Act Boston has brought Iranian Born Activist Anni Cyrus to Massachusetts for a series of events.

I missed her speech at the American Legion in Newton due to work commitments but as you might guess CAIR (the Counsel for Islamic Relations) tried to shut down her speech before it started. Old friend Dianna Ploss of ACT put out a press release concerning the attempt:

Anni Cyrus and the organizers of this event condemn the attempt by CAIR-National to stifle free speech in our country. Making allegations that are without foundation against Anni Cyrus and the organizers of this event is a hypocritical attempt to promote an exclusive view of the world in the name of the common welfare.

Anni Cyrus, a noted speaker and activist, will be speaking on the danger of Islamization in the United States and around the world. Included in her talk is the role of Sharia, how it prohibits the rights of women, the rights of free speech, and the Constitutional rights we enjoy, including the First Amendment.

Anni Cyrus has been a strong voice in the defense of women and minorities in Islamic countries. It is deeply ironic that her voice to protect others is mispresented by CAIR-National, and Anni Cyrus and the sponsors of her talk call upon CAIR-National to rescind its’ criticism, which is deeply repugnant to the principles upon which this country was founded.

I’m sorry this event went on without me and alas I am also unavailable for the private event on Thursday but there Will one more chance to See Ms. Cryus on Friday in Worcester as old friends Christopher Maider and the Worcester Tea Party bring her to the CAnal Bar on Water Street in Worcester

the Speech is called: Sharia Law, the real war on Women and no words are Truer spoken than that.

This will be the final Massachusetts stop in her Anti-Sharia tour and despite attempts to shut down this tour it continues on.

Things start at 7 PM, you can get tickets for $10 at the door

I intend to be there, I hope you can too.

Pam Geller via Dimensional bliss

Pam and those like her bring up uncomfortable truths and for that they will be forever hated.

Fiver shrugs and the silence of the Warren DaTechGuy Blog December 29th 2011

The primary virtue is courage, because without it all other virtues are quickly abandoned under pressure and Pam Geller is a woman of courage. She has persisted in warning of the Dangers of radical Islam and highlighting said dangers to a world that would like to pretend painful realities are not taking place playing Jeremiah to the west and like Jeremiah these warning have come with a high cost in terms of her personal safety. Other people get death threats, Pam Geller (and friend Robert Spencer) get actual attempts on their lives:

A Massachusetts man was convicted [in October 2017] of plotting to behead conservative blogger Pamela Geller and kill other Americans on behalf of the Islamic State group.
Jurors found David Wright guilty of all charges, including conspiracy to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization and conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries. . . .
Prosecutors said Wright, his uncle and a third man conspired to kill Geller because they were upset she organized Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas in 2015. During the contest, two other men opened fire outside and wounded a security guard before they were killed in a shootout with law enforcement assigned to guard the event.

There was a time of course when an attempt on an American’s life for exercising 1st amendment rights would unite all Americans in outrage, just as there was once a time when the American press would have been outraged that an American Citizen like Molly Norris would have to go into hiding after a fatwa was put out against her (she remains in hiding under an assumed name to this day) but just as the media ignored the threats against one of their own, after Garland Terrorist attack the reaction of the media was to blame Pam for daring to upset those who wanted her dead.

Mind you ISIS itself boasted they had specifically targeted Geller saying:

“sent its Lions to achieve [Geller’s] slaughter.”

But no matter, the left hates Pam for telling the truth more than they hate ISIS so as far as they were concerned It was her own damn fault.  That’s why

Which brings us to the Daily beast story that I haven’t had the time to deal with until now.

Pam has four daughters who I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting. Until a few days ago I had no knowledge of them beyond that fact but now apparently the left has decided they need more attention.

You see they apparently had a show on Instagram called “The Morning Breath and once the daily beast found out that the hosts of this popular show were Pam daughters that just couldn’t stand.

So the beast outed them and very quickly the network carrying their show cancelled it, the companies sponsoring the popular show abandoned them and even their agents dropped them.

Supposedly this is over tweets made at the age of 16 but I say there is a different reason.


You see these sponsors understand that if it is known that they are sponsoring Pam’s Children makes them targets.  After all the same jihadists who have been unsuccessful so far in killing Pam will likely target her children considering them a softer target but and even softer target than them might be the various advertisers or even the studio that hosts them.

The line for public consumption is this is all about “bigotry”.  It’s really all about self preservation.

