One Letter Separates a “Historic First” and “Too Extreme”

Just saw the latest "Too Extreme" ad against Marilinda Garcia running for NH-2 via the DCCC. Just want to point out that if she wins Marilinda Garcia would be the first Hispanic Woman to win a congressional seat from the New England. Given that the Democrats practically own New England and tend to win the … Continue reading One Letter Separates a “Historic First” and “Too Extreme”

…and the invisible incumbent in NH-2

Sir Humphrey Appleby:  So we trust you, to insure that your minister does nothing incisive or divisive over the next few weeks Sir Arnold Robinson Avoids anything controversial. Sir Humphrey Appleby Expresses no firm opinion about anything at all! Is that quite clear? Bernard Woolley: Yes well I think that's probably what he was planning … Continue reading …and the invisible incumbent in NH-2

The Superpac War on Marilinda Garcia…

If Marilinda Garcia was a liberal Democrat a week would not go by when she was not on a MSM show, because she is not you are asking: “Who is Marilinda Garcia”. DaTechGuy March 9th 2014   Herod the Great:Guilty in the womb, Guilty in the stars, I'll bring down those stars and snuff them … Continue reading The Superpac War on Marilinda Garcia…

The Missing Marilinda Garcia

At CPAC 2014 just before the Sarah Palin keynote and the announcement of the straw poll winner there was a panel on women and the GOP. The ladies on that panel are accomplished women who discussed the women's vote and how it has played out both tactically and practically in the last election. Of the … Continue reading The Missing Marilinda Garcia

Voices of the candidates Dennis Lamare R NH candidate for congress

I interviewed Dennis Lamare at the Nashua Republican City Committee event on 4-28-12 He also spoke to the audience earlier that evening. His web site is here