By John Ruberry

Sometimes I watch television programs so you don’t have to. Such was the case this morning as I endured ABC’s This Week, which was slightly more tolerable than usual because the regular host, George Stephanopolous was off and Jonathan Karl was in charge.

Of course the show was dominated by the circus surrounding the drawn-out confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh, who was sworn in last night as the newest US Supreme Court Associate Justice.

“I talked to a woman from UltraViolent who was paid,” Vice News’ Washington bureau chief Shawna Thomas told Karl on the program “she helped steer people in the right ways to be able to confront senators.”

Karl interjected, “So there were paid,” but then Thomas jumped back in, “There were people that were paid by organizations like UltraViolet to try to harness that energy in a way that would make the viral moments that we ended up seeing.”

UltraViolet, which I haven’t heard of until this morning, is left-wing female advocacy group.

Well one of those “viral moments” was the screaming attack on Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)  in a Capitol elevator. This is not, to paraphrase a favored chant by leftist protesters, how democracy is supposed to look like.

Another moment was the regular stream of shrieking interruptions during the Senate Justice Committee hearings for Kavanaugh.

Another viral moment were the mobs that swarmed the Capitol building over the last few days.

“The very rude elevator screamers are paid professionals only looking to make Senators look bad,” President Donald Trump remarked on Twitter on Friday. “Don’t fall for it! Also, look at all of the professionally made identical signs. Paid for by Soros and others. These are not signs made in the basement from love!”

Now notice that Thomas didn’t say that the protesters were paid, as Trump claims. Perhaps they were, but let’s look back at her comment about the woman from UltraViolet who “helped steer people in the right ways to be able to confront senators.” Hmmm. That makes these protests much less spontaneous. Think astroturf, not grass roots.

Yesterday there was a Cancel Kavanuagh march in Washington that of course achieved nothing other than letting a bunch of leftists to blow off steam, assuming they had any steam left. Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Women’s March National, and CPD Action, an advocacy group connected to the Center for Popular Democracy, were behind that anger fest. The people running these organizations, and their lieutenants, are almost certainly paid.

Shame! Shame! Shame! was active in the effort to prevent Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Now that is rich. MoveOn was formed, to well, “move on” from the investigation of Bill Clinton’s affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. When is the left going to have its defiant #MeToo moment with the Clintons? They’ve certainly had that moment with Kavanaugh in regards to the allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford. Oh wait, I forgot, Kavanaugh is a Republican justice nominated by a Republican president. Silly me.

The anti-Kavanaugh protests are just the latest street theater performance of a play that goes back to the 1960s, as are the arrests. And once again I have to ask, what happens to those shrill screechers–and I’m just citing one series of instances–who were arrested for disrupting the Kavanaugh hearings at the US Capitol. Will they be prosecuted? Or will a sympathetic prosecutor quietly drop the charges against them so they can scream another day? Are we still a nation of laws?

And while the rank-and-file protesters may not have been directly paid, I have some more questions. Who designs and purchases the matching T-shirts many of them wear? Who pays for the travel expenses for the rabble rousers? Who writes the checks for those professionally printed signs and posters?

There is money, to be sure, perhaps big money, behind these confrontations and rallies.

UPDATE 9:15 EDT: I have video of Thomas’ admission:

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I spent a lot of time in the last year attacking polls so skewed that it was amazing that people attempted to push them as reality:

Well it looks like, as it always does, reality has caught up with the CBS/Times poll:

According to the survey, conducted May 11-13, 46 percent of registered voters say they would vote for Romney, while 43 percent say they would opt for Mr. Obama. Romney’s slight advantage remains within the poll’s margin of error, which is plus or minus four percentage points

The big number within this poll however is this one:

Romney is up with Women? But…but we’ve been told that Romney Rush Limbaugh and the GOP HATE women! I mean Move on just released this ad…

Where is the gender gap? There’s supposed to be an earth shattering gender gap. And for that matter where are the comments on the MoveOn ad on YouTube? Oh sorry they aren’t allowing any.

On Morning Joe today I’ve never seen so many gloomy faces who are not really having an easy time spinning this, particularly when Joe pointed out the crosstabs:

You mean this poll has more democrats than republicans, In fact 70% of the poll (75% unweighted) respondents are not republicans and not only is Ronney leading but he is leading among women?

Chuck Todd as I type right now is on Morning Joe pooh poohing the poll saying he wants to see them shake the pot again. Joe Scarborough has just said people in Chicago is telling them to discount the CBS/NYT poll.

Why is the CBS/NYT embracing reality now? Well it could be to give a sense of urgency to democrats to work harder or it could be that they have decided to embrace reality to increase credibility (good thing I wasn’t drinking when I typed that one).

What I actually think is this move is strategic. It is going to be necessary to have a narrative of the Obama campaign “roaring back” or having momentum. By embracing reality today in August or September they can release a poll with a bigger skew and viola instant Democratic momentum to report!

That plan counts on the average person not paying attention to crosstabs (they’re right) and the situation not getting so far out of hand that Obama’s defeat is a given.

On THAT one I’d be a little worried if I was them.

I’d give the Romney people advice here but they have played their cards so well they certainly don’t need my advice, but for the rest of us who are still worried the message is the same:

Ride Right Through them, they’re demoralized as Hell!

Guys let’s take it to them on the State and Local level.

Update: Hotair says this:

The bombshell number, obviously, is Romney leading O by two among women. If that happens on election day, rest assured that the overall margin will be a lot wider than three points.

It’s going to be fun. is all a twitter about the hashtag #40dollars figuring that they a winner with the $40 a week that the payroll tax cut would make. They are encouraging people to tweet out what they would do with that $40.

Perhaps if democrats weren’t so wedded to the teachers unions they could have done the math.

An 8 week extension of the payroll tax (forgetting the expense the short-term change would cost) would generate 8 x 40 or $320.

A 52 week extension that the GOP has already passed would generate 52 x $40 or $2080 dollars.

Therefore the House bill gives a net profit of 2080-320 or $1760 dollars more to the avg taxpayer.

Instead of asking people what they would do with $40 that the house is keeping from them, perhaps they should ask what they would do with the #1760dollars that the tea party house has approved and the senate has not?

Update: Pity poor CNN they can’t add either

What does $40 a paycheck mean in your house? Put yourself on video and help us put a face on the impact of the payroll tax cut.

Strangely when the house passed the year extension they didn’t ask that same question.

Update 2: They may be basing this on a bi-weekly paycheck if so the numbers do the same thing

Senate: $40 x 4 weeks = $160

House $40 x 26 weeks = $1040

House bill $880 dollars more in tax cuts.

Alas poor democrats they get their math from Union teachers

Update 3: A straight post based on a bi-weekly paycheck is up at the Conservatory.