Chicago's Skyline
Chicago’s Skyline

By John Ruberry

Once the midterm elections are over another major political contest will begin–the Chicago mayoral race. Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s former chief-of-staff, is expected to run for reelection. His three years in office have been at best a mixed bag. Violent crime is Chicago’s biggest issue, it was during his term that the city gained the unfortunate nickname “Chiraq.” Rahm has done little to address Chicago’s pension crisis, a problem he inherited from his predecessor, Richard M. Daley, who was mayor for 22 years. The city’s streets are in terrible shape.

But Emanuel, perhaps because of his star-power, has been able to convince some companies to move their corporate headquarters to Chicago, most notably Archer Daniels Midland. But unemployment remains high in the city.

Two possible opponents for Rahm next year are Ald. Robert Fioretti and Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis. Fioretti, a friendly gentleman who I know a little bit, in my opinion won’t be able to gain much traction as a candidate. I can’t ascertain what he stands for.

CTU member at Occupy protest in 2012
CTU member at Occupy protest in 2012

That’s not the case with Lewis. Even if she wasn’t morbidly obese, she would come across as bombastic. Lewis’ political philosophy is anchored by far-left positions. She favors imposing a transaction tax on each trade made by members of Chicago’s financial exchanges. That was a position championed by the defunct Occupy movement; Lewis’ CTU endorsed the extreme-left group. A race-baiter, Lewis blames “rich white people” for Chicago’s awful schools and utilizes that smear to justify a commuter tax on suburbanites. Yes, the implementation of Chicago’s charter school system has been flawed, but Lewis opposes the use of taxpayer money to fund them. On the other hand, charters are very popular with Chicago parents.

Lewis is black and she has great name recognition, which partly explains why she edged out Emanuel in a recent poll about the 2015 race. I imagine that once Lewis’ ultra-liberal stances become known, her support will drop. Even Chicagoans can tolerate only so much left-wing hooey.

The voters of America’s third-largest city should be wary of the anti-Rahm Lewis. The only other big-city mayor that I can think of who was a labor leader was Detroit’s Coleman Young, who misruled the onetime Motor City from 1974-1993.

You know the rest of Detroit’s story.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson at an Occupy Chicago rally

By John Ruberry

In regards to police, I learned as a child one basic lesson: do what they say and obey the law. But during my childhood in the late 1960s is when the anti-cop movement began. Some of that bias is understandable, given the overt racism of such police leaders as Birmingham, Alabama’s “Bull” Connor. In 1968, Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley’s police clubbed and tear gassed anti-war protesters on live TV as the Democratic National Convention was being held a few miles away. The protesters disciples of Gandhi, they tossed rocks, boulders, and bags of feces mixed with urine at the cops.

The mayhem helped elect Richard M. Nixon president.

Polls  conducted after the DNC determined that most Americans favored Daley’s clampdown on the protesters, but Chicago’s Boss, a Democrat, was hated by the what was then called the New Left until his death in office eight years later.

But the New Left is now the Left and it makes up the bulk of the contemporary Democratic Party.

Details are still sketchy on the death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown earlier this month in Ferguson, Missouri. It appears he did not obey the law–it’s believed Brown stole $48 worth of cigars in a strongarm robbery and he may have rushed the police before a police officer fatally wounded him. Brown probably didn’t properly respond  to what the Ferguson cops told him to do.

The unworthy successors of Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement, leftist race hustlers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, utilize the police as a straw man enemy to obscure some painful facts. The great majority of blacks murdered are killed by other blacks. Most blacks are who are robbed are robbed by other blacks. The drug dealers in African-American neighborhoods are almost exclusively black.

F*ck the Police rally in Chicago, 2012
F*ck the Police rally in Chicago, 2012

So no one should be surprised that within just a few hours of Brown’s death, some Ferguson residents were chanting, “Kill the police!” As I write this post, Jackson and Sharpton are in Ferguson.

Two years ago I went undercover and walked in an Occupy Chicago-affiliated “F*ck the Police” rally.

America’s first black president, Barack Obama, betrayed his anti-police bias when, bereft of most of the facts, he declared that the police acted “stupidly” when a Massachusetts cop arrested a Harvard professor when it appeared he was breaking into a home five years ago, which turned out to be his own. Charges were dropped against Gates, and the  justifiable backlash led Obama to call his bias-slip “a teachable moment.”

Police officers put their lives on the line every day they arrive at work.

John "Lee" Ruberry
John “Lee” Ruberry

Forty-one years earlier, Obama’s friend and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers was arrested at one of the anti-war protests during the Democratic National Convention.

It’s the left-wing circle of life.

Yeah, I know there are a few bad police officers who abuse their power, as there are in all professions. But life is much easier when you listen to cops.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.