That’s why I think Stacy McCain is slightly off in his statement although he put it well.

No one should be deceived by the Left’s propaganda. Any conservative who is hesitant to defend Pamela Geller (they think she is “extremist” or whatever) is a fool. The reason Geller is under attack is because she is effective and influential, especially in exposing the Left’s sordid de facto alliance with radical Islam. Geller is a ferocious fighter, and we cannot afford to lose her. If we let the Left silence our most powerful voices, what shall become of the rest of us? Who will defend our right to free speech?

Like I keep saying, people need to wake the hell up.

He’s right about a defacto alliance between radical Islam and the left in the sense that Christianity is a common target, but I submit what it’s really about is the sponsors and the daily beast and all the rest operating under the “I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you” theory of survival.  It’s full tilt narcissism, why bother to fight radical Islam, defend women overseas oppressed by it, screen for possible terrorists coming in or even try to stop the radicalization of Muslims here in the US or even argue against Sharia law.  Hell these Muslim folks might even be the ticket for my party to regain power.  By the time Islam is able to affect my life negatively I’ll be long dead. So let my political enemies take these risks defending America for the sake of their country and children and if these fools who I hate anyways die at their hands, so much the better.

I believe the Daily Beast did this not because they disbelieve in the threat of radical Islam as they claim, but because they do.

In my opinion that’s why the Daily Beast had no compunction about outing Pam’s Daughters because as far as the left in general and they in particular are concerned, if they are murdered by the same Islamist terrorists that have targeted their mother, that’s a bug not a feature.

This tweet alas remains true

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One of the thing that can be taken as one of the basic facts of life is that if there are no consequence for an action it will continue.

This is the basis of most law, it’s very hard, if not impossible to change people actual feelings or beliefs about certain things, so if you want to discourage an activity create a severe penalty for it, or tax it or create regulations so onerous that most people are unwilling to jump through the hoops to do said activity.

There are times when such incentives are used for good, the most effective example of this  in history is, in my opinion, General Napier in India  whose response to Indians insisting on the right of Suttee (or Sati) is one I never tire of quoting:

“You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: when men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours.”

And with that incentive system in place the ritual of throwing widows on their husbands funeral pyre alive ended in India.

Of course there are less noble examples of this such as the modern jihad by the left against believing Christian bakers and farmers or the tax incentives on so called “green” energy whereby huge tax incentives are given to prop up an industry and enrich it’s proponents that would fail otherwise.

But regardless of the motive, such incentives, toward action or inaction, tend to work.

Which brings me to the point I made yesterday concerning so called “moderate” Muslims concerning incentives:

If you want to get the average unassimilated Muslim to take the risk necessary to stop terrorists within their community, they have to be less afraid of what their fellows will do if they talk then they are of what we will do if they remain silent.

Or to put it another way, if you are England and  want so called “Moderate” Muslims to warn authorities about potential terrorists in their community you are going to have to provide a incentive for them to do so:

My suggestion?  The “Silence Will Cost You” Act.

I suggest Britain pass a law saying that if a person becomes aware of any attempt to radicalize and recruit members of the public for the purpose of committing acts of terror, and fails to inform the proper authorities (police) they are subject to the following penalties

If said person is foreign born and does not hold British citizenship said person is subject is upon conviction, subject to deportation to their country of origin and ineligible to return.

If said person is holds British Citizenship they will be, upon conviction,  permanently ineligible for any and all public benefits paid for by taxpayer funds including housing, financial benefits, medical benefits.

I would further suggest that the law shall be suspended at the end of any Ten year period where there is no Terror attack on British soil.

Suddenly those who have been silent out of either fear or sympathy have a powerful incentive to change their behavior.  Furthermore by including the sunset provision based keeping the enemy from successfully striking the county it’s made clear that this measure is an emergency measure all about stopping terror attacks that will end as soon as it’s clear the threat to the country is over.

This is the single easiest way for England to solve the problem, the question is, do they have the stomach to pass such a law and the bravery to endure the wrath of social justice warriors of the left who would be more offended by such a law then the sight of men woman and children slaughtered in the streets.

So England, are you serious or are you not?

