Of all of Donald Trump’s cabinet decisions, Secretary of State has been the most contentious. All of the four or five remaining candidates have been attacked to some degree, including a barrage of attacks on Mitt Romney from within the Trump camp itself. All of the four or five candidates have long histories of political experience, though only John Bolton has extensive experience talking to foreign leaders (General David Petraeus interacted with foreign military leaders, but that’s not the same thing and partially irrelevant for Secretary of State).

Is it possible to hit the reset button? One of the best things about Donald Trump being President is that the old rules no longer apply. He can select someone outside of the DC inner circle and justify it. Secretary of State more than any other major cabinet decision can benefit from selecting an outsider. The co-author of The Art of the Deal should know this better than anyone. It’s easier to train a great negotiator on the nuances of foreign affairs than to train a politician in the skills of negotiating. After all, we’re the United States. We should be working towards making the best possible deals that benefit everyone, especially us.

All of the current considerations for Secretary of State come with major baggage while having minimal upsides. Romney has the most negotiating experience and has seen this put to great use during his careers in both public and private circles, but he’s scorned by a large chunk of the people who helped get Trump elected in the first place. Bolton is very old school, and while he’s known as a free-thinker, he’s also known to go off the rails from time to time. That’s a trait that Trump doesn’t need in his top diplomat. Petraeus made some horrendous decisions in his days in public life. He should not be rewarded with more responsibility just because he’s done with probation for releasing secret government information carelessly. Rudy Giuliani showed signs throughout the campaign of being well beyond his prime. He wasn’t sharp in many of his speeches and does not appear to be physically capable of the grueling travel schedule a Secretary of State requires. Bob Corker is a Democrat.

While any of these choices would be upgrades from John Kerry, they don’t quite enter the same arena as Alexander Haig, for example. In today’s geo-political maelstrom, we need an Alexander Haig.

Certainly there’s someone else within Trump’s vision who can meet all the criteria. The Secretary of State must be able to communicate the message and act in lieu of the President of the United States in foreign affairs. They need to be easily respected by foreign leaders. They need the negotiating skills that can prevent Iran Nuclear deals from even reaching a point of agreement until it’s clear that the benefits are not lopsided against us. Most importantly, they need to see the world from a perspective that aligns with the President’s vision. None of the current candidates cover all of these criteria well.

I’m not going to throw out names, though I have several in mind. If I had Trump’s ear, I would, but there’s no point in speculating for the sake of speculating. At this point, the best we can hope for is that the President-elect continues his search and is presented with better options than the four or five finalists being discussed today. They are all B-listers at best.

Earlier today, top Trump adviser KellyAnne Conway continued her attacks on potential Secretary of State Mitt Romney, this time on the Sunday morning shows. She’s not alone with Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee voicing their opposition to Romney, who spent the majority of the campaign season attacking Trump.

It’s unprecedented for aides and allies of a President-elect to be so publicly opposed to someone their boss is considering for one of the most prized cabinet positions. The reason it’s never happened is because it’s downright strange. What in the world is happening?

Applying logic and deductive reasoning, I’ve found only three viable possibilities, with only one of them being not weird. Let’s take a look at the possibilities in no particular order:

It’s Mike Pence vs. Conway/Gingrich/Huckabee

VP-elect Pence has been vocal about his approval of Romney in the cabinet. Assuming that Trump respects his right hand man’s opinion, he may be pulling Trump in that direction with as much force as he can muster. Seeing the stalwart support from Pence, the opposition have expressed their perspectives and feel the only way to stop it is to build a groundswell in the news and among other vocal Trump supporters to pressure Trump into not picking him.

We can assume if Romney gets the nod that Pence has more pull than most of us realized. Then again, it could be pointing to a conspiracy theory about Trump keeping his enemies closer.

Trump’s Revenge

There has been no love lost between Trump and Romney over the last year, which is why it was shocking that they would meet in the first place. Could this be an elaborate ploy with one goal: public shaming of Romney? Trump is known to be very vindictive, but he’s also been known to be instantly forgiving. If this is the case, why would his aides and allies be attacking Romney in public?

Through public shaming, this scenario demands humiliation. That means an apology. If Romney apologizes and then does not get the job, we can pretty much bank on this being the scenario the whole time.

Trump’s Just Testing the Waters

This is the one that wouldn’t surprise anyone. If Trump really doesn’t know for sure who to pick and is trying to get a diverse range of opinions from fans, media, and anyone else with a thought on the matter, this is the way to do it. Whether or not he condones the actions of his outspoken advisers remains to be seen, but he hasn’t seemed to be holding anyone back.

If this is the case, it spells doom for Romney’s chances. Other than a handful of blogs and some private endorsements, there hasn’t exactly been a rallying force behind Romney.

Regardless of who Trump picks, this strange Romney affair has been fun to watch. Whether you love Trump or hate him (does anyone feel anything in between?), you have to admit that it’s already shaping up to be a very entertaining 4-8 years.

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Keep your eye clear, and hit ’em where they ain’t

Willie Keeler

Four Years and six months ago I was in NH for a NRO event along with a lot of other bloggers and reporters after all of us watched one of the GOP primary debates that was notable for George Stephanopoulos suddenly asking Mitt Romney a question about contraception that had everyone, including Romney scratching their heads. It had not been an issue in the campaign nor in the country or years and while Roman Catholics will tell you artificial contraception is a sin to my knowledge Mormons have no problem with it.

That night everyone was talking about how weird the question but a few days later things became clear as the entire media jumped on this as an important issue.

You see many things were going badly in the economy, in foreign affairs and the folly of Obamacare were just starting to become apparent, the Democrats needed a distraction to protect the president so they pivoted bringing out an issue that had been settled for years to change the submit and hit republicans at the same time.

It’s sort of like the tactic used against Ted Williams in the 40’s called the Williams Shift repositioning players completely to change the dynamic of his hitting.

tedwilliamsshift It the same tactic used against David Ortiz today in an attempt to make those hits come with a little more difficulty.

While both Williams and Ortiz had occasional failures against the shift, in the end their skill levels were/are so superior that the shift could not stop them from hitting through it and as both demonstrated regularly if the ball is off the wall or out of the park no amount of shifting is going to make any difference.

Alas for the GOP Mitt Romney was no Ted Williams or David Ortiz. Romney being Romney and the GOP being the GOP, they fell hook line and sinker for this nonsense hitting directly into the shift and giving the media exactly what they wanted. It was one of a series of foolish and timid moves that turned what should have been a very easy election for the GOP into the disaster that the next four years of Barack Obama became.

Fast forward to 2016. Hillary Clinton has had the worst week in the history of history, the attempt to portray health questions as a conspiracy theory have failed. Leak after leak makes her look bad. The polls have gone south, Trump has bested her in a televised forum and thanks to his new campaign team has not only avoided mistakes but gotten positive press and cultural coverage that even playing the David Duke card has not been able to counter and if that’s not bad enough ISIS continues to advance, the refugee crisis continues to fester and Obamacare exchanges are dropping like flies What does one do if you are the palace guard for Democrats mainstream media?

Why you play the “shift” card and trot out birtherism.

The fact that Barack Obama has barely four months in office and that it’s an issue that nobody cares about doesn’t matter. The media needs to change the subject so suddenly the entire press corps decides there is no bigger issue to settle and they will not stop asking about it until Trump satisfies them.

In other words the shift is on and they are daring Trump to hit it over or through them counting on the fact that despite his media skills he is not enough of a Ted Williams or David Ortiz to successfully hit through the shift.

But while it’s true that Donald Trump is no Williams or Ortiz, he’s also no Mitt Romney and his new campaign team of Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon and Kelly Conway are not the normal GOP consultants advising him to hit into the shift and take their chances.

Instead Trump announced a press conference to address the issue, the MSM rushed to cover it live (something that they have been a lot less enthusiastic to do since he became the nominee) ready to take his statement and pound him with question after question, furthermore as he was apparently “running late” they continued to promote the event to ensure the maximum viewership when he did make his statement…

…and then this happened

The media found themselves giving their audience 20 minutes of military heroes endorsing Trump on live TV before he finally came on Camera to say

“Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it.”

Not only did Trump get the media to cover his endorsements but he got them to cover live his pronouncement that “birtherism” was a construct of the Hillary Clinton campaign. (a Statement spin not withstanding backed up by on CNN by a Clinton campaign manager but by a respected veteran journalist former McClatchy Washington Bureau Chief James Asher.

A story repeated on the McClatchy site yesterday

“During the 2008 Democratic primary, Sid Blumenthal visited the Washington Bureau of McClatchy Co.,” Asher said in an email Friday to McClatchy, noting that he was at the time the investigative editor and in charge of Africa coverage.

“During that meeting, Mr. Blumenthal and I met together in my office and he strongly urged me to investigate the exact place of President Obama’s birth, which he suggested was in Kenya. We assigned a reporter to go to Kenya, and that reporter determined that the allegation was false.

“At the time of Mr. Blumenthal’s conversation with me, there had been a few news articles published in various outlets reporting on rumors about Obama’s birthplace. While Mr. Blumenthal offered no concrete proof of Obama’s Kenyan birth, I felt that, as journalists, we had a responsibility to determine whether or not those rumors were true. They were not.”

Blumenthal, who worked in the White House with President Bill Clinton and later was employed by the Clinton Foundation, could not be reached Friday but said in an email to The Boston Globe, “This is false. Period.”

In other words the Trump campaign instead of hitting into the shift as he might have been inclined under the old management team, poked the ball into the empty left field for an easy double.

The fit this gave the entire MSM was epic which comes from a single miscalculation.

You don’t have to be a David Ortiz or a Ted Williams to beat the shift, you just have to be good enough to go the other way and hit the ball where they ain’t.

And Trump is.

Update: Don Surber adds a bit of Irony:

For a decade, the city wanted the grand post office turned into a hotel. Trump did it. Today was the opening of the hotel. That was the reason for the event — not to discuss birtherism, which was the Clinton Camp’s topic of the day.

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Lt. Savvik: Admiral… what happens if Reliant fails to follow us into the nebula?

Captain Spock: Mr. Saavik. Remind me to explain to you the concept of human ego.

Star Trek The Wrath of Khan 1982

At Ricochet Jon Gabriel reminds us of the OODA loop arguing that Mitt Romney speech’s goal was to get inside Trump’s

I’m sure Mitt and Marco would be happy if their attacks on Trump had convinced his fans to abandon their hero and join one of his rivals. They would loved to see his poll numbers plummet overnight and his frontrunner status collapse like Herman Cain’s. But that wasn’t their primary goal.

Instead, they wanted to get inside Trump’s OODA loop, put him on the defensive for the first time in this campaign, and force him into costly mistakes. And, in that, they succeeded.

However given where we are as a society it might be better to explain this culturally in a way people can understand.

Romney was playing Kirk to Trump’s Khan.

