On Friday I attended the Carenet Dinner in Hollis NH.

For those not familiar with it, Carenet is a protestant ministry for pregnant woman, women removing from abortion and men and women learning how to be parents.

I spoke to Linda Barrie one of the officials about their work

And to their keynote speaker Pastor Keith Ferrin from Seattle

I shared a table with Mike Rogers and Steve MacDonald of Granite Grok who spoke to me after the event about both Carenet and the Election:

As Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for life said there is plenty of room for all of us in the pro-life movement, I’m pleased to see Carenet do their part.

Edward Rutledge:They are here, yes, but they are not people sir, they are property.
Thomas Jefferson:No, sir they are people who are being treated as property!

1776 (1972)

I have often argued that the abortion debate is just the slavery debate, treating People namely children, as property.

At the federalist, we see how this is played out in situations that to use the Holy Father’s words “irregular” situations: 

A white lesbian couple is suing a sperm bank for a second time because it gave them sperm from a black donor instead of a white one as they requested. Jennifer Cramblett filed the lawsuit last week against Midwest Sperm Bank LLC, which she blames for “an unplanned transracial parent-child relationship” that she says has caused her to move to a “place that is more racially and culturally diverse.”

The complaint says she gave birth to a “beautiful, obviously mixed race, baby” girl in 2012 after she learned several months beforehand that the sperm was from a black donor. Claiming negligence, misconduct, and breach of contract, she is seeking $150,000 plus punitive damages and attorney fees.


Now if you consider this a question of property this is a very straightforward case. The customer purchased an item from a vendor and it was not as promised so they are looking for compensation. It brings to mind the exchange from the movie 1997 movie Amistad:

Mr. Baldwin: Well, the case is much simpler than you think, Mr. Tappan. It’s like anything – land, livestock, heirlooms, what have you.
Mr Tappin: Livestock?
Mr. Baldwin: Yes. Consider – the only way one may sell or purchase slaves is if they are born slaves, as on the plantation. I’m right, aren’t I?
Mr. Tappan: Yes.
Mr. Baldwin: So, are they?
Mr. Tappan: “Are they?”
Mr. Baldwin: Yes. Born slaves, as on a plantation. We’re not certain, but we very much doubt it. Let’s say they are. Then they are possessions, and no more deserving of a criminal trial than a bookcase. On the other hand, let’s say they aren’t slaves, in which case they were illegally acquired. Forget mutiny, forget piracy, forget murder. Those are irrelevant occurrences. Ignore everything but the pre-eminent issue at hand. The wrongful transfer of stolen goods. Either way, we win.

I’m sure there were plenty of cases like this in the days of the slave trade but let’s take this to the logical conclusion with some rational questions:

While with very few exceptions nobody would argue that it would be proper to kill this child because it was not as ordered, if this child had been born with a birth defect or a disease that was inherited from the father/sperm donor would the mother have a valid lawsuit?

If the sperm bank had discovered its error say in the 2nd month of pregnancy would the mother have aborted this child? How about if it discovered its error in the 9th month or the week before delivery?

After all if this child is just property then what’s the difference when you discard it? It’s no more immoral than throwing away a defective table lamp to save the cost of shipping a defective item back.

If for any reason this young girl has issues in her youth, does her mother have a suit against the company?  Does she?

And furthermore consider the psychological effect on the girl as she grows up, what will she think when she discovers that her mother launched a lawsuit because she was dissatisfied over who her daughter is?  How will she as a black women feel about a lawsuit where she is treated as property?  Will she have a valid suit against her mother and/or the company to pay for any trauma due to the company’s error or her mother’s suit?

This is what happens when you treat people as property, then is what happens when you treat human life as a commodity, this is what happens when bringing life into the world is all about affirming one’s own narcissism.

That child, no matter how it was conceived is a gift from God, a living soul and this suit is an insult to her dignity as a person.

She deserves your prayers.

Note if I was a pro-life leader I’d file a brief in the case arguing that this suit treats a person as property and should be thrown out under the amendments abolishing slavery.

I have made the argument many times that I don’t believe in “Hate Crimes”.

It’s a question of punishing thought rather than action, the whole idea of punishing crime is to punish what people do to harm society.  If you deck me, If you rob me, if you kill me, you deserve to face punishment but if you don’t like me or think I’m an ass that’s nobody’s business but yours.

That being said if you are going to have such laws this makes perfect sense:

Republican Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado has introduced legislation that would make the targeted killing of a police officer a federal hate crime.

Similar legislation has been introduced on the state level in the Louisiana and Maryland legislatures.

The reactions of the foes to this is…interesting

Rashad Turner, the leader of the Black Lives Matter chapter in St. Paul, Minn., told the Star Tribune in October 2015 that “law enforcement wanted to make themselves out to be the victims” when the Red Wing, Minn., City Council called for an expansion of the federal hate crimes law to include killing police.

