Two weeks ago DaWife, DaYoungest and myself took a day away from political coverage for a day trip to Western Massachusetts. The Primary Stop, Yankee Candle.

There is the Museum

The Mancave

The Candy Store

The Bavarian Castle

The Chocolate:

There are trains and of course a large selection of candles

People come from all over to visit and see things like king candle


Our next stop was Mystic Pinball but before that we grabbed some very good pizza in Turner Falls

And then came the pinball

This was a great time at a good price (and a lot cheaper than Yankee Candle I can tell you) so if you are in western MA you’ll want to add it to your list of things to do.

You might ask, with so much news why am I posting on candles and pinball, my answer: Everyone talks about unity and coming together, the easiest way to do so is to share things we can enjoy together outside of the political world. Life is more than a political fight and the less you believe that the more you need a road trip like this to remember what real life actually is.