The questions that have been asked so far in this debate, illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media. This is not a cage match. And if you look at the questions, Donald Trump, are you a comic book villain? Ben Carson, can you do the math? John Kasich, can you insult two people over here? Marco Rubio, why don’t you resign? Jeb Bush, why have your numbers fallen? How about talking about the substantive issues —

Ted Cruz CNBC Debate Oct 29th 2015

Last week Ted Cruz has his single biggest moment in the GOP race to this point when during the CNBC debate he called out the bias of the MSM against the GOP contrasting it with how Democrats have been treated by said media and suggested that perhaps the people asking the questions of the person seeking the GOP nomination should have voted in such a primary at least once.

During the week that followed we heard all kinds of snark suggesting that if the GOP couldn’t handle CNBC they couldn’t handle the white house, they were called whiners, complainers and attacked by press from CNN MSNBC and even Megyn Kelly of Fox news.

However on Friday we had a 24 hour period where the Media did their best to make his point for him.

Item 1.  The only way a Black Man escapes the Democrat Plantation is Death

Months ago just after he announced I covered a Ben Carson Q & A in NH and ask him about the media 180 on him since he critiqued the president at the Prayer Breakfast.

at the time Carson’s prospects were considered slim and none and slim was not in town. Well a few weeks after he finished 2nd in the 603 alliance caucus of confirmed NH voters and just a few days after a Quinnipiac poll showed that he was drawing nearly 20% of te black vote, enough to make a Democrat victory impossible in a general election. The media decided to go after him in a Big way.

Politico put out hit piece on Carson claiming he was lying about some childhood & teenage stories. Before you knew it every single media outlet was piling on as illustrated by this image via the Rush Limbaugh site:


and this statement

See? From the moment I told you about this, this is exactly what I told you The Politico’s purpose was. They want you to think that Carson never went to West Point but that he says he did. “Politico published a piece Friday claiming Carson’s campaign ‘admits fabricating’ the fact that he applied and was admitted to West Point.” So they go to the West Point spokesbabe today and she says, “No, we had no application. He didn’t apply, and he certainly didn’t attend here.”

So they clearly want ignorant, impressionable, uninformed readers to think that Ben Carson’s out there writing in his book that he went to West Point and that The Politico today has uncovered the fact that he didn’t. And do you want to know how successful this is? I’m not gonna mention any names here. In the opening segment of this program, I’m going through exactly what I just told you here, and somebody on the other side of the glass shouted to me, “It doesn’t matter, he’s toast! The truth doesn’t matter. He’s toast.”

And this might be true if Carson was a regular pol but if you think a fellow who has spent hours fighting for the lives of kids considered doomed was going to just give up they were quite mistaken. Carson called the story “an outright lie” American Elephant put it well

and lo and behold within a few hours Politico had already edited their story (without mentioning the edits) and CNN was putting out a story titled “Where Politico’s Ben Carson ‘Scoop’ Went Wrong

The rewritten article did not initially include a correction or editor’s note, although a note was later added on Friday. Politico again said it “stands by its reporting.”

Of course by the time these corrections were promulgated the low info voters who don’t follow the news or see the corrections will have the background noise of “Ben Carson Lied” added into things “everybody knows.”

Take a look at the press conference below

And remember the primary subject of these questions are concerning a dinner he attended at age 18.

Now some might say, hey this guy is running for president of the United States, this isn’t softball, he’s got to demonstrate that he can stand up and take it.

However that very evening we saw a very different press event for Democrats…

2. MSNBC invites the Hillary Clinton & Co over to play  softball

At 8 PM Friday evening MSNBC broadcast the First in the south Democrat forum featuring Martin O’Malley, BErnie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

The Contrast was quite striking.

Unlike the combative CNBC, Fox & CNN Debates the Democrat Candidates appeared one at a time without worrying about being challenged by their opponents

Unlike the CNBC debate and the Scrum around Ben Carson earlier in the day. Rather than facing confrontational questions from political opponents like Ben Carson and the GOP CNBC debaters did the Democrat Candidates faced questions from Rachel Maddow the most liberal of hosts on MSNBC all based on affirming their worldview rather than challenging it.

And while Mr. Carson’s words at a dinner at age 18 were considered relevant neither this story which broke this morning:

A day after assuming office as secretary of state, Clinton signed a Sensitive Compartmented Information Nondisclosure Agreement that laid out criminal penalties for “any unauthorized disclosure” of classified information.

Experts have guessed that Clinton signed such an agreement, but a copy of her specific contract, obtained by the Competitive Enterprise Institute through an open records request and shared with the Washington Free Beacon, reveals for the first time the exact language of the NDA.

Nor he contradictory explanations concerning the cause of the Benghazi attack.

An email released by the House Select Committee on Benghazi Saturday suggests Hillary Clinton’s State Department was advised to tell two different stories about what sparked the 2012 Benghazi terror attack: one to the U.S., and another in Libya.

Both which took place while secretary of state in this administration were not newsworthy enough to elicit a question on the topic from Miss Maddow. Here is one of the questions


Now you might say that it’s the job of the press to examine the words of a top tier GOP candidate like Ben Carson and you might also say that at the Democrat Forum Rachel Maddow asked some questions of real substance, particularly the one on the tech industry & in both cases you would be right…

…HOWEVER if I was a candidate like Ted Cruz, who was roundly attacked for contrasting the way Democrats and Republicans are treated by the press and ridiculed by Megyn Kelly for suggesting that perhaps the GOP should have it’s debates moderated by people who actually vote in GOP elections the next time someone questioned either of these statements and asked why he’s spending his time talking about media coverage I’d hand them a DVD of the Media coverage of November 6th 2015 and answer:

THIS is why.


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Dave Weigel’s beat is covering conservatives. You will see him regularly at CPAC and on the campaign trail with GOP hopefuls.

So it is no surprise that Ted Cruz’s appearance before the national firefighters union was on his radar.

Cruz entered the less friendly climate of the International Association of Firefighters, for its bipartisan presidential summit. Firefighters’ unions are not as solidly Democratic as most labor unions.

Given that unions slavishly follow the Democrat line that’s not a high standard to reach but more interesting was his reaction to a video put together by MSNBC noting the reaction, or lack thereof of the Union crowd to things that were applause lines at CPAC

No one had anything good to say about Cruz. “I had to take a shower after listening to that,” said Washington state IAFF leader Ricky Walsh.

You can likely count on one hand the number of State Union leaders who are conservatives and in liberal Washington you can probably count them on one finger so the above reaction is frankly not much of a story.

What IS a story is this: Ted Cruz didn’t give a “feel good” speech about his family history (like Marco Rubio) or steering away from domestic issues (like Lindsey Graham).

Nope Ted Cruz, rather than tailoring his speech or spinning his audience, went before a hostile crowd and did what he always does made his case for the things he believes. He told the truth.

MSNBC not withstanding this is what we used to called “Character” and I’m old enough to remember when we the media used to celebrate this kind of character in candidates.

The MSNBC video is here


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Yesterday afternoon while people were busy protesting against police at the Mall of America two police officers in Brooklyn were murdered execution style.

They were not in the process of violating tax laws passed by liberals in the state of New York like Eric Garner, they had not just robbed or muscled a store owner like Michael Brown, they were simply in their car doing the job they were hired to do.  Protecting the public and were killed for it.

There are many who have for ratings & or  financial and political gain lionized those who have violated the law and demonized those who enforce it over the last several week and months.  They have done so publicly and proudly.

So when I see self-serving tweets like this:

and this

and this

and this

and statements like this from the AG’s office:

“This was an unspeakable act of barbarism, and I was deeply saddened to hear of the loss of these two brave officers in the line of duty,” Holder said in a statement. “On behalf of all those who serve in the United States Department of Justice, I want to express my heartfelt condolences to the officers’ loved ones and colleagues.”

You will forgive me if I tend to doubt their sincerity

I don’t hold the ignorant & naive  college students who apparently were not taught by their parents the realities of life nor do I blame the ignorant on twitter who are cheering this, for I expect no better from them.

The people I have quoted above, however,  are public figures and those figures,  elected and appointed,  should know better.  (I submit DID know better yet charted their course anyway).

Mayor DiBlasio & Barack Obama were lawfully elected and Eric Holder lawfully appointed to their public positions.  The people of the United States and New York City choose them therefore they must live with the consequences, however outrageous,  of these choices, unless they choose to remove themselves from office (Mr. Holder resigned months ago but still holds his office pending the confirmation of his replacement)  we are pretty much stuck with them.

However Al Sharpton hasn’t been elected to anything, he is a TV host on the MSNBC network (Currently owned by cable giant Comcast) and MSNBC has chosen to give him a daily show on their network.

I submit and suggest that by giving his a public platform on their network MSNBC has endorsed his statements and actions of the last several months, and if they continue to do so they implicitly endorse the events of Saturday in NYC.

You might say, “But DaTechGuy Mr. Sharpton has 1st Amendment rights” indeed he does, but said right does not extend to programing on MSNBC, if that was the case then I would demand one myself.

I call upon the network to immediately “suspend” Mr. Sharpton and remove his show from their lineup.

It is their network and they of course have the perfect right to ignore my call for this action, conversely I have the perfect right to express my opinion that a failure to do so is a direct endorsement of the events of Saturday afternoon by MSNBC and by their parent company Comcast and consumers should act accordingly.

The Comcast contact page is here.

You can contact MSNBC here.

Or perhaps you might choose to contact their advertisers, I’m sure they must be delighted to have their brands associated with the face of the anti-police movement at this time.

Closing thought, If Comcast decides the Rev Al is a liability & removes him from MSNBC & said reverend’s followers quit the network in protest, would anyone be left watching?

Update 2nd potential murder thwarted when gun jams:

A second slay attempt on NYPD officers was narrowly avoided early Sunday when a gunman’s weapon jammed as he took aim at two cops outside a Bronx housing project, sources said.

Investigators grabbed the wannabe cop killer after he dropped his gun and ran into the Millbrook Houses on Saint Anns Ave. in Port Morris, sources said.

Yup no pattern here.

Update: Ed Driscoll links and notes an advantage of Sharpton staying where he is:

However, reasonable people can disagree with Ingemi as to whether or not Sharpton should be dumped in the rapidly escalating wake of the violent protests Sharpton helped gin up. As with past anchors Keith Olberman at his must lunatic, Alec Baldwin at his most violent, and Martin Bashir at his most scatological, Al Sharpton is the spokesman for MSNBC — and Comcast — right now. After all, Sharpton is “all the things” its network president thinks “that MSNBC is.” as the network’s president says. And he’s a powerful daily reminder of just much hatred lurks in the hearts of the left:

A fair point, but I think prosperity trumps it, additionally the more we make the unacceptable acceptable the more we enable the next Sharpton, much better to make vice unacceptable and the fall of Sharpton might generate courage in those who appease him.

We need to defeat him and make him feel defeated.

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Tom Hagen: Right now we have the unions and we have the gambling and those are the best things to have. But narcotics is a thing of the future. If we don’t get a piece of that action we risk everything we have. Not now, but ten years from now.

The Godfather 1972

At first glance this story is a source of a lot of chuckles

Sports on MSNBC? News Outlet Will Launch Streaming-Video Hub To Test New Shows, Hosts

What? Are we to believe that MSNBC’s particular blend of blind radical liberalism isn’t enough to carry a cable network?

MSNBC is getting ready to debut a new show about sports. And one focused on books. And another that will examine celebrity and popular culture. In all, the NBCUniversal-owned cable-news network has 14 new programs ready to roll.

As you can guess the comments section is all about conservative Schadenfreude.

Is this code for liberalism has jumped the shark and Americans are tired of being preached at by Race- Baitors and heterophobes who think any weather pattern is caused by global warming.

While we are laughing at this a bit I think it’s important to point out that this is a smart move. They are playing the culture game to get some eyeballs which brings to mind some advice Instapundit gave to us on the right.

The political left has a quasi-monopoly in this slice of media. This is a serious effort; it’s time conservatives start competing.”

MSNBC has become a micro niche, by increasing their appeal outside their niche they have the potential to draw people to the network or influence people by their short promo videos.

We ought to be smart enough to do the same even if it takes time.

The Cat: Man Reality Sucks

Red Dwarf: Back in the Red Part 3 1999

Once again Fox news is embarrassing their competitors in terms of numbers.

