity of this (it’s also why the IRS scandal is bad news in the long run for Obama but that’s another piece).

If Hillary Clinton words are causing non-political folks to laugh a her this is going to come back to haunt her.

Closing thought: Does anyone think for one second Bill Clinton would make this mistake?


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Why would Obama and Biden do such a thing? Because to launch a military operation against an al-Qaida affiliate on the anniversary of 9/11 would have exposed the hollowness of their boast through convention week and the days thereafter – that Osama was dead, and al-Qaida was finished. And so Ty Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Chris Stevens were left to die, and a decision taken to blame an entirely irrelevant video and, as Secretary Clinton threatened, “have that person arrested.” And, in the weeks that followed, the government of the United States lied to its own citizens as thoroughly and energetically as any totalitarian state, complete with the midnight knock-on-the-door from not-so-secret policemen sent to haul the designated fall guy into custody.

Mark Steyn Oct 2012

Today on Morning Joe the discussion of the Taliban prisoner swap led the news.  Joe Scarborough was not there so Mika Brzezinski and was clearly not comfortable with the subject leaving it to uber partisans Al Hunt & Eugene Robinson to defend the president.

However for all the discomfort of the moment and the problem that headaches that this move is making in the end this has been a mission accomplished moment for Barack Obama.

Not because he got that last US serviceman (no matter what his loyalties)

Not because this removed prisoners from Gitmo which has been his desire since day one.

No to understand how complete his victory is you must look here.

That link goes to the web site Memeorandum, an aggregate site for news articles for 6:15 AM EST today Tuesday June 3rd.

There are 39 stories and hundreds of sub links to stories.

Not a single one concerns the Veterans Administration scandal.

The VA scandal cut across party lines including his base, that is a scandal that this administration could not win.

This prisoner exchange is different.  His base which never liked the army anyways and wanted Gitmo closed will stick with him on this prisoner release, they’ll be uncomfortable for a bit in public but they’ll be there.

Barack Obama’s administration has replaced a scandal he can’t handle politically with one he can.

That was and is the goal, and that’s why he’s won because for Obama  the war against his political enemies will always trump the safety of the US .

Update:  There is now a single VA piece, by Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit weekly USA Today column, I’m shocked SHOCKED.

Update 2:  forget the Steyn link

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Andrew: you madam, have had the… rare privilege of escaping your bonds for just a spell. To see life from an entirely new perspective. How you choose to use that information is entirely up to you.

Overboard 1987

Since last year I’ve been writing about the inability of people on the left to name an actual Hillary Clinton accomplishment as Secretary of State.

Today Bill Kristol illustrated this inability on a grand scale.

Appearing on MSNBC the subject of Hillary 2016 came up.  Kristol contrasted her with Sen Claire McCaskill and challenged the table to name a single accomplishment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

John Heilmann & Mika Brzezinski were sitting at that table so it should have been no problem for two professional journalists who have talked about Hillary’s inevitability for months to snap off an answer.

They did not.

Heilmann declined saying he would leave to the Hillary campaign as if it was not the job of a reporter to say such a thing, Joe Scarborough picked up on meme and repeated the question.  Chuck Todd danced around speaking of the difficulty of making the case as Hillary’s style is more subdued, not as visible as John Kerry.

When John Heilmann had a 2nd chance to speak the best he could come up with in the time he had to think, mentioned Hillary Clinton’s extensive travel,  as if she was the first Secretary of State to ever travel all over the place.

Meanwhile the great champion of woman’s issues Mika Brzezinski never said a word..

For a conservative like me this Hillary hilarity was priceless moment of comedy but for a liberal activist it’s something more serious, it’s a crisis of faith.

Picture being a member of the MSNBC partisan audience base sitting there at home watching. You’ve always taken the question of Hillary’s qualifications and accomplishments as a given. Suddenly you’re confronted with Bill Kristol’s direct question. A question so simple you’re tempted to laugh, instead you sit there in tongue-tied disbelief unable to answer yourself and watching the best and brightest of MSNBC fail to provide an answer for you.

That’s when the awful reality hits you.

The reason professional political reporters, people who have followed Hillary Clinton for decades and spent the entire Obama presidency sitting on that MSNBC set talking the issues of the day can’t name a Hillary Clinton accomplishment as Secretary of State off the top of their head, it’s because she doesn’t have any.

How such a person reacts to that revelation, anger toward Kristol for asking the question or re-examining what they’ve been told will say much about who that person is.

Update: The Morning Joe Site no longer supports subclips so here is the full segment

What makes it even more dramatic is John Heilmann scoffs at the idea that McCaskill is more qualified than Hillary Clinton and that’s when Bill Kristol asks the $64,000 dollar question:

“What achievement, one sentence, was did Hillary Clinton done, what is her achievement in politics that qualifies her to be President of the United States?”

Look at the faces it’s speaks volumes.

Update 2: Here is the sub clip from Youtube it’s absolutely wonderful

Update 3: I’ll be Guest Hosting Conservatively Speaking this weekend and Mr. Kristol will be joining me in the 8 AM hour to talk about the Hillary segment.

Update 4: Ed Morrissey

What’s even more amusing is the suggestion that we should wait for Hillary’s next book to tell us what her qualifications are. Clinton has been in the public eye since the Clinton days in Arkansas, 30 years ago. She ran for President in 2008 after eight nondescript years in the Senate, and then served four years as Secretary of State in a tenure bookended by the embarrassing “reset button” with Russia and the Benghazi failure that left four Americans dead. If she had a major accomplishment in all of that time, we wouldn’t need a campaign biography to discover it.

and At Ace of Spades HQ:

Hillary 2016: She’s Already Passed The Globetrotting Vacation Test

Update 5: Byron York reminds us that when asked Hillary couldn’t name one either.


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The “sex-tape” is not a political statement. It is a social statement of how Americans are more likely to click on a link labeled “sex-tape” than they are legitimate news.

Alyssa Milano 2013

When last we left Tami Erin best known for playing Pippi Longstocking 25+ years ago she had gone from complaining about her boyfriend leaking a “sex tape” to deciding to market that same sex tape on her own.

She had also gone from about 1000 followers to over 3000 followers on twitter.

Well yesterday word came of the launch of her sex tape was released by Hustler Mag.  TMZ reports she has decided to ahem “embrace” the entire sex industry meme:

If she was shy before, she sure as hell ain’t now — Tami Erin (who starred in the 1988 Pippi Longstocking movie) has gone full-on Vegas stripper after her sex tape hit the market … and she’s even making out with one of Tiger Woods’ ex-mistresses.

The pics were snapped at a Halloween party she hosted over the weekend at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club — surprise — and the ex-mistress on the receiving end of her smooches is porn star Joslyn James … aka Tiger mistress #11.

Her Twitter stream has an interesting set of pictures as well

And she’s gone from Longstockings to er…different stockings

Thanks to these decisions she now has nearly 6000 twitter followers and growing as she gains a clientele whose um …curiosity has been ahem aroused.


This tweet is typical and not surprising.  As my friend Robert Stacy McCain likes to say, it is a neutral objective fact that Ms Erin is an attractive women and it is also a neutral objective fact that there is a market for images of attractive women, particularly women who have appeared in mainstream, in various states of undress. Given photos like this… Continue reading “Tami Erin and the Hustler Gambit (Content Warning)”

Q: How do you know the fallout from Obamacare is an absolute disaster?

I still get a lot of readers asking why I watch Morning Joe almost religiously in the AM?

There are many reasons, The show is fun, Mike Barnicle is from my home town (Fitchburg MA), Joe Scarborough & Mika Brzezinski have incredible chemistry, I’ve met & interviewed Joe, Mika, Barnicle and Willie Geist and genuinely like them all and particularly like how they treat their fans. It’s one of the few MSNBC shows that will give a conservative perspective.

But the most important thing is this: As the first morning political show of the day if you want to find out what is the message of the day from the White House/left is this is the place to be.

Today however the lede from Morning Joe was this story.

President Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it. But millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.

That’s from Lisa Myers of NBC and led the 6 AM segment that is repeated at 8.

When a story it’s so bad that you can’t dodge it and have to lead with it in the hopes of answering it fast and being done with you know you have trouble.

Update: They led the 7 AM hour with this too and did their best to spin it but the real gem was Joe Scarborough cracking up over how much people love us when they tried to throw the NSA stuff on George Bush. When I have the video I’ll put it up.

Update 2: Linked by Stacy who says:

So all those promises — that rates would go down and that people could keep their existing plans — were deliberate lies. And all the conservatives who tried to warn that ObamaCare was doomed to failure were correct. But the liars were all Democrats, and the people who told the truth were all Republicans, so there will be no apologies and no repentance. Instead, they’ll just come up with new lies.

He has been doing some first rate culture war blogging lately.

Here is that video I promised key quote

You’ve got a drone dropping phone tapping president

Watch it to the end.


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I remember back during the Starr investigation of Bill Clinton seeing a publicity stunt by the left. A bunch of them dressed up as Puritans and when Starr pulled out of his driveway they chased his car waving bibles. The clip was shown all over the news and the media mocked Starr over it.

That came to mind when I saw Morning Joe today when they led with this performance from the VMA awards last night.

