This is the first of three guest posts I did for Ladd Ehlinger’s site back in late 2011.  I’m reprinting them here (With Ladd’s permission) because I think the election of Donald Trump is a significant event in the culture wars and these posts (and the follow ups that I intend to write) serve to explain what happened to our friends on the left who are still pulling out their hair over the events of November.  While Ladd’s old blog isn’t there you can find the original piece via the wayback machine.

“The trouble is you don’t want a man for a husband! You want a coward who will run out on his friends! Well, that’s not me, never was, and never will be. I don’t care how much I love you! And I do very much. I’m a soldi… I mean I’m a man first!”

gungadinposterEven a person with a casual knowledge of movies knows the number 1 movie of 1939, because “Gone with the Wind”is the highest grossing movie of all time. If you asked them what picture was number 2 that year, odds are they haven’t heard of RKO’s “Gunga Din”.

A 70 year old action picture is unlikely to generate a lot of interest from the denizens of the CGI-YouTube era and with the left practically owning film studios, a period piece depicting the British Empire suppressing a murderous cult in colonial India is not going to be high on the view lists of professors.

This is a shame because it’s a movie that deserves attention from viewers, not only for conservative themes, but on its technical merits, historical influence, strong cast and the story itself.

First, one can’t watch this movie without seeing shades of pictures from “Indiana Jones” to “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”. When viewed by the unaware, the reaction is much like that of a teen who has watched “Family Guy”for years who sees the opening of “All in the Family” for the first time.

Second, consider the scale of the film. Over and over you see groups of hundreds of men in formation, both marching and on horseback with great sweeping views over spectacular landscapes. For people used to CGI it’s quite a change to see real people and real animals reacting in real ways. This is 1939. What we would call “computers” were two to six years in the future and where they would exist was the size of Cuba. If you wanted a shot of a group of men charging on horseback, you needed…a group of men charging on horseback, if you wanted an incredible background vista, you either had to have incredible background paintings, or actually shoot at a such a location. And a fall off a roof meant someone actually had to take that fall or you needed good modeling. For the modern filmmaker or student used to manipulating massive groups with a click of a mouse, the concept of having to control hundreds of men and animals for a shot is way above their pay grade.

Third, check out this cast: Douglas Fairbanks Jr.; a legendary name who, in a few short years after this film would match his on screen valor in actual combat. Victor McLaglen; a two time Oscar winner who had faced two heavyweight champions in the ring and fought in Iraq before he ever appeared in front of a camera, and Cary Grant, acknowledged as one of the greatest actors who ever lived. Talk about holding three aces in a hand.

Finally there is the story, and what a story: After a patrol and a village drops off the map a force is needed to repair the telegraph lines and investigate. Three sergeants freshly pulled from a brawl are assigned to lead the party which includes a regimental bhisti (water bearer) named Gunga Din. While the troops begin repairing the line at the village the sergeants start searching the village and come across some suspicious characters whose arrest is a prelude to an ambush.

After a running fight the sergeants get their surviving troops out and report. Their commanding officer recognizes a captured weapon as a sign of the murderous thuggee cult that the British had suppressed decades ago (funny how things like the thuggee cult, the slave trade, Caribbean piracy and Suttee were all suppressed only by the actions of those evil colonial Brits)

A new advance force is prepared sans Ballantine, (Fairbanks Jr.) who is due to marry and leave the army in six days. In a hilarious scene, Cutter (Grant) & MacChesney (McLaglen) manage to temporarily incapacitate his replacement forcing Ballantine into the expedition. When they reach the village and set camp, Cutter, after being locked up to prevent it, sets off to find a temple of gold that Din, (Sam Jaffe) who dreams of being the company bugler, has told him is nearby. Din and Cutter find the temple beyond a mountain pass which turns out to be the base of a thuggee army they are looking for led by the cult leader (well played by Eduardo Ciannelli). Cutter prepares to send Din back to get with the exit blocked deliberately gets himself captured to clear the way.

With the prospect of his friend in deadly danger, MacChesney sets off with Din after him. Ballantine, end of enlistment or not, insists on joining them over the entreaties of his fiance. (Joan Fontaine, the only cast member still alive). They blunder right into the Guru’s trap hoping to lure the regiment to an ambush in the pass.

The following passages contain major spoilers, if you don’t wish to know how the movie ends, skip the following two paragraphs.

The heroes manage by means of a ruse to grab the guru and find themselves in a Mexican standoff that persists until the guru, after a speech that could have been made by any of the heroes in the pictures, sacrifices himself in order to allow the attack to go forward. With their hostage gone the thuggees take the Brits, bayonetting both Din and Cutter in the process.

The thuggees ignore the wounded Cutter and Din and drag Ballantine & MacChesney to the edge of the parapet to watch the ambush of their regiment. As the guards concentrate on their impending victory, Din, still bleeding from his wounds with bugle in hand slowly climbs to the top of the temple dome and blows “stand to arms”. He is shot down but he manages it long enough for the regiment to deploy, avoiding the trap and allowing the army to rout the thuggees. Din is given a hero’s burial and posthumously made a regimental corporal listed “on the rolls of our honored dead.”

Through the entire picture manly virtue is celebrated: It’s celebrated when the survivors of the first battle, after an arduous trek bearing their wounded, form to march into the camp parade in good order. It’s celebrated as Din, with Cutter’s support, dreams of being a soldier instead of a water bearer. It’s celebrated when Cutter allows himself to be taken so Din can give warning. Ballantine refuses to leave his friend in the lurch even for the woman he loves. Cutter and MacChesney endure torture, Din gives his life to warn the regiment, and even the villain of the piece sacrifices himself in the hope of victory for his cause.

These manly values are not only conservative values, but are instinctive human values that since 9/11 the left has been unable to suppress. It certainly isn’t matched by the left protestors who cry oppression if they are evicted from other people’s property at little personal risk.

But what about colonial cultural inequality? I’m glad you asked, let’s look at the first battle scene again.

While the men are repairing the telegraph wires (and given water by Gunga Din) the sergeants search the village for clue to what happened. Ballantine finds a first a single man then a group he is trying to conceal. When they fail to convince him they are poor villagers who survived the raid, one tries to jump him. He finds himself in an outnumbered brawl. Cutter and MacChesney enter, and rather than drawing weapons join in the brawl till the men are subdued. Our politically correct friends might point to this one might question one European handling a group alone, but only if they didn’t pay attention to the larger British group they handled at the film’s start. When they fail to provide adequate answers, they prepare to take them back when the leader lets out a cry signaling a group of snipers on rooftops to fire and a wave of riders to pounce upon them.

The entire British force other than the sergeants consists of Indian troops, yet nowhere in the scene from the start to the end is there any sense that these troops are different than any other. They fight as a unit, throughout the running battle and retreat through and over the rooftops the town against overwhelming odds. The sergeants lead from the front, take the biggest risks and you will note are the last to make the jump that predated Redford and Newman’s by 30 years. Just before the last of them jumps, he checks on a fallen private soldier to see if he’s can be saved, and when the survivors march into camp, they march in together with heads held high.

There was a time when this message was the norm, and it’s not a coincidence that it was also the time of the greatest generation. When we ceded the culture wars we ceded our message, the message of Judeo Christian values, the message of a shared culture and belief in not only right and wrong but what makes a culture and a people thrive as our forefathers did. If we are unwilling to fight the culture wars by supporting our own cultural message, then we need to remember those who already did so effectively in years gone by.

One of the great action movies of the 50’s was the 1958’s The Vikings staring Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. If you like action, adventure and a touch of comedy, you’ll want to watch it.

At a key point of the picture viking prince Einar (Kirk Douglas) prays to Odin the Viking God. The princess (Leigh) he has fallen in love with has been stolen away from him by the slave Eric (Curtis) who is responsible for the loss of his eye and in the chase his father (Ernest Borgnine) was drowned. He prays for a sign to convince his reluctant warriors to pursue them to England.

He is rewarded with by the sudden appearance of Eric who tells him their mutual enemy King Aella is holding the princess Morgana and offers to lead him there so they can attack his castle.

Einar returns to the vikings chamber and makes the speech that finally convinces his men to attack which begins:

Make no mistake, I hate this man more than anyone alive, but he can lead us to Morgana.

That speech instantly came to mind when I saw this story concerning Lindsey Graham:

With the Super Tuesday results in, Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sen. Ted Cruz may be the GOP’s last hope to keep bombastic front-runner Donald Trump from the Republican nomination for president.

“You know Ted Cruz is not my favorite, by any means,” Graham told CBS Tuesday night. “But we may be in a position where we have to rally around Ted Cruz as the only way to stop Donald Trump, and I’m not so sure that would work,” noting Sen. Marco Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich are no longer viable

Graham is a vocal critic of Cruz. He has called Cruz the least respected senator and has accused Cruz of getting a head at the expense of the party.

A “Vocal Critic”? That’s putting it mildly, as allahpundit reminds us:

“If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you.” It also tells you a lot about how grim nominal Rubio allies have grown about his chances. When one of Congress’s most notorious super-hawks — and a fellow member of the Gang of Eight — is looking ahead to a Trump/Cruz race, says James Poulos, you know Rubio’s in trouble

Let’s be blunt when I close my eyes I can see Lindsey Graham, among a meeting of GOP establishment people starting giving the Kirk Douglas speech starting:

Make no mistake, I hate this man more than anyone alive, but he’s our one chance to defeat Trump.

And he’s right the only chance for the GOP to defeat Trump is Cruz but But what I really want to see if Graham and Cruz mimic Einar & Eric and form an alliance to defeat Donald Trump and win, their subsequent fight to the death.

I suspect we won’t discover that Graham and Cruz are secretly brothers.

Closing thought, why has Lindsey Graham reached this point? Because regardless of anything else, Lindsey Graham knows how to count, but that’s another post.

Professor Horatio Smith:  The trouble with us Mr. Maxwell is we don’t understand women.

Pimpernel Smith 1941

Is this hideous parody of “higher education” worth $46,417 a year?

