Following the money can be an intriguing political exercise. Take one Planned Parenthood affiliate’s political expenditures, for example. When a candidate benefits from PP expenditures and later has to vote on a PP contract, when does business-as-usual becomes a matter of ethical concern?

Darlene Pawlik wants to find out. She’s checking things out close to her New Hampshire home, and she has filed a complaint with the Executive Branch Ethics Committee against Governor Maggie Hassan and Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern. The complaint might be heard formally at the committee’s next meeting, scheduled for August 3.

Pawlik was prompted to act by a June 2016 “do-over” vote by the state’s Executive Council that sent “family planning” money to Planned Parenthood of Northern New England only months after the same Council turned down a similar PPNNE contract proposal. It’s unusual for a contract denied in a fiscal year to be re-introduced and approved in substantially the same terms later in the same fiscal year, but that’s what the Executive Council did with its 3-2 vote on June 29.

A bit of background: PPNNE is the region’s largest abortion provider, although the New Hampshire contracts are for “family planning” services and are not meant to be used for abortions. (Thereby hangs a tale for another day.)  The denial of the original contract hardly de-funded PPNNE, however much the denial gave PP supporters the vapors. PPNNE’s budget is $20 million a year. The original contract was for $638,000; the do-over contract was for a little less than that. By comparison, PPNNE spent $1.5 million on “public policy” in 2014. That doesn’t count campaign donations and independent campaign expenditures by PPNNE’s political arm.

Back to the do-over vote. The more recent contract passed because executive councilor and GOP candidate for governor Chris Sununu switched his vote from 2015. PPNNE’s Action Fund stayed out of Sununu’s race in the 2014 election.  On the other hand, the campaigns of Governor Hassan and Councilor Van Ostern were the beneficiaries of PP donations. Hassan, a Democrat who is running for U.S. Senate, named a pro-PP commissioner of health and human services earlier this year who promised during his confirmation process that he would “bring back” the PP contract. Van Ostern was the chief cheerleader for PP on the Council during the recent reconsideration vote. He is a Democratic candidate for governor.

In her ethics complaint, Pawlik alleges that as recipients of PP donations, Hassan and Van Ostern should have recused themselves from any action on contracts with PPNNE. The governor has no vote on the Executive Council, but she presides at Council meetings and was more than happy in that capacity to speak in PP’s favor at the June meeting before the contract vote was taken.

It’s hardly news that political committees get involved in elections, and it’s hardly news that governments do business with entities associated with those committees.What’s news is that a concerned citizen is taking action to clarify how much back-scratching is too much. The same-fiscal-year reconsideration of a rejected contract begs for further scrutiny.

The New Hampshire Union Leader quoted PPNNE’s vice-president for public policy as saying “PPNNE and its Political Action Fund are ‘separate and distinct organizations with different funding, different activities and different tax status.’” Presto: no conflict of interest, says PP.

Look again, says Darlene Pawlik.

She is appealing to an Ethics Committee that is under most New Hampshire residents’ radar. The Committee itself has been moribund for several months, with its three most recent scheduled meetings cancelled. There’s a meeting scheduled for August 3, though, and we know now that at least one complaint should be getting a hearing.

Stay tuned.

Ellen Kolb writes about the life issues at When she's not writing, she's hiking in New Hampshire.
Ellen Kolb writes about the life issues at Leaven for the Loaf. When she’s not writing, she’s hiking in New Hampshire.

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The first part of this story about Magnificent Seven Writer and Author Tim Imholt’s arrival and mine at St. Anselm and our denial of press credentials is  here I pick up the story at the top of a rise under a tree overlooking the parking lot & entrance to the press and candidate area of the hall were the event takes place.

By the time I recharged my laptop candidates like Rick Perry & Rick Santorum had arrived. There were a few passers-by including a visiting couple that had inquired about getting in and had been initially told that some spots were reserved for students if some of the ticket holders didn’t make it they might gain admission. I offered to interview them, as the lady worked for the state department she demurred but her husband, a naturalized citizen, was kind enough to give me a few minutes:

I found his interest in a challenger for Hillary fascinating but what I found much more immediately interesting was the revelation that all of the attendees were pre-screened (which I suspect had a lot more to do with their inability to get in). That said more about the event than anything else.

I spent a fair amount of time with a retired local resident who was a former local official who I would consider fairly far left, nevertheless we had a great and friendly conversation and his anecdotes concerning various candidates were quite amusing. (It’s often forgotten that people can strongly disagree on political beliefs but get along famously.

With the colleges wireless internet signal I was able to tweet and write a bit but with a limited battery I had to occasionally head into the building behind me to charge, while charging I was able to monitor the event just as effectively as if I was in the press room since they had no access to the stage (many people don’t realize that at the vast majority of events like this press are in rooms like this and wait until either individuals leave a state or said event ends before approaching to try to get their interviews (or wait in a “spin room” for the candidates or their reps to come). With lightning flashes outside (but not rain) in sight I went back inside and decided my plan would be to watch the stream until the event was over, then go outside to try to grab interviews of either individuals or candidates.

As far as the event itself, it was very substantive except for the stupid $20 bill question.  (Frankly the answer should have been.  “I think american women care less about who is on the twenty than having an economy that makes jobs so they can have more of those $20 in their pocket.”)  The main effect was to display to political junkies (who frankly were the only people watching) that all of the candidates are competent people of actual accomplishments.  Any one of them in a normal year would be a credible candidate.

But with 17 candidates including Donald Trump who changes the normal dynamic it remains to be see what will happen.

The drawbacks were large, it was dark so the video quality might be iffy and as candidates would likely be moving I’d want the microphone connected to the laptop to get audio on the fly and as the mic drew its power from the laptop it would kill my battery faster, so I would have to carry the open laptop, the mic and the monopod with the camera all at once, so the plan was this. I started the record button on Audacity with the mic off and let it run, cradled the laptop with my arm while holding the mic in my right hand turning it on with my thumb while carrying the monopod & camera in my left figuring I’d could hit record with that thumb when ready.

I would produce two products my normal video interviews and an audio (coupled with stills from the video) with the entire set of interviews which you can watch here:

The people coming out that I approached seemed disinterested in talking to me. I briefly considered trying to enter as the event was over but given the tightness of the security decided against it (that decision was validated when after everyone left I was challenged when I tried to get a drink from a bubbler that was near the door within seconds.)

I noticed that the SUV’s were approaching the exits for some candidates but was too slow to get to Gov Perry with all I was carrying but I had better luck with Gov Pataki who came out right as I was near his door.

It was a bit tough keeping the gov centered while keeping the separate mic steady (I could really use an intern but finances can’t justify one), but the interview was good.

A few minutes later I noticed Gov Scott Walker in another part of the area doing what appeared to be an interview. I moved over and requested 2-3 minutes but he declined. So I headed back toward the parking lot just as Governor Jindal was leaving and managed to get 40 second walking interview 25 second of it on video.

by now most of the lot was empty but I saw Rick Santorum coming and the Senator recognizing me was kind enough to stop for a full interview which contained the line of the night concerning Iraq:

And in this interview he gave, in my opinion the line of the night (emphasis mine)
“Here’s what I would say is that everybody who votes against this resolution and votes for the Iran deal, everybody who votes for the Iran deal owns everything Iran gonna do from this point forward. If you feel comfortable that this deal will do what the President says, you go and vote for it, but if you don’t if you know and I can’t imagine anyone whose watched Iran for any length of time knows Iran’s not going to keep this deal they’re going to pursue a nuclear weapon and they’ll probably be a nuclear power within in a very short period of time under this deal.  You’re going to own that and you’re going to take responsibility for everything that happens.

You can see the flashes lighting up the sky behind the senator and as I couldn’t cover the 3rd exit that I presume the candidates I didn’t see left from I figured it was time to get myself as I’d been there since 1 PM before those thunderstorms became rain.


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KODAK Digital Still Camera
Rick Perry presses the flesh

Today I visited Nashua Community College for a Rick Perry BBQ & speech coming just after his official announcement.

The event was at the Nashua Community college on Rte 101A in NH.  I always feel odd here because back in my college days a lot of this area was woods before the great migration from Massachusetts took place.

The first person I interviewed was a state Rep from Derry named John Potucek.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Setting up the background

His line about waiting for a line to inspire him really struck me. There are an awful lot of GOP candidates and potential candidates and I suspect that for most people there are 2 or more candidates who are on their A+ list Another 2-3 who would be rated B+ to A at least half a dozen who are solid B’s and with a few C’s and a couple of F’s (You’ll get the chance to vote on that on our newest poison poll soon). I have a real feeling there are a ton of voters who are just like him waiting for something to force his choice but not sure what.

Meanwhile the setup continued with people preparing the stage while the group that would be cooking the

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Come for the food stay for the speech
hamburgers and the dogs got to work to feed the expected crowd.

The event was scheduled for 4 p.m but the governor was coming down from a previous event from the lake country about an hour north. Meanwhile press starting to show up setting up both across from the state and the Granite Grok team who are the first people you should check out when you are looking at NH politics. I started to speak to Steve MacDonald
but in the middle of the interview Mike Rogers which made for a rather odd interview.

The Granite Grok Table
The Granite Grok Table

Within a few minutes Mike showed up and began their setup with a table and tent to keep. They kindly invited me to sit there but I decided to stay in the cafeteria where I had set up a small area to upload video and stay charged. Heading back there to upload some video I interviewed a VFW member Paul Chevalier one of several vets highly visible vets in attendance.

It was clear that Perry as one of only two vets in the race (the other being Lindsey Graham) was going to go lot on the vet card. Meanwhile people started eating

As the vets started upstairs for the private meeting with the Governor I noticed several people who I saw at the FITN some of which were at the Laconia event, first I spoke to Vito of the Vito and Vito show

And then I talk to Mona of Politichicks who in addition to talking about Perry has been covering the police situation in NY

I then spoke to Kate who is now working at the Daily Signal

I think she has great potential. I counted about 200 downstairs and by the time the vets came downstairs and more people showed up by the time Gov Perry came downstairs the numbers were about 350

The governor mixed with the crowd before his speech and it’s not everybody that has a medal of honor recipient on the stage with them. Perry than gave his speech.

He spent a good amount of the speech talking veterans affairs and his record on the issue. He compared Barack Obama to Jimmy Carter and our current situation to 1979. It’s something that a lot of us have been KODAK Digital Still Camerasaying for years, but frankly other than his Texas record (which is very strong) the speech wasn’t anything that inspiring.

When the speech was over he again dived into the crowd and I found myself with mixed feelings I was there to cover Rick Perry and get a question or two in but I must confess I had never seen a Medal of Honor let alone a person wearing one in the flesh and I considered heading toward but as you might guess he was almost as popular as the governor.

So I repositioned myself toward the area where he was leaving & started my camera with the intention of asking: “The MSM is doing their best to define the GOP field to the public, what is your plan to define yourself before they can do it to you?” once he finished with the crowd, however once he was beyond the crowd & and I started to ask my question he simply continued to walk, I tried to continue my quest as I’d done walking questions with Gov Huckabee & Jindal but Gov Perry silently accelerated away from me to his waiting car about 10 yards away.

It was an excellent impersonation of Hillary Clinton and was quite a contrast to both Senators Cruz & Carson who had not only taken questions from the crowd at events I covered but had taken questions from reporters & bloggers.

But in the end my annoyance doesn’t change the fact that as a Vet with a much more conservative record that Lindsey Graham can hope he has a strong card to play in the primaries and no amount of him running from me changes the fact that for his 14 years as governor of Texas his policies have caused both businesses and individual to run toward his state.

That’s quite a record and in a sane world would be a logical counter to the media defining him as a buffoon the last time around (whoever convinced him to run for president while on pain meds should be hung). However given the electorate’s willingness to ignore reality & believe the MSM’s memes on both Romney & Obama it might take some effort to change that meme. That could make him a much weaker candidate that he deserves to be.

How he counters that will determine if he gets any farther than the last time.


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My goal for 2015 is Twenty Two grand

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Yesterday after my wife went to work I and about 350 people (I counted 333)  spent a mother’s day afternoon with Ben Carson at Manchester Community College as he introduced himself, his values and his thoughts on  America’s future to them.KODAK Digital Still Camera

As it was mother’s day he spent a lot of time on his mother & childhood years & college years (How many people have Anna Freud as one of their Psychology instructors )

He talked about his faith (“You don’t need a PhD to talk to God just faith”) The Re-election of Barack Obama (“It was like being slapped in the face with a fish, it woke people up”) On the nature of America (“Our nation was designed in such a way that the People would be at the Pinnacle”) (“The Government is there to facilitate Life Liberty & Happiness not govern every aspect of our lives”) But his main theme was taking personal responsibility

(You’ll find the segments of his speech at DaTechGuy’s Youtube Channel)

He Took several questions from the Audience on Medical savings accounts

On the Military

On Scripture & the 2nd Amendment (two questions here)

at the end the event I interviewed people in line for a picture of him. Rachel & Jacob



And Dan

When everyone who wanted a picture had a chance to get one He consented to a short interview by me

Between me & the crowd He answered half as many question as Hillary Clinton has in her entire campaign

the fact he was not a pol and did not seem to be stage managed appealed to the crowd. This struck me as one of the least rehearsed Political events I ever covered, at least it would be until I saw him later that day in Hollis but that’s a later post.

