I talked to new media folk Kid with Lid and Paris on the 2nd session of DaTechGuy’s midnight court we have part one

and part 2

The reason why there was a part 2 was because I dropped the camera as I was holding the mic with one hand and the mic with the other.

Here is the audio

(the audio includes part 3)

DaTechGuy at CPAC 2017 (all videos not blogged about yet here). Be aware that due to the sheer volume of videos to upload if I interviewed you it might be days before you see it here

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Some Quick pre-cpac video and thoughts

2016 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards

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That’s nice but if you’re paying $300+ Million for a website one would think it would not need another “relaunch” a few years later:

The announcements come as The Huffington Post continues its slog toward profitability a little less than four years after it was acquired for $315 million by AOL, which made heavy investments in talent, global expansion and a streaming video network called HuffPost Live.

“Slogging toward profitability” is another way of saying “still not profitable and never has been.”

At the end of 2013, AOL chief executive Tim Armstrong told Reuters he expected the site to be profitable in 2014. But during an interview earlier this month at Business Insider’s Ignition conference, Armstrong said the ongoing international rollout, which includes about a dozen foreign editions from Brazil to France to Maghreb, had prevented HuffPost from breaking into the black. Annual revenues are in the hundreds of millions, Armstrong said, declining to provide a specific dollar figure.

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Do you know who I am?

Maureen Dowd at CPAC a few years ago

Who  are you with?

Howard Fineman questioning me at the Darthmouth GOP Presidential Debate as I asked a question of Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the spin room.

Old friend Jerry Wilson’s tweet not withstanding

I did in fact attend blogbash, the invitation only event that the National Bloggers Club holds every year at CPAC. Stills thursday 042 and while I was neither nominated nor won any award (although If there is ever a “Best Cannoli at CPACthanks to Dutch Kitchen Bakery I figure it’s a lock)   I was also privileged to be invited to more exclusive Blogbash pre-party which included guests and speakers such as

Senator Rand Paul of KY Stills thursday 040 & Gov Rick Perry of Texas. Stills thursday 043 Although I left early to cover another event (where I scored a huge interview with Bo Snerdley of the Rush Limbaugh show) I was there long enough to notice something interesting.

Watching Governor Perry’s speech during the Blogbash pre-party something struck me that he was acting different than any pol I had seen at CPAC off of the stage.  Take a look at his speech and see if you can spot what it is:

Give up?  He seemed in an incredibly relaxed mood, almost jovial. This was true  even though he was in a room full of people who:

1.  Spend their working days reporting on politicians


2. Were drinking Alcohol from an open bar.


3.  All were carrying Video devices containing instant access to the internet.

Under those circumstances an experienced pol like Governor Perry would naturally be as cautious as a cat in a rocking chair testing floor but he was not.  One might think it was he is a Texan and yesterday was Alamo day, that is not the reason.

In my opinion he was relaxed because he knew every person in that room was a friendly.

This illustrates one of the changes since CPAC that the move to the Gaylord National Harbor has created.

In the old days of CPAC there was “Bloggers Row” a room over the balcony that was exclusively reserved for bloggers, except for special moment when the MSM was allowed in to follow a key candidate.  One of the most glorious moments of CPAC for conservative bloggers  was Maureen Dowd not being allowed in the room that we were over her loud protestations.

As the bloggers in the bloggers lounge were overwhelmingly conservative a potential conservative candidate or member of congress could be escorted in and know he or she was among allies (the few liberals were easily identified).

conservative blogger could score some excellent interviews that a member of the general media never could.  It was one of the few places where bloggers had an incredible advantage over the MSM.

Now consider CPAC 2014.  With a 2nd year under their belt CPAC has settled on a format and a layout as illustrated in this video cut short by my memory card filling up There is no specific bloggers area bloggers nor MSM area Ted Cruz stills Wednesday 002 we are all credentialed as Media together Ted Cruz stills Wednesday 019 This has led to some disadvantages for the MSM. Since they lack the flexibility of bloggers they likely couldn’t come in a day early for credentials as some of us did.  This is why many missed the opening remarks of Ted Cruz while waiting in the incredible line to credentials

On the plus side for the MSM reporters from the New York Times and Al Jazeera English sitting to my left and behind me both had access to the Cannoli I offer giving them a huge thumbs up.