Maybe it’s just be but I’d say that a person, any person who is murdered or targeted for murder is by definition a victim.

You would think adding five or ten years to a 40 to life murder sentence would not be worth the effort for the police or create a fuss from black lives matter

But we’ve reached a point in our society where the title “victim” is such a valuable commodity that it’s guarded jealously, and once it’s a matter of law that the value of the life of those who enforce law is equal to those who flaunt it then one can’t celebrate or excuse their murder as an act of virtue.

Eventually I suppose we’ll get to the point where every possible individual permutation of mankind will have the tag “lives matter” put after them and then we can all be victims together.

Maybe it’s just me but I think we would be much better off with the old culture of life that once existed.

Compere: Well, Mr Walters, what’s it like being invisible?

Walters: [slowly and boringly] Well, for a start, at the office where I work I can be sitting at my desk all day and the others totally ignore me. At home, even though we are in the same room, my wife does not speak to me for hours, people pass me by in the street without a glance in my direction, and I can walk into a room without…

Compere: Well, whilst we’ve got interesting people, we met Mr Oliver Cavendish who…

Walters: [droning on] … Even now you yourself, you do hardly notice me…

Monty Python’s Flying Circus

On Saturday I posted videos & interviews from the planned parenthood protest in Fitchburg.

It was a small protest but one of 180 planned protests against planned parenthood that as Breitbart noted became 320 protests all over the nation such as louisville.

Alejandro Capote spoke at the Louisville, Kentucky, protest, where he estimates at least 500 people participated.

“I spoke about the importance of defunding Planned Parenthood,” Capote tells Breitbart News. “It’s important that women have health care that does not fund abortion.”

Falls church virginia

Theresa King, who organized the Falls Church, Virginia, #ProtestPP rally told Breitbart News she decided to be an organizer after viewing the Center for Medical Progress videos.

“I saw the Planned Parenthood videos and felt the need to act,” she said. “As a kid, I would pray outside of abortion clinics, and my mom always said that we were giving the babies the only funeral they would ever have, so I felt the need to stand for the babies in the video, but for all the babies that have died in abortion.”

and if you go to twitter you could find photos from all over the country. Ottawa Illinois

Orange California

Nashville TN

Grand Rapids:

San Diego:


Dayton OH



And as Twitchy and Steven Miller noted these took place without violence:

This fact is a huge problem for the MSM which has taken the side of planned parenthood in the current debate and the knowledge that this many protests took place without incident would be an awkward story for them.

However despite the photographic evidence I’ve just displayed the media’s problem was solved by the people in question apparently being totally invisible:


Obviously the protesters were quite invisible to most, I did a search of CBS news for planned parenthood , no coverage:
ABC no coverage
NBC no coverage

Not even a word on the net from any of them.  CNN did slightly better online here is the full text of their only story: (emphasis mine)

CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Opponents took to the streets in a nationwide protest against Planned Parenthood on Saturday. Jennifer James was driving past a Planned Parenthood in Oklahoma City when she saw hundreds of people protesting Saturday morning. ““It was a very quiet protest,” James said. “As I walked up and down it with my camera, you could have heard a pin drop. It was unusual given how contentions of an issue it is.”
zdan, CNN iReport producer

A few hundred people gather outside Planned Parenthood in Oklahoma City to protest abortion and government funding for the organization. Among the protesters were students from the Newman Center, a Catholic student organization at the University of Central Oklahoma.
Note the highlighted text, the only reason why CNN has this tiny bit of online coverage was because one of their producers noticed the protest driving by and was shocked by how orderly it was.
But who knew that so many people in the nation could be so invisible?  Particularly when they don’t have media connections who will be sure to show up to make even the tiniest protest national news

I’m a single blogger with a cheap camera and the MSM is a multi billion dollar industry, how is it that I could produce this interview

and they could not?


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IMG_0377Yesterday all over the country protests took place at Planned parenthood locations highlighting the horrors that we’ve seen from the planned parenthood videos that have been released not only selling organs of children but revealing the slaying of born alive children to get bit of them for profit.

In Massachusetts while there were large protests in Boston and Worcester and Springfield. I choose to attend the small protest in my city of Fitchburg in front of the planned parenthood location there as it was not only the closest but it started at Noon rather than 9 or 10 AM. the closest.

Because Fitchburg is the smallest of the protest cities and unlike the other Planned parenthood locations no abortions take place in Fitchburg it tends to draw small crowds from 15-30 protesters given the day I was curious as to how many people I would see.

I arrived about 11:15 and sat in my car reading in the parking lot across from PP, waiting to see when the first person would show up, at the same time there was loud music in Spanish behind me. Apparently in the city park by the river a small festival was going on and occasionally a spanish family would turn up and head down there.

