Rush Limbaugh talked about NY Values and absolutely nailed it.

When the MSM is championing your values that’s a problem.

Remember that even if there are 1,000,000 conservatives in NYC they are outnumbered by 7.5 Million who aren’t

Again if I’m Ted Cruz I’m pressing each candidate to say if they want NY Values, NY Laws and NY Culture in their state.

This is going to be a gift that will keep giving for the rest of the primary

There are a lot of people beating their breasts over Ted Cruz use of NY Values spinning it to pretend it means something other than ultra liberalism to those people I have a question.

If New York is not Ultra Liberal why did Ultra Liberal Hillary Clinton choose that state to run for the Senate in vs say Kentucky or Montana or Indiana?

Take your time.


I think Ted set a trap for Donald Trump and he walked right into it and while he won the sound bite it’s going to cost him in a lot of primaries down the road.


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