Mika Brzezinski reacted with shock saying young Ms. Cyrus needs help.

I disagree, I think she has learned her lessons well.

Ms. Cyrus is 20, and all her life she has been surrounded by a culture that pushes the idea that Judeo Christian values  are wrong, oppressive and prudish so much so when we objected to actions by a president of the United states the media went after the right we were gone after as a bunch of repressive prudes and the Bob Filners of the world stood behind him and were celebrated for it.

The moment social conservatives suggest there are limits, any limit to the “if it feels good do it, with who you want, whenever you want it and however you want it.” the long knives come out.  We are just sexually repressed bible thumpers who  want to force this repression on the world never realizing all those kids conservative Christians seem to have,  came from somewhere.

Take a look at that entire performance and realize this.

To pull off this off for a national TV show there is plenty of rehearsal, dancers have to make the right moves so they don’t collide or mask shots, the singer has to hit the right spot and the right time, so that when the big entrance takes place the network is able to get the right image they are looking for exactly when they want it. What you saw took hours of practice and effort to produce, and the goal was to get exactly the reactions they got.

Because of the amount of time and coordination I’m sure Cyrus & Thicke considered his work and when it was over there first thought was “Right, we nailed it!” and when they saw the media reactions were doubly pleased because it generated exactly the reaction they wanted. She was selling herself as a sex object, to men she was saying you should want me as a sex object this way and to young women she was being a role model proclaiming saying how cool it was to be a sex object. Consider this article at Us magazine:

Hot duo alert! Miley Cyrus is set to collaborate with Robin Thicke to his smash hit “Blurred Lines” at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday, sources confirm exclusively to Us Weekly.

“They’re friends and she loves the song,” a source tells Us. A second insider adds, “It’s amazing. She comes out of a giant bear wearing a very provocative outfit.” The prop is perhaps paying tribute to her raunchy “We Can’t Stop” music video in which she danced suggestively with massive stuffed bears.

“Today’s already the f-cking best day ever! Just wait till VMAs tonight,” the 20-year-old star wrote via Twitter hours before the big show. For his part, 36-year-old Thicke later tweeted, “Who’s ready for my performance at the @MTV #VMA’s tonight? #VoteThicke.”

This was by design, it’s what they wanted!

This has been the image that our friends on the left have been pushing for more than a generation and those lesson have been learned by one generation and is being taught to another, to wit:

At the heart of the “Free Kate” argument is the claim that Kaitlyn’s 14-year-old victim was competent to consent to sex with an adult, and if one buys that argument — in effect invalidating the legal age of consent — then who is to say that Kaitlyn’s sister’s public boasts about her going out to drink are off-limits? In fact, one Hunt family acquaintance claims that nothing has been off limits for these girls:

[Kelley Hunt Smith] has always allowed her daughters to do as they please. I know for a fact that the 2nd oldest dated a 20 year old when she was only 14! The mother would allow these things. The girls [were allowed] to have boys over for parties, that would turn into a sleepover, where there would be drug and alcohol use. This was a few years ago, but the kids at that time ranged from 13-15.

Hmmm. Permitting her minor daughters to have sleepovers with boys “where there would be drug and alcohol use“?

Where do you think Kelly Hunt Smith got the idea that it was fine to let her daughter do she pleased with who she pleased at whatever age she pleased? Where did the culture teach her the boundaries were and when her children tried to stretch those boundaries, as kids do how far did she let they stretch?

Well in this case she let them stretch to the Indian River County Jail.

Open porn is at least honest, it doesn’t pretend it is selling anything other than what it is.

The Amanda Marcottes might critique me as a misogynist for daring to object to this performance, the Mika Brzezinskis of the world are appalled at this performance, folks on the left who are tweeting her saying to leave Miley alone might say it’s no big deal and my leftist friend Mike on twitter might say:


but let’s be plain. The left who are complaining about the objectification of women and have attacked and fought social conservatives have worked for very hard for this result and what will follow. And the same network that is bemoaning Ms. Cyrus this morning told the world and the culture was All In when it came to defending Kelly Hunt Smith & her daughters actions.  They have imbued those lessons to any generation with a TV set or a smart phone.

Kelly Hunt Smith & her daughter Kate learned those lessons well.

Update: here is the Morning Joe Clip

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

and Stacy McCain’s answer to Mika’s words about Miley Cyrus needing help


can I get a Bazinga?

Update 2: What is the difference between Miley Cyrus’ performance last night and the Hustler movie Hustler’s Untrue Hollywood Stories: Miley Cyrus’ 18th Birthday?

One is a cynical attempt to make money off exploiting Miley Cyrus as a sex object and the subject of young men’s sexual fantasies.

The other is a porn movie.

Update 3: Rod Dreher at the American Conservative

I was going to snark about what a train wreck that girl has become, but I thought instead about linking to the sad interview her semi-estranged father, Billy Ray Cyrus, gave to GQ a couple of years ago, not long after he and his wife, Miley’s mother, broke up, and he moved back home to Tennessee. (They’re apparently back together now; he remains a mess.) Excerpts:

After the first two seasons [of Hannah Montana] he felt things changing. “The business was driving a wedge between us,” he says. He tells me that he has never been able to discipline his kids and that he now wonders whether that was a mistake. “How many interviews did I give and say, ‘You know what’s important between me and Miley is I try to be a friend to my kids’? I said it a lot. And sometimes I would even read other parents might say, ‘You don’t need to be a friend, you need to be a parent.’ Well, I’m the first guy to say to them right now: You were right. I should have been a better parent. I should have said, ‘Enough is enough—it’s getting dangerous and somebody’s going to get hurt.’ I should have, but I didn’t. Honestly, I didn’t know the ball was out of bounds until it was way up in the stands somewhere.”

I am so happy I don’t have daughters and I worry about those who do today.

Update 4: Two related post at The Fog of Law and Chicks on the Right that I’ll discuss more later.

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At the risk of giving Amanda Marcotte an aneurysm I’d like to comment on something that happened A few days ago on MSNBC. Something I considered rather amazing and more important that most of my readers might think.

Mika Brzezinski pointed out on the set of Morning Joe that she gained 15 pounds and said she felt better mentally and physically with that extra weight.

Good for her!

Mika is a handsome woman, Stacy McCain not withstanding that is a neutral objective fact, she’s not Linda Carter circa 1975 or Raquel Welsh circa 1970 but who is? She was lovely before the extra weight and the addition of the weight in question makes her look even better.

Now I don’t know if Mika intended it as a cultural statement but I think it’s a very important one. Tastes change, I’ve always thought the idea that women needed to be practically anorexic to be attractive is a dangerous thing, physically & mentally not to mention false.

mika kickMika Brzezinski is a 46 year old woman competing in an industry where image is king (if you don’t believe me count the toupees on the news screen). And if image is king for a man imagine what it is for a woman where sex is used to sell everything, consider this photo.

Mika may or may not have considered it a fun picture, but there is no question that this pose was used for its erotic value and not to highlight her ability to hold her own in an argument nor the excellent chemistry & patter between the two hosts.

In a place where Erotic capital is a premium a woman’s weight can be critical, particularly when there are literally hundreds of women 15 to 20 years her junior who would likely not hesitate to make an even more provocative pose for a chance to take that seat next to Joe Scarborough every morning and saw those 15 pounds as an opening.

I think it’s very important to make the point that you don’t have to starve yourself obsessively to be attractive. Women who want the career Mika has need to hear it as do producers locally. It’s a key cultural statement Granted it’s MSNBC but I’m sure SOMEBODY heard it.

Mika is charming in person, a solid host and honest enough to put her bias’ out there. Her husband is a lucky man and Joe Scarborough is even luckier to have her as a co-host because she makes him better. That doesn’t make her any less wrong on things like the Mika Burger and when she’s wrong I’ll happily call her on it, but in terms of a role model of how to carry yourself if I had daughters instead of sons I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to point to her as an example.

Mind you this doesn’t change basic facts of life, with very few exceptions we are not going to see men with my weight or hairline be the goto guy nor are we going to see even plain women in the front chairs. This is a simple fact of life that I don’t have a huge objection to.

I, like most men have absolutely no problem finding myself viewing beautiful women on my TV or admiring the view of the “legs” chair. You put a pretty woman in front of me I’m going to look, I’m married not dead.

But as a person who thinks that society as a whole does better when we are not totally obsessed with a phony meme of what is physical perfection this is a good first step and people should stand up and notice.

Update: Cut & paste gone wile, this morning’s “Mikaburger” post was accidentally included, fixed.

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ThisYesterday morning on Morning Joe Mika touted they would be at a protest Aug 29th in Detroit pushed by Rep Keith Ellison: (Emphasis Mine)

“They’re very effective,” says U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat and co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. “They’ve brought attention to appalling conditions with workers putting in very long hours … and not making enough money to survive. This I think is scandal. .. We believe it’s essential to be paid livable wages. We know the companies can afford it. These are highly profitable businesses. It would be good not just for the family budget but for the national budget.”

