Following the money can be an intriguing political exercise. Take one Planned Parenthood affiliate’s political expenditures, for example. When a candidate benefits from PP expenditures and later has to vote on a PP contract, when does business-as-usual becomes a matter of ethical concern?

Darlene Pawlik wants to find out. She’s checking things out close to her New Hampshire home, and she has filed a complaint with the Executive Branch Ethics Committee against Governor Maggie Hassan and Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern. The complaint might be heard formally at the committee’s next meeting, scheduled for August 3.

Pawlik was prompted to act by a June 2016 “do-over” vote by the state’s Executive Council that sent “family planning” money to Planned Parenthood of Northern New England only months after the same Council turned down a similar PPNNE contract proposal. It’s unusual for a contract denied in a fiscal year to be re-introduced and approved in substantially the same terms later in the same fiscal year, but that’s what the Executive Council did with its 3-2 vote on June 29.

A bit of background: PPNNE is the region’s largest abortion provider, although the New Hampshire contracts are for “family planning” services and are not meant to be used for abortions. (Thereby hangs a tale for another day.)  The denial of the original contract hardly de-funded PPNNE, however much the denial gave PP supporters the vapors. PPNNE’s budget is $20 million a year. The original contract was for $638,000; the do-over contract was for a little less than that. By comparison, PPNNE spent $1.5 million on “public policy” in 2014. That doesn’t count campaign donations and independent campaign expenditures by PPNNE’s political arm.

Back to the do-over vote. The more recent contract passed because executive councilor and GOP candidate for governor Chris Sununu switched his vote from 2015. PPNNE’s Action Fund stayed out of Sununu’s race in the 2014 election.  On the other hand, the campaigns of Governor Hassan and Councilor Van Ostern were the beneficiaries of PP donations. Hassan, a Democrat who is running for U.S. Senate, named a pro-PP commissioner of health and human services earlier this year who promised during his confirmation process that he would “bring back” the PP contract. Van Ostern was the chief cheerleader for PP on the Council during the recent reconsideration vote. He is a Democratic candidate for governor.

In her ethics complaint, Pawlik alleges that as recipients of PP donations, Hassan and Van Ostern should have recused themselves from any action on contracts with PPNNE. The governor has no vote on the Executive Council, but she presides at Council meetings and was more than happy in that capacity to speak in PP’s favor at the June meeting before the contract vote was taken.

It’s hardly news that political committees get involved in elections, and it’s hardly news that governments do business with entities associated with those committees.What’s news is that a concerned citizen is taking action to clarify how much back-scratching is too much. The same-fiscal-year reconsideration of a rejected contract begs for further scrutiny.

The New Hampshire Union Leader quoted PPNNE’s vice-president for public policy as saying “PPNNE and its Political Action Fund are ‘separate and distinct organizations with different funding, different activities and different tax status.’” Presto: no conflict of interest, says PP.

Look again, says Darlene Pawlik.

She is appealing to an Ethics Committee that is under most New Hampshire residents’ radar. The Committee itself has been moribund for several months, with its three most recent scheduled meetings cancelled. There’s a meeting scheduled for August 3, though, and we know now that at least one complaint should be getting a hearing.

Stay tuned.

Ellen Kolb writes about the life issues at When she's not writing, she's hiking in New Hampshire.
Ellen Kolb writes about the life issues at Leaven for the Loaf. When she’s not writing, she’s hiking in New Hampshire.

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Argument2by baldilocks

A lot of my friends on Facebook say that they are going to “stop talking about politics,” meaning they are going to stop talking about who to vote for and about what our betters have in store for us. Too much nastiness; too many hurt feelings, they say.

I must be getting old in the world of online opining—I’ve been blogging since 2003. Since that time, I’ve been called all manner of nasty things related to my race, religion, heritage, politics and whatnot. I’ve been called a whore for the white man and an African snob by black people. I’ve been called a Low Information Voter, an apologist for Islam(!) and a probable welfare queen by white people—the presumption was that I voted for the present POTUS. In 2008, I was even called “delusional” by an alleged conservative. My crime? Asserting that Barack Obama is a Marxist/socialist/progressive/communist. (Who’s the LIV now?)

As a result, insults pretty much roll off my back. In addition, I rather enjoy answering back like a civilized human while, sometimes slipping the verbal shiv in without the insulter knowing it…until they see their blood on the floor.

My point is that my skin may be thicker than that of some you who only recently began offering your opinions to the public and that, if you change your mind about discussing politics, you skin will grow thicker also.

My other point is that politics is life and vice versa. Here in America, politics deals with those to whom we give permission to run our lives—at least for now it does.

Now, you can abdicate talking about politics, but it will still be present, still there in the midst of what you call your personal life.

Don’t think so? I can cite many examples which affirm my assertion, but let’s go with the latest one: the 2016 Omnibus Bill. Look at the shizam that this thing funds.

  • Syrian Refugee Insertion
  • Klanned Planned Parenthood
  • Expansion of the H-2 Visa Program
  • Sanctuary Cities
  • Illegal Alien Resettlement

This is by no means a complete list. All of these issues affect the personal lives of American citizens and at least one is a moral issue. This bill is a legislated means of putting the government’s hands in the pockets of American citizens and taking away the few pennies left therein in order to screw over these same Americans. To refuse to engage on these topics is to agree to your own legal plundering…by Republicans, I might add.

Yes, when you argue about this stuff—politics—you will get push-back, often from those who have not thought scenarios through to their logical end points and/or who are fact-deficient. Or, perhaps, it’s you who has not thought scenarios through or are fact-deficient. This is what arguing does: exposes flaws in thinking and refines it, or at least it is supposed to do that. (That other thing which we called argument—composed primarily of insult—is, in fact, not argument. It’s poo-flinging. Modern terminology: trolling.)

I urge those interested in true argument to stay with the public discussion of ,politics–of life–in spite of the poo-flingers. I would even say that the abdication of reasonable men and women in political discussions is what has caused poo-flingers to flourish. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Keep talking as if your life depends on it, because, in fact it does. And don’t worry. At some point the time for talk will be over.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. (Her older blog is located here.) Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2012. Her second novel, tentatively titled, Arlen’s Harem, will be done in 2016. Follow her on Twitter.baldilocks

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Yesterday I varied my routine and instead of staying up till noon or 1 then going to bed for work, I hit the sack as soon as I got home from after work mass and got up at 3 pm in time to catch the drama of the Colorado shootings alternating from the coverage of the story and Ken Burns Baseball.

When my wife saw on facebook that there was an “active shooter” at a planned parenthood in Colorado Springs I sighed. Mortal Sin is not the way to answer mortal sin, murder is not the answer to murder and I would no more advocate the violent murder of an abortionist than I would have advocated a lynch mob stringing up Tsarnaev if he had been acquitted.

I do not hold it against people making the initial assumption that the shooting had something to do with Planned Parenthood any more than I would critique anyone initially assuming that an attack on a Jewish center involved Islamic or Palestinian terror.

As of this writing I’ve heard conflicting news reports concerning if the planned parenthood was targeted. For example:

12:54 p.m.:

At least three officers are injured, as well as multiple others. There are no estimates of the number injured or whether there are fatalities.

The shooter is “contained,” according to Lt. Kirk Wilson, a Colorado Springs police spokesman. Officers are working to “extricate” an officer who is at the scene, but police could not immediately reach him.

1:34 p.m.:

The shooting situation remains active and the shooter is not contained. Colorado Springs police says there is no connection to Planned Parenthood and shooting victims are getting treatment.

At one point Allahpundit finally declared:

I’m so thoroughly confused at this point, I think maybe it’s best not to update any further.

As I type the the suspect has just been taking in custody the Lt. Catherine Buckley has just said this:

“To even speculate on a motive would not be reasonable.”

and Eric Boehlert of all people brought up a fact I wasn’t aware of

I’ve seen nothing on the fact that this was the 2nd shooting of the type in the city in under 30 days, a fact that would be a vast improvement for Chicago but is unthinkable for a place like Colorado springs.

By the time you read this Saturday morning of course we may in fact know if this was an attack targeted at planned parenthood or if the shooter just ended up there, but what struck me immediately was the difference in how the media looked at this event vs Islamic Terror.

In almost every single incident involving Islamic terror the media is scrupulous to do two things

1.   Not declare it Islamic Terror

2.  Disassociate Islam in General from the attack

This has taken place even though the people in question declare themselves muslim, have associated themselves with muslims such as ISIS (the first I standing for Islamic) and it take no effort to find islamic clerics around the world calling for the very terrorist acts.


Now let’s consider the shootings in Colorado.  Everything I’ve seen on CNN so far (excluding the police press conferences) has been all about planned parenthood, claiming the videos were “heavily edited” and playing the narrative.

Planned Parenthood fundraising off the shooting  and declarations of Christian terror on twitter notwithstanding, you will not be able to find an actual ordained Catholic Priest a Catholic Bishop or a Catholic Cardinal in communion with Rome endorsing the shooting or murder of an abortionist.  You won’t find such a thing in writing or on youtube.

This should be no surprise as the Catechism of the Catholic Church is very specific on the matter as I mentioned at the time of the Murder of George Tiller six years ago.

1756 It is therefore an error to judge the morality of human acts by considering only the intention that inspires them or the circumstances (environment, social pressure, duress or emergency, etc.) which supply their context. There are acts which, in and of themselves, independently of circumstances and intentions, are always gravely illicit by reason of their object; such as blasphemy and perjury, murder and adultery. One may not do evil so that good may result from it. (emphasis mine)

Now granted it’s very hard to predict things, particularly about the future but I’m going to make a few predictions.

Even before this post goes up you will be seeing people blaming pro-life christian activists for these events.

Even though you will not, as I’ve already noted, find a member of the Catholic Clergy endorse violence, you will see media talking heads blaming the church’s position on abortion for radicalizing people. 

You will see the same people who will tell you that Islam is a religion of peace although people are murdered in its name on a daily basis, will be insisting that this event six years after the murder of George Tiller is a sign of continual christian terrorism.

All the Democrat candidates will be pushing this line if they haven’t already started already.

Many on the left who were attacking police in Chicago will suddenly pivot to praise the police in Colorado Springs although you will find a few outliers on twitter hitting them.

The worst part of all of this, if it turns out that Planned Parenthood was not targeted here it will be a great disappointment not for the Christians who correctly call what’s goes on their murder, but among the left who will be delighted to use the deaths of Colorado Springs for their political purposes.

The left will see this as a chance to change the topic from ISIS (who are likely very jealous of the coverage of this story)

Update: Instalanche, thanks Sarah. Also my spell checker turned “abortionist” into “abolitionist” & I didn’t catch it. Considering that I often compare abortion to slavery it’s doubly wrong.


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Meglos: Well, gentlemen, shall we all descend together into the earth for another thousand years or shall we resume our original arrangements?
Grugger: Well, I’m prepared to forget that little incident.
Meglos: Oh, I hope not.
Brotadac: We’ll remember.

Doctor Who Meglos 1980

God, the Father of mercies, through the death and resurrection of his Son has reconciled the world to himself and sent the Holy Spirit among us for the forgiveness of sins; through the ministry of the Church may God give you pardon and peace, and I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son, + and of the Holy Spirit.