For bloggers it means we of new media are elevated to full equality with the old media.  This is a huge change from just two years ago meaning none of us at CPAC will ever be Howard Finemaned as I was in Dartmouth. But that equality means something else, it also means that we don’t have the same access to members of congress & conservative leaders we once had.

Unless we are personally known to the handlers for Pols we are assumed to be the hostile MSM & treated accordingly. This carries over to interviewing individuals which is my forte or conservative groups in the vendor’s room.  While a few might remember me from the fedora & Dr. Who scarf when they see that scarlet”Media” badge on me the defensive walls go up on the assumption that any member of the media is out to make them or conservative look bad. Membership has its privileges but also it’s responsibility.

It also means that I am less likely to be able to take care of Sissy Willis’ request

The Scarlet “M” is the cost of the equality of bloggers and the MSM,

So today I am trying an experiment so see if I can free myself of it

While I will of course be wearing my Dr. Who scarf and Fedora I am eschewing my normal suit and tie and will instead be wearing a pair of blue pants and a T-Shirt from Blogbash 2012

This will mean that I can be easily identified as a blogger & a “friendly” even if a person doesn’t recognize me.

Will this clear the Scarlet “M” from my soul, we shall find out later today.


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When last we left Tami Erin she was involved in the Hustler Halloween Party

and that involvement has to some degree had the desired effect:  She has passed 6700 twitter followers

tami progress 2

and her website has cracked the top 900,000 mark in Alexa

tami progress

Personally I’d put a twitter button on that web site to increase the number of followers (no charge) but alas the attention has started to wane.  If you do a google search for Tami Erin under news But alas there hasn’t been much in news since that last burst of activity.
tami progress 3
And the news that’s there isn’t good:

Tami Erin, now 39, starred as Pippi when she was just 14, but images from her childhood role as the red-headed character are being used on multiple websites to promote her recent porn flick.

Now, according to TMZ, Columbia Pictures—the studio behind the family-friendly movie—is ordering the images of 14-year-old Erin not be used to promote the X-rated film.

TMZ reports that lawyers for Columbia demanded sites remove the old Pippi pictures, or else the studio would sue.

That’s from Nov 5th and if you look at Ms. Erin’s twitter stream you will see the latest fan tweet is also from Nov 5th.

So already the interest is down and in fact the problem that I mentioned before remains:

Experience, intelligence and chemistry have little or no value. Her only card against other younger women is a 25 year old children’s movie remembered by fewer and fewer people as time goes by. There are already plenty of younger more voluptuous women ready and willing to carry themselves more provocatively than Ms. Erin. It won’t take long for the novelty to fade and then the stray lesbian kiss, topless shot or swing around a pole will not be enough to retain the interest

And therein lies the problem, is there a formula,  an example,  a business model for the almost 40 year old Ms. Erin to follow to establish and maintain a living in her now chosen field? 

Oddly enough there is. Continue reading “Tami Erin & the Magdalene St. Michaels Business Plan Calculated Risk Required (Content warning)”

The moving Hating Breitbart has been re-released as a PG-13 movie, thereby dropping its R rating from when it was released last year (so, it has been slightly edited as the only reason for the R rating last year was a small amount of foul language).  I saw it last year when it was released the first time.  I would definitely watch it again this year, but it isn’t playing in the Dallas area this time around.  Hopefully the powers-that-be can rectify that.

I was recently musing about what a field day Andrew Breitbart would be having with these White House scandals.  First of all, he probably would have already discovered the extent of the abuse in the IRS (before Congress) complete with names and dates, etc .  He likely would have been carrying the banner on this months ago, even before the election.  Breitbart had a way of being connected, and he fearlessly pursued truth.  He found his way to stories that at first seemed crazy (like Anthony Wiener Tweeting pictures of himself and then vehemently denying it and lying about it on CNN), and yet they always ended up being true.

Breitbart was recently vindicated in the Pigford scandal which he uncovered long before anyone else did.  He would be leading the way right now in the fight against the MSM narrative in this latest round of scandals.

Breitbart is the person that inspired me to keep fighting at a time when it seemed that just about everything was lost.  I met him at a Tea Party event in Mesquite, TX in 2010.  He had given an articulate speech about the reality of the “organized Left” in the media.  I had followed politics for years (I even majored in Political Science in college) but had never put the dots together about the intentional coercion that goes on with the what information flows to the general public and how dangerous that really is.  Breitbart explained it so well and afterwards I shook his hand and told him how inspired I was by his speech.  I felt like I had just learned something profound and things would never be the same.

