Joe is really hitting the Sanjay Gupta appointment as a gag. I don’t see the problem with it. A lot of it is just communication and he certainly qualifies as a communicator and as a doctor.

Have you noticed that it is apparently no longer racist to say Barack Hussein Obama? I personally don’t think it ever was.

I’m not a huge fan of Al Franken for the senate and I do have a soft spot for him due to his works with the USO, but I don’t see the point of hitting him for comedy clips that he did. He is a comedian what do you expect?

Update: Apparently on the Today Show this isn’t true.

7:38 a.m. The NBC middle east reporter seemed tongue tied when Joe questioned the anti-Israel line.

7:42 a.m Joe just asked Dan Rather why the press doesn’t care or get involved when the rockets are firing but only when Israel hits back. Rather agreed saying that for some reason it doesn’t rate a story and said he doesn’t understand why. Barnicle correctly pointed out that this is used as a distraction by dictators.

Is it just me or is Mika kind of quiet today?

8:07 a.m. When Martin Indyk was asked why Hamas fired rockets at Israel, the subject of Hamas calling for the destruction of Israel never came up in his reasoning. Hamas has never needed a reason to kill Jews.