#NCSEN: Hagan’s Bad Month Continues

By A.P. Dillon Last week, I gave an update on the NC Senate race between Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis. Senator Hagan is having a bad month.  That bad month is continuing this week. Carolina Journal continued to expand on the stimulus scandal involving Kay Hagan and her family members.  This involvement included 'significant' monetary benefit to … Continue reading #NCSEN: Hagan’s Bad Month Continues

#NCSEN: Hagan’s Campaign Collapsing

By A.P. Dillon Kay Hagan has been having a very bad month. Last week, I wrote about how her family's investments were steeped in companies who are sending jobs overseas while retraining the employees impacted through a tax payer funded government program. The article before that I wrote about how Hagan skipped critical meetings, including one … Continue reading #NCSEN: Hagan’s Campaign Collapsing

#NCSEN: Hagan Investments Ship Jobs Overseas

By A.P. Dillon Well, last week I wrote about Hagan admitting to skipping vital committee meetings to fundraise. There's more interesting news about the Senator and her priorities. Local media outlet Carolina Journal has a lot of detail on how Hagan's family received over $250k in stimulus cash and pocketed probably around $114k of it. Washington Free Beacon … Continue reading #NCSEN: Hagan Investments Ship Jobs Overseas

Hagan Admits Skipping Vital Committee Meetings To Fundraise #NCSEN

By A.P. Dillon On Tuesday evening, the 2nd Senate debate between NC Speaker of the House Thom Tillis and NC Senator Kay Hagan took place.  It was a typical debate in that the challenger would pose a question and the incumbent would dodge answering said question.  This debate was a little different from the first in … Continue reading Hagan Admits Skipping Vital Committee Meetings To Fundraise #NCSEN

Hagan Attempting To Manufacture Outrage In #NCSEN

By A.P. Dillon Given the busy week Kay Hagan (D-NC) is having, a dispatch from the NC Senate race is due here. Hagan's campaign has been ugly, divisive and pretty much deceptive across the board.  Polls are close. Election day is looming. Hagan needs to manufacture some outrage and dangle a few shiny objects to survive the next … Continue reading Hagan Attempting To Manufacture Outrage In #NCSEN

A Time to Call: Senator Kay Hagan edition

This morning I wrote this about Obamacare and Democrats in 2014 With the democrats completely on defensive, Time magazine even talking broken promises and the left desperate to change the subject to something ANYTHING (Iran) the last thing we on the right need to do is to give them that out. If you don't believe … Continue reading A Time to Call: Senator Kay Hagan edition