RS McCain 2016

When I saw this post at Stacy McCain’s site concerning a rather quiet settlement in the Washington & Lee case:

Washington and Lee University has settled a lawsuit filed by a former student who claimed he was unfairly kicked out of school based on an allegation of sexual assault.

The student, who was identified only as John Doe in court records, had challenged a campus judicial proceeding that led to his expulsion.

W&L and the student have “compromised and settled all matters in controversy,” according to a motion filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Lynchburg.

Both sides are asking Judge Norman Moon to dismiss the case. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Last April, Moon denied a motion by the university to throw the case out, saying that the allegations made in the lawsuit, if “taken as true, suggest that W&L’s disciplinary procedures, at least when it comes to charges of sexual misconduct, amount to a practice of railroading accused students.”

And this write up concerning motive:  

Holding the false accuser accountable isn’t part of the feminist agenda, because to tell the whole truth about such matters might give a clue to why women sometimes do lie about rape.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

If you read John Doe’s complaint against Washington and Lee, you can surmise that the accuser was interested in a serious romantic relationship with John Doe, but he seemed to treat their two hookups as merely casual sex. When he later got serious with another girl, we may further surmise, his accuser regretted her previous liaisons with John Doe — she felt used, a “pump-and-dump” — and it was this sense of  regret, and a desire for revenge against the boy who had treated her badly, that inspired her to accuse him of sexual assault.

I couldn’t help but think of the classic movie Pimpernel Smith from 1941.

In the movie which takes place in spring of 1939 Leslie Howard plays Professor Horatio Smith a 40 something seemingly absent minded archaeologist and confirmed bachelor who only interest in women is in a statue of Aphrodite Calapeso that he dug up on the Island of Lesbos which he habitually and obsessively admires in the Cambridge Museum of Antiquities to the point where on discovering a speck of dust berates curator Jordan as a Vandal and Visigoth (terms which I suspect students at William & Mary may not recognize these days).  He is so obsessed with his statue and so absent minded that he finds himself missing classes and lectures.

Jordan:  Professor The college school just called for you Sir, you’re late.

Prof Smith: Late for what

Jordan:  Your lecture sir

Prof Smith:  Don’t be ridiculous  my lecture isn’t until Friday

Jordan: But Today is Friday sir.

Prof Smith:  Good heavens!  Extraordinary!  What happened to Thursday?

Jordan:  We had it Yesterday Sir

Professor Smith however has a secret, the reason why he is missing full weeks of lectures and spending so much time in Germany is not due to his archaeological efforts.  It’s because he is (as the title suggests) secretly smuggling German dissidents out of the country under the noses of the Nazis.

So when he plans a new expedition to Germany with some of his students to cover his activities he first conspires to make sure that none of the females students are present in his class before his offer is made.

Professor Horatio Smith:  Greek women moreover were condemned to habitual seculison, an admirable practice, which unfortunately is not followed in this university.

Female Student:  Do you object to our presence here professor?

Professor Horatio Smith:  Oh I can’t object, I can merely deplore it.

This has the effect of causing the female students in the class to walk out, at which point the asks the remaining students in any would like to accompany him to central Europe where he is looking for evidence of an early Aryan civilization.  He makes it clear that women are not welcome.

Mr. Elstead:  Would I be allowed to bring my young sister sir?

Professor Horatio Smith:  No Mr. Elstead I’m looking to avoid the company of females in general and young sisters in particular.

In Germany his students are overwhelmed by the pace he keeps and when they try to distract him at a chalie at the German Swiss border with an attractive young serving girl he expresses only annoyance and distraction.  (yet still manages to sneak out, despite the presence of a german guard and aid a dissident across the border & get back in time to escape detection).

His students eventually figure out what is going in and insist on helping but when the Gestapo head General Von Graham finds a clue indicating that the man they want will be at a reception held by the British Embassy to which he is invited that things get interesting. His agents including a Miss. Cole who we later discover is the daughter of an imprisoned Polish editor who has been promised her father’s freedom if she can track down the mysterious man helping dissidents escape, attend and while most of his agents suspect various people, she, after an encounter with Professor Smith’s american student Maxwell, becomes convinced that Smith is her man. They scoff but she is convinced.

The story turns when she visits Professor Smith’s bedroom, much to his annoyance after the event. She proclaims she has figured out who he but doesn’t want to turn him in so she offers him an ultimatum:

Ms. Cole:  Before I go you’ve got to choose.  Either you help my father to escape or I’ll go straight to the Gestapo and tell them what I know.

Professor Smith:  Very well go there quickly I hope they prove less skeptical than I.

He goes into the bathroom to get a towel and finds she has broken down in tears on his bed over the choice between betraying her principles or leaving her father in the hands of the Nazi., but Smith unsure of her story is having none of it.

Professor Smith:   What on earth are you crying for?  What have I done?  You’ve brought this all on yourself.  I didn’t ask you to come here I’m horrified at the idea of a strange woman in my rooms and a woman in tears at that.  Or ARE they tears? [she raises her head, showing her tears are real] yes  they are,  well they don’t have any effect on me, believe me.  Here  mop them up with that, you look awful.  And don’t try any more fairy tales with me. [she runs out leaving her bag] here you’ve forgotten your…

The next morning he finds himself changed and when one of his agents reports that she is in fact the daughter of the dissident as she claimed crashes a luncheon date one of his students had with her returning her handbag and replacing her spilled powder he asks a rather direct and revealing question to his student in front of her face:

Professor Smith:  Mr. Maxwell if you heard a very remarkable man had been imprisoned by the Nazis, what would you do?

Maxwell:  My damndest to get him out.

Professor Smith:  Now isn’t that remarkable.  Every now and then he and I have exactly the same idea.  

Ms. Cole:  [Wearing an expression of shock and relief] Could I have some water please

Professor Smith:  Certainly not, Vorak some champagne 

As you might guess the Gestapo chief, who had scoffed at her suspicion of Smith who he considers a fool changes his tune when she reports back that she was dead wrong…

General Von Graum:  I didn’t believe her Marx, I didn’t believe her.  But I do now, that idiotic archeologist.

Marx:  sir

General Von Graum:  But we’ve got to have proof.

..and he sets a trap for both of them.

Will they fall into the trap?  Can they spring her father and his friends from the concentration camp?  And even if they do can they and Ms. Cole escape the Gestapo’s wrath and get out of Germany alive?

Rather than spoil the ending I’ll embed the film at the end of the post but the question becomes, what does all of this have to do with the Washington & Lee case. Just this:

In the movie Professor Smith deplores the presence of women on campus likely due to his own myopia .  With our modern eyes we, even knowing that he is secretly risking his life to foil the greatest  villains in modern history, as backward and wrong.  Yet perhaps the character who could see far enough head to foil the Nazi might have anticipated the situation at Washington & Lee:

Washington and Lee, whose history stretches back to its founding before the American Revolution, was for more than 200 years an all-male school, and did not admit its first female undergraduate student until 1985. Scarcely 30 years after that, half the university’s enrollment is female, and any male student who enrolls there knows he will be immediately expelled if his ex-girlfriend decides “regret equals rape.” This is why parents pay for their sons to attend Washington and Lee (annual tuition $46,417), a school where “equality” means that male students have no rights at all.

At a school whose namesakes were honorable men, there is now not a shred of honor or decency left. The modern worship of “equality” has destroyed everything honorable about Washington and Lee, where corrupt administrators supervise dishonest faculty in the miseducation of their perverted students. Parents thinking of sending their children there should check out the Washington and Lee University Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Resource Center. Maybe your child will want to enroll in the Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) program at Washington and Lee University.

Is this hideous parody of “higher education” worth $46,417 a year?

Given today’s political correctness there is some danger, to objecting to or even deploring how far a once great university has fallen. although the real world risk doesn’t yet extend to the degree that the fictional Professor Pimpernel Smith did in combating his Nazis.

Fortunately for the parents of young men looking at higher education, they need not publicly object or deplore the situation, they can simply choose to spend their hard earned money elsewhere.

A closing note. This film which Leslie Howard, produced, directed and starred in, released in London while England was still fighting the Nazis alone, would be one of his last. Howard would die two years later shot down by German fighters over the Bay of Biscay.


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Thursday this graced the top of the Drudge Report:


As indicated by the image Al Sharpton did, well what Al Sharpton does…

Sharpton criticized the industry for having a “fraudulent image of progressive and liberal politics and policies” and compared success in Tinseltown to climbing the Rocky Mountains.

“Hollywood is like the Rocky Mountains, the higher up you get the whiter it gets. And this year’s Academy Awards will be yet another Rocky Mountain Oscars. Yet again, deserving black actors and directors were ignored by the Academy — which reinforces the fact that there are few if any blacks with real power in Hollywood,” Sharpton said in a statement.

Now I freely admit that I’ve seen none of he nominated pictures and the only one I’m hoping to see is Creed because of Stallone and the Rocky series and I don’t know if Reverend (when was he ordained a minister anyways) Sharpton did but I do have one question for the good reverend and one for those in the Black Community who agree with him.

“Which of the current nominees was unworthy of an Oscar nomination and which one would you remove to replace with a nominee of a color acceptable to you?

I think we need to know who Al Sharpton thinks wasn’t good enough.

But the 2nd question goes to the people of color in the film community:

With the complete understanding that the nomination for an oscar can generate cash and open doors and how important it is, if Reverend Sharpton got his way and forced Hollywood to make sure there was an acceptable quantity of black nominees do you really want to be considered the Token Black who only got his nomination for his race?

I ask this because if the Reverend Al gets his way that’s how people will think of you within your industry and every single person, studio who fails to get a nomination in the future will point to you in private and call you Token.

Are you willing to do this to yourself and every other black film maker who follows you just so Al Sharpton can shake down the studios?

Would you to this to your race, your children and yourself? If the answer is yes then be aware that any time you speak of “Black Pride” in the future be aware that at least two people know you’re lying.

Me and you.