Third-Quarter 2014 Primetime Averages
FNC: 1,797,000 viewers, up 12 percent (313,000 adults 25-54, up 12 percent)
CNN: 555,000 viewers, up 2 percent (186,000 adults 25-54, up 4 percent)
MSNBC: 557,000 viewers, down 2 percent (150 adults 25-54, down 21 percent)
HLN: 352,000 viewers, down 4 percent (120 adults 25-54, down 12 percent)

Yes FNC is outdrawing them all combined and yes we can joke about Shark Tank re-runs beating MSNBC but let me throw a dose of reality at you. Those FOX numbers mean nothing as long as these broadcast news numbers remain true:

Numbers for the week of Sept. 22, 2014:

Total Viewers/A25-54
NBC 8,187,000/1,811,000
ABC 8,029,000/2,002,000
CBS 6,344,000/1,507,000

You will note that Fox total views barely beats the 3rd place CBS number for 18/54 year olds.  Furthermore If we combine the totals of these 25,821,000 & 6,089,000 in the 18-54 demo for the seven networks in question here is what we get for numbers by comparison

Total Viewers/A25-54
NBC 31.6% 29.7%
ABC 31.1% 32.9%
CBS 24.5% / 24.7%
FOX 7.0% /5.1%
CNN 2.1% / 3.0%
MSNBC 2.1% / 2.5%
HLN 1.3% / 1.9%

So for all their power in cable Fox news reaches a whopping 7% of news viewers and not even Megan Kelly beauty has gotten them above 5.1% among 18/54 year olds.

Furthermore when you remember that the 25.8 million number represents only 10.7% of the voting age population and and 18.4% of the number of people who actually voted the impact of Fox (and to some degree the networks) is really understood.

Now to the left, being totalitarian in nature, even this modest bit of the electorate getting an opinion differing from their message is dangerous which is why FOX remains a target, but lets not kid ourselves. As long as we are crowing about FOX News vs CNN/MSNBC/HLN we are like the toughest player on the JV football team talking smack.

Until we break into those newsrooms thing swill not change and frankly until we break into the greater culture where the 89.3% of voting age people who don’t watch news go even that move will be wasted.

Conservatives pride themselves on seeing things as they are as opposed to the utopian left.  Let’s start acting like it.

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Update:  Hotair gloats over Media Matters failure but as long as Fox is only reaching 7% of news consumers and under 1% of the electorate they are winning. 




Andrew: you madam, have had the… rare privilege of escaping your bonds for just a spell. To see life from an entirely new perspective. How you choose to use that information is entirely up to you.

Overboard 1987

Since last year I’ve been writing about the inability of people on the left to name an actual Hillary Clinton accomplishment as Secretary of State.

Today Bill Kristol illustrated this inability on a grand scale.

Appearing on MSNBC the subject of Hillary 2016 came up.  Kristol contrasted her with Sen Claire McCaskill and challenged the table to name a single accomplishment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

John Heilmann & Mika Brzezinski were sitting at that table so it should have been no problem for two professional journalists who have talked about Hillary’s inevitability for months to snap off an answer.

They did not.

Heilmann declined saying he would leave to the Hillary campaign as if it was not the job of a reporter to say such a thing, Joe Scarborough picked up on meme and repeated the question.  Chuck Todd danced around speaking of the difficulty of making the case as Hillary’s style is more subdued, not as visible as John Kerry.

When John Heilmann had a 2nd chance to speak the best he could come up with in the time he had to think, mentioned Hillary Clinton’s extensive travel,  as if she was the first Secretary of State to ever travel all over the place.

Meanwhile the great champion of woman’s issues Mika Brzezinski never said a word..

For a conservative like me this Hillary hilarity was priceless moment of comedy but for a liberal activist it’s something more serious, it’s a crisis of faith.

Picture being a member of the MSNBC partisan audience base sitting there at home watching. You’ve always taken the question of Hillary’s qualifications and accomplishments as a given. Suddenly you’re confronted with Bill Kristol’s direct question. A question so simple you’re tempted to laugh, instead you sit there in tongue-tied disbelief unable to answer yourself and watching the best and brightest of MSNBC fail to provide an answer for you.

That’s when the awful reality hits you.

The reason professional political reporters, people who have followed Hillary Clinton for decades and spent the entire Obama presidency sitting on that MSNBC set talking the issues of the day can’t name a Hillary Clinton accomplishment as Secretary of State off the top of their head, it’s because she doesn’t have any.

How such a person reacts to that revelation, anger toward Kristol for asking the question or re-examining what they’ve been told will say much about who that person is.

Update: The Morning Joe Site no longer supports subclips so here is the full segment

What makes it even more dramatic is John Heilmann scoffs at the idea that McCaskill is more qualified than Hillary Clinton and that’s when Bill Kristol asks the $64,000 dollar question:

“What achievement, one sentence, was did Hillary Clinton done, what is her achievement in politics that qualifies her to be President of the United States?”

Look at the faces it’s speaks volumes.

Update 2: Here is the sub clip from Youtube it’s absolutely wonderful

Update 3: I’ll be Guest Hosting Conservatively Speaking this weekend and Mr. Kristol will be joining me in the 8 AM hour to talk about the Hillary segment.

Update 4: Ed Morrissey

What’s even more amusing is the suggestion that we should wait for Hillary’s next book to tell us what her qualifications are. Clinton has been in the public eye since the Clinton days in Arkansas, 30 years ago. She ran for President in 2008 after eight nondescript years in the Senate, and then served four years as Secretary of State in a tenure bookended by the embarrassing “reset button” with Russia and the Benghazi failure that left four Americans dead. If she had a major accomplishment in all of that time, we wouldn’t need a campaign biography to discover it.

and At Ace of Spades HQ:

Hillary 2016: She’s Already Passed The Globetrotting Vacation Test

Update 5: Byron York reminds us that when asked Hillary couldn’t name one either.


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REMINDER: In 2009, Barack Obama “Joked” About Having The IRS Audit His Enemies.

Glenn Reynolds

Media-Scales-590-LIBack in January the Bridgegate™ scandal broke and the media devoted hours and hours to the coverage to the exclusion of all else.  The coverage was so excessive  that Vladimir Putin could have taken Crimea, Ukraine and the Baltic states and it might have rated a line at the bottom of page A-16 or 30 seconds at the bottom of a newscast.

So yesterday when Randy Mastro’s press conference began to announce the result of his investigation every news network turned to it cutting away from the President in Europe

In connection with allegations related to the George Washington bridge realignment we found that Governor Christie had no knowledge aforehand of this George Washington bridge realignment idea and he played no role whatsoever in that decision or the implementation of it. We further found no evidence that anyone in the governor’s office asides Bridget Kelly knew of this idea in advance or played any role in the decision or the implementation of it.

It wasn’t long after the words came out of his mouth that MSNBC cut away and had a commentator dismissing these results and dismissed Randy Mastro as a hired gun for Gov Christie and not independent. As I noted at the time:


CNN carried the press conference a little longer but then continued along those same lines. This was a legal team hired by Christie and should be taken with a grain of salt.

The next day Morning Joe spent practically the entire show dismissing the findings of but suggesting Christie would have been better off not having the press conference.

This has become the MSM media meme:

CBS Headline: Christie-Appointed Lawyer: Governor Not Involved In George Washington Bridge Plot

Yahoo News: Christie cleared in his own probe, but others loom

Huffington Post: Chris Christie’s Lawyer To Issue Traffic Scandal Report

UPDATE:  The New York Times:

A Whitewash for Gov. Christie
The best example?   TPM’s headline which calls this “Christie’s Self Exoneration Panel“.

Ironically at TPM you can find another headline that is getting a lot less press: Oversight Dems To Issa: Drop The Charade And Let’s Do Some Real Work.

Because we all know the internal investigation of Benghazi was beyond reproach.

It’s seems strange to me that TPM and the rest of the media seem to have variable standards when it comes to internal investigations.  Let’s take the IRS…

The head of the Internal Revenue Service told House Republicans on Wednesday that it would take years to provide all the documents they have subpoenaed in their probe of how the agency handled tea party groups’ applications for tax-exempt status.

The comments by IRS chief John Koskinen drew a frosty response from Republicans who run the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee, one of several congressional panels investigating the controversy. The panel’s chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., warned him he should comply with the request “or potentially be held in contempt” of Congress, a sometimes threatened but seldom-used authority.

…they didn’t find this story particularly newsworthy.  It didn’t generate a whole lot of talk on Morning Joe either, in fact I don’t recall any, but why would it?  After all the internal investigation headed by an Obama donor leaked it was unlikely there would be any criminal charges filed and the president himself said there was no corruption involved.  Where’s the story there?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This is a gift to the GOP.

If I was a member of the GOP I would go on every morning & afternoon show that I’m invited and when questioned about this report and investigation say something like:

Well I think it’s very fair to question the credibility of an investigation commissioned by those who are being investigated like the IRS scandal for example when a political donor to the president leaked that there was unlikely to bring criminal charges even though we have people repeatedly taking the fifth in that investigation, or in the Benghazi investigation where the political allies of the White House are insisting congressional investigations be dropped

When they bring up Christie interview with Dianne Sawyer they should compare it to the President’s statement to Bill O’Reilly that there was “not even a SMIDGEN of corruption.” No matter what direction the question comes, some variation of these answer should be the response.

This is a gift to the GOP if they are smart enough to use it.

Closing Thought: What would the reaction of the MSM be if Chris Christie had  “joked” about using lane closures to punish mayors who didn’t support him in 2010?

Update 2: Via Glenn, Howie Carr reminds us we don’t have to go to the Obama Administration to find Democrats presumed innocent

Oddly, however, the hacks rounded up over the last few days, well, let’s put it this way. They voted for Obama 100 percent. They think Obamacare’s great. How could they possibly be guilty as charged?


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It is more profitable for me to have a team that is in contention for most of the season, but finishes about fourth…A team like that will draw well enough during the first part of the season to show a profit for the year and you don’t have to give the players raises when they don’t win.

Connie Mack Owner/Manager Philadelphia A’s 1901-1953

Sheldon: Can’t we just go to Big Boy? They only have one burger. The Big Boy.

Penny: The Barbecue Burger is like the Big Boy.

Sheldon: Excuse me. In a world that already includes the Big Boy, why would I settle for something like a Big Boy?

The Big Bang Theory The Hamburger Postulate 2007

There is a bit of a fuss about this story at Politico concerning MSNBC’s revenues and viewership.

MSNBC suffered harder loses in 2013 — in terms of both viewership and revenue — than either of its competitors at Fox News and CNN, according to Nielsen data featured in a new Pew Research report. Primetime viewership declined by a staggering 24 percent (nearly twice the loss sustained by CNN and four-times that sustained by Fox News). Daytime viewership fell by 15 percent, even as it rose at both of the other networks.

On the revenue side, MSNBC was projected to decline by 2 percent, while both CNN and Fox News were projected to experience growth of 2 percent and 5 percent, respectively. MSNBC was expected to bring in $475 million in revenue: less than half what CNN will make and roughly one-quarter of what Fox News will make.

The graphs and charts make the case seem even more dire for MSNBC and there are a lot of folks on my side of the aisle noting with glee how the left’s favorite news network is no peacock compared to even CNN let alone the soaring and majestic Fox.

But people are forgetting a few things it’s not a question of relative audience it’s a question of actual profit.

Think of it as McDonalds vs Big Boy.

McDonalds had a gross of 28.11 Billion last year from 14,000 restaurants.  They are a worldwide powerhouse that last year had according to google finance  a net profit margin of over 19%.  As of this writing the stock is selling for more than $95 a share.

Frisch’s Big Boy has 120 locations.  Their stock price as of this moment is just over $23 a share, their net profit margin in 2013 was 3.42% and their sales were just over $213mill in the fiscal year ending may 2013

Any comparison of the relative strength of Frisch’s Big Boy & McDonalds is laughable.  In fact you could combine the numbers from Bob’s Big Boy out west with Frisch’s and their entire customer base would be considered a niche market vs the golden arches.

But that’s not how the real world works.  In the real word Big Boy, with sales over $200 million is and remains a powerhouse with a reach that many other small restaurants can only dream of.

Furthermore as long as the bills and employees are being paid and the shareholders are making a profit Big Boy will continue to remain a significant company that’s going away anytime soon.

It’s the same thing with MSNBC vs Fox.  This isn’t Tina Brown and the Daily Beast where  as Stacy McCain once put it

projected profitability at the Daily Beast to somewhere between (a) three years and (b) when hell freezes over.

MSNBC is a major company that makes a profit without the need for a George Soros or any other liberal angel to pay the bills.

As far as Comcast is concerned as long as MSNBC’s niche market (compared to Fox) produces a profit and provides a platform to promote Comcast products where the parent company can effectively pay itself for advertising, it is something that will continue for the foreseeable future.  Stacy Again:

Establishment Media still matters, and will continue to matter for the foreseeable future. MSNBC made a bet during the Bush years that there was a market for a cable network that was the antithesis of Fox News, and that bet helped MSNBC vault past CNN into second place among cable networks, but the momentum — which took MSNBC from about 350,000 primetime viewers in 2006 to about 750,000 in 2012 — couldn’t be sustained.