Since that day when I sat riveted in my chair listening to him speak for the first time, I’ve devoured the news like never before in my life.  And, I can say with certainty that every single thing he asserted that day was true.  Every iota.  The Left is organized.  They are well-connected with the MSM.  The MSM themselves are either in cahoots with the Left or they are so entrenched in their narrative that they don’t even know what they are putting out there anymore.  The “watchdog” role of the press has been greatly diminished in recent years.  And, the important role the press is supposed to play almost disappeared when Obama was elected president as the press has fallen all over itself to support this man.  Now that there is incontrovertible evidence against this administration, we finally see some measure of criticism.  However, this is too little too late as the election already passed and the good that the press could have done with an honest assessment of the President’s first four years of office never came to fruition.  Imagine if the election had involved a true assessment of the President for all to see.  So many who voted for Obama would have had information in front of them to help make a more informed choice.  However, instead the press did everything it could to re-elect Obama.  So, as we sit here for 4 more years holding our breath that the President doesn’t entirely destroy the country, we know that if not entirely responsible, the press is certainly accountable for much of the blame.

Because of the Left’s infiltration into the MSM, Breitbart also rightly championed new media.  This blog and the thousands of others out there counter the MSM narrative every day.  Breitbart understood that the internet is the key out of this informational tyranny.  And again, he was exactly right.  The role that the internet and individual bloggers and regular people play in helping the truth get the light of day cannot be overstated.

So, was Breitbart pugnacious?  Was he confrontational?  You bet.  He was only reacting to the power structure in place.  He knew toughness was needed.  He did everything he could to get attention so that his voice could be heard.  I wish he was around now to be a part of the events of the day.  I would love to see how he would have handled all of this.  However, I know we can all take solace in knowing that he influenced many who get up every day and fight the good fight.

If you want to see Hating Breitbart (which I highly recommend), here is the official site where you can see if it is playing in your area.

Also, here is a great tribute by Rush Limbaugh about Breitbart.

Lisa @ AmericaisConservative.org

This is Largely as I predicted except the Silly Party won. I think this was due to the number of votes cast.

Michael Palin Monty Python’s Flying Circus 1970

Today on PJ Media Roger Kimball has a post answering those who are convinced that Mitt Romney might as well send themselves home because Barack Obama The One™ has this race in a walk and it’s all over but the shouting. He reminds them of two words: “President Dukakis”

I ran into an old Yale friend the other night who told me about a party he attended among what he called the bien pensant elite of New Haven. The conversation drifted to the election, and that febrile sense of grateful certainty asserted itself into the proceedings. My friend quietly demurred, breaking the mood of self-congratulation. Could it be that he had a different opinion? He didn’t really think, did he, that anything other than an overwhelming victory for Obama was possible? He simply smiled and suggested that they ask President Dukakis what he thought. I think the party dispersed soon thereafter.

“President Dukakis.” Remember him? He had it “in the bag,” too. He was a shoo in, a cert, the hands-down favorite, even the Republicans acknowledged it — right up until the moment he lost.

I read this piece after the show and it struck me. I remember 1998 1988, I was much younger, less experienced and still a Democrat working at Raytheon while running a small business at the same time (I left to run my business full time around July of that year) I remember being 25 and full of myself and was talking to a Union Steward about the impending Dukakis victory. He was a man in his forties and of some experience to me and he explained to me concisely why I was totally wrong going over Dukakis’ record and how people would react to various things. Although I really respected the fellow and would listen to him talk about all kinds of subjects I dismissed him at the time thinking the I was MUCH more familiar with history and the news. I had read all I could on the election and was sure he was wrong.

When George Bush won I was dumbfounded, how could all I read and all that I saw be so wrong?

The answer never occurred to me until today.

On DaTechGuy on DaRadio with Tom White of VARIGHT.com I made the point that no matter what the media is saying the new media, talk radio, facebook and the internet were getting the word out to people. For example The internet provided the data that I used to make the post on Polling.

The MSM has ignored the analysis but the new media has not, thanks to the net, blogs and Rush Limbaugh that argument of mine has been viewed by over 33,000 people in under a week.

Now think of 1998 1988 for a moment: In 1998 1988 there was no internet, there was no Drudge. No Fox News and Rush Limbaugh would only become national in August of that year and not the force of nature he is today.