In the movie Star Trek 2 the Wrath of Khan, the Enterprize is in horrible shape, no match for the Reliant now captured by Khan (Ricardo Montalban), so Kirk (William Shatner) needs to even the odds and Spock (Leonard Nimoy)

Captain Spock: She can out-run us and out-gun us. But there is the Mutara Nebula at 153 mark four.

When Saavik (Kristie Alley) notes that the tactical and visuals will be useless Spock replies

Captain Spock:  Sauce for the goose, Mr. Saavik. The odds will be even.


Unfortunately for the enterprise Khan’s helmsman is a man of sense and starts slowing the ship so Kirk contacts Khan’s and baits him

Admiral Kirk:  Khan:  I’m laughing at the “superior” intellect.

Khan:  [to helmsman] Full impulse power!

Joachim:  No sir! We have Genesis — Whatever you want —

Khan:  Full power damn you!

That’s pretty much what Romney because if you bait him Trump charges faster than a bull in front of a red cloth.
Here is the scene from the movie

Of course in th movie Kirk wins, if Trump was Khan and Romney was Kirk the Star Trek movie franchise would have ended at 2.

One fyi I don’t remember the human ego line in the movie when it came out but I do remember it in the book adaption.

Gen.Patton: I know I’m a prima donna. I admit it. What I can’t stand about Monty is, he won’t admit it.

Patton 1970

Brett Maverick: Jimson hadn’t been in the game 10 minutes before I when I knew why he was there. He was the real expert making his two brace men look like a pair of amateurs He was there to get his money back and he had already slipped a couple of smooth tricks might past me. But I had him spotted now and he had all the money back he was going to get.

Maverick Relic of Fort TeJon 1957

Casey Stengel: Can’t anyone play this game?

Today will be quite a day at CPAC the annual gathering of true believers in the conservative movement. and a lot of the people there are angry about two things:

The lack of Cannoli due to my absence

Donald Trump speaking on Saturday

Also today Mitt Romney is going to get up before the crowd and give a speech explaining why Donald trump is not a true conservative and why he must be stopped.

Now let me begin this post by saying without equivocation that I believe Ted Cruz is the best choice for the GOP nomination and that questioning if Donald Trump means it when he says he’s conservative is legitimate.

But the idea of Mitt Romney giving a speech about how Donald Trump being a danger to future of the country and to conservatism can have only one reaction …

Are you kidding me?

Is there a single conservative at CPAC who remembers Romney as the governor of Massachusetts? Of Romney willing to see us out on Obamacare, on Gay Marriage,  on Global Warming, on Border security?  Has anyone forgot that it was the Mitt Romney team that tried to suppress the Ron Paul people when he already had the game won?

Yet as I listen to this Mitt Romney speech I see conservative after conservative retweeting and cheering his words.

Mitt Romney says Trump is playing us for suckers.  That is certainly possible and it’s a legitimate question.

But there is absolutely no question the GOP establishment have played us all for suckers for years and worst of all, all of us in the conservative movement know this.

Yeah Trump is an ego driven candidate, yes in many ways Trump is all about himself, yes he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, but everybody knows this.  It’s obvious he thinks this stuff, he doesn’t try to hide it.

But for God’s sake, isn’t that a perfect description of the GOP Establishment?  Isn’t that a great description of Mitt Romney?

The GOP establishment is ego driven, they are all about themselves, they think they’re smarter than everyone else, the difference is they do their best not to telegraph it.

Romney warning conservatives that Trump is not one of is us like Lucy going to Charlie Brown saying:  “I don’t trust that girl holding the football for you to kick.”

All Mitt Romney has done today is record a commercial for Hillary Clinton to be used if Trump wins the nomination, which by this absolutely positively stupid move he has enabled and if you doubt that ask yourself why do you think the MSM which just a few years ago were attacking Mitt as a heartless soulless out of touch fool who is full of hate for the common people are practically standing to line to compliment him?

An even better question is: Can anyone remember Mitt Romney being this forceful against Barack Obama?

Bottom line Mitt Romney & the GOP are gamblers running a crooked game in town warning us rubes that the newcomer is a crook, not because he might be, but because they don’t want him cutting in on their action.

And if we conservative don’t recognize this then we deserve to continue to be taken for suckers as we have been.


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I’ve written several posts on the current electoral situation in the GOP  and noticed some of the statements of the various campaigns that are completely divorced from reality when it comes to dealing with Donald Trump.

Furthermore on twitter, but not yet on the blog I’ve hit the absolutely stupidity of Mitt Romney’s attack on Donald Trump’s taxes, which echos the dishonorable attacks that Harry Reid used on him.  On that subject I think Stacy McCain’s point from 2012 that I quoted in this post applies:

What I believe is this: Whatever Harry Reid knows about Mitt Romney’s taxes, he obtained from Democrat Party sources who, in turn, got it via the leaking of this confidential information from IRS officials to individuals affiliated with the Obama campaign.

Reid is lying — mischaracterizing his sources — to conceal the fact that the Obama campaign has illegally obtained Romney’s IRS forms.

But don’t expect me to prove that accusation. I don’t think the burden should be on me. The burden should be on Harry Reid. He’s the one I’ve alleged is part of a Nixonian conspiracy at the White House. Why didn’t Harry identify his sources?

In fact the only thing more outrageous than Romney’s attack on Trump’s taxes based on zero evidence is Harry Reid attacking him for it (I’m not kidding)

But for all this nonsense there problem remains: How do you beat Donald Trump?  Right now that’s the only question on the floor and if your candidate isn’t thinking along those lines, he’s not serious and needs to drop out.

The only way to do this is to either bring in new voters for yourself but none of the candidates have the reach to the general public that Trump has so that’s not practicable, the other way is to discourage Donald Trump voters from voting, I don’t see that working either since any attack on Trump simply angers the Trump voter and produces attacks that are not easily countered given his social media reach.

That leaves only one other card. Somehow Make the case to the Donald Trump voter to vote for you instead.

While this is a longshot it is the only viable plan short of the GOP changing it’s convention rules, to stop Trump. You need to persuade these voters that not only are you with them but you’ve been with them since day 1.

On it’s face this seems ridiculous and for Marco Rubio it would be.  His embrace of the gang of 8 makes it impossible and for John Kasich his embrace of obamacare makes it doubly so.  Ben Carson might be able to try such a pitch but he can’t make a case any different than Mr. Trump can.

However  there is one candidate who actually is in a position to make this case. In fact he is in perfect position to do so.

That man is Ted Cruz.

Here’s how.

At tonight’s debate when invited to attack Donald Trump, and believe me CNN will,  Ted Cruz should say something along these lines.

“Actually rather than attack Donald Trump I’d like to thank him. He has energized thousands of new GOP voters, voters who are tired of the party ignoring them on Amnesty, ignoring them on Obamacare, ignoring them on Radical Islam and Ignoring them on Common Core. Mr. Trump has talked about these issues and they have entered the national conversation.”

“And I thank him again for it again, because for years I have been in Washington fighting tirelessly to stop Amnesty so I’m pleased to see Donald Trump adding his words to my actions, for years I have been in Washington fighting tirelessly to defund and stop Obamacare and I’m pleased to see Donald Trump add his words to support my actions, for years I’ve been in Washington fighting tirelessly to get this administration to acknowledge the danger and reality of radical Islam and I’m pleased to see Donald Trump add his voice to support my fight and for years I’ve been making the fight in Washington against Common Core and I’m simply delighted to have Donald Trump add his words to support my fight.

And to those new voters who want to make America Great again, who are angry about Obamacare, Amnesty, Common Core and worried about radical islam I say to you your fight is the one I’ve been fighting for years. Donald Trump’s words are great and I’m pleased to hear them, but if you want someone in the White House that has actually fought these fights that you care about. I ask you for your vote.”

Furthermore every single time Donald Trump brings up these issues in the debate Ted Cruz should affirm these issues that Trump raising AND point to the solid steps that he Ted Cruz has done to achieve them.

I suggest that this is the right way to go for several reasons:

1. It complements Donald Trump for raising these issues that other candidates are ducking
2. It affirms the voters who have come out for Trump noting that their concerns are valid rather than attacking them
3. It brings up Ted Cruz’s record on all of these issues, a record that is superior to all the Non-Trump candidates
4. It notes the difference between Talking about an issue, and DOING something bout an issue
5. It does all of these things without actually attacking Trump.
6. It’s an honest and straightforward case as opposed to the Romney tax BS

I don’t deny this is a going to be a tough sell, but until anyone else comes up with a better way to attract the Donald Trump voters I submit and suggest this is the best plan out there and frankly better than anything an expensive consultant is throwing out there.  And if anyone has a better plan I’d be delighted to hear it.

Good Luck.

Update: At the Weekly Standard (via Insty) they are thinking differently

In his indispensible newsletter, the Transom, Ben Domenech makes a profound observation about tonight’s debate: The best way to become the “Not Trump,” is to beat Trump. And the way to beat him isn’t to argue that he’s a meanie or detail his ideological inconsistencies. It’s to go full-alpha and nuke him from orbit.

I don’t think that will play with Trump voters myself


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Apparently Mitt Romney is a reader because after these two posts decrying a 2016 Romney candidacy voilà:

Mitt Romney ended his rollercoaster return to presidential politics on Friday, declaring his party would be better served by the “next generation of Republican leaders” and concluding his unlikely comeback as suddenly as it began.

Aides said it was a deeply personal and even painful decision for the 2012 Republican presidential nominee. He insisted he could win the next election if he ran, but his announcement followed a three-week fact-finding effort that revealed significant resistance to a third campaign.

That’s the good news, the bad news of course is that there is one less person to split the Jeb Bush vote thus possibly enabling his nomination, but you can’t have everything.

Too bad for the sake of the reputation of the US, those being slaughtered by ISIS, bombarded in Ukraine, slaughtered by Boko Haram suffering from the race card being played in St. Louis, NY & elsewhere and those persecuted by a politicized justice department and IRS and for he didn’t figure this out 3 years ago.

I don’t have a lot of time to watch news in the morning anymore but yesterday as I briefly put on Morning Joe I watched as the team started Lionizing Mitt Romney as an excellent choices for the GOP nomination.

Being a sane man who has the capability of remembering beyond a 24 hour period I look at this and I can’t help but say:

Are you friggen kidding me!

Am I the only one who remembers 2011 & 2012 when the media spent every single waking moment pushing Mitt Romney as the best, the brightest, the most qualified candidate the GOP could run right up until the moment that there was no possibility that any actual conservative could defeat him for the nomination?

Furthermore do any of the big money donors who apparently can’t wait to spend tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to lead Mitt Romney back to the GOP nomination in 2016 remember that once Romney was the presumptive nominee the entire media complex turned on a dime and declared him n out of touch ultra conservative who absolutely hates 47% of the population and spun to the point of dishonesty to bring him down?

Do you really need a blogger to explain this to you?  Are you people this blind and this stupid?