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My goal for 2015 is Twenty Two grand

Olimometer 2.52

That gets all the bills paid. (including my writers like Fausta)  If I can get to Forty Thousand I can afford to travel outside of New England and/or hire me a blogger to help me get it done.

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LOWE: You will join the Swarm to be consumed, to become part of our purpose!

Doctor Who The Invisible Enemy 1977

Brill: Well, if they’re big and you’re small, then you’re mobile and they’re slow. You’re hidden and they’re exposed.

Enemy of the State 1998

Day two of the FITN GOP leadership summit in Nashua New Hampshire started strong for me. I got to the Crowne Plaza early and the entire press room was mine for the taking:

If you’ve never been in that situation that means you can pick the sweet spot were you can see the access doors where the candidate are coming in and out, next to the area where they speak to media so you don’t have to move while still having easy access to a plug for charging your stuff.

Location Location Location.

But even as the press credentials burned through my fedora screaming NO! I found a place across from the hotel Salon, not only as far as you could get from the press room but technically outside the event area where people who lacked a ticket were restricted to, and that’s where I planted myself for the day.

Now at first glance that might seem like a bad idea, after all smaller bloggers have fought very hard for the right to be considered equals with the MSM and if one is credentialed one should take advantage of it. But there are two factors that made the decision easy. The first is at a GOP event being part of the press scrum is like wearing a big sign in front of a candidate saying “I’m here to destroy you if I can” but the second is the same factor just mentioned above.

Location Location Location

While the Press Entrance was next to the door connecting to the green room & private area most people not named Trump don’t want to be instantly swarmed by press. The Salon spot not only gave good plug access it allowed me a view of the main entrance and the experience next to the bar restaurant meaning when someone like Say Carly Fiorina is coming in.

You can get that interview exclusively or if you’re very lucky when Senator Ted Cruz comes in and start signing autographs for voters

You can get a couple of exclusive questions in without another press person in sight.

Instead of having to hunt with the swarm like this:

and have (almost) the same footage as everyone else

Now you might ask, where was the swarm while I got those uncluttered bits with Senator Cruz?   Well the swarm had descended on Governor John Kasich of Ohio I filmed part of it…

…But left because think about it for a second. Not only were all the question on the same gotcha theme but every media person was shooting the same thing it produced no reason for a reader to come to this site to see it.

Now some candidates used this wisely for example when Rand Paul (Who I think doesn’t get enough credit for pure cunning) he allowed the swarm to envelop him in public areas as he moved though

To the point where they were taking pictures of him in the elevator doors

NUCLEUS [OC]: Fool. Do you think a metal barrier can contain the Swarm?

Doctor Who The Invisible Enemy 1977

After all nothing says “journalism” like a shot of a candidate in an open elevator and God forbid your editor finds out you’re the only news organization that didn’t get a swarm question on Kasich or that elevator picture of Rand Paul.

Senator Paul understand this thus he allowed interviews on the second floor away from the pack thus getting the attention of the swarm while still being able to be somewhat in control.  He knows how to counter these guys at their own game

Not all Journalists stick to this game.  For example while I made regular strolls to the Press room to see what was going and was able to pick up walking interviews such as this one with Governor Mike Huckabee before returning to my spot

(That’s Lee Fang of Think Progress jumping in with a question)

Mark Halpern who grabbed that sweet spot that had been open in the room regularly drifted to where I was and was able to get some one on one time with people like Senator Lindsey Graham.

He was an excellent example of adapting within the swarm.

But on the whole the rest of the swarm remained within the swarm staring at the monitors & typing away.

Even when the speakers were done and the press hit the bar the rules of the swarm remained as evidenced when during Gov Scott Walker barside entrance to a small dinner.

So tell me dear news consumer, how do you like your journalism, inside or outside the swarm?


And that’s the real question.  If you like your journalism  from inside the swarm there are plenty of places you can get it from.

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I spoke to Senator Sam Cataldo on Day one of FITN Republican Leadership Conference Nashua NH

If you don’t want to wait for the individual posts you can see all my interviews as they’re uploaded here

The latest in our series of posts that will not surprise any person who has been paying attention.

Today’s installment comes a post from Granite Grok & a tweet from Boston Bridget on the Elections in NH.

While the GOP was winning Governorships in Illinois, Maryland and even Massachusetts and Republican Senate Candidates were winning every senate seat in sight at the very same time Maggie Hassan was beating Walt Havenstein holding the Governorship and Scott Brown was losing to Jeanne Shaheen.

Mind you they managed to do this at the same time that Republican increased their majority in the state Senate and won the House in the state going from 40 seats down to 70 seats up

So How did Havenstein manage to lose when the GOP was winning statewide? Granite Grok provides a clue

I can now tell the story – a meeting was set up, like back in 2010 with the leaders of the L&F wing of the Party with Papa Smurf (John Sununu Sr), for Havenstein. Walt arrived – and only 4 people were there instead of the scores that had been invited. Each and every one of them, including me, said “No apology, no support. We will not be used as cover; we will not be there”. It is my understanding that Havenstein was PISSED – he was the Nominee so how DARE he not get that support and stomped out redfaced when told the reasons. He assumed that votes would be there – you know what “assumed” means. A lack of Consistency.


Oddly it appears that if you use sexual slurs to describe your base and refuse to apologize said people choose not to show up and vote for you.

Unlike Haverstein Brown didn’t directly insult his voters but he did choose to emphasize positions his base hated:

Brown especially with his absolutely pandering in on-bended-knee-running to Shaheen’s Left on being “I’m more Pro-Choice than her!!!!” told another large group of normally Conservative Republicans “I don’t need you at ALL” – that would be the large Pro-Life voters to whom this issue IS their top issue if not their SINGLE issue when voting.


Mind you there were pragmatic people who tried for him. Boston Bridget is as pro-life as they come yet there wasn’t a person who worked harder to try and elect him north of the border but that didn’t move the faithful:

The Groksters come to a conclusion:

In each of these candidates, not maintaining a Consistency with their base cost them. It should show that trying to replace that base with another, and being very untransparent about it, failed to create a Trust and you both lost votes.


Yeah but a lot of high paid GOP consultant said otherwise, and we all know they know a whole lot more than a blogger in a Fedora and scarf.


There are less than 60 days to the year and to say things are tight financially around here is to say the Titanic had a bit of a leak but there isn’t a lot of money in telling GOP candidates things as they are rather than what they and the establishment want them to hear.

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As everyone knows I supported first Karen Testerman and then Bob Smith for the GOP Senate in NH furthermore I argued that nominating Scott Brown might cause 2A and pro-life people to stay home.

However not only did Scott Brown win the primary but he’s run an excellent campaign overall. Combine this with a poor campaign by Shaheen, and the record of president Obama on Ebola & ISIS and viola Senator Brown has a real chance to take that seat.

In one respect win or lose Brown has already done a huge service for the GOP. When the election season began nobody was picking NH as a state the GOP could flip. Thanks to a strong well-financed campaign by Brown the left has spent an inordinate amount of 3rd party/national money resources defending New Hampshire that they could have spent in Louisiana, or Alaska, or North Dakota, or Colorado, or Arkansas, or Iowa, or North Carolina or Montana or Virginia or in the Florida Governor Race etc etc etc.

Taking money from the left is good, but winning the Senate is better and now the Tea Party and Conservatives in New Hampshire have a chance to not only spike the ball providing a final service for conservatives running nationwide.

Until election day an election is like a marketing campaign, but on election day it’s like a battle where morale is critical. As New Hampshire is one of the eastern states it will be reporting earlier than many other states.

If the Democrats media allies can project a victory in New Hampshire fairly early it will keep up the morale of liberals farther west where pols are still open who will be working as hard as they can to hold senate and house seats. It will provide a narrative that will make it easier for Democrat talking heads to keep the troops fighting till the last poll closes.

But picture if by 9 or 10 PM New Hampshire is still in doubt, or better yet imagine if the networks find themselves calling the state for Brown.

Picture the analysts on MSNBC trying to spin a Brown victory as not a fatal disaster for Democrats, picture them trying to give hope to their party faithful farther west, that a loss in NH doesn’t mean the Senate is going GOP bigtime while wearing drawn faces. Even a race that can’t be called will have a depressing effect.

Such a blow could be critical, if the left decides there simply isn’t hope how many may choose to give up? How many will go home, stop working, vote for a green or 3rd party liberal or even to not bother to vote figuring they can’t make a difference. Picture what that will mean not just in Senate & House races but up and down the ticket for the GOP.

While Senator Brown is not the ideal candidate to many conservatives aiding a victory by him on Tuesday might in NH might make the difference between winning and losing for stronger House and Senate conservatives across the nation.

So I urge you , if you are a New Hampshire Tea Party voter, a second amendment defender or even like me, a strong pro-life voter and considered staying home or even voting 3rd party reconsider, because choosing to elect Scott Brown may do more for your cause than you can possibly imagine.


There are less than 60 days to the year and to say things are tight financially around here is to say the Titanic had a bit of a leak.

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Well the Massachusetts & New Hampshire Primaries are over and I have thoughts about the results

1. I think Martha Coakley has one advantage over Steve Grossman when it comes to facing Charlie Baker, because she has lost a race to a republican she is unlikely to take him lightly. Granted it’s unlikely the prospect of a national GOP wave will make any difference in Massachusetts, if you are a Democrat the last thing you want to do is let your guard down. Coakley has been burned once I doubt she’ll let herself get burned again.

2. Mark Fisher drew 25% of the vote. One must assume that this is the Tea Party ceiling in the state, 39,545. Charlie Baker didn’t need these votes to win the primary but he is definitely going to need them in November.

3. If you want to get an idea of how uphill a fight Baker has. with 98% of the vote in Baker drew 114,461. Don Berwick The Third place finisher in the Democrat primary who you likely never heard of drew 113,296. Think of it. Baker’s 74% of the GOP vote only outpolled an unknown democrat by 1,165 votes.

4. Let’s put it another way, it’s been suggested that a lot of conservatives took Democrat ballots to vote against Coakley. If every single one of those Grossman votes go to Baker and all of Berwick’s votes go to Coakley Baker loses by over 30,000 votes unless he draws those Fisher votes. This is what you call a rock and a hard place.

5. The most interesting result of the night in the state was Seth Moulton unseating Rep John Tierney in the 6th district drawing over 49% of the vote to Tierney’s 41% (three minor candidates drew a combined 9.7%

6. Tierney’s wife’s conviction for tax evasion should have doomed him in 2010 but he won re-election by 13 points that year and 1 point in 2012. The lesson? Voters in Massachusetts 6th district would rather elect a known Democrat Crook than any republican, conservative or liberal.

7. I’ve not seen a Democrat with a more attractive resume than Seth Mouton, businessman, Marine with 4 tours in Iraq however as I look at his issue page all I see a liberal who supports Obamacare, wants more gun laws and thinks Climate Change is the #1 issue facing the world. On the plus side he loves his country enough to fight for it and isn’t a crook.

I’m old enough to remember when those two sentences would have been almost a given for a democrat, now it’s extraordinary.

8. If Richard Tisei couldn’t beat John Tierney he has absolutely no prayer against Mouton. On social issues there is practically no difference between them (Moe Lane is dead wrong here) so Mouton’s 4 tours as a Marine in Iraq will be the deciding factor but that’s not as fatal as his but , particularly given that Tisei’s boycott of the convention was an embarrassment to both the party & Baker. While it was overshadowed by the party’s foolishness vis a vis Fisher there are people in the establishment with long memories who haven’t forgiven him.

7. With the house safely in GOP hands no matter what happens in Ma-6 the national party which might have kicked in a few bucks vs Tierney isn’t going to waste a penny in the impossible task of defeating Mouton.

8. In New Hampshire I was sad to see Andrew Hemingway lose the GOP primary for governor. He is a dynamic young man who would have been a great candidate.

9. The single most important number in Scott Brown’s victory yesterday is 49%. If NH had a runoff system like Mississippi Brown would have to face Jim Rubens head to head. That would have been an interesting race

10. Brown’s ability to get almost 50% in a contested GOP primary suggests that NH is at the tipping point. Within a generation or two NH will not be an acceptable destination for conservatives wanting out of Massachusetts & it wouldn’t surprise me to see them start fleeing NH for red states.