The words of absolution at the end of confession

There is a new congressional Committee being formed concerning Planned Parenthood and at Red State they have an objection to a specific potential member:

House insiders have indicated to RedState that Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) is angling hard to be on the committee. The reasons for Ellmers’ desire to be on the committee are obvious: Ellmers publicly betrayed the pro-life movement during the embarrassing debacle over the 20-week abortion ban – a bill which enjoyed broad, bipartisan support but which failed due to the political cowardice of Ellmers and others. Ellmers already knows that due to this and a number of other high profile votes, she is likely to face a stiff primary challenge as one of the most high profile faces of Republican Failure Theater.

This is something  that due to Rep Ellmers past friendship to this site I reluctantly wrote about here

Full disclosure, I’ve interviewed Rene Ellmers, she was on my radio show and has been a friend to this site. Furthermore I’ve given her the benefit of the doubt in the past when there were questions about some of her positions in the past.

But I’m not a republican and I’m Catholic before I’m conservative and abortion is a sine non qua at this site.

The Red State piece make the following argument against Rep Ellmers

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) 60% already had a chance to do something for the pro-life movement, on a bill that’s much more popular than defunding Planned Parenthood, and she blinked. She does not have legitimate interest in defunding Planned Parenthood or taking any actual substantive action against them. What she wants is television commercial material during her upcoming primary campaign.

However I submit and suggest that Rep. Ellmers situation is the very reason why she might be a more than acceptable choice for this committee.

Given her vulnerability and the fact we are already seeing ads like this drawing tens of thousands of hits:

It would seem to me that Rep Ellmers would have a powerful incentive to be a productive and effective member of this committee.

Red State fears that her presence would only result in phony grandstanding

In other words, allowing Ellmers to participate will to invite another Chaffetz into this hearing – someone who has no interest in using the hearings to actually do or learn anything but rather only to grandstand.

This is not an illegitimate point and if it was 1920, or 1950 or even 1990 there is every chance that this could be the case.

However this is 2015, a member of congress can’t break wind without somebody getting it on cellphone video. If Rep Ellmers attempted to play this kind of game during the hearings the attack ads would likely be on the net before she had a chance to finish yielding her time back to the chair.

If this was the first last and only chance to defend planned parenthood then I could see the point in not taking any chances.

But given the presidential election year our Democrat friends from the lowest minority house members to the White House will have every incentive to fight to the death for every one of those donation dollars that Planned Parenthood provides so while this committee will be important the final nail in the coffin for these baby killers is likely to come in the next congress not this one.

Now I also understand the argument concerning getting a scalp and the example it gives to others but also consider that I’d rather convince a sitting member to see the error of their establishment ways than have to go though the expense of attempting of trying to oust them in a primary.

And it would undercut leadership arguments to members that rather than supporting the Tea Party they have no choice but to cling to leadership for survival.

Of course given that leadership is going to decide who makes this committee if they decide my argument if valid they might just choose to exclude her for the very reasons I gave.

Either way it won’t be boring to watch.

By A.P. Dillon

Yesterday at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing, the Planned Parenthood mask of ‘women’s healthcare’ fell.

Hearing Key Points & Other Relevant Information

Despite NY Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s attempt to rescue Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards during the proceedings, it was made clear that the group does not do mammograms. Richards herself stated that to “the best of her knowledge” that none of the Planned Parenthood facilities even had a mammogram machine. (Free Beacon)

When questioned on making statements that Planned Parenthood did indeed do mammograms, Ceclie Richards stated, “we’ve never stated that we did”. Well, yes, they did say that they did mammograms. In fact, Richards said it herself in a 2011 interview. (Weekly Standard)

According to the Planned Parenthood annual report, 327,653 abortions were done in 2013 alone. (Free Beacon)

Of those 327,653 abortions, 36% were black babies according to the CDC. That’s apparently 1,000 times more than blacks killed by law enforcement.  (SooperMexican)

Richards was asked about the Center For Medical Progress (CMP) videos exposing monetary gain through the illegal trafficking of human organs labeled by Planned Parenthood as ’tissue donations’.  Richards said the videos were “deceptively edited” and “heavily doctored.” Her statements seem to imply she’s seen some or all of the videos.
However, just before Richards’ testimony, evidence was provided by a digital security and forensics firm called Coalfire that the full length CMP videos were “authentic and have not been manipulated”. (Daily Signal)

Abortions make up 86% of revenue for Planned Parenthood. Only 3% of their revenue comes from other services. (Twitchy)

There was the revelation of “exorbitant travel expenses,” incurred by Planned Parenthood. Included in the “exorbitant” list was $622,706 for “blowout parties” with celebrity guests. Also included was $34.8 million for its NYC corporate office space and the sale of a 72k square foot condo “to Brookfield Property Partners for $69.6 million.”. (The Hill)

“Richards also said, under oath, that no baby had ever been born alive and then aborted at a Planned Parenthood facility, a claim that was directly contradicted by recent witness testimony in front of the same committee.” (The Hill – there’s a lot more at this link worth your time.)

The question is raised yet again, why does Planned Parenthood need taxpayer dollars if “Planned Parenthood gets about $700B in nongovernmental funds…”? (Hot Air)

Richards is paid over $500,000 a year. She got a big raise of $240,000 in 2013. Rep. Chaffetz’s documentation showed Richards making $590,000. Richards argued she only makes $520,000. Poor baby.  Apparently, Richards also received $31,000 from  allocated time to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.”  (The Blaze)

Planned Parenthood’s Blood Money Goes To Democrat Defenses

Legal Insurrection noted from the hearing testimony that Planned Parenthood raised $127 million above its expenditures last year.

The question then becomes, what does Planned Parenthood do with their overage?

The answer is, they give it to Democrats or spend it attacking Democrat opponents.

Legal Insurrection also notes:

Outside of abortions, Planned Parenthood’s primary function is filtering money to and from Democratic organizations, giving in excess of $574,000 to candidates seeking federal office alone.

The Planned Parenthood Action fund has spent over $74,000 in 2015 – on attacking Clinton opponents. Dark Money, anyone?

Planned Parenthood’s Action fund ranks 22 in the list of top political non-profit spending. The Action Fund’s total spending reported to the IRS is $42,192,016. Of that, $8,250,439 was political spending. Only $6,634,390 was reported to the FEC.

A valid question to be posed to Democrats now is, are our children “just a matter of line items” in their campaign finance reports?

DM7 small LL1885A.P. Dillon resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina and is the founder of
Her current and past writing can also be found at IJ Review,, and Watchdog Wire NC.
Catch her on Twitter: @LadyLiberty1885

Yid with Lid at his new site tells us that Whoopi Goldberg is going all in on Planned Parenthood.

On The View today Whoopi Goldberg made a request I am totally happy to comply with, “Get out of my vagina!” Actually the thought of not complying made me throw up in my mouth a bit. “The View” maven Goldberg weighed in on the newly revived Planned Parenthood debate, and Carly Fiorina’s statement which “The View” called a lie.

Now the funny thing about this is our friends on the left like Whoopi, they object strongly to our opinion on Abortion, they object loudly to showing the bloody truth of what Planned Parenthood, they object to our marches, or protests and everything else.

But despite this they apparently object even louder to the idea that my tax dollars might not be used to fund Planned Parenthood.

So Whoopi I’ll take your objections to our critiques to abortion seriously when you decide that you don’t need my money to pay for them.

“It occurred to me at once that Harris had been as much afraid of me as I had been of him. This was a view of the question I had never taken before; but it was one I never forgot afterwards.”

General US Grant 1861

One of the most amusing stories from the Civil War is the siege of Yorktown.  General George McClellan had landed the Union army on the James peninsula a grand flanking move in his attempt to capture Richmond and win the war.  The first obstacle was Yorktown the site of the ultimate defeat of the British in the American Revolution.

McClellan has three times the number of troops as the Confederates facing him had a vast superiority of material & artillery both in terms of number and quality but convinced by “experts” that the rebel force what much stronger than his (aided by the theatrics of Confederate Gen John Magruder, was determined to wait until every single thing was exactly the way he wanted it before making his move.

This frustrated his own generals and amazed his counterpart Joseph Johnston who said:  “No one but McClellan could have hesitated to attack.” who took advantage of the time to withdraw his forces to a better position

In the end when McClellan finally moved forward the confederates were nowhere to be seen.

McClellan claimed victory he had gained Yorktown with a minimum of casualties, and congratulated himself on his tactical brilliance.

In doing so he forgot the War was not being fought to take Yorktown.  The war was being fought to defeat the confederacy.  McClellan’s hesitation cost him the chance to perhaps win the war before a man named Lee was put in charge of the rebel army.  the price of that hesitation was two more years of war,  tens of thousands of lives and hundreds of millions of dollars of destruction.

And that brings us to the GOP senate.

We keep hearing from Senators like Mitch McConnell and some candidates like Lindsey Graham and John Kasich that to fight against Barack Obama is futile, that it takes us away from the goal of electing a GOP president.

Now if your only goal is to win an election and to hold a seat of power that argument makes some sense.  Why rock the boat and do anything that might provoke a response against you?

But if your goal in holding office is to actually advance a series of idea and positions for the good for the country & its future, ideas that the people who voted for you want, that’s totally different.

Consider the newly lionized Carly Fiorina on the Planned Parenthood issue.  By not abandoning the issue and pressing it directly she put the left on the spot, forcing them to defend the indefensible.

Or consider Ben Carson and noting Sharia law the media and the left defend a set of rules that oppresses women it because the dirty little secret is a lot of voters are silent because they are afraid of pushback but you know what, nobody is over their shoulder in the voting booth.

Alternatively,  by not forcing the left to act, by allowing them victories without even a fight all you do is strengthen them, you give them a chance to husband their resources, you allow them to not even have to defend their positions to the media and the public and you reinforce the intimidation of voters who are silent out of fear.


Make the attack, make the case and every single time you are invited on a show take stills of the planned parenthood videos with you and when the host attempts to push the “shutting down the government” or “hurting the innocent” line at you, show those pictures and ask:  “Are you seriously saying that Democrats won’t allow government to function unless we fund this?”  Note that silence on this issue is no different that silence on the abuse of Boys in Afghanistan.  

Make them more afraid of you they you are of them, because if they were not afraid of the truth they would tell it.

Less McClellan more Grant please.

Update: Drew M at Ace’s site nails it pretty well

The correct question for Ayotte and her ilk is, what are you willing to do to break the Democrats ability to control the agenda of the United States Congress so long as they can muster 41 votes?

Team GOP will tell you, “if you want anything done you need to elect a Republican president”. Here’s the thing…imagine that everything was exactly the same right now with the exception that say, Marco “Amnesty” Rubio is the president. The Senate Democrats will still have 41 votes in the Senate, so they’d still be able to filibuster any effort to defund Planned Parenthood (or anything else conservatives want done). And of course, they’d be joined by the likes of Mark Kirk and Susan Collins who are siding with the Democrats now.

Do you imagine the Democrats will suddenly be in a bipartisan mood if Rubio or any Republican is elected next year? Or do you think they will gum up the works as they have been in the hopes of increasing their numbers come the 2018 mid-terms?


More Grant , Less McClellan

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I know you can get the MSM for nothing, but that’s pretty much what they’re good for.

Liberals are accustomed to, in true Alinsky form, ridicule anyone with views different from theirs (rule 5).

For instance, it is my experience that, by opposing unfettered immigration, I will be dismissed as a racist spic playing the race card because I lack reading comprehension skills. (One of these days I’ll write a post on how such “Liberals” are irony-poor people.)

If you sincerely believe me to be a racist spic playing the race card because I lack reading comprehension skills, I may respect your right to your opinion to the same extent you respect my right to freedom of expression. I may, in turn, exercise my right in the form of coarse language; after all, one must communicate in a form that is clearly understood.