With all the talk going around concerning a possible Mitt Romney Candidacy in 2016 I don’t seem to be hearing anyone asking the basic question I asked last year.

Since nobody in the media will bring it up let me repeat myself a bit:

First a point I made back in January of 2012:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if Romney is the nominee I will have no problem voting for him over Obama, but lets ask the question: If you are a GOP candidate running for congress against Obamacare do you really want the author of Romneycare at the top of your ticket? Do you want to be asked why you support the author of Romneycare while running against Obamacare? I don’t think so.

Obamacare is even less popular in 2015 then it was in 2012 and lets not forget that fellow Gruber worked for Mitt.

Now point 2 from last September:

In 2012 Barack Obama had:

1. The worst economy in living memory for anyone 77 years old our younger
2. Had his name attached to one of the lest popular laws in history
3. Was commander in chief during a successful attack on Americans on the Anniversary of Sept 11th killing a US ambassador two months before election day
4. In the eyes of the conservative base of the GOP was the worst president in history

And Mitt Romney Still couldn’t beat him.


So four years later Mitt Romney who couldn’t beat Barack Obama, who couldn’t win NH (and whose protegé couldn’t win a big GOP year.) is going to somehow manage to beat a Democrat who will not have the baggage of Barack Obama.

Can someone explain to me what Mitt has done to:

1. Become more appealing to the GOP base that rejected him?

2. Become more appealing to the Democrat base that rejected him

3. Become more appealing to the independents who were not enough to election him.

Other than diluting the GOP moderates who can split their votes between Christie Bush and Romney to give the chance for one of the conservatives from Perry to Paul to Walker et/al to win what is the actual rationale for a Romney Candidacy other than to feed his own ego? What will he bring to the table that the other GOP choices will not?

Not being Barack Obama isn’t enough, Every single candidate running in 2016 is not Barack Obama.

It would be nice if Mitt answers these questions before GOP donors spend millions of dollars that would be better spent helping keep the next Democrat demagogue out of the White House.

Update: Great minds and all that

the idea that a one-term Massachusetts governor, who hired Jonathan Gruber to help design his health-care plan, is just what the Republicans need to run against Hillary Clinton is odd, particularly when the GOP has a much more talented, and fresher, field than it did in 2012.


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The top story at the Hotair Top headlines has been the same for a couple of days, it concerns Mitt Romney & Election 2014.  Here is a screen shot of the image as of 6 AM Jan 2nd:

mitt hotair 1

The story itself quotes a longtime Romney friend who says he will only get into election 2016 if it looks like Ted Cruz might win the GOP nomination

“I know exactly what Mitt’s going to do,” [Ken] Gardner, a real estate developer who helped bring Romney to Utah to lead the 2002 Winter Olympics, told the Deseret News. “I think over the next few months, a lot of things will happen.”…

“If it’s Ted Cruz that’s the candidate, he’s in. If it’s Jeb Bush, he’s probably not,” Gardner said.

I found it quite fascinating when you consider that, if nominated Ted Cruz would be the first Hispanic American to lead or even appear on a major party ticket in the US.  A rather key historic moment for a country where every pundit in sight says the Hispanic demographic is the key demo in future elections.

Yet despite this  there has been no reaction to a report by a major conservative site that the lily-white very rich former GOP candidate Mitt Romney would be willing to go through the expense and rigors of another presidential campaign to make sure that the GOP doesn’t nominate the first Hispanic American major Party presidential candidate.  Not an eyebrow raised, not a follow-up comment, not even a single person crying “racism”.

Now it’s true that Mitt’s distaste for Ted Cruz has everything to do with being a conservative and nothing to do with his race but that’s not how the game has been played by the media in the past, so let’s imagine just for a bit, that either:

1.  Ted Cruz was a Democrat OR

2.  The media applied the same “Race Card” rules in this case as they normally would in others.

What would the reaction to this Hotair headline be?

Well the first thing is the title of this piece might be rewritten by others like so:

mitt hotair fake


Then we would see ABC,NBC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, Headline News, The Daily Show, the View and every other talk show in sight talk about GOP racism.  Univision would host a week-long special titled “Why does Mitt & the GOP hate hispanics so much?” and you would not be able to turn on a network show without seeing a breathless reporter:

1.  Hectoring Governor Romney on in this comment is true.

2.  Demanding he distance himself from that person.

3.  Demanding Mitt Romney apologize for these statements that he didn’t make.

4.  Demanding every GOP pol in existence comment on and denounce these statements.

5.  Putting a mic in front of Reince Priebus demanding he explain why the GOP is so racist against Hispanics?

In addition we would see pundit after pundit speak of this dooming Mitt Romney, Renice Priebus, the GOP, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie etc etc etc….

Alas Ted Cruz is not a democrat and as much as he is hated and feared by the same GOP establishment that couldn’t wait to run Gabriel Gomez for senator based solely on his last name, he is even more hated and more feared by the Democrats and the left wing media that determines what is considered racist and what is not.

Because as we all know,  even by the media’s hypersensitive standards, there is no such thing as a racist or sexist comment if it’s made about a conservative.  Even if said comment comes from the GOP.


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“To the angel of the church in Laodicea, 10 write this: ” ‘The Amen, the faithful and true witness, the source of God’s creation, says this:

I know your works; I know that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either cold or hot.   So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.   For you say, ‘I am rich and affluent and have no need of anything,’ and yet do not realize that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked. I advise you to buy from me gold refined by fire so that you may be rich, and white garments to put on so that your shameful nakedness may not be exposed, and buy ointment to smear on your eyes so that you may see. Those whom I love, I reprove and chastise. Be earnest, therefore, and repent.

Revelation 3:14-19

Avram:  He’s right and he’s right?  They can’t both be right.

Tevye:You know you are also right.

Fiddler on the Roof 1971

It is said that the best compromises are ones where everyone walks away angry, if that is the case I suspect a fair amount of my readership must consider me compromised over the last few election cycles:

For example I’ve upset the teams of establishment republicans like Mitt Romney, Charlie Baker and Scott Brown by pointing out their weaknesses in their position and disdain for the base of the party. A base that a candidate needs if they are going to win elections because said base provides the unpaid foot soldiers that do so much of the busy work on a campaign. That kind of talk doesn’t endear you to the candidates or their teams and it leads to posts like this from Robert Stacy McCain:

See, here’s my problem: It’s not just that I remember all the recent backstabbing and sellouts by Mitch McConnell and his GOP Senate cronies, but I also remember the history of Republican Senate majorities under such paragons of conservative leadership as Bob Dole and Trent Lott. I remember how GOP leaders begged and groveled in their vain attempts to retain the “party loyalty” of such stalwarts of Republican principle as Jim Jeffords and Arlen Specter. And then I think one more time about that Mississippi primary, you see, and the way all these things keep adding up in my mind . . .

Well, maybe Mitch McConnell will be Senate Majority Leader next year. Maybe that gives you a raging boner, just thinking about it.

But speaking for myself, “Meh.”

They haven’t done a damned thing to suggest they even care whether I care or not. And I’m pretty sure I don’t care. Do you? Why?

On the other hand while acknowledging this problem I’ve also noted that after Mitt Romney, Charlie Baker and Scott Brown won their primaries I’ve urged Tea Party people and the GOP base to support them (well not so much Charlie Baker but that’s partly what this post is about) noting not only the positions I agree with them but of the absolutely horrid choices their opponents are and the fact that or the other will have the right and the power to legislate over us.

This hasn’t pleased those who insist there is:

#1. No difference between the parties

#2 That we are enabling those who are discarding us.

To some degree this is correct, there are plenty of interests in the GOP and to a degree a GOP win in this election will be simply a question of GOP interests getting favor vs the left’s interest getting favor and if that sounds like the intrigue of a feudal court that’s because it’s exactly what it is.  This type of talk doesn’t endear me to tea party types  but this argument produces pieces like this from Gene Schwimmer at the American Thinker who lists Obama’s sins from Obamacare to Red lines and then notes the future:

The above bullet points detail what Obama has done in the past. What about the future? Currently on deck, executive amnesty for unlawful aliens, temporarily on the back burner on the pleadings of vulnerable red-state Democrats and by the dread of possibly having to govern with a Republican Senate and House for his last two years.

And here’s an angle conservatives thinking of sitting out the election apparently have not considered: Obama leaves office in 2017. Any other president would want to leave the maximum number of Democrats behind in the House and Senate; however, the political calculations of this most arrogant and narcissistic of presidents will be different. After noon on January 20, 2017, Barack Obama will no longer be president and thus will no longer care whether any Democratic senator or representative is re-elected. After January 20, 2017, he won’t need them anymore.

Democrats might want to think about that while take-no-prisoner conservative purists planning to stay home on November 4 ponder what a completely uninhibited President Obama, the clock ticking on the final two years of his term, might try to accomplish by executive order.

Annoying everyone is not the best way to keep a radio show on the air but the question before the house is:  Which of these two arguments are right?

The answer is both of them.

Yes the Republicans have not earned my vote, they have been squishes they have on occasion kicked us to the curb for their own purposes, but in the End we are conservatives and there is one fact so obvious that I’m ashamed to have to point it out.

Life isn’t Fair!

This is a fact that conservatives should already know, unlike our liberal friends we have to deal with things as they are while doing our best to move things to the way they ought to be.

To my social conservative friends who stayed home over Mitt Romney, ask yourself, would he not have felt it necessary to defend federal law in the DOMA cases?

To my 2nd Amendment friends in NH Would Scott Brown be running around the country providing star power for democrats this cycle? (And if he won would’t we have a pro-life pro 2nd Amendment candidate in NH today? “

To those Tea Party members who fought so hard to get the repeal of the Automatic Gas tax on the ballot?  Would Charlie Baker have allowed the Gas Tax to be linked to the inflation rate forcing us to resort to a ballot question to repeal it?

The time and effort that all of these decisions have cost us could have been spent fighting for other things if he had elected these men last time around.

On election day therefore it is our job in fact our duty to vote for the most viable conservative choice possible to keep thing from moving too far in the wrong direction, even if that choice is not the one we would like to see.

Meanwhile our bigger job is to act and to educate.  Fiscal and Social conservatives not only have better ideas we have the history of these ideas actually working,  Yes the world is full of low information voters out there who have no clue, our job is to give them a clue, to fight the war in the media, in the papers and in the culture to demonstrate the wisdom of what we do and espouse.

It will not be an easy fight, the culture and the media will fight strongly against us but reality is a powerful point in our favor.

Only then when we are willing to make the public case for conservatism and take the slings and arrows that come from it will we be able to move enough of the public so that the courtiers and the connected will find their way to support us, not because of their love of justice and right but because it will profit them and when they come the toadies will follow.

So if you are in New Hampshire make sure that Scott Brown makes it to 51% and when he does make damn sure he knows the difference between 51% & 49% were conservatives like you.

