Miguel: We need help.
Hilario: We must buy guns. We know nothing about them. Will you buy them for us?
Chris: Guns are very expensive and hard to get. Why don’t you hire men?
Hilario: Men?
Chris: Gunmen. Nowadays, men are cheaper than guns.

The Magnificent Seven 1960

Today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio DaTechGuy we have a lot on our plate.

We’ll talk the elections in VA& NJ what they are and what they’re not, we’ll talk a little about the Kimberlin case focusing on a piece at the Bullyville site as well.

Then we are going to tell you about our big announcement that we’ve been hinting at for a week here.  If you don’t want to wait till tomorrow morning, to read it on the blog you will definitely not want to miss it.

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Hope to catch you there.


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Did you know that last week DaTechGuy was on DaRadio Twice?

After my regular show on WCRN I guest Hosted for Two Hours on the Money Matters Radio Network

In the First Hour Evan Sayet joined me you can listen to that here

In the second James O’Keefe joined me you can listen to that here.