Around 11:40 I say my first “Choose Life” license plate turn up. It was a family I’d never seen before and they consented to an interview.

As it got closer to Noon a few people I recognized tricked in, I asked one about the turnout and she joked. “you know us Catholics, we like to show up at the last-minute.”

She was right in one respect at about 11:55 people started showing up in quantity many of them from my new parish St. Bernard’s Parish at St. Camillus church including our Pastor and Religious solitary nun, but the turnout wasn’t strictly Catholic.

I saw many faces that I didn’t recognize including Sarah whose family had signs that I absolutely loved. She spoke to me next.

At about five past 12 the crowd was over 60 and things began. Dr. Mark Rollo was the primary speaker.

And he was followed by Tom Harvey who despite the very blue state legislature is taking the fight there and looking for help.

After the speeches the organizers began in prayer, including the Rosary and the Divine Mercy chaplet. In one respect this worked out pretty well because the 25 person Protestant contingent kept holding the signs while the 50 person Catholic contingent was praying, although our protestant brothers did occasionally break into song and prayer as well.

We had a few people yell at us but for me the highlight was one woman who stopped by and asked why we don’t do more than just pray and protest. She was amazed to hear about the various efforts to help pregnant women that are sponsored such as Bellmont Abbey College’s program for pregnant college students and the work done locally at Visitation House.


It’s the part of the story that is rarely told.

In the end the count got up to 80 as local people who had attended the Worcester event turned up but other than one other new media person who interviewed me there was no sign of press. This was apparently consistent with the national coverage as the media either pretended we didn’t exist or avoided mentioning the videos that promoted us to come the exception being in Louisiana thanks to Bobby Jindal who beat Planned Parenthood at their own game.

The efforts of American journalist to hide and downplay these videos makes them complicit in the actions in them and unlike the German’s after world war two they don’t even have deniability.

I suspect the fight will go on long after I’m gone but the day will come when our descendants will look at us the same way as we look at Dietrich’s character above.

Update: Glenn put it well:


If this had been a black lives matter protest it would have been everywhere in the new but as more black babies are aborted than born in the US in a sense a “black lives matters” protest is exactly what it was.

I spoke to the authors of the children’s book Pat the Gnat at the Catholic Marketing trade Show

There is about 30 seconds of post interview video. Due to the overwhelming quantity of interviews I just haven’t had time to double check & edit the all the video down and get everything up in a timely fashion

The Pat the Gnat site is here

Sheldon: All the non human apes are classified as “great apes” except one, That means taxonomists created the entire category of “lesser ape” just to single out the poor Gibbon as the weird kid on the playground. Now there’s a hairy little fellow with a genuine beef.

Leonard: But the gibbon doesn’t know what it’s categorized as, it doesn’t even know it’s called a “Gibbon”.

Sheldon: True. [Turning to Howard] Sorry kid You’ve got it worse than a Gibbon.

The Big Bang Theory The Prom Equivalency 2014

Ok this week Democrats lost the senate, lost the governorship of states such as Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts, lost practically every close race there was to lose and the president’s post election presser was apparently a disaster.

How could things possibly get any worse? Ask the Star Telegram

In the end, Konni Burton was true to her word: She reclaimed Senate District 10 for her party.Burton, a Republican, claimed ​53 percent of the vote to Democrat Libby Willis’ ​44.5 percent

Seriously DaTechGuy, after all that’s gone wrong for Democrats you think they’re going to be upset at losing a state level seat in Texas? Well that seat had some significance:

The battle for District 10 wasn’t just about one Senate seat. It was about the ideological balance of power in the Legislature’s upper chamber.

Supporters dropped millions of dollars into the race, with some of the largest donations for Burton coming from the Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC and some of Willis’ largest donations coming from the Mostyn Law Firm in Austin or the Mostyn-funded Back to Basics PAC.

Ok so it was an important state seat, but still that’s not going to drive Democrats nuts, but there’s more…

Burton, considered a rock star in Republican circles, drew support from a variety of people, including U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, a high-profile darling of the Tea Party, local GOP state Reps. Jonathan Stickland, Matt Krause, Bill Zedler and Giovanni Capriglione and Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley.

OK so a tea party texan won it Texas, that’s still not so odd but here is the coup de grace

The decisive seat in Texas that affected the ideological balance of Texas that now belongs to a Tea Party Republican, belonged to a democrat for the last six year, that Democrat’s name?

Wendy Davis

thanks to the hubris of Democrat friends Abortion Barbie’s seat in the Texas Legislature goes now belongs to a Tea Party member

…who is proudly pro-life and ran on it.

The defense of the unborn is very personal for me. My husband Phil and I are the proud parents of Tori and Faith, whom we adopted through the Gladney Center in Fort Worth. This session I was proud to join thousands of conservative activists in peacefully supporting pro-life bills in the Texas Legislature. The people of Senate District 10 deserve a Senator who respects all human life. In the Senate, I will fight to keep Texas tax dollars from going to Planned Parenthood or any organization that provides abortions. I will also oppose any federal incursions into Texas designed to mandate that citizens purchase healthcare covering elective abortions.