You will find irony-poor people in large numbers among the political and media elites.

Largely – but not exclusively – because of that, a big component of the current state of political discourse is the existence of an echo chamber: Each side engages in groupthink (there’s a coarse term for that, by the way), with the side controlling the media coming out ahead.

Which brings me to the subject of this week’s RNC candidate forum (as you know, my lack of reading comprehension skills precludes me from calling it a debate).

Pete hit the bull’s eye on what I consider THE most important thing taking place that night:
Fiorina outed the Planned Parenthood organ trading scandal during the largest-viewership show in CNN’s history.

Regardless of who will get the nomination, the fact remains that a three-hour event that was staged and choreographed to be The Donald Trump Show – complete with split screen and “what are you going to reply to what mean Donald said about you” – left the spin doctors spinning the next morning. There is a massive amount of spin going on right now. Most say that the image she described isn’t in any of the videos released because

The video that most closely resembles what Ms. Fiorina described (starting around 3:42 until 6:25, with graphic medical images) features Holly O’Donnell, a former procurement technician at Placerville, Calif.-based StemExpress LLC, saying there was a fully intact fetus after an abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas. She said the fetus was in a jar and taken to a lab, where it was prepared and rinsed and put in a strainer. She asserted that a technician called her over, tapped the heart with an instrument and it started beating because electrical currents were still firing.

The woman says she doesn’t know if it was technically dead or alive. The video cuts to an image of a different fetus that came from other antiabortion groups, the Grantham Collection and Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. The former employee said a technician then used scissors to cut the head open to procure the brain.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The more modest, i.e., bloggers, were saying, “how the hell did a woman end up there? Oh that’s right. She has a lot of money and she hates women.”

They forgot to mention Fiorina’s reading comprehension skills, but more than make up by splitting hairs over brain removal practices on living beings. PP is trading on human organs all the same.

If you peruse stories defending Planned Parenthood you will find a lot of them claim the officials are misquoted and the videos edited. In fact, the full footage videos are posted at the Center For Medical Progress YouTube channel. You can read transcripts at the CMP’s website.

Let’s not waste this opportunity. If you blog, I urge all of you to post links to the full-length videos or the videos themselves, and link to the transcripts (if you want, go to my blog and copy the code). Spread it on social media, email them.

Shout it from the rooftops, if you are so inclined.

It’s time to make it “One thing you can never say: That you haven’t been told.”

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

Update (DTG): DTG Just in case if some of you are upset at some of the language in this piece be aware that Fausta inquired about it before it was published and I approved it so if you have a problem it’s with me.

Alas when will the Media ever understand the recipe for disaster:

Start with Carly Fiorina the GOP woman they pushed to get in the main debate at a time when Hillary Clinton Popularity is dropping like a rock.

ADD: The highest ratings for any program in the history of CNN

Mix in: The media lionizing her performance (it was very good I placed her a close 3rd)

Bake in : Her challenging this giant audience watching to view the planned parenthood videos that the MSM have totally ignore.

Yield: Millions of people discovering a story only because they heard it from a person the media have been celebrating.

Serve: The media’s reputation on a platter as suddenly they have to spin a story they ignored to people whose first exposure to it was Fiorina and whose likely second was from seeing the videos of people casually either dissecting or talking about dissecting babies and crushing their skulls to harvest parts for money.

The irony is by ignoring the story they allow it to get out without their trademark spin.

God works in mysterious ways, if more of the MSM believed in him perhaps they would have known that.


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Your man has been accustomed, ever since he was a boy, to have a dozen incompatible philosophies dancing about together inside his head.

C.S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters I

The latest planned parenthood video has come out and congress has now decided they want a closer look:

Today, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee issued a subpoena to the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) for all unedited video footage in their possession relating to the acquisition, preparation, and sale of fetal tissue. CMP is prevented from releasing footage due to a lawsuit filed by the National Abortion Federation to keep the videos out of the public domain.

This move has caused some panic among their fans but this one is my favorite


That image alone is enough to break irony meters.  A person who self identifies as “voice for the helpless” is upset about attacks on Planned Parenthood. Apparently the definition of “helpless” is so narrow that an unborn child doesn’t qualify. So let’s just look at the account page and exactly what is being talked about here..


I suspect that if planned parenthood did to whales and dolphins what they did to children this person would be absolutely horrified and outraged but because they are killing and dissecting humans they are worthy of not only existence but proactive defense.

However as this person is bothered enough by this situation to express her ire publicly, never let it be said that I didn’t offer a constructive solution to this person’s desire to end the attacks on Planned Parenthood.

If they did this the attacks on Planned parenthood would end almost instantly.

Happy to help


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Kindly Burn this Letter

James G. Blane

I’m must confess that when it comes to Planned Parenthood nothing surprises me but I think this latest video is really something

“We provide–oh, gonads!”

“Obviously, we would have the potential for a huge P.R. issue in doing this”

“Everything we provide is fresh”

“There are no guidelines and there never will be any guidelines”

“Think about the New York Times Headline”

(as if the Times would hit them)

Wow, just wow!

Watching this video is how I would imagine a trade show for chemical companies in berlin circa 1943 would be.

Compere: Well, Mr Walters, what’s it like being invisible?

Walters: [slowly and boringly] Well, for a start, at the office where I work I can be sitting at my desk all day and the others totally ignore me. At home, even though we are in the same room, my wife does not speak to me for hours, people pass me by in the street without a glance in my direction, and I can walk into a room without…

Compere: Well, whilst we’ve got interesting people, we met Mr Oliver Cavendish who…

Walters: [droning on] … Even now you yourself, you do hardly notice me…

Monty Python’s Flying Circus

On Saturday I posted videos & interviews from the planned parenthood protest in Fitchburg.

It was a small protest but one of 180 planned protests against planned parenthood that as Breitbart noted became 320 protests all over the nation such as louisville.

Alejandro Capote spoke at the Louisville, Kentucky, protest, where he estimates at least 500 people participated.

“I spoke about the importance of defunding Planned Parenthood,” Capote tells Breitbart News. “It’s important that women have health care that does not fund abortion.”

Falls church virginia

Theresa King, who organized the Falls Church, Virginia, #ProtestPP rally told Breitbart News she decided to be an organizer after viewing the Center for Medical Progress videos.

“I saw the Planned Parenthood videos and felt the need to act,” she said. “As a kid, I would pray outside of abortion clinics, and my mom always said that we were giving the babies the only funeral they would ever have, so I felt the need to stand for the babies in the video, but for all the babies that have died in abortion.”

and if you go to twitter you could find photos from all over the country. Ottawa Illinois

Orange California

Nashville TN

Grand Rapids:

San Diego:


Dayton OH



And as Twitchy and Steven Miller noted these took place without violence:

This fact is a huge problem for the MSM which has taken the side of planned parenthood in the current debate and the knowledge that this many protests took place without incident would be an awkward story for them.

However despite the photographic evidence I’ve just displayed the media’s problem was solved by the people in question apparently being totally invisible:


Obviously the protesters were quite invisible to most, I did a search of CBS news for planned parenthood , no coverage:
ABC no coverage
NBC no coverage

Not even a word on the net from any of them.  CNN did slightly better online here is the full text of their only story: (emphasis mine)

CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Opponents took to the streets in a nationwide protest against Planned Parenthood on Saturday. Jennifer James was driving past a Planned Parenthood in Oklahoma City when she saw hundreds of people protesting Saturday morning. ““It was a very quiet protest,” James said. “As I walked up and down it with my camera, you could have heard a pin drop. It was unusual given how contentions of an issue it is.”
zdan, CNN iReport producer

A few hundred people gather outside Planned Parenthood in Oklahoma City to protest abortion and government funding for the organization. Among the protesters were students from the Newman Center, a Catholic student organization at the University of Central Oklahoma.
Note the highlighted text, the only reason why CNN has this tiny bit of online coverage was because one of their producers noticed the protest driving by and was shocked by how orderly it was.
But who knew that so many people in the nation could be so invisible?  Particularly when they don’t have media connections who will be sure to show up to make even the tiniest protest national news

I’m a single blogger with a cheap camera and the MSM is a multi billion dollar industry, how is it that I could produce this interview

and they could not?


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This is huge news:

StemExpress, one of the tissue companies that works with Planned Parenthood, is cutting its ties with the women’s health organization after a series of sting videos that have prompted congressional inquiries, sources tell POLITICO.

The small biomedical tissue procurement company is distancing itself from Planned Parenthood after finding itself tangentially linked to what abortion opponents allege is Planned Parenthood’s illegal trafficking of fetal tissue and organs.

The videos and images like this didn’t help but I suspect a lot had to do with this:

The Court also rejects StemExpress’ argument that they are entitled to injunctive relief because CMP violated California criminal and civil law against taping a conversation without consent. That law, the court points out, allows a victim to get damages and to prevent further illicit recording, but not to prevent distribution of the recording.

The court’s comments suggest that StemExpress will have an uphill battle convincing the court to turn the temporary restraining order into a preliminary injunction, and will probably dissolve the TRO and let CMP distribute its recording of a meeting with StemExpress executives.

Steven Miller put it well on twitter:

Life news says this about Stem Express:

StemExpress is one of a handful of biotech firms that works with Planned parenthood by purchasing aborted babies and their body parts and selling them to scientists at research universities for medical experiments. But Politico is reporting that the biologics company is breaking its ties with the abortion corporation.

How bad does it have to be if you buy dead baby parts for a living but planned parenthood is a bridge too far for you. Ed Morrissey notes how it is:

But if they are willing to cut ties with the single largest source of fetal tissue in the country by far, they must think this last video and the videos to come will be bad indeed — like, Category 5 bad.

and it’s not good news for Planned Parenthood either:

StemExpress’s abandonment of Planned Parenthood in the midst of a concerted effort by the abortion provider to get supporters to “Stand With Planned Parenthood” speaks volumes about the effects of the videos on Planned Parenthood’s bottom line. StemExpress, after all, is a key Planned Parenthood ally and even went to court to prevent the release of additional undercover videos that tar the taxpapyer-funded non-profit abortion provider.

If a business that exists solely to act as a middleman between the buyers and sellers of aborted baby body parts thinks a mere association with Planned Parenthood is bad for its image, things must be really bad.

It will be interesting to see how the media reacts to this development.

By A.P. Dillon

In political races, fence riding by candidates is a given.  Hillary Clinton has been the mother of all fence riders so far, but her two videos that dropped on the same day earlier this week go beyond fence riding.

On her campaign site, Clinton launched “Dorothy“.  It’s an old timey flash back to her mom and her rough beginnings. The overarching theme Clinton uses here is that she’s in the presidential race for “the Dorothys”; she’s in it for the moms.

I watched the whole thing.  If campaign videos were ranked by Rotten Tomatoes, it wouldn’t have gotten past 10%.

The Dorothy video was stiff, insincere and tried way too hard to humanize Hillary to the extent it had the opposite effect. It made me ask, if her mom was this great person, what the Hell happened to Hillary?

Now, hopping over to YouTube, the Hillary Clinton drops a 2 minute long defense of Planned Parenthood.

Clinton tries to sell Planned Parenthood as a healthcare provider despite the fact they have just been exposed as operating a horrifying and illegal infant body part chop shop —  for profit.

What’s more, she tries to blame Republicans for being horrified and wanting public funding  stopped, stating “If this feels like a full on assault on women’s health, that’s because it is.”