Mika seemed to agree that the businesses could afford it although Joe Scarborough was not so impressed.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Lucky for all there is a really simple way for Morning Mika and her entire crowd to prove their point over Joe.  It’s a simple three-step process

1. Acquire a fast food franchise, here is info on McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s a tad more expensive than McD or BK:

2. Hire Workers at $15 dollars an hour, in this economy this should be a piece of cake.

3. Watch the money pour in.

I’m sure a bunch of high-powered and well-connected people like Mika can come up with the franchise fees and an experienced marketing man like Donny Deutsch can make it profitable no matter how many other McDonalds, Burger Kings or Wendy’s paying $9 or less near by.

If this can be done and at a profit then these folks shouldn’t just be doing it to prove a point, they should be JUMPING at the chance to get themselves the easy money from a profitable franchise and help people workers at the same time.

Of course it might be much harder for Mika , Donnie, Mike Barnicle et/al after all the easiest business to run is somebody else’s.

Update: This post was originally scheduled for last night but a last-minute change moved it to this morning & I forgot to change the “This morning” to “yesterday” at the top, fixed.


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A week ago yesterday as the crisis in Egypt began I teased Morning Joe substitute hosts Katy Kay & Mike Barnicle for attacking the GOP suggesting Hillary is old news while studiously avoiding her record as Secretary of State even as they discussed Egypt burning.

They spent nearly 5 minutes on this subject making fun of the GOP for the supposed attack on Clinton age in full “Is that all they’ve got” mode…

…totally oblivious to the fact that she was the Sec of State during the ouster of Mubarek and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood that the people of Egypt are protesting against, the subject they were discussing just a moment before.

There was an obvious reason for this:

Nobody needs to bring up Mrs. Clinton age, we simply need to bring up her record as Sec of State. Egypt, Syria, Iran, Russia, Libya the list goes on and on.

Well it’s a week later Joe & Mika are back and to my shock after talking about Egypt…went back the week old Hillary age business again. I immediately tweeted out the following:

The linking of the record of the former Sec of State to, you know, actual events in foreign affairs drew an almost instant rebuke from Doug Mataconis, a nice guy in person but who is a bit of a concern troll online.

Doug’s first line of Clinton defense was the US couldn’t have changed a thing, I pooh poohed this while Doug insisted Mubarek was a goner no matter what the US did.  This wasn’t my memory of events, so I returned to my primary point on Hillary:

Rather than pointing out my poor spelling in that tweet “(“irrelevant & presidential)” Doug decided the best defense of Hillary was a good offense.

While his points were interesting these had little to do with the topic of conversation, Mrs. Clinton’s record:

Doug’s next Hillary defense: Her record was a matter of opinion

And that’s really the question at hand, so it was time to ask it bluntly:


Now this is a question that a defender of Hillary should have no trouble answering. After all in four years in office Mrs. Clinton accomplishments should be easy to name particularly for a lawyer and Senior editor at Outside the Beltway like Doug Mataconis. His answer to that question was revealing, or rather the lack of an answer was.

He tweeted about the GOP needing to fix their problems, about how Benghazi (that another tweeter interjected) didn’t matter according to the polls (I had deliberately not mentioned Benghazi) but this was my favorite:

Hillary Clinton isn’t even a candidate. She’s not running for ANYTHING yet, so her record is entirely irrelevant, I mean what difference does it make? I tried again:

Apparently the question was harder than I thought he wanted two years to think about it

then I pointed out Hillary’s record wouldn’t change in two years so he answered by attacking…Rick Perry:


While his sudden willingness to talk about a race 3 years away and dislike of Rick Perry was interesting it had nothing to do with Hillary’s record as Secretary of State

And that’s when Doug’s decided he had enough.

Yeah there is nothing more “tiresome” or blindly “partisan” than being asked to name an accomplishment of a woman who served four years as Secretary of State, particularly when you can’t think of one.


Now one might think a twitter exchange between two old fellows might not be all that important but I think it’s incredibly revealing.

1. In the forty five minutes my first tweet to his last, an informed, intelligent and prolific writer could not name a single accomplishment in the record of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

2. While my twitter steam is alive with tweets from others agreeing with me, not a single tweet from a reader of #p2 @morning_joe or even #hillary2016 showed up to defend the record of Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of state.

3. The absolute need to change the subject from anything but Hillary’s record suggests her actual record is something that must be avoided at all costs.

There is a moral to the story


And the time to start these attacks and make this case is NOW.


It is vital to immediately begin the narrative of Mrs. Clinton’s failure as Secretary of State before the left & the media begins to build an alternative one. After all hey have the Major news networks, most of Cable Television, Newspapers and celebrates to help them do so.

All we have is the truth, it’s time to start deploying it.

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Today on Morning Joe Scarbrough took issue with Ted Cruz on Meet the Press for suggesting the president is using children as a political football.

Later in that very same show Mika brought up man who killed his family with an AR 15 (as if a different weapon would have prevented such a man) as an argument for banning them.

But just before the 7 AM hour Mika Brzezinski said something so incredible that I couldn’t believe I heard it. Talking about the push for Gun control post Newtown she referred to the aftermath of Newtown as an “OPPORTUNITY

OPPORTUNITY? A bunch of dead kids is an OPPORTUNITY?

Let’s go to the dictionary:

[op-er-too-ni-tee, -tyoo-] Show IPA
noun, plural op·por·tu·ni·ties.
1. an appropriate or favorable time or occasion: Their meeting afforded an opportunity to exchange views.
2. a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal.
3. a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success.

Joe Scarborough is OUTRAGED at Ted Cruz saying children are being exploited in the “gun control” debate. Mike Barnicle insists the idea people are coming for guns is a lie yet in the same half hour Mika sees Newtown as “OPPORTUNITY!”

Pray tell Mika when you say Newtown is an Opportunity, can you tell us for what?

I guess Ted Cruz has you guys pegged.

Closing thought: Pray tell why the story of 12 year old Kendra St. Clair will not be found newsworthy) on Morning Joe today? Could it be her story offers no “OPPORTUNITY”?

Update: If you haven’t heard about Kendra St. Clair here is the video.

No Opportunity there for Morning Joe

Update 2: Colin Powell on Morning Joe:

I’d love to know who “We” is. I think that’s a good question.

“..For this I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice.”

Pilate said to him, “What is truth?”

John 18:37b-38a

As I’ve been watching the news closely I’ve noticed a common thread in the behavior of the left. and those who support them involving the rejection of Truth. This is the first of a series of posts along these lines:

Item: Today Instapundit quoted this piece at the JWF concerning Hurricane Sandy:

Clueless Bloomberg on Sandy 911 Chaos: “The technology functioned perfectly”
Posted by Jammie on Nov 20, 2012 at 7:52 am

The most out of touch man on the planet again shoves both feet in his mouth. Has there ever been a moment when he didn’t, just out of guilt, admit the failure of something under his command?

Mind you that same Morning Joe talked about how wonderful Bloomberg/Obama did during Sandy before the election yet today Mika was tweeting about photos of the still existing disaster three weeks later. One of Glenn’s readers put it thus:

“It’s not cluelessness or incompetence; it’s the Big Lie…and it is now pervasive in our government and media. They know the failings full well. They’ve just decided it’s easier to whitewash/ignore them than do anything serious about them. Besides, working on real problems would take resources away from the ‘transforming America’ agenda.”

This Jibes with a story in the Leominster Champion that got no coverage of local good Samaritan Ginny White trip to NY to help:

She ended up being sent to The Rockaways, where FEMA and American Red Cross were accepting donations.

“The Friends of the Firefighters set up for me to go and drop of donations from our City of Angels. When we got there, the Good Samartians got there first and loaded up the fire station. The firefighters were so grateful, they took a few skids of juice and such, then sent us about a mile away to where the Red Cross was set up in a parking lot,” a very upset White began.

OK a good start but when she finally found the Red Cross

“We pulled in with our truck, and after getting a run around from FEMA and the red cross, a woman finally came to my truck and asked what we had.”

Ginny opened the back of the truck and the reed cross woman went in and started ripping open bags and bins, according to White.

“She looked at me and said ,”we don’t take this stuff, putting her hand up in the air, and walked away,”

Ginny as anyone in the Fitchburg Leominster area knows tirelessly works for the poor was not amused.

“I went behind her and said “wait a minute, I was told to come here and help people,” Ginny said.

She said she was quite upset over the turn of events. Ms. White continued, “while we were there, a victim came up to me and asked if we had any blankets as she needed one. I told her I had new and used, and she said she would take a used one. I went to hand her a blanket, and four red cross people came over and told her I could not give this lady a blanket,” she said.

As it ended up, Ginny snuck the blanket and a box of food to the woman.

“I could not believe they would not let me give away what we brought,” a distraught White said.

But we can’t blame the Red Cross, it’s policy:

Dawn Leaks, regional director of communications with the Red Cross said it is policy that the agency does not accept bulk donations for disaster relief.

“We work with partner agencies such as Salvation Army and Catholic Charities who do that,” Ms. leaks said.

According to Red Cross policy, only cash donations are accepted.

Ms. Leaks said it is an unfortunate situation that Ms. White was turned away, but it is policy, and that is just how it works.

But wait, I thought we were cutting through red tape to help these people, that’s what the media, the left and the President Said.

There is nobody that I’ve heard of who spends more time and effort on the needs of the poor and Hungry, now Ginny is totally turned off on the Red Cross.

