Trump lawn signBy John Ruberry

The mainstream media, which of course is no fan of the Republican Party and its nominee Donald Trump, in what must have been an act of collusion, almost immediately dismissed what I thought was an A- acceptance address as a “dark speech.”

Oh, why just an A- from me? I thought Trump’s speech as a bit long, and that he should have used the safety part of the speech at 11:00PM Eastern/10:00PM Central when non-politicized viewers, many of whom only vote in presidential year elections, would be tuning in searching for the local evening news.

Trump did something in last week’s speech that the MSM, and many Republicans, including this one, have been calling on the GOP to do for decades: make an appeal to urban voters.

Democrats run nearly all of America’s largest cities. Some, such as Detroit and Chicago, haven’t had Republican mayors in the lifetimes of most of the people reading this post. However, the turnaround of one city, New York, was achieved only because of the doggedness of one determined man, Republican Rudy Giuliani, who was the mayor of America’s largest city from 1994-2001. NYC was viewed as ungovernable prior to the arrival of the “Mayor of America” at Gracie Mansion.

Burned out Detroit
Southwest Detroit

Maybe only New Yorkers understand. Manhattanite Trump does.

From his acceptance speech:

This administration has failed America’s inner cities. It’s failed them on education. It’s failed them on jobs. It’s failed them on crime. It’s failed them at every level.

When I am president, I will work to ensure that all of our kids are treated equally, and protected equally.

Every action I take, I will ask myself: does this make life better for young Americans in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Ferguson who have as much of a right to live out their dreams as any other child America?

Brilliant stuff.

Rand Paul, who like his father is generally the Republican that leftist media know-it-alls hate the least, received wide-spread praise for making a campaign stop on Chicago’s South Side last year. But such plaudits were easy because Paul was not the Republican nominee and Trump is. It’s circle-the-wagons time for the dishonest media, because the general election is now only a few months away.

Burned-out three story frame
Chicago’s South Side

Despite Trump’s reach-out to urban voters, he will not win a majority of the black vote. He won’t receive even fifteen percent of it. Trump will not win Illinois or Maryland’s electoral votes. But Trump spoke like a leader, not a candidate, as he accepted the Republican nomination for president.

The GOP political newcomer may be able to peel off enough black votes to become the first Republican presidential candidate to win Michigan since 1988.

I believe, maybe it’s just a hope of mine, that a majority of Americans are looking for a leader, not a partisan hack to steer us through troubled times.

As for the cities, we’ve tried it the Democratic Party way for over fifty years. Detroit is an urban ruin. Chicago and Baltimore are headed that way.

Trump wants to heal the rot.

And Trump, yes, really wants to Make America Great Again. All of it.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit. He regularly ventures into inner-city Chicago for blogging material and has traveled to Detroit.

OK picture this problem, you are an ultra liberal, practically socialist mayor of one of the largest cities in the world who has followed a mayor so rich that nobody on your side wanted to make demands of him for fear of chasing away his custom or charity once he was out of office.

You have to please your base to the city starts to change, you go after the carriage drivers for the environmentalists (or maybe for a developer) the Squeegee men come back and you stop and frisk and crime starts to increase. Sensing the bad old times are back people who can afford it start to leave.

Well what do you do if you can’t keep people with money in your city? You get new people who are in a spot even worse:

Wealthy French Jews Are Fleeing Anti-Semitism and Bringing Their Money

A “fixer” named Marlen Kruzhkov has helped dozens of rich guys move their families — and over $1 billion — to NYC

And compared to France, even NY is business friendly

For this Jewish population, there are two main options when it comes to moving: the United States or Israel. While Israel feels more familiar to many of those seeking to migrate – it’s nearby and many already have Israeli passports — Mr. Kruzhkov notes that their businesses are often the key to determining a location.

“Israel is a small place, business opportunities are less, there is much more red tape.

The US is easier; it’s a great place to do business, less red tape.” Nonetheless, it is anti-Semitism, not business opportunities, that is driving the Jewish population out of France. “It’s no question, the driving force is the anti-Semitism, but the reason they are choosing the US is due to sound business reasons.”

