Mr. Trump Hundreds of people were waiting in line to see you today and another 120 were waiting without tickets, I interviewed a bunch of them they were democrats crossing over and such. What are they seeing that the GOP establishment and some of the people in this room might not be seeing?

DaTechGuy question to Donald Trump Aug 19th 2015

I read, with some amusement, this piece at Twitchy where Norman Orenstein takes CNN to task for Covering the Trump Rally in PA in full . And in one respect he Eric Boehlert and David Rothkopf have a point.

Obama rallies, GW Bush rallies, Bill Clinton appearances for candidates were never covered in the same way as Trump’s appearances were.

This is true but it’s also true that most of such speeches were boring affairs with small numbers of people who were told to be there. I’ll never forget covering Bill Clinton in Worcester at a Martha Coakley rally, It was one of the first times I covered an event and I was standing next to a Union boss and speaking to him. He was scanning the small crowd to make sure his stewards and members showed up or else they might not be in line for work down the pike.

Donald Trump doesn’t have this problem.

From the first rally I covered people were dying to get in to the point where there were lines to wait for the chance to get tickets. To Worcester where the lines were around the block Donald Trump has done something that has been extraordinary, he has in the television/internet/streaming era drawn tens of thousands of people to political events who would otherwise never bother to attend.

There is a word for a spectacle of that nature: Newsworthy in fact more newsworthy than political events by other presidents canned events, and that’s not even taking into account President Trump’s nature to go off script. Bottom line is Donald Trump’s public appearances are simply more newsworthy.

Of course I suspect CNN’s coverage has less to do with being newsworthy than being a ratings magnet but that’s not the real objection they have.

What they object to are Donald Trump’s words being presented unfiltered to the public that is willing to listen.

In the old days the press decided what people saw and heard from such events (for example we still haven’t seen the Khalidi tape) and thus were able to create the narrative they wished unchallenged.

However that power of the gatekeeper doesn’t work when you are broadcasting an event live, particularly an event that attracts viewers who would normally not be paying attention.

Every time Donald Trump is shown live and he makes his case directly to the American people he undercuts the Democrat/Media’s portrayal of him as a dangerous incompetent fool and shows their message for the lie that it is.

In other words Donald Trump is EFFECTIVE and Mr. Orenstein, Mr. Boehlert and Mr. Rothkopf simply can’t abide an effective voice supporting a GOP candidate let loose in a critical election to a national audience when the media has chosen sides.

Unfortunately for them, in the end CNN is a bottom line business and the Network just isn’t going to turn down the huge ratings from a Trump speech particularly when they don’t have any shows in the top 20 to fall back on to help their numbers for the month. Nor are they going to devote 3 hours to a Lamb event which has absolutely no rating draw and while I’m sure there are Hollywood heavyweights who would consider showing up for him, I suspect while that might help in the CNN ratings department they might hurt in the “votes to get elected department”.

Until the left convinces Oprah to run, those are simply the facts of life that the media will have to live with.

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