Opposing public dollars to fund poking around in what looks like a slurry of infant body parts to find viable parts to sell is an assault on women’s health?

This video was purely political and in that two minutes she tags Scott Walker, Jeb Bush and Rick Perry for the apparent crime of valuing life.

Clinton goes from finding the CMP videos ‘disturbing‘ to defending Planned Parenthood within a 4 day window.

On Tuesday, a 5th video dropped, but I guess we should have expected this from a Margaret Sanger Award winner.

On Clinton’s campaign site for donations, Clinton is all about ‘moms’. On her YouTube channel, it’s all about defending an organization makes sure that hundreds of thousands of women each year do not become moms.

Is the media worried about this appalling mixed message? No, just about Clinton’s “performance” in the videos.

DM7 small LL1885A.P. Dillon resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina and is the founder of
Her current and past writing can also be found at IJ Review,, and Watchdog Wire NC.
Catch her on Twitter: @LadyLiberty1885

As I watch the planned parenthood story unfold I’ve wondered about the Democrats who have sold their own moralities, particularly those who claim Christianity.

As I’ve pondered it occurs to me that this is a parallel that we’ve seen twice before in living memory.

In the Soviet Union if a person wanted power or position one had to be a member of the communist party and if one wanted to advance in the party there are things one had to do.

When millions were starved to death, when others were banished, or locked up one had to either deny it, convincing oneself that it wasn’t happening and or justify it as necessary for the safety and security of the state. There was no other choice if one wanted to maintain position or even life.

In the Third Reich if a person wanted power or position, one had to be (Col Klink not withstanding) a member of the Nazi party and if one wanted to advance in the party there were thing one had to do.

When Jews business were rounded up, their property confiscated and finally shipped away and killed, one had to either justify it, or ignore it, there was no third choice if one wanted to maintain one’s position or even life.

In the Democrat party of today it is the same.

If you want to advance in the party on the national level one had to go along. If you failed to do so then you would never advance beyond local politics. And today even images of dead children, dissected with people buying and selling them, joking about it over dinner or laughing about it in a lab the party demands that one obey.

Thus the democrat if he wants to maintain his party position has to either pretend that he doesn’t see these atrocities or defend them.

But unlike the Germans of the 30’s and the Russians from the 20′ to the 80’s these democrats have another option. They can always reject their party and join the other. They don’t risk life, only position.

Yet given that choice between rejecting the slaughter and dismemberment of innocents and risking position or staying the course, ignoring or defending those who would do those things today’s Democrat party chooses the latter.

That BTW is why it was so critical for the Democrat party to become secularized, because how else can one continue to live particularly for so many pols over seventy getting closer and closer to their makers. Much better to them not believing in one at all.

I will never get over the willingness of these people to go along with this for the sake of power.

Update: this Piece at Hotair really makes my point

how on Earth can Earnest stand there and earnestly (sorry..) claim that that neither he nor anyone on the Oval Office staff has even seen the videos? He’s “relying on news reports that I’ve seen” from other people who have seen the videos? How many stories have we heard now over the course of the last six years where the White House is claiming that they found out about an important issue by watching television? And given the red hot nature of the story, nobody was dispatched to go watch the videos themselves so that the administration could generate an informed opinion? It simply beggars belief.

I don’t think it begger belief, I think it’s Vital for the white house to make sure nobody follows Jake Tappers suggestion that Well, “somebody at the White House should maybe watch the videos in full.” because once a person in the White House watches them then their deniability is gone.

And that is the single most important commodity when you are defending the indefensible.


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Incredible as it may sound to us who are deeply revulsed by the CMP Planned Parenthood videos, some on the Left are still defending PP because “they provide health care for women who have none.”

As Dr. Ben Carson said to Jake Tapper,

“I thought that they were supposed to be able to get all those things based on Obamacare. Why do we need Planned Parenthood?”

National Review hosted a panel of experts to answer the question, If Planned Parenthood Goes, Where Do Women Go?   Anna Paprocki, staff counsel at Americans United for Life, points out,

The vast majority of low-income women obtained subsidized family-planning services at:

• 3,165 federally qualified health centers

• 2,439 health-department clinics

• 1,324 other non-Planned Parenthood clinics

• 664 hospitals

To be specific, there many better options than Planned Parenthood:

In addition to those, Obria Medical Clinics , and

Poor, vulnerable women who need true health care can find the best resources and help at places like Aid for WomenWomen’s Choice Services, and Waterleaf, among others, in the Chicago area; the John Paul II Life Center, among others, in Austin; Good Counsel Homes, among others, in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area; and the Alpha Center in Sioux Falls, S.D. (in the heart of the most pro-active state when it comes to securing fully-informed-consent laws to protect women). And so many others.

Don’t believe for a moment that poor women have no alternatives to the abortion-mills-trading-in-human-organs. Carry this information with you in your smart phone for when the subject comes up, because it will.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news and culture at Fausta’s Blog



Yesterday yet another video came out concerning the selling of baby bits.

Now I know what your thinking, that’s not the video of planned parenthood haggling over the price of bits of baby. That’s the Haggling scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian
But here’s the point.

Given that the media desperately doesn’t want to look like Marlene Dietrich in Judgement at Nuremberg, you are more likely to see ABCNBCCNNNYTCBSMSNBC etc show this Monty Python video than give attention to the real thing.

Remember at least the germans in germany had a credible fear of being murdered if they spoke the truth, what’s the MSM’s excuse?

UPDATE: I have a question for the MSM, particularly those who have Jewish or Black African ancestry.

Listen to your defenses of Planned Parenthood and then imagine the defenders of the Final Solution of Germany or the Slave Traders of the 17th & 18th century who were so convinced that the people they were killing or trading were subhuman and ask yourself: If your defenses and deflections on behalf of Planned Parenthood would sound familiar to them, or better yet don’t imagine get the actual arguments of those who made them in the 1940 or before 1860 and see if they don’t have a familiar ring to them.

Update 2: Via NewsBusters the Spanish media is even more egregious that the rest:

top Spanish-language television networks have almost entirely ignored the undercover video, made by the pro-life organization Center for Medical Progress that recorded Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Deborah Nucatola explaining her organization’s involvement in trafficking the body parts of aborted babies. So far in this media segment, MundoFox alone has mentioned the scandal during a national evening newscast. Anchor Rolando Nichols read a brief tease of a single story on the subject, which aired on the network’s less viewed late-night news program. To his credit, Nichols used strong words in referring to the matter.

One must remember that they dare not alert their heavily Catholic audience of the type of stuff Democrat candidates support otherwise they might choose to vote with their souls in mind.

Judge Dan Haywood: If he and the other defendants were all depraved perverts – if the leaders of the Third Reich were sadistic monsters and maniacs – these events would have no more moral significance than an earthquake or other natural catastrophes. But this trial has shown that under the stress of a national crisis, men – even able and extraordinary men – can delude themselves into the commission of crimes and atrocities so vast and heinous as to stagger the imagination.

Judgement at Nuremberg 1961

Over the last day or two the headlines have been all over the net concerning planned parenthood as it’s been revealed they have trafficked in the organs of aborted children.

Of course on Television (particularly on Spanish networks where it would have the most effect) the story has been almost non-existent as they do their best to pretend it isn’t happening and as you might expect the online and print media of the left have been in full defense mode either downplaying, spinning or ignoring the story as best they can.

I’m sure that many are surprised that I haven’t weighed in online yet, after all as a Catholic blogger the crimes of planned parenthood would be right up my alley and of course I’ve both covered and participated in protests against them such as the one last week in Fitchburg…

…when we had the image of our lady of the Americas in town.

Our Lady of America 004

Why because frankly the actions of Planned Parenthood don’t here don’t surprise me in the least.  If you are in the business of murder for profit then why would selling the parts for profit be a shock.  Are we surprised at ISIS for selling women for slaves when they behead their foes.  As Stacy McCain has so well put it:

Planned Parenthood is organized evil.

What earns my disgust is stuff like this:

Nucatola is in fact quite straightforward about what sort of business is being transacted and on what terms — and about the necessary deception: “They just want to do it in a way that is not perceived as: ‘This clinic is selling tissue,’” she says. “In the Planned Parenthood world, they’re very, very sensitive to that.” Where you are negotiating prices for fetal lungs and livers while discussing how to avoid the perception that you are negotiating prices for fetal lungs and livers, you are engaged in a conspiracy to violate federal laws — something that Washington Post reporters once gave a damn about.

You have to realize this is a potential Charleston moment for some.  To the average person who might get their news from the MSM but is not invested in the success of the liberal left or the democrat this is the kind of thing the selling of the organs of aborted babies for profit is a deal breaker (particularly for the religious which suggests why the Spanish Networks with a large faithful catholic audience are avoiding this story like the plague.) that would not fail to illustrate the full horror of what is going on.

That’s the political reason the Washington Post and the rest of the media can’t allow this to go any farther but there is a deeper reason.  A personal one.

For reasons of philosophy, politics and power the elite media has cast their lot with feminism in general and the abortion industry in particular.  They have looked down on the believing Christians, on the Catholics ladies with their rosaries praying in front of clinics, on the Christian culture that says Sex is reserved for marriage.  On Priest who not only insists that Christ is real but dares to proclaim that to pretend otherwise bears a great cost to a society as a whole but an even greater cost to the individual in the end.

And in obedience to this creed which has brought them personal comfort and monetary reward from those who do not wish a mirror held up before their act they have ignored much.  They dismiss those who lament destruction of the black family as racism (ignoring its survival even during the worst of Jim Crow) They decry the teen suicide rate as an issue of mental health (ignoring that it was an almost unknown problem just two generations ago) They play up racial division with Police (ignoring the ever-increasing deaths in the black community thanks to drugs and crime ).

And above all they pretend that abortion on demand has done anything more than empower men desiring sex.  They pretend that teens who are not considered competent to go on a field trip without parental consent are mentally and psychologically mature enough for a surgical procedure and have the audacity to suggest that there will be no long-term effects of such a decision.  They pretend abortion doesn’t involve a human while at the same time insisting that the egg of a bird must be protected by law.

They can’t know, they MUST not know they are Marlene Dietrich speaking to Spencer Tracy in Judgement at Nuremberg

Mrs. Bertholt:I saw Mr. Perkins today. He told me they’d showed those pictures in the courtroom. Col. Lawson’s favorite pictures. He drags them out at any pretext, doesn’t he? Col. Lawson’s private chamber of horrors. Is that what you think we are? Do you think we knew of those things? Do you think we wanted to murder women and children? Do you believe that? Do you?

Judge Dan Haywood:Mrs. Bertholt, I don’t know what to believe.

Mrs. Bertholt:Good God. We’re sitting here drinking. How could you think that we knew? We did not know. We did not know.

Judge Dan Haywood:As far as I can make out, no one in this country knew. Your husband was one of the heads of the army.

Mrs. Bertholt:And he did not know. I tell you, he did not know. It was Himmler. It was Goebbels. The SS knew what happened. We did not know. Listen to me.

Politics might demand that the media do all they can to make sure voters remain ignorant concerning the Planned Parenthood abortion mills as a marketplace for children’s remains, but much more important is keeping up their own pretense of normalcy and good because every day they have to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and every night they have to go to sleep.  That deniability is not for the public, it’s for themselves.

I’ll close this post with the closing lines from Judgement at Nurenburg:

Ernst Janning:Judge Haywood… the reason I asked you to come: Those people, those millions of people… I never knew it would come to that. You *must* believe it, *You must* believe it!
Judge Dan Haywood:Herr Janning, it “came to that” the *first time* you sentenced a man to death you *knew* to be innocent.