If George Bush was in office Ginny White would be on every TV network but this is the time of the Big Lie.

The Big Lie, it’s all about not telling the truth or “speaking truth to power” but about pushing a meme and if some people are without blankets that’s just the way it is. More on that tomorrow.

I woke up a little later that normal today and DaWife who has really been pushing herself lately was asleep so I went downstairs before turning the TV just in time to see Mika say “Democrats know how to throw a convention.”

Really Mika, REALLY?

I checked the networks at 7 a.m. They went straight to the Clinton speech, Today lead with Clinton , CBS lead with Clinton and ABC lead with a Hurricane ad did CNN and of course MSNBC stuck with Clinton.

Now lets look at memeorandum this morning as of 6:55 EST today I have four screen shots:

#1 is long so you can see the time label Here is #2

Here is screen shot #3

Screen shot #4

15 Segments on the God stuff leading Memeorandum, and then three short Clinton things.

Morning Joe may want to pretend it didn’t happen, CNN, NBG, ABC and CBS might want to pretend the Clinton Speech is the news of the morning, but Memeorandum doesn’t like. The headline today is Still the God stuff.

That 3 min video will be shared across facebook, twitter and everywhere else, it’s short enough for people to see easily, If I’m the RNC or an independent expendature group, it’s an ad running in Ohio, Florida, Michigan, even NJ and at every black Church.

Mika says the Dems know how to throw a convention. Watch this video one more time.

And tell me why I’m wondering today if it’s possible to have a negative bounce from a convention.

Update: I missed Morning Joe saying it was no big deal, but Newsbusters was up before me

If Mark Halperin weren’t keenly aware that he was about to try to whitewash a huge vulnerability for the Democrats, why would he have prefaced his remark with the disclaimer that he and others weren’t showing liberal bias by claiming it was no big deal?

I’m with Podhordtz

Clinton did change the subject a bit from the catcalls at the inclusion of God and Jerusalem in the Democratic platform, and for that, he did his president and his party a considerable service.

Still, those lunatic boos are more likely to stick in the memory, and to pop up in ads, than will Clinton’s speech.

Update 2: Rob Eno from Red Mass Group e-mails about yesterday’s convention:

Elizabeth Warren gets better reception than God

Update 3: CBS asked the question

Yup nothing to see here, but at least they asked.

Update 4: To our friends on the left who INSIST yesterday at the DNC was a success

I offer this image from YouTube.

It doesn’t matter what Morning Joe or CNN or anyone else does, if this video from the DNC has over 106,000 views in under 17 hours this is HUGE trouble.

Update 5: Roger Simon says the boos were against the Jews not against God and remarks:

So we come again to the age-old question: Will Jews finally stop their slavish devotion to the Democratic Party and vote in their own interest? Cynics in my readership often wave this off as an impossibility. To them I say, we are at a significant moment in our nation’s history and your cynicism isn’t very useful. It is self-fulfilling prophecy and I don’t care if you are right. It’s time to put negativity aside, all of us, and do everything we can to wake up our friends, neighbors, and relatives. We have to do that without rancor or self-righteousness. For anyone to change the tradition of a lifetime is difficult and highly threatening. I know it was for me. But it also can be even more invigorating and renewing once you walk through that ominous wall.

As frightening as it could be in one sense, what happened at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday could be a gift, an opportunity to effectuate some change in the Jewish community. Even a small amount could have considerable significance in the obvious states. Make sure everyone you know sees the convention video. Email it everywhere. It’s appended above for your convenience. (By the way, mentioned not once in Bill Clinton’s speech? Israel. I wonder why.)

I didn’t pick up Clinton didn’t mention Israel advantage Simon!

Update 6: If Erick Erickson FINALLY gets it then I think the Democrats might have finally put the race beyond their ability to come back.

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are all over the Obama Campaign over both the Priorities USA ad and more importantly the denials from Bill Burton, Stephane Cutter and even Robert Gibbs (although Mika give him a slight pass).

“Nobody’s buying with Bill Burton is saying, the facts don’t line up.”

Remember this is MSNBC!

Not only did they hit this ad and the BS but they did it in the 6 AM hour opening segment, the segment that is usually repeated at 8 AM.

True they are hitting “superpacs” in general and have thrown the odd “crazy remarks” hits at Joe Wilson & Michelle Bachmann but they are stressing that the idea of accusing a person of “killing a women” really crosses a line.

Morning Joe gets credit for not shying away from the issue (unlike Politico & the NYT) but if MSNBC is in a spot where they are attacking Obama’s team, if they have gone so far that they can’t defend them, it’s going to be a fun election…

…even if a Romney Surrogate blew it.

Final thought, Mika Brzezinski made a point similar to one that I made on my show concerning the Fedoraphobic protesters at Chick-Fil-A. If one of them had just given me a three-minute interview that would have been it, and the whole Fedoraphoba meme would not exist. The denials and dodges put Morning Joe in a position where they HAD to follow-up in order to be credible.

That’s a good sign for the show. Yeah they drive me crazy but there are the show most likely to be willing to call out this kind of thing on the left.

Update: Yesterday the Democrat Message was: Romney killed a women, today the Huffington Post (the people who brought you the “Harry Reid’s got a secret interview” via JWF)

Romney involved with death squads.

What is it going to be tomorrow? Romney is actually Hitler’s Bastard Son from his secret Sperm bank? The book of Mormon is really an alien cookbook? In October will we see the Huffington Post exclusive that Mitt Romney is the actual Anti-Christ conceived at a satanic orgy in a pentagram shaped chamber hidden deep below the main Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City?

Update 2: The Morning Joe video via Hotair

And people are actually afraid of losing to these guys?

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…don’t watch the Today show segments (well reviewed by Brian Preston) but watch this segment on Morning Joe right after Donnie Deutsch comes over from the Today set to talk about meeting Palin for the first time.

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Now I’ve met Mika, she has a lot in common with Palin, she is smart, beautiful, strong and a very concerned mother, but I’ve got to tell you, she carried herself there like a jealous prom queen.

Why the hostility? I think the explanation comes from the movie the Natural

Pop Fisher: My gut tells me this and Red agrees, we feel Hobbs can fill your position very neatly…

after today Mika Brzezinski and every single woman who makes her living in front of a camera on the Today show or MSNBC understands that line above applies to them.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Update: There is no better way to finish the first full year at the new blog site than an Instalanche.

The talk of the news this morning is the Trayvon Martin case, a 17-year-old who was shot in Florida by an apparently paranoid member of a neighborhood watch. The case is drawing national attention and outrage over the decision of local police not to arrest the shooter George Zimmerman his claims of self-defense, and Florida’s “stand your ground law”. The authors of the law however disagree:

the lawmakers who crafted the legislation in 2005 — former Sen. Durell Peaden and current state Rep. Dennis Baxley — said the law doesn’t need to be changed. They believe it has been misapplied in the shooting death of Trayvon by a Sanford crime-watch captain, George Zimmerman.

Zimmerman has not been charged because, police said, it appears he acted in self-defense. The Seminole County state attorney’s office decided Tuesday to take the case before a grand jury.

“They got the goods on him. They need to prosecute whoever shot the kid,” said Peaden, a Crestview Republican who sponsored the deadly force law in 2005. “He has no protection under my law.”

Peaden and Baxley, R-Ocala, say their law is a self-defense act. It says law-abiding people have no duty to retreat from an attacker and can meet “force with force.” Nowhere does it say that a person has a right to confront another.

The 911 tapes strongly suggest Zimmerman overstepped his bounds, they say, when the Sanford neighborhood crime-watch captain said he was following Trayvon and appeared to ignore a police request to stay away.

The case is becoming a cause célèbre on the left concerning both gun control and race as the victim Trayvon Martin is black and the shooter George Zimmerman is white not? (see update below). On Morning Joe Thursday Mika Brziniski quoted a Florida lawmaker attempting to amend the “stand your ground” law and remarked this story has “everything to do with race”.

Never mind that in the 8 years of the law we have not seen a spate of such shootings, never mind that example after example of people who are saved from being armed never becomes a national story.

And of course there is this:

Yet for black males ages 12 to 19 years old, homicide eclipses accidents as the leading cause of death, according to a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study released Wednesday. That troubling statistic — or, more accurately, the deeper problems underlying it — is garnering some local attention. Advocates say dramatic action is needed.

Those stats are from 2010. Here is more from the web site

In relation to homicide the number one killer of black men is other black men. It is a national tragedy that black-on-black crime ranks as the 4th leading cause of death for black men. In the age group of 15 – 34 black-on-black crime is the #1 killer of black men.

Here is the graph that says it all:

People are rightly concerned about the shooting of young Mr. Martin and Florida needs to take a good long look at this case. If Zimmerman’s self-defense claim is as specious as it seems they should go after him big time, but those figures I quoted aren’t just stats, they represent actual individual people murdered. Their lives were no less dear to their mothers than Trayvon Martin was to his, yet they haven’t generated any million hoodie marches.