Picture for a second if there were people attending rallies, writing articles, analyzing polls, recording what is actually being said and putting that information out to the entire world. If that was taking place in 1988 do you think for one moment the mask on the actual state of the Dukakis campaign would not have been torn off long before election day?

This is the state that we are in now. The left is playing the same function as they did that year, trying their best to create the illusion of a winning campaign for Obama when none exists, but today while the MSM attempts to hide the unpleasant realities from liberal, an Army of Davids behind keyboards & cameras are spreading the word (That would be a great title for a book).

24 years ago Roger Kimball would have sat confident but alone, today tens of thousands will read his words and march forward.

Be afraid leftists, be very afraid.

Update: For some reason typed 1998 when I meant 1988 several times, fixed thanks to Pretzel_logic for the catch

when a mere blogger is the one asking the questions that by all rights you’d expect to be asked by actual reporters and editors in newsrooms in Washington and New York – you can be excused for thinking there’s something badly out-of-whack in the media universe.

Robert Stacy McCain May 29th 2011

Media Bias is mostly made up of sins of omission

DaTechGuy:  April 18th 2011

The NBC News editing of the Zimmerman 911 call really makes me wonder how many times in the past several decades something like this happened and we never knew anything about it.

Jeff Johnson Instapundit April 10th

There are a lot of flags flying over “editgate” but for my money the biggest story of the day comes from farther south.

On April 10th J. at 5:54 a.m. J Christian Adams posted this story at PJ Media:

Stokes said he looked back in his rear-view as he pulled away and noticed the biker rolling in the highway. “He either tried to jump in the back of the truck or onto the trailer and somehow slipped.”

Stokes said when he noticed the injured man flailing in the roadway he stopped, worried about leaving the scene of an accident. Stokes said he was getting out of his truck to go check on Clay when a woman in a red Jeep pulled alongside and shouted a warning: “You better get out of here — they’ve got guns.” That’s when Stokes looked back down the highway and some the motorcycle gang — 30 or 40 bikes strong — headed his way. “I jumped back in the truck and took off until I could find a busy intersection and that’s where I stopped.”

Stokes said he and Cooper were immediately surrounded by a gang of black bikers, all with black bandanas covering the bottom half of their faces.

The gang forced him out of the truck and commenced their revenge attack. “After I saw the knife and then felt the stabbings I fell to the ground and played dead — I think that may have saved my life,” he said.

Adams is quoting Scott Boyd’s story from the weekly Macon Beacon. The only paper that decided a gang of 30 to 40 bikers surrounding and stabbing a trucker at an intersection was newsworthy:

Boyd tells me he contacted the crime beat reporter at the Birmingham News and told her about his story. “Not newsworthy,” was her response. Boyd also tells me that law enforcement officials told Boyd they “don’t mess with the Outcasts of Alabama.”

The motorcycle gang is black, the driver who was stabbed was white. Adams continued:

Let’s see if the attack by a black motorcycle gang on an Alabama highway in broad daylight gets any more media or law enforcement attention now that the information is here for the asking. I won’t hold my breath.

Lo and behold guess at 3:02 p.m. the same day guess what story has suddenly become newsworthy to the Birmingham News.

Police probe March stabbing in Jefferson County

Adamsville police are investigating a March 24 road-rage incident in which a Mississippi man was stabbed, authorities said.

The story contains this interesting quote:

The motorcyclists were members of the Outcasts of Alabama Motorcycle Club based in Bessemer. Authorities said they’ve never had any incidents of violence from the social motorcycle club.

Well perhaps that why law enforcement officials “don’t mess with the Outcasts of Alabama” because they are so peaceful.

This morning Adams noted the sudden volte-face by the Birmingham paper and a bit of defense from the editor on their previous inaction:

Now that the new media has shamed Mr. Clark’s newspaper, the Birmingham News is pretending the call from Boyd never happened. It did. They might have “looked into it,” but the look lasted about three seconds and then Carol Robinson of the Birmingham News decided not to cover the stabbing, over a week ago. A weekly paper in Mississippi and the new conservative media at PJ Media covered events in Alabama better and quicker than the Birmingham News.

And this is an excellent illustration of the importance of blogs even on a smaller level.