Those Damn Pictures

Boss Tweed commenting on Thomas Nast’s cartoons

The Hollywood Reporter: ’13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’: Film Review

Although it was never presented as such in news accounts, the siege on the diplomatic enclave and the secret CIA facility a mile away resembles in its dramatization nothing so much as the battle of the Alamo, albeit with a better ending as far as the Americans were concerned. As with so many accounts of Western involvement in the Middle East and other regions — Black Hawk Down, for starters — this is the story of a fiasco, one made less so by the fierce and selfless commitment of a few good men

DaTechGuy: The Alamo at San Antonio De Benghazi:

Like the Alamo these two men were fighting for time against a foe that outnumber them on the order of 50 to one. They understood that by going into that building their odds were very slim to come out alive but their honor and duty demanded that they act, that they do SOMETHING for their fellow Americans in danger and perhaps, just perhaps they would hold out long enough for help to arrive to rout their enemies.

The Hollywood Reporter: ’13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’: Film Review

Although terrible damage has been done, the invaders are eventually repulsed by the small band of Americans doing some very expert shooting. Fighting continues on the streets in scenes that carry a violent video-game feel, a new wave of marauders is turned back and, as at the Alamo, a period of low-simmering anxiety permeates the night as a follow-up bombardment is awaited.

DaTechGuy: The Alamo at San Antonio De Benghazi:

Remember at the Alamo they beat back the first wave before sheer number overwhelmed the Texans who defended it.

Picture that night for a moment, In the end attackers lost 30-60% of their force but for the sake of argument let’s say only 25% of that was in the first wave. You’re attacking the compound, you’ve been attacking for hours and seen people fall all around you. You’ve been beaten back once and don’t actually know how many men are inside, what do you think would have happened if they heard the sound of a single helicopter gunship? A single plane? a single drone dropping a bomb on the force already bloodied at a rate that would cause most Western countries to declare the mission a disaster?

They would have run.

This movie is going to be hated by the left particularly when it makes a fortune.

For a while one of my favorite places on the net was Rich’s comic blog.  It ran the incredible strip The Ten Doctors, an almost 2 year extravaganza that you can download from this page.  My daily visit to the spot to see if the next strip was up was the first place I looked each morning.

When the 10 doctors was finished he followed it with several great Doctor Who strips, The Stalker of Norfolk featuring the 3rd Doctor,   Forever Janette featuring the 5th & 8th doctor (crossing over with the series Forever knight) .  There was an aborted James Bond Dr. Who Crossover featuring the 3rd & 10th Doctors and multiple bonds which one might hope could someday return.

There was also a story called Outrage, featuring the 6th Doctor that had a crossover with a TV show I’d never heard of, Jem and the Holograms.  The 6th doctor being who he is,  sees through Jem disguise “I know a complex double reflex stable mobile holographic projection when I see through one” but as the story develops it turns out the Doctor’s and his companion visit to a Jem concert puts them in a middle of a plot involving the Misfits, a renegade time lord and the zygons.  (the story was eventually renamed “outrage of the Zygons” once the villains were revealed.)

Over the two months I got to know the characters a little.  They very much seemed a kids or young teen girl music show but Morris’s Doctor Who story & excellent art kept me and I suspect other fans unacquainted with Jem and the Holograms  interested for the two to three months or so that the story ran.

That is apparently is stark contrast to what Hollywood has managed to do

Those of us hos from the 80s who were planning to meet with lawyers this morning to discuss suing Universal Pictures for viciously defaming the image of Jem by turning her into an annoying ABC Family movie character, don’t even have to bother. Universal got their punishment, because Jem and the Holograms was an even bigger flop than everyone predicted.

How bad?  This bad:

Jem had the worst wide opening weekend ever for a movie released by a major studio (Universal Pictures), with major marketing muscle behind it.

However Box office Mojo offers this consolation to this movie that only took in an average of $547 for each of the 2413 theaters that carried it:

Despite the lackluster result, the financial picture for Universal isn’t at all troubling as the film was reportedly made on only a $5 million budget.

That being the case the 1.3 million they took in isn’t going to be as costly a disaster as it could have been.

By contrast Rich’s comic’s blog operates completely by tip jar hits and while Rich has not put out figures on how much the tip jar jingled during his Doctor Who meets Jem days I’ll wager it didn’t result in a loss of over 3 million.

So my advice is this.   If you are a reader who has any interest in seeing what a good Gem and the Holograms story is  go to this page and read Rich’s story, and maybe kick a dollar into his tip jar on his main page.

As for universal my advice is this.  Buy the rights to Rich’s Story, license Dr. Who for the picture remake your Gem movie based on it.  Even if you cast a 72 year old Colin Baker & a 51 year old Bonnie Langford rather than a current Doctor I guarantee you’ll make your money back and then some.



Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes) was nominated for Best Foreign Film this year. I can’t tell you whether it’s a better film than the winner, Ida (since I haven’t seen it), but I can tell you that I’m wild about Wild Tales.

There aren’t many Argentinian films that make it to our shores, but over the years three stand out: Nine Queens (Nueve reinas, 2000), The Secret in Their Eyes (El secreto de sus ojos, 2009), and now Wild Tales (Relatos salvajes, 2014). All three are enjoyable, but Wild Tales is exceptional.

Anthology films carry short stories that may or may not be tied together.  In Grand Hotel (1932), the stories are tied under the same roof; in Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983), they are not. Wild Tales has more in common with the latter – starting with the opening tale, which takes place in an airplane.

Right after that opening tale, the credit sequence shows all the names next to photos of wild animals (the three producers with three elephants), adding a touch of humor. Actor Ricardo Darin, who stars in all three of the Argentinian films mentioned above, gets top billing and an eagle.

There are six tales in total,
1. The airplane
2. The roadside restaurant
3. The car trip (remember Duel? This will keep you on your toes, too)
4. The towed car
5. The accident
6. The wedding

The appeal of the tales is that they each can take place anywhere.

All the stories are brilliantly interpreted by an excellent cast, and beautifully executed with the photography, cinematography, soundtrack, and every other aspect striking the right note. The locations vary from claustrophobic to wide-open, depending not only on the tale, but on the plot twists.

I’m not going to spoil the film by giving away anything more. Just keep in mind that the official website describes its characters as

Una traición amorosa, el retorno del pasado, una tragedia, o incluso la violencia contenida en un detalle cotidiano, se presentan para impulsarlos al vértigo de perder los estribos, al innegable placer de perder del control.

A love betrayed, the return of the past, a tragedy, or even the violence in a daily event, propels them to the vertigo of outrage, to the undeniable pleasure of losing control

Yes, melodramatic as it sounds, it’s worth it.

Funny, astonishing, suspenseful. . . Wild Tales.

Rated R for language, violence, sex scenes, and adult themes, this is not a film for kids.

Argentinian Spanish with English subtitles.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

Scarlet: All those lies, you can’t fool daddy so easy.
C.R. MacNamara: I didn’t say it would be easy.

One Two Three 1961

This weekend on one of the old movie networks the picture One Two Three Staring Jimmy Cagney was on.  It’s  one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen & relies on .  It is an incredibly fast paced movie where the jokes are rapid fire, particularly in the 2nd half of the picture) .

But as I watched and laughed it occurred to me that this generation simply wouldn’t get the jokes

Yeah there are things they would recognize,  the evil philandering businessman obsessed with status &full of underhanded plots.  Germans as reluctant ex Nazis,

C.R. MacNamara: Schlemmer, I want all those people out there to drop everything and stand by for orders! General alarm, complete mobilization!
Schlemmer: Ah, like the good old days, yes, sir!

the portrayal of southerners as easily fooled bumpkins.

Scarlett:  [concerning Yankee go home balloons]  They’re not anti-american they’re anti Yankee and where I come from everyone hates the Yankees

And the south as a world to be banished to:

Phyllis MacNamara: Why can’t you get yourself a nice permanent job with the home office in Atlanta?
C.R. MacNamara: Atlanta? You can’t be serious! That’s Siberia with mint juleps!

If they are informed enough they might even recognize the Russians doing better than us in space.

But in the end while individual jokes would work the basic plot and the mindset of those involved would totally throw everybody off.

First of all there is McNamara’s.  Why is he worried so about Scarlett’s marriage that he wants to wipe it out of existence?   Divorce  is a very easy thing and no big deal and anyways it’s not like he respects his own marriage all that much.

Second of all there is the idea that the communists might be underhanded.  All through school the young American student has been taught about how awful their country is.  They have been surrounded by professors who have extolled the left. So when the young Otto Piffel finds himself under the 3rd degree, made to confess that he is an American spy they are left confused, and when Peripetchikoff defects and turns in his companions saying if he doesn’t do it to them they’d do it to him he cries out:

Otto Ludwig Piffl: Is everybody in this world corrupt?

Peripetchikoff: I don’t know everybody.

But the real character that would throw them into confusion is Scarlett.

Here is a girl of 17 who has been engaged four times.  This is the first thing that would confuse them.  Why bother with engagement?  Particularly if she just having a good time.  Why is it so necessary to go through that step?

Then there is Otto.  It’s obvious that her relationship with Otto is different from the other men she’s been with.  She carries herself differently with him, actually getting married as if it was a prerequisite for sex.  Where on earth would she get a foolish idea like that?

And then when it’s revealed that she’s pregnant that really throws them off.  Yeah, their first thought might be her birth control might have failed but she carries herself as if she hasn’t been using contraception from the start with Otto?  It’s as if the possibility of having children is an integral part of marriage.

And even odder MacNamara never even hints at the idea of an abortion, either to himself or to Scarlett to solve this baby problem.  It’s as if the thought doesn’t even occur to him.  Here is a guy willing to lie, to cheat, to get a young man arrested by the East Germans and even willing to let a Nazi off the hook if it keeps his plans going, but abortion is beyond the pale.

But that is nothing compared to Scarlett’s reaction when a frustrated Otto seeing his world view shattered and understanding that he’s been in many ways living in a lie suggests (off camera) a child shouldn’t be brought into such a world.

Scarlett runs shouting into MacNamara’s office saying she hates Otto & never wants to see him again and he comes running in apologetically saying he didn’t mean it.