In Massachusetts make sure Charlie Baker gets to 51% and when he does make damn sure he know the difference between that 51% & 49% were conservatives like you

And finally in 2016 get out and vote for the GOP Nominee, even if it is Chris Christie, Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney and make sure every single hanger on who gets a job in DC because if it has that job because of conservatives like you.

And then get out there and made the case for conservatism to the neighbor, to your friends and to your community by your words and your deeds every single day of the year.

And if you think this is too hard, too ambitious and too much work ask yourself this.

Where would the country be if Rush Limbaugh decided it was too hard to fight for conservatism and just decided to spin discs for the last 30 years?

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The Network: At this point your planet is the least civilized in the entire galaxy.
Gary King: What did he say?
Andrew Knightley: He said we are a bunch of f*** ups.
Gary King: Hey it is our basic human right to be f*** ups. This civilization was founded on f*** ups and you know what? That makes me proud!

The World’s End 2013

Commander Hildred: Castellan, I have to report the intruder in Sector seven
Castellan Spandrell: Well?
Commander Hildred: Evaded us. And he shot one of my guards.
Castellan Spandrell: I see. Such efficiency.
Commander Hildred: But we have him trapped in the communications tower, Castellan.
Castellan Spandrell: Well done, Hildred. An antiquated capsule, for which you get adequate early warning, tranducts on the very perimeter of the Capitol. You are informed that the occupant is a known criminal, whereupon you allow him to escape and conceal himself in a building a mere fifty three stories high. A clever stratagem, Hildred. You’re trying to confuse him, I take it?

Doctor Who The Deadly Assassin 1976

One of the basic principles of those who decry “slut slamming” is the concept that any critique of a person who knowingly and willingly puts themselves in a position making them more vulnerable to attack is not proper because that shifts blame away from said attacker who took advantage of said position.

Thus in the world of the slut slammer the person who leaves his car unlocked,must not be critiqued if it’s stolen,  the bank customer who shares his account number bears no fault if it’s raided, the person who leaves his front door open when he goes to work who’ comes home to find his house ransacked is innocent, and the woman who goes to a frat party full of drunken horny men, gets absolutely plastered and finds herself waking up in a strangers bed should be shocked SHOCKED that the man in bed laid hand upon based on her impaired judgement.

That’s what I thought of when I saw this headline at Drudge:

Romney: It’s Time For Obama ‘To Apologize To America

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who lost the 2012 presidential race to Barack Obama, said it has been a tough time for the country since that election.

“It’s time for him to apologize to America,” Romney said of Obama, speaking to several hundred GOP supporters.

Now I’ll stipulate that, judging his performance so far,  Barack Obama has objectively been the worst president of my lifetime, but what does Mitt Romney calling on Obama on to apologize to the American people for being such a screw up have to do with slut slamming?


You see media silence not withstanding, Barack Obama was not a mystery.  He had a history, from his radical roots, to the Reverend Wright,  As an inexperienced chicago pol who spent his time voting “present” he was incredibly unqualified to be president of these United States.  These facts were articulated and the corroborating evidence was available to anyone willing to take five minutes away from funny cat videos on the net to see it.

Yet not only did an electorate that had the ability to ascertain these facts elect him, but when his first term was an unmitigated disaster re-elected him.

Barack Obama is a grifter, that’s all he ever was and he is responsible for the disaster of his administration and like the car thief, the hacker, the break-in artist and the man he takes advantage of a drunken woman he bears responsibility for his actions, but the American people had two opportunities to prevent him from having power over them and refused to do so..

So while Barack Obama has been a horrible president, a lousy leader and his policies have led to ruin, I disagree with Gov Romney, he doesn’t owe the American People an apology.  The American People could  have prevented these disasters that befell them  but instead put this incompetent grifter in charge of their country by their own free will.

So sorry Mitt, the American People don’t deserve an apology, we did this to ourselves and as I’ve said many times, we always get the government we deserve.



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This blog exists as a full-time endeavor thanks to your support. The only check I draw to pay for this coverage and all that is done is what you choose to provide.

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Can’t Anybody here play this game?

Casey Stengel

Scotty: There’s an old, old saying on earth, Mr. Sulu: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

Star Trek: Friday’s Child 1967

When I saw this under Byron York’s byline I cringed:

What are the ultimate chances Romney runs? One member of the inner circle explained that there’s no way to assign a percentage to it, and no way to say that the chances are greater than not. But he quickly added that the odds of Romney running are “definitely more than zero.”

That in itself is a huge change from Romney’s view during the 2012 campaign. In the intimate documentary “Mitt,” Romney, discussing the aftermath of campaigns with his family, said, “I have looked, by the way, at what happens to anybody in this country who loses as the nominee of their party. They become a loser for life, all right? That’s it. It’s over.”

That was then. This is now. And perhaps Romney is no longer quite as sure that it’s really over.

For those of you who after seeing the Obama disasters continue and now are shouting:  If only we voted Mitt” let’s go down memory lane.

Jan 4th 2012

With a huge war chest and four years of campaigning Mitt Romney managed to get six less votes in the Iowa 2012 caucus that he did in 2008 and that was with every possible advantage over his GOP rivals

Feb 1st 2012:

Conclusion: The real problem for Mitt will be his base. Without an active and excited base his prospects are dim, will he convince them that he will govern as a conservative or not? If he fails to make that sale, Obama wins re-election. That is what makes him the weakest of the four GOP candidates the president could face in the fall. Elections are won by passion and Mitt just doesn’t generate it, but that’s his one ace, the last election was governed by passion and look what happened. If there was ever an election where competence has a chance against passion this is it.

Can anyone name a single thing Mitt Romney has done that has improved his standing with the base?

Now with the number of potential non establishment / Tea Party Candidates, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Rick Perry & Rand Paul already in the mix adding Romney the fight to take some votes from Jeb Bush and Chris Christie Might keep establishment GOP candidates from taking primaries with 15% of the vote or less but other than that utility if you are dreaming of Mitt Romney drawing a bunch of regret filled voters in 2016 consider this:

In 2012 Barack Obama had:

1. The worst economy in living memory for anyone 77 years old our younger
2. Had his name attached to one of the lest popular laws in history
3. Was commander in chief during a successful attack on Americans on the Anniversary of Sept 11th killing a US ambassador two months before election day
4. In the eyes of the conservative base of the GOP was the worst president in history

And Mitt Romney Still couldn’t beat him.

If someone out there smarter than me can explain how given that fact he is supposed to beat Hillary Clinton and inspire the same base that didn’t turn out for him the last time I would be delighted to hear it.

 Update:  Hotair:

Two: How would Romney 5.0 differ from Romney 4.0? In many ways it wouldn’t, of course. One of Mitt’s key messages next time would be “I was right about nearly everything in 2012.” If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But … it is broke in some respects. If it wasn’t, he wouldn’t have lost.



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By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT —  The only thing we know for sure about the 2016 presidential election is that Obama is not running.  (Wait, we do know that, right?)

The pundits have been buzzing for months about whether Mitt Romney will try one more time in 2016; adding some flame to the fire is Romney’s conversation with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

Wallace tried to nail Romney down on a commitment to run and couldn’t do it:

WALLACE: Governor, let me — let me look to the future because voters seem willing to give you another chance. There was a “USA Today” poll just a couple weeks ago of Iowa voters in which you swamped the field there. You had 35 percent. Huckabee was second with 9 percent, and the rest of the field trailed after that. And recently, you gave an interview, and when asked about running again, you gave a whole lot of reasons why not, but then you also said circumstances can change.

Question, what does that mean?

ROMNEY: Well, you know, I spoken on this topic so many times. I don’t really have anything new to add, Chris. I’m not running. I’m not planning on running.

And yet, there’s still the “is he, isn’t he” dialogue.

Althouse has parsed the whole conversation and she thinks he’s running:

It’s time for someone else… but what if no one else materializes? What if the baton just lays there, unpicked up? Is he willing to pick it up? He says “time” twice, speaking in the present tense, but that leaves it open that some time from now, if no one else comes forward, he will be there, ready to serve. He would love it!

Wallace takes another approach:

WALLACE: You mentioned Hillary Clinton. Do you think you’d make a better president than Hillary Clinton?

ROMNEY: No question about that in my mind. The American people may disagree with me. But, look, you’ve got to get this economy going.

At this point, I think I said out loud: He is running. He’s making a pitch for why he’s better than the presumptive candidate of the other party. And he’s raring to go…

Marc Thiessen thinks a Romney run would be a terrible, no good, very bad thing:

Why would Republicans want to relive that debacle? Mitt Romney is an utterly decent man who certainly would have been a much better president than Barack Obama. But he was given a golden opportunity to save the United States from a second Obama term and blew it.

Do Republicans really want to count on him to save the United States from Clinton’s first term?

Well, what are the other options?

Cameron Joseph at The Hill looks at some “dark horse” options which include Mike Pence, John Bolton, John Kasich, and Dr. Ben Carson.  I’d call those veeeeryyyy long shots.

A recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll has Romney far and away the favorite Republican candidate in Iowa.  The next best option appears to be Huckabee.  When you look at the other possible contenders it looks like the same stable of tired old horses.

Speaking of tired, old horses, it also looks like if Clinton wants to run she has it all locked up.

Mitt Romney weighed in on Hillary, too:

You’ve also got to have people who’ve actually run something. The government of the United States is the largest enterprise in the world. You watched a president who just doesn’t understand how to make an administration work, how to interact with Congress, how to get things done. You have to have those things.

I don’t think Hillary Clinton has that experience. And I look for instance at her record as secretary of state, look, her record is Barack Obama’s record in foreign policy. And it’s a disaster.

The president went to Egypt and said we’re going to have this new wonderful relationship with the Muslim world, and now, the Middle East is burning. The president won’t even call the invasion by Russia into Ukraine an invasion. Look, if you can’t — if you can’t speak decisively, you can’t be decisive.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are two peas in the same pod. And the American people have tasted that and have said, look, that’s not a good taste. It’s not right for the American people.

And so…where does that leave the Republicans?  Rand Paul?  Marco Rubio?  Ted Cruz? Paul Ryan?  Jeb Bush? Bobby Jindal?  Rick Perry?

Who will rise from the pack and assume the mantle of leader?  From where I sit, I’ve got grave doubts about most of the oft-mentioned names.

To be honest, I’m disgusted with them all.


Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

Romney in Illinois, 2012
Romney in Illinois, 2012

By John Ruberry

It’s hard to fathom now, but one of the major issues of the 2012 presidential campaign was Mitt Romney’s 15-year leadership of the Boston-based private equity firm Bain Capital, which he co-founded.

Two years later President Obama, who of course defeated Romney in ’12, faces multiple crises, including scandals involving IRS targeting of conservative groups, deadly waiting lists at VA hospitals, as well as a collapsing Iraq, Russia’s seizure of Ukraine, a still stagnant economy, and 300,000 illegal alien children crossing over our lightly watched southern border.

None of these hotspots have anything to do with Bain Capital, other than, remotely, the rotten Obama economy.