Who thought that rampant french antisemitism would pay off for the ultra liberal mayor of NY?

The problem is will the supply of wealthy Jews fleeing for their lives to NY be sufficient to offset effects of a full DeBlasio term?

By John Ruberry

An article posted last week in Buzzfeed, Occupy Wall Street’s Final Implosion, caught my eye.

Occupy has devolved into a Twitter war.

Take a look at this Tweet:


Big deal. Occupy is all but dead and Tunney, a Google software engineer, is a general with no army, along the lines of the delusional “King” Viserys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. Actually the Occupy movement is dead, all that remains is the name calling and competing claims as to who founded the collective of leftists.

While I didn’t visit the Zuccotti Park Occupy camp, I did so at its counterparts in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Denver, and I attended an Occupy march in Milwaukee. Oh, were these people cocky. “We can change the world,” Vermin Supreme sang at an Occupy Chicago rally. The movement was going to morph the energy from Cairo’s Tahrir Square protests and the drive to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker into the far-left’s ultimate dream–a world wide uprising that would make the Russian Revolution look like a brush war.

But the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood became the ruling party in Egypt and Walker survived the recall challenge. And now Egypt is run by the military.

The world has changed–no one believes it won’t–but not the way Occupy Wall Street had in mind.

Meanwhile the Tea Party, a true grass-roots movement, is alive and well.  And while thousands of Occupy activists were arrested during its halcyon days, I’m still waiting for the first Tea Party bust.

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There has been some confusion and consternation concerning the statements of Governor Andrew Cuomo concerning pro-life, pro-family and pro-second Amendment people in NY. Reading his statements one might assume that he would, for example, decide that Pope Francis I having called abortion “Horrific” would not be welcome in either NYC or the state in general. It would, of course go without saying that Cardinal Timothy Dolan should pack his bags along with any faithful Catholic who follows the church teachings.

But I think it might be prudent to run the governor’s words through a translation circuit before jumping to conclusions, therefore using the most advanced piece of computational material that I have direct access to let me provide you with my translation of the Governor’s statement:

I am a candidate for the Democrat nomination for president in 2016 so if you are a progressive with a lot of money or a gay activist with a lot of money or Michael Bloomberg you want to support me and write me checks instead of that Clinton family who believes that Abortion should be rare, that supported and passed DOMA and comes from a state that embraces the gun culture.

Since we pro-life types are not welcome in NY anymore it might behoove us to use some kind of identification so that state officials can mark us undesirables if we enter or pass through the state. I understand the symbol to the right was quite popular not a very long time ago for that very purpose. juden

It’s also my understanding that people wearing such a mark were prevented from owning and or possessing firearms by the state, which was of course for their own good as such people could not be trusted with dangerous weapons, particularly people as extreme as they who opposed the sane and reasonable policies of the state that only wanted what was best for them.

But as this is the 21st century rather than the 20th and the a different group is more identified with the extreme doctrines of marriage being a union of a man and a woman and the concept that human life begins at conception and must be protected that so offend the governor perhaps a different symbol might be more in keeping with 21st century realities.  For example this one.


The advantage of this badge twofold.  Not only does it mark those who profess an extreme ideological on marriage & abortion but it doubles as a handy reminder of what happens if you preach unacceptable religious doctrines contrary to what the state considers the public good.

I don’t know why but I have the oddest feeling that if the governor of NY suggests the mandatory wearing of this badge by those who oppose Gay Marriage and abortion that it would not only delight the very people he wishes to support his 2016 presidential campaign but that the people he wishes to mark might in fact willingly and proudly wear such a symbol on their person to publicly associate themselves with the gentleman in question.

Exit question: As Pastor Kelly in his piece yesterday on Martin Luther King birthday noted :

Pastor King was a Christian of Orthodox beliefs , and a Baptist minister who argued in the “public square” on the basis of Biblically based values.

we can assume that Gov Cuomo would declare him persona non grata in his state? It would certainly be in keeping with democrat party history.