And that’s the final conundrum.  Scarlett’s is flighty, she’s a tad easy but her entire attitude reeks of the concepts that:

1.  Marriage is a sacred bond not to be discarded lightly

2.  Sex is something that’s integral to marriage not just for any old guy.

3.   An unborn child has intrinsic value.

Even MacNamara’s while not respecting marriage himself (until the very end) make herculean efforts to get the marriage license out of East Germany because he recognizes what it is.  And when it’s apparent here is a child involved he reverses himself because of the intimate connection between marriage and children and it’s that recognition and the efforts that it produces (all for selfish reasons)  that eventually wins over the naive Scarlett in the end.

What amazing is this movie basically about dealing with a wild young girl having wild times on a wild trip, all of these concepts are completely and utterly advanced without even the hint of “religion” coming up.

These concepts were one the basic cultural concepts of a United States.  A country where intact families were the norm, teenage suicide was practically non-existent and life was respected.

Maybe it would be a smart idea to sit a few of our kids down for a movie like this, and in between laughs when they ask the questions I’ve raised they might understand the culture we once had and why it worked.



Chicago Police camerat
Chicago police camera

By John Ruberry

Much like his obnoxious character Mars Blackmon, director Spike Lee is an annoying presence on the political scene. Now he’s in the middle of a political dispute because his next film will be titled “Chiraq,” which is the nickname the hip-hoppers and yes, some conservative bloggers such as myself use to describe the mayhem on Chicago’s streets, which consists mostly of black-on-black crime–“Chi” for Chicago and “Raq” from Iraq. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has made it clear that he doesn’t like the title.

All the same, a casting call was held for “Chiraq” yesterday.

As for Lee, his a fervent supporter of Barack Obama, who has made it no secret that he wants to redistribute wealth from the better off to the have-nots, such as the type of people who’ll likely be characters in “Chiraq.”

Lee is quite wealthy–and he used his celebrity muscle to host a $38,500 per person fundraiser at his New York City home for Obama’s reelection campaign.

But like many liberals, Lee has shown himself to be a hypocrite when it comes to his own taxes. Obscured by the naming controversy is that the director’s production company, Forty Acres and a Mule Filmworks, has requested a $3 million tax break to from the state film office so he can make “Chiraq” in Chiraq, I mean in Chicago. I’m an Illinois taxpayer and state taxes are too high, which is why the Prairie State has negative population growth, despite a recent cut in the state income tax.

Here’s a better idea, one that Lee should trumpet to his Hollywood pals. Eliminate the need to ask the state film office for tax breaks–just lower the rate for all TV and movie productions. Crony capitalism is one of the reasons Illinois has the lowest credit rating of the fifty states.

But if Lee believes in taxing the rich he can Do The Right Thing and forget about his $3 million tax break for “Chiraq.”

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT — My 23-year old son and I have begun our Oscar watch.

This is an annual tradition for us that we actually began only a couple of years ago. Each year, after the Golden Globe and Oscar nominations come out, we begin watching all the nominated movies we can squeeze in, starting with the Best Picture nominees and then on down the list.  This has turned in to a really fun tradition but let me just say that there were parts in The Wolf of Wall Street that were really awkward watching with your kid, even if he was 22-years old at the time.  At any rate, I do treasure the time we spend together watching the movies and the hours after discussing each one.

And I know, Hollywood is the liberal devil, but sometimes escapism is actually not a bad thing.

This week we hit our first movie of the season:  Whiplash and so here I offer a sort of brief review (with no spoilers!)

I loved this movie.  I knew I would love the soundtrack:  the story line revolves around a music student working to earn a spot as a drummer in a jazz band at a Julliard-type school in the city.  His idol is Buddy Rich.  So, the soundtrack is amazing.

The theme turns on how far must you drive yourself for success?  To the brink of insanity?  Death?  Is greatness only achieved at great cost?  At what point does one simply quit and back away in the name of self-preservation?  What is the responsibility of a teacher and mentor?  How hard do you push?  Do only the strong survive?  At what price greatness?

J. K. Simmons plays the teacher Terence Fletcher; you may know him from Juno or from Law and Order (he was Dr. Skoda). He’s up for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his work in this film while the movie is up for Best Film (among other Oscar nods). Simmons has a great face for this role; it’s all angular and edgy – full of unspoken expression.  This has got to be the role of his lifetime.

Because I don’t want to reveal any secrets — and don’t Google too many reviews because several have spoilers – I will stop here, but don’t go see this movie to relax because it’s intense from beginning to end.  It will pull at a range of emotions and leave you with both questions, answers, and a great beat drumming through your head.


Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

[Spoilers ahead. Proceed accordingly.]

It was Christmas Day, the gifts were opened, brunch was done, and I have watched The Princess Bride and A Christmas Story enough times I can lip-synch them, but I felt like watching something.

Of course, I had to watch The Interview.

Mind you, for as long as I can remember, I have made it a point to watch/read banned films/books. The Interview is available on YouTube, my TV can play YouTubes, so I plunked down $6.

It was worth it. It’s a very funny serious movie.

Claudia Rosett found The Interview

crude, vulgar, silly, tedious at times and crammed with what we might politely call locker-room gags, presumably meant to appeal to the lowest common denominator of modern pop culture.

I’m cool with that.


as a graphic jab at North Korea’s totalitarian system, including its third-generation current tyrant, Kim Jong Un, The Interview — despite its lavish dose of rubbish — is a standout achievement. It is a burlesque laced with moments of truth that anyone can understand.

Rich Klein finds that “The Interview” really does subvert North Korea’s regime.

Much has been said about The Interview’s scene where Kim Jong Un gets blown up to smithereens. The real-life Kim probably threw a hissy fit over that, but what should keep him awake at night is the interview itself, which celebrity talk show host Dave Skylark (played by James Franco) starts with pre-scripted questions and hits gold by asking

why the country can spend billions of dollars on a nuclear weapons program but needs $100 million in UN aid each year to feed its people.

Kim (played by the very funny Randall Park), a master manipulator of the media, had wooed Skylark with everything from orgies to Soviet tanks in preparation to the interview. It reminded me of Fidel Castro taking Barbara Walters for a ride back in the day, by land,

and by sea,

in preparation for Barbara Walters’s interviews of Fidel Castro (you can watch the 20/20 here).

In real life, however, Barbara refers to Fidel as “charismatic, magnetic,” so she didn’t do an interview like The Interview.

Rich Klein, again,

Think of the movie as Chernobyl for the digital age. Just as the nuclear catastrophe in the Soviet Union and the dangerously clumsy efforts to hide it exposed the Kremlin’s leadership as inept and morally bankrupt, overseeing a superpower rusting from the inside, so does The Interview risk eroding the myths, fabrications and bluster that keep the Kim dynasty in power.

Those who know how ought to dub and make the Interview available in North Korea, and in every country where tyrants thrive on personality cults. Venezuela. Cuba. And the stops in the Jennifer Lopez dictator tour.

(The Interview has plenty of foul language, sexual situations, gore and violence, so you do not want your children around when it’s playing.)

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

Professor Horatio Smith: [under the guise of being Herr Boldenschatz] You know, the trouble with you propaganda boys, you’ve got so used to telling lies you don’t recognize the truth when you hear it.

Pimpernel Smith 1941

Jesus answered, “You say I am a king.  For this I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice.”  Pilate said to him, “What is truth?

John 18: 37b-38a

Recently I discovered an old movie from 1941 called Pimpernel Smith staring Leslie Howard, it was one of the last movies he made before he was shot down and killed during World War 2. While the film is largely forgotten, there is a speech at the end that is very memorable as a tribute to truth.

For some reason watching that speech I couldn’t help but think of this one by Charles Barkely.

I trust that Barkley will not pay the price that Howard did in the cause of truth but it’s the same guts for the sake of truth and there are those who will crucify him for it.

Incidentally the movie is in the public domain, you can see it here.

We talk about a lot of serious stuff here and every now and then it’s good to stop back and enjoy something.

Something like the movie The World’s End.

This movie is now available on demand and will be over the next few months going though the pay cable channels.

This picture is tightly scripted, well edited, fast paced, well acted and one of the funniest things you’ll ever see.

it’s considered the 3rd of a trilogy of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz which contain many of the same actors and writers but are not actually connected in terms of the story.

The basic plot, a man whose life has been one large disappointment looks fondly back on the best day of his life when he and four pals tried and failed to complete the “golden mile” twelve pubs in a 1 mile area with a pint in every pub.

Two decades later he talks, tricks and cajoles his friends to go back to their home town to give it another shot.

About a 1/3 of the way through the movie it takes an incredible twist that turns the trip into a fight for survival. but that doesn’t sway them from their quest.

Like my Cousin Vinny this is the type of movie that is so good that it can be watched over and over again and it simply doesn’t get old.

So if you’ve had your fill of ISIS, Ray Rice, Breitbart audits etc etc and just want to forget it a day, sit down and watch The World’s end and enjoy a some laughter, it’s the best medicine.

Final thought (contains a spoiler so don’t click more if you don’t want to see it) Continue reading “The World’s End a bit of Fun”

I spoke to Luke Livingston of Ground Floor video on Wednesday

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All these tremendous leaps forward have been taken in the dark. Would Rutherford ever have split the atom if he hadn’t tried? Could Marconi have invented the radio if he hadn’t by pure chance spent years working at the problem? Are these amazing breakthroughs ever achieved except by years and years of unremitting study? Of course not. What I said earlier about accidental discoveries must have been wrong.

Monty Python A book at Bedtime 1973

Mike Wazowski: They’re always hiring in the mail room

Monsters University 2013

Yesterday on DaTechGuy on DaRadio  Lenten show we talked about the movie Son of God and how it will effect the culture wars. Both Ed Morrissey and Pastor George Kelly of my Magnificent Seven expressed hope that the movie would attract people to Christianity, scripture and persuade Hollywood to consider more such movies.

While I would like to have the same hope most likely existing Christians will be the driver for Son of God’s box office sales.  I suspect the numbers & publicity will  bring in a few people who don’t already know the story.

