The Midwest’s wildflower spring of 2019

Bloodroot By John Ruberry It's been an unusual 2019 weather-wise, here in the Chicago area and the rest of the Midwest. The coldest temperatures in over thirty years. by way of the polar vortex, struck my base in Morton Grove at the end of January. In mid-April the second heaviest snowfall ever recorded in the … Continue reading The Midwest’s wildflower spring of 2019

Butterfly Rescue!

A woman found a Monarch butterfly who was born with a torn wing and would be unable to fly and live out his little butterfly life, so she decided to try to save him with surgery! Via Sunny Skyz: Romy McCloskey has a good reason to cherish butterflies more than most people. Before her mother … Continue reading Butterfly Rescue!

Dance Of The Adorable Spiders!

With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, the Christmas Season has officially begun, yay! I have a little boy at home who loves to show me videos he finds of little critters doing cute things, and among his (and my) favorites are the Peacock Spiders. The males are very pretty and do flashy dances, for … Continue reading Dance Of The Adorable Spiders!