Nick Foles: The Preacher Man

It's a good thing that Nick Foles' Christian faith doesn't prevent him from playing football on a Sunday, particularly last Sunday. The MVP and Super Bowl champion has never shied away from his belief in God. His Twitter bio reads: "Believer in Jesus Christ, husband, father, son, brother." More than a few sports reporters cringed … Continue reading Nick Foles: The Preacher Man

The Super Bowl and Elites

Like almost everything, the Super Bowl has become as much a political event as a game. DaTimes’ Frank Bruni, one of the most leftist columnists at the newspaper, has written an incredibly obnoxious analysis of The Big Game. The headline itself is a neck-snapper: “The Existential Hell of This Year’s Super Bowl.” “Football, like Trumpism, … Continue reading The Super Bowl and Elites