I have sons near the age of Mrs. Martin. I can’t imagine what she’s going through and I don’t begrudge her one bit of her anger or desire for justice for her son. It seems to me however, that the activists and media personalities so outraged today, had none for the young black men who’ve been slaughtered in cities for years:

That is the true disgrace, daily bloodshed in the Black community that is left unchecked. The statistics are telling:

The hundred or so homicides in Oakland each year are part of nearly 6,000 murders nationally committed by blacks, mostly of other blacks, compared to just over 5,300 homicides committed by whites and Hispanics combined. (Blacks are 12.8 percent of the U.S. population, whites and Hispanics, 81 percent.).

Where is the outrage in the black community. Why does not the black leadership or the elite liberal opinion address this outrage, because it doesn’t fit their template of racism as the primary cause of the suffering of the Blacks in America.

You can’t find that outrage because it has no political value to either activists of the left or to the self-appointed black leaders that you will see on every channel for the balance of the Trayvon Martin case.

The Trayvon Martin case is a tragic, but the regular murders of young black men in the cities by other young black men and the unwillingness of people to talk about it nor the media’s willingness to write about is the real national outrage.

Update: I have to disagree with Noel Sheppard on this quote:

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I’d go further. I’d go further. Because if this unfolds the way it appears it’s unfolding, you know, in a country where its leader can talk about a radio host calling someone a name, we ought to be looking at ourselves and this situation really closely from the top down. And, quite frankly, it is, they’re looking at audio tapes right now of the cell phone, and there might have been a racial epithet.

I think this is more of “The president has time to talk about Limbaugh but we aren’t talking about this? I think it reflects (correctly) on the insignificance of the Rush business and what the White House prioritizes.

I do agree with Noel here:

it’s quite obvious to even the casual observer that this matter is being politicized in an election year.

What’s next – that this is somehow part of the media fabricated Republican “war on women,” and that comments made by the various GOP presidential candidates are also to blame?

Just how far are the press going to use this tragic event to further their political agenda?

These days, it seems the sky’s the limit.

There was something outrageous on that show worth talking about…but that’s for my next post.

Update 2: According to one commentator Mr. Zimmerman is Hispanic and Pam Geller describes him as Hispanic and black.. The photo is a bit iffy to me one way or the other, but either way it has no bearing on the shooting in terms of justification but it make the media’s attempt to turn this into a “southern racial” issue a tad more interesting, and insidious

…at least that what it sounded like to me.

On Morning Joe he and Joe Scarborough were talking the political landscape and Morial started talking about “voter suppression”.

Never mind that my Bank that I visit several times a week in person requred ID for withdrawals. Never mind that my local Comcast office where I pay my bill requires me to show a picture ID when I pay with my credit card. Never mind that this Friday past, I had to show a photo ID to make an $8 purchase at Market Basket in Fitchburg

Joe Scarbrough who often drives me up the wall wasn’t going to let him get away with this and began questioning him on voter id laws. Scarborough questioned him as Mika Brzezinski (wisely) remained silent as the Morial’s argument went from place to place until he retreated finally to “motivation”.

Yes you heard that right he made the argument that showing ID to vote laws should be opposed because of the “motivation” of those who support those laws.

Ok Mr. Morial, let me refer you to a book I quote often. Robert Caro’s Master of the Senate, the third volume in his series The Years of Lyndon Johnson.

The book tells the story of the Civil Rights Act of 1957, the very first Civil Rights act to pass in decades. It tells how Lyndon Johnson skillfully navigated the waters to get a bill that would not be filibustered by the Southern Caucus through the house while thwarting GOP efforts to make it stronger.

But the most important aspect of the Civil Rights bill of 1957 for Lyndon Johnson was that HE would get credit for its passing.

The failed presidential bid of Richard Russell in 1952 convinced both Johnson and Russell his patron that no Southerner could be elected president until they were “made clean” on Civil Rights. Russell was clearly the most qualified and most respected Democratic Candidate in 1952 but in state after state he was told privately by party members that they could not support a southerner (Russell for all his virtues and he had many, was an arch segregationist who opposed military integration and whose opinion of the races were frankly startling). Russell dreamed of seeing a southerner in the White house and was determined to give Lyndon the chance he did not have.

Lyndon Johnson ambitions had always been toward the white house. Once he was convinced that support for civil rights was a sine-qua-non for him to become a credible candidate for the White House Lyndon Johnson was determined to be not only the supporter of a Civil Rights bill in the Senate but he would be the pilot steering such a bill through every shoal so that the final bill came to port it would be flying the flag of Lyndon Baines Johnson. The story of his success in this seemingly impossible goal is a tale of watching a political master at his finest.

His entire motivation being the goal of electing Lyndon Johnson president of the United States. Nobody reading this history can doubt this for a moment.

So under Mark Morial’s argument that he made on Morning Joe today, the voting rights act of 1957 should not have been supported because the motivation of the person responsible for its passage was his own political power.

I can imagine Mark Morial of the Urban league now in 1957: “I’d like to know why Lyndon Johnson is supporting this NOW?”, “What is the motivation for Lyndon Johnson supporting a civil rights law in 1957 when he has not supported such laws before?”

When you have no credible arguments this is what you are reduced to.

I know I’ve been promising this for a while but here it finally is. All my videos from the Morning Joe town hall:

here is Charles before the event:

Continue reading “The videos from the Morning Joe town hall Manchester NH”

Regular readers of this blog know that I have an odd relationship with the Morning Joe show. They drive me absolutely nuts on a regular basis yet I can’t help but watch since they are simply so likable.

Apparently the relationship works the other way around too. I call them out an awful lot, yet tonight after not only a very long town hall and staying to take pictures with a big chunk of the crowd they still made time to give me a few minutes for an interview:

Now be honest if you had a show, how inclined would you be to give an interview to a regular critic, especially at the end of a long day with an early morning ahead of you?

That was a class act that I’m unlikely to forget.

(BTW if you attended this event I’ll have the rest of the video up sometime near 10 or 11 this morning

Manchester 6:02 p.m.

I’ve been here at The Executive Court Banquet Facility talking to and interviewing people while neglecting my column that I need to get done today as we await Joe and Mika’s entrance.

The place is packed and there are very few empty seats, for some reason there are two next to me, I don’t know if it’s my breath or by politics.

I’ll continue to update on both twitter and in this post as time permits, I don’t think the bandwidth will allow the photo or video updates yet but I’ll add them as the day goes by.

Update: Joe and Mike got here around 6:21 p.m.

Mika gave a great story about her mother that explains why I like her so much and Joe is making friends with stacy by cries of Roll Tide. They took lots of questions with Mika as the floor manager.

A guest is coming, I don’t know who but I’ll bet it will be Huntsman

Update 2: the surprise guest was Christie who took questions. He has my waistline but no fedora, advantage me.

Update 3: disadvantage me, I’ve discovered you can’t effectively live blog, live tweet and film when alone, I have a ton of video that I have to re-name setup. Because of the sheer volume I’ll likely do it in a new post.

Your Future is whatever you make of it, so make it a good one

Back to the future III, 1990

You must choose but choose wisely…

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 1989

When I saw the link to Maureen Dowd’s piece in the NYT at Hotair I resisted opening it. Having read Ms. Dowd in the past I knew exactly what she would say and how she would say it. So with a rushed schedule, I wasn’t sure about wasting my time with it. Curiosity, however, got the better of me so I clicked over and saw exactly what I expected, with a slight twist.

Even for Santorum, it was a masterpiece of antediluvian abrasiveness — slapping gays and Mormons at the same time.
When 17-year-old Rhiannon Pyle, visiting with her civics class from Newburyport, Mass., pressed Santorum on how he could believe that all men are created equal and still object to two men in love marrying, he began nonsensically frothing.

It was a clever piece of writing. It was also a an exercise in mendacity or, as Newt would put it: Ms. Dowd is a liar.

I was at that event, I shot the video of that entire question and I invite any person who chooses to read her piece to watch this video I shot there…

… and then read the Dowd piece a second time and ask yourself whether she is telling the truth or I am.

Now, I’ll grant that I’ve endorsed Rick Santorum, and I’ll also grant that Ms. Dowd is of the opposite opinion, but protestations of the secular culture notwithstanding, there is such a thing as objective truth and Ms. Dowd, in her attempt to paint Rick Santorum as a bigot, fails to reach that standard.

Oddly enough, as gay marriage has been legal in some states for less than 10 years, perhaps Ms. Dowd whose career predates that time, will call out as bigots the entire population of the U.S. and the world who lived before the 21st century. While she does so, perhaps she will call out herself as I don’t remember any pieces promoting gay marriage before it became a cause celebré and she has been writing since the 1970s.

This post however is not so much about her piece as it is what occurred to me as I read it.

In Ms. Dowd’s piece, she goes after Mrs. Karen Santorum. This is no accident. The senator’s wife represents every choice that Ms. Dowd has rejected.

Mrs. Santorum is a faithful Catholic, long married, a mother of seven who has experienced the joys and the tragedies of motherhood, a person who has not let those tragedies destroy her or her faith. In an age when the popular culture rejects her choices, Mrs. Santorum decided to homeschool her surviving children to make sure they had an education that represented the culture and values that she found important.