Conservatives who watch Fox News to get pro-GOP happy talk are much more numerous than people who tune into MSNBC to get anti-GOP angry talk, but that is cold comfort to Republicans when the Democrat in the White House was able to get re-elected in large measure because MSNBC actually reflects the private opinions of the people who produce mass-market news at the major networks.

MSNBC is a legit target as it almost uniformly pushes the left’s agenda so it’s trials and tribulations are worth a smile, but the goal isn’t to beat MSNBC it’s to beat liberals in elections to advance a conservative agenda and anything we do to counter MSNBC has to be in that context, anything else is fools gold.

Eyes on the prize people, eyes on the prize.


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No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

Constitution of the United States Article 6 Paragraph 3

Yesterday MSNBC made clear where its customer base is as host Joy Reid discussed the Hobby Lobby case.  (emphasis mine)

The court that will decide includes six Catholic justices, some of whom have not been shy about asserting their religion. And all of this is taking place as the country becomes more secular. Even as the fervently religious fight even harder than ever to push creationism in taxpayer funded schools, and on science TV shows. And where the question of corporate personhood has gone from whether the railroad has to pay its taxes to whether corporations can be religious people. The question is do you trust this court to make those decisions?

Now there is an obvious point to make concerning such a statement that  Yid with Lid has already alluded to.  If the host of the show had substituted:  “Muslim”, Jewish”, “Black”, “Gay”,  “Atheist”, “Hispanic”, in place of “Catholic”  the outrage of the left would be incredible and the demand for both an apology and the firing of Ms. Reid would become a cause célèbre among all the right people but as her statement concerned Catholics, and more importantly believing catholics this shall not happen because as I’ve asserted before,  the common thread of the left is the targeting of Christianity.

What I find more interesting is the video itself.

That is a long speech to make and Ms. Reid is clearly reading from a teleprompter as she delivers it. That means it that speech was written, edited and loaded into the prompter for her to deliver. Since it makes assertions concerning court cases and had video of quotes from said cases would have gone through editors and producers before it began to roll on that screen for her to read.

Yet not a one of them suggested this might be a problem, Nobody figured it would offend their Catholic audience in general or Latino’s who are highly Catholic in particular. Nobody thought the clear mandate of the Constitution concerning religious tests would make them look foolish, nor did they think there was any chance of a backlash might cause trouble for a relatively new host.

Or if they considered any of those things, they decided the need to defend the White House would be more important to their audience than any such attack on religion.

And it’s worse than that.  The TV industry is constantly in flux, one day you have a job the next you don’t.  Yet not a person on that set figured that their boss, or an official at NBC or someone from the corporate ownership at Comcast might decide that mainstreaming a modern version of “know nothingism” on a major cable network under their name would cause any problems for their brands.

I suspect they will get more critique for having Jazz Shaw of Hotair on Morning Joe today then they will for the acts of Joy Reid yesterday.

This says something both about the culture at MSNBC,  the perception of its audience and their ownership and what it says is not good.

Update: Creative Minority Reports says:

I, as a Catholic, can honestly say no. I don’t trust this court at all. Sonia Sotomayor? Uhm no. Anthony Kennedy? Not exactly. I don’t trust John Roberts either.

Ed Morrissey:

It’s worth noting that the six Catholic justices on the Supreme Court rarely reach any kind of consensus, unless it is a consensus shared by the whole court. Reid bases her argument of religious bias on literally nothing at all but her own prejudice. One suspects it’s because of the desperation the Left has over the Hobby Lobby case and the HHS mandate in general, but it may just be that Reid has a bias against Catholics in public life apart from this, too.


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Dragons may not have much real use for all their wealth, but they know it to an ounce as a rule, especially after long possession; and Smaug was no exception…He stirred and stretched forth his neck to sniff. Then he missed the cup!  Thieves! Fire! Murder! Such a thing had not happened since first he came to the Mountain! His rage passes description
The Hobbit

I’ve been thinking about Melissa Harris Perry and her guests who had such a reaction to the very idea that Mitt Romney would have an adopted black grandchild in a family picture.  People have marveled at what has been said, at the attitude toward the Romney family.

Perry has since apologized, the whole panel is in retreat and NBC has moved on to Pearl Harbor Survivors but while the story is technically “over” I think there is one aspect of it that everyone missed.

It’s not about the idea of mixed race, after all Harris Perry & Barack Obama are of mixed race as well.  It’s something much worse, an anger, an anger much deeper than some can imagine hiding in plain sight that comes from the realization they have concerning him.

They realize how what this child will be taught and how he will be brought up contrary to so many Black American brought up using the Democrat Template.

They realize that unlike the vast majority of black children today, this child will not only have two parents but two grandparents who will be active members of her family

They realize that unlike so many other black children he will not be in a sub par school with teachers who have no expectations.

They realize that this child will not be told he is a victim, instead she will find that hir parents and grandparents will have high expectations for her and will do their best to help her to achieve them.

They realize this child will be brought up in a religious culture where he will not be expected to abandon her beliefs because someone of the same race does so first.

They realize this child will not be dependent on government, is unlikely to be a woman’s studies major, peace studies major and is unlikely to become a person who makes their living off the grievance industry.

They realize that Planned Parenthood will likely not make a dime off of his and that he will be encouraged to avoid sex until marriage.

They realize that the child will not be brought up in an environment that celebrates, sex, drugs, profanity where every woman is a ho’.

They realize he will be taught to judge and evaluate people not by what they say but by what they do.

They realize that even if he rejects the beliefs of her parents and grandparents and goes a different path  he will not be considered a sellout nor labeled with derogatory names by his parents or grandparents who will love him no matter what.

They realize that he is unlikely to fall for the spiel that the left sells on victimhood, government and republicans ignoring the world around him, the spiel that has kept black America voting democrat even as their lot becomes worse culturally (illegitimacy rate 72.3%+) nationwide and economically particularly in cities where liberalism has ruled for years.

In short, they’re angry because they realize one escaped.


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I noted today, as has Stacy McCain that true believers in Barack Obama are alive and well.

In so noting however he repeats a question raised by Ace of Spades on the subject

And the Liberal Chattering Classes are facing a question now: “Will my reputation and sense of pride survive Obama’s incompetence?”

And: “How absurd am I willing to make myself in order to cover up for this arrogant buffoon’s incompetence?”

The question  has been answered by Newsbusters: or should I say they quoted Real Clear Politics answer

MSNBC blazed its own path, encouraging Chris Matthews to channel his inner advocate and hiring people such as Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Martin Bashir, even Al Sharpton. Not unintelligent people, certainly, but not reporters, either — and in some cases, not journalists at all. Meanwhile, except for the successful “Morning Joe” program, MSNBC dropped its token conservative voices and for the most part eschewed original reporting in lieu of talking heads.

The upshot has been uneven. More money for MSNBC, as it slipped by CNN in the ratings, but more controversy, too.

The key line is that screed is “more money for MSNBC” and this shouldn’t surprise anyone particularly not Stacy McCain:

But this false accusation — the Duke players did not have sex with the strippers, much less hold them down and f–k them against their will — is not enough to discredit Amanda Marcotte in the eyes of those who share her worldview. This is how the Ideology of Error operates: As long as one speaks, writes and behaves in accordance with the ideology, any resulting errors are written off as if they never happened.

Amanda Marcotte can be absurdly wrong and crudely offensive and yet still be endlessly applauded by her fellow leftists. This hate-filled lying fanatic is a valued contributor at Slate and a welcome guest at MSNBC not despite her fanaticism, but because of her fanaticism.

Given that  that MSNBC is more profitable now than it was before it decided to go full bore as an  affirmation machine for the people propping Obama up, I’m afraid the answer to Ace’s question: “How absurd am I willing to make myself in order to cover up for this arrogant buffoon’s incompetence?” is apparently “pretty damn absurd.


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If you are a person has listened to Rush Limbaugh for any length of time you know he is famous for montages of liberals/media repeating various memes that expose them for what they are. So if you were to hear something like this…

…on Rush’s show you would not be shocked.

But when you have MSNBC’s Morning Joe playing that video….

….on the show that normally leads with the left’s spin of the day, you know this isn’t going away anytime soon.

Be afraid democrats, be very afraid.

I like Joe Scarborough and he’s always treated me well, however that doesn’t prevent me from calling him out when he says a whopper and today said something so amazing that I can’t believe actually said it on the air.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Now this is the first chance I’ve had to see Morning Joe since Tuesday since I was in Boston Wednesday & Thursday at the RNC meetings. I interviewed people from 30 states and in order to expand Joe’s social circle let me introduce him to some of the people I interviewed:

Meet T. W. Shannon speaker of the house in Oklahoma

Meet Marilinda Garcia (R-NH) from the State legislature.

Meet John Burnett (R-NY) the GOP alternative to Client #9 for Comptroller in NY

Meet Anitere Flores (R-FL) who serves in the Florida State legislature

Meet the Changs (R-HI) Husband and wife

Mrs. Chang is a state rep in NI & Mr Chang is the State Party Chair in HI

Meet Glenn McCall (R-SC) State committeeman

Meet Ann Clanton (R-RI) Executive Director of the RI GOP

and finally meet Dr Ada Fisher Author and State Committeewoman from NC

Her book is Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions: Solutions For What Ails Us (Volume 1)

And as I’m typing this I’m sitting in a room ready to hold 170 NH Republicans

Waiting to see this gentleman who just arrived as I began pasting that last video…

col west nh 001

In fact they are paying MONEY to do so.

col west nh 002

Now the with the exception of Col west I tweeted out every single one of those interviews this morning after Joe said what he said and do you know what the reaction of the viewers were.

Yup every single interview is “cherry picked” as if I ignored any non-white person at the RNC Boston event. One look at my YouTube Channel gives the lie to that business.

I have a much better question for Joe Scarborough et/all and all those folks on the left who breathlessly linked to Mediaite’s piece on his words.

With the exception of Col West who I’ve covered before the first time I met or was aware of these people was at this RNC event. Why hasn’t MSNBC in general or Morning Joe in particular found these people worthy of a spot on the show? Why haven’t I seen them on CNN, or PBS, or This Week or Meet the Press or Face the Nation etc etc etc

I think that’s a very good question and I would love to hear a very good answer from the MSM, but I think I already know it.

Update: Next time Joe is in NH I should introduce him to Karen Testerman gathering signatures for a US Senate run


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Pseudolus: (to Hysterium) Calm yourself down! I’ll tell you when it’s time to panic!

Miles Gloriosus: (noticing the hourglass) I smell mischief here!

Pseudolus: It’s time.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 1966

The Doctor:  They are questioning president Obama, they are asking him tough questions on the Bombings!

Rory:  So what’s wrong with, that isn’t that normal?

The Doctor:  Is it Rory, IS it?

DaTechGuy Blog: The Doctor, Obama & the Press Corps Sept 14th 2012

A few days ago I talked about how Morning Joe was in danger of losing me, today they gave a big reason for me to stay.

During the first segment which gets repeated in the 8:00 EST they covered Benghazi and the look at the table was somber.

There was simply no way to spin this as something other than what it was although to his (dis)credit Richard Wolffe was giving it his best shot and Scarborough was shooting him down. When Lisa Myers said Hicks critics like Cheryl Mill said he “not remembering accurately” Joe immediately bluntly said he was being called a liar.

In the 7 AM hour after a very brief diversion to soda and health they went STRONG on Benghazi and Hicks’ testimony. You could hear a pin drop on that set. David Gregory tried to spin and Walter Isaacson made a speech about wonderful it was that our system allows the truth to come out.

Meanwhile Deutsch & Gregory then ran to if this is “sticky” for 2016 but Joe brought up 2012 pointed out it was all about keeping the narrative before the election and Candy Crowley in the debate. Even Mika said there was no disputing the backdrop but she suggested it was no conspiracy.

Why does this matter? Two things:

1. Morning Joe is usually where you go for the left’s talking points for the day, that isn’t the case today.

2. The MSNBC viewer base has simply not seen this argument. As far as they are knew before today the Biggest villains on Benghazi were the makers of the worst film EVAH & Mitt Romney and anyone who suggested otherwise was part of a GOP conspiracy to bring down our beloved president before the election and their beloved Hillary after.

This is a story they never heard! As Stacy McCain put it

the only TV reporter not employed by Fox News who has treated the Benghazi cover-up as a legitimate story — Sharyl Attkisson of CBS — is being treated like an unprofessional pariah by her own network, while Chuck Todd of NBC News quite literally laughs off criticism of the Obama administration’s handling of the Benghazi attacks.

Really, they out-did themselves on this one. Check out the “Don’t Bother to Read This Dull Story” headline from the New York Times:

Official Offers Account From Libya of Benghazi Attack

Here’s another way you might headline the story, if you actually wanted to get readers to, y’know, read the story:

VIDEO: Benghazi Whistleblower Gregory Hicks Describes
‘Saddest Phone Call’ That Ambassador Stevens Died

Unless you saw that testimony — which was just one highlight of a six-hour hearing that the major networks did their best to ignore or dismiss as mere politics —  you would have no reason to suspect how riveting it was, if all you saw was that bland New York Times headline.