Update:  For some reason this jumped into my head

Everyone who acknowledges me before others I will acknowledge before my heavenly Father.  But whoever denies me before others, I will deny before my heavenly Father.  Matthew 10:32-33

I can’t imagine why.

Update 2:  This comment at Instapundit jumped out at me: (emphasis mine)

Seconding Andy Fox, I just sent a note through the governor’s website that my family will not be visiting New York while Mr. Cuomo is governor, absent a complete retraction and apology — should have insisted on “sensitivity training” as well, but I didn’t think of it.

Guess we’ll find out how much pull Andy Cuomo’s people have with the IRS!

Would it not be possible for any state employee who is either 1.  Pro 2nd Amendment, 2.  Pro-Life 3.  Pro-Marriage or simply a faithful Catholic to lodge a complaint against the governor for creating a “hostile work environment”?

Update 3: Empire state, Totalitarian State same thing right?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has decreed that (just like Barack Obama) his job is not to work for his entire constituency. Cuomo believes that it his job to advance the agenda of the radical far left only, and that anyone who does not completely agree with him is not welcome in New York State AT ALL.


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Today at his site Stacy McCain mentioned the connection between the downfall of Anthony Weiner and issue that several bloggers who were involved in the same had:

I’ve got a particular interest in the question of who ID’d Sydney Leathers because, for months, Ladd Ehlinger Jr. has entertained the possibility that the harassment of Brett Kimberlin’s enemies was somehow being funded by supporters of Anthony Weiner.

Speculation isn’t my business, but when you observe extraordinary behavior, you can’t preemptively rule out extraordinary motives.

While who is paying Team Kimberlin is an interesting question I think a more interesting question is this:

What donors have chosen to invest in Anthony Weiner and his future?

To answer that question you have to look Where Anthony Weiner one was

Before his fall Anthony Weiner was the perfect man for this type of donor. A man to watch he was an ultra liberal on almost every issue, he was a man who not only went the full Obama but was a fighter, a man to watch. You couldn’t miss him on TV constantly debating and defending the president and all he believed inHe rose through NH politics protege of Chuck Schumer and in 2009 the world seems to be his oyster.

At least until he crashed.

Now lets consider political donors there are really four kinds of them:

1. The True Believers: They believe in a cause or a person so deeply that they are willing to invest their money in them. These are the people that are constantly getting calls and the e-mail from the various parties. (a lot of small donors fit that description).

Before the fall: He wold be a natural for their money and adoration, the Obama/Liberal point man.

After the fall: It’s really unlikely that too many of these would stay on board with Anthony Weiner. His lying to their face would chase off the personal givers and the cause bearers could find other candidates who believe the same to give to. Nor would they be likely to finance a campaign of revenge.

2. The Protection Racket: These are the people who give something to both sides as insurance so they’ll just leave them alone when it comes time to regulation and the like.

Before the fall: Weiner would get the dollars for people who wanted to cover themselves with the Obama team

After the fall: These people give to cover themselves, after Weiner’s downfall there would be no incentive to give and such givers would likely wait until after the runoff to hedge their bests, particularly given Weiner’s past.

3. The Groupies: These are vanity donors. They give so they can say they are involved, so they can talk about how connected they are convince themselves how much they matter. This is a very common animal in the cocktail circuit in the big cities

Before the fall: Weiner as a TV celeb would be a prime materal for this money.

After the fall:How much status can you get at a party by saying “I’m Anthony Weiner’s backer?”

But then there is the 4th type. These are the are the investors. These are the people who have an agenda and decide a particular pol has the talent and ability to advance it. If your cause is particularly shady the willingness to advance said agenda is more critical that the amount of talent.

Before the fall: He would be a prime investment for a person wanting power or influence, a rising star in the party, possible future Mayor of NY with the senior Senator of the state behind him. And if you had a bad or unpopular cause you might sink in a LOT

After the crash it’s different, Remember he didn’t just crash he crashed in disgrace, tried to blame Brietbart for what happened, (Resulting in my NY Post piece & appearance on Fox) He alleged he was hacked and not only was exposed as a liar, but had the ignominy of Andrew Breitbart holding court at his mike before his own press conference could begin

Now it’s certainly possible that Anthony Weiner was so beloved by people who even after his fall groups of people were willing to devote hundreds or thousands of hours to defend him and go after those who were responsible for his fall and it’s not impossible that Congressman Weiner was able to find new investors willing to sustain him and push a his candidacy for Mayor on the off in the hopes that he could overcome the previous embarrassment and scandal and get what would be considered a higher profile position than he held before his fall.