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There is a lot of celebrating over the death of Fidel Castro (along, ironically, with grief from the same folk who claim they are afraid of a dictatorship by Donald Trump).  It is one of the top stories in the news this weekend generating story after story all over the world with a lot of adjectives being thrown about but given that the Cuban Dictator was 90 years old and in poor health the most accurate one I can think of is “unsurprising”

Which is why I think Stacy McCain’s decision to follow up his post on Castro’s death with one on the July death of Qandeel Baloch titled‘Girl Power’ and Honor in Pakistan: The Unsurprising Death of Qandeel Baloch was perfect.

In the West, female celebrities engage in provocative behavior and men are accused of “misogyny” for criticizing them, but any woman in an Islamic nation who attempts to emulate such behavior risks consequences far more serious than sexist jokes. Qandeel Baloch had 43,000 Twitter followers and more than 700,000 on Facebook, the BBC reported, and used her social-media presence to spark outrage. In June, she posted selfies posing with an Islamic cleric, Mufti Abdul Qavi, and told Pakistan Today the conservative Muslim scholar was “hopelessly in love” with her. That publicity stunt may have led to her murder three weeks later

Now I readily confess that my first reaction to Stacy’s piece on the death of “Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian” was shock that

  • Pakistan had their own Kim Kardashian
  • Someone might want to BE Pakistan’s or any other country’s Kim Kardashian

But on a more serious note Stacy’s timing on this story, whether by chance or design could not be more perfect because while outrage and pity are the proper reaction to the murder of this young mother in her prime, shock is not.

I’ll go further, saying that not only was the the death of the sickly 90 year old Cuban despot less inevitable than the murder of a woman in her mid 20’s who publicly emulates Kim Kardashian in Pakistan but Fidel Castro outliving her, both by four months in linear time and 64 years in relative age is one of the least surprising things I’ve heard all day.

However our friends on the left daren’t either express shock and anger at Ms. Baloch’s murder nor publicly make that conclusion about the inevitability of said murder as it so vividly illustrates the lunacy of painting American Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular as repressive fundamentalists who are more of a danger to the health, freedom and well being of women than even non-radical Islam and believe me there is very little “radical” about Honor killing in Islam indeed.

Furthermore it’s not a hard guess to conclude that many more tears will be shed on the left over the death over this mass murder than were ever shed for the young Ms. Baloch whose only fault was over

So I will close here by complementing Stacy McCain on his thought provoking article which you should read in full and express the same hope for the souls of Mr. Castro and Ms Baloch that I and every believing Christian is required to have for every soul, that they sought the mercy of God in the end and obtained it.

IAN: … If only you could stand away from this thing, you’d see it clearly. Autloc’s the extraordinary man here. He’s the reasonable one, the civilized one, the one that’s prepared to listen to advice. But he’s one man, Barbara. One man.

Doctor Who  The Aztecs 1964

If you are a member of the left and read Mohammed A. Malik’s piece in the Washington Post you might think the most important take is “Donald Trump is wrong about Muslims in America“:

I am not the first American Muslim to report on someone; people who do that simply don’t like to announce themselves in to the media. For my part, I’m not looking for personal accolades. I’m just tired of negative rhetoric and ignorant comments about my faith. Trump’s assertions about our community – that we have the ability to help our country but have simply declined to do so – are tragic, ugly and wrong.

But there are actually two things of some importance that you might miss if you read either that piece or the many others like this NY Daily News piece that quotes it.

The first is this:

We have a lot of immigrants in our community. They grew up in other countries, often with different sensibilities. A few don’t understand American culture, and they struggle to connect with their American-born or American-raised kids.

I came here from Pakistan in 1979 when I was 6 years old, grew up in Queens (like Omar) and Fort Lauderdale, went through the American education system, and assimilated well.

Now contrast that with this story from an Iranian christian convert about her youth in Iran

 As a child, my brain was constantly processing the events around me. When I started to go to school, we were taught all Islamic principles, sharia law and Muhammad’s biography. Almost every day, I could hear these words in the school: Islam is the best religion, Islam is the religion of peace, infidels are unclean, Muslims should kill infidels, or Muhammad was sinless. However, I used to find a lot of contradictions between what I learned in the school and what Islam really is and who Muhammad really was.

The contradiction is even obvious in the sentences above: “Religion of peace” and killing infidels. I used to ask my teachers why should we kill infidels, or basically who is considered an infidel. The answer was simple and clear: because they corrupt the world; the people who don’t worship Allah are infidels.

What does this tell you?  It tells me that while a Muslim who chooses to assimilate, who goes to a public school in surrounded by Americans of different races and religions,  is much more likely to talk to the FBI about some suspicious than one who attends  a religious school one teaching Sharia law and surrounded by other muslims who have not chosen to assimilate.