Under Romney, Bain rescued many companies from failure. And it provided seed money for new firms such as Staples, which now operates over two-thousand stores. Sure, a few of Bain’s investments didn’t work out, but failure–as well as success–is how capitalism works.

While at the NATO summit in the spring of 2012, Obama defended attacks on Romney’s tenure at Bain.

What did that have to do with NATO?

However, Romney left Bain in 1999 to engineer his greatest turnaround, the rescue of the scandal-plagued 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. He then moved on and was elected governor of Massachusetts.

During the campaign, a liberal super PAC, Priorities USA, blamed Bain Capital and Romney in a video for the death from cancer of a woman after her husband was laid off from a Bain-owned company. That claim was almost immediately debunked, yet Obama only half-heartedly disavowed it.

Obama and his surrogates were partaking in an old Saul Alinksy tactic–straw man attacks.

John "Lee" Ruberry
John “Lee” Ruberry

Paul Ryan, Romney’s running mate, neatly summed up Obama’s mischief last year:

Look, it’s the same trick he plays every time: Fight a straw man. Avoid honest debate. Win the argument by default.

Yes, Obama is winning arguments. But our nation is becoming increasing dysfunctional.

Obama, like King Robert Baratheon in Game of Thrones, mistakenly believes victory and running a country are the same thing.

It’s a road map for disaster. And we have arrived at our unhappy destination.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Dragons may not have much real use for all their wealth, but they know it to an ounce as a rule, especially after long possession; and Smaug was no exception…He stirred and stretched forth his neck to sniff. Then he missed the cup!  Thieves! Fire! Murder! Such a thing had not happened since first he came to the Mountain! His rage passes description
The Hobbit

I’ve been thinking about Melissa Harris Perry and her guests who had such a reaction to the very idea that Mitt Romney would have an adopted black grandchild in a family picture.  People have marveled at what has been said, at the attitude toward the Romney family.

Perry has since apologized, the whole panel is in retreat and NBC has moved on to Pearl Harbor Survivors but while the story is technically “over” I think there is one aspect of it that everyone missed.

It’s not about the idea of mixed race, after all Harris Perry & Barack Obama are of mixed race as well.  It’s something much worse, an anger, an anger much deeper than some can imagine hiding in plain sight that comes from the realization they have concerning him.

They realize how what this child will be taught and how he will be brought up contrary to so many Black American brought up using the Democrat Template.

They realize that unlike the vast majority of black children today, this child will not only have two parents but two grandparents who will be active members of her family

They realize that unlike so many other black children he will not be in a sub par school with teachers who have no expectations.

They realize that this child will not be told he is a victim, instead she will find that hir parents and grandparents will have high expectations for her and will do their best to help her to achieve them.

They realize this child will be brought up in a religious culture where he will not be expected to abandon her beliefs because someone of the same race does so first.

They realize this child will not be dependent on government, is unlikely to be a woman’s studies major, peace studies major and is unlikely to become a person who makes their living off the grievance industry.

They realize that Planned Parenthood will likely not make a dime off of his and that he will be encouraged to avoid sex until marriage.

They realize that the child will not be brought up in an environment that celebrates, sex, drugs, profanity where every woman is a ho’.

They realize he will be taught to judge and evaluate people not by what they say but by what they do.

They realize that even if he rejects the beliefs of her parents and grandparents and goes a different path  he will not be considered a sellout nor labeled with derogatory names by his parents or grandparents who will love him no matter what.

They realize that he is unlikely to fall for the spiel that the left sells on victimhood, government and republicans ignoring the world around him, the spiel that has kept black America voting democrat even as their lot becomes worse culturally (illegitimacy rate 72.3%+) nationwide and economically particularly in cities where liberalism has ruled for years.

In short, they’re angry because they realize one escaped.


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by Baldilocks

On Christmas Eve, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney offered a photo of himself, his wife Ann, and their gazillion grandchildren.

In response to the photo, an MSNBC panel, conducted by the infamous Melissa Harris-Perry, proceeded to mock one of the grandchildren, young Kieran Romney, who is adopted and black.

“One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same,” panelist Pia Glenn offered as a caption for the photo, which the Romneys tweeted on Christmas Eve. (Lyrics of the original Sesame Street song are, “One of these things just doesn’t belong.”)

“And that little baby, front and center, would be the one,” Glenn said.

Comedian Dean Obeidallah joked that the baby is a token.

“It really sums up the diversity of the Republican party and the RNC, where they have the whole convention and they find the one black person.”

Of course, these people were excoriated, and why not? Good grief, it’s like reading the banter of elementary school children! And the panelists show themselves to be what they claim to denounce: those who would isolate a child who is externally different from most of his family members–than most of his countrymen.

After taking a well-deserved Internet pummeling, Harris-Perry–who is half white and half black herself–put forth an apology.

Now, she is taking an Internet beating for that, but that’s just gratuitous.

But there’s something even more disturbing than the behavior of Harris-Perry and company. That something is the logic implicit CNN’s Dr. Marc Lamont Hill’s commentary on this incident. From Right Scoop:

Dr. Hill:

Some would say maybe that it’s an exploitative picture that they’re exploiting the kid by hauling out this black person …

Embedded in this seemingly ridiculous notion is a frightening idea: that Kieran Romney’s race was bound to be mocked and that his grandparents, knowing that he is different, set him up for ridicule by publicly acknowledging him as their grandchild.

The notion of “some,” that the Romneys are exploiting the child by including him in a family photo and by sharing it, is merely a foundation–a fabricated pretext to shift the blame from the MSNBC panel to the Romneys for the actions of the former.

The Romneys should have never post the photo; or they should have never included the child in such a photo. But because they did, the Romneys deserved what they got from the MSNBC panel…according to Dr. Hill’s logic.

“You deserve to be assaulted because you tempted us by wearing that short skirt/being out too late at night/leaving your meat uncovered. Wear a burka.”

“You and your grandson deserve what you got. He got mocked because you showed him to us. Don’t try to exploit him again by include him in pictures with your white grandchildren and we won’t be tempted to mock him or you.”


Right. The buck-passing never stops with these people.

(h/t The Other McCain)

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One quick thought concerning irony.

Although the entire nation would have had  a waver from Obamacare do you think there would be any will to control federal spending if there was an establishment GOP president funding a series of his priorities with republicans backing him up and Democrats horse trading for spending of their own?

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be writing to you from Datechguyblog.com. You can normally find me on AmericaIsConservative.org but Datechguy has opened his blogging door and here I am.

For me it all started when I went to a Tea Party rally in  Texas and heard Andrew Breitbart speak. I didn’t know who he was then and was unsure about the Tea Party, but I was fed up with Obama and looking for an outlet and a solution. Enter Breitbart. His charismatic, in your face, passionate style sucked me in. He was intellectually fighting, not discussing, not debating, but fighting for freedoms and I was inspired.

Lisa (who you’ll hear from later) had previously started the blog and while I had been a part of it, I hadn’t found my voice. Andrew Breitbart helped me find my voice. Dedicated to voting Obama out of office, I took to blogging to point out his discrepancies, the loss of freedoms he promoted, his poor leadership style…(let’s be honest, this list could go on and on). Lisa and I attended CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference) in 2011 and met Breitbart again. We embarrassingly fawned all over him – he was our inspiration. It is during this love affair with Breitbart we met Datechguy.

Flash to today. Despite the efforts of many, Obama is still in office. I  went through a mourning process after the country passed over a man with fiscal responsibility and a generous spirit. Mitt Romney would have done good things as president. But here we are again. The battle for freedom continues. And like my friend Andrew Breitbart, I hope to fight with passion, zeal, and persuasion to help the American people choose freedom instead of slavery. Freedom from taxation. Freedom of religion. Freedom from the socialist agenda of our current president.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” – The Declaration of Independence

There is much good to be done so let’s get to it!

– Rebecca @ AmericaIsConservative.org


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Mitt Romney gave a speech that was well received at CPAC

Mitt could have given a “well I wasn’t conservative enough for you eh? How’s that working out, but that’s simply not his nature.

It hasn’t taken long for the country to figure out it’s made a huge mistake, by 2014 I suspect the people will have no doubt.

Hey Guess what Charlie Crist decided he now believes as of yesterday:

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who throughout his long political career has been staunchly pro-gun rights, said Wednesday that after the Connecticut school slayings, he now backs controls

That quite a switch but the explanation is simple:

Crist recently became a Democrat and is considering a challenge to Gov. Rick Scott, who long has favored gun rights. Scott has refused to comment on gun measures after the Connecticut shootings, saying it is too early to debate.

Javier Manjarres is not amused

Is there a phonier political opportunist in the country than Charlie Crist?

A reminder the NRSC endorsed Charlie Crist 15 months before the senate primary after which he left the party and eventually joined the Democrats, but until that moment the GOP Establishment sure loved Charlie and that love had more than a political cost:

During a single three-month span of that year, Republicans contributed $4.3 million to the doomed campaign of Charlie Crist.

How’s that workin’ out for ya?

and that money was not only lost it terms of what was done, but in terms of what could have been done: Jimmie Bise:

Divide $500,000 into $4.3 million. That’s how long I could run a hypothetical conservative news site with the money dunderheaded conservatives gave Charlie Crist in just three months.

On the other hand let me remind of a poll that the GOP Establishment didn’t have any use for, a fellow named Rick Santorum. I remember (and videoed) him saying this in New Hampshire:

America is a melting pot, not a salad bowl. America is a set of values by which we hold together. That’s what holds us together, but there is a different point of view. Some have suggested that no America shouldn’t be and is wrong to be, one thing. It needs to be many things. It needs to be what any everybody wants to do. Out of one many. If that’s the case then is anybody surprised that we have trouble getting anything done for the one, the country?

Lisa Graas yesterday reminded of these words before the DeMoins Register saying this:

But as Rick Santorum told the editorial board of the Des Moines Register back during the primary, most politicians think of the issues as “little silos” and if one of the “silos” is not popular, the politician can just kick that silo down and take a new position. He sees “the big picture” of where our rights come from, and the very limited role of our government in defending only those rights.

I come back to Santorum’s answer on Gay Marriage in Concord NH against a Hostile College Crowd, he didn’t duck, he didn’t flip he explained and educated:

The GOP Establishment didn’t like Rick Santorum, they didn’t like his willingness to talk on key issues, he didn’t duck, dodge or hide. That scared them. Mitt Romney didn’t scare them or the consultants they invested in. The GOP established sure liked Mitt Romney…

…..right up until the day he lost.

Perhaps conservatives should consider a different set of investments, rather than enriching consultants by spending on pols who are so changeable we should invest in selling our ideas to the people they would benefit:

the only hope to go to the people.

Go to the Latinos and Black Americans, explain WHY conservative economics work for them. Explain why an open border hurts THEM and theirs and explain why the entitlement society makes them peons and slaves to the state as sure as if they were in the plantations of South America or the old South.