11. On the plus side for the GOP Brown’s large campaign chest is going to force Democrats to devote millions to keep NH from giving the GOP any bit of wiggle room if they take back the senate. (That alone should be enough of an argument for conservatives to unite behind Brown. Every dollar spent in NH by the left is a dollar they can’t spend to defend in NC LA or anywhere else.

12. The most hopeful result was Marilinda Garcia’s victory in the nh-2 congressional race. I’ve been following Garcia for a while and she is the real deal. I suspect the left will go all out to stop her even beyond Brown.

Spock:Captain, I must have some platinum. A small block would be sufficient, five or six pounds. By passing certain circuits through there to be used as a duo-dynetic field core…

Capt. Kirk: [interrupting] Uh, Mr. Spock, I’ve brought you some assorted vegetables, baloney and a hard roll for myself, and I’ve spent the other nine tenths of our combined salaries for the last three days on filling this order for you. Mr. Spock, this bag does not contain platinum, silver or gold, nor is it likely to in the near future.

Spock: Captain, you’re asking me to work with equipment which is hardly very far ahead of stone knives and bearskins.

 Star Trek, The City on the Edge of Forever 1967 1967

Public business must be done by somebody. If wise men decline it, others will not; if honest men refuse it, others will not.

 John Adams.

This election cycle Granite Grok was very miserly giving out endorsements.  The big one being Bob Smith in the GOP Senate Primary.

The Groksters, writers / activists, have decided that Bob Smith is that person and who represents our values most closely and someone that we can lend one of our most valuable assets that we have as Citizens – our votes. In a representative democracy, our Constitutional Republic, there can be no higher accolade than to say “we believe you can do the job” and do so within the constraints of what the Constitution allows you to do as one that will be directing that level of Government. We believe that he is best suited to not only carry those values forward but also resist those that are infected with “Potomac Flu” – the philosophy that “Government knows best and should legislate our behavior”, and that special interest groups that “rent seek” from the Feds in “benefit for the few at the expense of the many”.

I wholeheartedly 2nd the Grok’s nomination of Senator Smith.

Grok declined to endorse in the congressional races and only gave endorsements in two state races. I disagree there, in NH 2nd district I like both Gary Lambert & Marelinda Garcia & either would make a fine addition to congress, but while Col Lambert is a solid choice I think however that Marelinda Garcia is someone special with great potential for the future.

This is, however  to the Groksters about conservatism. They are not about to endorse non conservatives, particularly in a primary, nor waste time and efforts on people who are not going to get the job done or get along to go along. Many republicans feel the same and right now the GOP is starting to get worried because an election cycle that they should own is not looking like a wave after all.  :

There are only seven Democrat-held districts that Mitt Romney carried in 2012 and only 19 others that President Obama won by fewer than double digits. That certainly leaves room for GOP growth, but in a normal wave year (like 2010, for example), you see dozens and dozens of winnable seats. For the GOP to expand the map beyond 20-25 winnable seats would take a massive wave.

As the GOP discovers their prospect for a wave are dropping the NH GOP sent out a letter urging the GOP to turn out after the primaries are over:

Vote in the general election for the Republican candidate, even if they were not who you voted for in the primary election. Staying home and/or not voting for a specific candidate/office is the same as voting for their opponent.

the letter further pointed out that if GOP voters didn’t stay home we wouldn’t have Barack Obama in office today.

about 31 million Republicans stayed home. If just 20% (6 million) of those had gone to the polls and voted for Romney, the outcome would have been different, we would have a much better individual in the White House and our country would be far better off than it is today.

That’s a pretty powerful argument, but Skip is having none of it:

Yup, scapegoating their voters – good job on gaining and influencing “friends”. You didn’t give those 31 million Republicans a good enough reason TO vote – and you are blaming them?

And demands better candidates if we expect him to turn out:

fix your brand first.  Hint: let’s hear the Brand Manager and Protector, NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn lambast “her own” (e.g., the Rogue Republicans in the NH Senate that pushed through the Democrat Agenda) first.  Let us know of your ire in how THEY spoiled the brand and that you are the person that is gonna fix this.

He has a real point Mitt Romney didn’t just avoid giving a reason for those GOP voters to turn out he This is an argument that I made the week of Barack Obama’s re-election when the Romney campaign was willing to treat Barack Obama with kid gloves during the general while playing hardball vs conservatives :

 there was the Mitt Romney of the primaries. The Mitt Romney that was willing to play hardball against his GOP foes, who was willing to confront them, attack them and go after them. That was the Mitt Romney who had no problem playing with the rules at state and national conventions to lock out Ron Paul voters who had learned the rules and played by them and then tossed them aside. This Mitt Romney and his team played hardball with conservatives figuring “Where are you going to go?”

The letter from the GOP suggest they might in This type of behavior had predictable results

In the words of Obama’s spiritual advisor (paraphrased):  NH GOP’s  “…chickens are coming home to roost!” The NH GOP is scared that people are going to not bother with the top of the ticket and that traditionally means that the down ticket candidates suffer. 

It’s the very problem I warned them about back in March

This has to be addressed NOW. Scott Brown & the NH GOP’s problem is a lot like Mitch McConnell at CPAC he needs to address the elephant in the room which are his positions on life and guns because as of today those NH Republicans will not turn up and vote for Senator Brown in a general election. And if they don’t forget a senate seat in Washington, if they stay home the NHGOP can kiss the prospect of taking back the state house and senate goodbye in a year where Democrats in the state are running scared.

This is a problem of the NH GOP’s own making and it mimics the national GOP’s problem.

Skip is absolutely right, the New Hampshire GOP has not earned the respect of conservatives like him so they have a lot of nerve after kicking them in the balls to ask him for their support post primary for candidates that don’t appeal to their palate in the least….

….so I imagine it’s going to be a bit of a shock to the people who have read up to this point that that’s exactly what I’m going to urge Skip and my fellow conservatives in NH & elsewhere to do.  I’m urging them to support the GOP nominees in the state and federal elections whoever they are. Why?  Because while Skip’s point is strong it has a fatal flaw:

It’s like going to the store – why buy an inferior product when one was looking for excellence? Humphreys sounds like the Party is entitled to my vote simply because there is an R associated with my name.

Actually it not.  During the Market Basket work action I was able to boycott Market Basket because there were other sources of food & supplies available for me to get the basics from so I could do without. An election is not like that.  A candidate is going to be chosen, as John Adams put it:   Public business must be done by someone and if you decide to give the power to the democrats they will take it.

It’s like those feminists who object to that date rape fingernail polish.  No matter how principled your objections to it are, no matter how much you complain that you shouldn’t have to use such a product if you want to go drinking, that will be of little comfort if you wake up next to some strange bed wondering how you got there.

Conservatives are damn fools if they give power to liberal democrats because the republicans are asses. So what is the proper answer is Chip’s solution is not viable, well an excellent suggestion came from his compatriot Mike Rogers gave the answer Nov 9th 2012

The time to take over the GOP (state by state) or set up a real third party (let’s call it the conservative party, like NY state), is NOW, after a historic election that demonstrated the ineptness of the “Wizards of Smart”. The time NOT to talk about and vote for a third part candidate, or stay home and pout about rules that work against you is DURING an historic election, when one of the evils is immeasurably worse than the guy you can’t quite warm to.

This very day Skip & Co should be researching and preparing the paperwork for a New Hampshire conservative party or researching existing 3rd parties in the state so Tea Party & 2nd Amendment activists can shift to them en masse the day after the election. NH is a small state, such a move would have an earth shattering effect of the GOP state party and a sobering effect on their candidates and the direction they go.

Until that progressivism & liberalism have to be stopped or at least checked, even if we have to do it with alternatives that are little better than stone knives and bearskins.


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Alas Ms. Upton didn’t include Selfies

Marco Rubio was not the only Republican at the Rockingham GOP event

rubio stills 179

last friday and several candidates for various offices talked to me.

I spoke to Col Gary Lambert who is running in the 2nd District:

Gary is a strong 2nd amendment fellow.

Several candidates for the GOP nomination for the US senate were there, I spoke to Jim Rubens:

and the candidate I have endorsed in the race Karen Testerman

Senator Brown was friendly but passed on an interview (his wife actually didn’t recognize me, I don’t get that too often, but in fairness I wasn’t wearing the scarf when I covered the Brown Campaign & I shaved my gray beard this week.

I also got a few minutes with former Governor & Whitehouse Chief of Staff under the 1st George Bush John Sununu

He pinch hit for Kelly Ayotte whose plane was delayed keeping her from the event, and he had one of the lines of the night when he talked about the election of Ronald Reagan:


We had a president almost as bad as we have now.


That is the real accomplishment of Barack Obama, he has managed to in the eyes of many surpass Jimmy Carter as the worst president in our lifetimes.

If only we had a president like this fellow

rubio stills 183

Even at his age I’d take him over who we have.

On Friday Night Marco Rubio spoke to a full house at the Rockingham Republican Committee dinner.

The Room was packed with tables reserved for groups from the Seacoast Republican women (who despite Democrat claims to the contrary exist in great numbers.) the various Senate candidates (Scott Brown and Karen Testerman both had tables) and a vast swath of GOP members anxious to hear what the senator had to say.

Senator Rubio’s  speech ran about 40 minutes and touched on the themes of the American Dream and what Republicans were doing to preserve it.  He focused on education noting that it was only after the sales from his book that his own student loans were paid off.

Obamacare and foreign affairs were touched on but his most stirring words concerned his family coming and making it in America and his father’s efforts to secure the American dream for his children.  He argued for school choice as an issue illustrating the GOP way of doing things stating the only people in the country who do not have a choice in schools are the poor.and further stressed that it was the breakdown of the family that is the chief cause of poverty in the United States.  That’s a message that social conservatives like myself have argued for a while.

While he touched on one of the elephants in the room (that one being the statue of one next to his podium) he didn’t have a word to say about the other, his support for the Senate Amnesty bill that has been the chief cause of his freefall in NH presidential polls.

Nevertheless his speech was well received and it remains to be seen if with such a large field of excellent GOP candidates to choose from,  he will be able to recover his former standing.  That pretty much depends on what happens with amnesty in the house.

If the House fails to pass the Amnesty bill then I suspect he will be given a mulligan and be able to make his case.

If however the house passes a bill, and such a bill gets to the president’s desk then Republicans in NH and elsewhere are unlikely to forget, or forgive.

Interesting note, the break in the audio came during the standing ovation for a 97 year old Marine pilot who served in both WW 2 and Korea. It was so long I had time to stop the video as my space filled up, extract my memory card, put in a new video card, power up and restart the video…and the applause was still going on.



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Sir Humphrey Appleby: So we trust you to make sure that your Minister does nothing incisive or divisive over the next few weeks.

Sir Arnold Robinson:  Avoids anything controversial.
Sir Humphrey Appleby:  Expresses no firm opinion about anything at all. Now, is that quite clear?
Bernard Woolley:  Yes, well, I think that is probably what he was planning to do anyway.

Yes Minister Party Games 1984

Reporter #1 Was that a “Yes” or “No”?

Reporter #2 That was a possible “maybe”

The Best little Whorehouse in Texas 1982

Last year when Senator Scott Brown appeared in Nashua and a crowd of 2nd amendment people protested him I said he made a mistake by not engaging those voters directly, Brown is a reasonable man and as I recall when he was my senator always had time for his constituents no matter what their views.

Last week Senator Brown took my advice appearing in Hollis NH at the home of Granite Grok’s Mike Rogers with his lovely wife Gail to meet with a group of voters and make the case for him as the next Senator GOP senator from NH.

Mike regularly hosts candidates so people can meet and engage them and I’m often there to cover them.  I missed this one but I commend Senator Brown for making the trip,  but after reading the accounts of the event from Skip & Mike it seems that in giving said advice I left out an important point, something that is inherent to NH GOP politics  that doesn’t come into play very often in Massachusetts.

In Massachusetts the GOP is so weak that conservatives are simply delighted to have a candidate contest a democrat in office.  Furthermore Massachusetts is so left you have to go back to Henry Cabot Lodge in the 50’s to find a Massachusetts senator who occupied the seat Senator Brown did who was more conservative than he.

In other words in Massachusetts showing up, caucusing with the GOP and perhaps throwing them a vote now & then is enough to prove your GOP bonafides.

In NH it’s a different matter.

New Hampshire has a long strong GOP tradition.  George Bush took the state in 2000, The GOP held the House and Senate just two years ago and if Scott Brown won the class two seat from Jeanne Shaheen not only would he be the most liberal Senator in that seat (other than Shaheen) since Democrat Thomas J. McIntyre in 1979 but with Kelly Ayotte in the Delegation he wouldn’t even be the most conservative senator serving the state.