And Burton knows who to thank for her win as well:

Konni Burton, the Republican who won it, is as conservative as they come. Burton is from the district and had trouble finding someone to challenge Davis, so she decided to just run herself (before Davis decided to enter the gubernatorial contest instead of running for re-election). After Davis’ 2013 filibuster, Burton told me for a piece I wrote for the National Review that her fundraising picked up.

“I was doing well with fundraising previous to this, but this has certainly helped, this pro-abortion stand that Wendy has taken,” Burton said at the time. “It’s a stand for abortions after five months! It’s helped immensely.”

Perhaps she will send a “Thank You” card to NBCCBSABCCNNNPRMSNBCNYT & Planned Parenthood for delivering the seat and a 2/3 majority to the GOP in the Texas state senate.


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By Pastor George Kelly

In 1979, the late Senator Edward M. “Teddy” Kennedy launched a furious, feisty, and zealous campaign to secure the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States.

Senator Kennedy faced great odds as he pursued the Presidency. President James Earl “Jimmy” Carter was the occupant of the Oval Office and even if Senator Kennedy displaced the incumbent President, there would still be many people in his own party who would see his bold initiative as a reckless endeavor that would make the eventual winner that much weaker against their Republican party opponent in the General Election.

Nevertheless, Senator Kennedy remained steadfast and resolute as he reasoned that the principles that he championed – New Deal and Great Society liberalism – were being undermined by the perceived “political malaise” of the Carter Administration.

The late Senator lost his bid for his party’s nomination, but he gave an exceptional concession speech in New York in the summer of 1980. Edward Kennedy finished off his speech by stating that “For me, a few hours ago, this campaign came to an end. For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.”

Even if one does not agree with the late Senator’s projection of unabashed liberal policies, one could still admire his passion, conviction, and unyielding political stamina.

Those words spoken by the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy have significant meaning to underdogs and those who seem to battle against intractable odds.

This past week the Pro-Life advocates in America took to Washington, D.C. for the 41st Anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in 1973.

For a great many years, the Pro-Life Movement was told to be quiet and to acquiesce to the majority of Americans who wished that Abortion be available on demand. The Right-to-Life proponents were told to “get on the right side of history” as there was an inescapable movement in the direction of Pro-Abortion America.

Yet a funny thing happened.

The citizens in this country that fight to create a positive “culture of life” did not “cast down their buckets where they were” instead they intensified their efforts using creative means.

The Pro-Life organizations employ a number of means at their disposal to convince their fellow American citizens one at a time that a fetus is not simply a blob of organic tissue, but the very “genesis” of what constitutes a “human life.”

It has been determined that if a woman seeking an abortion commits to view an ultrasound of her unborn child that in 89% of the instances she will desist and elect to either keep her child or place her child up for adoption.

Another glimmer of hope is that the tide in America is changing. Today in the post baby boomer generations more and more young people are choosing to value life over the narcissistic culture of unaccountable and autonomous free love.

Those of us who value life in all of its stages – irrespective of sickness, infirmity, or disease should use this occasion of the 41st anniversary of the Pro-Life movement to celebrate our humanity in such a way that people of all walks of life will understand that the GOD-given foundations of our Republic rest on the comprehension that our Creator endowed all humanity (embryos, fetuses, and young children) with the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

As we seek to protect those who cannot speak for themselves, let us not grow weary in doing good (Galatians 6.6-10).
Let us remember that it took our nation more than 200 years to abolish slavery and another 100 years to eliminate the vestiges of “Jim Crow” and legalized segregation.

Many times eternal vigilance is truly the price of liberty (Patrick Henry).

All Pro-Life Americans must remember that in this noble struggle against wanton destruction that we must endure to the end.

“For us… our campaign has not come to an end. For all those whose cares are to create a culture that values life in all of its diversity, we share your concerns; the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.”

For ultimately our rights do not come from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of GOD (President John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address January 1961).

Every year, Massachusetts Citizens for Life puts on a “Respect Life” walk to aid mothers and children.  There’s a large list of beneficiary groups that your donation can go towards; all of them provide help to expectant mothers and their children.  The Walk is usually held in October on Boston Common; this year, it will be held at the end of April in Attleboro.  Here are the specifics:

Date: 28 April 2013

Time: 2:00 pm for registration, 2:30 pm for the Walk

Location: 947 Park St  Attleboro, MA 02703 (The National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette)

You can register here and follow MCFL on twitter here. Check out the super-cute ad here.

