Today Donald Trump will have his first press conference in a while and due to a combination of distance work and circumstances I won’t be there to ask questions as I have before, but for those interested here is the question I had planned on asking if I had been able to get there.

“Mr. President Elect, for over 50 years the entertainment industry has derided the Hollywood blacklist of actors and writers who supported the single most murderous ideology of the 20th century.

Given that history of opposing blacklists, what would you say to those in Hollywood and on Broadway who seem to suddenly have no problem blacklisting performers who might either perform for you or suggest support for you and furthermore how surprised have you been to see both an industry and individuals that you worked fine with for decades suddenly turn on you?

Given that this question doesn’t come at the question from the : “Why do you such so bad?” angle I predict that nobody at the press conference will ask anything like it.

The President did his best to show anger and shock at the IRS’s mishandling of conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status in a press conference this evening where he took no questions.  He promised to “hold responsible parties” accountable claiming that he “will not tolerate” this type of behavior in any agency, but especially the IRS “given the power that it has and reach that it has in all of our lives.”

He promised safeguards and to work with Congress.  He claimed this is a “fixable” problem. (Of course, that makes sense now that the election is over.)

He had the gall to tell Congress not be partisan in its investigation. Even in the midst of a scandal with a clear abuse of power in his administration, he finds the time to take a swipe at Republican leadership in Congress. “Democrats and Republicans owe it to the American people to treat that authority with the responsibility it deserves and in a way that doesn’t smack of politics or partisan agendas.”  Let’s face it, that little remark was not directed at the Democrats.

He also talked about ensuring that the “laws are clear” so that they can be enforced fairly.  So, was he trying to say they were not enforced fairly because the laws were not clear?  He certainly implied that.

This was basically a press conference about nothing where the President just wants the evening news cycle to run a story claiming he is outraged and “doing all that he can.”

Charles Krauthammer on Fox said just after the press conference that this is the “bare minimum” that the president had to do.  He is exactly right.  This was basically punting the controversy forward a day with generalities hoping that the outrage will die down.