But that would seem unlikely. I’d say it’s much more likely you would need someone with a bad or unpopular cause that’s it’s difficult to find another person willing to go along or a group with such a large or critical investment in Mr. Weiner that it still worthwhile to devote the cash necessary to punish his foes and advance a second rise from the ashes in the hopes of recovering the situation over time.

I wonder who that might be?

I know that a lot of people are basking in the schadenfreude of Anthony Weiner being, well…being Anthony Weiner but there is a VITAL part of the story that is getting almost no play.

Weiner also allegedly promised the source a job at Politico

That is ringing alarm bells all over my head. That Anthony Weiner hasn’t lost interested in women is no surprise, that he contends he has job placement privileges at a news organization quoted daily on TV covering the political scene in DC IS

I called Politico for comment and got an answering machine so I’ve sent them the following e-mail with some questions concerning this.

Hello Olivia:

Allow me to introduce myself I am Peter Ingemi known as DaTechGuy host of DaTechGuy on DaRadio a syndicated radio talk show on the Money Matters Radio network in New England & writer of the nationally known DaTechGuy on DaRadio Blog.

I have several questions concerning the alleged statement from Anthony Weiner that he promised a young lady a job at Politico.

1. Has politico ever hired based on the request of the political figure? If so what figure and who was hired

( 1a. If “yes” has such hiring ever been at the request of a conservative political figure?
1b. If “yes” are any of said hired assigned to cover the people in question or the party of said people?)

2. Does politico have any kind of policy in place concerning hiring recommendation from the people you cover? If so what are they and if not are there any plans to create such a policy?

3. Does politico have any comment on the alleged statement that Mr. Weiner promised a politico position to a young lady in exchange for certain…considerations?

4. Does politico have an opinion on why Mr. Weiner would have the opinion that he could obtain such a position?

5. Has Anthony Weiner or his staff done any service or favor for politico so that he would believe they would owe him a favor or look favorably on such a favor if asked?

5. Does politico have a policy to insulate and separate their political staff from the people they cover on a social level?

6. Does politico have a policy concerning non work interactions between the people they cover and their reporting staff?

Thank you

Yeah I know in the e-mail I used #5 twice but I spotted that after the fact and wanted to post the exact e-mail that I sent.

I’ll let you know if they get back to me.

Update: Just got an e-mail from Oliva at Politico. the e-mail is as follows:

Thanks for reaching out. Included our story from earlier below—please see highlighted graphs.

Thanks, Olivia

The story is here, I include the “highlighted” bits from the e-mail below: this week posted a series of explicit exchanges that allegedly occurred between Weiner and an anonymous source, who is described as “a young female girl who wishes to remain Anonymous.” Posts on the site say she was 22 last summer when she and Weiner started a relationship that played out on Facebook and the social media site Formspring, as well as through phone and email conversations — he used the name “Carlos Danger” for his Yahoo account, the site said.

Their exchanges included phone sex and raunchy online messages, according to the site, which displays screenshots of some of the alleged conversations. The site says Weiner also offered to help the unnamed woman procure a blogging gig with POLITICO.

“Ok so a friend at [POLITICO] called me for ideas for a thing they are doing in swing states,” reads a screenshot of an alleged exchange between Weiner and the source, whose Facebook picture and name are blurred out.

“How can I help?” she responded.

“but do me a solid, can you hard delete all our chats here,” Weiner said before continuing, according to the post. After she agreed, he wrote, “great. So they are looking to create a panel of bloggers…can I give him your deets?”

“Absolutely!” she replied.