“But Roxe,” you say, “Didn’t we get a letter in the mail today saying that the Walk is in less than a month, on Sunday, 03 October? Is it really the Sunday after next?”  Yes, it is.  The letter went out with last year’s date.  No need to find a police box and manage to merge “less than a month” and “October”.

Join fellow pro-lifers for a great cause that helps women in crisis pregnancy.  If you’re also Catholic, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the feast day of Saint Gianna Beretta Molla, the patron saint of mothers and unborn children.

A story broke out yesterday as John Hopkins SGA choose to reject official club status by the SGA. Here is the story from LifeNews:

On March 12th, a pro-life group at Johns Hopkins University, Voice for Life (VFL), was denied the right to become an official student club by the Student Government Association (SGA) during a student Senate meeting, after having been recommended for approval by the SGA Appointments and Evaluations Committee.

Oddly enough had been an official student organization for over 15 years. Interestingly another group was approved at the same time the pro-life group was rejected:

At that same SGA meeting, though, another new group was approved called Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). Although SJP has a history of anti-Semitism and disruption on other campuses, the SGA decided that the students from JHU creating the group were separate from other campus affiliations, and they couldn’t be punished for potential violations. Somehow, these standards were not applied to Voice for Life.

I contacted the President of the University’s office yesterday on the subject, they took my number but I made it clear due to the holiday weekend I could wait till next week to be contacted.

To John Hopkins Credit Friday afternoon Dennis O’Shea spokesman for the John Hopkins got back to me in a few hours. (That’s rather professional, well done on that). I asked if, considering that Orthodox Catholicism considers Abortion an intrinsic evil if this would be considered a de-facto religious test? He stressed that while he couldn’t speak for the SGA it was his understanding the SGA’s decision was not based on religion. I also asked him about this:

Last night, an anonymous person forwarded an email chain between SGA members in a listserv that talked about Lazerowitz’s message on Voice for Life. One top SGA executive member sent a simple statement, “And this is why we don’t approve groups like Voice for Life,” and linked to a Think Progress article entitled “Racist Hate Group To Conduct Nighttime Patrols On College Campus” about a white supremacist group at Towson University called the White Student Union. This association is particularly offensive to Voice for Life members, especially its African American members.

He expressed no knowledge concerning this and sent me the following statement for attribution:

The Johns Hopkins University is strongly committed to open debate and to the values of free speech and academic freedom. These defining values of American higher education drive us to afford individuals and groups on campus the freedom to advocate for their views. The university’s obligation is to create a community where freedom of inquiry and expression thrive.

The decision made by the Student Government Association not to recognize Voice for Life as an official student group is being reviewed by a student appeal committee.

It is important that the student leadership be afforded the opportunity to review the earlier decision under its own policies and in light of the university’s commitment to broad debate and freedom of expression. It is our understanding that this review will take place shortly.

The university does not intend to make any further comment while the appeal process is under way.

The SGA hearing will be on April 9th. The former SGA VP and author of its constitution had this to say to the SGA:

“The fact is, quite simply, that the SGA’s actions constitute viewpoint discrimination, which violates the SGA Constitution. I am particularly concerned that SGA members actually told a student group leader that he should remove certain web-links or not undertake certain actions simply because they personally disagreed with them. Concern about a group’s message, and groups that it supports, definitely violates the free speech guarantee of the SGA Constitution because the SGA is passing judgment on the viewpoint of the group.”

I’m going to be rather busy that day but I’ll try keep you informed.

As for the VFL members perhaps they should start wearing the Yellow Cross on Campus or at least adopt it as a twibbon now so the SGA can be sure the official student clubs are properly Christianrein.


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On Thursday Evening at the Hudson Eagles Lodge a small debate took place concerning Ballot Question #2 moderated by John Weston on WCRN. Before the debate Dr. Paul Spiers who appeared in favor of question two spoke to me briefly: Dr. Spiers was opposed by Dr. Linda Brown who while not associated with the opposition to the question volunteered to appear for the event. After the ground rules were set Both side made an opening case First Doctor Brown Then Dr. Spiers Continue reading “The Question #2 (Doctor Assisted suicide) forum in Hudson”

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The Choose Life plates which help fund pregnancy services in clinics that don’t include killing children (and thus are unworthy of Federal Funds or Susan G. Komen’s money) in Massachusetts.

Unfortunately currently the Choose Life plates are short of the number required by law at this point. If they do not make that number by then end of June (Friday) the monies raised are forfeited.

Fortunately an anonymous donor has decided to kick in so if you are a Catholic in the Diocese of Worcester you can get your plates FREE. Pay attention

Step 1: Go to the registry of motor vehicles either online or in person and get your choose life plates

Step 2: Contact Patrice Martin at 508-842-5436 Give her your plate number, address and confirmation that you actually have the plate

Step 3:
Receive a check for the cost of the plates for two years.

After the two years the additional cost for the plate $20 per year is deductible on your federal taxes.