To put in bluntly the New Hampshire GOP doesn’t need a savior.  They have plenty of choices from Karen Testerman to Senator Bob Smith and Andy Martin to Senator Brown’s right to Jim Rubins to his left so being “not Jeanne Shaheen” doesn’t cut it.  As Chip put it:

Note to Scott Brown: EVERY Republican is “the anti-Shaheen“. Yes, every candidate for US Senate this cycle is saying “I am the opposite of Shaheen”. Keep telling us that over and over will just lose its efficacy – and gets to be boring and eye-rolling. And again, it wasn’t just me that noticed (and this advice is worth every penny you paid). Stop being Captain Obvious over and over – it will help the stump speech.

So rather than coming in to save the day you instead have to differentiate yourself from your opponents.  Senator Brown as Mike put it took a different path:

All the questions went the same way -whether softball or hardball, they did not elicit any concrete statement of principle or philosophy, but just general platitudes about fixing broken Washington, and getting things done…

…After a few questions, I had a very uncomfortable feeling – like trying to look through a highly polished glass column to see the truth, or see inside a cloak of invisibility, or stand on a teflon floor in low gravity – in other words, it was impossible to get a grip on his positions on anything except “vote for me, I’m the lesser evil”.

Moreover if Senator Brown didn’t want to make a pitch for has candidacy based on deep held positions & principles for fear of trackers, he could have instead make the case for his candidacy pragmatically, to wit:

1. I am the person who can raise the most money, I can go dollar to dollar with Shaheen and force Democrats to spend money here that they would otherwise have available to defend house and senate seats elsewhere.

2. I have the highest name recognition on the GOP side thanks to years of coverage and the Boston Media. I could spend every cent of that superior war chest attacking Jeanne Shaheen rather than introducing or re-introducing myself to the electorate.

3. Since I served in the Senate at the same time as Senator Shaheen I can directly contrast my record to hers.

4. Senator Shaheen was the 60th vote for Obamacare As the person elected in Massachusetts as the 41st vote against Obamacare the ads practically write themselves.

5. Because I’m the most acceptable candidate to the national party I can draw national names and cash to the campaign that can not only help me but the GOP ticket all the way down.

6. Finally the Democrats are terrified of me.  They will never get over me winning the “Ted Kennedy” seat in Massachusetts and inspiring candidates nationwide.  They’re already spending money trying to define me and every dollar, every volunteer, every speaker and every phone call the party has to make to try to defend this Senate seat in NH is a dollar, a volunteer, a speaker and a phone call that is not being made to defend seats in Alaska, Louisiana, North Carolina, Arkansas etc etc etc.

Can someone explain why it it is left to a blogger who has endorsed Karen Testerman for the NH GOP Senate nomination to make this case when Senator Brown could have done the same in a house full of potential voters, contributors and campaign workers?

Maybe he figures an argument is not necessary.  he’s  a very pleasant man, with a good record in the Military, a nice family and a wife that is an incredible asset for a campaign.  Combine that with the with money, name recognition and a divided GOP primary vote and I suspect expensive consultants who are chasing his big campaign chest might have advised him getting the nomination in an open primary state like NH is a fait accompli.

But what those consultants don’t seem to understand is even if they are right about the primary, it’s only half the battle.  If he wins Senator Brown will need as many of those tea party conservatives as he can get come election day because the MSM is going to pull out all the stops to keep that NH seat  a seat they figured on holding.

New Hampshire is not Massachusetts. and the Charles Durning dance simply won’t fly there.

The consultants who are telling Senator Brown to take no firm positions on issues are likely the same ones who asked him to run away from the base in 2012.  Let me as a person who is not taking a penny of Senator Brown’s money (but will happily accept tip jar hits) say that if you actually want to win this election it’s better for you and the GOP both nationally and in NH if you actually stand for something.  I’ll give the last word to Mark Steyn who said these words to NH republicans the day after Senator brown announced his exploratory committee….

We don’t want it to be like 2010, where it was a landmark election and nothing changed, and the way to prevent that is to move the meter from the public debate is.  We are jeopardizing the future of  United States by just stringing along in this way…You have to wait for a Tuesday in November to actually win the vote but you can win the argument  every single day  of the week,  every month between now and election day.

Of course the NH GOP could just vote for Karen Testerman and win with her. Then GOP candidates running in NH House & Senate races throughout the state won’t have to explain away Brown’s positions that might keep the base they need home.


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One of the things you hear concerning CPAC and the straw poll is that it’s not so much a test of who is most popular but who turns out their people.

For example Rand Paul’s people were all over CPAC for his speech:

I had friends who came down for the single day of his speech to hear him, attend a post speech event and vote for him in the straw poll and interviewed plenty of Paul people while I was there:

Now being able to organize people is rather important for a potential candidate but the real test of a candidate is how they do without a crush of their people.

And that brings us to the NorthEast Republican Leadership Conference.

As I’ve already said there are signs of open war between Tea Party activist and the NH GOP that predated the Scott Brown business:


Grok’s absence symbolizes the split between the Tea Party wing of the NH GOP & the Establishment wing of the GOP. It’s reaching the point of open war. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that a conservative 3rd party will arise in the state after the November election unless this is taken care of.


and Groksters themselves commented on it:

Sure, I am an NH GOP Committee member, but I as I have said many times before, I’m a holder to the three TEA Party principles first, a Conservative second, and only then a Republican when it comes to political philosophy. Frankly, given our stances and the reception to our forcefully speaking out and advocating for them, especially lately, I felt that we would not be at all welcome. In fact, we believe that the TEA Party, the Conservative grassroots, are being told “We don’t need or want you” and this happens in a variety of ways small and large, visible and behind the scenes.

Bottom line a lot of the attendees leaned to the establishment side of the GOP and unlike CPAC the place wasn’t crawling with young Republicans (although the college Republicans were represented).

Yet consider the results of the straw poll.

1. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) – 15%
2. Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) – 13%
3. Dr. Ben Carson – 11%
3. Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) – 11%
3. Fmr. Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) – 11%
6. Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) – 9%
7. Fmr. Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) – 8%
8. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) – 4%
9. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) – 3%
10. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) – 3%
10. Fmr. Amb. John Bolton – 3%

John Bolton, Rick Santorum & Bobby Jindel were all there so naturally their biggest fans would be there too. The Draft Ben Carson movement was there making their pitch and that also showed in the results. Chris Christie represents the Mitt Romney/Scott Brown wing of the party which was VERY well represented and Gov Christie appearances for GOP candidates in the state didn’t hurt either.

But there was only a single young woman at the YAF table, there was no large contingent of Paulites there and Rand himself was nowhere to be seen and many Tea Party types didn’t show.

Rand Paul won anyway.

Granted he won with only 15% but that result is more than Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz combined. He won without a strong surrogate and did so with an audience that strongly represented the establishment GOP.

I think people who remember the Ron Paul and the sort of cult of personality that was built around him and project this onto his son are making a huge mistake. Rand Paul is a serious contender for the GOP nomination, a smart and savvy pol who has positions that appeal beyond the old Ron Paul base and anyone who thinks otherwise either on the left or on the right  is deluding themselves.

And any GOP candidate who thinks they can win without those Paul supporters showing up in November is not bright enough to be on the ticket.

Update: Chris Cillizza figures it out.


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Yesterday was the close of NLRC 2014 in Nashua New Hampshire an event that was filled with Republicans from the Northeast talking and feeling optimistic about election 2014. The event was well-managed both by the hotel & by the NHGOP. The party & staff under chair Jennifer Horn did an excellent job putting it together.

There are many stories from this event and I’ll be posting more video over the next few days but the story that grabbed the majority of the media was Scott Brown’s announcement of the formation of an exploratory committee to run in New Hampshire. The place was just swarming with press over it.


Then came the senator’s speech

I thought it was pretty good and was delivered with great feeling hitting several strong GOP points. It certainly impressed this attendee

Before I say another word let me speak this for the record. Scott Brown was a pretty good Senator from Massachusetts.  He was very open about his positions, carried himself well to the voters in general and even when people disagreed with him, particularly on the Tea Party side always gave them time and a respectful.

I suspect the tea party bridges he burned came from bad consultant advice. On a personal level you can’t help but like the man and his wife Gail is not only charming but just plain nice.

I wish he was running in Massachusetts against Ed Markey instead of in NH.  I think he would have won the special election there AND would win a contest in the state now.

New Hampshire,that’s a totally different story

New Hampshire is one of the most informed voter bases in the nation.  They have more state reps per citizen than any other and take their politics seriously.

To a crowd of low information voters Senator Brown’s stirring speech would have been the start of a rallying cry but the problem is, the GOP base in New Hampshire, like the rest of the tea party types, are not made of low information voters.

They remember Scott Brown opinion on the assault weapons ban and were angry enough to show up in freezing cold 300 strong last year to protest it. They remember the 2012 campaign where in ads he described himself as a “different kind of republican” as if there is something wrong with being one. They remember the ads portraying him as pro-choice that really bothers people like me.  As NH gets blanketed by Massachusetts media they couldn’t avoid those ads if they tried.

They also remember the day after his hand-picked chair for the GOP chair squeaked though on the second ballot to get the top GOP job in the state on the back the belief it would mean Brown would be running in the special election to replace John Kerry, he announced he would not be running (a huge shame BTW as Kristen Hughes has turned out to be an excellent party chair who would have carried Brown over the finish line).

In short they remember him running from the tea party after being elected, running away from the GOP during his last campaign and then running from the fight.

Now comes 2014 and it’s looking like 2010 all over again and what happens?

Brown doesn’t run in Massachusetts where he could easily contrast himself with Ed (voting present) Markey on Obamacare AND on a willingness to stand up and be counted.

He crosses the border back to NH because Jeanne Shaheen is considered vulnerable and is now giving speeches about republican unity. Even Maureen Dowd sees this:

It’s not that Democrats are particularly scared that the 54-year-old former Massachusetts senator is going to get elected as a New Hampshire senator — although it’s conceivable that a charming, carpetbagging, middling politician could jump across the border and unseat Jeanne Shaheen.

FYi Dowd’s Carpetbagging charge is bogus, Brown was Born in NH he’s had connections to the state for years and frankly if NH disqualified people who escaped from Massachusetts from the state you’d disenfranchise half the electorate, but she’s spot on two paragraphs later

This is what’s really freaking out Democrats: They know that Brown, after making some real money working for Fox News since his loss to Elizabeth Warren two years ago, wouldn’t even be getting into the race if the political environment weren’t so toxic for Democrats.

That’s really the issue,  Browns decision to run appears to people in NH as something imposed from on high and that brings up another sore spot in the state that can best be illustrated by what or rather who I didn’t see at NLRC 2014.

Granite Grok.

Granite Grok is the premiere conservative group blog in the state. There is nobody that has advanced conservative position and candidates with more strength. Furthermore they are generally everywhere if a political event is taking place Granite Grok is there to cover it and stream it live.

Grok didn’t show up. Their reaction to the Scott Brown run was the title of their post:


Grok’s absence symbolizes the split between the Tea Party wing of the NH GOP & the Establishment wing of the GOP.  It’s reaching the point of open war. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that a conservative 3rd party will arise in the state after the November election unless this is taken care of.

This has to be addressed NOW. Scott Brown & the NH GOP’s problem is a lot like Mitch McConnell at CPAC he needs to address the elephant in the room which are his positions on life and guns because as of today those NH Republicans will not turn up and vote for Senator Brown in a general election.

And if they don’t forget a senate seat in Washington, if they stay home the NHGOP can kiss the prospect of taking back the state house and senate goodbye in a year where Democrats in the state are running scared.

Nominating Brown takes the gun issue off the table that the GOP should be able to beat the Democrats over the head with and will put Kelly Ayotte who voted on the right side of the bill on the spot two years before her re-election campaign.

I’ve said this before and I will again, my candidate is Karen Testerman (her site is here) but if Brown is nominated the GOP had better decide to mend fences fast, or it will cost them more than they bargained for.

Of course the best solution is just voting for Karen, she can hit Shaheen on the 2nd Amendment like this:

when Senator Brown can not.

Update:  added a link & rearranged an ambiguous sentence.

Update 2: Jazz Shaw interviewed Karen Testerman yesterday:

Since joining the primary hunt last fall, Testerman has been a target of liberals in the Granite state. A spokesperson for the state Democrat party responded to her initial announcement by describing her as a far-right extremist and a rubber stamp for the Tea Party.

Jazz did some great work in NH this weekend.

