History Repeating in Africa?

by baldilocks China in Africa. Chinese corporations are all over Africa.  In June 2017 a McKinsey & Company report estimated that there are more than 10,000 Chinese-owned firms operating in Africa. What are Chinese corporations doing in Africa? That's a highly controversial issue. The reason Chinese corporations are in Africa is simple; to exploit the people and take their … Continue reading History Repeating in Africa?

Halfrican Keeps it Real About Why 3rd World Immigrants Come to America

by baldilocks When the students of the Mboya Airlift were hand-picked to come to America, it was for a specific purpose: to educate demonstrably gifted Kenyan and Tanzanian students in the Western tradition and to send them home to be the leaders and information venders of their countries—preparation for independence from the European colonial powers. … Continue reading Halfrican Keeps it Real About Why 3rd World Immigrants Come to America

Global Pandemic: Crazy Elections

by baldilocks It looks like our country isn’t the only one which is experiencing election insanity. From Philip Ochieng: An ideology is any systematic set of religious or political ideals. Ideally, then, every political party should be identifiable by distinct ideological thought. But, if so, what is the ideological difference between Kenya’s ruling and opposition … Continue reading Global Pandemic: Crazy Elections

Sojourn in Kenya: Acorn Meets Tree

by baldilocks Nairobi, Kenya 2/24/2016 12:00 AM: This post is mostly a stream of consciousness and mostly an excuse to post a few photos. The bulk of the really good photos will be posted on Saturday, for reasons specified below. I arrived here on Monday at 8:00 PM, Kenya time, and slept great that night … Continue reading Sojourn in Kenya: Acorn Meets Tree

Destination: Kenya (UPDATED)

by baldilocks UPDATE: The trip dates have been changed to 21-29 February. ORIGINAL: In less than two weeks—February 14th--I’ll be going to Kenya for the first time, courtesy of an old blog fan-friend who prefers to remain anonymous for now. As I said here, it’s a dream come true. To give you some background on … Continue reading Destination: Kenya (UPDATED)