Amanda Marcotte put out a piece naming 7 (actually 9) “women fighting against equal rights for women”. She ends her piece thus:

But regardless of their reasons, female misogynists are putting personal gain ahead of the health and wellbeing of average women, and for that they should be held just as accountable as men who attack the equal rights of women.

The word “projection” instantly comes to mind but psychology is not the best way to defeat a Marcotte, mathematics is.

Amanda Marcotte has specific opinions on children:

“They are loud and smelly and, above all other things, demanding. No matter how much free day care you throw at women, babies are still time-sucking monsters with their constant neediness.”

And she is determined to have none.

There are 9 women on her enemies list, of the 9 I could only find information concerning children for four of them.

According to IMDB Ann Marie Murrell has one child, Morgan Brittany 2. and from the Politichicks site we see Dr. Gina Loudon has 5 meanwhile the oldest person on her list Phyllis Schlafly (age 90) has, according to Wikipedia six children.

That’s a 14-0 ratio and at 26 Lila Rose hasn’t even got started yet.

So while Amanda Marcotte and feminists like Sally Miller Gearhart willingly continue down a biological dead end , their enemies are fruitful and multiplying.

I have a theory:

If as the 12th Doctor, says Evolution prefers survival skills I suspect feminism is evolution’s way of making sure certain elements are not replicated and preserved in human gene pool.

That theory would explain feminists penetration of the university system and their determined battle alter the course of evolutionary biology via woman’s studies departments all over the nation.  Without that effort they would have gone the way of the shakers long ago.

It’s a war against science & biology and Amanda and company are losing.


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One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is how many people fall for the “Tax the Rich” business in the form of higher taxes.

However the women at PolitiChicks aren’t among them:

But wouldn’t these same celebrities be worried about the impending tax hikes? Aren’t they worried that they could be impacted? Not a chance. Because when it comes to actually paying taxes, these celebrities don’t want to pay their “fair share.” And, guess what? They don’t have to.

Hollywood’s elites are using a whole array of methods to escape paying their “fair share.” They use of offshore trusts, tax havens and the transferring funds to wives or civil partners as tax dodges.

Hey that can’t be right! Celebs like Kimberlin funder Barbra Streisand supported all these big tax hikes what could they possibly get out of it?

Well shortly after Proposition 30 was passed, Governor Brown signed legislation extending the state’s $100 million tax-credit fund for two more years. This measure allows California film producers a 20 percent or 25 percent credit against income and sales and use taxes.

There’s even more good news for Hollywood’s elite. California Assembly member Felipe Fuentes (D) has introduced Bill AB 2026. This measure would extend the State’s Film and Television Tax Credit Program by an additional five years, for an estimated tax break of $500 million dollars ($100 million per year). The program has already saved the Hollywood industry over $400 million in tax credits to date.

I wonder how much of that $400 mill went to democrat pols urging the rich to pay their “fair share”?

And that’s just the credits passed in daylight. For example while it’s axiomatic that you could consider using Henry C Frye for your accounting and financial planning needs, it’s also axiomatic the very rich have an army of Henry Frye’s on payroll ready to find the necessary credits and deductions to offset any increase in rates but the avg small businessman like say Walter from Aaron Pallet doesn’t.

Any person who doesn’t understand this just doesn’t get it.

A little later today I’ll be putting out my full post about the Americans for Prosperity Rally but there is one particular point that needs to be accented.

There were plenty of speakers at the Rally, quite a few of them in congress including large names such as Michelle Bachmann, Paul Ryan, Allen West, Senator Pat Toomey and more. There seemed no shortage of members of congress willing to stand up and be counted.

During the protests earlier in the day in support of Obamacare that was not the case.

When Pat Toomey finished his interview with the Politichicks ladies (who covered the event) I asked him why this was the case his answer:

Sen Toomey (R-Pa): “I have no idea I couldn’t tell you.”

DaTechGuy: “An awful lot of people voted for it, where are they?”

Sen Toomey (R-Pa): “That’s a good question, this is a pretty unpopular bill.”

The senate as the body that approves treaties tends to be a more diplomatic body. I asked Allen West the same question and got a much blunter answer

“I don’t think they have the courage to come out, like the president who left the country.”

And that is the bottom line, the left had full control of the house when this passed yet had to drag their members tooth and claw over the line to get them.

If this was a good law, if it was a popular law, if it was law that would improve the lot of the people the left would not only have been anxious to vote for it, but two years later they would have marked the passage of the law with grand events and speech.

Instead they were reduced to Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Rights League and the SEIU providing marchers in front of the court with nary a member of congress to be seen.

And that fact speaks blunter even than Congressman West.

Update: Perhaps they should have offered to pay the congressmen $20 each to show up? It worked for the SEIU.

If there is one constant at CPAC for me year after year it is that the event I least wish to miss is my friend Pam Geller’s.

This year was no exception but I found myself running late and literally running up the hill to try and get there on time. When I finally figured out where the McKinney Room was I had to talk my way into it because there was simply no room and I only come in wide body.

As usual the speakers were incredible,

(memo to self, BUY A MONOPOD ASAP)

My plan was actually to film the speaker but Robert was making such important points that it was important not to miss them

One thing about this video, I point out that when this case was won, it was won before a Dearborn jury. That is a very hopeful sign (yes I still have hope).

Because I didn’t have my laptop I couldn’t switch out my video card so I had only limited video capability. But I was able to interview some of the other speakers at different times such as J. Christian Adams:

Who I interviewed with his wife the next day in the bloggers lounge:

There was a Q & A afterwards and a rather spectacular looking woman told a story of an interesting encounter at CPAC, I ran into her later in the day and only then found out that she Ann Marie Murrell and associated with Victoria Jackson and a new group called Politichicks.

May I be so bold as to suggest that Roxeanne De Luca would be an incredible addition to “Politichicks” but I digress.

At the end of the Q & A I was able to bring up Molly Norris and was surprised at how many there didn’t know her story.

If you want to seem my posts on it (the Molly Norris Story) they are here here here here here and here oh and here.

It seemed to impress some people because a woman from Sun TV Canada pulled me aside and interviewed me on camera, (still looking for the video). The publicity for me is good to make a living but I’ll trade it for a story on that network about Molly Norris 6 days a week and twice on Sunday.

There is more coverage of Pam’s event at her site and also here and here

I include the photos I took after the jump:
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