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Today I’m at the North east Republican Leadership Conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua NH

nhgop photos fri 1 001

NH is a very small state and as you might guess the scale of this conference is dwarfed by CPAC but there is plenty happening here

The representatives of the Draft Ben Carson Campaign are here.

Representatives of the Bob Smith Campaign were here

As is Senator Smith himself

the Young Americans for Freedom Turned up

The College Republicans of NH

And NH GOP Chair who gave me an interview

After her opening Remarks

but while there are many stories and people here including several Presidential Contenders for 2016 who are here the big story is the imminent announcement by Scott Brown of the formation of an exploratory committee to run for Senate.

I remarked on this:

and frankly fret on what his 2nd Amendment & abortion views will do for NH Turnout on the State Rep and Senate level.

But while I found plenty of people who share those worries the national party seems simply delighted by this prospect.

I will say what I said before, I’m supporting Karen Testerman in the primary but if Scott Brown wins the nomination I will happily support him over the democrat choice and would urge others to do so as I did for Mitt Romney.

I don’t have high hopes on that score.

Update: Fixed ambiguous sentence in 2nd to last paragraph


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El Cid:  Sire, you risk having no Spain at all

El Cid 1961

Mr. Spock: I fail to see why you do not understand us. You yourself have stated the need for unity of authority on this planet. We agree.

Bella Oxmyx: Yeah, but I got to be the unity.

Star Trek A Piece of the Action 1968

Yesterday I headed up to Nashua NH to cover the scheduled 2nd Amendment protest against the Scott Brown candidacy (let’s not pretend it was just a 2nd Amendment meeting). On my way I decided to hit the only Chick-Fil-A in the state (one of two in NE) for a quick bite:

(A & E might want to take notes there)

I got to Nashua center around 4 PM and noticed right away Parking was going to be an issue. There was a suited gentleman digging out spots behind the building. I spoke to a police sergeant who told me my best was to use a municipal garage about 200 yards and 4 blocks away.

As I headed back to my car to move it I ran into a person from WMUR channel 9 who had pulled aside next to me. He told me the 2nd Amendment protesters would be across the street and a 2nd group of democrats protesting Brown would be in the parking lot at the side.

He commented that the 2nd Amendment folks weren’t able to get a permit but were coming anyway, we both agreed we had no idea where anyone was going to park.

10 Min later after parking down the road I started the walk over to the area, passing by the Jeanne Shaheen office on the way

brown stills 002

The Hunt Building was a couple of blocks farther up

brown stills 004

I noticed an old barber shop across the street unfortunately there was an issue with the camera and the recording I made didn’t take but the Barber took notice, he agreed to an interview but first I wanted to get to the area where the protest would be.

At 4:30 (an hour before it was scheduled) there were about a half-dozen protesters there and the sun was already down and I interviewed the Patriot Pastor dressed in colonial garb and carrying a musket.

I then headed back to the Barber shop and interviewed the barber who gave me his take on 50 years at that location:

After the interview I headed back to the protest area the sidewalks were already icy and I nearly fell on the way, by then there were about 8 or 9 folks.

brown stills 005

I then talked to one of the Granite Grok crowd (one of three who would eventually arrive.

It seemed to me the odds were against this protest, there was no place to stand, the green had several issues of snow made hard by several cold days, there was no place to park and it being December 19th the chances of building a noticeable crowd seemed slim but people kept coming…

and they were bringing some very interesting homemade signs

brown stills 006

The Crowd kept growing and pretty soon there were was a mass of humanity that ended up both at the Monument and across the street at the corner of Hunt building

And it kept growing, the signs got more and more creative:

brown stills 013

And they had to get creative to make more space. My hand count of the crowd kept rising

The crowd hit 100 then 150, soon the crowd was over 200 and on two corners and the worry I mentioned in the last video must have hit the Brown people because shortly a group of well dressed college age kids suddenly showed up at the opposite corner where some of the anti-brown folks had already gathered carrying pre-printed “Run Scott Run” signs.

I crossed the street and asked if anyone would be interviewed. At first they declined (shades of Mitt Romney in Concord in 2011) but Jake Wagner of the College Republicans, who made it a point to say he was not with the others, talked to me

I then interviewed one of the anti-brown protesters who they gathered around

He was much less surprised than me and invoked Dick Swett who was promptly voted out of office in NH after a vote against the 2nd Amendment.

brown stills 015

Meanwhile people were trickling into the front door. There was a fair amount of police deployed but the said everyone was behaving well, their main concerning was keeping the massive crowd on the side-walk and making sure nobody got killed crossing the street at that every busy intersection with the four-way light.

I crossed back over and discovered that the half a dozen democrat protestors had joined the 2nd amendment crowd (I actually recognized some of the signs I had seen them during the Warren campaign)

I interviewed one of them

My hand count was already up to 228 (not counting the leftists) and as some of the folks on the left departed they left their signs for others

brown stills 008

I headed back to the corner to cross and get a shot of the Run Scott Run group but by then the 8-10 of them had gone inside, but one of the announced GOP candidates Author Andy Martin had a sign promoting himself

brown stills 017

He counted 75 people max inside at that point where he and Dennis who I interviewed earlier both noticed something I had not about a difference between the sign for the Brown event:

brown stills 016

and those Run Scott Run signs

brown stills 014
Namely something that was missing…

Nobody had apparently taken ownership of the Brown signs. I think it would be interesting to see who paid for those signs and took ownership?

Dennis noted that the people holding the signs were VERY sensitive about his suggestion that they had been paid, but didn’t deny it.  That’s an interesting question too. (Later that night I spoke to an active GOP activist who was not at either protest who said they were giving away the tickets to the Brown event to try to fill the hall.

Back across the street I ran into Skip from Granite Grok who was covering the speakers, we interviewed each other.

I also noticed a familiar face from the GOP presidential debates, one of the Ron Paul folks who opposed Brown over the Nat defense authorization act.

But the main focus remained the 2nd Amendment as evidenced by the speakers.  My count had reached 300 which was simply astounding.

By 7:30 I had been outside for 3 hours I ducked inside a pizza place two blocks down to import some videos and get a bite, as I came out people were starting to leave the Brown event and one gentleman Craig Powers bearing a book agreed to talk.

Brown’s speech was about common ground. Craig believes Brown is necessary due to changing demographics but I’m thinking the better move is to advance conservatism and convince people  rather than get a less conservative candidate and run away from your party.

Back across the street “GOP Senate Candidate Karen Testerman who had attended the Brown event was now with the 2nd Amendment people, one of only two or three people who attended both.

Full disclosure, if I had a NH vote Karen would be my candidate.

Why the GOP establishment would not want to support a minority woman whose strongly conservative is beyond me.

As everyone was leaving I noticed Marilinda Garcia leaving the Brown event, despite the late hour and her not being dressed for the cold she stopped to speak to me. As a candidate for Congress she was properly diplomatic about the Senate Race.

She pooh poohed the sexist attacks on her but pointed out those attacks is why it’s hard to get women to run for the GOP. My opinion is it’s the lack of consequence or denunciation of those attacks by the MSM when they are targeted at GOP women is the real culprit.

Why she is not promoted more by the GOP nationally more makes not sense to me either.

By 8:15 things were all over and I began the walk back to the car

What I took away from all of this:

1. If you are drawing 300 people standing out in the cold on Dec 19th to protest Scott Brown how many are going to show up when the weather is warmer and they don’t have to stomp down the snow to make room for people to stand.

2. The Scott Brown plan is the Mitt Romney plan, make sure enough conservative candidates are in the race to win a primary with 30% of the vote.

3. If Brown is the nominee the BEST CASE if the NH GOP is this:

There will be a 3rd party 2nd amendment candidate and every single GOP candidate running for state office will be asked that 2nd Amendment question concerning Brown putting them in an impossible position with the people they will need to win.

The worst case scenario:

There will be a permanent 3rd party (NH Conservative republicans) that will draw the activists, the libertarians etc which will either replace or permanently replace the GOP in the state.

And I believe when (I don’t think it’s an if anymore) this happens that party will spread across the country and tear the GOP apart state by state.

The most amazing thing, all of this is completely avoidable but I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that the GOP would rather be a minority party of the “right” people than win a majority with the uncouth tea party.

I can’t think of anything more foolish for a political party.

The full photo gallery follows my pitch

Update: the Politico report cuts the Anti-Brown crowd by almost 2/3 but maybe they didn’t keep an eye out the outside crowd

Simkin was among the people, most clad in orange hunting gear and a few carrying guns, who stood in a dark and snowy park to tell the ex-Massachusetts senator that they don’t want him to run for Senate. They singled out his support for a federal assault weapons ban, his opposition to a national conceal-and-carry law and the endorsement he received from gun-control proponent New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg last year.

Inside the building, Brown continued to stoke speculation about his intentions, which have morphed in a matter of weeks from being widely viewed as attention-grabbing antics to he’s-actually-likely-to-do-this serious. Brown made no news in the speech, which was closed to the press.

But he impressed a crowd of 90 donors as he talked about his move to New Hampshire and touted the importance of retail campaigning, attendees said afterward.

The left has to be dancing over this.

Update 2:  Some Statements from Senator Brown:

I am looking forward to being close to my mom as she gets older and needs assistance from my sister and me. I am also looking forward to being closer to my immediate and extended family.

Once we get settled, we will do what many other people have done upon moving into New Hampshire. We will register to vote, get new licenses and enjoy the fact that there is no income or sales tax in New Hampshire.

That frankly is no different most of the people who leave Massachusetts.  the Roll Call has more
Still, the former Bay State senator is headlining the New Hampshire GOP’s holiday fundraiser Thursday evening. It’s just the latest in a series of political appearances for Brown in recent months, as national Republicans actively recruit him to challenge Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

Now it’s certainly going to be Brown personal advantage to keep the National GOP wanting more, it will allow him to fund raise and get his feel in the state but the longer this goes on the more likely he will starve off the funds of other potential GOP candidates.

That’s the Catch 22  Brown’s best chance in a GOP primary is a crowded field but the longer he delay’s announcing the more likely he will face only a single opponent that the anti-brown forces can rally against, frankly the best chance for the GOP to win this seat is for Senator Brown to announce that he is not running and do while there is still time for the existing candidates to to get things moving.

Meanwhile the National GOP meddling will have the net effect of longterm disaster for the party in the state.


Update 3:  Nashua Patch’s coverage

Also on hand was Gary Lambert, a Republican candidate for Congress, who said he’s “a big tent kind of guy,” and while he would be joining the Brown event as a supporter, he first wanted to stand outside with his fellow gun rights activists.

The smartest thing Senator Brown could have done was follow suit.

Update 4: Hotair and Jazz Shaw is on it but doesn’t see the danger.

Update 5:  A Delayed Instalanche 4 to go to catch Johnson


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At Hot Air an interesting post links to this Politico post concerning a side effect of the success of Texas:

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said here on Saturday that Texas could turn blue if Republicans get “complacent.”

“If we’re complacent, yeah, it could happen,” said Dewhurst, who last year lost to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in the state’s GOP Senate primary.

The problem isn’t complacency, it’s success

But the new businesses bring a lot of people with them and then they recruit to fill jobs from all across America. The states getting hit the hardest with job losses – through no coincidence at all – are, in many cases, some deep blue ones, full of unemployed workers ready to pack up and move to where the paychecks are. So this has resulted in a new influx of fairly liberal blood strains moving in, working, buying homes, shopping… and voting. Combined with the previously mentioned demographic shift, it could eventually play out just as Dewhurst warns.

New Hampshire has seen this problem as well.  Person after person has left Massachusetts heading north to escape crippling taxes but now safe from the grip of Massachusetts they’ve forgotten HOW the state became what it is, not seeing the cause and effect as they cast those same votes in New Hampshire.

And the process is about to happen in New York City on an issue more important than mere taxes

It appears that New Yorkers will elect, as our next mayor, the Democratic nominee, Bill de Blasio. He is a true-believing leftist. A supporter of the Communists in Latin America. The whole nine yards.

One reason they will elect him, I think, is that they have no memory of the bad old days. And they have no idea what it took to turn New York into the delight it is today — the delight it has been for 20 years or so.

As Myron says, New York is “always a city of newcomers.” How many voters moved here during the Rudy-Bloomy golden age? Lots, no doubt. They probably think the state of harmony is normal.

By “state of harmony” they are talking about the safe streets, the reversal brought forth by Rudy Giuliani and preserved by Michael Bloomberg. Jay Nordlinger sounds the warning:

Everything Giuliani and Bloomberg have done is reversible. None of their gains is permanent. The barbarians are always at the gate. They are never vanquished, permanently. They may be kept at bay for a while — but they wait to be allowed back in.

What can reverse our reign of peace? A mayor who submits to racial bullying. A government that is complacent, inattentive — that lets New York’s guard down. “Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth; and thy want as an armed man.”