Go to women explain WHY not only conservative economics works for them but WHY conservatism in social issues benefits them, their children and themselves.

Let Americans know that WHY a strong America makes them safer than a weak one, make the case and do it every single day.

That is a better investment than any dollar to any superpac

This is what new media does, as Stacy McCain put it

For the $4 million that the permatanned RINO Charlie Crist collected during that single three-month span of 2009, you could fund eight spiffy little New Media operations for a year (or four such operations for two years). And FEC contribution limits do not apply to people making “investments” in news operations, so that the rich Republicans would not be restricted in their generosity toward New Media, as they are toward political candidates.

Why is a Media Matters & Think Progress or even a Brett Kimberlin funded? How does the left manage to push this agenda from the web to the MSM and why do they succeed? because as Stacy McCain put it

Soros has figured this out. Rich Republicans have not.

Guys it’s time to figure it out.

Update: NRSC not NRCC corrected

I’m going to be very busy today so before I go off and vote and check various races here are the videos / photos from the Scott Brown & Mitt Romney events that I didn’t get up last night.

Interviews (Voters always come first, they are the most important)

Mitt Volunteer from last night Mystery author Richard Hatin

Sitting right behind me were two voters who came only for Kid Rock

(he and his wife left as soon as Mitt was introduced by Kid Rock):

Bruce the Obama guy’s seat after Mitt was announced by Kid Rock

There was also Dan who came from VT to volunteer

And Craig when it was all over

Next a little Kid Rock

And a few shots

Party time!

Funny picture of the night

The reason that sign is in front of the other woman’s face is the first picture I took was them together but the lady behind the sign was a Verizon Arena worker on duty she asked not to be in the picture so I reshot

Picture most indicative of the race as a whole was from the morning

This is Rosemary Reynolds, City Counselor in Fitchburg for a long time and solid democrat until recently when as a faithful catholic she simply couldn’t stomach it anymore. She like my mother actually changed her registration but a lot of people like her are still registered as D but voting R.

And then there is this reception for Mitt:

It’s important to note there were two distinct sides one to be close to Mitt & one to be close to Kid Rock. Mitt’s side was more full by a factor of 3

(going to post and then update with the rest of the videos and photos in a sec…)

Update, now the pols…

Congressman Frank Guinta:

I didn’t get Charlie Bass’ speech but I got this shot

Ovide Lamontagne candidate Governor:

Sen Kelly Ayotte:

and the crowd before Kid Rock

Uploading the photos next

I’m currently inside the Verizon wireless arena as the public is just being let in to see Mitt Romney for the final NH Rally before election day, but before I came in I talked to the people in line. A gentleman from security told me the lines were the size Obama drew when he came here with Oprah four years ago.

I’ll be updating this post as I continue to upload interviews, but I think the story here are the people who waited in the cold to get in and see Mitt Romney the night before an election

I talked to Marty First

Then Fred who says he is a democrat:

Expect MANY updates

Karen and Nicole



The most interesting person I would speak to didn’t give her name, she was an undecided voters to attended one Obama rally and came to see one Mitt Rally to make up her mind

But there is also Deb

And Tilvana (not sure if that’s spelled right)


A group of folks held signs of Ovide Lamontagne one consented to an interview

I did a quick pan of the line outside

It would be several hours before people would come in.

Update: Here are the outside photos from last night Continue reading “The People waiting to see Mitt Romney in Manchester NH election eve”

Today we have a special Bonus commentary where I go through the choices on my ballot and tell you who I will be voting for and why.

As you might guess there are not a lot of surprises here but if you want to know the reasoning behind it here is your chance.

There aren’t many people who believe Mitt Romney has a prayer of winning in Massachusetts, however that might depend on how many people read this absolutely devastating endorsement of Mitt by the Sentinel & Enterprise

Romney has faced economic challenges at key points in his professional and political careers and has always seemed to grow in the job to deliver greater expectations than when he went in. President Obama, on the other hand, lacked any prior experience before entering the White House in 2008 and appears overwhelmed by the one serious economic challenge he has confronted.

The complements to Romney are strong but the brickbats swung at the President are not something you would expect to read from a Massachusetts paper that endorsed him the last time around.

President Obama continues to say America is in an economic recovery. The families broken by his recovery, whose cornerstone was Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus package, know otherwise: Public-sector employees and union workers got “shovel-ready” projects and dollars; the private-sector got the shaft and more regulations.

In 2008, an unproven Obama promised things would turn out differently with him in charge. “Change we can believe in” is how he put it. Four years later we realize it was all made up.

All made up? Can we make it sound even worse? YES IT CAN!

Obama isn’t even trying to defend the indefensible — his failing four-year record. Instead, in partisan style he is blaming others, including Democrat and Republican predecessors, for driving America to the edge of fiscal insolvency.

When Obama looks into a mirror, he must see Jimmy Carter staring back at him.

I suspect Jon Golnik running in Fitchburg for Ma-3 must love that part since his opponent Niki Tsongas IS trying to defend the record the President is not.

President Obama makes a weak case for re-election. He says his policies need four more years to kick in. This from a commander-in-chief who hasn’t passed a federal budget in three years, hasn’t submitted a comprehensive energy bill in four years, and hasn’t given voters an inkling of where America might be headed through 2016. Where’s your plan, Mr. President?

Remember this is a MASSACHUSETTS Newspaper in a City with a Democrat Mayor, a majority Democrat City council, a Democrat State Rep and a Democrat State Senator represented by a Democrat Congressman.

In The Sentinel & Enterprise’s view, that’s where America has fallen off track these past four years. America trusted a “hope and change” candidate, it didn’t work, and we’re suffering the consequences. Now we’ve got a tested leader with a proven track record standing before us — Mitt Romney — and it’s his time to inspire Americans to greatness.

When Newspapers who endorsed Obama in 2008 in Massa D+26 chusetts are writing editorials like this with two weeks to go before election that means one thing:

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

I would urge every voter in American and Massachusetts to go over and read the whole glorious thing.

Update: The Ride Right through them belonged after that “when Newspapers” paragraph, not before. Fixed

If you didn’t see Mitt Romney’s foreign Policy. Here is all you need to know in one Tweet:

And all you need to know about the MSM response to Mitt Romney’s speech in one tweet

That is all

I’ve been very careful not to play that game (also not to sue anybody or to file any criminal complaint), leaving them with nothing else to do except recycle old smears. And my “much higher income”? Yeah, armagnac and decolletage!

What I am paid to do is cover the news. These distractions from Rauhauser aren’t going to stop me from earning my pay, and so I’m off to Ohio to cover the Romney-Ryan bus tour,

Robert Stacy McCain The Best Revenge Ohio Bound 9-24-12

A few days ago I got a call from Robert Stacy McCain asking me if I could join drive down to his undisclosed location (that he offered to disclose) pick him up and head for Ohio.

My situation did not allow it, so Stacy was able (with some effort apparently) to change Ali Akbar’s mind to join him for yet another trip to cover the Mitt Romney Bus Trip in Ohio.

Stacy has photos here and a piece in the Spectator here but this really isn’t so much about this particular trip nor the idea of Stacy & Ali on the road.

It’s about stuff like this:

NC Chairman Reince Priebus just held an impromptu press gaggle and said, “We’re going to outspend the DNC 10-to-1 for the next six weeks.” Asked about polls showing Romney-Ryan trailing in Ohio, Priebus said “we’re within a field goal and we’re going to crush [the Democrats] on the ground.”

I’m watching Morning Joe right now and I haven’t seen a word about this declaration by the chairman of the GOP. I don’t pretend to have been doing this long or having been trained in this business (BS CSC minor US History) but the blunt statement that: “We’re going to outspend the DNC 10-1 for six weeks” from the GOP chairman is what we call “News!”

Now the new Mitt Romney ad “No we can’t” is devastating

but although I can give informed opinion on it, ANYONE can see it and give opinion on it.

But today Chris Christie the Governor of NJ is going to be in NH trying to help Ovide Lamontagne put the corner office of a swing state back in the hands of the GOP and I intend to cover it.

It won’t be as long a drive as Ohio and I’ll still have a chance to drop my youngest off for his classes but there will be first hand photos and video from the scene.

This is the real strength of the new media, granted Stacy McCain is a Hybrid as a longtime reporter who uses new media as to some degree am I since I’ve had 50,000 watts of radio power to back me up but consider. This message that Mr. Priebus will be out to tens of thousands of people who will share it will tens of thousands more regardless of what the MSM tells you.

While Morning Joe insists Scott Brown is “desperate” William Jacobson informs you of Elizabeth Warren “missing” law license.

While the MSM doesn’t look toward NH (where the Democrat candidate for governor Maggie Hassan is careful to avoid the words “Barack Obama” & “Democrat” in her ads). I and other blogs such as Granite Grok will cover it.

This is what the new media does, this is what it is. If you go to a political event, shoot video and ask questions you are doing what media was designed to do and with the Internet, facebook, twitter et/al if you cover something significant or even small, you have the chance to fill the void that the MSM leaves when it doesn’t suit their agendas.

There is no substitute for being there. Be there make the difference and watch the MSM howl!

I just received a new poll for Ma-3 (My congressional district) that says a lot about the races in Massachusetts.

This is a district that is newly formed so there are not concrete numbers available for the party splits (I am systematically calling each town in the district to get the numbers hope to have them by the end of the week). But while we don’t have the party splits we DO have the numbers from the Scott Brown election for the district in 2010:

Brown 57% 129521
Coakley 42% 95820
Kennedy<1% 2181

There are of course three races going on here the first is for president:

Barack Obama – 52%
Mitt Romney – 44%
Undecided – 4%

This at first glance looks like bad news for Mitt in Mass, To even have an outside chance of winning in Massachusetts he needs big numbers in areas outside of Boston, Worcester & Springfield.

Meanwhile in the Congressional race looks very similar

Niki Tsongas – 52%
Jon Golnik­ – 45%
Undecided – 3%

Tsongas is running even with Obama but Golnik is already closer than the last time he faced her. Can he he close a 7 pt gap. It should be doable, it will take hard work and turnout but it CAN be done.

Meanwhile here is are Scott Brown numbers these hold the key for all the races we have talked about.

Scott Brown – 54%
Elizabeth Warren – 42%
Undecided – 4%

At first glance this poll might be encouraging to Elizabeth Warren, she is still even with Martha Coakley and Brown would have to that 3 out of the remaining 4 pts of undecided to match the last go around. But there are several reasons to worry here if I’m Warren first comes this split in the polls

Female – 55%

Male – 45%

Yes you read that right, you have a +10 pt gap women vs Men and yet Scott Brown out polls that champion of women Liz Warren by 12 points (and remember this was taken BEFORE the law license revelations of today)

“But DaTechGuy”, you say, “didn’t you teach us not to jump until you see the splits what were the splits on this poll?”

