There have been many lessions that have come from blogging but if there is one that I’ve learned over the last 8+ years of writing and blogging at my own site is this:

Association with Robert Stacy McCain leads to unexpected results.

To wit one night at CPAC I decided to take a nap for a few hours when I woke up it was around 11 pm and Stacy McCain who I was sharing a room with along with Cynthia Yockey (A conservative lesbian) and Emile the photographer (I had the floor btw) decided he needed a beer.

While not wanting one myself I figured I go and keep him company, so we went down to the hotel lobby area where there was a connected bar, two things happened.

  1. I ran into Matt Margolis who I wanted to interview
  2. Stacy discovered the bar closed at midnight.

Since I was just going to keep Stacy company I had not brought equipment so as he walked to the Public House for a beer I went back upstairs to the room to grab a camera. On a whim didn’t however I didn’t just bring a camera but brought everything I had, both laptops, 2 cameras and my mic setup and two to three extra fedoras and came back down.

I went to the bar but there was no power area to set up everything. So I went into the main lobby where there were long tables with power supplies, Set up my laptops connected up the mic and viola DaTechguy Midnight court where I talked and interviewed not just Matt but folks with full audio and some video till nearly 4 in the morning was born.

It was a tad tricky, this was primarily audio I had to operate the camera and the mic Occasionally others helped out making it easier. I didn’t get back upstairs till nearly 4 AM

It went over so well and the next night I was downstairs till nearly 5. The 3rd night I ran 8-10 because I had pack and catch my shuttle to my flight.

Thus I have many hours of video and audio to process along with all the video and audio I haven’t caught up with yet to get to you but the bottom line is If I return to CPAC in 2018, I suspect the Midnight Court will too.

All because Stacy, who sat in later when he came back and to his surprise saw the crowd and our little show, wanted a beer.

The Lord works in Mysterious ways, and Stacy is proof positive.

DaTechGuy at CPAC 2017 (all videos not blogged about yet here). Be aware that due to the sheer volume of videos to upload if I interviewed you it might be days before you see it here

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Some Quick pre-cpac video and thoughts

2016 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards

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His main focus is the podcast but he does blog as well:

This is our first interview with an extra guest star! Actually two since we had Susanne. Considering what a sweetheart Susanne is I can’t see why I had so much trouble with the camera whenever I tried to interview her, either events were starting or the camera acted up.