The problem with history and culture is everyone tends to think of events in the past they were not present as things that were inevitable. It’s just not true!

The Japanese could have won at Midway and the Germans at Stalingrad and the Bulge. MacArthur could have failed at Inchon, Lincoln could have lost re-election,  Gettysburg could have been lost.  The Constitution was nearly captured by the British fleet.  General Howe could have headed north to support Burgoyne instead of south, Wilberforce could have failed in parliament, Islam could have won at Vienna, Magna Carta might not have been offered and the Church might not have preserved knowledge and the Christian concept of all people being equal before God might never have been advanced.

All of these things are the blocks that our free society is built on. Lose any one of them and time gets re-written.

And that’s the warning to the many people of the left who are now traveling to the Lone Star State in search of the life you can’t have in the blue states you are leaving. The life and chance for prosperity that you are coming for isn’t there by accident, it’s there because of the culture and hard work of the people in Texas, the land that you are entering.  If you change the land you change the conditions that generated what you came for.

You can have prosperity or you can try to re-create the faux progressive utopia which you fled, but you can’t have both.


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I’ve mentioned the Allen West event from earlier this month but Mr. West was not the only person to speak, here are some faces you might see on your ballot in NH for Governor, senator or Congress

Meet Karen Testerman

Jim Rubins

George Lambert

and Gary Lambert

and Andy Martin

I’m also including this speech by William O’Brien

but he has decided to change directions:

Former state House speaker Bill O’Brien has decided to end his nascent campaign for Congress.

O’Brien, a lawyer and Republican state representative from Mont Vernon, had been gearing up to challenge first-term U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster, a Hopkinton Democrat, in 2014. But he started a new job yesterday as chief operating officer of the Cambridge, Mass.-based U.S. subsidiary of Brainloop, a German software company.

He said he’s done legal work for the company for years, and the job prospect emerged in the last couple of weeks.

“It’s just such an interesting opportunity for me,” O’Brien said. “It’s good for me. It’s good for my family. It’s just something I couldn’t pass up.”

As a result, he said, he won’t run for Congress.

Of course you’ll hear more about all these folks over the next several months but the best place to find out what is going on in NH? We all know that’s Granite Grok

Today on DaTechguy on DaRadio we will spend the 1st Hour with Ed Naile and speak about all those voters that New Hampshire managed to discover just in time to elect Democrats in 2012

In the 2nd Hour we will start with a little Huma and then pivot to the Madonna Della Cava Festival coming Aug 11th.

As always you can join the conversation toll free number 888-9-fedora and you can listen in live on FTR Radio

or via our Tunein Stream for the Money Matters Radio Network

And of course there are the terrestrial stations

WBNW Concord Ma 1120 AM FLAGSHIP

WPLM 1390 AM Plymouth MA

WESO 970 AM Southbridge MA

Looking forward to having you


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Back in the early days of this blog I had a post titled little ironic hints I talked about a quote from Daniel Webster, an Act of God in New Hampshire and a decision by New Hampshire’s Episcopal Diocese:

remember this Danial Webster quote:

“Men hang out their signs indicative of their respective trades; shoemakers hang out a gigantic shoe; jewelers a monster watch, and the dentist hangs out a gold tooth; but in the mountains of New Hampshire, God Almighty has hung out a sign to show that there He makes men.”

On May 3rd 2003 the Old Man of the Mountain collapsed. God removed his shingle. And the very next month New Hampshire Episcopal elected Gene Robinson Bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire.

Well while the Knights and persistence for Orthodox Christianity paid off at Gonzaga the question becomes did giving into the world pay off for the New Hampshire Episcopal Diocese?

“DaTechGuy”, you say, “that’s a silly question.  That Diocese in in New Hampshire, a state that voted for gay marriage in New England the most liberal part of the country.  With all the Massachusetts people moving to the state there is no question that the New Hampshire Episcopal Diocese move MUST have paid off big.”

Well if that’s the case let’s look at the numbers via Father Z:

2001 5,289 people attending
2011 4,083 people attending
DECLINE 2001-2011 -23.0%

Do you mean to say that embracing the world in the most gay marriage friendly section of the country has led to a decline of attendance of 23% for the Episcopal Church of NH?

That being the case I think rather than take Bishop Runaway’s advice and go with that fellow Named Francis instead:

“We can safeguard the Church, we can cure the Church, no? We do so with our work, but what’s most important is what the Lord does : He is the only One who can look into the face of evil and overcome it. The prince of the world comes but can do nothing against me: if we don’t want the prince of this world to take the Church into his hands, we must entrust it to the One who can defeat the prince of this world. Here the question arises: do we pray for the Church, for the entire Church? For our brothers and sisters whom we do not know, everywhere in the world? It is the Lord’s Church and in our prayer we say to the Lord: Lord, look at your Church … It’ s yours. Your Church is [made up of] our brothers and sisters. This is a prayer that must come from our heart”.

The right thing is generally the smart thing.

After the Honor Your Oath Rally in NH I joined some friends for a late lunch early supper at the Barley House on Main street in Concord NH

Rally etc 049

Tavern is the word for them as they have a wide selection of spirits to satisfy your taste for an adult beverage. Their web sites pushes their burgers and with reason, their menu has a rather interesting selection available. I had the Bison burger, it came with bacon, cheese and fries

Rally etc 050

For a little extra Sweet potato fries can be substituted but the regular fries were so good I don’t see any reason to get others.

The Burger was cooked exactly right, the Bison was tasty and as I’ve already said the fries were first-rate. Considering the size of our party (over 20) the service was rather prompt as well.

The burgers were a popular choice at the table, shrimp and brusque were other popular choices but the most interesting thing I found was the Pizza

Rally etc 051

It’s been my experience that a lot of Tavern Pizza’s are inferior but this one had respectable size, tasty looking toppings and was at a more that reasonable price and if those sitting next to e are to be believed.

If Burgers and Pizza aren’t your gig, here are plenty of choices from assorted fresh salads to fish to steak, scallops and a curry beer battered Fish & Chips.

My verdict? The Barley House is an excellent and affordable choice if you have reason to visit New Hampshire’s Capital.

Update made a return visit with DaWife, I should mention if you are a whiskey drinker this place is for you:

dinner etc 002

My wife had the Buffalo chicken Salad, she loved it

dinner etc 004

Is it any wonder that it won this award?

dinner etc 003

I’ve had the burgers, believe me they deserve it.

Make sure you get down to the Barley House you won’t regret it.

View Larger Map

Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire gave an incredible Speech at CPAC 2013

As a sitting senator and the only conservative in the senate north of NJ you would think this speech would have gotten some attention.

up cpac day 2 024

However it can’t be allowed, they are unable to ridicule or attack her without acknowledging her and they will not acknowledge her if it can be avoided. She is too smart, too capable and too attractive for the left to dare give the country any such clue that the GOP has such a woman in its caucus

One of the basic rules of economics is supply and demand.

If there is an excessive quantity of an item its relative value drops, this applies not just to basic products and services, but to things such as the money supply.

Likewise if you have an item in short supply, it because more valuable and the holder of that valuable item, commodity or service can pick and choose among offers to their advantage.

This is true of jobs. Jobs are a valuable commodity, employers produce tax revenue, pay for infrastructure and allow produces to be produced in an area but most of all they attract the most valuable commodity of all, people.

Now I’ve been led to understand that there has been a shortage of jobs around this country over the last 4 years, but apparently I’ve been mistaken. Because in state after state we see the elected governments deciding they are a commodity that doesn’t need to be attracted.


Shrugging off the fiscal caution of recent years, Governor Deval Patrick proposed a $1.9 billion tax increase tonight in his State of the Commonwealth address, saying it was necessary for the state to invest more in education and the state’s transportation network to “accelerate growth and expand opportunity.”

Who knew Massachusetts was doing so well they didn’t need to attract jobs? Who knew that people like my oldest son, about to graduate from College in May after 4 solid years on the deans list, with decades of earning potential ahead of him is so common we can tax him by the mile.

And the good times are not restricted to the bay state.


P.A.T. Products, an international distributor of specialty chemicals, plastic and raw materials, has been based in Bangor for 39 years.

Leo Coyle, the company’s founder and president, told the Bangor Daily News he is moving the company’s corporate headquarters to the Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth, N.H., because of that state’s more attractive tax structure and to be closer to his markets.

39 years in Maine, why move now?

“I’m not trying to bash Maine,” he said, adding that it’s a great place to raise children. But during his 40 years living in the state, he said he has become frustrated by what he sees as Maine’s attitude toward business and industry.

“Until the state of Maine gets their act together, there’ll be more and more and more people leaving. I’ve been watching it for 40-plus years. What do I see? I see people saying they can’t take it anymore. I’m not alone,”

Who knew Maine was doing so well they could spare him? Lets be fair, the legislature has done all it can to keep him in Maine, however that legislature has been the newly elected Democrat legislature of…

…New Hampshire:

Lately they have been doing their best to keep companies there in all kinds of ways…

Tobacco Taxes

So the New Hampshire House just passed a bill to tack on another 0.20 cents a pack.

This ‘revenue’ will be extracted from predominantly middle and lower income people, but the left has an excuse.

Boat Taxes

With the lessened taxes: Based on the rates scheduled to go into effect on July 1, 2015, the Department states revenue produced per fiscal year would be $1,529,580. Yes, this is the Republican law
With the Democrat tax hike: Based on the current number of vessel registrations, the Department states the fees in effect produce $3,059,160 of revenue per fiscal year.

Fuel Oil:

By vote of 186 to 165 the Democrat controlled New Hampshire House passed a 25% increase in New Hampshire’s fuel oil tax.

A “county income tax

Tomorrow there is a hearing (10am – LOB 301) for HB 330. HB 330 would allow any county delegation in New Hampshire to adopt a ‘County Income tax’ to be administered by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration

And of course a gas tax

All of us are, or should be, concerned over the necessity of the $1 billion gas tax increase in HB 617. Many of us are looking for an alternative that will address the requirement that we maintain our highways and bridges while avoiding what apparently would be the biggest tax increase in New Hampshire history.

And all of that is after only 5 months of Democrat control!

Who knew that in this short period of time New Hampshire has become such a strong state that they don’t need all those business and people from Maine Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, and New York to consider relocating in New Hampshire in the future?

And such prosperity isn’t limited to the east. Let’s look west to…


Colorado is in such good shape Gov Hickenlooper he can afford to sign this

Colorado’s governor signed bills Wednesday that place new restrictions on firearms, signaling a change for Democrats who have traditionally shied away from gun control in a state with a pioneer tradition of gun ownership and self-reliance

even though it leads to this

Ammunition magazine manufacturer Magpul Industries said it plans to begin leaving Colorado “almost immediately,” and other firms may follow suit in the wake of a new law that limits ammunition magazine capacities.

“Our moving efforts are underway,” Magpul chief operating officer Doug Smith said Wednesday. “Within the next 30 days we will manufacture our first magazine outside the state of Colorado.”

Who knew Colorado was doing so well they could spare businesses like Magpul and Lawrence Tool & Molding…

“We’re basically going to follow Magpul and do our best to continue being a supplier for them,” said Lloyd Lawrence, owner of Denver-based Lawrence Tool & Molding. “It will probably be out of state.”

Lawrence said about 50 to 60 percent of his business comes from supplying magazine parts to Magpul.

and Alfred Manufacturing…

Denver-based Alfred Manufacturing Co., employs 150 residents. It, too, will “relocate part or all of our operations out of state” if Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper enacts the stringent gun-control regime pushed by Biden and company. The company has already put expansion plans on hold.

And of course we can’t leave out the state doing the absolute best of them all, California, which is doing so well it can spare the rich:

With the new year, big earners are confronting a 51.9 percent federal-state income tax hit on earnings over $1 million, the result of a confluence of new tax-the-rich levies imposed by California and Congress in the closing days of 2012. That is officially the highest in the nation.

small businesses

Campbell Soup announced in September that it was closing its 65-year-old plant in Sacramento, which employed 700 workers, and shifting production to North Carolina, Ohio and Texas. Chevron is moving 800 technical positions—in other words, jobs that aren’t physically stationed on California rigs—to Houston.

Non-manufacturing businesses are also moving or expanding operations where labor, land, energy and capital are cheaper. Comcast announced in the fall that it is moving 1,000 call-center jobs out of California because of the “high cost of doing business.” Facebook, eBay EBAY and LegalZoom have opened up Texas offices in the past few years, while PayPal, Yelp and Maxwell Technologies MXWL have pushed into Phoenix.

and of course the average person

Even while California’s Hispanic population has grown by more than 1.5 million since 2005, thanks to high birth rates and foreign immigration, two Hispanics have moved out for every one that has moved in from another state. By contrast, four Hispanics from other states have settled in Texas and Arizona for every three that have left.