And suggest that it is fortunate that one has their entire life to figure this out.


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Ok actually it’s a post about Planned Parenthood and teaching sexual perversion but hidden cleverly within that post is a basic argument against morality by vote.

Stacy notes the planned parenthood course and his own alternative course on how to teach kids about sex to help reduce teenage pregnancy which involves other motivations.

This is the kind of basic common-sense curriculum kids really need. Simple messages like, “Stop Wanking to Porn, You Horny Freaks” and “There Were More Than 1.4 Million Cases of Chlamydia Last Year. Don’t Be the Next Case. Keep Your Britches On, Missy.” We must implement the Four Basic Principles of Sex Education:
And more Fear.

He notes that “most sex problems can be solved by basic common sense.” However there is a problem with basic common sense in that it doesn’t satisfy the desires of the people who are looking to gratify their senses.  They don’t want basic common sense, they want what they want.  This problem in fact is not new as St. Paul reminded us in his letter to the Romans:

For I know that good does not dwell in me, that is, in my flesh. The willing is ready at hand, but doing the good is not.  For I do not do the good I want, but I do the evil I do not want.

Romans 7:18-19

So the natural inclination on man is to follow his animal instinct toward sin, which is why you have clear Biblical teaching on this subject and the consistent teaching of the church to back it up.

But what happens if rather than the clear teaching of the church you decide to select doctrine based on the whims of man?  As Andrew Sullivan and others have demonstrated it’s much to redefine what sin is rather than to actually resist it,

Let’s say for example a man is not getting sexual satisfaction from his wife.  Under the doctrine of the church to seek alternatives, such as pornograpy, or an affair is a matter of deliberate mortal sin, sin that separates us from God and requires repentance and sacramental confession to return to a state of grace.

But what if we redefine salvation to say:  Once saved always saved, suddenly it doesn’t matter if we consume all the porn we want, or sleep around or spend money on prostitutes since one can never lose their reward it’s not a problem.  So one can literally bathe themselves in sin and not fear for their reward.

Thus can a person conform themselves to an age and by redefining what is sexually acceptable for kids Planned Parenthood redefines acceptable behavior among those who have the least will, resistance (or desire to resist) bad decision that will last a lifetime.

But while we moan for our kids who make this mistake is this not the mistake of the Protestant reformers who decided to redefine scripture?  From that 95 Thesis nailed to a door with the intention to correct a scandal what has come.  Thousands of denominations that have proven themselves able to redefine not only doctrine but sin.

Do you think I exaggerate?  consider:

100 years ago,  every single protestant denomination considered birth control a sin, now 100 years later all have dropped it .  Who still stands on that point?  The Catholic church?

10 Years ago no  protestant denomination recognized gay marriage, now denomination after denomination is falling, but not the catholic church.

In fact just last week we saw the latest change from the Anglicans 

Priests had apparently felt that the ceremony — which asks parents and godparents whether they will renounce Satan — was too complex and confusing to people who don’t regularly attend church, so it was “quietly voted” out by the General Synod, the denomination’s legislative body, according to Religion News Service.

Rather than rejecting the devil outright, these parties will now simply be asked to “turn away from sin” and to “reject evil,” a development that has sparked some debate.

Too complex?  Renouncing the Devil is too complex at a ceremony of Christian initiation?  I’d be surprised, but as the Anglican church was founded on the basis of Henry VIII deciding  marital fidelity was too complex it not that much of a stretch to decide rejecting the Devil is just too tough for people to handle.

And that ‘s why the Catholic church is not and never will be a democracy, because morality and right and wrong is not a matter for vote, it’s something defined by God.  If you allow man to vote on sin then in no time it is done for man’s own gratification or wealth or standing.  Suddenly eternal truths are subject to what is popular that day.

What Planned Parenthood is doing today is the same thing, they are redefining the game, the goal is to find a way to justify action that will in the long run bring more of those kids to their doors seeking abortion, all of this comes from the redefining of morality and all of that comes from removing the Judeo-Christian values from the American ethos.

The irony of course is that in America a country founded primarily by protestants (with a notable exception Charles Carroll of Carrollton who ironically was the last surviving signer or the Declaration dying in 1832) it is the Catholic Church that remains the most consistent  in standing for basic morality and the eternal truths that our founding fathers fought for.

I’ll give the last words to John Adams

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

and to Christ and the apostles from the Gospel of John

Then many of his disciples who were listening said, “This saying is hard; who can accept it?”

Since Jesus knew that his disciples were murmuring about this, he said to them, “Does this shock you?  What if you were to see the Son of Man ascending to where he was before?   It is the spirit that gives life, while the flesh  is of no avail. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and life.  But there are some of you who do not believe.” Jesus knew from the beginning the ones who would not believe and the one who would betray him.  And he said, “For this reason I have told you that no one can come to me unless it is granted him by my Father.”

As a result of this, many (of) his disciples returned to their former way of life and no longer accompanied him.

Jesus then said to the Twelve, “Do you also want to leave?”

Simon Peter answered him, “Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.  We have come to believe and are convinced that you are the Holy One of God.”

John 6:60 -69

By A.P. Dillon


Kay Hagan’s obsessive fear of the Koch’s and Democrat Dark Money isn’t her only slice of  hypocrisy. As a mother of three, she’s now backed by Planned Parenthood — the national provider of abortions which received taxpayer funds.  Planned Parenthood has launched a campaign tailored for her.

Planned Parenthood is dumping $3 million into the NC race.

Kay likes to play like she’s the ‘every woman’ of North Carolina, but her well-manicured Bio leaves out quite a bit. She’s been a political insider from a young age as American Thinker notes. Her attacks on her opponent, Thom Tillis, lay bare her continued hypocrisy and penchant for lies of omission. Snippet from American Thinker:

In 2014, the media’s preferred campaign narrative is shaping up to be how political insider and privileged white male Republican Thom Tillis wants to sell out North Carolina as part of the Republican #WaronWomen.  This narrative is false to the core. 

Unlike the connected Kay Hagan, Thom Tillis, age 53, was born into a working class family.  While he has been labeled a political insider in this election cycle, his background is anything but that of someone with longstanding  family connections.  Tillis he wasn’t able to go straight from high school to college.  He had to work.  It was the late 1970s and good jobs were very hard for young people to come by. 

For years Tillis juggled work with taking classes at community colleges and extension programs.  As a result, Tillis didn’t finish his BA degree until he was 36.  In the next decade he first became a partner in the consulting group at PriceWaterhouseCooper.  Then, in 2006, Tillis first ran for public office and won.  His new colleagues in the NC House of Representatives thought so highly of his talent that he became a whip during the 2008 legislative session. 

Tillis helped recruit and organize other candidates so that after the 2010 election there was a Republican majority in the NC House of Representatives, the first in over a century.  Tillis was elected speaker at the start of this third term, a very fast rise to top political leadership. 

Only in Obama’s America could a Horatio Alger rise such as that of Thom Tillis be written off as no more than white male privilege, even as the well connected nonentity Hagan is celebrated in the media as a woman who triumphed over the patriarchy.  

War on Women. Laughable given their long history of assaults on any woman who dare to show signs of  a spine, conviction of their beliefs or defend themselves.  Just look at their latest ‘rape culture‘ push. Good grief.  I’m not going to even get into the ‘equal pay‘ cannard or the #YesAllWomen bit.

No. The only war the Democrats are truly waging is a war on men.


If you enjoyed this article, you should really check out other pieces written by Da Tech Guy’s Magnificent Seven writers and maybe hit that tip jar! AP DillonA.P. Dillon (Lady Liberty 1885), is a Conservative minded wife and mother living in the Triangle area of North Carolina. A.P. Dillon founded the blog in 2009. After the 2012 election, she added an Instapundit style blog called The ConMom Blog. Mrs. Dillon’s writing, in addition to Da Tech Guy’s Magnificent 7, can also be found at, WatchdogWireNC and WizBang. Non-political writing projects include science fiction novellas that are, as of yet, unpublished. Her current writing project is a children’s book series.

Why the Massachusetts abortion buffer law is an abomination against free speech in under 200 seconds?

Of course if you want the argument in detail you can read SCOTUS BLOG

In this case, the anti-abortion protesters say that the law works to interfere with their freedom of speech at abortion clinics in Boston, Worcester, and Springfield, Massachusetts. They argue again that the law permits viewpoint discrimination by favoring pro-abortion speakers over opponents, that the law singles out abortion clinics for speech restrictions that do not apply at other health-care facilities, and that at those three clinics there are not adequate alternative means to getting their message across to clinic patients.

It’s worth noting that this Problem Pregnancy location has been the target of vandalism, attack and threats

valdalism 014

But they have no 3 point line.

Can someone explain why Problem Pregnancy, a place that actually facilitates human reproduction doesn’t have a buffer zone as a “reproductive health facility” but Planned Parenthood which ends human reproduction does not?

I’ll give the last word to Lila Rose:

The Constitution of the United States does not become void as one gets close to an abortion facility.


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DI Menzies: Did you set this up to make us look stupid. Planting an…

The 6th Doctor:   An? An what? Something beginning with a vowel? Something beginning with an A perhaps?

Doctor Who, The Condemned 2008 Big Finish #105

Picking my top five ignored posts that shouldn’t have been was tough, there were some tough cuts that had to be made to narrow it.  The last story cut was this one:

January 6th 2013 Bait & Switch at the “The 3 Day” or “How to fund abortion without really trying”

I was watching the Big Bang Theory when I noticed an ad for “The 3 Day” a walk against Cancer.

Well when they say it’s a “walk against cancer” it actually means it raises money for an organization that has a stated mission of fighting breast cancer.

Strangely enough, nowhere in the TV spot was the name of that organization that receives the money from the 3 Day listed.

Well that might be because that organization is Susan G Komen foundation.

Why did this story just miss the cut?  Because while I was figuring out what stays and what goes this story broke

Susan G. Komen for the Cure wanted to spread the word in a hurry that Nancy Brinker has taken a $159,000 annual pay cut.

Komen’s 67-year-old founder is slated to be paid $390,000 in calendar year 2014 in her new role as chairwoman of global strategy.

Of course that is another Komen bait & switch PR move.  She is no longer CEO so naturally her pay is down although the new CEO of the NON PROFIT will making $475,000 which is up $205,000 from the last non profit position she was in.

Remember non-profit means the company not the high mucky mucks who work there.

As for the foot soldiers, they aren’t doing as well:

None of Komen’s employees got bonuses in 2012 or 2013, said Andrea Rader, managing director of communications.

“It’s not likely that we will pay any in 2014,” she added.

Oh the horror, if only people would start giving more money to Komen again, what might be causing so much grief to Komen’s cash flow?


Perhaps if they had considered this:

How many church bulletins no longer carry announcements of Komen walks? How many religious groups no longer provide logistical support? How many of the thousands of Knights of Columbus chapters nationwide can no longer in good conscience support or sponsor Komen?

maybe 42% of the cities that previously held Komen walks would not have them cancelled for 2014.

Komen is dying a slow death but they’ll live a lot longer than the tens of thousands of children Planned Parenthood will slaughter before Komen’s finally gives up the ghost.

Personally I don’t think Planned Parenthood was worth it.

For a very long time we in the Pro-Life Movement have maintained that Planned Parenthood’s operation was based on Abortion and taxpayer money.

The left has howled in disbelief at the very idea that this might be the case, remember the Susan G. Komen business.  They were attacked mercilessly because they were removing money from an organization that was all about woman’s heath and mammograms and more.