While I’m all for scripture movies (particularly good ones) what is needed to move the ball is something different.  A movie that puts conservative values on display, teaches right from wrong and the emphasizes virtue in a package but also is of  high quality, broad appeal and most importantly attracts the attention of young kids who will absorb those values without even realizing it.

In other words, a movie like Monsters University.

Monsters University is a movie that you’re likely all familiar with,  the prequel to Monsters Inc brings back Billy Crystal as Mike Wazowski and John Goodman as James P. Sullivan telling the story of how they became “scarers” at Monsters Inc.  As usual the Pixar graphics are spectacular the script is excellent and the graphics are not only great but the decision to start with graphics circa 2001 qualify (Monsters inc) when dealing with young Mike  and then transforming to modern graphics for the “present” really jumped out at an old tech guy and of course Billy Crystal & John Goodman manage to create chemistry on the screen even though they are doing solely voice work..

But hidden in the great graphics, the monsters of every shape and size and the classic “nerds vs the cool kids” meme is a story that conservatives can cheer from start to finish.

Note to any who have not seen the movie, spoilers follow:

The big character in this show is Mike Wazowski what does he do to get to where he is.  HE WORKS.  He studies, he crams.  He doesn’t make excuses for his limitations he resolves to work twice as hard to know all that needs to know.  He is the Greg Maddox of Monsters Inc he doesn’t have the fast ball of James Sullivan but is willing to widen the plate.

Meanwhile Sully is all about how wonderful he is, he assumes he doesn’t have to work he believes he deserves special privilege, and fails.

As we get closer and closer to the test it becomes apparent that Mike has it while Sully does not and the faculty notices.

Conservative Value:  School is for learning not for goofing..

Next comes the test Wazowski is trying to remember all he needs, Sullivan is still dismissive, and Mike makes the classic mistake he becomes more worried about one upping Sully than what he is doing actually taking the scare final and they both fail.

Conservative Value:  Don’t worry what other people think, do what you’re there for.

Next comes  the Scare games.  Mike Wazowski realizes he has a shot to get back into the scarer program and jumps at a chance to achieve his goals within the rules instead of giving up.  The odds seem long and the dean is dismissive but he goes for it and even Sullivan his rival recognizing that this is s a chance to make it jumps on board.

Conservative Value:  If one plan doesn’t work try another adapt.

In the first event  Sullivan vs Wazowski dynamic almost leads to disaster , only a fortunate error saves the day, recognizing this fact they work hard and together playing to the strengths of the individual team  and there is Mike Wazowski, leading from the front to get everybody to bring out their best performance.

Conservative Value:  Leaders lead from the front and while you can’t do everything you can do what you can.

Then comes the big final event.  The scare simulator.  It seems that their teams has one but after everything is over Mike realizes Sully cheated on his behalf, what happens?

Does he accept things for the sake of winning?

Does he thank him for being sly?

Does he abandon his principles to get what he wants?

NO!  He strongly objects to the point where Sully confesses while Mike sets out to prove himself (albeit in a dangerous and foolish way).

Conservative Value:  No matter how much you want it the ends don’t justify the means.

Then we have Dean Hardscrabble, Mike & Sully have just pulled of the most incredible scare in the history of scaring but have done so in a dangerous, reckless and irresponsible and illegal way.

Does she say all is forgiven and let them in?

Does she make an impassioned speech to the board beseeching them to reconsider their expulsion?


She enforces the rules and standards of the school while expressing her private admiration to both of them

Conservative Value:  Actions have consequences and bad choices lead to bad results.

So we have all these conservatives values and excellent lessons from the start to finish but all of them pale before the lesson of the last few minutes where the final moral of the story is given.

Expelled, out of luck, embarrassed, foiled in their question to be scarers at Monsters Inc, what do they do?

They get jobs in the Monsters Inc Mail room, they start at the bottom and become the best mail room guys they can be, then get promoted to janitors, then move up to the cafeteria, to can wranglers and finally when the company has open tryouts for scarers in the company they go for it and make it.

It’s the ultimate Conservative value desperately needed  lesson by kids who are told how wonderful they are from the time they’re in diapers who think they are a special little snowflake and much too good or important for menial work.

You don’t get to the top without starting from the bottom and working your way up until opportunity opens.

In terms of advancing values one Monsters Inc is worth 20 Son of Gods.  Millions of kids who will never see the inside of a church are going to see this movie, millions of parents who would not go to Son of God if you paid them are going to buy it on DVD blueray and streaming and generations from now when Roma Downey’s movie is not remembered or remade kids will still be watching Monsters University and absorbing those conservative values they have no idea they are seeing.

That’s how you win a culture war!


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This week Monsters University came out on DVD & Blu-Ray. Millions of copies will be bought, once it’s up on various sites it will be streaming on TV’s and Tablets everywhere.

It’s a great picture visually stunning with a spectacular transition that I don’t want to spoil. As a person whose initial major was computer graphics, this movie really played well with me.

Of course the voice work was fine as well with John Goodman and Billy Crystal projecting both chemistry and conflict with ease but what really struck me about this movie was how it was all about…Traditional Conservative Values.

Mike is all about hard work, he decides he is going to make it and puts his full effort into creating success for himself. He motivates himself and others to believe in the possibility of success. Meanwhile Sully thinks he can get by without effort, without trying, more interested in just being a party monster. He figures he’ll make it because of who he knows and falls flat.

It is Mike’s work ethic and his unwillingness to accept setbacks that eventually bring them towards their goal but it’s the climax and resolution that really teaches the lesson that hopefully the kids watching it over and over will learn.

That lesson alone is enough to make a conservative’s heart go pitter patter but there is much better to come at the climax of the movie

Serious Spoiler alert to follow click at your own risk

Continue reading “Monsters University A Ray of Sunshine in the Culture Wars”

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This week’s commentary is titled Hillary’s got what America Craves,

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Clarke Hayden: “Money respects money. Even more so in a bad economy.”

The Good Wife Waiting for the Knock 2012

A few months ago I was talking to Joe Mangiacotti of Out with Joe telling him about the TV show Last Resort about a rogue group of US submariners who steal their sub after disobeying an order to fire.

When I told him the pilot ends with the sub firing a nuke warhead at the US he was incredulous saying something along the lines of:

Do these people really believe that Americans are going to watch and support a TV show where soldiers are firing on their own country?

Yes they really did, but via live at five they don’t anymore:

Freshman dramas Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue will not move forward at ABC.

The network has opted to cancel both underperforming series, despite picking up two additional scripts for both.

This should be no surprise.  Anyone who has followed movies over the last few years has seen picture after picture depicting US troops through the liberal mindset crash and burn losing tens to hundreds of millions for their studios.

Yet the same types who were sold on throwing their money away on those movies somehow bought the idea that it would sell in the more competitive Television market with 100’s of other choices just a click away?

Why did they think it would be different?  Because their entire world lives within the bubble of the Murphy Brown effect.

Ladd Ehlinger explains:

For those too young to remember, Bush the Elder and his Vice-President, Dan Quayle, were both pilloried by the popular sitcom starring Candice Bergen week in and week out for months on end. But it was not just “Murphy Brown,” it was a huge chorus of pop-culture voices all singing the same tune, that Bush and Quayle were stupid, or evil, etc.

So when I say “Murphy Brown effect” I refer not just to the sitcom, but to the entire pop-culture chorus.

And that effect drove the four most important words from these the hollywood reporter article:

…the critically acclaimed drama starring Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman, is averaging 7.3 million total viewers and a 1.7 in the demo. Thursday’s episode notched its lowest-rated hour to date, attracting 5.8 million viewers and a 1.2.

…the critically acclaimed drama.

Media is all about opening doors to the right people. It’s the reason why so many idiots are willing to lose fortunes making Tina Brown and Arianna Huffington richer. As long as the critics come from that same Murphy Brown bubble, Hollywood will continue to market to those fools in the mistaken belief that it will make them.

It is the other side of the Murphy Brown effect.   Ladd is right about how it tilts elections:

Until conservatives bigwigs recognize the fundamental power of pop-culture, and start investing in the arts (movies, television, music, etc.) to counteract this trend, they will continue to remain irrelevant, continue to lose their country, and continue to lose elections.

But that same effect blinds filmmakers not only to their errors like Last Resort but the possibility of profit wealth and fame from a conservative slant.

Just imagine if we had enough people in media who could positively buzz a conservative show to anything resembling critical acclaim and the money to back such ventures. Suddenly conservatives on the west coast would not worry about their next job if they spoke out or approved a script because there would be an outlet that could deliver profit and audience to their endeavors.

Every day we don’t fight the culture war on the turf of the arts, we are Israel letting Hamas shell us without response.

The arts are the ground where we must fight.

Back during the old days when Iran put out their fatwa on Salmon Rushdie over his book the Satanic Verses I was angry.

Where did those no good so and so’s get off telling me what books I can read or threatening death to those who write.

I noticed people were buying the book to show solidarity with the author and it was suggested by some that not buying the book made you a supporter of those who wanted to shut him up.

I declined. I figured I had no interest in the book and I would be damned if I was going to be made to spend money on something I didn’t want because of some barbarian telling me I couldn’t.

Which brings us to the “Innocence of Muslims”.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m an implacable foe of radical Islam on the side of the Coptic Christians radical Islamists have slaughtered them, burned their churches. (Details at Voice of the Copts here)

So as you might imagine my reaction when I heard about our barbaric Islamic friends, acting barbaric.

My first thought was to put Pam Geller’s “It’s time to quit Islam” ad back on my front page (which I’ve done) and then my second thought was to imbed the video on the site as an In Your Face thing to those who would slaughter us. I usually don’t hold to insulting other people’s religions so

Then I actually watched the video and my jaw dropped.

Not because it was offensive to Islam (it was), not because it portrays Muhammad in a lousy light (it does) but because it was just so BAD..

