Summary:  Can the forgotten heroes of ages past gain their rightful due?


Plot:  Peter Davison , Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy find themselves getting more and more concerned as the filming dates for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special comes ever closed ad they’re not called.    Their repeated calls to Stephen Moffat offices go unanswered and they are driving their families up the wall.  Finally with time running short they decide along  to act with Paul McGann (schedule permitting) to do something about it as Tom Baker is caught in a time eddy.  But if they can’t get Stephen Moffat  to change his minds can they someone sneak onto the set and get themselves in the episode without getting caught and thrown off the set?


Writing:  Peter Davison story is simply fantastic poking fun at all the idioms of both Doctor Who and the fleeting attention of fame.  The genius of the story is that while Doctor Who fans   a person who has never seen the show can easily understand the plot and the comedy.  It both respects and lampoons all the people involved.   The perspective of dealing with the fans on a daily basis really make a huge difference


Acting:   Davison Baker and McCoy all pull it off brilliantly McGann in a smaller role work very well.  John Barrowman who was also disappointed in not making the 50th has a great atypical part.  The number of cameos from not only those involved in the show but the  great and famous from Olivia Colman to Peter Jackson are all excellent but my favorites are the families particular  Colin Baker wife who is just hilarious.  Russell T Davies & Steven Moffat

Anniversary:  Do I really have to say it?


Great Moments:  The Dream sequence, playing with toys,  don’t tell anyone, celery and ice cream, I’ve locked all the doors,  Autographs That’s the making of Documentary,  Russell’s call.


Oddities:    If you look at the Shroud Scene in this picture and in the actual special they sure look alike, (and one of the shrouded Zygons in the actual special is suspiciously short.)


Pet Peeves:   Why are John Barrowman CD’s legal tender to get into the Doctor Who Experience?


Great Quote(s)

Jenna Louise Colman:  You were always my mon’s favorite…pause, camera moves forward then back to her  You were always my favorite


Janet Fielding: Your dreaming Pete, they’re not going to call you Pete, They don’t want you Pete, they don’t want any of you Pete, Get up and walk the dog.

Colin Baker: Oh you’re in the hobbit I didn’t know

Peter Davison: this is not some flash in the pan 500 million dollars picture, this is important!


Final Verdict:  Five Stars and easily of the 4 50th anniversary specials including the big finish , the Night of the Doctor and the Day of the Doctor the best of the batch.  Simply

If we were to rank this in the Doctor who specials of the Matt smith Era, it would be first.

We really can’t rank this as a Doctor Who episode but If we were to rank this in the Doctor Who episodes of the Matt Smith Era it would be 1st.  If I did rank it as an episode in the Matt Smith era it would be just behind Let’s Kill Hitler at 3rd.

Oh just watch it now

My review of Steven Moffat’s surprise Doctor Who episode with Paul McGann

Summary: The prospect of his death won’t make the Doctor fight the Time war but what about someone else’s?

Plot:   A young gunnery officer send out a distress signal as she is crashing, the ship indicates she needs a doctor and to her surprise the 8th doctor appears. On hearing she saved all the others on the ship he invites her aboard leading her to the back of the ship to the TARDIS. When she realizes the Doctor is a Time Lord she closes the door refusing to go with him. His protests that he has nothing to do with the time war do not move her as she compares them unfavorably to the Daleks. Will the Doctor be able to save her or will her ship continue to plunge toward the planet Karn and what will the sisterhood have in store with them?

Writing:   Stephen Moffat has created a gem, he brings out the best of the 8th Doctor while illustrating just how far the time lords have fallen. It’s one of the tightest written pieces he has ever done.

Acting:   Paul McGann soars in only his second television appearance. reminding all what they are missing if they haven’t been getting the big finish episodes. Emma Campbell-Jones is completely believable as Cass and Clare Higgins as great as you might expect from an award winning actress.