And they can tell you one thing, that some who suggests that Planned Parenthood is just an abortion mill simply doesn’t understand what Planned Parenthood is all about.

Like Melaney A. Linton of the Planned Parenthood action center Gulf Coast CEO.

Planned Parenthood on Wednesday informed staff at three of its facilities in Texas that they would be closing, according to people familiar with the decision.

The three clinics are located in Bryan, Huntsville and Lufkin, Texas. They are closing in response to a new package of abortion restrictions signed into law on Thursday and funding cuts to Texas’ Women’s Health Program that were passed by the Texas state legislature in 2011. Out of the three Planned Parenthood clinics that are closing, only the Bryan clinic performs abortions.

Note that word “performs”, it’s carefully chosen. One could have said “Only one of these clinics ‘assists’ abortion.” or “only one of the three clinics ‘refer’ abortions”.

Yet all three clinics are closing now, at this time right after the passage of the new texas abortion law.

Byran Preston asks the obvious question:

The Huffington Post laments that after Gov. Rick Perry signed the bipartisan HB2 into law today, Planned Parenthood reports that it will now close three of its operations in Texas. Clinics in Bryan, Huntsville and Lufkin will now shutter.

How can this be, if only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s business is abortion services?

In fact the Huff-po had to revise their post as follows:

and goes further

The closing of these clinics tells us something else as well. In 2011 the Texas legislature cut Planned Parenthood off from state funding, as the organization had come under accusations that it mixes its public and private funding. Taxpayer dollars are banned from being used to fund abortion services. Mixing funds would violate that ban.

The fact that HB2 is now being blamed for closing these three facilities strongly suggests that Planned Parenthood is guilty of the fund mixing charge.

In fact he went far enough that the Huffington Post found it necessary to…clarify their piece.

This piece was updated to clarify the reasons for the closure of each clinic. An original version implied that all were being closed in response to the signing of the new abortion law.

Oh well that’s different still it’s quite a coincidence that those other two clinics are closing right after the Abortion bills passage. Planned Parenthood had more to say:

Planned Parenthood says the majority of the work they do includes family planning exams, birth control, and cervical cancer screenings.

They also do STD testing, treatment and vaccines and even pregnancy testing.

If that’s the case with all that other non-abortion related stuff isn’t it odd that the clinic in Bryan is closing?

And it’s quite a coincidence that all those other services are not sufficient to keep the other two clinics open.

But Hey, it has nothing to do with that abortion law and I’m sure Ms. Linton planned to close those other too all along and set that announcement date far in advance and it’s just a coincidence that it corresponds to the third closure.

Or perhaps they might argue that the environment in Texas that was tolerable advanced just over the line after that last bill.

A strange attitude for people supposedly so concerned about woman’s health. Isn’t it?

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Lady Macbeth: Out, damned spot! out, I say!… What! will these hands ne’er be clean?

Macbeth Act V Scene 1

A bit of news from Susan Komen that hasn’t gotten a lot of press:

Boston and six other cities will no longer be stops on the 2014 Susan G. Komen 3-Day series, the organization announced Tuesday.

Well that’s odd, I wonder what the reason might be?

Economic uncertainty over the past four years has made it difficult for the non-profit organization to sustain success in all 14 cities. 

Hmmm curiouser and curiouser, the economy is pretty much in the same spot it’s been in the previous 4 years.  that seems like a thin reason to cancel the Komen walks in over 42% of their cities that hold them.
Oh the event is SO big and massive that they just can’t handle it, like they handled it every other year.

I’m confused, Breast Cancer is a nasty disease and Americans are one of the most generous and charitable people in the world.  I wonder if there is something not mentioned in the article that might have prompted a people as religious as Americans to suddenly decide that Susan G. Komen is not the best use of their charitable giving?


I’m sure it’s a complete mystery.


Olimometer 2.52

I don’t claim to be a better cause than Breast Cancer

But I guarantee that if you hit DaTipJar none of your money will be diverted to any organization supporting an intrinsic evil

The ultimate irony of course would be if after Komen cancelled in 7 cities nationwide We manage to get the 120 monthly $10 tip jar hitters via subscription. Only 103 more to go!


Kermit Gosnell has been found guilty on three of the four murder counts against him.

Abortion provider Kermit Gosnell was convicted Monday of three counts of first-degree murder for severing the spinal cords of infants born during abortions at his West Philadelphia clinic.

To the delight of the administration this topic is (rightfully) taking up some of the media time today.

There are plenty of reactions all over the net but the most interesting reactions have been from NARAL & Planned Parenthood

Why do I find these reactions interesting, not because of what they say but because of what they don’t

Yup not a word of the children killed, the murder charges.

Why? I suspect the reason is identical to why Dr. Gosnell was, according to some reports mad when the verdicts were read. In my opinion they like Gosnell didn’t see those children as humans nor think he did anything wrong in killing them.

Unlike Gosnell however they don’t have the luxury of expressing that opinion openly.

I think it would be interesting to ask if, in their opinion, the Murder verdicts were justified, wouldn’t you?

Update: I totally agree with this at the Anchoress

I pray mercy is shown to this man, and that prayers may perhaps bring about his openness toward redemption.

I agree, nothing upsets the eternal enemy more than the prospect of losing a “gimmie” soul

I was watching the Big Bang Theory when I noticed an ad for “The 3 Day” a walk against Cancer.

Well when they say it’s a “walk against cancer” it actually means it raises money for an organization that has a stated mission of fighting breast cancer.

Strangely enough, nowhere in the TV spot was the name of that organization that receives the money from the 3 Day listed.

Well that might be because that organization is Susan G Komen foundation.

You might remember them as the charity that decided that Planned Parenthood the nation’s #1 abortion provider is a proper recipient of grants paid for by the donation you would give by supporting “The 3 Day”.

However they hope you don’t, because people who understand Abortion is an intrinsic evil tend to be generous in their donations to charity. So if you are one of those who might donate the last thing they want to do when asking for your money is to say the name “Susan G Komen” because if they do, then you just might just realize where those dollars you are planning to give the three-day might end up.

I suspect that is why this walk is now called “The 3 Day” because if used to be called the Susan G Komen walk against breast cancer but they don’t dare call it that anymore for fear people haven’t forgotten.

For those who have, here is a handy Graphic reminder

If Susan G Komen and The 3 Day have money to give to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s #1 abortion provider they don’t need any of mine.

But more than that, what does it say about an organization if they need to banish their name from their ads in order to persuade you to fund them?

We have been told over and over by our friends on the left that Planned Parenthood’s business is not really big on abortion.

That must be why they are offering Black Friday Abortion specials:

A Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in souther Florida is offering a black Friday discount — including $10 off a visit to the abortion center today.

Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast offered the special, saying, “Visit our West Palm Beach or Kendall Health Center for special after Thanksgiving savings on Friday, November 23rd.”

I notice they are not offering deals on Mammograms. I Wonder why?

As Stacy notes, they can afford those thanks to those taxpayer dollars of yours, you know the ones they can’t do without.

That this would be done doesn’t amaze me any more than the other great evils of the world that we see every day. As I’ve grown older evil such as this and the celebration of it doesn’t strike me as odd or exceptional.

What never ceases to amaze me it with repentance and confession Christ will still forgive it and let it go without question, even if they’ve spent a lifetime doing this horrible thing.

I pray those who line their pocket with death someday find that repentance and be pleasantly surprised with the forgiveness that comes from it.

Lyla Rose and Live action have struck again exposing Planned parenthood’s for what it is, a business that simply makes its money on aborted children/a>:

The daily caller has reported on this too including a response from planned parenthood:

Planned Parenthood does not offer sex determination services; our ultrasound services are limited to medical purposes,” Planned Parenthood education vice president Leslie Kantor and Carolyn Westhoff, a senior medical adviser for Planned Parenthood, wrote. ”Gender bias is contrary to everything our organization works for daily in communities across the country. Planned Parenthood opposes racism and sexism in all forms, and we work to advance equity and human rights in the delivery of health care.”

“Planned Parenthood condemns sex selection motivated by gender bias, and urges leaders to challenge the underlying conditions that lead to these beliefs and practices, including addressing the social, legal, economic, and political conditions that promote gender bias and lead some to value one gender over the other,”

It is this statement that I find very interesting for two reasons:

Why does Planned Parenthood condemn sex selection motivated by gender bias? That implies that they don’t mind sex selection motivated by other reasons.

Can someone explain to me under what circumstance sex selection would NOT be gender bias?

Secondly since according to the defenders of abortion we are dealing with a clump of cells that don’t amount to a human life, the reason why someone has an abortion is no more relevant than why a person might get plastic surgery. How can you have “gender bias” against a “thing” not a person.

The very act of this argument by Planned parenthood concedes the humanity of the child they are aborting.

But we should not be surprised, when your very livelihood requires acts of unspeakable evil one becomes accustomed to jumping through convoluted logical hoops.

Well surprise surprise it looks like Susan Komen and it’s affiliates are having fundraising problems:

Registered attendance or donations have declined by more than 25 percent at some of the group’s recent Race for the Cure events, according to interviews with officials at 10 of the national nonprofit’s local affiliates.

The Times and our friends on the left point to the planned parenthood controversy but being the Times and the left draw exactly the wrong conclusion.

Having failed to anticipate a backlash among affiliates and the public, Komen headquarters compounded the problem, local officials said, by acting too slowly to apologize and reverse course.

Ah the ignorance of the times. Komen’s problem was not a slow course reversal but the end of the public’s ignorance of their affiliation with the nation’s largest abortion mill.

Komen’s affiliation with Planned Parenthood was not something that was generally known to the general public. The media’s attack on Komen for daring to decide that perhaps funding the nation’s leading abortion provider doesn’t do much to cure breast cancer made it impossible to hide this truth and when in fear of MSM opprobrium they reversed course paying the Danegeld to Planned Parenthood every person knew what side Komen had chosen.

The Times doesn’t want to acknowledge is an awful lot of the charitable giving in the US comes not at the corporate level but at the individual level and a big chunk of those individual givers are religious. Consider this photo from last weeks Visitation House fundraiser:

This annual dinner which supports women in crisis pregnancy (you can donate here). It was so large that it had to be moved to this new venue. How many of these people do you suppose supported a Komen walk in some way in the past I’ll wager a lot. How many will in the future? I’ll wager a fraction, if any.

Or how about the Annual March for Life? It’s always the largest March in DC year after year, and similar marches take place all over the nation. Those people when they saw a pink ribbon in the past thought “breast cancer” but now that same ribbon produces a different image:

Mind you for pro-life individuals that image is on every product that carries the Komen ribbon, and like Lady Macbeth’s hands it will never be clean again.

How many church bulletins no longer carry announcements of Komen walks? How many religious groups no longer provide logistical support? How many of the thousands of Knights of Columbus chapters nationwide can no longer in good conscience support or sponsor Komen? Every month my own counsel receives fundraising requests from many different groups and I’m sure other Fraternal organizations do as well. How many of them on getting Komen’s appeal decided there are plenty of other requests that won’t cause a split among members and trustees?

And as the demographics of the Roe effect continue their long-term effect How many pols on the state or national level mindful of the controversy will now find they have a “scheduling conflict” when the Komen folks come calling?

There are enough blue states and rich liberals to keep Komen going but there are a lot of folks who when asked in the future for funds will get the answer I now give: “If Susan Komen has money to give to planned parenthood they don’t need any of mine.”