Ms Dowd has taken a different path. As she approaches her 60th year, she is at the top of her profession, a columnist at one of the most famous newspapers in the world. She has money, fame and awards for her writing. No one can honestly contest that she has earned these accolades though hard work and effort over decades. As a person newly trying to make a living with words written and spoken I appreciate her success an, if I reach even one-tenth the level of success she has, I’ll be proud of myself.

Both Mrs. Santorum’s choices and Ms. Dowd’s come with a price. I have no doubt that Mrs. Santorum could have, when she was Karen Garver, pursued a successful career in any field she chose. I’m sure on occasion, when the kids have been particularly difficult, she briefly wished it was so.

Ms. Dowd choice has left her alone. I’m not privy to her dating history and, frankly, it’s not my business. Suffice to say she has not chosen marriage and I see no reason to believe she will. As for children, at 60, that’s unlikely even with the aid of modern science.

These are two different paths. This is only my opinion, but it seems to me that the difference is I see no evidence that Mrs. Santorum begrudges Ms. Dowd’s choices while, reading her column today (and from my memory of her writing) I can’t say the same for Ms. Dowd, who seems to resent the very thought that in 2012 a woman might choose Karen Santorum’s path. And perhaps Ms. Dowd resents that Mrs. Santorum can, once her children are grown, choose a new  path …

…and that brings us to Meghan McCain.

Meghan McCain is 27 years old, ironically she started writing at about the same age as Ms. Dowd.

When I read Dowd’s piece suddenly I thought of Meghan McCain and her statement concerning her father and Rick Santorum. I wrote about it briefly and not being able to say anything gentlemanly I let it go. The medium was different than Ms. Dowd’s, but the anger and snark seemed exactly the same.

I’m not Ms. McCain’s father but I’m old enough to be so. As she gets closer to age 30, a huge life-changing choice is upon her.

It’s not about her opinions, it’s not about her politics, it’s about herself.

Before her, she can see two futures: A future as epitomized by Maureen Dowd, a life that can produce success with hard work but one that rejects the joys and responsibilities of marriage and motherhood, embracing the modern chic culture; or the future as epitomized by Mrs. Santorum epitomized by marriage, children and responsibility — one that requires just as much hard work but with vastly different rewards.

I would suggest to young Ms. McCain that the rewards of Mrs. Santorum’s path are greater and will last long after chic opinion moves to another topic, and age makes it a constant and expensive struggle to remain fashionable. But that choice is hers not mine, and perhaps she can take a middle path like Mika Brzezinski. However, even that middle path has a deadline that is approaching.

Look at these women and ask yourself, Meagan, that question that is so difficult for a young person so far away from my age-let alone Ms. Dowd’s this question: “When I am 60 which life would I like to have?”

I urge you not to hesitate as time and biology will answer that question for you.

May whatever choice you make bring you happiness.

Update: Roxeanne who is near Ms. McCain’s age has this to say:

But, as a woman who always had a gut-level feeling that she is not called to marriage, I see this a bit differently, for one cannot always choose whether or not to find a great husband and to have a minivan full of children. We are not guaranteed such rewards, even if we choose the path that would likely lead us to such rewards. What we can do, however, is to be the type of woman whom a good man would want to marry, and would be proud to have as the mother of his children. If you do not end up with a huge, loving family (or a small, loving family, if two kids are about all you can handle), it shouldn’t be because you are a raging shrew whom men will sleep with but would never marry.

I humbly suggest it is a scathing indictment of my gender that such a young man has not come forth for Roxeanne yet.

Stacy McCain suggests I will not be forgiven for this piece,

The feminists will never forgive Pete for this, of course.

It is my experience that feminists, when angry, revert to predictable arguments about the ignorance and prejudice of their critics.
that’s not relevant

What feminists think of my piece is the furthest thing from my mind. My only concern is for the well-being and happiness of a young lady with great potential.

Stacy McCain notes the large gender gap in the occupod movement and comes up with a simple explanation (emphasis mine):

There are probably women who aren’t bothered much by poor hygiene, and there may be women who aren’t bothered by a lack of toilet and bathing facilities. But I think you’ll have a hard time finding women who aren’t bothered by the kind of bad stuff that happens to women when they’re constantly surrounded by a bunch of scummy, predatory cop-haters: Rape, sexual assault, sexual assault, rape, sexual assault, indecent exposure, sexual assault, gang rape . . . You get the picture.

He has a point, and Verun Serum elaborates:

Which brings me to the subject of the occupiers stance on snitching. First hand reports (by women) indicate that reporting of assaults is discouraged. One woman at Occupy Wall Street told the New York Post “We don’t tell anyone…We handle it internally. I said too much already.” My own original reporting on the situation at Occupy Baltimore indicated that sexual harassment was a common complaint, but organizers didn’t want word of it leaking to the media. One feminist who recently visited Occupy Edinburgh found it was sexist and reports that women were told not to discuss a rape that allegedly occurred at Occupy Glasgow.

Any conservative group with such a record toward women would be denounced as misogynistic troglodytes. But because OWS is progressive, Dupuy minimizes the problems at the camps as “a couple of alleged rapes.” She spends more time focusing on how women might be better represented in the general assemblies than the actual record of assault and harassment toward women in the camps. Dupuy is at pains to suggest a statement of zero tolerance toward assault (which shouldn’t really need to be stated, should it?) is a way to address the problem:

Personally I suspect a belief in the 2nd amendment would make a huge difference for women uncomfortable in the occupy camps.

Getting back to Stacy’s statement I think he’s wrong. There is apparently at least one woman who is not bothered by these things. It’s the same woman who declares that the budget would be balanced if only women were running it. It’s the same woman who for weeks has ignored the danger to women at these camps and is only outraged by actions of the police to counter them.

You can find this woman every morning at 6 a.m. on MSNBC, but judge her not too hard, she lives in her opaque plastic bubble and can not see out of it. She certainly can’t see the occupod rap sheet.

The logical suggestion would be to have her daughters (who she claims are doing school work on the occupy movement) to camp overnight to prove me , Verum Serum and Stacy wrong. But there is logic and political advantage and there is right and wrong. I’ve said before I’m more Catholic than Sicilian. and the Occupy Movement’s Ometra not withstanding, I could not countenance any such act. No amount of political advantage would be worth exposing them to the dangers of the occupy camps for even a single night.

Democrats had so much hope for the Occupy movement, they were sure they could create their own version of the tea party in time for the 2012 elections

Alas, unlike the tea party that actually attracted previously unengaged voters to their cause, the Occupy movement’s core of professional activists found themselves only able to swell their numbers with union members, paid protesters, clueless college students and those who wanted both a free lunch and an area where law enforcement was non-existent.

The results were predictable.

Not surprisingly as the mess grew so did the rap sheet including deaths, sexual assaults, thievery, drug dealing that has become an embarrassment for democrats who initially rushed to support them. It’s actually reached the point where people are being assaulted for NOT joining the movement.

Not really the cup of tea for a pol seeking re-election is it?

Today at Big Journalism John Nolte talks about subtle changes in coverage as the media tries to move the democrats away from this movement.

Democrats See Minefield in Occupy Protests

NEW YORK (AP) — The Republican Party and the tea party seemed to be a natural political pairing. But what may have seemed like another politically beneficial alliance — Democrats and Occupy Wall Street — hasn’t happened.

Insert record scratch here.

Sorry AP, but the only reason Democrats see a minefield is because they’re standing in it.

Democrats such as…

House Democrats. And look, the story about House Democrats endorsing Occupy is an AP story!

Top Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi.

…A President named Obama, who said of Occupy, “We are on their side.”

…The SEIU.

Need I go on?

When the AP matter-of-factly (the most effective way to propagandize) states that this natural alliance “hasn’t happened” … they are lying. The alliance between Occupy and prominent Democrats occurred weeks ago

And Mr. Nolte has left out Elizabeth Warren a Morning Joe Favorite who embraced the movement at first, but after this ad started running

began the process of running away.

Yet today on Morning Joe, you would not know this at all. John Heilman, Mark Halperin, Jeffery Sachs and Mika Brzezinski, excoriated Newt Gingrich for suggesting that the occupods need to get a bath then a job. To the Morning Joe/Politico/MSNBC crowd the entire 302 count rap sheet doesn’t exist, the assaults, the cries for socialism, the robberies and the violence, none of these things have happened.

And it not just the rap sheet that is missing, note WHO is missing from today’s show as well. We see SNL skits featuring Jon Huntsman and a pseudo Mitt Romney, we see David Letterman treating Herman Cain in a fashion they would not tolerate for a liberal pol, but strangely no clip from Jon Stewart. Perhaps because Stewart gave the occupod movement a fatal blow among the youth who might have joined in the hopes of being cool or getting laid.

When he gets back to hitting the GOP I’m sure he will return to their link lineup.

It is almost as if the new media and the internet doesn’t exist for Morning Joe today. It brings to mind the old information ministries of the old Soviet Union or even Baghdad Bob assuring us that the Americans are about to be defeated as our troops are just a few hundred yards away.

How and why could this be? It’s pretty simple, the goal today is not to inform, it is to re-assure the niche audience that gets their info strictly from the far left that all is still well. I suspect their efforts will be much like Kevin Bacon’s

And what is the lesson we should learn from this? You likely have already guessed it

Ride right through them, They’re demoralized as hell!