I’m so glad you asked here are the splits in this poll:

Democrat – 31%
Republican – 17%
Independent / Other – 52%

That’s +14 for dems in a +24 state (-4 dem vs +6 GOP compared to statewide, undeclared is the same) This is a much more GOP section of the state but I’ll need till the end of the week to confirm by how much but lets note the following:

In a sample that is +14 dem & +10 women

Barack Obama only has an 8 point lead on Mitt Romney
Nikki Tsongas only has a 7 point lead on Jon Golnik

And Scott Brown leads Elizabeth Warren by 12 points! Twelve POINTS!

Brown needs a good gap here to win in Mass and for Mitt to have any chance at winning the state he has do to better but to pull these kind of numbers with a -14 disadvantage if extrapolated statewide & nationally says a lot about both Warren & Obama and none of it good.

While all of that is important lets look at this congressional race and the numbers involved.


Tsongas is +22 with a 57% Favorability Ratings. She has a famous name and is a sitting congresswoman but more importantly she is a pleasant person. Additionally only 8% of the electorate dosn’t have an opinion so that’s a real advantage.

Her Opponent Jon Golnik has a +16 Favorability Ratings, that’s nothing to sneeze at particularly in a -14 poll sample but the big difference here is 34% of those polled either haven’t heard of him or haven’t made up their minds.

This is his opening, 7 points is extremely doable and Golink has several things he can do

1. Obamacare: Remember Obamacare was the reason Scott Brown did so well last time, Nikki Tsongas has (to her credit) not run away from her vote for the Unpopular law. Golnik needs to tie her Obamacare so tightly to Nikki Tsongas that if she fell into the water she could use her vote as a flotation device.

2. Brown/Golnik Warren/Tsongas: Scott Brown was an early endorser of Jon Golnik, he needs to play up, it must be Golnik & Brown vs Tsongas & Warren. If Scott Brown so much as goes stop to go get Gas anywhere in the District Golnik needs to sanding next to him. Any Brown event in Ma-3 HAS to be a Golnik event meanwhile all over Fitchburg I see Nikki Tsongas & Elizabeth Warren signs together, great, link them by the hip.

3. Positive Positive Positive: Hitting a 66 year old widow of a beloved figure in the state isn’t going to do the trick, the instinct to go negative needs to be resisted (and no tying her to Obamacare is not negative advertising, that’s the truth)

The case to make is this: Nikki Tsongas is a nice person and an honest person, she just wrong. That’s the ad: Nikki Tsongas & Elizabeth Warren, wrong on Obamacare, wrong on Taxes and wrong for the 3rd District. Jon Golnik like Scott brown believes lower taxes, ending the Mandate of Obamacare and will fight to bring jobs back to new 3rd district.

This race is completely winnable by Jon Golnik with some hard work and some smart moves but if you are the left consider this:  In Massachusetts with a +14 D sample and a +10 Women sample  has an opponent in striking range.

If this is the situation in Massachusetts what must it be nationwide in states where Obama is not as popular?

And it shouts to the right loud and clear:

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

If I was the left, I’d be afraid, VERY afraid.

The first of our subscribers videos is on the “Romney Video”

Here is the tease for Non-subscribers

The link to the full video is here. To view it click on the subscribe button to the right on the tip jar. As soon as I get the notification that your subscription is active I’ll send you the link to see the full video.

I expect to make at least two of these a week, they will all be done off the top of my head so you can get DaTechGuy totally unfiltered.

Update: Glenn Reynolds gets it:

the only way Mitt can get any press is if he can convince them that he’s committed a gaffe. Since this is a story that actually helps him, but that the press is dumb enough to think looks like a gaffe, I suspect the campaign was behind it, somehow.

And isn’t it rich that the video was shot by Jimmy Carter’s currently-unemployed grandson? That’s how bad the Obama economy has gotten. . . .

The left on Memeorandum doesn’t get it, Neither does Chuck Todd but in fairness nobody on MSNBC does.

Update 2: Unfortunately Betsy’s page doesn’t get it

I have to say that my first reaction to reading and hearing this video was the same as Josh Barro, Romney just lost the election. He’s already behind and fighting the image that he’s too rich to relate to average people. Saying that these people regard themselves as victims and so won’t support him just comes off as contemptuous.

Betsey the Romney video is going to coin votes for him because when people see that video they think of Peggy Joseph

And Obama Money

I won’t pay for gas I won’t pay for a mortgage, because Obama will pay us out of his secret stash.

Every time the MSM plays this video it reinforces this image, PERIOD!

Update 3: short a link fixed.

Update 4: Jim Treacher gets it while IowaHawk invokes Julia

Editor’s note: Normally Under the Fedora doesn’t appear on the site, but I’m angry and I want this read everywhere I write.

I had such plans for Under the Fedora this week.

I was going to talk about the Hollis event with Kelly Ayotte & Lt. Gov Kerry Healey , the Mitt Romney event at Holman stadium and all I've covered.  I'll save that for next week…


…beacuse yesterday on 9/11 our embassies in Libya & Egypt were attacked, our diplomats killed, the flag torn down, the Islamic flag raised on 9/11 no less… and our administration responded thus:

The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.

That is not an misprint, it is not a phony site, this was the statement put out.

As I watched last night all I could think of was Jimmy Carter.  Ironically  the same day that Greg Sargant insisted this was not 1980 our embassies are attacked, but that’s unfair to Carter, his first reaction was not to defend the Iranians who hit our embassy.

Moreover here is Sec of State Hilary Clinton:

"The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. Our commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. But let me be clear: There is never any justification for violent acts of this kind."

Note that Mrs. Clinton’s first words were not for the Attacked Americans, the burned embassy, it was for the religious sensibilities of the attackers.

As Steven Clarke put it:

“While the responsibility for our lack of credibility in the greater middle east rests with Obama, let’s not forget that our middle east foreign policy is the product of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Power and others who share their views. These past four years do not reflect well upon their judgment: something to bear in mind when talk of a Hillary Clinton presidency arises.”

My reaction to the embassy statement frankly is not printable, But Mitt Romney is a much more measured man that is he had this to say:.

“I’m outraged by the attacks on American diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt and by the death of an American consulate worker in Benghazi,” the statement read. “It’s disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.”

And the media response to this has been united, loud and decisive, to condemn pillory and attack….Mitt Romney for his inflammatory statements: such as this headline from Salon:

Mitt’s shameful Libya statement

MSNBC has been unrelenting attacking Mitt Romney panel after panel condemning Mitt & Bibi Netanyahu  but hasn’t had much to say about the embassy statement, like the killing of the Copts and the burning of their churches as far as MSNBC and our friends on the left are concerned it’s never happened. Or It’s not newsworthy.

As I watched it this Morning I was in complete disbelief.

These people have no idea, no understanding at all.  This is their world view, that Israel is the enemy, in their world Islam has to be appeased, that Mitt Romney not those who have attacked our people are the enemy that HAS to be stopped.


The title of this piece is Frenchie , Rooster and Lt. Data & Sherman.  That is because when I look at what has happened it reminds me of three movie/TV moments.

In the Movie 1943 Sahara a small contingent of British, French, Australians & Americans find themselves untilled in the Egyptian desert in 1942.  Earlier in the movie when a Nazi flyer is shot down the Frenchman offers to take him behind a dune, when the others object he says they don't understand: 

“This is a Nazi”. 

They ignore him, later in the movie when the small band is in a fight with hundreds of Germans.  Under a flag of truce Frenchie is sent to talk to the German commander, as he returns is shot in the back.  The British Officer too late gets it saying: 

“Frenchie was right, we don’t’ understand the Nazis”

When I look at our reaction to the Muslim Brotherhood this is what I see.


On the TV show Star Trek the Next Generation there is an episode called:  "The Most Toys" where an eccentric  named Kivas kidnaps Lt. Cmdr Data to add to his collection.  He continually threatens the life of a woman who has served him to keep Data in check and when they both try to escape he slaughters her with a weapon that produces violent painful death.

When Data picks up the blaster and orders his surrender his captor notes Data can not kill and threatens says the following:

“You will entertain me and you will entertain my guests if you don’t I’ll kill someone else, him perhaps, it doesn’t matter, his blood will be on your hands just like Varia”

Data the android without feelings finally concludes “I cannot allow this to continue.” And just as he is about to fire he is transported out

When I see the repeated deaths, and attacks by radical Islam, I wonder when we will say what Data does.


The final quote come from the movie True Grit.  Here is a short clip of the scene where he after talking to a rat telling it to stop, John Wayne in his Academy award willing roll as Rooster Cogburn acts.

after Mattie puts the rat out Rooster turns to her and says 

“You can’t serve papers on a rat baby sister you have to kill him or let it be”

The full clip is here

This is the reality of radical Islam.  For years we have been warning about Islamic Terror, for a long time we’ve warned about the Muslim Brotherhood.  I’ve maintained that Libya & Egypt both have the right to the government they wish, but with those rights come responsilities.  Yet our friends on the left are convinced that we can talk our way out of this, that if only we are nicer and more submissive they will be come our friends.  This is not only a delusion it is a delusion that is fatal

I give the last word to General Sherman

"We cannot change the hearts of those people of the South, but we can make war so terrible…that generations pass away before they again appeal to it.".

And I will say out loud what nobody else wants to.  We can not change Islamists hearts we can not make the love us unless we abandon free speech and the principles we hold dear.  We can not change these people unless we submit and we are fools to try to do so.  All we can do is make them fear us, all we can do is make them understand that any such attack, any such action will produce a response so massive so horrible and so unrelenting that generations will pass before they consider striking again.

Remember It wasn’t diplomacy or even the impending invasion of Japan and the potential of millions of deaths fighting us that ended World war two, it was two atomic bombs.

Your call people.

After the Hollis event of the afternoon and a quick visit to Mike of Granite Grok I headed over to Nashua to cover Mitt Romney in Nashua. I got there around 5:00 and the parking was already impossible (this is what happens when you don’t bus in people for your events).

I ended up parking on a side street the side street near a football field next to the stadium

Photo through the chain link fence

Holman field hosts the Sliver Knight of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League of New England.

But once hosted a minor league franchise of the Brooklyn Dodgers, it was the home field for Don Newcombe and Roy Campanella.

By the time I got there the lines were long

Continue reading “Romney at Holman Stadium 9-7-12”

There were a lot of speeches yesterday. Mike Eurzonie gave a great one, Marco Rubio made a better one, Clint Eastwood made an odd one and Mitt Romney is giving his as I type this.

In the morning when this post will go up, there will be an awful lot of pixels spent to say what they think about Mitt’s speech but it was not the most important words said on the air yesterday. The most important words came from of all People Michael Moore:

Listen to these quotes:

The big problem is Obama’s base is ‘Yeah I think I’m going to vote for him’ but this time four years ago everybody including myself were working on phone banks.

and this

Young people who were voting for him four years ago are not that enthused and are not working like they were four years ago.

Moore did something you don’t often see him do, give an honest assessment of a situation, acting not as a propagandist but as a realist. He said out loud what a lot of people on the left know and what the media know but are doing their best to hide.

