Of Impeachments and Lawsuits – A Cynic’s Look

July 12th, 2014 | Comments Off

Imagine Election 2014 sans Obamacare

June 21st, 2014 | 1 Comment

Obamacare Success? What do you mean success?

May 29th, 2014 | Comments Off

What the IRS Obamacare ruling means

May 27th, 2014 | 5 Comments

The end of Obama-ism

May 18th, 2014 | Comments Off

Unlike Obama, two world leaders take responsibility for failure

April 27th, 2014 | Comments Off

DaTechGuy Double Dose WCRN 6-9 AM & The Money Matters Radio network Noon Till 2

April 11th, 2014 | Comments Off

The Sebelius Effect vs the Obamacare Effect

April 11th, 2014 | Comments Off

My replacement for Obamacare DaTechGuy Care

April 4th, 2014 | 6 Comments

An Update from NC Man On Obamacare Struggle

April 3rd, 2014 | 2 Comments

The Empty Seats on the Titanic

April 2nd, 2014 | 2 Comments

If Only Democrats had taken Ted Cruz’s Advice….

March 27th, 2014 | 2 Comments

MSNBC’s Audience: Mainstreaming Know Nothingism

March 25th, 2014 | 1 Comment

No Democrat Seat Should Be Safe on the Obamacare Train

March 24th, 2014 | 3 Comments

You People

March 18th, 2014 | 2 Comments

Field Guide to CPAC 2014 Shona Holmes

March 17th, 2014 | Comments Off

#Obamacare Coverage: “Play the game” (aka lie)

March 13th, 2014 | 5 Comments

The 16 Days of Palin at CPAC: Day Three Dr. Seuss

March 12th, 2014 | 2 Comments

Florida 13 & the Menorah in the Ballot Box

March 12th, 2014 | 2 Comments

The 16 Days of Palin at CPAC: Day Two the Entrance

March 11th, 2014 | 9 Comments

Peas in a Pod

March 10th, 2014 | 3 Comments

Procrustes In America

March 6th, 2014 | 1 Comment

Ukraine and Obamacare the Same Problem for the Administration

March 5th, 2014 | 3 Comments

Obamacare Political Survival: Plan Delay-Spin-Repeat

February 10th, 2014 | 2 Comments

Henriquez, IRS and Udall, it’s all one story

January 29th, 2014 | 2 Comments

The Missing Word in Jamie Stiehm’s Rant

January 9th, 2014 | 4 Comments

The Obamacare Jiza on the Catholic Church

January 8th, 2014 | 3 Comments

The Obama years as Python: El Mystico Care

December 29th, 2013 | 2 Comments

ObamaCare and the cost of being married

December 8th, 2013 | 14 Comments

It’s STILL a Trap (Obamacare Website edition)

December 4th, 2013 | 11 Comments

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