That is the elephant in the room that the NYT refuses to see.

…in Susan Komen.

There was a time when pro-life people didn’t know about their support for Planned Parenthood, and then there was the possibility that they might still not give grants to planned parenthood based on the lack of you know, actual services the Abortion mill provides.

Now time has passed and there is no longer a mask or even a fig leaf there is simply a choice.

So be it. If providing actual services to women is trumped by devotion to Abortion very well.

I choose not to support Komen. I will not accept a paid ad or a promotion for Komen or any Komen event and If I see a pink ribbon on any product I choose not to buy it.

They don’t need my money, they don’t need my support or promotion.

Ever again.

There is a basic principle that needs to be said aloud concerning the Susan G. Komen business.

For Roman Catholics and Believing Protestants Abortion is an intrinsic evil. It is impossible for a person who opposes abortion to give to a private organization funding it without sin. So one might understand their reluctance to donate to Susan G. Komen over money spent on Abortion. They would be more likely to instead give directly to other charities that might do good work without dollars going to the number one Abortion provider.

Now the people on the other side claim that this is all about Woman’s Health. That it is politicizing women health and that women will suffer if planned parenthood doesn’t have this money.


Susan G. Komen is giving grants to organizations who do work to prevent breast cancer. Presumably as they are grants that are applied for, more than one organization that does this work is applying for them. I may have joked about applying for a grant but I’m not getting one, you’re not getting one and Pizza Hut or Taco Bell aren’t getting one.

Yet for our friends on the left that didn’t matter. From Joe Biden to Andrea Mitchell to liberal groups all over they not only attacked Komen but they threatened their cooperate sponsors, if they continued to fund Komen.

Not because a single dollar less would be spent on breast cancer, not because Komen had not done good work for its existence,not because there would actually be a compromise of women’s health, but because some of those funds were not going to be funneled to Planned Parenthood.

I have often said Abortion is a sacrament to the left, apparently not only is Planned Parenthood is their church but is also their cult and like any cult if you try to leave you must be destroyed no matter how many women with breast cancer you might help.

One of the things you learn when you start reporting the news is the difference between headlines and realities.

All over twitter and TV we are seeing the line: Susan G. Komen backs down. Susan Komen caves etc etc etc.

My first instinct was of course to cancel my donation, I tweeted to that effect but then I decided to do something that I thought might be intelligent. I read the statement they released

Statement from Susan G. Komen Board of Directors and Founder and CEO Nancy G. Brinker Friday, February 03, 2012 9:40 AM
We want to apologize to the American public for recent decisions that cast doubt upon our commitment to our mission of saving women’s lives.
The events of this week have been deeply unsettling for our supporters, partners and friends and all of us at Susan G. Komen. We have been distressed at the presumption that the changes made to our funding criteria were done for political reasons or to specifically penalize Planned Parenthood. They were not.
Our original desire was to fulfill our fiduciary duty to our donors by not funding grant applications made by organizations under investigation. We will amend the criteria to make clear that disqualifying investigations must be criminal and conclusive in nature and not political. That is what is right and fair.
Our only goal for our granting process is to support women and families in the fight against breast cancer. Amending our criteria will ensure that politics has no place in our grant process. 
We will continue to fund existing grants, including those of Planned Parenthood, and preserve their eligibility to apply for future grants, while maintaining the ability of our affiliates to make funding decisions that meet the needs of their communities. 
It is our hope and we believe it is time for everyone involved to pause, slow down and reflect on how grants can most effectively and directly be administered without controversies that hurt the cause of women. We urge everyone who has participated in this conversation across the country over the last few days to help us move past this issue. We do not want our mission marred or affected by politics – anyone’s politics.
Starting this afternoon, we will have calls with our network and key supporters to refocus our attention on our mission and get back to doing our work. We ask for the public’s understanding and patience as we gather our Komen affiliates from around the country to determine how to move forward in the best interests of the women and people we serve.
We extend our deepest thanks for the outpouring of support we have received from so many in the past few days and we sincerely hope that these changes will be welcomed by those who have expressed their concern.

and noted in particular three paragraphs:

Our original desire was to fulfill our fiduciary duty to our donors by not funding grant applications made by organizations under investigation. We will amend the criteria to make clear that disqualifying investigations must be criminal and conclusive in nature and not political. That is what is right and fair.

That is not an unfair statement after all if our friends on the left wanted to disqualify an organization they can just begin an “investigation in a state like Illinois that they control and then “poof”. The statement continues emphasis mine

Our only goal for our granting process is to support women and families in the fight against breast cancer . Amending our criteria will ensure that politics has no place in our grant process. We will continue to fund existing grants, including those of Planned Parenthood, and preserve their eligibility to apply for future grants, while maintaining the ability of our affiliates to make funding decisions that meet the needs of their communities.

Hmmm preserve their eligibility to apply for grants. Anyone can apply for grants, cripes I can apply for a grant. It’s an open question if such a grant will be given.

It is our hope and we believe it is time for everyone involved to pause, slow down and reflect on how grants can most effectively and directly be administered without controversies that hurt the cause of women. We urge everyone who has participated in this conversation across the country over the last few days to help us move past this issue. We do not want our mission marred or affected by politics – anyone’s politics.

What that week has demonstrated without a question is grants to Planned Parenthood generate controversies. And this statement says explicitly that they want to give grants administered without controversies.

This is a very carefully worded letter and I think the care in the wording says a lot. What is not explicitly said is: “Planned Parenthood will be getting new grants from Susan G. Komen in the future.” If Komen wanted to say that, they would have, but they didn’t.

Here is what I think: I think Komen recognized that to the left this is about the PR battle, I think what Komen is saying is not substantially different that what they said yesterday. I think that the left is turning this into a PR win because in the end it is the only win they will get out of this, and the image of Komen “caving” is all that matters to them.

I have a funny feeling when a year passes and Planned Parenthood applies for grants for Komen, Komen will happily accept those applications and decide that other groups are more worthy of their money.

Now in giving Planned Parenthood and the left a PR victory (which as I’ve already pointed out today is all they really care about) they will enrage a lot of people who frankly will not trust them in the future, and our friends on the left are celebrating right now, but I think they are mining fools gold.

Update: Apparently life news sees the same thing I do:

Austin Ruse, the president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, who has been very closely following the Komen decision-making process, told LifeNews that the statement is not really a change in position but he says the sentence “We will continue to fund existing grants, including those of Planned Parenthood, and preserve their eligibility to apply for future grants, while maintaining the ability of our affiliates to make funding decisions that meet the needs of their communities” is “troubling” for pro-life advocates.

“This represents nothing new. We have known and have reported that they are continuing five grants through 2012. This is a reference to that. The second clause about eligibility is certainly true. Any group can apply for anything. It does not mean they are going to get anything,” Ruse told LifeNews.

“What this is is an effort to get the mafia off of their backs. As James Taranto said in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, this is a classic shakedown operation. Give us money or we will destroy you. This is Komen’s attempt to save their organization, which we should know is in peril. Our side should know that nothing has changed.”

It’s all about the PR and when it comes down to it, Komen the bad PR and mistrust that Komen is going to get over this is their own fault.

Bottom line: Komen cut funding for Planned Parenthood, it is facing massive revolt from its chapters and temendous opposition from Planned Parenthood and the media, and it appears to be leaving the door open for potential grants — not that they will necessarily happen beyond the ones previously approved prior to the decision — to please both sides.

In the end, Komen’s decision to fund Planned Parenthood originally got itself in the mess it faces now.

Update 2: The American Papist no squish on life, gets it:

They released a very carefully scripted statement today which echoes what their President Nancy G. Brinker said yesterday on MSNBC. They didn’t cave, they are saying the exact same thing they’ve always been saying, just in a new way, in an effort to beg for space and a break from the incessant threat by liberal elites and attacks by the mainstream and left-wing media

Update 3: If you won’t believe me or the American Papist on Komen will you believe Jill Stank?

12:20p: The more I read Komen’s statement, the more brilliant it becomes. Planned Parenthood loses its PR edge if any of its affiliates are convicted on criminal grounds.

And with the investigations currently under way those odds increase every day.

Update 4:
The anchoress gets it on the political side but is giving into despair:

He’s much more optimistic than I am, but then again, I’m watching Moloch dance today. I know he loses in the end, but today, he feels triumphant. Komen won’t dare not to fund PP in the future, not after what they just tasted.

Unless, perhaps, the Christians have mercy, as Thomas says.

Faith Elizabeth, have FAITH!

Update 5: Captain Ed gets it:

It sounds to me like this statement was carefully crafted to underscore that policy, not reverse it, as Sargent discovered.

The Anchoress insists she is not giving into despair, I think the left is about to beclown themselves on this.

Update 6: MSNBC and CNN celebrations not withstanding a few on the left are starting to get it

Update last: AUL statement:

Americans United for Life President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest said that it was “unfortunate that the Komen Foundation had come under vicious attack from Planned Parenthood as part of a media-savvy campaign.”

Dr. Yoest made the following statement:

“As a breast cancer survivor, I am troubled that the Komen Foundation has come under such heavy fire for their recent decision to tighten and focus their funding guidelines. This week we have all been witness to highly partisan attacks from pro-abortion advocates and an ugly and disgraceful shakedown that highlights Planned Parenthood’s willingness to pursue a scorched-earth strategy to force compliance with their pro-abortion agenda.

“The American public has learned this week that Planned Parenthood does not actually provide front-line breast health services: Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms – a service that saved my life. Komen’s long-standing partnership with the nation’s largest abortion provider has allowed Planned Parenthood to whitewash the central fact that their core mission involves providing abortion.

“The on-going Congressional investigation of Planned Parenthood – from the same Committee investigating Solyndra – raises substantive legal questions and areas of ethical and moral concern. As AUL detailed in our ‘Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood,’ attention to the abortion giant’s business practices is long overdue.

“The Committee is concerned with wise stewardship of public taxpayer monies, just as the Komen Foundation must be concerned with their investment of donor dollars. It is unfortunate that donors to the Susan G. Komen Foundation are now confused about their association with the nation’s largest abortion provider.”

One of the best ways to judge what is dear to someone is to see what drives them. If you look at Memeorandum today you will see link after link concerning Susan G. Komen’s decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood. As of this writing no less that 11 headlines deal with this decision with 9 of them hitting the story from the left and the description within the pieces are full of outrage.

And God forbid you put a piece supporting Komen’s decision on a “Woman’s” site. My friend Jenny Erickson is being pummeled in comments for this piece on the Komen decision.

If you think about this for a moment this should have been a one day story. Susan G. Komen is a breast cancer charity, it’s not a government agency, it’s not a state agency, it’s a private charity whose mission to to fight breast cancer. Nothing in this decision is going to change the good that Komen does.

Nor would the idea that as such a charity would direct it’s funds and it’s time in the most efficient way be odd. Every dollar Komen gets comes from someone else. That they would direct such money directly to places that provide mammograms in quantity (unlike almost all Planned parenthood sites)

So it raises the question, why is the left in such an uproar? Why is a group like the American Association of University women no longer counting Komen as “community service” Why is Howard Dean calling on corporations to boycott Komen? Is Komen no longer going to be working for a cure for Breast Cancer? Will the young women in the group be less supportable to Breast Cancer than they were last week?

The fact is like Wisconsin this is a defining moment:

When Governor Scott Walker passed his reforms which included the removal of automatic dues deductions for unions it threatened the money flow to the left. They were willing to make any deal to keep it. Without compulsion thousands of Union members voted with their pocketbooks in though times. And when the districts where no longer locked into contracts that forced them into non-competitive contracts with Union heath insurance plans it cost them even more.