Then ask yourself how many of the Muslim immigrants who have come here since 2001  who unlike Mr. Malik have not chosen to assimilate.  Even if folks like Mr Malik are in the majority that still leaves a considerable minority.

But there is a 2nd point that is even more important which comes from the first sentence in the NY Daily News piece

A Muslim man who attended the same mosque as Omar Mateen reported him to the FBI two years before he would commit the worst mass shooting in America.

The Post piece goes into detail:

After speaking with Omar, I contacted the FBI again to let them know that Omar had been watching Awlaki’s tapes. He hadn’t committed any acts of violence and wasn’t planning any, as far as I knew. And I thought he probably wouldn’t, because he didn’t fit the profile: He already had a second wife and a son. But it was something agents should keep their eyes on. I never heard from them about Omar again, but apparently they did their job: They looked into him and, finding nothing to go on, they closed the file.


Now that tells our liberal friends that American Muslims are trustworthy, and to be sure Mr Malik should be commended for what he did.

But think about it.  Mr Malik put his neck out there.  He not only answered the request from the FBI about one radical that he knew but when he saw the man who would become the Orlando shooter become fascinated by this man, he talked to the FBI again.

Yet in the end the FBI did nothing.  Neither the warning nor the risks Mr. Malik took managed to save a single life, and now it is publicly known that he talked.

Given that result what is the incentive for other Muslims to go to the FBI if they are going to just dismiss their warning, particularly if such an act risks a backlash against family members back in the Middle East?

And if the failure of the FBI to recognize the danger is a disincentive to an assimilated Muslim like Mr. Malik how much more of a disincentive is it for a Muslim who hasn’t chosen to assimilate and remain in such a community when such an act might put both his immediate family and himself in physical danger?

Maybe our liberal friends may not have thought of this, but I’ll bet real money that members of the Muslim community sure have and that not on Mr. Malik, or the Washington Post, it’s on this administration.

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God knows nobody on the left does or cares.

Of all the things that have happened during the Obama years the lack of outrage over what happened to Molly Norris is the thing that , in my opinion, brings more disgrace to us as a nation than any other.

I’m still angry about both what happened to this leftist that I never met and I pray that I never lose that outrage. Because until she can come out of the shadows and live openly in America again we are not a free country.

If you don’t know who Molly Norris is odds are you’re not a regular reader you can find the posts where she is mentioned here.

1st Romana: All he’s doing is using you.
Madame Lamia: I know. But that is better than nothing.

Doctor Who  The Androids of Tara 1978

We keep hearing about the fear of a backlash against Muslims over the Brussels attacks against Muslims and we’ve finally got an actual murder of a Muslim in the west to talk about.

Scottish police say the killing of a Muslim shopkeeper who wished Christians a happy Easter is being investigated as “religiously prejudiced.”

Vigils were held Friday and Saturday in memory of 40-year-old Asad Shah, who was killed Thursday night in Glasgow.

The AP jumped on this story and I’m sure many on the left were poised to jump all over the murder as an example of the western backlash, alas for them it was not to be:

Murder of a man of peace: Muslim shopkeeper who wished his ‘beloved Christian nation’ a Happy Easter is stabbed 30 times by a FELLOW MUSLIM who sat laughing on his dying victim’s chest

You see the victim was a member of the Ahmadiyya set, which I’ve written about many times. It is the image of peaceful Islam whose founder argued that as Muslims can safely practice their faith anywhere the only jihad to wage is “jihad of the tongue” to persuade others of the truth of Islam.

And the murdered man lived just like that

Deeply religious, Mr Shah worked to foster cross-community relations in Glasgow and had been planning to host an online debate last night with Christian friends about the importance of Easter. Friends said he observed both Christian and Muslim holidays, and never failed to send out Easter and Christmas cards. And he used his social media accounts to promote harmony on religious holidays.

But alas Islam considers the Ahmadiyya heretics, they are not permitted in Mecca as they are considered unbelievers and have been the targets of terror outside of the west for years.

But here in the west they are constantly held up as the example of “peaceful” Islam by the media and by other Muslims while never discussing that this sect that makes up 1% of Islam is completely rejected by the rest.