For the professional left, this story on Morning Joe is a double disaster.

In the short term it forces the MSMBC audience to confront the possibility that their heroes President Obama & Hillary Clinton left Americans to die in Benghazi & lied about it for political reasons. It gives a story they have been able to dismiss MSM credibility, that’s bad.

In the long term it raises the possibility that there is another story beyond the wall of silence. That there is a whole world of news they might be missing.

What happens if those viewers decide they want to see more. What happens if they visit Viral reads live blog of the testimony or Bryan Preston’s at PJ Media?? Or even worse what if they visit those sites the next day for news?

That’s worse!

The gatekeepers of the MSM can survive the former, it can’t survive the latter.

Update: The real tell on today’s Morning Joe

Update 2:Et-Tu CBS?

CBS’s (Sharyl) Attkisson’s minute-long report about the House Oversight Committee’s latest hearing on the attack on Wednesday’s CBS This Morning was actually the first time since November 23, 2012 that the journalist reported about the story on air, according a search on Nexis.

Update 3: When Al Shaprton & Donny Deutsch agree with John Poderhertz live on MSNBC you know the story has finally broken through.

Update 4: Chuck Todd playing the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Card painting this as a series of 20 years of the GOP going after the Clintons before adding a disclaimers at the end.

Morning Joe must have been more damaging that I thought.

I wonder how long it took the professional left to decide this was the best line to play?

Today on Morning Joe Scarbrough took issue with Ted Cruz on Meet the Press for suggesting the president is using children as a political football.

Later in that very same show Mika brought up man who killed his family with an AR 15 (as if a different weapon would have prevented such a man) as an argument for banning them.

But just before the 7 AM hour Mika Brzezinski said something so incredible that I couldn’t believe I heard it. Talking about the push for Gun control post Newtown she referred to the aftermath of Newtown as an “OPPORTUNITY

OPPORTUNITY? A bunch of dead kids is an OPPORTUNITY?

Let’s go to the dictionary:

[op-er-too-ni-tee, -tyoo-] Show IPA
noun, plural op·por·tu·ni·ties.
1. an appropriate or favorable time or occasion: Their meeting afforded an opportunity to exchange views.
2. a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal.
3. a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success.

Joe Scarborough is OUTRAGED at Ted Cruz saying children are being exploited in the “gun control” debate. Mike Barnicle insists the idea people are coming for guns is a lie yet in the same half hour Mika sees Newtown as “OPPORTUNITY!”

Pray tell Mika when you say Newtown is an Opportunity, can you tell us for what?

I guess Ted Cruz has you guys pegged.

Closing thought: Pray tell why the story of 12 year old Kendra St. Clair will not be found newsworthy) on Morning Joe today? Could it be her story offers no “OPPORTUNITY”?

Update: If you haven’t heard about Kendra St. Clair here is the video.

No Opportunity there for Morning Joe

Update 2: Colin Powell on Morning Joe:

I’d love to know who “We” is. I think that’s a good question.

Many years ago there were only the major papers and the three big networks, so when a poll like the current CBS/NYT Quinnipiac poll that Morning Joe is reporting as the doom of the Romney Campaign would never be questioned. Instead you would only see these results:

but those days are gone and the new media is alive so while the Morning Joe table continues to do their victory dance I took a look at these polls from Florida, Ohio & Pennsylvania and on the very last line of the very last page Found the following:

So with a sample that is D+9 in Florida, Barack Obama has a +9 lead on Mitt Romney! In Ohio with a D+9 Sample Obama has a +10 Lead and in Pennsylvania with a D+11 sample he has +12 lead.

Now I have absolutely no trouble believing these states are close nor to I disagree that Mitt Romney should be more aggressive but come ON guys?

By an odd coincidence the last time this poll came out Hugh Hewett questioned Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac Polls and asked him about this (emphasis mine):

Hugh Hewett: But I don’t know how that goes to the issue, Peter, so help me. I’m not being argumentative, I really want to know. Why would guys run a poll with nine percent more Democrats than Republicans when that percentage advantage, I mean, if you’re trying to tell people how the state is going to go, I don’t think this is particularly helpful, because you’ve oversampled Democrats, right?

Peter Brown: But we didn’t set out to oversample Democrats. We did our normal, random digit dial way of calling people. And there were, these are likely voters. They had to pass a screen. Because it’s a presidential year, it’s not a particularly heavy screen.

HH: And so if, in fact, you had gotten a hundred Democrats out of a hundred respondents that answered, would you think that poll was reliable?

PB: Probably not at 100 out of 100.

HH: Okay, so if it was 75 out of 100…

PB: Well, I mean…

HH: I mean, when does it become unreliable? You know you’ve just put your foot on the slope, so I’m going to push you down it. When does it become unreliable?

PB: Like the Supreme Court and pornography, you know it when you see it.

HH: Well, a lot of us look at a nine point advantage in Florida, and we say we know that to be the polling equivalent of pornography. Why am I wrong?

PB: Because what we found when we made the actual calls is this kind of party ID.

HH: Do you expect Democrats, this is a different question, do you, Peter Brown, expect Democrats to have a nine point registration advantage when the polls close on November 6th in Florida?

PB: Well, first, you don’t mean registration.

HH: I mean, yeah, turnout.

PB: Do I think…I think it is probably unlikely.

Mind you this is the guy who actually does the poll saying this

Let me close with this bit from the American Spectator and an exchange between Ben Bradlee and Ed Rollins from 2004

A few weeks later, the Washington Post ran a story that confirmed Rollins’ initial beliefs. The Post confessed that… well… oops… it had made a mistake with those California polling numbers. Shortly afterward came the November election, with California once again giving Reagan a more than 16 point victory. In fact, Reagan carried 49 states, winning the greatest landslide victory in presidential history while losing Minnesota in — yes — a close race. Mondale had 49.72% to Reagan’s 49.54%, a difference of .18% that might have been changed by all that money that went into California. Making Reagan the first president in history to win all fifty states.

After the [2004] election, Ed Rollins ran into the Washington Post’s blunt-speaking editor Ben Bradlee and “harassed” Bradlee “about his paper’s lousy polling methodology.”

Bradlee’s “unrepentant” response?

“Tough sh…t, Rollins, I’m glad it cost you plenty. It’s my in-kind contribution to the Mondale campaign.”

Got that?

Now that election wasn’t close, this election will be a lot closer. Is this an in-kind contribution for The One? You tell me.

This is why the MSM will always hate the New Media, in Ben Bradlee’s day they would never be called on this. Today we will call them on it every single day.

Update: I can’t believe I forgot to check the numbers with independents but it’s make this poll even MORE of a joke:

Here is the split among independents in Florida according to the CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac poll

In Ohio

They don’t provide figures in Pa which I found strange but lets ask the obvious question

How do you reconcile +9 point Obama leads if Romney leads with BOTH independents & Republicans? And do you REALLY believe that Obama is doing better among democrats than Romney is among republicans by enough to make up for that difference. Do you REALLY?

John Nolte puts it best:


In 2004 the vote was R+4.
In 2008 the vote was D+3
CBS/NYTs is reporting that in 2012 we will see D+9.

In 2004 the vote was R+5
In 2008 the vote was D+8
CBS/NYTs is reporting that in 2012 we will see D+9


In 2010 the vote was D+3
In 2008 the vote was D+7
CBS/NYTs is reporting that in 2012 we will see D+9.

Again, why won’t the media report the dramatic news that Democrats are expected to turnout in record numbers against Republicans?

Because the media doesn’t believe it.

This isn’t reporting, this is propaganda and frankly after Romney wins should be treated as an in-kind contribution to the DNC, these are also not the tactics of a side that is winning.

Update 2:
Stacy McCain is less diplomatic than me

journalism is also my profession, and the fact that I’m pursuing it on a blog doesn’t change my astonishment at the utter shamelessness of these people. As usual this morning, I’ve been watching MSNBC and I think this would be an accurate headline:


It’s really that bad. I watch MSNBC so you don’t have to, and their crew is practically breaking out the champagne to celebrate these poll numbers. Their smug self-satisfied glee makes me want Romney to stomp Obama so bad that Chuck Todd is crying like a little girl on Election Night.

Is that a Neutral and Objective urge?

Perhaps not, but at least I’m honest about it, and there’s that old thing about “afflicting the comfortable.” Keep in mind that Chuck Todd is not just a partisan talking-head MSNBC commentator; he is political director of NBC News.

I can’t wait to see the explanations come election day.

Update 4: Neo Neocon notes that Quinnipiac has a different defination of Big Red Flag than I do

From what Brown says, Quinnipiac doesn’t stratify its polls unless there’s a huge red flag staring them in the face. But Gallup does. Its accuracy would depend on what parameters it uses for stratification, and how well they reflect reality.

Or maybe a dem skew is considered a “huge blue flag” so that’s OK.

After all we have heard the MSM spend the better part of today not only attacking Mitt Romney for saying things to big money donors but saying them BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. In fact we heard Stephanie Cutter of the Obama Campaign stress on MSNBC how bad it was that Mitt Romney spoke these words to rich people “behind closed doors.

So it must a great relief to the MSM to know the Obama Campaign that they so love and respect will open the doors tonight to their $40,000 a head Manhattan event, they will be happy to have the cameras rolling as President Obama says exactly what he thinks to the guests on topics from Egypt to taxes to the deficit.

I’m sure Morning Joe will be very happy to analyze and contrast President Obama’s words, I’m positive Chuck Todd will have the full rundown on them and I’m really looking forward to Stephanie Cutter being able to contrast the open and transparent nature of President Obama’s event to a video shot secretly months ago.

And if for some reason MSNBC isn’t given the video and access is denied and no questions are forthcoming I’m sure MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, Current TV and all their host will deplore the lack of transparency with the same vigor that they dissected the video provided by Mother Jones.

After all, openness and finding the truth is what the whole MSM is all about, as Chuck Todd once put it:

“My job is to bring up issues that Americans care about. It’s my responsibility to ask the tough questions. No matter whose leading the country they need to be held accountable. I have unique access to the president, his advisers, the candidates and members of congress. I’d better use that access for a greater good, use it for people who can’t get through the White House Gates, for people who can’t be heard. The American People deserve answers”

By this time tomorrow we will discover if proper label for this video is “Lean Forward” or “Bend over”

Lean Forward: Chuck Todd from Joe Gabriel on Vimeo.

Up to you Chuck.

Yesterday Glenn Reynolds said this:

When taking office, the President does not swear to create jobs. He does not swear to “grow the economy.” He does not swear to institute “fairness.” The only oath the President takes is this one:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

By sending — literally — brownshirted enforcers to engage in — literally — a midnight knock at the door of a man for the non-crime of embarrassing the President of the United States and his administration, President Obama violated that oath. You can try to pretty this up (It’s just about possible probation violations! Sure.), or make excuses or draw distinctions, but that’s what’s happened. It is a betrayal of his duties as President, and a disgrace.

a few hours earlier the Worcester Gay Pride March complete with drag queens and strippers in tighty whities. These images would be considered bad under Islam. Should President Obama be arresting these guys?

The reaction of concern trolls was not surprising but this tweet from Joe Scarborough who I watch regularly caught me by surprise:

If you read the series of tweets at that article on Twitchy you will see the conversation began with the whole “Romney Gaffe” theme I’ve already stated even stipulating the nonsense idea that the Romney statement was the ‘gaffe heard round the world” in retrospect with this image all over the net:

But if Joe disagrees I have a suggestion. Invite Glenn Reynolds on the show Monday to discuss the issue.

It’s a great move, Glenn is a former MSNBC contributor, he has one of the most powerful one man web sites in the world with numbers so strong he can crash smaller servers by linking to them. He has a libertarian bent in favor of both abortion and gay marriage so he would fit in socially with the crew and most important it would bring eyes that would normally not be there.

Most important of all if you have Heilman, Mika, Capeheart, and Yourself taking Glenn on, the fight might almost be even and if you feel it’s not you can always throw in Andra Mitchel to help you out.

You spend a lot of time dismissing bloggers, lets see if you can hold your own against one. If Monday is bad go for Tuesday or Wednesday and promote the hell out of it.

I like you Joe, but I think you guys wouldn’t have a prayer against Glenn Reynolds and if you think otherwise your going to have to prove it to me.

Consider it the first debate of the 2016 presidential season.

Update: If Joe doesn’t want to face Glenn there is Always Mark Steyn

Look at Jonah’s post immediately below; look at the picture. What a pity Ambassador Stevens didn’t enjoy the same level of “protection” as Mr Nakoula. Why, if only the United States could bring the same amount of firepower to bear in its Benghazi compound as it brings to a probation-violation arrest in Cerritos. But it’s all about priorities, isn’t it?