This 15 minute preview has bad acting, bad script, bad production values, bad dubbing, bad sets bad everything. It’s the type of thing you would use in Gitmo as torture if film critics were kept there. If I ran hell I’d make damned film directors put their name on the credits. Vogon poetry is more rewarding. Compared to this movie Aqua Team Hunger Force is Academy Award material. If you gave Roger Ebert the choice between watching this preview twice or a twelve-hour marathon of the original cut of the Brown Bunny he’d take the Brown Bunny Marathon back to back.

I’d watch the Dr. Who episode Fear Her before I’d watch this video again, it’s THAT BAD.

And remember this is a PREVIEW. Normally the best parts of movies are put in previews, can you imagine how lousy the whole thing is?

Now granted this fuss isn’t really about this movie and we are dealing with people acting like barbarians. If we weren’t dealing with people acting like barbarians I’d suggest the best way to permanently discredit the people involved in this movie is to let people see it.

I suspect there are a million Nigerian e-mail spammer desperate to find the pigeons who actually paid for this.

These people have the first amendment right to make this movie, the producer has the right to pay for it, the actors looking for work certainly have the right to take any work they can, and I fully defend their right to make this and push it to anyone they want. Free speech for all.

But if they want this absolutely horrible bit of filmmaker on my site, it’s going to cost them. Free speech isn’t free here, If you want to pay for the space, I’ll put the move here and link to its site but without payment I wouldn’t link this movie on a bet.

Final thought to radical Islamists, your fear of this joke of a film discredits your faith more than anything these filmmakers have done.

My Review of the New Movie Ted Staring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis as his girlfriend and Seth MacFarline as the voice of his Teddy Bear Peter Ted is here:

What do you do if you are a successful TV show writer who wants to make a Movie but doesn’t have the brass to do what the Simpsons folks did and do It blatantly? Simple make your main character a Teddy Bear, turn his kids into his slacker friend and his wife into his friend’s long suffering girlfriend and Presto, you have Ted.

Mark Wahlberg is John Bennett whose teddy bear Peter (sorry Ted) comes to life after a Christmas Wish that is almost as powerful as an Apache Helicopter. Unfortunately for John his parents apparently had no idea how to raise either him or the teddy bear and both become pot smoking slacker losers in Boston.

read the rest at


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There are certain movies that is you have cable are constantly on the set, the most common one that comes to mind is Harrison Ford’s the Fugitive but a close second is the action comedy True Lies from 1994 featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Arnold with a supporting cast that includes a young Eliza Dushku as their daughter, Tia Carrere and Art Malik as the bad guys, Bill Paxton as a sleazy used car salesman and Charlton Heston is a one scene cameo that he simply owns ” So far, this is not blowing my skirt up, gentlemen.

The basic plot is Harry Tasker (Arnold) works for the Ultimate US spy group Omega section, while his wife thinks he is a salesmen. He is so busy literally saving the world that he neglects his wife and family to the point where when used car salesman (Paxton) pretends to be a spy asking for help to get closer to his wife (Curtis) she responds.

Totally devastated he gets himself distracted from the huge case he is working on resulting in them both being kidnapped by Crimson Jihad each thinking the other is the target of the terrorists.

Can Arnold escape with his wife, stop the nuclear bomb from going off and save kidnapped daughter?

There are several memorable chase scenes including one with a horse and a motorcycle a great confrontation scene when Helen (Curtis) finally is told the truth. The performances are so strong up and down the cast, particularly Malik and Arnold (who should hope this is the only movie of his ever seen as he is simply PERFECT) whose monologue during the closing credits should not be missed.

This picture is both fun and funny and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

The film was rated R for violence and some suggestive situations. There is however no nudity, zip zero nada. There is an incredibly hot (and funny) “striptease” scene just before the terrorists get them, and a catfight between Curtis and Carrere but nothing that would get beyond a pg-13 today not even a single nipple…

…yet the movie has a TV-MA rating.

As a rule TV-MA on cable is reserved for movies with actual sex in them, or movies with disembowelments and the like, action movies like the Rambo series are all rated R, but not True lies.

I submit and suggest that there is only one reason for this…political correctness.

True lies has two factors that are totally missing from almost any movie of the same type made since it came out.

1. ALL the terrorists in the movie are unambiguously Muslim Jihadists

2. There is no mitigating factor or redeeming feature to their cause

I submit and suggest that if the villains in this movie were neo-Nazis or drug lords or white supremacists this movie would have an R rating with a greater chance that a younger person will see it and an older person will give it a shot.

Instead with TV MA means that if any sort of parental control is set it can’t and won’t be seen by anyone underage, ad an adult not familiar with the film will automatically assume that there is something that makes this movie other than just another action film and will pass it by.

Some forms of propaganda and censorship are right in front of you, others are subtle.

Is this a big deal in the long run? Likely not, Am I simply annoyed that I have to put in the block code to watch this movie? Slightly, but what does it say about us that in the age of 9/11 we have gone so deep into denial concerning Islamic terror that an action comedy with Muslim villains dangerous for the young to see?

Update: And here is something on the less light and less subtle:

Lady Gaga has canceled her sold-out show in Indonesia over security concerns after Muslim hard-liners threatened violence if the pop diva went ahead with her “Born This Way Ball,” promoters said Sunday.

The Islamic Defenders Front said Lady Gaga’s sexy clothes and provocative dance moves would corrupt youth in the world’s most populous Muslim country.

If you think that is going to stay on the other side of the world, you haven’t been paying attention.

Thursday I went to the Twin City Mall pay my Comcast bill (I never pay a bill online that I can pay in person) and I noticed a poster on the wall advertising a new Showtime series, Homeland! The catch line is “They see a hero, she sees a threat”.

I instantly thought of the president’s SOTU and the whole question of Vets trying to find work and I thought: REALLY?

For decades, DECADES the left though the entertainment industry, has painted the American Vet as unstable, psychotic and unable to function in society and we don’t have to be talking about movies like The Deerhunter or Apocalypse Now, we’ve seen it in more subtle ways.

Let’s give a simple example of a movie you might not consider in this vein: For the Boys with James Caan and Bette Midler as a pair of performers who entertain the troops in three wars and the consequences thereof. The primary plot is the relationship between the two characters but the backdrop are the wars.

At the beginning of the movie they are entertaining the troops in World War 2, the theme is upbeat and while the jokes are a bit raw the troops are respectful and the only hint of the costs of war is a bombing raid that they dance to and the funeral of Dixie (Bette Midler’s) husband.

This is despite the fact that over 400,000 US soldiers were killed during WWII, only the Civil war killed more.

When we get to Korea, suddenly war become a story of mud and rain and wounds and the horrors of war. Somehow a war that with 54,000 US deaths (36k in theater) is magnitudes worse than a war that was fought all over the globe, resulted in the wholesale destruction of cities and mass murder.

And since the template had been set by MASH we had the stereotypical “bad” gossip columnist degrading the Koreans while supporting the war while George Segal is the smart witty writer who in full Alda mode speaks of the stupidity of the fight.

One only needs to take a look at the two Korea’s today to answer the question: Who would the South Koreans agree with. MASH not withstanding the answer would be the same in today as it would have been in 1991.

Once we get to Vietnam, our troops are boors who can’t keep their hands of the girl from the show and are incapable somehow of fighting back, they are just victims just like the rest of the 58,000 US troops who died.

And of course in the Vietnam scene Dixie son is killed but not before he gets the chance to say how BS everything is, not just the war but the philosophy of duty, honor etc.

Note the difference the most devastating war of the 20th century is clean (It would not be until Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers that WW 2 managed to catch up ) but the smaller wars that followed are a national trauma, why?

Well first you have to remember that it wasn’t until once the Germans invaded the USSR, that the American Left concluded that they were the enemies of the world and the fight was both noble and worthwhile.

But Korea and Vietnam; boat people, re-education camps and tens of millions slaughtered in China and the USSR not withstanding any fight against a foe from the left is pointless, destructive and soul scaring.

I remember for decades during the cold war pols of the left like Kennedy, Biden and others, some still in office fighting tooth and nail any attempt to restrain the Soviets or their allies. We saw the same fight against President Bush (Jr. & Sr.) with pols on the other side embracing not only the worst of the opponents of this country but embracing their propaganda against us.

And it still doesn’t end, It was just last week that the media hit the Marines over Haditha again while a former Kerry aide was charged with outing CIA operatives in the war on terror just didn’t produce the same outrage.

So when I see president Obama and his friends in the media beat their breast on military unemployment and ask why an employer might hesitate to hire a vet, I want to shout: “Because you’ve been telling people their dangerous for decades you phony two-faced &$##&@&s!”

It’s not often that this stuff gets me angry, but when I see this kind of stuff it makes my blood boil.

(Quick FYI. In fairness to Showtime the series Homeland it’s more of a “Manchurian Candidate” style plot rather than simply a standard “these vets are crazy” story, but the poster doesn’t convey that.)

Sgt. Matthew Luke Skidmore: Now listen to me Braks and hear me well. You told me yourself that you did that awful thing I wouldn’t believe it, but Braks, why did you run away?

Sgt. Braxton Rutledge: Because I walked into something none of us can fight…White woman business!

Sgt. Rutledge 1960

The Waco Kid: Hey Boys, look what I got here

Sheriff Bart: Hey where are the White Women at?

Blazing Saddles 1974

Today on Granite Grok there is a story on the occupod smoke bomb that was thrown at the White house. This quote caught my eye:

You know, I think this might be racism? Attacking the home of a black man and his family. Where’s Bill Mahr, Janeane Garofalo, hell the entire stenographer media, (and the NH Dead People Party) to disavow this uncivil act of racial prejudice?

Wait. My bad. They can’t feign outrage because they are probably all too busy holding a moment of silence like the one in honor of the guy who may have shot at the White house.

I found this an interesting because the NYT and Jessie Jackson are going on about racist republicans again.

Note that politically opposing this president is racism, but throwing smoke bombs or shooting at a White House occupied by a black president, no worries.

Of course when it comes to racial double standards all of this is small potatoes next to the events of October past.