The fear and the danger for the left is that it would spread to other states and cut off circular use of taxpayer funding that is the life’s blood of democratic campaigns. An example had to be made and the left, even as they appear to fail in Wisconsin, the left intends to make it a bloody cost.

And that brings us to Susan G. Komen.

The same circular funding scheme that exists for the Unions exists with Planned Parnethood, funds go to Planned Parenthood to support abortion, become political donations to Democratic candidates that push public funds back to Planned Parenthood. That is why they fought so hard to save funding at the Federal Level and are fighting so hard to perverse it on the state level.

But for companies such support of the nation’s #1 abortion provider has not been without cost: As Komen discovered a lot of people who would otherwise have been supporting them had cut ties:

The biggest reason SGK stopped funding Planned Parenthood? “Nancy Brinker [SGK chairwoman, pictured right] said she was spending nearly half her time dealing with the Planned Parenthood issue,” said my source. “She decided she just couldn’t do it any longer.”

Quite simply, Planned Parenthood is poison.

Many other business and organizations know this same thing but have been too timid to act. The left knows and understands this. (That’s why Planned Parenthood NOT KOMEN broke the story) If Komen is allowed to survive and thrive without the imprimatur of the left, then how many will follow suit? That’s why, no matter how many women’s lives are saved by their actions, they must be destroyed.

The Hill is reporting that Rep. Jackie Spier is leading the charge for liberals to abandon the Susan G Komen For The Cure charity because it has stopped funding Planned Parenthood.

Rod Dreher puts it well:

the more I think about it, the more I realize this is a clarifying moment. Think of it! Three decades of service to women fighting breast cancer, and having raised and distributed hundreds of millions of dollars nearly $2 billion towards that goal, means absolutely nothing to these people now trying to destroy Komen. They could have denounced Komen’s decision, but in light of all Komen has done, and still does for women, turned their ire on the Republicans, the Religious Right, and so forth. But no, Komen broke ranks, and it must be dealt with harshly. And the sympathetic mainstream media is helping them do the job.

It is for that reason why the left will make this a one year story rather than a one day story. They will not relent they will try to make it Komen’s Waterloo. But as the Komen fundraising numbers already show it is Waterloo and Komen like Scott Walker before them, is playing the role of Wellington.

Exit question: Komen KNEW this was coming and still did it. What does that say about the power of the left?

Update: A lot of people a panicking about the Komen “cave” but not only is there a lot less than meets the eye the American Papist (no squish on life) gets it.

I mean, just pause for a moment: if Planned Parenthood is so serious about protecting women’s health how does it justify leading a crusade to destroy the world’s leading breast cancer research foundation over these past days?? It’s simply incredible, and we need to make sure it’s never forgotten.

One last thing: we need to remember the big picture. Over the past 48 hours, not only did Planned Parenthood reveal itself as willing to seriously damage and attempt to destroy the pro-woman Komen foundation, but also, thousands and millions of people potentially learned for the first time that Komen doesn’t believe Planned Parenthood is an ideal provider of health care for women. So even if Planned Parenthood wins this battle (an outcome very much in doubt), I would argue they have seriously weakened themselves for the battles ahead. This will be a long fight, take the long view.

Update 2: To those who still think Komen has caved I suggest you read this.

Update 3: I’m a little late acknowledging this Instalanche due to show stuff but thanks much Glenn.

Detective Inspector Menzies: “Did you set this up to make us look stupid. Planting an…”

The 6th Doctor:   “An? An what? Something beginning with a vowel? Something beginning with an A perhaps?”

Doctor Who, The Condemned 2008 Big Finish #105

Today the MSM finally discovered the Susan G. Komen story that’s I wrote about two days ago, and as you might guess the coverage was not only one-sided but on MSNBC was missing something:

Here is a clip of Barbara Boxer and Patty Murray on Andrea Mitchel:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

(I thought Mitchell’s “where ‘we‘ should go from here was telling”)

The show was followed by Tameron Hall’s show News Nation which had Barbara Lee who went through a list of all the great things that Planned parenthood does (no video is available yet).

On both of these shows the guests expounded on all the wonderful things that Planned Parent does, however they seemed to miss something, something that accounts for 91% of their business of their dealings with pregnant women, something beginning with an A.

For some reason Planned Parenthood’s primary business Abortion is that which can’t be named.

Language is very revealing. You can always tell when someone is losing an argument by the arguments they use or do not use.

That’s why although I disagree with Megan McArdle on abortion I can at least respect her for this:

Though I’m pro-choice, I don’t share the outrage that was roiling my Twitter feed this morning. It is, as Josh Barro noted, absurd to pretend that abortion is somehow incidental to Planned Parenthood’s services, and since money is fungible, giving them money is probably helping to fund abortion provision. Since I think this is a very tough issue on which reasonable people can disagree, I can see why the federal government, and private foundations, would decline to fund their operations.

I guess we must conclude from their choice of words that Andrea Mitchell’s and Tameron Hall’s guests know how to count too.

Update: Apparently our fiends on the left are not big on the free choice of Susan G. Komen.

Update 2: What was that I said about math?

Nevertheless, since cutting ties, Brinker announced that Komen’s donations have gone up in the last two days — by 100 percent.

“Our donations are up 100 percent in the past two days. With all of the emotion around these issues — which we understand, we get emotional too, we do this every single day of our lives,” Brinker said, explaining that they do not make decisions to be popular, they make them to fight cancer.

Like I said, the math doesn’t lie

Update 3: I should have said that 91% of pregenant woman who go to Planned Parenthood have abortions rather than 91% of their business, but to ignore the Abortion business in planned parenthood is to ignore the slavery in the south pre-1860

I am trying very hard not to enjoy the absolute panic among feminists over an organization that exists to save women’s lives choosing not to fund an organization that makes its money killing a lot of females.

So rather than gloat over the absolute anger of the impotent left that has spent two generations aborting their voting base and their failure to grasp mathematics I instead have two simple questions about this abortion “right” that they cling to as a sacrament and invite them to answer in comments:

1. If a woman has an absolute right to Abortion is there any objection to a woman aborting based on sex?

2. If a woman has an absolute right to Abortion is there any objection to a woman aborting based on sexual orientation?

I suggest that there is only one possible answer to both questions if you truly believe that abortion is all about “A woman’s right to choose.” If you believe otherwise then apparently what you believe is “A woman’s right to choose what you don’t find objectionable.”

There is all kinds of outrage from the feminist left concerning Susan Komen choosing to de-fund planned parenthood. In comments plenty of leftists are vowing to send their money to PP instead of Koren.

Hey it’s their money to spend but let’s remind all these leftists of some simple math.

250,000 to 500,000 people attended the March for life in Washington. This doesn’t include pro-life events all over the country.

Meanwhile abortion groups could not even muster 100,000 for an ONLINE march to support abortion.

I suspect that a lot of people in the walk for a cure found themselves surprised when religious folk, known for a willingness to give were unwilling to kick in or walk for them. I know I was unwilling to donate a thing. There are now tens of thousands of Catholic church bulletins that would not promote their walks are open to them.

Note to our friends in the left, when you kill off your children, they not only aren’t there to vote, they aren’t there to donate either.

Update: And da math don’t lie

Nevertheless, since cutting ties, Brinker announced that Komen’s donations have gone up in the last two days — by 100 percent.

And this money will keep coming too.

Read more:

If you drive down main street in Fitchburg you might notice this sign in a 2nd floor window across from the parking garage:

It is a good-sized sign that take up a fair amount of space in the window. It is very visible to anyone leaving the parking garage. It would seem an excellent spot in terms of visibility:

A Ron Paul sign in an empty 2nd floor storefront in New England normally would not be worth a post, but it was the specific location of this sign that really caught my eye:

I have a vivid memory of the fight to keep Planned Parenthood out of Fitchburg, from the protests to the city council meetings. I also recall the letter writing campaign urging the landlord to choose not to rent this property to the nation’s leading abortion provider. It was ignored and that big Planned Parenthood awning is a constant reminder of that fact.

Perhaps it’s just me but I think this has to be one of the worst examples of product placement I’ve seen in my life.

During my 2 1/2 hour AM drive home from the GOP debate in Hanover NH I did some radio channel surfing and found an incredible story out of Uganda on the BBC world service that seemed right out of the Aztec playbook:

Schoolchildren are closely watched by teachers and parents as they make their way home from school. In playgrounds and on the roadside are posters warning of the danger of abduction by witch doctors for the purpose of child sacrifice.

The ritual, which some believe brings wealth and good health, was almost unheard of in the country until about three years ago, but it has re-emerged, seemingly alongside a boom in the country’s economy.

The mutilated bodies of children have been discovered at roadsides, the victims of an apparently growing belief in the power of human sacrifice.

The follow-up story gets worse:

One witch-doctor led us to his secret shrine and said he had clients who regularly captured children and brought their blood and body parts to be consumed by spirits.

Meanwhile,a former witch-doctor who now campaigns to end child sacrifice confessed for the first time to having murdered about 70 people, including his own son.

The radio broadcast (available here) was simply astounding. I wondered what kind of barbarians could slaughter children, even their own, in order to improve their personal financial situation?

…and then as I drove through the middle of a quaint New England Town at night, I looked to my left and saw, illuminated by a single bulb, a Planned Parenthood Clinic.

The Witch Doctor in an underdeveloped Uganda plays on the uneducated, promising them an easier and more prosperous future at the price of a couple of hundred dollars and a child’s life and people agree. I call that Barbarism.

Planned parenthood makes the same promise and demands the same price (with the cash subsidized by the government) to a developed and educated population…

…and millions consent, cheered by others. Perhaps you have a different word for it?

I don’t.

Today a large protest was held in front of Planned Parenthood in Worcester.

there were people on all sides of the street:

and a lot of school kids:

Continue reading “Planned Parenthood Protest in Worcester today”

This morning on the way home from dropping off my son to school I stopped off at the 5th street diner to see what the Worcester Telegram had to say about the vandalism and threats at Problem Pregnancy yesterday.

There wasn’t a word in the paper, so I checked on online:

Nope not a word there, so I figured I’d check the Fitchburg Sentinel after all local protests had been well covered there.

However the sentinel did have breaking news on puppies being found (I kid you not)

The ninth and final puppy stolen from Sterling’s animal shelter was found with the help of a tip Sunday, Sterling Animal Control Officer Louis Massa said.

Scout is back at Animal Shelter Inc. and is apparently in good health, Massa said Tuesday.

Absolutely riveting! After all how can this

The peaceful left

or this:

Yup breaking windows is pro-woman

…compete with a lost puppy? Maybe if they actually torch the place it might make page B-24.

I called up Problem Pregnancy today and found that the only the Catholic Free Press was preparing to take a look after someone forwarded my story to them.

When you think of it, it’s kinda sad that blogs in New York are covering this but papers in Massachusetts are not.

I guarantee you that if this was Planned Parenthood instead of Problem Pregnancy, forget the papers, this would have made channels 4,5,7 NECN with live shots of news crews talking about the seriousness of threats and violence against those who are trying to help and counsel women and commentary by national figures about the violence of the right.

But Stones through windows and threats of arson against groups that don’t provide abortion or give money to democrats, like death threats against republican legislators in Wisconsin don’t count.

Update: Then again even their own stories are apparently not newsworthy.

Update 2: There is now a telegram story behind a subscription wall