On the 4th Day of Christmas DaTechGuy welcomes Sara Mare Brenner to DaTechGuy on DaRadio.

We will be talking the political futures of both the GOP & The Democrats in 2014 as their boats race to the midterms. Will the Democrats cling to Obamacare as their heads bob onto the water and will the GOP run out of oarsmen after throwing the Tea Party overboard? We’ll ask Sara what it all means

In the 2nd Hour Da Magnificent Panel Tom Wesley, Ray Hanna, Joe Mangiacotti and maybe one more will answer that same question along with the latest from Egypt, The year in review, Christian Persecution, Scott Brown and I can’t imagine we won’t say the words “Duck Dynasty” at least once.

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With Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood the biggest story in the world last week’s show with Pam Geller, Robert Spencer and Ray Hanna of Act for America has never been more significant.

Lucky for you if you missed the show Saturday at Noon EST on FTR Radio & the Money Matters Radio Network or the replay at 11 PM EST (on Money Matters only) you can now catch it here.

Saturday at Noon EST on DaTechGuy on DaRadio we talk the 2nd Egyptian Revolution and the Muslim Brotherhood

Ray Hanna from the Boston Chapter of Act for America will join us to talk about the Revolt, what it means for Egypt and the Coptic Christians who are already paying the price.

In the second hour Author and Islam Expert Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch joins the conversation talking Egypt,  the Muslim Brotherhood and I’m sure he’ll have more than a few words about the outrageous behavior of the English Government banning him and Pam Geller’s entry to the country.

And of course we’ll have a few things to say about his new book Not Peace but a sword that you can buy here:

UPDATE: Just got the good word that Pam Geller Author of The Post American Presidency The Obama Administration’s war on America (talk about a book ahead of its time) will be joining us in Hour 1 as well, talk about being loaded for bear!

That book was released 3 years ago on Monday, at the time the left considered the whole idea something of a joke, today given all we’ve seen from the IRS to the NSA it’s practically prophetic.

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Yesterday in a pouring rain I traveled to Hudson Mass to cover Brigitte Gabriel at the Portuguese American Club.

gabriel photos 015

Local Tea Parties along with Act Boston sponsored the event and were well represented
gabriel photos 005

The crowd was large.

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Hey did you know that Ray Hanna of Act for America was on DaTechGuy on DaRadio talking Gaza and Jennifer Pelland adult Sci-Fi fantasy author of books such as Machine and Unwelcome Bodies and contributor to Chicks Unravel Time Women Journey Through Every Season of Doctor Who talking Doctor Who on DaTechGuy on DaRadio last week?

You didn’t? That’s why you missed the show?

Fess up you were at the mall and missed it, c’mon you can tell me.

Well either way, miss it no more, you can listen to it here.

and you can buy Jennifer’s books Right here

Jennifer’s web site is here, Act for America’s is here.

Just got home from the Brigitte Gabriel event in Westborough Mass. To say it was moving is like saying Mt. Rushmore is a big statue.

The crowd assembled slowly many doubtless waiting until patriots halftime to start the trip to Westborough, I got there about 35 minutes before the event and ran into John Weston who was Emceeing the event.

I was very pleased to see Jose Trasancos and was even more pleased to meet Stacy for the very first time:

There were quite a few familiar faces and at least one Fedora as good as any I own:

Ray Hanna of Boston’s ACT was hurriedly making sure all the last-minute arrangements were complete but still made time for me:

There was a highly visible but professional security presence as Brigitte Gabriel was not the only person in the room who had received credible death threats in the past. I mingled with the crowd a bit and introduced myself, :

One gentleman who I hope to have on the show in the future who attended was Ashraf Ramelah of Voice of the Copts:

A few minutes after she came in I had the pleasure of meeting Brigitte in the green room. I hope Mrs. Gabriel will forgive me for leading with this, but lets say it and get it out-of-the-way: This woman isn’t just beautiful, she is supermodel beautiful. My photos don’t do her justice.

What is really amazing is how her beauty is so quickly overwhelmed by her story, her message and her accomplishments that it fades to the background like a forgotten footnote.

Guest of honor or no there was some stalling as the Patriots game was in the 4th quarter but as the hour was getting later things began with 2:47 left and the Pats down 3. John Weston joked that we could all cry in our drinks later not knowing that the Pats would drive down the field to score the winning touchdown.

I was invited to lead the pledge of allegiance and was rather flattered by the honor once the pledge was done Ray Began the meeting and after a brief video introduction about ACT Brigette came to the stage.

Her presentation touched on several points. One of which was the oft made point concerning “Moderate” Islam:

Her story of how Lebanon went from one of the most pluralistic and free nations in the middle east to a place of repression once the country went from majority Christian to Majority Muslim and the fierce repression Christians suffered until Israel aided them was not lost on the 225 person audience. She spoke of her childhood and how her family was shocked at how quickly her Muslim neighbors turned on them and was even more surprised at the kindness Israeli’s showed not just her and her ill mother but wounded enemy fighters.

She spoke of the memory that drove her; she remembered asking her father why their neighbors wanted to kill them and his answer: “Because to them we are infidels”; and her shock giving the same answer to her 13 year old daughter when asked the same question at the time of the 9/11 attacks. She has vowed to work tirelessly to make sure that her daughter will not have to give the same answer to her granddaughter.

She also stressed the amount of money the Saudi government has spent to spread their radical version of Islam not only to mosques but to “secular” schools and universities who are all too willing to compromise principles for the tens of millions involved. It is no wonder that universities produce such anti-Israeli and anti-American attitudes when funded by foes.

Her solution is action, uniting and speaking out when this type of thing goes on. She appealed to the crowed to join and at the end of the event it was clear she had won them over to the point where the applause she received overshadowed the subsequent clapping that came from the crowd when informed of the Patriots victory.

When the evening was complete she stayed for a very long time signing books for all who asked.

I put myself at the signing table and took photos of everyone who got an autograph. She was very generous with her time but unfortunately for me so generous that by the time she was done there was no time for a brief interview, but I hope to correct that during her next visit.

The full gallery follows. If you attended the event and you see a picture of yourself with Brigitte feel free to download your photo.

Update: You might note that some photos are no longer here, those photos have been removed at the request of the subjects for reasons of personal security. I’m rather outraged at the whole idea of Americans having to be in fear of their lives for attending a public event, if you’re not outraged by that prospect, you oughta be.