Newsbustes notes that the AP and the left in general are a lot less interested in the story now that it’s a story of violence by Muslims as opposed to violence against Muslims:

If the original news of Asad Shah’s death merited coverage, significant subsequent developments also deserve AP’s attention.

Will they get any? Don’t count on it. The evidence in this case thus far clearly supports the idea that genuinely moderate Muslims may in reality be very few in number, and that any public expressions of such moderation can be quite dangerous. We can’t have people learning such disruptive and disturbing truths.

But while the left and the media and the AP and the people of Europe in general are all in denial concerning the dangers of radical Islam but their level of denial is dwarfed by the denial of the Ahmadiyya.

For years they played along with the rest of Islam in the west in the vain hope that as the peaceful face of Islam they would eventually be accepted by the rest of the faith.

This is a pipe dream, a delusion. This murder is Scotland demonstrates this as do these facts:

The UK Daily Record, in a story which appeared after AP’s report, quotes a source who says that “The hardline Sunni Muslims call Ahmadiyya Muslims kafir. They say they are non-believers.”

87 percent to 90 percent of all Muslims, or about 1.5 billion people, are Sunnis. Additionally, “the majority of modern Muslim scholars continue to hold the traditional view that the death penalty for apostasy is required.”

The Daily Record also reported that authorities believe that the killer “travelled from Bradford (i.e., over 200 miles — Ed.) to launch a premeditated attack.” The killer was clearly on a mission to kill someone he believed was either a “non-believer” or “apostate.”

As the Muslim community grows stronger in the west the need to use the Ahmadiyya as a mask to disguise Islam as it is will continue to decrease and unlike the fools of the left these folks are familiar with Islamic culture they know what the Islamic culture actually thinks of them.  They know they are being played as Useful idiots yet continue to do so.

The question is this:  How many more Asad Shahs will have to die before the Ahmadiyya decide admitting the truth and acting on it is better than being used?


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In Holland Friday Geert Wilders is on trail for “Hate Speech” he made his opening statement to the court saying in part:

For more than eleven years, I have been living under death threats. Every day, I am reminded of this. Even today. This morning, I was driven here in a convoy of armored cars, with sirens, flashing lights, and surrounded by bodyguards. And not only today, but every day.

I will be brought home in the same way. Home is a safe-house. My office is a shielded room. And when I have to stand in court, it is here, in a bunker at Schiphol.

For more than eleven years already, I have been paying a heavy price. And I think that you as well as I know why. I am paying that price for the same reason as why I am standing in the dock for the second time. Because I dare to criticize Islam and mention the Moroccan problem…

…Because the problems of which I speak will not go away by keeping silent about them.

Silence is not an option.

Silence is cowardly.

Silence is betrayal.

If I, as the political leader of my party, during an election gathering of my party, am not allowed to say what has been written down in my party platform for a decade, then this is absolute madness and then one has to convict me.

My opinions will not change. And one will not be able to silence me.

I have been deprived of my freedom for over eleven years and the only freedom I still have is my freedom of speech. Nobody will be able to rob me of it.

Mr. Wilders is on trial for sounding the warning against Radical Islam, today in Brussels a louder warning cry was apparent:

At least 31 people have been killed and many seriously injured in attacks at Brussels international airport and a city metro station.
Twin blasts hit Zaventem airport at 07:00 GMT, killing 11 and injuring 81, Belgium’s health minister said.
Another explosion struck Maelbeek metro station an hour later with 20 people killed, the Brussels mayor said.

If they had struck 24 hours earlier casualty count might have included US Officials and senators.

I traveled to Brussels on March 16, to attend the German Marshall Fund’s Brussels Forum, a meeting of U.S. and European officials, foreign policy experts and journalists, where the fight against terrorism was at the top of the agenda. Two U.S. senators and several Obama administration officials who attended had just passed through the main terminal of the Brussels airport. On Tuesday morning, it was hit by what Belgian authorities described as a suicide attack. At least 26 were killed and many more wounded at the airport, and in a parallel attack on the city’s subway system.

It’s an event that hurts the narrative of the left and the media

Spanish Foreign Secretary José Manuel García Margallo immediately laid the blame with ISIS — also known by its Arabic acronym Daesh.
He said: “Let’s stop pretending, let’s worry about Daesh, which is the enemy.”
Describing the group as a “terrorist cancer”, he said: “We must be aware that as they are hit in Syria and Iraq, they are going to go elsewhere.