If you want to do something to actually save babies, this is it.

Update: The DaTechGuy Fundraiser is in progress, our goal is $3000 and any help is appreciated. For details click here for the progress check the thermometer to the right and to kick in hit DaTipJar”.

I was very impressed with Francesco Cesareo president of Assumption College who attended the Visitation House event

I remember the setup Assumption had at the Catholic Men’s conference. You can’t imagine what a pleasure it is to see a Catholic College that means it. To find out more about the Assumption College click here to donate to Visitation House, click here.

Well surprise surprise it looks like Susan Komen and it’s affiliates are having fundraising problems:

Registered attendance or donations have declined by more than 25 percent at some of the group’s recent Race for the Cure events, according to interviews with officials at 10 of the national nonprofit’s local affiliates.

The Times and our friends on the left point to the planned parenthood controversy but being the Times and the left draw exactly the wrong conclusion.

Having failed to anticipate a backlash among affiliates and the public, Komen headquarters compounded the problem, local officials said, by acting too slowly to apologize and reverse course.

Ah the ignorance of the times. Komen’s problem was not a slow course reversal but the end of the public’s ignorance of their affiliation with the nation’s largest abortion mill.

Komen’s affiliation with Planned Parenthood was not something that was generally known to the general public. The media’s attack on Komen for daring to decide that perhaps funding the nation’s leading abortion provider doesn’t do much to cure breast cancer made it impossible to hide this truth and when in fear of MSM opprobrium they reversed course paying the Danegeld to Planned Parenthood every person knew what side Komen had chosen.

The Times doesn’t want to acknowledge is an awful lot of the charitable giving in the US comes not at the corporate level but at the individual level and a big chunk of those individual givers are religious. Consider this photo from last weeks Visitation House fundraiser:

This annual dinner which supports women in crisis pregnancy (you can donate here). It was so large that it had to be moved to this new venue. How many of these people do you suppose supported a Komen walk in some way in the past I’ll wager a lot. How many will in the future? I’ll wager a fraction, if any.

Or how about the Annual March for Life? It’s always the largest March in DC year after year, and similar marches take place all over the nation. Those people when they saw a pink ribbon in the past thought “breast cancer” but now that same ribbon produces a different image:

Mind you for pro-life individuals that image is on every product that carries the Komen ribbon, and like Lady Macbeth’s hands it will never be clean again.

How many church bulletins no longer carry announcements of Komen walks? How many religious groups no longer provide logistical support? How many of the thousands of Knights of Columbus chapters nationwide can no longer in good conscience support or sponsor Komen? Every month my own counsel receives fundraising requests from many different groups and I’m sure other Fraternal organizations do as well. How many of them on getting Komen’s appeal decided there are plenty of other requests that won’t cause a split among members and trustees?

And as the demographics of the Roe effect continue their long-term effect How many pols on the state or national level mindful of the controversy will now find they have a “scheduling conflict” when the Komen folks come calling?

There are enough blue states and rich liberals to keep Komen going but there are a lot of folks who when asked in the future for funds will get the answer I now give: “If Susan Komen has money to give to planned parenthood they don’t need any of mine.”

That is the elephant in the room that the NYT refuses to see.

Every single day the Catholic Church feeds more people, houses more people , clothes more people, visits more imprisoned people and educates more people than any other institution on the planet earth can ever hope to.

Matthew Kelly Worcester Mass. March 20th 2010

Last Night I was in Worcester where 390-400+ people attended a fundraiser for Visitation House.

While the Worcester Telegram focused on the controversy concerning Anna Maria College and the Bishop worthy of Page B1 and some of the remarks of former Mayor & Ambassador Ray Flynn (Page B12) they had little to say about the actual mission of Visitation House.

Visitation House ministers to pregnant women in crisis. Here is a description from their web site:

Grounded in the Gospel and in the culture of life of the Catholic Church, Visitation House is a home that welcomes women with crisis pregnancies in the spirit of Elizabeth, who welcomed her cousin the Virgin Mary with awe-filled joy and true hospitality of heart. In this spirit, Visitation House provides material, emotional, and spiritual assistance to these women, as well as the peace of living in a Christian home.

By providing housing and basic living needs at no cost, we seek to address the needs of pregnant women who want to choose life but feel that they have no real means or resources to do so. A woman who comes to Visitation House will learn how to access the services that are available to her and will take part in a basic life skills training course. Visitation House draws its mission and its strength from the Gospel of Life; therefore a woman who comes to stay with us will learn about Catholic teachings on human life and the greater good to which these teachings call us. Additionally, she will have opportunities to be involved in the prayer life of the house while being encouraged to nurture her own prayer life for her benefit and that of her baby. Thus she will be able to come to a greater understanding of her own dignity, while living in a community that welcomes and nurtures life.

