Reality eventually asserts itself, ideology notwithstanding.

Glenn Reynolds

I’ve mentioned this weekend that even if she gets the nomination (and don’t think for one minute the Biden “regret” story is not about making it clear that the Democrat powers that be are having 2nd thoughts) Hillary Clinton is doomed doomed doomed.

There are many reasons for this, but lets cut to the chase, the left has spent the last four years convincing themselves that candidate Hillary Clinton is the Hot Chick here who will energize liberals to dance.

But the reality is Hillary the candidate looks is this:

Alas Poor Democrats Reality Sucks

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The name is from Red Dwarf, here is the scene it is from:

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At least that’s what I thought after watching Red Dwarf back to earth online.

It had some decent parts and some really good lines. I thought the interaction between the crew and the public was a bit odd, but then again perhaps the British public is very different with their stars than we are.

Only the really funny jokes rose to the top to make me laugh, the others sort of bounced off. It was a lot like the McHales Navy movie from the mid 60’s. It was funny but the lower end jokes, without the help of a laugh track just didn’t do it.

If you are a fan It is incumbent on you to see it, if not start with the actual season one and move forward or you will find it lame.

Oh and BTW someone on Youtube took two scenes and added a laugh track to them. Once you have finished watching the show, watch this and compare. You will find the laugh track really makes a difference.