It’s not unusual for immigrants or their descendants to move in pursuit of a better life. That’s the history of America. But it is ironic that many of the intended beneficiaries of California’s liberal government are running for the state line—and that progressive policies appear to be what’s driving them away.

It’s gratifying to see that these states and others are so prosperous they can spare not only the jobs, but the workers who these companies employ that fuel economic growth, and in the fashion of true Christian charity they are giving other states a chance to get those jobs they can spare

lawmakers from Texas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Arizona and South Carolina are now courting Remington away from New York and Magpul away from Colorado.

So if anyone tells you that New England, Colorado, California and all those blue states are doing bad, don’t buy it, they’re just doing so well they simply don’t need the jobs and the revenue they bring and what to share it with their less fortunate Red State neighbors

Now that’s what I call neighborly!


Olimometer 2.52

I’d like to say I’m doing as good as the state of Massachusetts and able to spare the tip jar hits, but while my total for the week rose 10% that added up to a $2 move from $20 to $22 out of the $300 weekly paycheck I hope to draw.

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Granite Grok has been writing about how the newly Democrat NH Legislature has been pushing the Tax envelope:

The Concord Monitor is reporting on a plan by New Hampshire Democrat David Campbell (D- Nashua), that would eventually extract $115,000,000.00 million more dollars per year out of the pockets of struggling New Hampshire families. He’d like to raise the gas tax and the increase the cost to register your vehicles every year.

His ‘plan’ would raise the price you pay for gas five cents a year for three years. At the same time the cost of your vehicle registration would also increase five dollars a year for three years. So you’d’ see two separate tax increases every year for three years; is that two new taxes of six?

The question is why do Maggie Hassan and the Democrats think they can get away with this in New Hampshire? The answer the stuff being proposed in Massachusetts is EVEN WORSE:

Here is the direct link to the bill:

Bill H.3142 188th (Current)
An Act relative to the establishment of a vehicle mileage user fee pilot program by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation

By Mr. Sciortino of Medford, a petition (accompanied by bill, House, No. 3142) of Carl M. Sciortino, Jr. and others relative to the establishment of a vehicle mileage user fee pilot program by the Department of Transportation. Transportation.

The full text of the bill is at the link. No wonder Maggie & Co feel safe in NH, after even two years of Democrat power it will take an awful lot of crazy to catch up with the Bay State.

Why would anyone stay here?

While we ponder the questions the left isn’t asking about the reaction to Operation Pillar of Defense Granite Grok is still there and keeping an eye on some questions that have yet to be answered about the late election, first the stats:

First, in a town with 5000 plus voters there were 630 new registrations for this year’s election.

The law give NH citizens the ability to see public documents

New Hampshire State law (91-a) allows the citizen to review, examine, or inspect, any public document that is available. They can even take pictures of it, or make their own copies or abstracts as long as the document(s) are on site and it occurs during regular business hours.

Granite Grok however reports that there was a slight issue when a citizen wanted to see the form concerning these 630 new registrations…

These 630 new voters piqued the interest of a Barrington resident, who decided that they wanted to get a copy of this public record, but when they asked the Town clerk said it would cost him $300.00.

The Grok folks have some questions about this, but wanting to be fair to all concerned I called the Town Clerk’s office myself. I spoke to a very nice lady who asked me if I could submit those questions via an e-mail to make it easier. So I did, providing a link to the Grok article quoted above with the following questions:

Per said article I have the following questions

1. Is the record of the voter rolls in Barrington available to be viewed by the public

2. Is there a separate record of new registrants and/or same day registrants available?

3. Did a person come in to obtain said records?

4. If so was said person told it would be $300 for said records?
4a. If there is such a fee, is that set by the city or state? Is it a standard fee for records?

5. The GROK article states that such public records are available under state law saying the following:

New Hampshire State law (91-a) allows the citizen to review, examine, or inspect, any public document that is available. They can even take pictures of it, or make their own copies or abstracts as long as the document(s) are on site and it occurs during regular business hours.
5a Is this correct and if so can said person make their own copies without charge?

6. Will said records be available electronically (in PDF format etc) and available either to the public on request or on the Barrington site eventually?

7. If I came down to see said records would they be available for viewing?

Any help in answering these question would be appreciated

Thank you.

That was on Wednesday November 14th when I first wrote this post but held back posting awaiting a reply and while I’m sure Barrington NH can be a busy place I think five days is plenty of time for it to come.

By an odd coincidence while I haven’t received a reply the day after I sent that request Granite Grok’s person went back to the town hall and was told the following:

Our intrepid checklist warrior went back to the clerk armed with 91-a and was informed that they didn’t actually have the list prepared yet. He was told that it would be a few weeks but that they would give him an electronic copy of the new list when it was complete. Skip has encouraged him to go back and ask for the existing list, which they used for election day, and which we now know is available in electronic form. For free, apparently.

Amazing how things change after an e-mail from a guy with 50,000 watts behind him isn’t it?

Maybe it’s just me but if you multiply this question by small town after small town in NH and you get a margin of victory that doesn’t show up in polls.

That’s apparently a question our friends on the left aren’t asking, but we will.

Update: Apparently Barrington replied to my questions promptly but due to an e-mail glitch I missed their e-mails (along with 7 weeks of them from a particular account) until December 29th.

My apology post is here, and the e-mail responses from Barrington follow below:

Dear Peter “DaTechGuy” Ingemi,

My answers are listed below:

1. Is the record of the voter rolls in Barrington available to be viewed by the public YES

2. Is there a separate record of new registrants and/or same day registrants available? NO, PER Secretary of States Office

3. Did a person come in to obtain said records? YES

4. If so was said person told it would be $300 for said records?NO, the fee would be actually be $379 which is the rate for the current MARKED CHECKLIST, which is based on our current photocopy fee per page, which is $1/page.

4a. If there is such a fee, is that set by the city or state? Is it a standard fee for records? For a marked checklist

the fee is what the Town or City charges for a copy.

5. The GROK article states that such public records are available under state law saying the following:

New Hampshire State law (91-a) allows the citizen to review, examine, or inspect, any public document that is available. They can even take pictures of it, or make their own copies or abstracts as long as the document(s) are on site and it occurs during regular business hours.

5a Is this correct and if so can said person make their own copies without charge? A person may view and takes notes on the marked checklist, but NO there will be no copies made without a charge, PER NH STATE LAW (91-a;IV)

“If a photocopying machine or other device maintained for use by a body or agency is used by the body or agency to copy the public record or document requested, the person requesting the copy may be charged the actual cost of providing the copy, which cost may be collected by the body or agency.”

6. Will said records be available electronically (in PDF format etc) and available either to the public on request or on the Barrington site eventually? An electronic copy will be available upon request after the Supervisors of the Checklist have entered and scanned the checklist and new voters into the statewide database for a fee of $26.50.

7. If I came down to see said records would they be available for viewing? YES

I have answered all your questions to the best of my ability, if you have any further questions please

feel free to contact the New Hampshire Secretary of State at 271-3242.

Kimberly Kerekes

Yesterday I saw a poll out of New Hampshire, that was so unbelievable no incredible in its results that I thought it impossible that a TV station or a college would report it.

With one month remaining before the November 6 election, Barack Obama has opened up a statistically significant lead over Mitt Romney in the battleground state of New Hampshire. In the most recent Granite State Poll, 52% of likely New Hampshire voters plan to vote for Obama, 37% say they will support Romney,

There were so incredible that WMUR the TV station that commissioned the poll led their analysis thus:

The latest WMUR Granite State Poll is either wildly off or we will look back five weeks from now on Election Day and point to this date as the moment we knew Mitt Romney lost New Hampshire.

They are hedging on their own poll. My first thought was bad party splits, I was rather shocked to see an equal party metric in this poll. As this so greatly contradicts what I’ve seen on the ground I continued to look at the numbers and found these figures on the 2008 election within the sample:

215 McCain Palin Voters
309 Obama Biden Voters
14 Other
38 Did not vote 2008

That totals up to 576 people in the sample. How does that split? Here is the math

215/576 = 37.3% McCain Palin
309/576 = 53.6% Obama Biden
14/576 = 2.4% Other
38/576 = 6.5% Did not vote

Difference 53.6- 37.3= 16.3

So you have a sample with a bias of 16.3 points in terms of 2008 voters that is now +15, that would indicate a slight loss of support, but strangely enough they didn’t include a question on their votes in 2010. Just to remind you here is what happened in the state house that year:

Maybe it’s just me but I think this poll might be a tad more informative if it included how the respondents voted in 2010

It’s worth noting that a previous poll from the same group in Aug had a much different sample

McCain Palin 220/529 = 41.5
Obama Biden 259/529= 48.9%
Other 21/529 = 3.9%
Did not vote 29/529= 5.4%

Do you see the magic trick, you play with a sample and suddenly you have a trend. As I predicted after the booing God debacle:

Do not be surprised if there is a negative bounce from this convention or a poll released with a Dem +6-12 in order to hide just how bad things are.

And that’s what we’ve seen, polls so skewed that we have a convention bounce supposedly from a Clinton Speech that nobody watched because it was opposite a football game.

But even such BS can’t go on for long, particularly when people are finally catching on with the poll manipulation.

So what is the Liberal media et/al to do?

Well if it’s harder to see Romney behind everywhere put out a national poll that is close (+3 Obama with a +8 Obama 2008 sample & +6 D sample) to show our bona fides then as it’s harder to sell Romney behind everywhere in Florida suddenly usa a D+2 sample instead of the +9, in Virgina go D+5 instead of D + ungodly while in Ohio the state we’ve been saying Romney HAS to win we show Romney down 11 with a sample that is 50% dem and 39% +11.D and violá we have exactly what we need to be credible:

A more “balanced” poll showing a slight Romney trend without losing the “Mitt in Trouble” narrative.

The best part of it for the MSM? The media can by playing the sample game can generate the trend they want and will do so as long as they believe they can affect the results. The moment they decide it can’t be pulled off will be the dawn of Media Credibility day when the mission changes as it did the day before the 2010 elections:

So instead their new mission is to be perceived as actually reporting news rather than spinning it. Thus comes media credibility day, the day the press decides to act like actual reporters instead of liberal advocates, it will last long enough for them to claim that they called the election correctly…

And the moment the election is over

…then it will be back to the MSM that we all know and…well that we all know.

That will be the tell.

Update: Ann Althouse got there before me:

Well NBC has a new poll out and Morning Joe is simply salivating:

President Barack Obama leads Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in New Hampshire, and the two are locked in tight contests in Nevada and North Carolina, according to a new series of NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls released Thursday.

Obama is ahead of Romney, 51 percent to 44 percent, among likely voters in New Hampshire. He also edges Romney in Nevada and North Carolina, but within the margin of error.

In Nevada, Obama gets the support of 49 percent of likely voters and Romney gets 47 percent. In North Carolina, it’s Obama at 48 percent and Romney at 46 percent. (Among registered voters in all three states, Obama’s lead expands to 8 points in New Hampshire, 4 points in North Carolina, and a wider 7 points in Nevada.)

I hate to put a damper on our friends on the left, even those who consider us “Poll deniers” or “Poll truthers” but as a resident of Realville I look at reality and here is what I see in this NBC/Marist poll, lets start with New Hampshire:

That’s a 46-40 split in a state where just two years ago Kelly Ayotte won a senate seat by 23 points.

And supposedly this is the case even though this very same poll show the right track wrong track numbers thus:

Because when people think the country is going in the wrong direction by 7 pts 51-44 their reaction is ALWAYS “stay the course”.

Last NH thought, before you start screaming how Obama won New Hampshire in 2008 lets take a look at what happened in 2010:

Yeah that’s a state where the 2008 paradigm is in play

Now lets try North Carolina that supposedly has a +2 Obama figure:

Here is the right track/wrong track

Yeah 41-54 right track wrong track SURE these guys are winning, here is the partisan split:

48-42 plus 6 Dem sample in North Carolina, now lets look at what happened in NC in 2010

Yeah that is another state that is going all 2008 in November:

Now lets look at Nevada, again lets start with Right Track / Wrong Track:

14 points, Obama is up 2 with a right track/wrong track deficit of 14 points.

Lets look at the partisan split:

47-42 plus 5 dem. now lets see what Nevada did in 2010

The GOP picked up two seats in 2010 enough and the Governor’s mansion enough to sustain any veto during the election where Harry Reid managed a massive turnout to save his seat. Interestingly enough while 52% of the vote was cast by the GOP the Democrats kept a majority.