Any curiosity about that? Apparently not, judging from Scarborough’s nothing-to-see-here tweets.

or Jonah Goldberg

Good thing this is no longer John Ashcroft’s America!

Hell I could even do it if you are worried about those guys, fly me down & I’ll bring Cannoli (that will drive Mika nuts)

Ok let me get this straight:

Obama Administration pushes the Arab Spring

Islamists gain power.

Coptic Christians have their Churches Burned, their women assaulted their people killed.

The world ignores it and the authorities in Egypt don’t prevent it

The Copts response to this violence strongly with ….a youtube video.

An indeterminate time said video comes out on 9/11 the anniversary of the greatest attack on the US since Pearl Harbor Egypt & Libya Islamic mobs attack our embassies, tear down our flag, raise the Al-Qaeda one, kill our ambassador to Libya and other Americans

The first response of the US embassy & the Obama Administration is to try to mollify the religious sensibilities of the attackers of the embassies & the killers of Americans

Mitt Romney puts seeing this puts out the following statement:

“I’m outraged by the attacks on American diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt and by the death of an American consulate worker in Benghazi,” the statement read. “It’s disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.”

and Morning Joe’s Round table (Sans Joe & Mika) with not conservative at the table, spends their time attacking….Mitt Romney for his statement!

This is the left, this is MSNBC. No defense of the 1st Amendment, No comment on the Obama Administration initial statement and it’s withdrawal the villains here is Mitt Romney. I didn’t hear a person say it was wrong to attack over a film until 9 min after the 8 O’clock hour and they spent the rest of the segment hitting Benjaman Netanyahu as “trying to pick sides in the election”

The villians here are not the Islamists who have slaughtered Christians, not the Egyptian security forces that allowed it, not the embassy attackers, those who killed Americans & tore down the flag on 9/11, not the security forces that permitted it, not even the administration that tried to defend the attackers of their own embassy.

The villains are Mitt Romney and Benjaman Netanyahu and the Jews.

I’d ask which side they were on, but they have made it perfectly clear.

Final thought just under 24 hours ago MSNBC was replaying the 9/11 attacks. This is an absolute disgrace.

There was a lot of talk yesterday of MSNBC’s decision to cut away from every Minority & women speaker (except for Ann Romney who is NOT a poll).

When popular Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz, the GOP nominee for Senate, took the stage, MSNBC cut away from the Republican National Convention and the Hispanic Republican from Texas’ speech.

MSNBC stayed on commercial through former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis’ speech, as well. Davis, who recently became a Republican, is black.

Then, when Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuno’s wife Luce’ Vela Fortuño took the stage minutes later, MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews opted to talk over the First Lady’s speech.

And Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval? Noticeably missing from MSNBC, too.

Mia Love, a black candidate for Congress in Utah, was also ignored by MSNBC

This is getting some outrage online but there are two other media notes that should be discussed

1. The Rules fight:

There was a real divide between grass-roots activists and the Romney campaign, on twitter and in many posts people where rather outraged but strangely this kind of divide which would normally big news got very little play.

2. CNN & Artur davis:

While MSNBC pretended Artur Davis didn’t exist CNN’s Roland Martin not only called Davis a “Political Fraud“.

but while he was on the air with the panel Martin continued to pound him visibly angry while Davis remained composed. (this was just before this Gloria Borger clip that Newsbusters highlighted.

Both of these moment were PERFECT for TV yet got very little press. You don’t see it pushed.


Because the networks understand that this is a base election and as the NPR story I highlighted last week shows, there are very few actual independents to persuade.

The Davis exchange with Martin highlights an actual debate going on in the Black Community “0%” polling not withstanding, and the Floor fight story demonstrates the divide between Romney and the Tea Party base that was evident all during the primaries (Remember “Anybody but Mitt?)

Both of these things are threats to a Base that is not delighted with Barack Obama and must at all costs not be shown anything that gives one an excuse to stay home or vote Romney.

It’s more subtle than blacking out Women & Minority candidates but it adds up to the same thing.

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

The media is on defense because they understand their candidates are too.

This video by Kira Davis via gateway Pundit is really something:

A few thoughts.

I’ve met Kira Davis and these videos really don’t do her justice

Kira Davis, isn’t all that old. She grew up in the 80’s and said bluntly “I was called a ‘Nigger’ nearly every school day of my life till I was 16 years old.” This absolutely shocked me.

I think the plain background makes her statement even more powerful as it focuses the eye on her presentation.

The difference between Kira Davis and Torre is best described by Jim Treacher:

It won’t get through to Touré, because it’s not in his best interest to stop racebaiting. If tomorrow the whole world woke up black, he’d be out of a job.

Kira Davis would survive and thrive anywhere.

Finally, if CNN would like to get out of 3rd place they should hire Kira Davis.

You should check out her site here.

Back in April at Blogcon I filmed this interview with Kaite Pavlich author of Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up

Katie had been writing about this for a while.

Obama took credit for confiscating 64 percent more weapons than ever before. Well, that’s what happens when the federal government sends thousands of guns into Mexico in the first place through Operation Fast and Furious under the Obama Justice Department and ATF, of course it becomes easier to confiscate more guns when you put more into an area to begin with.

that entry was from May 11th 2011.

Meanwhile today the viewers of Morning Joe found themselves learning about the president’s use of Executive privilege to shield Eric Holder which necessitated talking about Fast and Furious.

This entire conversation and the death of an ATF agent must have come as a shock to their viewers who were wondering why the administration is invoking executive privilege.

Ironically, like MSNBC I was late to this story as well, my first post on it was June 28th of 2011 in a post titled “Is it Watergate yet? which starts with the line:

I’m likely the only blogger on the right who hasn’t written on project gunrunner…

The post linked to a story at Fox News (you know that company the media urges all right thinking people to ignore)

‘Project Gunrunner’ Whistleblower Says ATF Sent Him Termination Notice

By Maxim Lott

Published June 27, 2011

Here is the video I didn’t embed at the time.


That weekend I had Barbara Espinosa on my WCRN’s DaTechGuy on DaRAdio to talk about this issue. (BTW she will be on my show this week in the 2nd hour WCRN during my 11 AM hour listen live at

A little over a month later the ATF chief resigned My post on the subject was titled:

ATF chief resigns and nobody knows why

…at least nobody who follows the MSM

If you search for the words “fast and furious” on my blog you will only find 14 posts after this one and remember I was not only late to this, but I didn’t give this story much attention.

If however you do a search for “fast and furious” or “ATF GUNRUNNING SCANDAL” at Instapundit ( a former MSNBC contributor no less) you will find dozens of entries dating back to Feb 13th 2011: NRA weighs in on ATF gunrunning scandal.

Over and over I’ve seen the Morning Joe crowd scoff at “just bloggers” and tweeters who comment, yet even a “blogger and tweeter” like myself who has given this story short shift has been on this story for a year while the Morning Joe viewers are only now getting anything resembling coverage of this story and they dare to paint it as an “election year stunt”.

They could have covered this story, with their vast resources they could have done the work that a 23-year-old blogger Katie Pavlich did, or they could have interviewed her and talked about her book. They deliberately choose not to do so.

After today I don’t want to hear a single person on MSNBC or anywhere else talk about “bloggers in their pajamas” vs “real reporters”, because speaking as a blogger typing cross-legged in his bed, I find the comparison insulting to me.

Exit question: I’m listening right to my show from a year ago as I type this and one section is jumping out at me:

DaTechGuy “…This is serious stuff because Watergate nobody ever, For all that Nixon did with Watergate no one died from Watergate and we already have, we have two deaths directly connected with this…”

Barbara Espinosa: “…but you don’t just have two deaths”

DaTechGuy: “…and that’s not counting the deaths in Mexico.”

Barbara Espinosa: “Well there’s been hundreds of Mexican citizens who have been killed with these guns…”

When I reflect on how the MSM has covered for this administration for a full year I challenge my readers to consider this question:

Are we seeing today, what Watergate would have been if the president had been a Democrat beloved by the MSM?

I say yes!

Update: Let the record show that Barbara Espinosa has been writing about this forever and has written about this today as well

Update 2: Powerline talks to a Justice Department vet who says:

Even with his fawning press, [Presdient Obama] will pay a price for this one. He knows this, meaning that the documents now to be withheld must be dynamite. They have to show either that Holder knew what was going on with Fast and Furious and approved it, or that he directly committed perjury in his Congressional testimony, or both. I just can’t see any other explanation for such a risky move.

Wasn’t the Washington Post just covering big time the 40th anniversary of Watergate? I wonder how much coverage this one will get.

Like I said, we are seeing what Watergate would look like if the MSM were all behind Nixon

Update 3: Missed a link, fixed.

You wanted confirmation, Captain? Take a look! There’s your confirmation!

Lt. Kaminsky Tora Tora Tora

On MSNBC I’ve heard the word “blogger” used as a pejorative to dismiss us as factually challenged.  How things change:

MSNBC aired footage today that inaccurately portrayed Mitt Romney’s remarks at a campaign stop in Pennsylvania.

When even Politico is coming down on you, that’s pretty bad,

The MSNBC clip feeds into the narrative, beloved by some on the left, that Romney is a 1950’s throwback. After the clip cut, Mitchell and MSNBC contributor Chris Cillizza broke out into laughter — which is understandable, given that they both had been led to believe that Romney was wowed by a simple machine. In fact, what Romney found so “amazing” was the discord between private sector innovation and public sector bureaucracy.

via Nice Deb Betsy’s Page notes what happened

Well, the joke is on them. It didn’t take the blogger at Sooper Mexican to find the entire video of Mitt Romney talking about the touch-pad ordering system at WaWa’s. And it turns out that he was making a point comparing the innovation of the private sector to come up with a faster and more efficient way to order the condiments on your sandwich with the over-regulation and lack of innovation in the public sector. He contrasts the innovation at WaWa with a doctor who told him he had to fill out a 33-page change-of-address form for getting Medicare payments.

What! you can find the real video on the internet?   I know Andrea Mitchell is a bit older than she looks but she has heard of the net hasn’t she?

It’s as if MSNBC had no idea that anyone else could find the video of the moment shot by some guy with a camera who was waiting to hand his book about hemp to Mitt Romney and then a blogger could figure out how they misleadingly edited the Romney video. They forgot that there are conservative bloggers out there who are capable of finding out their editing chicanery and that the internet can be used to distribute the proof of their dishonest reporting. Soon the real story goes from conservative blogs to Politico and now there are questions that MSNBC will have to answer. Just as NBC News had to fire a producer for editing the George Zimmerman tape of his 911 call, someone will probably have to lose his or her job for this if MSNBC cares at all about even the appearance of journalistic integrity. Perhaps not.

I suggest MSNBC long stopped worrying about journalism and turned to advocacy but just remember every time you hear someone go after “mere” bloggers remind them that this deception was done with a full squad of editors, producers and all the power of the NBC news team behind them.  As Ed Morrissey says:

Wow.  Thank goodness Andrea Mitchell is an honest-to-goodness journalist, instead of just a talk-show host on an occasionally-watched cable channel … or worse yet, just a blogger.  So, we can now assume that NBC News enforces no standards on truth or ethics on its own correspondents, and doesn’t just exempt the MSNBC opinion-show hosts, right?

Yeah their video is a lot slicker than say mine from the Nashua Federated Republican Women’s Conference , but you can trust my video, and if you have a problem with it, you can ask me directly.   How much of this do you think went on in the Bush (I), Reagan, Ford, Nixon et/al years before there was a net to “fact check your ***”?

Well It’s been 20 hours since this first tweet from Ali:

Which was followed by this post by Stacy McCain

and Ace, The Daily Gator, American Power, Camp of the Saints, The Lonely Conservative, Twitchy, The Fellowship of the Perpetually Aggrieved, Instapundit, Evil Blogger Lady, The Conservative Hideout and others.

Well 20 hours is a lifetime in the 24 hour news cycle, so I decided to check ABC news to see if there were any results from the past 24 hours on the threats to Ali

Nope how about CBS News

Well what about NBC

Hey that’s not fair NBC news is under MSNBC let’s try there instead


Surely PBS will have something

or not.

24 hour news cycle, what 24 hour news cycle?

Now I wouldn’t expect print media to have something published on this yet, but perhaps the paper of record has something on their website…

…then again maybe they won’t. Well Politico MUST have something, after all they are really known as an online paper and Ali is the head of the National Bloggers Club:

Now all of these sites are part of the MSM and “lean” left surely someone on the left must have something to say about the attempt of a Democrat Operatives to intimidate & silence a Black Political activist:

And this in a nutshell is the Modern left/Democrats, not much difference than the old Richard Russell Democrats where intimidation of a Black political activist and his family to keep him quiet was not only how things were done, but was not something the media talked about.

It also shows why, with respect to my friend Ace, his idea is for a day of silence is horrible!

