At Pintastic NE 2016 There were some big names in Pinball one of them is Jersey Jack of Jersey Jack Pinball

That’s Dr. Rick Lewis of the silverball Pinball Museum with him.

This is his Wizard of Oz game in play

and here are the guts

The Charity Project Pinball that places machines in children’s hospital around the nation returned

And there were plenty of individual players like Howie

and Mike

But it wasn’t just individual players, there was also associations like the Southern New Hampshire Pinball Club.

If I had a few extra bucks and more time I’d have joined on the spot

And there were plenty of parents and children there which is why Maggie the Clown, Lee Lee and Jane were there

But in end the real stars are the volunteers and organizers who brought plenty of their own machines for people to play for hours on end at their own expense, helped keep them running and full of credits for all three days and then after many days that ended at 3 AM had to get up early on Sunday to pack up their machines to take home.

So give a bow to Gabe who goes through so much for all of us to have a great time.

At Pintastic NE 2016 there were plenty of vendors with all kinds of products for your Pinball needs

Like Mezel Mods

And The Boston Pinball Company

Goto Amusements

Some vendors were players who had developed solutions to pinball problems they ran into and turned them into business like Kahr Circuits

Others had grand ideas and returned from last year Pintastic in triumph like the Pinbox 3000 people

At lest one vendor was there not just to promote their business (Rock Fantasy) but to enjoy the games for himself.

I opened a comic store a year after him, if I had been more sucessful that might have been me with more hair.

And finally the bottomless pit of treasures showing that there is more to pintastic than pinball alone

If you are a pinball fan these are the type of people who will help keep you running and make your experience even better, and the Hobby is all the better for them being there for us.

I spent Friday and Saturday at Pintastic New England 2016 This weekend I attended Pintastic New England at the Sturbridge host hotel in Sturbridge on route 20 just a little ways from Old Sturbridge Village.

This years edition like last years had a plethora of games, vendors and fun for all who showed up.

I’ll be putting up interviews during the course of the week but for now feel free to check out these photos from Friday and Saturday and remember life is more that politics.