Here is my interview with Jim Williams the Chairman of the board:

I hate to admit it, I had never heard of Visitation house until yesterday, I wonder how many of my fellow Catholics hitting the Bishop over Anna Maria or people in the MSM who hit the church over contraception realize the work that is done here and all over the country for women.

This is what pro-life is all about. If you’d like to help you can donate online here.

Update: I recorded a lot of interviews, I’ll be posting them over the next few days

MCFL’s annual pro-life walk, the Respect Life Walk to Aid Mothers and Children, will be this Sunday in Boston Common (Parkman Bandstand).  Registration is at 1:30 pm; the walk starts at 2:30.

Donate money to benefit women who are struggling to choose life.  Show your support for the pro-life cause.  Or, be like the Walk Baby’s parents, who met each other at the Walk back in 2007.  Also, hear about MCFL’s work to repeal the individual mandate portion of RomneyCare.

the NYT has a much different name for it, the Two minus one pregnancy:

As Jenny lay on the obstetrician’s examination table, she was grateful that the ultrasound tech had turned off the overhead screen. She didn’t want to see the two shadows floating inside her. Since making her decision, she had tried hard not to think about them, though she could often think of little else. She was 45 and pregnant after six years of fertility bills, ovulation injections, donor eggs and disappointment – and yet here she was, 14 weeks into her pregnancy, choosing to extinguish one of two healthy fetuses, almost as if having half an abortion. As the doctor inserted the needle into Jenny’s abdomen, aiming at one of the fetuses, Jenny tried not to flinch, caught between intense relief and intense guilt.

There are several amazing things about this article:

I’m amazed people who have tried so hard to have children kill one of them rather than giving a newborn up for adoption to somebody who does not have the same medical or financial options for fertility treatment.

I’m Amazed that Doctors who have no ethical compunctions about abortion find an ethical issue for the Russian Roulette procedure. If you were all alone sure I’d kill you but having to choose which one of you to kill, that’s hard.

Not that the word “kill” appears anywhere in the article, you see “reduction” “reduce” “terminate” and “eliminate” but never kill. And only in this paragraph that uses the word “dies” (emphasis mine)

Consider the choice of which fetus to eliminate: if both appear healthy (which is typical with twins), doctors aim for whichever one is easier to reach. If both are equally accessible, the decision of who lives and who dies is random. To the relief of patients, it’s the doctor who chooses – with one exception. If the fetuses are different sexes, some doctors ask the parents which one they want to keep.

Well that makes all the difference of course.

I’m also amazed at the number of times the word “baby” is used in this article. The author jumps from “fetus” to “baby” quite often. In fact in the last paragraph concerning two lesbians one did this (the other miscarried twins) ends with the line:

Their baby is due in December.

All of this dances around the point Andrew Kalven made one month ago today (emphasis mine):

I’ve come to see that every single argument in favor of unlimited abortion simply skips over the decisive question: is an unborn child a human being or not? You can’t say killing a human being is a private matter. You can’t say a woman has “a right to choose” whether to kill a human being. You can’t say it’s okay to kill a human being because he was the product of rape or incest. You can’t argue that protecting the life of a human being unfairly extends government power — the government already has, and must have, that power. And you surely can’t say we must kill masses of innocent humans for the greater good of society. That’s more than hitlerian. It’s satanic.

But that’s a question that is not asked. How can it be in this society? That would involve an ethical absolute.

Finally I’m amazed that the “parents” involved have forgotten something in their calculations as they knock off one or more of their kid’s twins. Unlike abortion where you never actually see your kids face you will deliver a baby with a similar or identical to the one(s) you kill. For the rest of their lives every time they look their child in the face they will also see the image of the twin(s) they killed.

I would like to think they didn’t consider that fact beforehand because it would be monstrous if they did, and went through with it anyway.

Exit question: What do you say to the surviving child years later? “Of course I love you, and if the doctor had killed you and not your twin I would have loved them just as much.

Nothing like the unconditional love of a mother eh?

via a tweet by Jenny Erickson and FLFusionista

Jack Kevorkian died yesterday at the age of 83, after complications from pneumonia and kidney problems.  (NYT story here.) Kevorkian had been in the hospital for a month, and, despite his failing condition, did not seek unnatural ways of ending his life.  By all accounts, the 83-year-old fought for his life until yesterday.

Unfortunately, he lost that battle.  Now, Kevorkian will never understand that the cause to which he dedicated his life was horrifically wrong, that doctor-assisted death is not a part of medicine, nor that so-called euthanasia is anything but compassionate.  Now, none of the seven billion people on this planet can hear words that could change history: “I was wrong”.  Kevorkian will never be the Bernard Nathanson of the pro-life movement, natural death or not.