The goal of the left is to silence us, to keep our voices to break through the media silence on issue after issue. It has been our success at this that has driven them to try to silence us.

So in order to protest the attempt to keep our voices silent, we are going to…do what they want?

Remember this is the same MSM that ignores the largest march in DC every year, it will be no trouble for them to pretend bloggers who challenge their narrative don’t exist. For them that’s the good old days.

I think a much better idea would be along the lines of “Every Blog About Brett Kimberlin day” where the story dominated Memeorandum to the point where it was impossible to go to Memeorandum without seeing it.

I think an even better plan idea would be 100 bloggers calling each of these media outlets, and then perhaps more local papers to see if they are going to cover it, I think calling the NAACP the congressional black caucus and seeking comment would be more effective. I think a headline at Memeorandum that says…

“NAACP silent on attempt to intimidate black political activist through family”

…just might draw a few eyeballs, then perhaps we can contact the British Press and see if THEY will cover it.

Update: Stacy McCain notes that Texas is not Maryland:

Maryland courts have been incredibly lenient with the Kimberlin/Rauhauser axis, but Ali assures me that Texas won’t take too kindly to the purposeful harassment of one of its law-abiding citizens. Ali’s mother has harmed no one, and whoever thought up this sick stunt might find themselves prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law — Texas law.

For some reason his post reminds me of this scene from Casablanca:

Update 2: I can’t stress this enough: All of these tactics are not signs of the strength of the left, it’s a sign of their weakness and desperation These are not things you do when you are winning. That means any counter to them should include this simple piece of advice:

Ride Right Through them, they’re demoralized as Hell!

Keep that in mind and we’ll be fine.

Update 3: A new target with the right response and more outrage

Yesterday was not a good day for the MSNBC narrative at Morning Joe.

Joe Scarborough, outnumbered around the table as usual, was the only one smiling as the Narrative of “Romney/GOP war on women” crumbled before the new polls results from CBS/NYT. That must have been enjoyable for Joe but there are three new changes to conventional wisdom that will not be so much fun for him:

1. ITEM: Sarah PALIN that’s who.

One week ago the Deb Fischer campaign was in tatters, one opponent was endorsed by the GOP establishment and the other by Jim DeMint a tea party favorite. On May 9th Sarah Palin endorsed her and her prospects suddenly changed. And last night she won the GOP primary with 41% of the vote and a 10,000 vote margin:

A state senator who had been stuck for weeks in third place in polls has won the GOP nomination for a U.S. Senate seat from Nebraska, continuing a pattern of challengers successfully taking on prominent Republicans in party primaries.

State Sen. Deb Fischer capped a remarkable surge by capturing the Senate nomination on Tuesday. She will face Democrat Bob Kerrey, a former Nebraska senator and governor, in the November election.

I guess the “Sarah Palin is irrelevant” narrative is going to be a tough play on MSNBC today.

2. Item: Broken nose, broken narrative

That’s the title of this post at Legal Insurrection linking to the ABC report revealing that George Zimmerman had a broken nose, black eyes etc etc etc according to the medical report:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Jacobson being a lawyer, he of course notes that this doesn’t PROVE that he didn’t act unlawfully but I seem to recall that the standard of a trial works under something called “innocent till proven guilty”

And if William Jacobson scored the touchdown then Tom McGuire kicks the extra point via this WFTV9 report that Trayvon Martin had “injuries on his knuckles according to his autopsy despite what the mortician had said:

Richard Kurtz, a black (IIRC) mortician who serves the black community, had the good sense to see nothing unusual about Martin when he prepared him for the funeral. Anyone who took that seriously is surprised by the current report. Since you ask, I expressed reservations about the mortician at the end of this old post.

Now considering the New Black Panthers involvement and the pressure from Sharpton etc I can see this guy Kurtz buckling under fear for his life or business but what is the excuse of Joe Scarborough who pushed the “We all know what’s going on” business or MSNBC’s Trayvon Martin outrage and Al Sharpton race baiting all over the place?

Worse of all there is NO WAY smiling Angela Corey the special prosecutor didn’t know this info from the autopsy, yet she charged 2nd degree murder anyway! This explains why she didn’t dare go to a grand jury. With this evidence they would have been more likely to indict a ham sandwich than George Zimmerman. All this person did was empower a lot of people who make their living on racial hate. In my opinion this woman should be disbarred and she and the state sued.

3. Item: Who loves Rush? Women love Rush!

Remember the boycott that the #stoprush crowd pushed by Media Matters, NOW and the MSM that was pushed over the “Slut” comment concerning activist Sandra Fluke? Well maybe the boycott has fizzled but the idea that Rush is “anti-woman” card kept being played by the left.

While Morning Joe & MSNBC kept suggesting GOP members should denounce Rush, Limbaugh fresh off of amassing 100k+ Twitter followers in 24 hours is back for another round forming a group called Rush Babes for America on facebook.

Te numbers it has produced has not been friendly to the MSM asLimbaugh reports:

Our Rush Babes for America Facebook page has over 62,000 female friends, almost two-and-a-half times the total membership at the NOW gang Facebook page

Do you mean to say that in less than ten days a Rush Limbaugh woman’s group is twice as popular as NOW, no newcomer to facebook? I wonder how Media Matters, NOW and MSNBC will spin that?


Exit question: Exactly how many memes that simply aren’t true can be pushed by the MSNBC crowd before they change direction?

Morning Joe didn’t find these topics newsworthy but others are trying to spin for them:

This is stupid. If the Republican establishment loses to a candidate backed by both Sarah Palin and Herman Cain, of course the Tea Party wins. What else could explain it?

He is referring to a story at The Hill, he has much more respect for Sarah Palin’s statement and Hot Air notes the polling in the general is looking good:

Aaron Blake at the Washington Post reports that Fischer already has a ten-point lead in polling over Kerrey

But…But Palin is supposed to be toxic in a general election.

I’m having too much fun with this.

Remember when Saturday Night Live was a show that mocked the powerful instead of serving them:

The Daily Caller has obtained a scrapped sketch critical of President Barack Obama that was intended for airing at the opening of last night’s “Saturday Night Live” on NBC.

In the skit, President Obama addresses Americans soon after the first anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden — and he makes sure to remind viewers that all credit for the raid on the terrorist leader’s compound belongs to him.

How about that, NBC parent company of MSNBC was unwilling to show a skit teasing Obama over something unfavorable and hitting Fox & Friends instead. Talk about brave comics.

Of course it could just be that Obama isn’t a draw

Consider this, how scared must these guys be for election 2012 if they are too worried about a SNL skit moving votes to show it?

Yeah I’m shaking in my boots over these guys. Cue the slogan:

Ride Right Through them, they’re demoralized as Hell!

Oh BTW if Mitt Romney goes on SNL after this, he’s an idiot.

Oh lets see if Morning Joe today mentions the empty seats for Obama on Saturday. In the initial bit which is repeated at 8 a.m. not a word

Watching MSNBC today tells me two things:

1. The White House and the MSM are REALLY scared about the Hilary Rosen stuff

2. The attempt to spin it away is failing

Joe Scarborough spent a fair amount of time trying to de-link Hilary Rosen from the white house that she has visited an average of once a month and pivot to Allen West (still ignoring the actual facts in the case).

Strangely enough nobody seems to be buying this spin:

Remember, this is a “smear.” Pointing out the things Democrats have said, when they lie about having said them, is a “smear.” Just like it’s a “smear” to refer to Rosen as an Obama advisor, no matter how many times she’s been to the White House in the last three years. She has absolutely no connection whatsoever to Obama and the Democrats, because such facts are no longer politically inconvenient.

And what’s 35 visits to the White house including 5 meetings with the President that she has nothing to do with.

Bottom line: For the last three years, Hilary Rosen has met nearly three dozen times with top Obama communications and political strategists from Valerie Jarrett to David Axelrod to Anita Dunn to Jim Messina to the president himself.

Any notion that her frontal assault on GOP women was an accident or lone wolf move is contradicted by the long paper trail of her intimate working relationship with the White House campaign/media team. The data also puts the disavowals of Messina/Axelrod last night into much-needed perspective.

They can’t disassociate themselves from one of their most frequent visitors and associates.

Not to mention one of their biggest contributors:

Which reminds us, every time a conservative steps in it, be it on TV or radio, the stormtroopers from Media Matters, along with their partners from the White House and DNC, leap into feigned outrage and begin their tiresome boycotts.

Where are the Soros flying monkeys today? Not a peep about this assault on stay at home mothers and Ann Romney. An off-color remark about a DNC plant whining about contraception costs and there’s weeks of national headlines. The biggest story in America this day? Meh.

It’s been incredibly amusing watching Democrats distance themselves today, pretending they hardly have anything to do with each other. Funny, considering Rosen has contributed at least $189,000 to them. Not to mention another $157,000 to special interests. Oh, she did toss a couple of bucks to a few Republicans over the years. Last one? Mark Foley.

Nope nothing to see here, except of course a grin so huge on Stacy McCain’s face that you can see it on his blog.

Unfortunately it has been the talk of twitter.

Ann Romney was more popular on Twitter than Justin Bieber today.

And even worse instead of the uninspiring Mitt Romney on-screen the very inspiring, very personable Ann Romney is suddenly the face of the campaign.

The White House and the left is scared, VERY SCARED. Ann Althouse nails it

It’s the turning point in the presidential race… strangely, and yet not surprisingly. The trajectory changes right here. Today.

then puts it in perspective:

As we’d talked about earlier: The Democrats don’t really believe anything. They’re just working on various voting blocs. They started this “war on women” theme, but it was a means to an end. Women were out there, so numerous, so richly exploitable. The campaign made its move. And then… the slip.

And as for the president’s line about families being off-limits, Glenn Reynolds puts it well:

Tell it to the people who covered Sarah Palin, some of whom have been invited to dinner with Obama.

On and this is going to be all over the Sunday shows this weekend INCLUDING Meet the Press.

Worst part of this for the left. It makes Ann Romney the face of the GOP campaign and gives her husband empathy with the average voter who doesn’t pay attention every day.

This is disaster for the left, and will be the first thing thrown into their faces when they try to play the “War on Women” card in the future.

Then again the Obama campaign can always talk about the economy instead…

That’ll leave a mark: Dems Attack Breast Cancer Survivor, MS Victim

Update: Whoppi spins for the daytime audience, too little too late?

An amazing moment took place on Morning Joe during the 6 a.m. hour, (repeated in the 8 a.m. hour) as they went after Alan West for his remarks at a town hall concerning Communists/Socialists in the congress.

The folks at Morning Joe were outraged, Jazz Shaw was upset and strangely enough the American Communist Party called it “guilt by association“. Why an actual Communist would consider being associated with Communists “casting a shadow” on anyone is a tad odd (How dare you slander someone by saying they associate with me)!

Ignoring for a moment the Morning Joe Table being unaware of the Democratic Socialists of Americans published list of members of congress who are members (via the lonely conservative) and the apparent apology the Morning Joe team owes Congressman West, Joe Scarborough said something aloud that has been rarely expressed on a venue of the left.

Joe called Communism “..the most repressive, the most evil political movement in the history of man responsible for more deaths than any other movement.” on the air and nobody at the table disputed him.

Stating that communism had murdered nearly a hundred million is not something that our friends on the left usually talk about and this is a subject that you don’t see on MSNBC.

I’m old enough to remember all the outrage of the left when Reagan called the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire”. There are plenty of members of congress who are still in office, including our VP who went after him for it.

Apologies owed to Allen West not withstanding, it’s nice to see that we’ve reached a point where being associated with Communism is considered so beyond the pale that even MSNBC is against it.

Here is the video:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Oh and as far as who is a socialist and who is not, the person I believe is Clara Csiong

Update: I should have linked the base post from the Lonely Conservative, also there was a fragment that somehow got left in the post, fixed.

Update 2: Nice deb posts this video of Congressman Danny Davis being honored at the Communist Party USA headquarters Chicago for a lifetime of achievement:

Shhhh don’t tell Joe Scarborough.

…don’t watch the Today show segments (well reviewed by Brian Preston) but watch this segment on Morning Joe right after Donnie Deutsch comes over from the Today set to talk about meeting Palin for the first time.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Now I’ve met Mika, she has a lot in common with Palin, she is smart, beautiful, strong and a very concerned mother, but I’ve got to tell you, she carried herself there like a jealous prom queen.

Why the hostility? I think the explanation comes from the movie the Natural

Pop Fisher: My gut tells me this and Red agrees, we feel Hobbs can fill your position very neatly…

after today Mika Brzezinski and every single woman who makes her living in front of a camera on the Today show or MSNBC understands that line above applies to them.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Update: There is no better way to finish the first full year at the new blog site than an Instalanche.

When I first heard Sarah Palin was going to be co-hosting the Today Show Tuesday, my first thought was:

“This has to be an April Fools trick.”

