By John Ruberry

Donald J. Trump may not be going through a witch hunt, but he’s surely the only president to face so many attempts to remove him from office.

What follows is a brief summary of the plots.

Shortly after his surprise win over Hillary Clinton, Democrats and their media wing tried to delegitimize his triumph by claiming that Russians, meaning of course Vladimir Putin, hacked the election results. To date no evidence has emerged of a single vote changed because of Russian interference. And the liberals also claimed that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the presidency.

In December, shortly before the Electoral College met in the 50 state capitols and the District of Columbia, a group of has-been Hollywood celebrities calling themselves Unite for America released a video asking Republican electors to vote for someone other than Trump. Another group, the Hamilton Electors, also unsuccessfully made a similar call out to the electors.

The Electoral College didn’t punt–Trump won the most electors.

The following month a smattering of Democrats tried to convince Congress not to certify the Electoral College results. A few days after Trump was inaugurated a leftist group sued him, claiming that Trump was in violation of the obscure emoluments clause in the Constitution because a representative of a foreign government, might, just might, stay at a Trump Organization hotel. Remember, just a few days later. Besides, the president removed himself from running the company.

In May there was a spike in impeachment calls after the president fired FBI Director James Comey, citing obstruction of justice. Late last month Trump Tweeted about the MSNBC show “Morning Joe,” drawing attention to a facelift of co-host Mika Brzezinski.

// led to calls by Democrats to have Trump removed from office under the 25th Amendment, calling into question his mental health.

Blogger with a man claiming to be Trump

The latest impeachment dustup centers on his son, Donald Trump Jr., meeting with some Russian operatives last summer, which have brought new life to the collusion charges. Let’s dial this back. Trump’s son met with some Russians, so the president should be removed from office. Trump Jr. met with those Russians. Not the president. If that makes sense to you–then you are probably a leftist.

Let’s not forget the regular stoking of the ouster flames with the regular calls for Trump to release his tax returns–although there is no legal requirement for any president to do so.

You know what? All of this sounds like a witch hunt to me.

Or, as Lou Dobbs said on Fox Business last week, “This is about a full-on assault by the left–the Democratic Party–to absolutely carry out a coup d’etat against President Trump, aided by the left-wing media.”

Yep. A witch hunt. Definitely.

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One of the things I was determined to do at CPAC was interview as many regular attendees as possible to gather data on their response to the Trump administration. I started these interviews on Thursday. One such person I talked to was Phil

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by baldilocks

Conservative commentators hither and yon have laid out reason after reason after reason that Donald Trump should not be the Republican candidate for president. They’ve used facts, reason and logic. But I don’t think that much headway is being made and I don’t expect to make much here.

The latest example is the Trump Campaign’s reaction in the wake of its loss in the Colorado Caucus/Convention. Mr. Trump’s subsequent behavior has been typically petulant—especially in view of the campaign’s failure to do the minimum amount of leg-work in the state.

I’m not going to lay out the situation leading up to the loss in Colorado because it’s only tangential to my point. Those who want to know what happened already know or they’ve already decided to ignore it.

And to paraphrase a Trumpism: he whines so much that I—for one—have become bored with whining.

For the record, I don’t “hate” Donald Trump because I have some secret desire to be liked and accepted by the so-called “Republican Establishment.”

Whoever makes this juvenile assertion is using the same thought process—such as it is—that black leftists use when attempting to shame black conservatives: “You’re only conservative because you want white people to like you”–as if principle were a plantation. (By the way, white people liked me when I was a Democrat.)

However, there is one huge–if you’ll pardon the word–reason that the prospect of a President Trump frightens me. And that reason is not political.

I will not vote for someone who calls himself a Christian and, at the same time, says he hasn’t asked God’s forgiveness; who, in fact, says that he doesn’t need forgiveness.

That we all have sinned and require forgiveness and propitiation for our sins through the actions of Jesus the Christ is Christianity itself.

It’s telling that many Christian commentators have ignored Trump’s words on this matter. We may not be voting for a pope or a pastor, but we are voting for a person to lead this country, and, as we Christians know, God puts—and allows–leaders to lead their countries, depending on the choices and character of the citizenry. That means that if we don’t mind if an apostate is our leader, God will let that happen. We should have already learned this in the last eight years.

To me, when Donald Trump made that statement, it was as if God said to us, “here’s what you are really getting. Are you sure you want this?”

I say ‘no.’ It isn’t that I wouldn’t vote for a non-Christian. It’s that I can’t vote for a pretend Christian. I didn’t vote for one during the last two presidential elections either.

God is not mocked and I won’t vote for someone who openly does so. But if enough people ignore Mr. Trump’s mockery, “we” will get what “we” want. Again.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. (Her older blog is located here.) Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2012. Her second novel will be done in 2016. Follow her on Twitter.

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Buzzfeed reports the  Trump’s campaign has moved to background check volunteers:

Donald Trump’s campaign informed aspiring volunteers Sunday night that they would have to pass background checks and sign non-disclosure agreements if they wanted serve in the Trump Tower Call Center in Manhattan.

“We need to make sure our call center is a safe environment for all of our volunteers and staff,” campaign organizers wrote in an email to volunteers, which was passed along to BuzzFeed News.

Political phone-banking, in which volunteers are organized to gather in a designated location and make calls to prospective voters, is common practice in presidential campaigns. Less common is the “on-boarding and briefing” apparently required by Team Trump.

This is unusual in the sense that most campaigns are usually dying for any volunteers they can get.

However unlike most people running for office Trump is very familiar with how media works and this move preempts two rather obvious Democrat/media tactics

1. By doing background checks it stops the following headlines the MSM is dying to produce:

Trump call center staffed with Illegal Immigrants

Violent criminals abound in Trump call centers

These headlines would invariably produces stories throughout the Democrat/MSM media complex, then there would be commentary from Democrat leaning pundits on these stories, then stories about seeking comment from the Trump campaign, then commentary from the aforementioned pundits on seeking comment, then the stories about the comment or lack thereof, then the commentary about the comments or lack thereof and the inevitable debate question about double standards.

2.  By requiring non-disclosure agreements  you are establishing a personal cost to any MSM/DNC plant who the opposition might send.

As anyone who has worked in a call center or in a group can tell you such environments are full of conversation, quips, occasional trash talk, conversation, speculation and rumor. Any or all of these things are easily spun to “create” a news story or expose of the “real” story behind the Trump campaign.

Now a non disclosure agreement in itself would normally not be much of an impediment to a newspaper or a Democrat campaign looking to score a hit, but if you combine Donald Trump’s well-earned reputation for litigious behavior with his wealth to absorb legal costs and his desire to get back at such person an individual has to consider the possibility that Trump might decide keeping such a person in court for a decade with a judgement that while a drop in the bucket for Trump could be life altering for them as the reward for a minor political jab.

Would you risk it?

There are many disadvantages to Trump as the GOP nominee. Lack of media savvy is not one of them.  Trump’s people have figured out it’s better to have a one day story on background checks than weeks of stories generated by volunteers planted in the Trump campaign to produce weeks of stories designed to damage the campaign.