By John Ruberry

Until the latest leftist outrage—the need to eliminate Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)–the gripe about President Donald J. Trump was that he is the leader of a cult.

It all started when outgoing US Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) said that his party was in a “cult-like situation” over Trump.

The left-wing media pounced on the remark and ran with it.

Not surprisingly there is a personality cult in American politics and of course it involves the left, which invented what Nikita Khrushchev condemned as “the cult of personality” that surrounded Joseph Stalin, and it’s centered on Barack Obama.

The sheep in Orwell’s 1984 chanted “All animals are equal” and the Obama minions chanted “Yes we can.”

Especially during the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama followers would speak of an Obama-way-to-do-this and ask “What does Obama think about that?” The Obama campaign “O” symbol served as a 21st-century version of the Soviet hammer-and-sickle. The mainstream media was along for the ride. The best example was the “God of All Things” cover on Newsweak. oops, make that Newsweek.

The Is Barack Obama the Messiah? blog did a stupendous job collecting worshipful images from the Obama cult.

But like most demagogues, Obama stunted the next generation of leadership. So the Obama cult continues. Although he hasn’t really gone away, Democrats are clamoring for Obama’s return, in a sort-of leftist version of Joseph Campbell’s hero journey, which will end, Beowulf-like, when Obama slays the orange-haired dragon–the Russian usurper!–and completes the work of his presidency by eliminating private-sector health care, instituting an open borders policy, and of course shutting down Fox News.

As for “the Trump cult,” many backers of the president were furious with him–including myself–when Trump signed into law the fiscal 2019 budget. And if Trump commutes the prison sentence of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, I’ll be angry with him over that.

There is no Trump cult.

UPDATE 7/19/18: Oops. I meant to write Orwell’s Animal Farm up above, not 1984. My mind was on my upcoming vacation when I wrote this post!

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Back in February I was standing in line to enter a blogger event in DC when I struck up a conversation with the fellow next to me. The line was held up for quite a while and we spoke at length.

His name was Larry Sinclair I was rather surprised to hear him claim to be a former lover of the president as we waited he talked of his encounters with Obama during his Chicago years and his subsequent treatment by the press and the president’s security over his claims.

I took it in, asked a question or two and filed it away with all the other odd tidbits that you hear when you do this kind of thing. I never bothered to write about it since:

1..I wasn’t in a position to verify it

2..Didn’t plan to follow it up

3..and frankly the topic really didn’t interest me.

But when I saw this week’s Newsweek cover the first thing I wondered was how Mr. Sinclair would react on his site:

Newsweek has published the above cover on its next issue proudly declaring Barack Obama as “The First Gay President.” Problem with openly gay, British writer Andrew Sullivan’s article is, he’s 3 years late as Sinclair News declared Barack Obama America’s “First Gay President” more than 3 years ago

Mr. Sinclar goes on to say he expect Mr. Obama to actually “come out” after this election.

My thoughts on Mr. Sinclar’s claims is they are just that, claims. Without overwhelming evidence to the contrary I’m not inclined to buy it, and even if true it’s totally irrelevant. The president could be a 4th degree Knight of Columbus with seventeen kids all brought up Catholic and it wouldn’t change the fact that he is pretty much an inexperienced machine pol from the Corrupt Chicago machine who has governed for three years with all the results you might expect from an inexperienced Chicago Machine pol.

I’ve further argued that any day when we are not talking about the record of this president, the economy, gas prices and unemployment is a good day for the White House.

But the bottom line is thanks to that Newsweek cover there is going to be a fair amount of people who will google “Obama is Gay” or “Is Obama gay” and they will find Mr. Sinclair’s site and other posts elsewhere with even more interesting claims. I doubt it will become the topic du jur in the media or make a splash on the web but it will be something filed in the back of people’s minds.

and that can’t be good news for the Obama campaign come November.