Memorable Moments: everyone else was screaming, Who can tel the difference, bring me knitting, the Big Finish Companions become Canon

Oddities:  The suggestion is that regeneration almost totally random but Romana was able to shop bodies at will.

Pet Peeves:  Why couldn’t the doctor simply open the TARDIS door and dive in or materialize the TARDIS around the ship?

Great Quote(s):

8th Doctor:Well look at the bright side at least I’m not a Dalek

Cass:Who can tell the difference anymore?


Ohila:We restored you to life but it’s a temporary measure, you have a little under four minutes.
8th Doctor:4 minutes? That’s ages. What if I get board or need a Television or a couple of books. Anyone for Chess? Bring me Knitting!

8th Doctor:You’re the sisterhood of Karn. Keepers of the flame of utter boredom
Ohila:Eternal life.
8th Doctor:That’s the one.

Final Verdict: 5 Stars you don’t get much better than this.

It would be unfair to rank this with the Matt Smith episodes because Moffat didn’t have to stretch it to a full episode but if I was to rank it, for the season, it would be 2nd in the season and 3rd overall in the Matt Smith era.

1. The Bells of St. John
2. The Crimson Horror
3. The Power of three
4. The Name of the Doctor
5. The Snowmen
6. Nightmare in Silver
7. The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe
8. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
9. Journey to the Centre of the Tardis
10. Cold War
11. A Town Called Mercy
12. Asylum of the Daleks
13. The Rings of Akhaten
14. Hide
15. The Angels Take Manhattan

Ranking in Matt Smith Era to this point (top 10 shown)

1. The Bells of St. John
2. Let’s Kill Hitler
3. The Girl who waited
4. The Doctor’s Wife
5. The Pandorica Opens
6. A Good Man Goes to War
7. The Eleventh Hour
8. The Big Bang
9. The Crimson Horror
10. The Lodger

While the rest of the net focuses on the President’s lame attempt to be king by changing law by fiat (unconstitutional) and shift blame for his failures to the Insurance industry (unscrupulous) or the attempts of pro abortion groups to use feminists as suckers (uncomplicated) at DaTechGuy Blog we want to focus on what really matters: How the Doctor Who Mini Episode was received?

We’ve already established it made my day as for everyone else, the reactions were fast and furious but Entertainment Weekly really nailed the priorities of Dr. Who fans concerning this:

Are you a fan of Doctor Who? Then you need to stop what you’re doing  — be it driving a car, flying a plane, or talking about how you didn’t sexually harass a member of your mayoral staff — and watch the just-released video below, which contains a big surprise and sets up the forthcoming 50th anniversary special show, which debuts November 23.

Sydney Morning Herald:

The internet exploded overnight with the release of an epic Doctor Who mini-episode that revealed key details about the character’s past and saw the return of a beloved actor.

The Metro found 10 amazing things:

Love the frock coat, love the waistcoat, love the necktie (neckties are cool) and the S-belt too. The shirt bears a slight resemblance to Patrick Troughton’s scruffy attire and is plain filthy – but then there is a war going on. The eighth Doctor is a long way off from the immaculate Edwardian gentleman from Doctor Who: The Movie – and that’s no bad thing.

And check out the screwdriver too, like Pertwee’s and a lot like Tom Baker’s. When will it be in the shops?

That’s actually the image from the last Dr. Who audio mini series

Den of Geek:

McGann nails it, basically, and the fact that he never got a full series seems even more of a shame.

More please, will go the cry, though realistically it’s unlikely to happen. Screw realism though. Love Big Finish as we do, there’s just something about seeing him on television that is indescribably exciting.


yes, what appears to be a major revelation about the nature of John Hurt’s character in Day of the Doctor can be found below. Check it out at your own risk, although this is apparently the way the BBC and Stephen Moffat have elected to reveal.