POLITICO Editor-In-Chief John F. Harris said he does not have any idea what Weiner is referring to, and no one he’s talked to at the organization does, either. Weiner was one of numerous congressmen invited to contribute to a now-defunct editorial feature for POLITICO called the Arena.

It occurs to me that while Mr. Harris’ statement answers some of my questions it doesn’t address them all so I replied to Olivia with the following e-mail:

Hi Olivia:

Thank you for prompt response and your link to the Politico piece. I have linked in and included the highlighted bits in my post per your e-mail.

While the statement in question answers two of my questions (3 & 4) and gives a possible answer to a 3rd it still leaves several of my questions unanswered. I shall repeat those unanswered question below:

1. Has politico ever hired based on the request of the political figure? If so what figure and who was hired

( 1a. If “yes” has such hiring ever been at the request of a conservative political figure?

1b. If “yes” are any of said hired assigned to cover the people in question or the party of said people?)

2. Does politico have any kind of policy in place concerning hiring recommendation from the people you cover? If so what are they and if not are there any plans to create such a policy?

5. Does politico have a policy to insulate and separate their political staff from the people they cover on a social level?

6. Does politico have a policy concerning non work interactions between the people they cover and their reporting staff?

I shall be happy to include your answers in any update as soon as practicable as I’m covering a live event tonight .

My best

I’ve covering James O’Keefe in NH tonight but I’ll do my best to update promptly if I get another response before it’s over.


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Yesterday I warned Gun owners in five states about democrats and promises, to reinforce that message let me give you one more story:

Perhaps you might recall the President and his supporters assuring Sandy victims the week before the election that Red Tape would not be a problem:

In his final weekly address before the election, President Obama used the bully pulpit Saturday to project an image of an executive responding to a natural disaster, commanding government agencies “not to let red tape and bureaucracy get in the way of solving problems”

Well for all those promises well covered by the Mainstream media before the election. The people of NY State found the man in the White House, friends with their mayor and ally of their governor who they voted for overwhelmingly suddenly had different priorities just a few weeks later:

“We are the people – we are the middle class, and we are getting the finger,” said frustrated resident Scott McGrath, who personally spoke to President Obama and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo when they came to Staten Island to inspect storm damage earlier this month. “You were there when I met Obama, and I told the president … that the middle class was getting the royal finger. And he said, ‘FEMA works for me.’”

Well of course that was several months ago, surly things are different by now particularly in NJ where governor Chris Christie toured with the president:

“I toured New Jersey on Wednesday with Governor Christie, and witnessed some of the terrible devastation firsthand. It’s heartbreaking. Families have lost loved ones. Entire communities have been wiped away,”

and gave his solemn word as president

“As President, I promise them this: Your country will be there for you for as long as it takes to recover and rebuild,”

surely now by April he has kept this promise:

“It seems like people who are responsible and have paid for coverage are the losers,” he said. “The storm was bad enough. The red tape is a joke.”

well I’m sure Chris, “Obama you’re so awesome” Christie being the fighter he is isn’t putting up with this, right?

The state has since washed its hands of any attempt to run interference with the federally regulated program, state Banking and Insurance Department spokesman Marshall McKnight said. Any complaints the state receives regarding flood insurance now are referred to a hotline FEMA set up after the governor’s criticism, 1-800-427-4661.

Remember this story is from November or December, it’s from April 2013 this week.

New Jersey was foolish enough to believe the promises of Obama and the democrats, Governor Christie was foolish enough to believe the promises of Obama and the Democrats.

If you live in a Red State and you have a democrat running for Senate, it’s up to you to decide if you will too.

Good luck.

Scotty: There’s an old, old saying on earth, Mr. Sulu: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

Chekov: I know this saying. It was invented in Russia.

Star Trek: Friday’s Child 1967

I keep hearing on Morning Joe how Andrew Cuomo is making NY more business friendly. I’m having trouble reconciling that with this story out of NY:

The $2 billion income tax increase isn’t due to expire until 2014, but that’s an election year. The proposal being considered in closed-door talks was first revealed last week by The Associated Press citing officials close to the talks who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to divulge the effort.