This post has over 10,000 comments I read through a bit over 50% during & after the Romney speech (a good speech but not a killer one) and from what I can see in comments it affirms what I’ve been saying for over a year…

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

And if you don’t believe me read those comments and believe them and when you do remember, the Huff Post folks are the left’s footsoldiers.

Update: American Glob, The Daily Caller and the Evil Blogger Lady (who was there first) get it.

Dr. Benjamin Franklin: John? I beg you consider what you’re doing.

John Adams:
Mark me, Franklin… if we give in on this issue, posterity will never forgive us.

Dr. Benjamin Franklin: That’s probably true, but we won’t hear a thing, we’ll be long gone. Besides, what would posterity think we were? Demi-gods? We’re men, no more no less, trying to get a nation started against greater odds than a more generous God would have allowed. First things first, John. Independence; America. If we don’t secure that, what difference will the rest make?

1776 1972

Yesterday while I was out visiting some customers I noted a link at Glenn’s site concerning the Dana Milbank business and Hurricane Issac with a link to an old Althouse post on Milbank’s piece.

I was reading the comments and one jumped out at me.

Here is the text of his post in case that is too small to read.

Question to serious conservatives – how can Romney & Ryan say with a straight face that they now would allow rape as an exception when the GOP plank just adopted does not allow it? How can you vote for somebody that politically crass?

I have heard a million variations on this for months. You have a tough primary and people get sore when their person loses. A congressman or Senator votes against you once and you decided they aren’t getting your vote again. I hear it a lot on Mitt Romney, I hear it on Scott Brown and I even hear it once in a while on more local elections.

Soctt Brown for example is not pro-life, I under stand and hate that, but the choice in the US Senate isn’t between Scott Brown and a pro-life candidate, it’s between Scott Brown and Former Obama Administration Official Elizabeth Warren.

To my pro life friends, I ask the question: “Who is worse on the issue, and if they are the same, then who is better on everything else?”

It’s not a tough question to answer.

The same with Mitt Romney, I would like to have a person more consistently conservative. I supported Rick Santorum and would have infinitely preferred to vote for him, and in the Massachusetts Primary I did so.

But to my fellow Santorum fans et/al let me remind you in November the choice isn’t between Mitt Romney & Rick Santorum,. To the Ron Paul fans I say the choice isn’t between Mitt Romney & Ron Paul and to the everyone else on the right the choice isn’t between Mitt Romney and an idealized version of the complete Renaissance man. The choice is between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

That is the choice you have to make, one or the other. If you choose to duck this choice and as free Americans it is your duty to make the best possible choice. Let the left live in their utopialand, we on the right live in realville and there is a real choice to make here.

C.S. Lewis put it this way in Screwtape 12:

You will say that these are very small sins; and doubtless, like all young tempters, you are anxious to be able to report spectacular wickedness. But do remember, the only thing that matters is the extent to which you separate the man from the Enemy. It does not matter how small the sins are provided that their cumulative effect is to edge the man away from the Light and out into the Nothing.

The opposite is true as well, Mitt Ronney is an improvement over Barack Obama. Even if you think he is only a small improvement the idea is to start to move the country back in the right direction rather than continue moving it in the wrong one.

As I put it to Alex in my response at Althouse:

To Answer Alex’s question at the top of the post,how can someone vote for someone as “crass” (his word) as Romney. It’s easy:

The election isn’t The Romney/Ryan ticket vs my ideal candidate, the choice is between Romney/Ryan and Obama/Biden

If you are a conservative fiscal or social, that’s an easy choice

We have one chance to vote out Obama, don’t blow it

My column for the Examiner Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Cheryl at St. Anselm College covers the St. Anselm event and points to the real danger that the Obama Campaign faces:

The visuals were excellent and it seemed hard work of the volunteers paid off. My interviews after the event suggested an energized crowd, but the most significant moment was an interview with a newly retired schoolteacher named Cheryl from Nashua New Hampshire.

Cheryl was an Obama voter, a former teacher who had never gone to a Romney event before. She left as a Romney voter. I asked her per, Gov Romney’s challenge, what she would say to a fellow 2008 Obama voter to persuade them to change their vote her answer was telling:

If the left thinks they are going to be able to win with Todd Akin all the time they are deluding themselves.

Read the whole thing, and remember a click on my Examiner column is like putting 3/4 of a cent in my pocket without having to hit DaTipJar.

]Ok we have the raw report of the Romney/Ryan event, we have the Q & A but what really matters is what id people think about what was said?

There reactions were varied, some were just “I like Romney”

That’s what I call a booster

Clive was much more soft-spoken, (and I mean soft, very hard to hear him) but was just as impressed.

Horace really liked Paul Ryan yet he is a medicare person.

Kathy (or Cathy don’t know the spelling) came all the way from Ct.

I had Met Peter at the NRO event and for his birthday he sat with me, Stacy McCain and Mike Rodgers of Granite Grok He talked about the amount of work he put in as a volunteer

The volunteers do an incredible job and get very little credit, they deserve a lot more.

I noticed an elderly gentlemen with an incredible Fedora and went
over to talk to him, lo and behold he turned out to be former Ambassador Joe Patrone

But for my money the single most important interview was this one with Cheryl from Nashua

Cheryl is a newly retired teacher who voted for Obama last time around. This was her first Romney event and she has decided to go for Romney.

Cheryl is the voter that Obama is losing from 2008. This is the difference in the election.

Update: forgot the photos

The Romney Ryan event on Monday at St. Anselm College included a Q & A as it was a town hall:

Romney on Taxes

Ryan on Taxes

On the Budget

On Countering Disinformation

On the War

On Israel

And on the student loans, and I think this question and answer was the most telling

The idea that I’m not going to pay your loan for you, I’m going to help you do it yourself is HUGE.

This had substance and was pretty good.

I arrived at the Mitt Romney event around 6:10 a.m.

The line started forming early and instructions were given for passing through the secret service checkpoints:

The media was here early

Here is the press area

I shot the I interviewed people in the line some who i’ve talked to before

Others that I met for the first time

Some young

Some blind

And one lady

Who was wearing 5 finger shoes like me

I’ll try to talk to some of these people after the event as well

Expect updates


The tag line for the day: We want people less worried about the next election and more worried about the next generation, both Paul Ryan and Kelly Ayotte said it.

Charlie Bass speaks

Kelly Ayotte:

Romney Ryan arrives Ryan speaks speaks

Lieutenant: …I thought I could catch Little John if he was silly enough to believe your note

The Deputy Sheriff of Nottingham: My signature was on that letter, my word! Are you trying to dishonor me?

The Adventures of Robin Hood: Goodbye Little John 1960

The questions continue to pile up in the whole: “What the *#$&@ are the Obama campaign & allies thinking” business.

Item: Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem

With issues already appearing with the administrations support among American Jews the administration finds itself tongue-tied over a simple question

I’m sorry in an election year when you are having trouble with your Jewish base the idea that an administration isn’t willing to say aloud “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel” might be a problem, particularly when your opponent is in Israel saying something like this:

Mitt Romney delivered a blow to the Obama campaign’s frantic efforts to defend the president’s hostile stance toward the Jewish state simply by saying: “It is a deeply moving experience to be in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.”

Considering that Jews are already outraged over the Olympics deciding the Jewish Athletes murdered in Munich were not a big deal (it’s worth noting that Peace prize winner Obama and the smartest and best-est secretary of state evah weren’t influential enough to change minds on this matter) then again the question arises did they really want to do so. Let’s take you back four years ago:

In 2008, Obama had a big problem in the Democratic primaries. Prospective Jewish voters were being inundated with anonymous emails warning that Obama’s affiliations with Palestinian activists portended disaster for Israel. Locked in a tight contest with Hillary Clinton, the future president couldn’t afford to lose the constituency in the primary—and later in the general election, especially in the swing state of Florida.

Who came to the Rescue? Dennis Ross well-respected within the Jewish community, involved in Oslo

Ross was a powerful asset for the campaign. He went to synagogues in swing states and participated in conference calls to tell Jewish voters that he was supporting Obama over Clinton’s first lady. He continued his work with the campaign during the general election, which Obama won with between 74 and 78 percent of the Jewish vote.

Four years later I’m sure president Obama would like to deploy Ross to once again reassure Jewish voters of his support for Israel, too bad that Ross has decided he’s not going to get involved.

He put his word and his reputation on the line for Barack Obama in 2008, for some reason he isn’t willing to do it again.

I wonder why?

Item: Sure your worth even more money that we lose a year but that makes you a Wimp!

Newsweek has settled on a new line of attack on Mitt Romney:

In 1987, this magazine created a famous hubbub by labeling George H.W. Bush a “wimp” on its cover. “The Wimp Factor.” Huge stir. And not entirely fair—the guy had been an aviator in the war, the big war, the good war, and he was even shot down out over the Pacific, cockpit drenched in smoke and fumes, at an age (20) when in most states he couldn’t even legally drink a beer. In hindsight, Poppy looks like Dirty Harry Callahan compared with Romney, who spent his war (Vietnam) in—ready?—Paris. Where he learned … French.

Ok it’s not a new line of attack on a Republican for Newsweek as the magazine conveniently figures that a quarter century is just the right amount of time for a correction if one can try a new move against Romney.

The big finish is really funny:

At some point, an unexpected event more serious than the Olympics—a scandal, a smear—will put Romney under the interrogation lamp, and he’ll need to rise to the occasion. We’ll see then if he has it in him.

Only a person who paid absolutely no attention to the GOP primaries could say that sentence with a straight face, let alone the last month where the Obama smear machine tried it’s level best to rattle him.

This attack is hilarious, the MSM is making a fuss of it but Romney is laughing it off.

Why? How can it be that Mitt Romney isn’t bothered by this kind of attack? Three reasons:

First of all Mitt Romney knows voters in the US care as much about what Newsweek says as Canadian Officials care about the United Church of Canada says (not at all)

Second of all in an election all about the economy it doesn’t hurt him all that much to be lectured by a magazine that sold for the price an order of fries off the dollar menu that he is not qualified. Just to remind you:

Here is what you can buy for what Newsweek sold for at any of those BK location

As Stacy McCain said

Yeah. Profit is for wimps, I guess.

Yeah, if I was a Romney Surrogate I’d love the chance to contrast his success to Newsweek’s failure.

But the big reason why Romney isn’t bothers is what the move signifies. It means that Obama’s allies are running out of cards viable cards to play and it’s only July. And it looks like people who risked their reputations in the past to stack the deck, like Dennis Ross are unwilling to do it again. That means only one thing

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

As Rick Moran put it:

I thought these desperation tactics would have waited until later in the campaign.

I predict come October the president’s campaign will so desperate and their tactics so outrageous that it will be interesting to see just how far the media and Democrats who hope to remain electable long after Obama is gone will go to defend him.

It sure won’t be boring.


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