You might remember a time when a black fellow by the name of Herman Cain was not only leading the field, but was driving the debate in a direction of a simplified transparent tax plan.

That could not be. If the GOP frontrunner is a black man who grew up in the segregated south the entire narrative is threatened.

People wonder why Herman Cain dropped out of the presidential race. Why didn’t he stand and fight? I wondered it myself. It wasn’t until I watched Sgt. Rutledge and remembered the generation that Mr. Cain was born into that I really understood.

1st Sgt. Braxton Rutledge: Anyone come, you ain’t gonna be in here with me.

Mary Beecher: What are you talking about?

1st Sgt. Braxton Rutledge: I’m talking about you. A white woman. White women only spell trouble for any of us.

Mary Beecher: That’s nonsense. We’re just two people trying to stay alive.

1st Sgt. Braxton Rutledge: Lady, you don’t know how hard I’m trying to stay alive.

Hopefully to a person born in the 80’s such talk might sound like nonsense, to a person born when I was (1963) it might bring thoughts of Blazing Saddles:

But to a person born before that time, a black man born in 1945. It’s something completely different. Look at this scene from Sgt. Rutledge, pay particularly attention from 2:36-3:47.

There is no single racist stereotype more pronounced than the black man threatening a white woman. It was the classic racial image invoked by those who wanted to maintain white supremacy. It’s been a club used against the black race for longer than I can remember. It cost Emmett Till (Cain was 10 at the time) and many others like him their lives. In cinema you saw it in Birth of a Nation and you saw the consequences in To Kill a Mockingbird. It is classic racism on a grand scale.

Yet not once while the Politico ran dozens of stories on the flimsiest of evidence, not once while Gloria Allred was fishing for accusers, not once when the entire liberal news media proclaimed him guilty and the late night comics made jokes did anyone look at what was happening and say:

Doesn’t anybody see a bit of Jim Crow here?

Of course they didn’t! Herman Cain is a conservative, he is a republican and when you accept liberalism as your religion and you make your living off of that meme not only do you stay silent in the face of that meme, you embrace it.

And that more than anything else is why Herman Cain, in my opinion, did not stand and fight, he saw the enlightened and tolerant media, to their disgrace, return to the worst days of his youth and saw a fight he believed instinctively, he could not win.

If they left is not ashamed of themselves they ought to be.

Update: I think Smitty misunderstands me. I don’t suggest that Herman Cain should play the race card, I’m suggesting a race card was played on Herman Cain, an old fashioned race card one liberally used against blacks.

Beloved, do not look for revenge but leave room for the wrath; for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

Rather, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals upon his head.”

Romans 12:19-20

Why is it that when I watch this

I see this?

As a Sicilian I have advice for Romney if the Saturday debate Newt asks for permission to go to the bathroom, RUN!

Today I’m going to be meeting with various potential customers who might choose to take advantage of the old ad rates before the sales team takes over.

Lucky for you DaTechGuy is all over the net right now:

First my Under the Fedora Column is up at the Minority Report blog

I’ve just finished watching The Doctor Who Christmas special. All day BBC America is showed a marathon but interrupted it for the Queen’s annual Christmas message. Not being a British subject I’d never heard one before today .

I have a soft spot for Queen Elizabeth, she is a stalwart friend of the United States, and the last link to the days when Britain was truly great. I have a horrible feeling that when she dies the best part of England will die with her.

It will likely be up before the end of the day at The Conservatory as well.

Looking for some Boston Tea party info? I’ve got it at the examiner today:

The Greater Boston Tea Party has elected Christine Morabito to serve as president of the non-profit, all-volunteer policy advocacy organization. Ms. Morabito, whose two-year term commences January 1, 2012, replaces Christen Varley, who served as the first president. Both are counted among founders of the organization.

And if you want a little culture wars, the Third part of my series at Ladd Ehlinger’s place on Cinema and the Culture wars is up and running. I deal with the Movie: Oh God and you might be surprised which side of the culture wars I think it’s on:

It’s a feel good movie all around. The performances are excellent, John Denver is totally believable as Jerry Landers, helped by a good performance by Teri Garr as his wife and a cast chock full of some of the best character actors out there from William Daniels, to Jeff Corey and Ralph Bellamy. Add two actors who were yet to have their greatest impact–Paul Sorvino and David Ogden Stiers, punctuated of course by George Burns, who carries off the role with perfect timing and style. What’s there not to like about this movie? You have a nice conservative message about an unbeliever who hears the word of God and follows it, an affirmation of the importance of following God’s word no matter what, and the message that following God is not without cost.

If you look deeper, however, you will find some interesting messages hidden delivered with such skill that you might miss it, if you didn’t look.

Parts 1 and 2 featured Gunga Din and Captains Courageous

Later this evening I’ll be reporting from the Twin City Tea Party Christmas Party . Hope these pieces can hold you over till then.

I’m been in a little mini funk since being unable to shake a lingering cough since my bout with Pneumonia and I’m really annoyed that the GOP has not gotten the message out concerning this phony tax business that the president is playing. I still haven’t finished my Christmas Shopping with just a few days left and the house is nowhere near ready for Christmas, let alone the open house.

So imagine my delight when I woke up this morning and saw this…..

I have not stopped grinning since I saw it. It had better not open on a Friday evening because I will be at the Midnight showing before going to the show that week.

Life is not just all politics.

I’m a long time fan and with one exception this preview made me laugh

Of course the sound effects automatically bring a smile to the face. I liked the iPhone joke and stooges fans will recognize an awful lot of gags from this preview

My worry isn’t so much the humor, the Stooges brand of humor is universal and it will take an awful lot of effort to screw it up. My concern is this: There are lines that the boys didn’t cross, with nearly half a century invested in the stooges lets hope the new version respects those lines.

…comes from a comedy that many of you might not remember called: Support your local Sheriff, starring James Garner, Joan Hackett, Jack Elam, Bruce Dern and Walter Brennan.

In the scene Morgan as the mayor of the town gives new Sheriff James Garner his badge

Jason McCullough: Is there a badge that goes with this job?

Mayor Olly Perkins: Oh, you bet there is…(digs out the badge that has a big dent in it)…I’m afraid it’s a little bent up.

Jason McCullough: That must have saved the man’s who was wearing it.

Mayor Olly Perkins: Well it sure would’ve if it hadn’t been for all those other bullets flying in from everywhere.

You can see it at 19:40

The entire movie he plays the straight man and delivers lines and jokes with simply perfect timing. I think as a comic he was under appreciated.

Cause: via Mark Steyn :

Obama’s Wall Street Donors Look Elsewhere” (UPI).

Effect via firedoglake: (emphasis mine)

Is the English rock band Radiohead responsible for the three to five thousand demonstrators that marched on NYPD headquarters yesterday evening? A rumor spread that the band was going to be playing for the activists in Liberty Park. Then, the band’s spokesperson denied they were playing. It was reported the band had intended to play but wanted to only play for the activists. Hundreds if not more than a thousand people showed up to the park for the band. The band never showed up but hundreds were now there for a march.

What is probably more responsible for the growth in numbers is the increased support from big unions, which the action is achieving.

In case that’s unclear let me give you a more familiar example of the same paradigm:

Cause: (emphasis mine)

Jack Woltz: All right, start talking!

Tom Hagen: I come from a personal friend of Mr Johnny Fontane. That friend promises his undying friendship if you would do him a small favour.

Jack Woltz: What’s that?

Tom Hagen: Give Johnny a part in that war movie you’re starting next week.

Jack Woltz: And what favours does this friend promise in exchange for giving Johnny the part?

Tom Hagen: You’ve got some labour trouble coming up. My client promises to make that trouble disappear. You have a top star who makes a lot of money, but he just graduated from marijuana to heroin…

Jack Woltz: Are you trying to muscle me?

Tom Hagen: Absolutely not. I’ve come to ask a service for a friend…


Update: Instalance and a great line: A Sicilian explains what’s really going on.

Update 2: Double Instalanche, Sorry Stacy.

Update 3: Triple Instalance nearly a month later, The Democrats really need someone to play Admiral Akbar or Sheldon for them:

I think the endgame is some big democratic money people end up paying a lot to these groups to go away.

Update 4: 1/13/12 Quadruple Instalance. this must be the post of mine Glenn Loves best, by an odd coincidence I met and interviewed multiple Occupiers in NH during my primary coverage. Exit question: Although we got along well and they seemed like nice enough people, doesn’t it seem odd to have a dozen occupiers at the table next to me in a Radison bar paying hotel rates for beer?

Over the next 15 months, the left, media and the Obama administration will, spare no expense to demonize the potential republican nominees in every possible way. These efforts will likely be very creative, real slick and eat up a lot of funds but no matter how hard they try there is one factor that can’t will be unable to cope with come election day.

Whatever the public might discover about the final GOP nominee, the public knows Barack Obama!

In the movie Paint Your Wagon there is a scene when Mormon Jacob Woodling comes into No Name City with his two wives. They are the only women in town. Mad Jack Duncan objects:

Bridegroom, l don’t give a damn how a man prays. There’s room in hell for all of us, but it just ain’t equitable, for you to be having two of something all of us got none of.

He offers to buy one of his wife’s prompting following exchange all emphasis mine.

Mad Jack Duncan: All right.
[grabs Jacob Woodling by the beard]
Mad Jack Duncan: What about it Mormons?
Sarah Woodling: [whispering] Jacob. We need every penny, Jacob. And I can’t bear another day of those martyred looks. There. There it is again!
Elizabeth: This isn’t a martyred look, Sarah. This look is puuuure – hatred.
Jacob Woodling: Quiet! Brigham Young has twenty seven wives and he hasn’t had half the trouble with them that I’ve had with the two of you!
Elizabeth: Then simplify your life, Jacob. Sell me.
Jacob Woodling: But Elizabeth: you don’t know what you’ll get.
Elizabeth: I know what I’ve had.

People can attack the GOP candidates who have entered (and those who have not) till they are blue in the face and it won’t change the fact that the American public has lived though three years of Barack Obama as president and it has corresponded to the worst economic times of those people’s lifetimes.