Hold on a minute. A $2,000,000,000 income tax increase? That can’t be so. This is the state of Andrew Cuomo, the model of making NY business friendly, famed Conservative Joe Scarborough said so. He certainly doesn’t have his fingerprints on this …

On Sunday night, Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos said extending the income tax on millionaires is Cuomo’s idea.

…ok maybe he DOES but apparently I’m looking at this the wrong way. this isn’t really a tax increase, it’s a TAX CUT.

Cuomo then passed a supposedly temporary tax on high-earning New Yorkers that was due to end next year, but now, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reported Thursday, that’s not going to happen.

“There will be an extension of the surcharge set to expire next year,” Cuomo said Thursday.

And when asked at if that wasn’t hypocritical, given his prior no-new-taxes positions, Cuomo tried to paint the tax hike as a tax cut, since the budget also provides the middle class with a $350 child tax rebate.

“Some taxes go up, yes, and others go down and the net is they go down. That’s why it’s a tax cut,” Cuomo said.

Let me get this straight, if I have a supermarket and I raise the price on meat if I drop the price on cookies I can call the prince increase on meat a price drop because cookies cost less? Are New Yorkers really falling for this?

I’m going to give the last word to Chris Christie who said this about democrats and tax increases last year on the campaign trail:

“35 years ago we didn’t have an income tax in NJ no income tax like right here in NH, we had no income tax and Governor Brendon Byrne, a democrat said: If you just give me a small income tax, a little one, I will lower your property taxes, we had the highest property taxes in America back in 1977 so 35 years later, what have we got? We’ve STILL got the highest property taxes in America and the income tax that started at 2% under governor Byrne is now 9%”

Anyone who believes or says he believes a temporary tax hike proposed by a democrat is actually temporary is either a fool or a con man.

Hey lets elect this Cuomo guy president!

Update: Of course you have a much better chance of lower taxes if you are bringing a certain television show that they governor likes.


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…considering what’s going on now in NY

Burglars broke into the house in New City, New York, on Wednesday and pried open two safes, before leaving with another one.

The criminals escaped with two handguns, two pistol permits, cash, savings bonds and jewelry. The firearms were in the stolen safe.

(HT Gateway Pundit) Newsday has more

The head of the White Plains Police Benevolent Association, Robert Riley, has been one of the fiercest critics of the Journal News map, saying it puts the lives of police and ordinary residents in potential danger.

“The Journal News printed a virtual treasure map for criminals,” Riley said Monday. “It lets the bad guys know who is vulnerable, due to not having a gun permit, and where to go if they wanted a gun.”

Well I think lawsuit talk is premature nor would I be all that worried after all didn’t NY just pass a sweeping new set of gun laws. I’m sure the burglars seeing this will swiftly see the error of their ways

And if not apparently gunowners in NY have options

One ad says in classic Western script: “WANTED: Law abiding New York gun owners seeking lower taxes and greater opportunities.” Clicking on the ad leads to a Facebook page touting the virtues of Texas, including the fact that the state has no income tax so “you’ll be able to keep more of what you earn and use that extra money to buy more ammo.”

After the last census Texas went from 34 to 38 electoral votes and NY dropped from 31-29. After a decade of this nonsense it will be interesting to see what the numbers are come 2022.

Remember those two seats NY lost in redistricting, maybe this has something to do with it:

“If 41% of New York babies are aborted, with the percentage even higher in the Bronx and among our African-American babies in the world, it is downright chilling,” New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan said.

Broken down by race for 2009:

Specifically non-Hispanic Black’s have a 59.8% abortion rate.

Hispanics have a 41.3% abortion rate.

Asians have a 22.7% abortion rate.

And non-Hispanic Whites have a 20.4% abortion rate.

As I’ve said before, voting the dead is a time-honored tradition among democrats, but you can’t vote the dead if they are never born.

The article had this sentence that will simply make people like Jill Stanek and Casey Fiano’s head spin:

Planned Parenthood is also not happy about the numbers

The answer to that extraordinary sentence has two components: The first is a male bovine and the second can be represented by the answer to the equation 7 minus 5.