Already we see the hashtag #standwithbrussels, let me give those “bravely” tweeting that out a clue:

Oh and “moderate” Islam is playing the role of Spain in World War 2 in this fight. It was those same “moderate” muslims who kept silent when the mastermind of the Paris attacks hid among them for months. They must be made to choose sides, but more importantly the elites and the left of Europe has to be made to choose sides in the war that exists between Radical Islam and the West.

Will they decide to defend themselves or will they continue to prosecute and persecute those who would force them to face reality?

I regret to say I expect Pam Geller to be right:

After these monstrous acts, world leaders proclaim “we are at war” and do nothing. And my colleagues and I continue to be blacklisted and marginalized, despite being right about it all.

The problem with the “kill me last” plan is they eventually get around to killing you but I suspect the MSM will continue to be in denial.


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The US Election not withstanding the biggest news in the world this weekend was the capture of Saleh Abdeslam. the mastermind of the Paris attacks and the single most wanted man in Europe

Yesterday Fox News Sunday opened with the this story and gave it time as a piece of news of international import.

This wasn’t the case elsewhere, On This Week with George Stephanopoulos the arrest of the Paris attacker didn’t make the cut. Face the nation with John Dickerson had no time for the story and Meet the Press found the subject not newsworthy enough for a segment instead discussing the apparently more important question: If Male pundits critique Hillary’s tone, is it sexism?

One might ask the question why would a cable network lead with this international story on their Sunday show while every single major broadcast networks, networks with an international reach decide to completely ignore it during their Sunday shows?

I suspect this fact has something to do with it:

One of the great “Media truths” that has been advanced for years by the left and some members of the right is that the number of Muslims who support Jihadist terror is just a tiny minority and that most follows of Islam reject terror, reject terror attacks and have no sympathy for those who would commit mass slaughter in Islam’s name.

Unfortunately that argument tends to fall apart when you consider the fact that the most wanted man in Europe, the man responsible for the most dramatic terror attack there has been in years was sheltered in an Islamic enclave within Europe particularly considering this report

Worse yet, Belgian newspaper De Morgen reported (subscription only) that “the whole neighborhood” knew where Abdeslam was ever since the Paris attacks. Nobody tipped off authorities.

Of course you can argue that, well maybe this guy was able to hide himself for a while but maybe these guys didn’t want trouble and were afraid. It doesn’t mean Muslims supported him, I mean it’s not like Muslims fought police over his arrest…

…oh wait:

The story is here

The most wanted terrorist in Europe, considered the mastermind in November’s multi-targeted attack in Paris that left 130 people dead, was arrested Friday by Belgian authorities.

But residents in the Molenbeek district of Brussels, where Saleh Abdeslam was captured, didn’t breathe a sigh of relief. Within hours, the district, which has a majority Muslim population, erupted into riots. Dozens of Abdeslam’s fans attacked police with bottles, stones, and other objects, local press reported, angered by the arrest of their “hero.”

The situation is developing.

If you’re trying to advance the idea that Muslims are not supporting terror and to suggest otherwise is racism Muslims sheltering the man wanted for the Paris attacks is bad.

If you’re trying to convince people that questioning Islam’s loyalty to the west and support of law enforcement is racism, having the entire Islamic community knowing where the man who organized the Paris attacks is and keeping silent is worse.

And if you are tying to tell the American people that any candidate who suggests screening people by religion before allowing them to immigrate to the US is unamerican and beyond the pale Muslims rioting and attacking police for daring to arrest the man responsible for the slaughter in Paris is completely untenable.

This is why Meet the Press and the rest decided this story was not newsworthy this Sunday, because it raises question the obvious questions that they don’t want asked.

Pam Geller however is willing to ask it

Europe is betting its future on the proposition that the overwhelming majority of the huge numbers of Muslims it is importing are “moderates” and will become loyal citizens. If that were true, however, why do things like this happen? Why weren’t the Muslims in Molenbeek out cheering the police as they apprehended the Paris jihad murderer Salah Abdeslam? And why hadn’t they already turned him in?

This IS the question that needs to be asked and answered. However it’s a question John Dickerson of Face the Nation, George Stephanopoulos of This Week and Chuck Todd of Meet the Press dare not even broach as the question itself shatters the facade they insist on maintaining.

Oh and a FYI CNN’s state of the Union didn’t mention the arrest of Saleh Abdeslam the Paris mastermind either. I’m sure that the fact that Jake Tapper wasn’t there had nothing to do with it.

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