That’s why it’s the Paint your Wagon election. It doesn’t matter who the nominee is From Herman Cain to Mitt Romney, From Rick Santorum to Jon Hunstman, from Thad McCotter to Michelle Bachmann, from Newt to Ron Paul to Sarah Palin or anyone else who jumps in. When the democrats point to the GOP nominee saying “You don’t know what you’ll get.” the American people will resoundingly answer” I know what I’ve had!”

And this is why Barack Obama’s re-election effort is doomed!

Update: Instalanche, thanks Glenn, welcome and take a look around, find out why MSNBC laughs at Rick Perry on Climategate, Find out about the Barbershop election for the black community, and remember after this weeks DaTechGuy on DaRadio show (Sat 10-noon EST Dail888-9-FEDORA to call in) please join me and blogger Sissy Willis for lunch and talk at the Border Grille and Bar Leominster Mass. 1 p.m. I’ll be the guy in the fedora.

“I think President Obama will do just fine.” Mika Brzezinski Morning Joe 8/11/11 on his re-election prospects.

“Now I probably wouldn’t say this in front of white folks but in front of y’all I’ll speak my mind” Cedric the Entertainer as Eddie in Barbershop 2002

In the electoral math for 2012 one factor in every calculation is Barack Obama will generate a large black turnout and win between 90-95% of their vote. It is the security blanket that Democrats cling to, the cornerstone of the house of cards the liberals are building.

However that cornerstone, although looking strong from the outside may not be as solid inside.

On Morning Joe today we saw Tavis Smiley and Cornel West hinting at the weakness of this president while doing their best to avoid saying it aloud or hitting him directly. I found the appearance extraordinary. Yes they are pushing their radio show and tour, but the willingness to tweak ever, so slightly the president outside of their community spoke volumes.

I don’t know the demographics of Morning Joe but I have the feeling they do not serve an overwhelmingly black audience.

I’ve already commented on how the black community is the cornerstone of the president’s polling:

The black community runs 90-95% Democratic and voted that way last election. If you think that more than one in 20 black Americans are going to tell a national pollster that they disapprove of the first Black President you are absolutely out of your minds.

At the same time Stacy McCain has the numbers:

The most recent figures show African American joblessness at 16.2 percent. For black males, it’s at 17.5 percent; And for black teens, it’s nearly 41 percent.

(those are June figures btw)

Roxeanne’s correct explanation for the gap not withstanding, the Peggy Josephs and the “Obama Money” crowd in Detroit expected great things for themselves; instead got a president who has kept his distance from the community that provided his most loyal support.

The result? That’s the question. We are seeing only slight glimpses of discontent, but what is it that we aren’t seeing?

Let’s say it aloud: If Barack Obama had Jimmy Carter’s pigmentation there would be democrats lining up to primary him with slogans like: “We can do better” and “Let’s nominate a fighter for the working man“. Those potential candidates are discouraged by the party because if even 10% of the black community abandons them, democrats become unelectable.

I’m sure that if I went back to Ga-4 and asked the overwhelmingly black community there: “Do you support the president?” I’d be told YES overwhelmingly. If my friend George, a black minister in that same community asked that question I suspect he would get a more nuanced response.

This is the wild card in election 2012. Behind closed doors is the black community having conversations like this about the president?

I suspect they are and have been for several months. If I’m right then this election is going to be a bigger disaster for democrats than 2010 was.

Via Twitter we see that NetFlix is doing away with its combined DVD rental and unlimited streaming plans. Here is what is now offered in its place via the Netflix blog:

Plan 1: Unlimited Streaming (no DVDs) for $7.99 a month
Plan 2: Unlimited DVDs, 1 out at-a-time (no streaming), for $7.99 a month.

or both for $15.98 (no discount)

Although not listed on the blog there are other options that you can discover by logging into your account

Plan 3: Unlimited DVDs, 2 out at-a-time (no streaming), for $19.98 a month.
Plan 4: Unlimited DVDs, 3 out at-a-time (no streaming), for $23.98 a month.
Plan 5: Unlimited DVDs, 4 out at-a-time (no streaming), for $29.98 a month.
Or you can add a DVD out to these plans for an additional $6 per month up to a max of 8 DVD

My own current netflix plan is 3 DVD’s out at a time and unlimited streaming. it was $17 bucks a month until Jan 1st at which time it went up to $20 a month, to keep that same plan I will now have to pay $23.98.

That’s a 20% increase in Sept over Aug and an increase of over 40% since the start of the year. About $84 a year

This leaves me with several choices:

1…I can pay the new price increase and adjust my monthly budget accordingly

2…I can avoid that new price increase by dropping down to two DVD’s a month (25% less access for the same price)

3…I can bypass the price increase from the start of the year by dropping down to one movie (a 50% drop in service for the old price)


For less than the cost of that price difference I can drop the free streaming from Netflix get Amazon Prime’s free streaming service AND two-day shipping on all orders.

So can anyone explain to me why I would accept the price increase when I can do better by going to Amazon? And without the streaming as a value added, can anyone explain why I shouldn’t just go to cheaper sources of movies and drop Netfilx altogether?

Of course it could be that Netflix WANTS to dump a portion of the streaming or DVD audience as the costs might have become prohibitive.

They made the same mistake Newspapers did. When they introduced streaming they should have offered it at a nominal charge instead of giving it away. Once people get used to getting something for free you’re going to have a hard time convincing them to pay for it, particularly when there are lower cost alternatives available.

Past mistakes not withstanding, from the comments I’m seeing at the NetFlix blog this is a PR disaster in the making. I’ve got a call into their corporate office requesting an interview with Steve Swazey the corporate communications man, I’ll let you know what he has to say.

His general point concerning the church and Hollywood is correct and I suggest reading his piece, but he misses the real point of the movie, and the reason why it still scares me late in my 40’s when I watch it by totally misinterpreting the ending:

Then an enraged Karras, his belief in God firmly restored, challenges the demon to enter into him and leave the innocent Regan. When it does, Karras, now at peace with his renewed faith, wins the ultimate victory by throwing himself out a window to his death, forever freeing Regan and saving her life.

This is exactly wrong on just about every possible level you can get.

Consider what the goal of devils and demons creatures who are by their nature spiritual in nature and eternal in life? Death? Violent Death? Terror? Nope. None of those thing gain anything for them. In fact if a person dies in a state of grace their death is an abject failure.

The Goal of the Devil and his minions is singular, the damnation of souls. The devil can possess the girl until she is an old lady, but such possession has no effect on the state of her soul. HER soul in my opinion is never the target. It is Fr. Karras, the priest. Think about this, the devil in the end doesn’t just get a priest who may have his doubts, he get a priest who absolutely and completely believes in him, and then willingly gives himself over to possession.

You see Fr. Karras decides to play not by the rules of the church, not with the patience of Christ, but instead by Satan’s rules. because of this he fails and falls. The writer at Big Hollywood makes the same mistake many people made concerning the finale of Saving Grace. Grace isn’t saved. Grace is damned, both are tempted by the sin of pride and both fail.

In terms of drama, it doesn’t matter, in terms of theology, it matters a lot.

Let me conclude with this from bit from the end of Screwtape 24:

I am not in the least interested in knowing how many people in England have been killed by bombs. In what state of mind they died, I can learn from the office at this end. That they were going to die sometime, I knew already.

as I’ve gone to very few movies lately, but it’s release this weekend is another excuse for my Atlas Shrugged movie story.

I was at CPAC and attended an event which included a clip from the movie with some of the folks who worked on it.

As people mixed I suggested to the publicity man that they might want to consider some ads on DaTechGuy on DaRadio to promote the movie. The publicist answered they were only interested in free publicity.

The irony of the makers of a movie about productive people striking to preserve the profit motive declining to pay for desired publicity is still one of the funniest memories I have of CPAC this year.

Only a very ignorant person can call Liz Taylor the last star of Hollywood’s Golden Era while O’Hara and de Havilland are still around.

Oh and I think considering Taylor was sleeping with her husband I think its classless to be interviewing Debbie Reynolds on Taylor.

You might have noticed my deafening silence on the brutal story out of Philly concerning an abortion doctor who takes his job rather…zealously.

The left is pointing out, correctly that even under the current abortion laws this doctors actions would be illegal in 50 states.

So as a very Catholic anti-abortion guy where is my post full of outrage? There isn’t one.

To me this is no different from the thousands of abortions that are done every day. To me, the outrage isn’t that this doctor is out there, the outrage is that hundreds of others are killing children every day and are considered pillars of the community as Roxeanne said:

When Ruth Bader Ginsburg writes that partial-birth abortion (performed by delivering the baby in the breech position, stabbing it in the head with scissors with the neck lodged in the cervix, suctioning its brains out, and then delivering the corpse that had been alive moments earlier) is a constitutional right, she sanctions the murder of babies who have already been born – because those babies are no more human, no more special, than the ones who are fair targets.emphasis mine

It brings to mind a scene from the Great Escape:

Ramsey: I have to point out one thing to you, Roger. No matter how unsatisfactory this camp may be, the high command have left us in the hands of the Luftwaffe, not the Gestapo and the SS.

Bartlett: Look, sir, you talk about the high command of the Luftwaffe, then the SS and the Gestapo. To me they’re the same. We’re fighting the bloody lot. There’s only one way to put it, sir. They are the common enemies of everyone who believes in freedom.

To me there is no difference between this guy and the folks in Worcester who do Abortion legally with support from the government and our friends on the left. It’s important to prosecute this man to the fullest extent of the law but as Bob Belvedere says:

For the past one hundred years there has been a stealth revolution occurring in America and one of the fallouts of this silent and insidious upheaval has been the deaths of millions of babies.

Until we stop that revolution or help our friends on the left understand what they are doing it will not stop.

Abortion is the third pillar of the three great American evils that the democratic party has supported. The first was Slavery, the second was Jim Crow and the third is Abortion (Ironically all three target blacks and/or minorities). The day will come when people shake their heads wondering what folks were thinking for abortion in the same way they do on the others.