Greenland? Why Not?

There is much ado about President Trump offering to purchase Greenland, and the Danish government politely turning it down. Was it stupid to make the offer in the first place? It's not the first time the U.S. has offered to buy Greenland, which captured the interest of William Seward in 1867 and President Truman in … Continue reading Greenland? Why Not?

The unused tools in the military

Over 10 years ago, I was the electrical officer aboard a submarine. One of my Sailors was a massive slacker. Every time he was on duty, I would catch him gaffing off his maintenance responsibilities. Every collateral duty I assigned him was done poorly, and almost always required another Sailor to ensure completion. Luckily for … Continue reading The unused tools in the military

Is Thankfulness too much to ask for?

Normally Thanksgiving is about getting together and enjoying each others company. In my case, with no nearby family, I tend to host Sailors at my house who can't travel home to be with family. They come from a variety of backgrounds, so the conversations we have over the dinner table are always interesting. Despite the … Continue reading Is Thankfulness too much to ask for?

Please talk to your Veteran today

So it's Veteran's Day, a chance to have a Federal Holiday, get a free meal from local restaurant, and then go about my day. Sadly, that's how I spend most Veteran's Days. What I should be doing is talking to more people about what it means to be a Veteran, and try to dispel the … Continue reading Please talk to your Veteran today

Throwing out the rules

Nuclear power is a pretty dangerous thing. Even if you can't see radiation, acute radiation poisoning can kill you very quickly. The nuclear Navy that I grew up in had a whole set of rules that safeguarded you from radiation poisoning and contamination. Not all of them made sense the first time you heard them, … Continue reading Throwing out the rules

Locality trumps online

Today was Scouting for Food, where the local scouts pass out plastic bags to be gathered the next week, hopefully filled with food donations to help feed the hungry. Instead of spending my morning catching up on the latest news on my phone, I spent most of the morning putting miles on the pavement with … Continue reading Locality trumps online

Drop the norms and punch back in cyber

Imagine walking to work in the morning. Someone walks up to you with their hand in their pocket and says "I have a gun, give me your money." You could debate whether the gun is real or not, but most likely you'd hand over your wallet, not willing to risk getting shot. Now let's say … Continue reading Drop the norms and punch back in cyber

It’s all about the local Pack

Well, the end is near: the Boy Scouts are soon accepting girls. I'm the Cubmaster for our local Pack, and unfortunately neither I nor my district executive was notified in advance (thanks for nothing BSA!). I'm still fielding questions from parents with little information to act on. What I do know is that I wasn't … Continue reading It’s all about the local Pack

Don’t impose on me bro!

Everyone is imposing on everyone. You'd think that reading the headlines. Today's latest is Jeff Sessions imposing religious beliefs on people: “Freedom of religion is one of our nation’s most fundamental values, which is why it is already strongly protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution,” Isaacs said. “But the freedom of religion does … Continue reading Don’t impose on me bro!

Real Sailors and real news about Puerto Rico

America never deserved Puerto Rico Nearly Half of Americans Don’t Know Puerto Ricans Are Fellow Citizens With headlines like these, who needs enemies? You'd think the continental US has hung Puerto Rico out to dry. Except...what's that in the background? It's the USS KEARSARGE, unloading supplies and Sailors onto Puerto Rico! And look over … Continue reading Real Sailors and real news about Puerto Rico

Because they aren’t like us

Yesterday one of my more inquisitive petty officers asked me why China backed off on its promise to cut all banking ties with North Korea. Specifically, he asked me why China would support a regime that murders and brutalizes its own people. "Easy," I told him. "They aren't Chinese, so China doesn't really care." I … Continue reading Because they aren’t like us

Are we building a conscript military?

The U.S. military is well known throughout the world for being the best trained military force on the planet. But recent events are eroding that, and it should cause worry for the average American. Event number one: Air Force 100% promotion rate to major. Normally officers go before a board to determine whether they will … Continue reading Are we building a conscript military?

All those VA “Benefits”

When I purchased my first home, I intended to use a VA loan. I thought that the VA loan was one of those awesome military benefits, but my realtor talked me out of it, saying it would take too long. I thought it was odd at the time, but I went ahead and pursued a … Continue reading All those VA “Benefits”

Building Tough Sailors

While the Fat Leonard scandal continues to rock the US Navy, and collisions put two US Navy destroyers out of the fight, the CNO asked his leaders to stand down their organizations for a day in what he called an operational pause. His basic message was that we're taking casualties in "routine" operations that we're … Continue reading Building Tough Sailors

The Bishop’s Junk Mail

More junk mail...this time, a letter from our Bishop asking for money in the annual Bishop's Appeal. During this last appeal, my high level of annoyance surprised me. I certainly don't mind donating money to the church, and I'm old enough to understand that the Catholic Church needs money to keep the lights on and … Continue reading The Bishop’s Junk Mail