You can only hide from reality for so long. I would think a journalist would be embarrassed by this.

But perhaps we are dealing with journo-lists instead.

Update: Or perhaps she is just loyal to the guild:

While journalists are quick to expose conflicts of interest that could influence political leaders, some often-sympathetic reporters covering the Occupy Wall Street movement might want to look in the mirror.

Those are the journalists belonging to the Newspaper Guild, a national union that represents many journalists in the state, including some at The New York Times.

The Guild is a branch of the CWA, or Communications Workers of America, one of the strongest supporters of the Occupy effort in the nation.

The union’s home page on the Web, for instance, proudly declares, “CWA Supports the Occupy Movement.’

Via JWF who notes:

…look at their home page is filled with links to the OWS movement, as well as one to recall Governor Walker in Wisconsin, so don’t expect any impartial coverage of that story, either.

When you “share” the goals of the deranged occupiers, don’t expect fair and balanced coverage.

To the rest of the MSM the New York Post has become an “unpaper” in the same way dissidents in the old Soviet Union became “Unpersons.”

Update 2: I wonder if the Morning Joe crew objected when the Zuccotti park folks denied a permit to the anti-ground zero mosque crowd (via lonely conservative)?

Did you know that not so long ago opponents of the Ground Zero mosque were denied a permit for a protest there? [Emphasis added]

The owner, Brookfield Properties, expressly prohibits tents, tarps and sleeping in the park—rules ignored by the protesters. It also has a history of denying use of the park for political activities, which is within its rights. Last year the city and Brookfield Properties denied a request by a group to use the park to protest against the planned new mosque near the World Trade Center. A content-neutral approach, the cornerstone of First Amendment jurisprudence, should also have kept Occupy Wall Street out. [Read More]

Since when is the taking over of a public space an exercise of one’s First Amendment rights? And if the Occupiers could do it, why not the anti-Mosque people?

I suspect if they anti-Mosque crew “occupied” the park way back when the Mika Brzezinski would not have been so supportive and the Mayor of NY would not have needed two months to eject them.

Update 3: from the Mercury News today

County officials this week released a list of 93 complaints of disruptive and illegal behavior near the county’s main offices and courthouse, adjacent to the Occupy Santa Cruz camp.

Since the camp was joined by dozens of tents that belong to the homeless, county workers and others have documented drug and alcohol use, public urination and defecation, littering, bathing in county restrooms, fights and more. Two pieces of artwork on display at the county building were vandalized – although county officials said it is not known who was responsible for it.

Several planned courthouse marriages also had to be moved, deputy April Skalland said Friday.

Via Don Surber. Whatever you do don’t tell Mika.

Exit question: Would the 60’s be worshiped the way they are if the internet and camera phones existed to record the hippies etc as they actually were?

Update 4: Instalanche a great way to start the week. And if you like this kind of thing please consider kicking into my November fundraiser, all that I do here is paid for by the ads you see, and YOU.

Update 5: via MRC and here is the video:

Update 6: Stacy goes all Doug Piranha on Mika

It is impossible for people of good faith to disagree with Mika, because disagreeing with Mika is proof of bad faith. And if you weren’t so dumbed-down from watching Fox News, you’d understand that.

To Mika and her friends, sympathy toward the Occupiers is not merely an emotional feeling, but rather an objective fact: “These are good people. Their cause is worthy. They deserve support.”

After this sentiment was expressed on the air to the laughter of the panel, woman’s groups everywhere came out and denounced MSNBC. Nancy Pelosi called Joe Scarborough “Sexist” and Mika Brzezinski a “Traitor to her sex”. Stars in Hollywood vowed to no longer appear on the show until an apology was forthcoming, and Democratic and Republican representatives took to the well to denounce NBC, MSNBC and Morning Joe.

….oops, wait theirs there’s an update. Checked the transcript, what actually was said was: “Women don’t need men except to laugh at.”

Well that’s OK then.

Update: Here is the video

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Update 2: Spell checkers make you lazy, maybe that’s why Mika’s laughing

Update 3: Remember today is the day to call AM 830 DaTechGuy on DaRadio on WCRN at 10 AM EST to make the case for your favorite presidential candidate, with Sarah Palin not running my vote is up for grabs.

If you wish to be successful pol one of the most important skills needed is the ability to count. If you can count votes in a committee, in a congress or in the public you know which way things are trending and can figure out if you need to change your political direction or if you are an honest change your message to alter the numbers.

The genius of Tip O’Neill as a poll was that he not only knew how to count, but everyone knew he knew how to count. So if he told you where the votes were you knew which way the wind was blowing.

When I hear people going on about how Herman Cain can’t win the GOP nomination or can’t beat Obama or that Mitt Romney is our only chance to win I shake my head.

We have the evidence of the 2010 elections, we have the evidence of the tea party’s success, we have the evidence of the Black community signaling their anger and we have Democrats distancing themselves from the president:

Many of McCaskill’s fellow Democrats in Congress may also decide they are too busy to be with Obama, whose approval rating of about 40 percent as the economy struggles threatens to be a drag on their own reelection chances next year.

“You may see a number of Democrats say ‘Sorry, I have a scheduling conflict,'” said a senior Democratic lawmaker.

Democrats face a big decision about whether to stand by their man in the November 2012 elections.

Mika Brzezinski may be an accomplished journalist and an beautiful educated woman but when she insists that there is support for the President’s jobs bill nationwide and the Occupy Everywhere business is popular, it shows for all her experience, she doesn’t know how to count.

When Claire McCaskill ducks the president, she proves that she can.

Obama is ripe for the taking and the Occupy protests are not a sign of strength, it’s a sign of weakness and desperation.

For conservatives it means one thing and one thing only:

Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell!

River Song (to the Doctor): I hate you

Doctor: No you don’t!

Repeated line Doctor Who revived series seasons 5-6

In a period of 70 Minutes Morning Joe managed to demonstrate why it is so important a show and why it is so frustrating to watch at the same time.

This morning During the 6 a.m. hour (repeated at 8 a.m.) the Panel went after congress for not immediately agreeing to the September 7th date for his “jobs” speech. The question came up of “disrespectful” congress and of presidential weakness and they went on and on about it.

If you tuned in at 6:03 as I did you would have missed the into montage of GOP candidates commenting on the conflict. The panel other than a Mike Barnicle’s throw away line, didn’t bring up the debate again, simply focusing on the congress not agreeing to the president’s request.

Mika Brzezinski called it “unprecedented” and disrespectful. Joe Scarborough even suggested the president should give his speech elsewhere on the date and make sure the American people knew why. If you missed that opening montage (as I did in the 6 a.m hour) You would have had no idea why there was any kind of reason Sept 7th might have been a problem.

Even more amazing When presidential spokesman Jay Carney came on in the 7 a.m. hour. The panel didn’t bring up the debate at all. It was as if the entire kerfuffle was all about the GOP being petulant.

At 7:20 she was STILL playing the card with Chuck Todd and Todd played along. You would never know that NBC was scheduled to host the next GOP presidential debate that very night at the time the president asked to speak until the repeat of that opening Montage at 8 a.m.

Apparently this MSNBC viewer didn’t see it:

Debate? What Debate

So to bottom line it: Morning Joe did their best to keep their viewers uninformed about the conflict with a long scheduled Presidential debate at the Reagan Library scheduled for the date and time the president requested for his address to be carried on their own network. Even more incredible they would not know that NBC and Politico publicly announced that the debate would not be postponed despite the presidential request.

It is spin and recognizable by any person informed by sources other than MSNBC.

And yet around the 6:45 Joe Scarborough said aloud something that a viewer on MSNBC likely never heard before.

Joe (referring to the subject above) spoke of the easy time President Obama had during the campaign from the press. He spoke of a candidate who was never challenged by the media and he concluded that the reason the president is not feared politically is he never learned how to deal with opposition. That he was made weaker by a compliant press.

To an MSNBC viewer the concept that the press never challenged candidate Obama before he became President Obama is as shocking a revelation as the moment a 10-year-old discovers that the gifts under the tree on Christmas Day were not delivered by sleigh.

It’s a breakthrough that might actually change a mind.

And THAT is why Morning Joe both frustrates me yet is invaluable. Most of the time you get a heavy dose of democratic spin, but those few moments where they, unlike the rest of the MSNBC lineup introduce one tiny concept that the liberal mind has never even considered, are critical.

Closing thought. How pathetic must MSNBC be and how low are my expectation of same that such a simple thing is something that is celebrated.

Update: I didn’t mention that I responded to the above tweet as follows:

because I thought this post was the reply, but I’ve been so busy with posts that I didn’t notice her response to that tweet:

That reasonable reply says something really good about @nycocoqt and earned her a follow on twitter but answered a lot of questions about the MSM.

“I think President Obama will do just fine.” Mika Brzezinski Morning Joe 8/11/11 on his re-election prospects.

“Now I probably wouldn’t say this in front of white folks but in front of y’all I’ll speak my mind” Cedric the Entertainer as Eddie in Barbershop 2002

In the electoral math for 2012 one factor in every calculation is Barack Obama will generate a large black turnout and win between 90-95% of their vote. It is the security blanket that Democrats cling to, the cornerstone of the house of cards the liberals are building.