Ronald Reagan said that everyone who is pro-choice has already been born.  On the other end of life, advocates for doctor-assisted death do not realise how wrong they are until it is too late – until they are already dead.   We can see that “euthanasia”, which begins as a voluntary procedure (or as voluntary as it can be, given the circumstances these people are in) has become much less voluntary.  In the Netherlands, upwards of 20% of people who are put to death do not even know that it is happening, let alone consent.  Oregon considered not paying for some cancer treatments but paying for suicide.  (When the government takes your money for your own health care and refuses to give it to you unless you kill yourself, there is a problem that goes far beyond helping terminally ill people through their final days.)

That the culture of death lead to such perversions is hardly surprising: euthanasia is predicated on the belief that the right to life is not unalienable, nor the right from which all other rights flow.  It also warps the meaning of “human dignity” from a concept in which all humans, regardless of state and station in life, are considered of equal and infinite worth, to a conditional meaning of the term.  Euthanasia, like abortion, is about conditional love, conditional rights, and conditional human dignity.  Strong people get them; the weak, elderly, and young do not – a situation which is the exact opposite of the aims of any sane civilisation.

The Anchoress being a wholly more holy person than me talks about the death penalty and Kermet Gosnell and finds herself opposing it:

If you remain unaware of what investigators (who were actually looking for evidence related to drug trafficking) found when they entered Gosnell’s abattoir-for-humans, read the Grand Jury’s Report, if you can take it.

Nevertheless, I would defend this man’s right to live his life out in prison, rather than watch the state take his life. His life is not anyone else’s to take. For pro-lifers, this is a no-brainer.

And he may need many years and much time, in order to understand the enormity of what he has done, and allow his heart to be turned. He may need time for conversion and salvation.

I would have to disagree here, this is not a “no-brainer” for pro-life people.

Unlike the elderly who have committed no offense other than being old, the sick who have committed no offense other than being sick or the unborn who have committed no offense other than being conceived Kermet Gosnell has committed acts that under our laws can bring the death penalty.

She is absolutely right that his may need time for conversion, repentance and salvation and we are OBLIGATED as Christians to pray for this, but even if he is convicted, loses all appeals and the sentence carried out there will likely be many years of time to avail himself of the opportunity. As long as the process takes place before death it will be achieved, remember Timothy McVeigh a lapsed Catholic in fact received confession and absolution mere hours before his execution, saving his soul if not his life.

But there is a huge difference between protecting innocent life and life taken under due process in a free society. Even Ed is ambivalent.

I am totally indifferent in this matter. I have absolutely no problem with him (if convicted) being given life in jail and I also have no problem if he gets the death penalty. Neither Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI nor has any pope proclaimed ex cathedra the death penalty sinful or an intrinsic evil. Until and unless he does so then I submit that it is not a “no brainer” that we oppose the death penalty in this or any case and there is no obligation for us to think otherwise.

that 2% of ALL Dutch deaths are now from euthanasia:

The number of reported Dutch cases of euthanasia or assisted suicide rose 13 percent last year, the government said on Wednesday, spurring talk of a possible “euthanasia hospital” to help people end their lives. The annual report of the regional commissions that oversee the Netherlands’ euthanasia law said there were 2,636 cases in 2009, the vast majority of them euthanasia, or “mercy killing“, as opposed to assisted suicide, or helping someone to die.

That represented about 2 per cent of all Dutch deaths last year, based on figures from Statistics Netherlands. Of the cases, slightly over 80 percent were cancer patients and more than 80 per cent of the deaths occurred in the patient’s home.

The scary thing about this story is that it is so matter of fact. Once you decide that life doesn’t have value, this kind of thing is easy.

And if you believe that all of these deaths were with the consent of the killed, and did not have a financial incentive (cutting medical costs etc) then I have a bridge to sell you. To the supporters of Obamacare this is what is called a “feature”.

If you want to know what a post Christian society looks like this is it, and it’s coming to a state near you.

If you want to know why the Hippocratic Oath had to go and why Pro Life people fight so hard, it’s because we see the endgame and it’s not pretty.

…for those who are so keen to do so for the elderly, a quick question:

There is a story about how a sixteen year old sailor who is trying to sail around the world. There was a scare that she might be lost at sea:

A 16-year-old US sailor who went missing while sailing solo around the world has been found safe and well.

Abby Sunderland’s yacht was spotted by an aerial search team in the southern Indian Ocean, midway between Australia and Africa.

Three ships are on their way to pick her up – the first is expected to be with her in 24 hours.

Now I’m delighted that she is ok and will get home safely but I have a question.

Here is a person who on her own volition decided to put herself in mortal danger for the sake of doing something adventurous. Nobody forced her to take the risks she decided to take.

Yet when her parents lost contact ships and resources are being dispatched to get her out of a mess that she put herself into. Would those same people who are so willing to pull the plug on elderly people decide that it is a waste of considerable resources to save her too?

Of course I believe in erring on the side of life but I’d be very interested if they have the same utilitarian arguments in this case?