The Mirror:

There’s one surprise that nothing can beat. The Eighth Doctor’s glorious reappearance. Having previously only appeared in 1996’s TV Movie, it seemed that Paul McGann’s Doctor would be forever consigned to DVD replays when the series was revived without him in 2005. But here he is… And what an entrance. Moffat didn’t just pick up from the movie, he couldn’t. In a short amount of time he gave us an Eighth Doctor with history.

Older of face, shorter of hair and far more practical of togs, the dashing Time Lord was back with a tonne of baggage. The main revelation amongst the jaw-dropping surprise? The Doctor became involved in the Great Time War at a fairly late stage. It’s amazing he managed to dodge the Time Lords for so long, but it means that he gets the best of both worlds. Here the Eighth Doctor gets to be the dashing hero, sharp-tongued wit as well as catalyst for the 50th Special all in one go.

The Atlantic Wire:

One other interesting element of “The Night of the Doctor” is that it seems to canonize a major part of the show’s fan-built universe. Doctor Who, like other big, geeky properties such as Star Wars, has a very large expanded world via both official and unlicensed comics, novels, and audio plays. Much of this added content formed in the years the show was off the air between 1989 and 2005 (not counting McGann’s movie). In “The Night of the Doctor,” the Doctor mentions the names of companions from the Big Finish audio stories. So, it would seem that Big Finish’s work—created by a third party, not the BBC—is now fair game for the TV series. Fans should be geeked at the possibilities afforded to the show by access to these worlds. They should also be geeked about the fact that for its most momentous episode ever, Doctor Who might just be as cunning and inventive as its protagonist.

As a big finish fan that’s huge for me.

The Telegraph:

McGann’s reprisal of the role follows Colin Baker statement that he, Sylvester McCoy and McGann were not “deemed worthy of inclusion” in the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

a bit if misdirection there but not a lie.

Buzzfeed quotes the biggest misdirection of all:

So he wasn’t technically lying when he said this.


I was a bit dismayed, a bit gutted, but [the older Doctors] are not in it. There are all kinds of rumours doing the rounds. One gets tired of trying to refute things on Twitter and the like, but – take it from me – I’m not in it.


There are more clues to both the 50th anniversary episode and the larger Doctor Who mythology hidden within the episode — note how the Time Lords are perceived, and how scared Cass is of the Doctor — but for now, consider the episode an unexpected early birthday present from the BBC to the Doctor. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see more such things between now and the November 23 global simulcast of “The Day of the Doctor.”

While there were some who saw an agenda everyone as a rule loved what was on the screen we have to head back to the Den of Geek for the best observation of the day:

The Eighth Doctor’s decision in The Night of the Doctor fits cleverly with the events of his Big Finish arc (and that seems to be the one that Moffat has settled on, which makes sense over the comics and the books because Big Finish’s Eighth Doctor series is ongoing). Indeed, I know a fair few people who are going to be crying over this, because it is really tragic. You can still see traces of ‘These shoes! They fit perfectly!’ in McGann’s performance. If you don’t know the Eighth Doctor backstory, I’d imagine it’s still a moving scene.

Remember that voice of the Daleks Nick Briggs is the boss at Big Finish I’m wondering in the back of my head if Briggs made sure the direction of the character headed where Moffat wanted it to go.
Anyways it’s an episode worth watching over and over and if you still haven’t seen it, here it is again:

After all you can’t have too much of a quality product.

Q: When will all those who screamed bloody murder at the firing of US attorneys under GWB make a fuss about this ruling?

And remember this is not the firing of US Attorneys that the White House has the right to fire at will. This is the firing of an inspector general who looks within.

At the very least Paul McGann will guest star with Matt Smith before that ever happens. With the 50th anniversary only a few years away that is actually not unlikely at all.

Since Rich has finished his last story and hasn’t started his next story yet and we need a change of pace to get my mind off of all of the stupid stuff we’ve had to deal with today.

So lets have a fun poll that has (almost) nothing political about it:

The Ron Paul thing BTW is a running gag and the only thing from Charles worth emulating these days