We think about the the NBC’s and the New York Times as spinning an agenda, we rail about the Jon Stewarts and Stephen Colberts and the false narratives, but in truth to most of the country the NYT is a paper they will never read in their lives and Stewart and Colbert are so insignificant that a 53-year-old move that’s been available on video for decades not only beat them 3-1 in the rating last week but took them in the 18-49 year old demographic.

But for every NYT there are dozens of Birmingham News’ uninterested in violence by Biker Gangs if they are of the wrong color. For every Jon Stewart there are countless Worcester Telegrams who find threats of violence and arson trivial if directed at pro-life centers and for every CNN there is a slew of Torrance Daily Breezes who don’t find the actions or pronouncements of major party congressional candidates worth their time.

During his talk in Lexington Mass. last year Andrew Breitbart urged those in attendance to carry a camera and report and even if it was no more than a Kindergarten teacher pushing an agenda to send him the story and he would make it national. If you are a blogger willing to report on those local stories and promote them up the blog ecosystem you have the power to make a difference. Breitbart understood this and so does every member of the MSM with an agenda who dismisses bloggers and tweeters.

That more than anything else is why they hate you and fear you.

Update: Related thoughts on media hatred and containment from Ed Driscoll and J. Christian Adams

Update 2: Bill Quick points out the scope of the NYT goes beyond it’s print edition, fair enough but stories nationwide get promoted because they appear elsewhere and get traction thus making bloggers even more important and powerful on the local level.

It’s why they want Rush to shut up too, how many stories before the rise of the net did he push that the MSM wanted the world to forget or ignore?

Believe it or not Morning Joe is actually comparing the popularity of Herman Cain to the Occupy Everywhere protests.

Well yeah except for the support by the American Nazi Party, and the Communist Party USA and the people singing F**k the USA and except for the calls for Violent Revolution and the shitting on police cars and spitting on Coast Guard members and the arrests

As I said in my Under the Fedora column today:

I keep expecting some elder statesman of the left to play Admiral Akbar, and shout to the Democrats who are jumping on the Occupy bandwagon: “It’s a trap!” But it looks like there aren’t any adults left to do so.

Don’t worry MSM and Democrats, although you won’t report on the e-mails that set up these protests, won’t report on your own connections to these protests and co-ordination (as Dana Loesch calls it Journolist 2.0) or the video of all the stuff above, rest assured bloggers and the new media ARE recording this video and come fall 2012 there will be a thousand GOP ads on the federal state and local level with all of the video you choose to exclude from your coverage.

As for Herman Cain somehow even Mika and Willie notice that regular voters like him in NY and Tennessee and many other places. Strangely enough these people happen to be working and productive instead of living in parks on tax-deductible donations by friends of the left.

I know that Jeffery Sachs contention that Mr. Cain is simply Koch astroturf is so appealing that MSNBC lead with it at 6, (which means it will be repeated at 8 a.m.) but I suggest that outside of the MSNBC niche market that isn’t going to play come election time.

Meanwhile how’s that Huntsman campaign you pushed doing?

or maybe Morning Joe has just figured out the plan

I wasn’t the only member of new media covering the debate in Hanover Tuesday:

Dartmouth GOP Debate Highlights from Channel 6 News on Vimeo.

His site is here. It is very good and very sleek the two young men involved have done a great job but I give a lot of credit belongs to these two ladies:

Interested and involved parents make a world of difference.

Take a look at this video via Little Miss Attila:

This morning I haven’t seen anything on the news (but plenty of good coverage from the blogs about this scene)

Attila asks the first question:

Heroic action by Rep. Brett Hulsey saves the day, and possibly Sen. Grothman’s life. What would have happened if Hulsey hadn’t been wearing that union T-shirt? Would enough people in the crowd have recognized him by sight for him to still have turned them back?

For those who want to defend this as “democracy in action” lets play a game: Pretend that Sen. Grothman was an abortion doctor and the crowd around him were opponents of abortion. How many times would this video be replayed? Would even Charlie Sheen being found in bed with Gaddafi and Snooki be able to keep this from being the media story of the week?

As AOL noted today concerning union actions “Not one of those outrages was apparently worthy of much in the way of news coverage.” I suspect this one will not either.

Update: Should give credit to Phil who shot this video and posted it first.

Update 2: McCain asks…if this is what civility looks like.

Update 3: The Anchoress (who will be on my Radio show March 12th) links. Welcome to the faithful. You might be interested in this post on the Holy spirit, this on abortion this on Christian obligation and this on discrimination.