Antidote to Trump Anxiety

Doctor J is in by baldilocks Emily Zanotti: Politico Magazine reported this week that the [p]resident is causing all sorts of maladies in his political opponents, from sexual dysfunction to flat-out depression, and in some cases the president is so single-handedly responsible for patients' psychological instability that qualified therapists have made him into a diagnosis: Trump … Continue reading Antidote to Trump Anxiety

Why Big GOP Hates Donald Trump

by baldilocks People love to be lied to and smooth-talked. Conversely, they hate frank speakers who tell them the truth. This is part of the reason that there is still love and nostalgia for Former President Obama and a widespread visceral hatred of President Trump. I’m not immune, but I have recovered. Admittedly, having a … Continue reading Why Big GOP Hates Donald Trump

Obama press conference on IRS scandal has no substance

The President did his best to show anger and shock at the IRS’s mishandling of conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status in a press conference this evening where he took no questions.  He promised to “hold responsible parties” accountable claiming that he “will not tolerate” this type of behavior in any agency, but especially the … Continue reading Obama press conference on IRS scandal has no substance

Thomas Sowell and DaTechGuy see eye to eye

DaTechGuy Blog March 7th: If Mitt Romney is the nominee everything changes for the worse for him Mitt Romney will still have an organization, but instead of being vastly superior it will be inferior to Obama. He will still have the GOP party apparatus behind him, but he’ll not only face an opponent with the … Continue reading Thomas Sowell and DaTechGuy see eye to eye

The Anchoress Nails it…

...but only because she gets it right: One of my husband’s friends–hated Bush, loved Obama and defended him vociferously for the first year, less passionately the second–told him over lunch this week that he’s done with Obama and “I never thought I’d say this but I miss Bush. We knew that he said what he … Continue reading The Anchoress Nails it…

Taking: “It’s all Bush’s Fault” to a new level

If you want to make a list George W. Bush's friend and allies in the media it likely doesn't include Maureen Dowd, Eugene Robinson or Peter Beinart. Yet the three of them seeing their hero Barack Obama floundering over the Ground Zero Mosque and the democrats on the defensive over their support of it expect … Continue reading Taking: “It’s all Bush’s Fault” to a new level