However that cornerstone, although looking strong from the outside may not be as solid inside.

On Morning Joe today we saw Tavis Smiley and Cornel West hinting at the weakness of this president while doing their best to avoid saying it aloud or hitting him directly. I found the appearance extraordinary. Yes they are pushing their radio show and tour, but the willingness to tweak ever, so slightly the president outside of their community spoke volumes.

I don’t know the demographics of Morning Joe but I have the feeling they do not serve an overwhelmingly black audience.

I’ve already commented on how the black community is the cornerstone of the president’s polling:

The black community runs 90-95% Democratic and voted that way last election. If you think that more than one in 20 black Americans are going to tell a national pollster that they disapprove of the first Black President you are absolutely out of your minds.

At the same time Stacy McCain has the numbers:

The most recent figures show African American joblessness at 16.2 percent. For black males, it’s at 17.5 percent; And for black teens, it’s nearly 41 percent.

(those are June figures btw)

Roxeanne’s correct explanation for the gap not withstanding, the Peggy Josephs and the “Obama Money” crowd in Detroit expected great things for themselves; instead got a president who has kept his distance from the community that provided his most loyal support.

The result? That’s the question. We are seeing only slight glimpses of discontent, but what is it that we aren’t seeing?

Let’s say it aloud: If Barack Obama had Jimmy Carter’s pigmentation there would be democrats lining up to primary him with slogans like: “We can do better” and “Let’s nominate a fighter for the working man“. Those potential candidates are discouraged by the party because if even 10% of the black community abandons them, democrats become unelectable.

I’m sure that if I went back to Ga-4 and asked the overwhelmingly black community there: “Do you support the president?” I’d be told YES overwhelmingly. If my friend George, a black minister in that same community asked that question I suspect he would get a more nuanced response.

This is the wild card in election 2012. Behind closed doors is the black community having conversations like this about the president?

I suspect they are and have been for several months. If I’m right then this election is going to be a bigger disaster for democrats than 2010 was.

Sarah Palin April 2011 Madison Wisconsin:

…Your governor Scott Walker understands this. He understands that states must be solvent to keep in order to keep their promises, and that’s what he’s trying to do. He’s not trying to is trying hurt union members, Hey folks he’s trying save your jobs and your pensions.

Post June 29th 2011 Kaukauna Wisconsin:

As changes to collective bargaining powers for public workers take effect today, the Kaukauna Area School District is poised to swing from a projected $400,000 budget shortfall next year to a $1.5 million surplus due to health care and retirement savings.

and the result of these savings?

Kaukauna School Board President Todd Arnoldussen:

“These impacts will allow the district to hire additional teachers (and) reduce projected class sizes,”

Sarah Palin right again!

Shhh….Don’t tell Mika Brizezinski!

Because it will be the first regular show since the Anthony Weiner stuff came out.

Why will it be significant? Well as I said a couple of days ago, Joe Scarborough knows and understands Twitter, there is no possibility that he will not understand the significance of Congressman Weiner interesting choices when it comes to people to follow.

Why do I know this, well as an experiment I decided to go through Joe’s follow list. He follows 392 people and of the entire list there is only a single person that seemed out-of-place, and on further observation it appears that person was also followed by several significant people and groups so I’m just assuming I don’t know her.

In other words from his own pattern of following it is clear that Joe follows the normal pattern of famous people. It is inconceivable to me that he would not find the combination of:

1. odd following pattern,

2. Backing off from the “hacking” claim,

3. the “victim” Lawyering up while the alleged “hacker” offers full co-operation and asked for an investigation

…questionable at the very least, and it would be even odder for Mika to pooh pooh this either.

I’m scheduling this post for 5:45 a.m. so it will be up just before Morning Joe begins. Last week we discovered that the Ed Schultz business was not significant on a show concerning women’s empowerment. Today we will see what is stronger on the Morning Joe set; friendship or Journalistic skepticism. Believe it or not, I’m thinking the latter.

It’s looking like I’m a sucker, so far. As of 6:38 “hacking” was joked about it passing when talking about other stories (“lots of hacking this weekend”). Apparently when it comes to the MSM this is a pattern:

The Huffington Post has finally posted something about this weekend’s evolving #Weinergate Story – but not on the national page, but buried in the much less read New York section.

Well they are late and put it on the NY page but it’s not like they spiked the story over the weekend or something…oh wait:

HuffPost Could Have Run The Story Two Days Ago & Chose Not To

This is the part that HuffPost won’t be thrilled with but I mention it because I think it proves some real bias going on…

After months of not blogging at Huffington Post because of their treatment of Andrew Breitbart, I decided this story was juicy / big enough that I wanted to get it out to the HuffPost audience. After all, Huffington Post had been great about publishing my John Edwards pieces.

So I submitted an article that I thought was good – my Would Your Spouse Buy It? article with an added introduction paragraph to explain the story…and note the date…

After all why would an online blog that wants to get eyeballs want to cover a story involving a national rising political figure in the democratic party and a possible connection rather young women, doesn’t sound like something that would drive traffic to me, does it?

Meanwhile Joe Scarborough proves me wrong as #weinergate doesn’t even make the “news you can’t use” segment.

Update 2: Morning Joe might have taken a pass but the NY Post has an opinion piece by a fellow who I hear is a big fan of the show.

Am I the only person watching Morning Joe today who notices the massive hypocrisy today?

They spend the whole first segment hitting Jim DeMint for calling Harry Reid’s Christmas move “Sacrilegious” and insist that he should apologize to Reid for “insulting his religion”.

Yet they tease an acrobat act before the pope as “Chippendale” and jokes are made about how “the Pope likes them more than the nuns” and about “ripped men”.

I guess Morning Joe has a flexible definition on what is “insulting” a religion. Calling Harry Reid out for extending the session though Christmas offensive to religion Homoerotic jokes about the leader of one billion Catholics all in good fun. The panel practically couldn’t contain their delight in the 2nd hour.

Why the difference? Because the MSNBC audience likes one but not the other and yes Joe if you want to call for an apology from DeMint how about an on air apology from yourself first, because I guarantee I’m going to call you out on my Christmas Day Radio show if you make one more call for DeMint to apologize without apologizing yourself.

The second piece is even more ridiculous. They are hitting DeMint because of the idea of working through Christmas, they are talking about the troops and bringing up e-mails from nurses etc about how “they work on holidays suck it up” forgetting that the democrats could have brought all of this stuff up BEFORE the lame duck session.

That’s isn’t the double standard, the double standard is the news media. This year Christmas and New Years is on a Saturday so it doesn’t apply so much but how many of these media guys take holidays off? the 4th of July is Monday this year. Let’s see if they have guest hosts. In fact this year I will check CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, FOX and MSNBC and see how many of the crew who are so self-righteous this morning are hard at work.

Update: They went there again at the top of the hour right after homoerotic pope jokes again. Fine! I formally request an apology over the Pope stuff. I guarantee this will be a top on my Christmas Radio show on the War on The Church and the War on Christmas.

Update 2: Instalanche! Welcome all, come and take a peek. Check out Massachusetts Republicans rearming here. Lets play some word games and find out why Sarah Palin and the tea party are driving the lame duck session. Check out the latest episode of DaTechGuy on DaRadio which featured Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs and Bob Belvedere of Camp of the Saints for the full hour. Make sure you check out this week’s show at 9 p.m. EST on 830 AM WCRN when our guests will be Dan Riehl for the full hour with special guest the Right Wing Gamer! And please patronize our advertisers of Christmas who make the show and me paying my mortgage possible.

Is the Orange Juice put down? Good here we go:

“If you say someone is qualified when they are not you lose credibility!”

Mika Brzezinski on Mitt Romney saying Sarah Palin is qualified for president. Morning Joe Dec 2 2010

Forgetting the inherent Palin derangement syndrome for the moment and the fact that Palin is the only reason anyone is talking about Romney today, did I actually hear a member of the mainstream media say that sentence out-loud?

Did you support Barack Obama? Did the Entire MSNBC staff support Obama? Did the entire non-Fox media wax orgasmic over the man in 2008?

That a liberal member of the media could say that sentence without having a clue about the irony is simply priceless.

This isn’t projection, this is a twelve screen movie complex with all the Harry Potter Movies playing 24/7 With the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Gone with the wind and Titanic on the side.

I can hear the screams of The Reclusive Leftist’s from here.

On Morning Joe the very handsome Mika Brzezinski was shown going up and down the Exorcist stairs 10 times. That is a spectacular display of physical health.

As people know the only shape I can credibly be described as is Round. I’m sure she would like me to exercise a bit more.

But physical health is not the only health that you need.

So Mika I’ll make you a deal, Get me down to DC and I’ll join you up and down those stairs 10 times. (I will have to walk I’m afraid) on the condition that on each trip (up and down) we pray one decade of the Rosary. By the time we are finished it both of us will be better off.

How about it?

This Ad:

Donny Deutsch is going nuts over this and the Morning Joe crowd is razzing him over it. He can’t understand the appeal, I think he is going to go all Kryten on us.

Mika is honest, she thinks it will be effective but says “I don’t like it”.