Once I was convinced that this was for real my second thought was:

“Why on earth is Sarah Palin giving NBC the benefit of her ratings draw when they and their sister network MSNBC treat her as a joke.”

After all NBC understands that Palin is a huge ratings draw and up against Katie Couric and even bigger one. Tens of Thousands of viewers will turn into the Today Show that never did in the past, they will happily take the day of ratings to embarrass Couric on ABC and to get the numbers. Why should Palin give her enemies his gift?

Now that I’ve had a day to sleep on it without my taxes hanging over my head it hits me that Palin has set a trap and has put NBC and MSNBC has fallen in it.

Consider: The MSM has a history of ignoring any substantive or actual statement of Sarah Palin for the sake of their “Sarah Palin is an idiot” message. They ignored her speech in Wisconsin at the height of the protests in the state, ignored her big foreign policy speech in Denver. Just weeks ago MSNBC’s Morning Joe spent over a week on the HBO fiction “Game Change” while ignoring the Obama administrations attack on Palin and her substantive reply.

However on Tuesday the viewership of the Today show, who in the past has only seen Sarah though the filter of the MSM will see Palin without distortion. As her daughter Bristol put it on her blog:

She’ll be a totally unique presence, won’t she? (Just try to think of anyone else like her on television !)

No there is not. When the Today show audience tunes in they will see a confident intelligent conservative woman who is the total opposite of what they have been told and her very presence will make liars of all of those who have painted conservative women in general and Sarah Palin in particular as an idiot, as I wrote last year:

watching Palin in context tends to make people like her.

It will undo years of propaganda that the viewers have been fed, but the worse effect will be on the network itself.

For NBC the Palin ratings will be like the free samples of an addictive drug. One hit will not be enough, the number crunchers, the people who sell the ads will be asking: ” Can we get those ratings again? Might we tempt Palin to return?

One they get a taste of the ratings the network will be under immense pressure to try to get Palin back on a regular basis, either for Today or for another show, and as long as the carrot of that dynamic is in play, what will the MSNBC “talent” on their low rated cable network do? Will the people above want them to risk the chance of the coup or more properly, what will they be allowed to do?

It should be fun.

Detective Inspector Menzies: “Did you set this up to make us look stupid. Planting an…”

The 6th Doctor:   “An? An what? Something beginning with a vowel? Something beginning with an A perhaps?”

Doctor Who, The Condemned 2008 Big Finish #105

Today the MSM finally discovered the Susan G. Komen story that’s I wrote about two days ago, and as you might guess the coverage was not only one-sided but on MSNBC was missing something:

Here is a clip of Barbara Boxer and Patty Murray on Andrea Mitchel:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

(I thought Mitchell’s “where ‘we‘ should go from here was telling”)

The show was followed by Tameron Hall’s show News Nation which had Barbara Lee who went through a list of all the great things that Planned parenthood does (no video is available yet).

On both of these shows the guests expounded on all the wonderful things that Planned Parent does, however they seemed to miss something, something that accounts for 91% of their business of their dealings with pregnant women, something beginning with an A.

For some reason Planned Parenthood’s primary business Abortion is that which can’t be named.

Language is very revealing. You can always tell when someone is losing an argument by the arguments they use or do not use.

That’s why although I disagree with Megan McArdle on abortion I can at least respect her for this:

Though I’m pro-choice, I don’t share the outrage that was roiling my Twitter feed this morning. It is, as Josh Barro noted, absurd to pretend that abortion is somehow incidental to Planned Parenthood’s services, and since money is fungible, giving them money is probably helping to fund abortion provision. Since I think this is a very tough issue on which reasonable people can disagree, I can see why the federal government, and private foundations, would decline to fund their operations.

I guess we must conclude from their choice of words that Andrea Mitchell’s and Tameron Hall’s guests know how to count too.

Update: Apparently our fiends on the left are not big on the free choice of Susan G. Komen.

Update 2: What was that I said about math?

Nevertheless, since cutting ties, Brinker announced that Komen’s donations have gone up in the last two days — by 100 percent.

“Our donations are up 100 percent in the past two days. With all of the emotion around these issues — which we understand, we get emotional too, we do this every single day of our lives,” Brinker said, explaining that they do not make decisions to be popular, they make them to fight cancer.

Like I said, the math doesn’t lie

Update 3: I should have said that 91% of pregenant woman who go to Planned Parenthood have abortions rather than 91% of their business, but to ignore the Abortion business in planned parenthood is to ignore the slavery in the south pre-1860

One of the things we constantly hear about the MSM is their willingness to ask the questions we can’t. Consider this clip of Chuck Todd:

“It’s my responsibility to ask the tough questions…I have unique access… I’d better use that access for a greater good”

Today there is a big press conference with Herman Cain addressing the now specific accusations against him. By an odd coincidence MSNBC’s Morning Joe had President Bill Clinton Scheduled for the 8:15 tine slot.

They had him on for 30 minutes and they talked economy, trade etc, yet not a person on that set asked him a question about the issue leading the news today, how he would suggest Cain deal with it and what lessons he learned from it.

That really says it all, Morning Joe and MSNBC have Bill Clinton, the single most famous political sexual harasser, a man who is still 15 years later the butt of jokes on the subject. (Even in the latest funny or die clip they play Clinton hitting on Michelle Obama)

Yet not a word, not a question, not a hint.

That’s not journalism, that’s Journo-list-ism.

A few observations on the “occupy wall Street (and elsewhere) front.

Item: Clean it with Bleach.

the Daily Caller notes an interesting complexion on the story:

A 40-photo Washington Post slideshow showing hundreds of angry protesters in New York and other cities includes no more than 15 clearly identifiable minority protesters, and just six African-Americans. The rest of the protesters shown are white, and most are male.

In 26 photos from San Francisco and Chicago gatherings posted on, only one person from a minority group is clearly visible, and it’s unclear whether he is a protester or a bystander.

Minority groups are similarly underrepresented in photos and videos posted on, the self-described “unofficial de facto online resource for the ongoing protests happening on Wall Street.”

Even the “unofficial” organizers of the protest events admit this is — or at least appears to be — problematic.

American Glob includes a few photos and asks:

Remember when the media was obsessed with how many minority members attended Tea Parties?

Just out of curiosity, who is that Tea Party Favorite now in the top tier of the field?

Item: You always hurt the ones you love:

Via Outside the Beltway we see that the Huffington Post reports that the OccupyWallStreet protests are having some unexpected side effects:

But the group that says it’s fighting against banks and corporations on behalf of the “99 percent” of America’s “have-nots” may have caught Main Street in the crossfire — with their continued presence causing big headaches for nearby small businesses.

“Usually, there are hundreds and hundreds of people in this area,” said Stacey Tzortzatos, owner of Panini & Co. Breads, which sits adjacent to Zuccotti Park. “People do not want to have to pass through the crowd or walk through the park to come to my business — so they go elsewhere.”

and it’s not just chasing away customers:

“I’ve had a lot of damage from the protesters,” she said. “I’ve had to put a $200 lock on my bathroom because they come in here and try to bathe. The sink fell down to the ground, cracked open, pulled the plumbing out of the wall and caused a flood. It’s a no-win situation. If I open the restroom for one, 30 people line up outside, disrupting my business.”

It’s gets better, or worse depending on how you look at it

A manager at the nearby Essex World Cafe — who asked to remain anonymous — shared similar complaints. Referring to three young men waiting at the end of the counter, he explained, “They want to use the toilet, the phones, we give them free water and free ice. They sit here and don’t buy anything, but they recharge their phone batteries with our plugs, and I tell them, ‘Hey, if you guys are going to come, I need to do some business here. We are suffering, too!’ And then they start with their own words, going against you.” The three young men eventually left the cafe, each carrying large containers the staff had filled with hot and cold water for them.

This manager also cited damages, including graffiti on his restroom walls. “For eight and a half years, there was nothing on those walls,” he said. “Now it says ‘Viva la Revolucion’ everywhere. Yes, ‘Viva la Revolucion,’ but don’t write it on my toilet. I let you use my facilities without being a customer and this is what I get?”

Quite a contrast to tea party people who clean up after themselves.

David Freddoso tries to warn them:

I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but these regular people probably weren’t very happy to see you on that bridge, carrying your preprinted black and yellow protest sign that hundreds of you got straight from the communist Workers’ World Party (or one of its less frighteningly named affiliates). So incensed was one Ground Zero construction worker that he called you “g-ddamned hippies” in the New York Post.

And that underscores the problem with the 100-plus million people who work for a living in this country. They lack an enlightened perspective that would show them how your camping trip in lower Manhattan has already helped their lives.

These guys are making tea party members.

Item: it’s the Joooos etc:

At the moment the Democratic Party and the left is having a problem with the Jewish members of their base so reports like this don’t help:

via Ace of Spades HQ. who also quotes Rick Lowey of NRO:

The charges against corporate America include poisoning the food supply, torturing animals and using the military to suppress press freedom. Of course, corporations stand accused — in a hardy perennial — of perpetuating colonialism. The long list of complaints is thoughtfully affixed with an asterisk and an accompanying note, “these grievances are not all-inclusive.”

Strangely enough this stuff isn’t making into MSNBC’s coverage although Rush touched on it today. I wonder why?

Item: We are behind you, sort of:

The “Occupy Wall Street” protests got some endorsements in the last day or two:

Co-chairs of Congressional Progressive Caucus applaud Occupy Wall Street protests

The congressional progressive caucus is the most liberal of the liberals in congress. Additionally at yesterday’s Democratic Debate 5 of the 6 candidates, but one candidate was not as direct in her support from Left in Lowell:

Warren: We all have to follow the law. Wall Street broke the country and still no basic accountability. She wants to run for Senate.

And from the right side:

Elizabeth Warren—Everyone needs to follow the law. Wall Street broke this nation and there has been no restitution.

Isn’t it interesting that Former Obama Administration Official Elizabeth Warren didn’t see fit to directly endorse them? Isn’t it interesting that only the leadership of the most liberal group in congress have signed on?

I think this says a lot about the potential long term viability of this movement.

Bottom line: The online left seems to be going all in but the professional left continues to keep its distance. They will wait to see if MSNBC can spin this into a viable parade to climb in front of. Considering the size of their viewership, I wouldn’t be the farm on it.

Update: Today the president was asked about the protestors at his news conference and said they:

“…protestors are giving voice to a broad base frustration on how our financial system works.“

Ladd Ehlinder via Smitty has this to say:

A courageous White House reporter should be asking Jay Carney and President Obama at this very moment what ties they have to the #OccupyWallStreet organizers and demonstrations, and the planned follow-on protests across the country.

An even smarter one would be asking how are they planning on using these protesters in 2012 to subvert the elections. My hunch is that these protests aren’t about accomplishing anything right now except to flex their muscles, test out the police, and see which supporters “they” (the White House) can count on.

In short: #OccupyWallStreet is a dry run for November 2012.

He is right in the sense that they are finding out what they can get away with, in terms of the White House playing Hugo Chavez I think I’m with Breitbart on that one. Let them bring it on:

I noted yesterday that Eric Boehelrt e-mailed asking if there was more video from Andrew Breitbart’s appearance in Lexington.

Little did I know that question was in preparation for this appearance on MSNBC:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

It’s rather astounding how much spin can be created through an edit or two in such a short segment so for those who might still not have seen the video in context here is the actual video again:

and lets include the full transcript of what was said, both the question and the answer as I recorded it:

Question: …rage tomorrow any thoughts about the SEIU…

Breitbart: (interupting) “Bring em on! Sorry. (Laughter)

I must say that in my non-strategic, because I’m under attack all the time, if you see it on twitter the “tolerant” call me gay. I’m mean it’s just, it’s just like they’re vicious, the death threats and everything and so there are times where I’m not thinking as clearly as I should and in those unclear moments I always think to my self: Fire the first shot, bring it on. Because I know who’s on our side and they know that. They can only win a rhetorical and propaganda war. They cannot win, we outnumber them in this country and we have the guns so…


I’m not kidding, they talk a mean game but they will not cross that line because they know what they’re dealing with. And I have people who come up to me in the military, major named people in the military who grab me and go: ‘Thank you for what you’re doing, we’ve got your back.’ and so; (laughter and applause)

so they understand that, these are the unspoken things we know, they know. They know who’s on their side, they’ve got Janeane Garofalo (Laughter),we are freaked out by that. We, yeah (Laughter)

When push comes to shove they know who’s on our side. They are the bullies on the playground and they’re starting to realize: ‘What if we were to fight back, what if we were to slap black?’ You know these union thugs, these public sector union thugs, I’m just waiting.

Bring it on. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of this Trumpka guy. I’m sick of that John Sweeney guy. I’m sick of the SEIU. I’m sick of them going to people homes, executives homes, showing up and the media not thinking. You don’t think there’s a problem with that?

Katie Couric, what if we went to Katie Couric’s house?

