Writer Fu

by baldilocks Of course, I’m still writing my second novel, and, occasionally, I read the advice that others give, even though I know, from the first two or three sentences, whether I want to finish reading the advice. After all, if a writer can’t hold your attention in an article about writing, why should you … Continue reading Writer Fu

Battle Account in the PC Wars (Updated)

by baldilocks This is why my novel is self-published and why my next two (three?) books will be self-published as well. From sci-fi author Nick Cole, via his fellow sci-fi scribe John C. Wright: Banned by the Publisher Or, Thank God for Jeff Bezos I launched a book this week and I went Indie with … Continue reading Battle Account in the PC Wars (Updated)

Novel Excerpt: Arlen’s Harem

by baldilocks Yes, I know that I have been saying that my new novel would be ready this year. Probably not, but I have been working on it and I just want to remind readers that it exists, still.  ****** "So, your Italian side is in effect today, I see," said Cordelia. "Yeah. Next week, … Continue reading Novel Excerpt: Arlen’s Harem