All those VA “Benefits”

When I purchased my first home, I intended to use a VA loan. I thought that the VA loan was one of those awesome military benefits, but my realtor talked me out of it, saying it would take too long. I thought it was odd at the time, but I went ahead and pursued a … Continue reading All those VA “Benefits”

Building Tough Sailors

While the Fat Leonard scandal continues to rock the US Navy, and collisions put two US Navy destroyers out of the fight, the CNO asked his leaders to stand down their organizations for a day in what he called an operational pause. His basic message was that we're taking casualties in "routine" operations that we're … Continue reading Building Tough Sailors

The Bishop’s Junk Mail

More junk mail...this time, a letter from our Bishop asking for money in the annual Bishop's Appeal. During this last appeal, my high level of annoyance surprised me. I certainly don't mind donating money to the church, and I'm old enough to understand that the Catholic Church needs money to keep the lights on and … Continue reading The Bishop’s Junk Mail

Lacking in love

"They used to say that a child conceived in love has a greater chance of happiness. They don't say that anymore." -Vincent (Gattaca, 1997) This week in the commissary I passed a mother and daughter in the frozen seafood section. Her daughter was probably 9, and by her facial structure I guessed she had Down … Continue reading Lacking in love

Angry Vegans and Light Beer

The ad I'm now seeing off I-95 in Connecticut, found on this blog For anyone who has to travel on I-95 in the western portion of Connecticut, you know there is always traffic, and often it is at a standstill. Well placed ads on the side of the freeway make sense there, and I started … Continue reading Angry Vegans and Light Beer

You can keep your draft

No, not the NFL draft...that one where we take people and put them in the military.  Well, most people anyway... Dennis Laich seems to think bringing back the draft is a great idea, as he is quoted  saying so here in this Military Times article.  He argues that it will be cheaper (due to making … Continue reading You can keep your draft

Challenging the status quo: Trump’s Foreign Policy

President Trump swore into office six months ago, and his foreign policy has been interesting to watch, since he: Started with solid Secretarys of State and Defense Didn't have an immediate 9/11 event to respond to Has had a chance to travel and negotiate high level deals The past six months have shown he has … Continue reading Challenging the status quo: Trump’s Foreign Policy

How Millenials hurt themselves socially

So I'm a Millenial. Well, or a Xennial (or maybe an Oregon Trailer!) since I'm a bit older, or maybe something else. But in this crazy world, I can identify as a Millenial, so that should be good enough for you, and you'll just have to accept me as I am. I work with lots … Continue reading How Millenials hurt themselves socially

Just do

I don't fondly remember college. I was in engineering, and engineering is hard. During my summer indoc course, we had two "welcome" presentations. The first one was this long skit put on while the whole indoc class was present, and it was really bouncy and cheery, like somehow college was all about the social aspect, … Continue reading Just do

Stopping the leakers with mandatory service?

Millenials seem to leak like a cheap diaper. Manning, Winner, Snowden are only the latest in  a line of people that think it's OK to send whatever information they want to the press. I recently received a personal-for message (sometimes called a P4) expressing dismay at people who were leaking information about the investigation into … Continue reading Stopping the leakers with mandatory service?

We need another Carl Vinson

USS FITZGERALD after collision, as shown in Japanese media A forward deployed, global Navy is going to have problems. Ships are expensive, and occasionally they will go "bump" in the night, like the USS FITZGERALD did recently. While we can hold ship CO's responsible and fire them when they screw up (and we do), the … Continue reading We need another Carl Vinson

Child raising for the Millenial, part 2

If you missed it, read part one here. Your child is learning to act like an adult. So make them do so. When we lived in Hawaii, I quickly became addicted to Japanese Ramen. Not the crappy 15 cent stuff you ate in college because you were poor (I cooked mine in a coffee pot, … Continue reading Child raising for the Millenial, part 2

Child raising for the millenial

This is a real thing...Check out Shirts By Sarah I am a child raising badass. Seriously, I must be. Anytime I take my kids out in public, I get the "How do you manage it?" question. Typically this comes from some young Millenial couple that is deathly afraid of having children. Society tells them that … Continue reading Child raising for the millenial

Nope, not classified

President Trump told Philippine President Duterte that there were two nuclear submarines ready to respond to North Korea...and you would have thought the world ended on social media. After making the mistake of engaging on this subject on Facebook, I figured I'd break it down here for everyone. NO, the presence of nuclear submarines near … Continue reading Nope, not classified

The fake split in the Catholic Church

I'm not old enough to remember Vatican II.  As I grew up, I sometimes heard people talk about a "Latin Mass," but I never attended one until well after I graduated college.  That's when I started teaching Catechism at our local church, and in order to make sure I could answer 9th grader questions, I … Continue reading The fake split in the Catholic Church