God has given Commandments unto Men. From these Commandments Men have framed Laws by which to be governed. It is honorable and praiseworthy to faithfully serve the people by helping to administer these Laws. If the Laws are not enforced, the People are not well governed.

Motto over the entrance to the City Hall in Cambridge Massachusetts

Yesterday I paid my first ever visit to MIT’s rather odd-shaped chapel

mit and harvard 001
to cover and participate in the Eucharistic adoration in response against the Harvard Black Mass

People slowly started showing up slowly. Joe spoke to me

I noticed some local (to me) folk who protest regularly at the Fitchburg Planned Parenthood. When they arrived, shortly before reporters from the Globe. They would leave for a moment with plans to come back & sit down later.

That would prove to be a bad move as the people started coming in waves

We had gotten word from the Crimson (ht Lisa Graas) that the Black Mass was being moved to a restaurant off campus called the Middle East

mit and harvard 008

However even before the Eucharist procession began the word came that they had no intention of hosting the event.

as the MIT crowd continued to grow I moved my setup out of the chapel proper to a table in the corridor but soon there was no room to be there so I moved it to the back wall by the door on a trash receptacle, but a few minutes later there was no room there either. I sent out twitter updates as space allowed

By the time the Adoration actually began there was no room in the building and two batches of lines extending outside of the building extended from the chapel doors on both sides of it

it is no accident that this turned the odd oblong shape of the building if viewed from above into the shape of the cross.

After the prayers the procession began the sacrament under the canopy. I was on the opposite side of the building and ran around the chapel, set up my camera after the front passed and simply recorded the people, it took nearly five minutes for all the people involved to pass.

I talked to both the MIT police and while both knew there was supposed to be a procession neither anticipated the sheer volume of people. Cambridge police rushed ahead to close down streets to allow the procession to pass.

mit and harvard 004

You could not see the front of the procession from the back

mit and harvard 005
As we passed and the folks at the end were constantly being stopped and asked what was happening. People were waving from apartments or staring from shop windows.

When we passed the Middle east there was a distinctly noticeable group gathered at the entrance staring at us taking photos.

mit and harvard 006

Eventually after our long walk we reached St. Pauls. The sun had already set and the crowd overwhelmed the area.

and it soon became apparent that there was simply no room to get everybody in the building.

At this time word had gone around that the club not having found a place to celebrate the black mass had cancelled it.

The overflow filled the area outside of the church proper and was all over the steps and the area across the street, at this point I caught a break, reporters & cameramen looking for a shot were ushered to a side door in the choir loft in front of the pipe organ

mit and harvard 016

I joined them and got a grand overview of the church just as they finished the reading from Revelation and prepared for the Gospel

mit and harvard 011 it looked even more packed from the inside than it did from outside.

I shed my coat and laptop bag as we were sweltering in the heat and set up my camera just as Fr. Drea began his sermon

I was very tired and hot, and even with the monopod it was hard to keep he camera steady particularly as I tried to take still shots with a 2nd camera at the same time.

mit and harvard 013

His Homily was very gracious, particularly to the Harvard president sitting in the front row.

after the homily I took a pan of the crowd as a choir located to the right of the altar sang

And took a few shots

mit and harvard 018

after a period of reverence and prayer

The blessed sacrament was moved removed from the altar. I stayed to sing the first hymn but as a second hymn was being sung I made my way outside where I set up to video people leaving.

I ran into two very Irish sounding ladies from Plymouth who declined to be interviewed on camera who had been at the location where the Catholic League was saying their Rosary of reparation at the original planned location of the Black Mass They told me that groups of Satanists cursed them & shouted at them but was unable to phase them.

At this point the altar servers & choir started to process out

followed by the people.

I hand counted 1200 people inside from my upper perch I’m estimating 1500-1600 people overall not counting those doing the Rosary of Reparation. I congratulated the chaplain from MIT who had organized the procession, he wanted to do something proactive and had succeeded. I then spotted the auxiliary bishop of Boston who I met at the DC airport the day Francis was elected, he agreed to an interview.

Former Boston Mayor & US Ambassador to the Holy See Ray Flynn greeted him.

mit and harvard 021

and then gave me an interview

I spoke to local police there, they said the crowd of believers had been very polite and were really taken by the thanks offered by the crowd, it was an unusual but pleasant experience for them.

They informed me during the service there was a single protester who was shouting at the ceremony from outside to no effect. As the crowd started to disperse he returned and continued to shout at the crowd calling them cannibals and decrying the church and the people there.

I can understand his anger, not only was the black mass not on campus but any black mass that was to be held (later reports say it was held at a Chinese restaurant in town it was not sponsored by any Harvard Club. The importance against the mass of the faithful must have been a great frustration.