But hey the still held the legislature in a GOP wave election, does that mean Obama is actually going to do well in the statewide vote. I’m glad you asked. Interestingly there was another election in Nevada on September 13th 2011. An election for the Nevada 2nd district surely this would show the power of Barack Obama…

…or not.

But this STILL doesn’t mean that these polls are off after all we have a record of polling accurate polling in Nevada right? PPP did a poll just the day before the election and it showed Amodei winning:

Ok Sure we showed a 13 point margin when the election had a 22 pt spread but we had the winner right and THAT means our polling is accurate!


This is what we in Realville call “Math” if Eugene Robinson wants to call it a conspiracy theory and Morning Joe wants to make fun of it, bless their hearts as they say down south.

The data is the data and all the pretending otherwise from people who didn’t see 2010 coming and insisted the GOP were fools to support Pat Toomey or Marco Rubio doesn’t change it.

Update: Yup the focus on registration in samples is a conspiracy theory, it’s so ridiculous so foolish and so delusional that Gallup finds it necessary to reassure folks:

The discussion of the party identification composition of poll samples comes up in every presidential election with which I’ve been involved. Interested observers often opine that when a given poll shows that Candidate X is ahead, it cannot be correct because there is a higher percentage of voters who identify with Candidate X’s party in the sample than there should be, based on comparison to some previous standard.

There are several reasons why this is a faulty approach to evaluating a poll’s results.

He makes his case and I encourage you all to read it and make up your own minds, but there was one bit that jumped out at me that really gives away the game:

Now if a given poll in Ohio in this election shows Obama with a 10-percentage-point lead, one should just ask, “How likely is it that Obama would be ahead by 10 points if he won by five points in 2008?” — forgetting party identification, which we assume is going to be higher for the Democratic Party if Obama is ahead, anyway.

It’s totally backwards, people join or leave a party based on changes in what they think or believe, that the cause of a voting pattern, this gentleman treats it as an effect.

Now I don’t claim to be a professional poll guy. I don’t work at Gallup and the only people paying me are my advertisers and tip jar hitters. I trust my readers. If you decide he’s right and I’m all wet, that’s fine, if you think I’m right that’s fine too. I’m more than happy to see what happens when the votes are counted and we find out who is right.

But the math is the math and no computer model can change it.

I scooted up to Atkinson NH to cover Ovide Lamontage & Chris Christie doing an event together in the small town of Atkinson NH at the Freshwater Far

I arrived an hour and scoped out the area

Sign wavers were already in evidence:

I spoke to several people here before the event couples


and Young Republicans

I also talked to don who runs a the Valley Patriot:

the area were they were assembled was aside of the store:

and the view from the “stage”

I sat myself on the ground in front of the makeshift stage and waited,

before I did I counted just over 200 people but they continued to come

When things were ready it started with a local state senator:

Followed by Steve Merrill the former governor

Ovide Lamontagne spoke and the crowd was very receptive. It was a smart move, although as the candidate he understood he wasn’t the primary attraction

I remember the Bill Clinton event I covered during the first Brown race Martha Coakley foolishly came after Clinton and like that day Chris Christie gave one of the most memorable speeches I’ve heard

I thought Gov Christie’s speech was the single best speech I’ve heard in the entire election season to this point

When all was done I asked Mr. Lamontagne about the event, he was understandably happy

While Chris Christie answered my question in a way that fit in perfectly with his “ride right through them” persona.

While I have some issues with Christie, one can’t help but like his direct ways. If people think he will not be a contender in the future they have another think coming

The entire gallery follows:

I’ve been very careful not to play that game (also not to sue anybody or to file any criminal complaint), leaving them with nothing else to do except recycle old smears. And my “much higher income”? Yeah, armagnac and decolletage!

What I am paid to do is cover the news. These distractions from Rauhauser aren’t going to stop me from earning my pay, and so I’m off to Ohio to cover the Romney-Ryan bus tour,

Robert Stacy McCain The Best Revenge Ohio Bound 9-24-12

A few days ago I got a call from Robert Stacy McCain asking me if I could join drive down to his undisclosed location (that he offered to disclose) pick him up and head for Ohio.

My situation did not allow it, so Stacy was able (with some effort apparently) to change Ali Akbar’s mind to join him for yet another trip to cover the Mitt Romney Bus Trip in Ohio.

Stacy has photos here and a piece in the Spectator here but this really isn’t so much about this particular trip nor the idea of Stacy & Ali on the road.

It’s about stuff like this:

NC Chairman Reince Priebus just held an impromptu press gaggle and said, “We’re going to outspend the DNC 10-to-1 for the next six weeks.” Asked about polls showing Romney-Ryan trailing in Ohio, Priebus said “we’re within a field goal and we’re going to crush [the Democrats] on the ground.”

I’m watching Morning Joe right now and I haven’t seen a word about this declaration by the chairman of the GOP. I don’t pretend to have been doing this long or having been trained in this business (BS CSC minor US History) but the blunt statement that: “We’re going to outspend the DNC 10-1 for six weeks” from the GOP chairman is what we call “News!”

Now the new Mitt Romney ad “No we can’t” is devastating

but although I can give informed opinion on it, ANYONE can see it and give opinion on it.

But today Chris Christie the Governor of NJ is going to be in NH trying to help Ovide Lamontagne put the corner office of a swing state back in the hands of the GOP and I intend to cover it.

It won’t be as long a drive as Ohio and I’ll still have a chance to drop my youngest off for his classes but there will be first hand photos and video from the scene.

This is the real strength of the new media, granted Stacy McCain is a Hybrid as a longtime reporter who uses new media as to some degree am I since I’ve had 50,000 watts of radio power to back me up but consider. This message that Mr. Priebus will be out to tens of thousands of people who will share it will tens of thousands more regardless of what the MSM tells you.

While Morning Joe insists Scott Brown is “desperate” William Jacobson informs you of Elizabeth Warren “missing” law license.

While the MSM doesn’t look toward NH (where the Democrat candidate for governor Maggie Hassan is careful to avoid the words “Barack Obama” & “Democrat” in her ads). I and other blogs such as Granite Grok will cover it.

This is what the new media does, this is what it is. If you go to a political event, shoot video and ask questions you are doing what media was designed to do and with the Internet, facebook, twitter et/al if you cover something significant or even small, you have the chance to fill the void that the MSM leaves when it doesn’t suit their agendas.

There is no substitute for being there. Be there make the difference and watch the MSM howl!

…instead of simply staying with the pack:

That’s the Obama economy and ah that’s not why kids go to college , they don’t go to college so they can move into their grandmother’s bedroom.

The full video from Mitt Romney’s appearance in Nashua Friday is here

That’s the kind of quote that you can get if you don’t mind the inconvenience of going though the secret service checkpoint more than one to talk to the people in line.

But that’s not what pack “journalism” is all about, is it?

Update: Lets two extra moves into the quotes

As a result of such tactics the vote from the Valley rarely displayed the diversity of opinion associated with a democracy; some 15,000 votes were generally believed to be controlled in the Valley, and it was not unusual for them to go to a favored candidate by margins as large as ten to one.

Robert Caro: The Years of Lyndon Johnson: The Path to Power 1982 P722

I talked about the left’s rush to go after the Pennsylvania voter ID law in my last post,. It’s worth noting that as the left wails loudly over the Pennsylvania law New Hampshire another swing state approved a similar law back on June 28th.

In New Hampshire, different forms of identification are accepted, or residents have the option of signing an affidavit. The list will be shortened in 2013, and student ID cards and documents more than five years old will no longer be accepted.

This law took effect yesterday and for some reason it isn’t producing the same reaction among our friends on the left that the Pennsylvania law does.


If this is a question of voter disenfranchisement aren’t NH voters worth the same outcry as Pennsylvania? Do they not deserve the same angst as their larger brothers to the south?

The difference might be in the electoral vote count (NH has but 4) but perhaps NH’s Voter ID law doesn’t scare them as much because it doesn’t have large Democrat run cities that the Keystone State has. To wit:

the potential problem is much bigger, particularly in Philadelphia, where 186,830 registered voters – 18 percent of the city’s total registration – do not have PennDot ID.

Hmmm it would seem voters in cities have an ID problem. That’s strange to me. Why would a person in a city have less a need for an ID? In a city environment with a larger bureaucracy and less personal knowledge of the individual such ID would seem more necessary for life rather than less.

Even stranger this problem only seems to be evident among people who are inclined to vote for democrats. Note this editorial concerning the law

Second comes the GOP’s own admission — conveniently after the fact, of course — that their agenda was indeed political. The moment came last month at a GOP State Committee meeting, when House Republican Majority Leader Mike Turzai recounted Republicans’ legislative accomplishments for the year. Among them, Turzai announced to enthusiastic applause: “Voter ID — which is going to allow Gov. Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania — done.”

Pennsylvania didn’t need the voter ID law. There was no credible evidence of voters impersonating other voters at the polls. There was one reason, and one reason only, to pass the new requirement, and it wasn’t the security of the ballot. It was the outcome of the election. We knew it all along. Now the GOP House leader has put it out there for everyone to see.

What our frenzied editorialist doesn’t do is answer a basic question, a question that any reasonable person might ask:

Why should producing an ID change the result of any election?

Why should the use of an item needed at any bank, to cash any paycheck or government check, to use a credit card, an item you are asked to produce at a hospital, at a supermarket or even to buy booze cause the results of an election to change? Do Democrats need these ID less that republicans?

What could possibility be going on that would cause the passage of a strong voter ID law backed by an Army of Davids equipped with iPhones and internet connections along with an energized Tea Party with volunteers willing and able to serve as poll watchers to strike such fear into the hearts of Democrat leaning Union Stewards and Machine Pols who in the past have managed to deliver their precincts to their party by overwhelming margins?

I suspect the people screaming the loudest know the answer and that’s why they are screaming.

The DaTechGuy Fundraiser continues, our goal is $3000. Any help is appreciated.

For details click here for the progress check the thermometer to the right and to kick in hit DaTipJar”.

This morning I attended the Nashua Federated Republican Women’s Club Breakfast at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Nashua NH

It is an annual event to honor women who have made a difference to the GOP

Senator Kelly Ayotte, Woman of the year Phyllis Woods and Congressman Charlie Bass

Both Rep Charlie Bass and Kelly Ayotte spoke, Senator Ayotte also took questions from the audience, I shot video of almost the entire event and will include all said video in order after the jump:
Continue reading “The Nashua Federated Republican Women’s Club Breakfast W/ Kelly Ayotte”

Although we had some issues with the phones in studio back in Worcester I got quite a bit of video in NH:

Here is a bit before we started

And here was Steve MacDonald from Granite Grok who joined me:

Mac at the mike

And New Hampshire Republicans were feeling pretty good about this:

Including the Vice Chairman of the party in NH

Cliff Hurst Vice Chairman NH GOP

Who must have been pleased by the young folks

Working the phones

Along with the old hands

Who gathered

Under the watch of the MSM

Our table was set up in a room with a large glass door, the good news was it cut down on background noise, the bad news, it meant to see what was going on I had to pop out during commercial breaks such as when I grabbed this clip of Tagg Romney speech.

Even when things were done there was a fair crowd doing the grunt work of campaigns, but there was still that same controlled atmosphere that I saw back in Concord during the primaries. They seemed organized to the last detail from who talks to how things are done. This is a crew that is not going to be making a lot of mistakes, so when small ones come expect the MSM to try to amplify them.

One oddity, Ovide Lamontagne was there but rather than stay he had to run and ended up calling into the show for the interview rather than sit down at the location.

My thought, if they can pack a room and keep people working in a day full of pouring rain it’s a good sign and these guys are disciplined. If they can keep this up through November they will be well rewarded.

Update Wanted to mention this concerning the Ovide Lamontagne interview, John Weston did most of it due to our phone issues and there were two real gems worth noting:

1. Lamontagne was practically begging the democrats to send Obama to campaign in NH. What does it say about this race when the GOP candidates down ticket want to see the top of the Democrat ticket on site?

2. When asked about creating jobs Ovid gave the perfect answer. He said that under a Lamontagne administration it will be the private sector not him that creates jobs. It’s his task to stay out of the way while creating an environment that lets them do so. That is conservatism in a nutshell.

Yesterday Robert Spencer spoke at the Jewish Federation of New Hampshire in an event sponsored by New Hampshire for Israel. The topic was: “Is Resistance to Jihad Terror a Right-Wing Issue?” 120 people showed up for the event.

Robert Spoke to me before the event:

He brought a fair supply of books

And signed plenty when he was done

I shot parts of his speech, in six parts:

Continue reading “Robert Spencer in NH, Photos, Videos, Q & A”

I interviewed Dennis Lamare at the Nashua Republican City Committee event on 4-28-12

He also spoke to the audience earlier that evening.

His web site is here