What if the Tea Party showed up at Katie Couric’s house and scared the crap out of her teenage kids? And that’s what they do because they know that the mainstream media won’t cover it. And so ,there’s just a part of me who wants them to walk over that line.”

The gist of the question was clearly that he was saying that there are time he wants the left to cross that line, to fire that first shot beyond the normal thuggery that is used by the left recorded by citizen journalists again and again. To paint as MSNBC does as a call for violence when it is in fact a cry of: Go ahead through that first punch because we’ll throw the last..

Boehlert’s pose of incredulity at the idea of Union members acting as thugs is comical as well, granted he’s paid not to notice that but Ed Schultz at least pretends he is reporting fact. Those videos will not find their way to MSNBC anytime soon as they are too hard to spin. That’s why the Katie Couric stuff was not there, because it was impossible to spin it without repeating the story that Andrew was referring to.

I haven’t talked to Andrew since this stuff ended up all over the place, but he’s a big boy and he deals with this kind of spin all the time so I suspect it’s not much of a worry for him.

And seriously If MSNBC can’t add more than maybe 10k to 15k views to a video with broadcasts and repeats, who is actually going to see this spin?

So I’m not all that worried about MSNBC, it got the video some views, it gave me some subscribers, a lot of comments that illustrated the left for what they are and a few more hits for the monthly total.

But it did teach me one valuable lesson: Don’t try to use the experimental YouTube voice software for a transcript, it translated “Fire the first shot” as “Barbershop Grandma”.

Today on Morning Joe they folks around the table openly spoke about the NY-9 election and the polling showing Obama in huge trouble among independents in a district that has not had a GOP rep since my 90 year old aunt was a baby.

Joe tried to play the “dirty tricks” early citing this politico story but it went nowhere as their guest from Politico didn’t play ball.

When MSNBC is openly talking about the president’s lack of popularity and the likely loss of a district in New York City then things are coming apart at the seams.

Of course since their primary audience are the NY types it could be a battle cry to get turn out up so they can paint a democratic win as a “comeback”. Either way I’ll wait for the actual votes to be cast before we break out the bubbly.

Here’s two thoughts:

1. If ny-9 turns republican how will that affect re-redistricting since two seats have to be lost?

2. We were told when Obama “got Bin Laden” the election was over, if the guy who got Bin Laden man can’t win a democratic seat in New York City two days after September 11th then Democrats across the nation need to update their resumes.

Rick Perry: Was both strong and hesitant in some of his answers. Looked rusty, but he has a lot of debates to fix that.

Mitt Romney: Helped himself looked professional and practiced did very well.

Michelle Bachmann:Good answers but I have to agree with Rev Sharpton, nothing memorable.

Ron Paul: He was Ron Paul+ Same strangeness but better presentation and liked how he dealt with several issues.

Rick Santorum: One or two really strong answers (particularly on the Catholic thing) but he needed to be stronger.

Herman Cain: Best debate since the 1st one, I think he helped himself a lot.

Newt Gingrich: If I’m Newt I want debates every day, very strong.

Jon Huntsman: Both helped and hurt himself some strong answers but at best he will get from 1% to 2% with them.

Biggest winner is likely Romney the biggest loser MSNBC that is so politically correct that they brought in a person of Spanish ancestry to ask the immigration issue, how condescending, how liberal how racist. Why not have Williams ask the immigration question and let the “Hispanic” reporter ask about taxes, don’t “Hispanic” people pay taxes too?

The ScrewTape Letters is a series essays by C. S. Lewis written in the form of letters from a senior tempter from Hell (Screwtape) to his nephew (Wormwood) a junior tempter assigned to a specific person in England around 1939-1940 or 41 with advice on how to help damn his “Patient”

In letter #10 Screwtape talks about a new set of friends that Wormwood’s “patient” has made and how they are diametricly opposite to his Christian life and how these difference can be exploited:

Sooner or later, however, the real nature of his new friends must become clear to him, and then your tactics must depend on the patient’s intelligence. If heis a big enough fool you can get him to realise the character of the friends only while they are absent; their presence can be made to sweep away all criticism. If this succeeds, he can be induced to live, as I have known many humans live, for quite long periods, two parallel lives; he will not only appear to be, but actually be, a different man in each of the circles he frequents.

I could not help but think of this turning on Morning Joe today and MSNBC this week.

We have seen the MSNBC host such as Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow declare the president will be re-elected and this morning on Morning Joe, before the 7 a.m. hour talking about the President and his ability to get re-elected. They talked about the Karl Rove strategy from 2004 would be played and said how with this republican field the president certainly can energize his base and win.

Less than 15 minutes the subject was borrowing at 100% of GDP and how it is almost impossible to get out of our economic crisis without a spiral followed by a talk about the weakness of the president.

These two arguments are diametrically opposed to each other, yet we are seeing them being made on a (major) American Cable Network. Why? Because their belief in the re-election of Obama and their disdain for the GOP, particularly the Tea Party wing, is so ingrained that the state of the economy, and the condition of the people can not shake it.

In the Screwtape letters the “patient” turns around in Letter 13 and see reality for what it is. The question is when will these guys on MSNBC turn it around?

My guess, it will take November of 2012 to do that.

You would not realize there is a republican to the right of Joe Scarborough other than Michael Steele.

You would not realize there are any opinion people on the right to ask about the debt issue.

You would not realize that as CNN polled but did their best not to report, that a vast majority of adults support the Cut Cap and Balance plan passed by the house.

You would not realize that Rush Limbaugh has millions more listeners than Morning Joe could dream of having viewers.

You would also not realize that John Boehner called Rush after one hour of speculation about what kind of deal has supposedly been negotiated.

You would not know that the US Senate has been controlled by the Senate since 2006.

You would not know that Republicans won a historic landslide in 2010.

You would not know the polls they are quoting are incredibly skewed to the left

You would not know that the House has passed several possible solutions.

You would not know that the senate hasn’t voted on them.

You would think Grover Norquist is the head of the republican party.

You would not know that in states where the Republican solutions were applied, deficits have become surpluses.

You would think this was not all about Obama’s re-election.

You would also think the president was winning.

And you would think MSNBC mattered in the national debate.

…and they were right:

with apologies to Glenn Reynolds who invented the meme

Update: Added the link to the entire “if I voted for John McCain” collection

Update 2: Take a look at the video and make note of this. He didn’t say it off the air and didn’t mean to say it off the air. He meant to say it on the air and be seen saying it! That speaks volumes

Update 3: They told me if I used the “If I voted for John McCain” meme concerning this Morning Joe business I would be able to snarf an instalanche and they were right!

Update 4: They told me if I voted for John McCain reporters who dared insult the president would be suspended and they were right

“Mark Halperin’s comments this morning were completely inappropriate and unacceptable. We apologize to the President, The White House and all of our viewers. We strive for a high level of discourse and comments like these have no place on our air. Therefore, Mark will be suspended indefinitely from his role as an analyst,” said the network in a statement.

Ed Morrissey comments before the news of the suspension news came out

the fuss seems a little overblown. “Dick” isn’t a word that needs to be censored; for one thing, it’s a proper name used by a number of politicians, including Dick Durbin, who’s second in Democratic leadership in the Senate. It’s also a playground word for “jerk” or “penis,” but hardly an obscenity. Either way, the producer shouldn’t be blamed for missing the delay button.

Halperin should be apologizing for a lack of imagination. He’s right in that the President acted like a pouting, sullen adolescent during the press conference

Hey insulting the president on MSNBC is VERBOTEN even if almost nobody watches it.

Update 5: Just saw the Halperin suspension reported on CNN (11:54 a.m. EST), they said it was a “word beginning with D”. Can somebody tell me how many people at CNN or MSNBC were suspended for calling Tea Party members “Teabaggers”?

Update 6: Stacy McCain notices that the left has decided it’s proof of conservative media bias:

Benen expects Democrats to employ class-warfare rhetoric, and expects liberal journalists to praise Democrats who do so. And while Halperin is a liberal in good standing, his accurate assessment of Obama’s press-conference performance — which was off-putting, in that the president seemed peevish and petulant — permits the Left to renew their bizarre claim that the media has a right-wing bias.

Of course why didn’t we think of that before!

Update 7: How crazy is this punishment? So crazy that even Greg Sargent gets it

Of course what Halperin said is inappropriate. Of course it’s inevitable that MSNBC had to mete out some kind of punishment. But it could have been a three-day suspension or on-air rebuke or something. To be clear, I don’t really care about Halperin’s fate. The point is that an indefinite suspension obscures the fact that crass and dumb and “uncivil” statements aren’t the real problem here.

Most of his piece if nonsense but he is right that the punishment of Halperin is excessive.

One of the things that has enabled the conservative blogosphere and Fox news has been the refusal of the MSM to cover stories that might portray a democrat in an unfavorable light.

The Monica Lewinsky case made Matt Drudge because Newsweek when given the chance to cover a story with every element that would attract readers; Sex, Power intrigue, declined.

The same thing happened with the John Edwards story. The MSM continued to ignore it until the National Enquirer caught him with the lady in a hotel.

Consider: If Newsweek does it’s job, how much smaller is Matt Drudge? Does he inspire others? Does an Andrew Breitbart who worked with Drudge get his start?

Let’s say you are a hard left person; what would you today give to have neutralized Matt Drudge and all those who would follow him?

And consider 2000. Do you think an incumbent Al Gore would have lost to George Bush? I think not.

Consider myself and the Weiner business. If the MSM reports do I end up with an Op-ed in the NY Post, or the Lars Larson radio and Fox TV gigs? Would I even get the Instalanche if the MSM makes the points that I did first?

Which brings me to Joe Scarborough again.

This morning I stated that this was an important show for Joe Scarborough. There is a definite connection between the show and Weiner but Joe Scarborough is very familiar with Twitter and would understand the potential problems with Rep. Weiner’s story.

Yet his own dismissal of Andrew Breitbart and association with people such as Joan Walsh of Salon who railed about the Weiner business being all about conservatives attacking teenage girls, and the Huffington Post who confined the story to the NY section, transformed any confrontation with Weiner from simple reporting to act of courage. It would be standing against the people he hangs with at parties and events. It is the type of thing that would make the “no labels” crowd uncomfortable.

Confronted with this choice, #weinergate was not covered in any segment, and his name was mentioned only in passing about “hacking” in general. It didn’t even make the “news you can’t use” segment. (Can you imagine this happening if the congressman in question was Paul Ryan?). No coverage of the lawyering up, no coverage of the alleged hacker offering to submit to investigations and no coverage of Rep Weiner choosing to not answer questions. Nothing.

Normally there would be no damage as only Fox would cover the story and their niche market would never hear about it. Unfortunately for Joe and Company CNN decided no act in a very atypical way for an MSM network.

Congressman Weiner was, to the surprise of even Andrew Breitbart, confronted by a CNN apparently deciding this was a job they would not outsource to Fox (when you are in 3rd place you apparently try harder). The result was classic TV.

The media stars of the left were since the movie all the president’s men, brought up on drams of such confrontations all their lives. All those dreams involved Republicans, but lo and behold when a democrat is the subject it’s still great TV. CNN reporters will look at this and say: Why not me?

This is a disaster for MSNBC. Any MSNBC host this evening who wants to report on this has to show the CNN clip and the left of center viewers who would refuse to turn to FOX to see the story have no such qualms about watching CNN.

Tomorrow morning when this clip is shown on Morning Joe viewers will be wondering why they didn’t hear about this issue on the show. They will remember how many times Congressman Weiner has appeared on the show and will be amazed that they are hearing about this after the fact.

This is an embarrassment and a self-inflicted wound to the credibility of his show.

Why do I care? Two reasons:

1. Morning Joe is the only show on MSNBC that has the possibility of the entry of conservative opinions into their audience. Its fall would likely cause its replacement with a totally liberal show appealing the MBNBC’s niche Market.

2. I genuinely like these people. I’ve met Willie on one occasion and Mike Barnicle on several, they are nice regular guys. The type you would have a beer with and could talk straight with. I suspect Joe and Mika are too. Any parent who sees how Mika reacts around children or sees how she treats her father on the air can’t help but like her. Plus Joe once paid me a complement that was passed on through a 3rd party that was very important to me at the time and an American of Sicilian origin doesn’t forget a favor.

It is painful to watch them do this to their show. I hope they in the future take these words of Robert Stacy McCain to heart:

This story is what we call “news.” No matter how unseemly or inconsequential the story may superficially appear to be, it is entirely legitimate and potentially significant, and it is therefore a dereliction of journalistic duty to ignore or dismiss it.

My appearance on Fox 25 tomorrow precludes me from seeing tomorrow’s show, I sure hope they take what I said to heart but frankly I’m not sanguine.

Update: Poor Joe & Co. John Stewart was all over this. I’d bet real money the only clip they will play if any is the “it’s too big to be him” stuff.