I said a loud prayer for him in response and then caught a ride with Mary Ann Harold who had arrived at St. Paul first and wondered if there would be much of crowd but not long afterwards the mass of faithful catholics answered that question for her.

A postscript: As we drove to my car at Alewife Station she related that as she sat down in the then empty church she saw an apparition of the head of Satan appear over and to the left of the altar over the church. The head was disfigured and was screaming in pain and anger.

Given the results of the night, that was completely understandable.

Update: Apparently that planned Black Mass has backfired even worsethat I thought

Merrimack, N.H.,

Thomas More College is holding three days of penance and prayer, from May 12 to 14, in response to the black mass.

In Denver

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, a parish of the Archdiocese of Denver located in Littleton, Colo., will hold a Mass of Reparation said at 5:30 p.m. The Mass will be said by Fr. Joseph Hearty, FSSP, and will be followed by a rosary and Benediction.

In Texas Illinois & Pennsylvania

In Alice, Texas, outside of Corpus Christi, Our Lady of Guadalupe parish will hold a Holy Hour at 6 p.m. In the Diocese of Orange, Blessed Sacrament in Westminster will hold a Holy Hour of reparation.
Holy hours will also be held at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Bath, Pa., and at St. Mary’s in Alton, outside of Springfield, Ill.

on Facebook

A Facebook group organized in response to the event at Harvard has garnered more than 2,200 members who have pledged to go to Adoration on May 12 in reparation.

and Around the world

Catholics from around the world, including the Philippines, have also pledged to pray in reparation for the black mass.
The monks of Norcia at the Monastery of San Benedetto, Italy, announced a Chaplet of Divine Mercy in reparation as well.

So: No Black Mass on Harvard Campus, No Official Harvard group involved in a Black Mass
No Black Mass sponsored by a Harvard Group, Massive amounts of prayer worldwide.

and against that a private party at the Chinese Restaurant.

And all of this came because Catholics didn’t meekly accept Harvard’s plans.

Update 2: One video out of place, fixed plus via Father Z & flicker some photos from the front.

Update 3: Here is an account of what happened where the Catholic League and the American Society for the Protection of Tradition, Family and Property were praying a Rosary of Reparation

Since the spiritual battle between good and evil has never been more visible, Saint Michael, Captain of the Angelic Hosts, was invoked repeatedly over the bullhorn. As we prayed, a group of individuals dressed mostly in black with satanic insignia gathered in little groups to jeer and mock the prayers. One even muttered “Hail Satan!” as he passed by the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. But this did not in the least deter those on the sidewalk who continued praying the Rosary at the intersection of Cambridge and Kirkland streets until 8:35 PM.

Apparently they bore the burnt of the Satanist ire while the rest of us were processing and praying with the blessed sacrament

To conclude the protest, Saint Louis de Montfort’s Consecration to Mary was recited. This last prayer seemed to especially unnerve the satanists nearby. Two of them came up and aggressively yelled insults against Christianity in our faces. Then others, also dressed in black, were overheard saying, “smash the statue,” referring to the beautiful replica of the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima that wept repeatedly in New Orleans in July 1972. Their hatred was explicitly directed against Our Lady. With this, TFP volunteers formed a protective perimeter around Our Lady, escorting her safely to the van, while being trailed by those who wished to smash her.

I see the TFP people regularly at CPAC they are fearless warriors for the faith, while fewer in number than the procession by far they did some heavy lifting for us and should be commended for it.


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I’m currently in the non-denominational at MIT where I just saw this tweet via Lisa Graas:

Apparently however the Middle East Night Club decided they wanted no part of this

Here is the story:

Perhaps they will find an a deserted graveyard to use.

With an hour to the procession at MIT the crowd is starting to build The globe is here conducting interviews along with myself. I suspect this is going to be one of the most significant religious events in the area in a while.

Expect updates

A large canopy has just been brought in for the procession by a group of brothers. A busload of worshipers are now arriving

Update: Over 500 people processed from MIT all the way to Harvard where the Church could fit the crowd, (Base count 1200 plus an estimated 300 who couldn’t make it in. Meanwhile the Satanic Black Mass was cancelled and the taunting of the Catholic League by the Satanists failed to rattle them.

Final score God 3 Satan 0 full recap in the morning.

Update last: I’ll have the full story in a post in the morning but here are two videos to give you an idea of he crowd, first from the procession:

It took almost 5 minutes for all the people at the MIT Adoration to pass by.

Meanwhile here is the crowd at St. Pauls

And here are the stills.

The full story tomorrow.